“LOST” in Review

For the final episode of “The Transmission,” we want to take a special, wistful look back on the last six years of “LOST.” So much has happened since the moment Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on that mysterious island on September 22, 2004… both on the show, and in the “LOST” fan community. As far as “LOST” is concerned, we’d love to to get your pick for your favorite episode of all time. You could also tell us about your favorite character, or your favorite story twist. There are probably too many great moments to count. But we’re also curious to learn what “LOST” has meant to you. Simply top-notch television? A much needed escape? An excuse to connect with friends, or make new ones?

Tell us your “LOST” story. You can comment below, e-mail us at lost@hawaiiup.com, or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. We hope to release our podcast on June 27. But we may take longer than expected to collect ourselves!

385 Responses to ““LOST” in Review”

  1. Coolpeace says:

    @ Embie : J&J is Jay and Jack, they have a LOST podcast – its a different flavour than Ryan and Jen’s, it took me a while to get used to their back and forth, interruption style, but once you get used to it they are fun to listen to.

    here is the link : http://www.jayandjack.com/

    @ YAE : Bonita, we certainly could open a new discussion topic for each episode or for several depending on what is decided.

    @ Ryan : Yes – does that mean we get Comic Con coverage like last year?

    @ Chris in Seattle : I did a very quick search but did not find anything re King’s reaction to the finale. If you find something, please post it.

  2. chris in seattle says:

    @ Ryan-don’t apologize. You guys have a chance to do a show at your own pace-its amazing how a loose deadline seems to always slow things down in life.

    Its great to hear you’re going to COMIC-CON! I for one am glad there is something to look forward to still with Lost & The Transmission.

    @ Bonita- Nothing yet about Stephen King on Lost. But, heres his write up of thoughts on the ending of HP.


    Here’s what he thought before the end of HP too.

  3. Carol from boston says:

    Lyle if you see smoke run! Did Hurley bring back any leftovers? I am hungry. Dave hid the remote in the orchid near the swan.

  4. Embie says:

    @ Carol – thanx for J&J link. Clearly some of you are going to get A’s in this! I’ve got to spend more time on this!

    @ LReene – Oh and I was so psyched for our trip! Why did Eloise let Hurley have a van first? Some guy named Ben said that Hurley is “special” and that he (Ben) and the rest of us are not. Ouch! It was really hard to hear that.

  5. Embie says:

    @ LReene, Carol, greenberry, Coolpeace, and the rest – even if Eloise doesn’t think we’re special, I think YAE are!

  6. Amaia says:

    @Embie- Well not too sure but I think Harper, Goodwin’s wife, had to be a whisper. She apeared with those whisper sounds to Juliet and told her she had to sop Dan and Charlotte. Was she Smokey and the whispers were trying to warn Juliet? Maybe that’s the explanation because thinking what she said… yeah, forget it, harper should be Smokey because if not I’m going to think the whispers could be manipulated by Ben or Smokey himself :p

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9S_iJe4lZU The scene is here 5:10 more ore less.

  7. LReene says:

    @ YAE – Ok, so I may be crazy (as is evidenced by where I’m currently at), but here is my take on the Whisperers.

    Personally I don’t think that those doing the whispering are lost souls trapped on the Island like Michael told Hurley they were. I took the time a while back and printed out the transcripts and to me, what they are saying just does not fit as being trapped lost souls. It is more like “Observers in a game”, and some even want to help out.

    Along with this, in a couple of the interviews Darlton did just prior to the finale, they told everyone to question anything that was “told” but not shown. I guess I lump Michael’s brief explanation of the Whispers into this being “told”, and think they were actually something else. What, I’m not exactly sure. But maybe we’ll find out when the DVDs come out.

    As always, just my 2 pennies worth.

    @ Carol from Boston – You mentioned I should run if I smelled smoke? Is this new guy in the black shirt the reason all the smoke detectors in the place keep going off?

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  8. Embie says:

    @ LReene – the new guy in the black shirt is telling people he has two mothers, and not what you might think – Dave says someone named Claudia has been hiding the remote and even he can’t find it. And aren’t the fire drills every hour just exhausting?

  9. Carol from boston says:

    Lyle. Has a guy in white tried to make you drink wine or take a candy bar yet? He is driving me nuts. Tell him to stop hogging the water fountain!

  10. Carol from boston says:

    Wasn’t Harper wet like Walt was when he talked to Shannon?

  11. Carol from Boston says:

    Okay on a real computer now, not my itoucyh.

    @Lyle – Damon and Carlton said the whispers would be explained, so I think that is the real explanation.

    I think harper was a grounded spirit as she was giving messages from Ben. Wow that Ben is some guy, he can even manipulate the dead.

