HiUP #46 – Vote Makuakane

Hawaii’s 2006 Primary Election is one for the history books. We review the results of some of the more notable races, including Rep. Ed Case’s high-profile campaign to unseat Sen. Daniel Akaka. Three movies are tackled in the “Pith of Pop,” and for music, a very special sneak-preview of an up-and-coming Hawaiian artist.

  • 00:20 Introduction
  • 01:17 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Hawaii 2006 Primary Election, Akaka vs. Case, Interisland Airfares Fall to $19, Hawaii’s Great “Brand,” Rolling Stones to Play Aloha Stadium
  • 19:12 “He Lei Nou” from Makuakane by Kenneth Makuakane
  • 23:30 “Pith of Pop: The Podcast Edition”:
    “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Midnight Run,” “Sin City”
  • 34:04 “E Nene’e Mai” from Makuakane by Kenneth Makuakane
  • 37:00 Wrap-Up

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