  12. Carol from Boston says:

    @Embie- – I think we are special too! Meet you at the pick up basketball game, trying to fit in a game when Hurley isn’t there because he always wins!

    I agree with what you said about Harper.

    BTW the Jay and Jack rewatch starts when the new DVD comes out, and we are always here if a certain Ryan or Jen wants to do a Popspotting podcast about the new DVD set and the extras. 🙂

  13. LReene says:

    @ Embie – Hmmmmm. Are you saying the guy has an other mother? I wonder if she is actually an other, or just an other mother. SO confusing!!

    As for Claudia, just wait until Carol from Boston gets here. We’ll take care of her!

    Fire drills…… what fire drills? Once they give me my meds, I don’t hear anything.

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  14. Embie says:

    @Amaia – just watched that scene with Juliet and Harper – honestly I don’t know what to think – Harper always seemed mean-spirited, so turning into a mean spirit isn’t much of a stretch – we have smokey’s music and the whispers, and the reference to Ben – but doesn’t someone have to be dead for smokey to appear as them? I am confused!

    @ LReene and Carol – my husband just asked me if I was still lost, and said I should stay lost – it would be best for everybody – then he started talking about free will and determinism. He was holding two stones, one white and one black. Meds, please!

  15. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @LReene – Shhhh, I’m with you on the Whispers question (but that’s just between you, me and the other whisperers…..)

  16. Amaia says:

    @Carol- Yeah, Harper was wet because it was raining and that’s true, Walt was wet as well because it was raining too. When in “Lost” rains not only something bad happens but people appear to the losties in the middle of the jungle!

    @Embie- Well, I doubt now about one thing. People must be dead for Smokey to take their body. We don’t know if Harper was death or not but could Smokey change from the MIB, to Christian, to Harper and back to Christian, for example? And only to manipulate. But it must be that, Harper sent Juliet to stop Dan and Charlotte and what they were doing was trying to disconnect the thing wit the gas so maybe there’s the answer. And sure Ben didn’t now anyhting about all that.

  17. Embie says:

    @ Amaia, Bonita, LReene – exactly what Amaia says, there’s no reason to think Harper was dead, and we know that Walt wasn’t dead when he appeared to Shannon, but was there “darkness in them” that allowed MIB to use them? Or were they just wet from the rain, or their trips through the tunnels, and working on their own or as agents of Ben or someone else? And was the rain, the storm, a sign of trouble?

    Really, I can’t believe that the reason for the whispers is what Michael told Hurley, UNLESS those spirits are not able to move on for reasons of their own, and not because of the rules. If you use the logic that killing and betraying is the reason for Michael’s entrapment, then how does Juliet get to end up with Sawyer and not herself be trapped on the island after killing Pickett and betraying the others? When Ben on Ajira 316 says “so?” (or whatever he says when Jack asks him what about the other people on board, won’t they be harmed or die) that’s really not different from Juliet’s calculated indifference to Pickett and the others with whom she lived.

  18. LReene says:

    @ Embie – Agree with you 100% As I said a day or so ago, I don’t think the whispers are what Michael told Hurley. What they are, not sure but……..

    Also, for anyone trying to click on my name to visit my web page, I just found out my web site can’t be accessed right now. Not sure why, but have the system administrator working on it. If Dave or one of the doctors here did something to it, I’m going to be mad!!

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  19. Embie says:

    @ LReene – thanks and it’s good to know other skeptics are out there – as for your website, don’t you have to earn privileges or be special for that? Also, with all the smoke and those fire alarms, not mention the nosebleeds, you might need to find out where you are in time – depending on the time, th internet might not exist yet.

    Or, your website can’t be accessed now because there’s no now here.

  20. LReene says:

    @ YAE – I have absolutely NO idea if this is going to work or not, but these guys are driving me crazy!!

    I’ve been having some STRANGE visitors every time I try to make a post and I wanted to see if anyone else could see them.


    @Embie says: July 2, 2010 at 3:04 pm – Geeez, I guess I never thought of that. “Can’t access the web site now because there is no now”. I should have known with my nose bleeding the way it has been. OR…. these pesky visitors have had something to do with it.

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  21. Carol from Boston says:

    @Lreene- haha, just I saw them, very mysterious.

    @YAE – I’ll have to read everyone’s posts again and really think about the whole whispers mystery.

    I am breaking out of Santa Rosa tomorrow and going to the beach. For some reason I keep flashing back to a beach and some blue tarps and some weird logo on all the food, dharmal, dannon, dharma? For some reason I just feel I have to go back. I even bought myself a nice black backpack and backgammon game so if anyone wants to join me, meet at 8:15 am by the van. Some guy named Sawyer says he can hotwire it.

  22. chris in seattle says:

    @embie & lreene- i think part of michael’s being trapped as a whisper is that he is troubled by what he has done. also, it was in service of his own ends, which, while they were saving his son, were about betraying the ‘good’ guys and not in service of the ISLAND.

    what i find more interesting is that when michael ‘reveals’ what the whispers are to hurley we all sort of yawned and put it on the checklist. the point that he made of being TRAPPED and not able to MOVE ON seemed hurried & thrown away at the time.

    i never would have guessed the creators were laying the framework to the ending & the FS by establishing that point so openly.

    only now in retrospect does that scene stand out to being more important then just an answer to an unresolved question.

    (i’m still not happy about the afterlife ending, but they were pretty open about it now that we can see the whole of season 6)

  23. Amaia says:

    @Embie- Really an amazing thought. Maybe Michael couldn’t move on and had to stay as a trapped soul because although he went to redeem himself and help the losties to return home, the last thing he did was to follow MIB’s instructions. Juliet’s case was different. She betrayed the Others, of course, but she wasn’t selfish and only wanted to help and that was what se did once and again.

    I guess I’d like to think that those people who apeared (Walt to Shannon, Boone to Locke, Harper to Juliet, Isabela to Richard) were a manifestation of the MIB. His purpose was to kill Jacob, in the end his goal was to kill everybody and leave the Island so like I said, he manipulated a lot of people, Ben in first place, to get what he wanted. That could be a good explanation to all those appearances. My rewatch will bring some light to all the things I believe I can figure out myself.

    And yes, for sure rain is a sign of trouble.

  24. aaron r says:

    @Embie and @chris in seattle i really like the logic in this. using this idea, i just watched “Walt” appear to Shannon and Sayid in the jungle, dripping wet and warning them to be quiet. Sayid saw him too this time. then “Walt” ran off, of course causing Shannon to chase him. this led her straight to Ana Lucia, who promptly shot her. i’m wondering about how this might have fostered or in some way worked with a darkness already inside Sayid, preparing him for future use. thinking long term planning here.
    rewatching into the second season now, and while i like the actress just fine, i really don’t like Ana Lucia. don’t even like her flirting and being friendly. Mr Eko is cool though.
    it seems that once someone has died, then they’re available for MIB to use. but Walt isn’t dead yet, is he? he was just taken off the raft, and the next time we see him is with Shannon. hmmm…..

  25. aaron r says:

    “busy, busy,busy.”
    have a great holiday YAE.

  26. Embie says:

    @ Carol – count me in for that trip! I’m working on my backgammon so I love that we can do that. Fuuny. a black backpack just appeared in my room. Actually, I’ve seen a lot of them around. Should I look inside first?

    As for Sawyer hotwiring the van, well that sure sounds like fun!

    Also, in honor of the July 4th holiday, I heard there’re gonna be fireworks at the beach; I never heard of flaming arrows, but okay. And this very serious grim looking woman named Zoe says she’ll show us what she’s got too. I’m a little worried cause she doesn’t seem nice.

  27. Embie says:

    @ LReene, yeah I noticed those guys – be careful – some of them seem up to no good.

    @ Chris, LReene, Amaia, aaron r – the whispers are just very unexplained. The more we discuss them, the more ideas we seem to come up with. As for accessing the potential darkness in Sayid via Shannon dying at the hand of Ana Lucia, that is one twisted idea but the idea of MIB claiming people (or planting seeds of darkness) for future use seems very consistent with what we know of MIB.

  28. chris in seattle says:

    Man. i got to say, MIB as the culprit for all the strange stuff on the island is too EASY! It also takes away a lot of the mysteriousness & beauty of what the island is or could be.

    Sure, maybe that complete’s the plot thread having him be Wet Walt, & Harper, and anyone from the past. And it is amazing how good everyone is here at building a cohesive structure to what we’ve seen. But I personally would rather not believe that the MONSTER did it all.

    There are just too many strange and amazing possibilities raised to lock it down to one motive or character. (no pun intended there) At least for me.

    (Though I love the details everyone is cracking!)

  29. aaron r says:

    @Embie thanks! i’m a little bit proud of that one. but, i have to say, you sure express yourself, early in the morning, better than i.

    and chris in seattle, i think most of us just can’t turn it off! i know i can’t. i’ve conciously decided -TWICE – to leave Lost behind and move on. but here i am…
    what do you think. who else would you like to blame for some of the weirdness?

  30. aaron r says:

    although, i do like the idea of the Whispers coming from a parallel universe, where we now could imagine that the people on The Island who weren’t ready to move on were trapped? i think LReene threw that one out some time ago.

  31. LReene says:

    @ aaron – Yep, I think I did. And with what is said in the whispers (from the transcripts), I still think that is still a more logical explanation.

    Of course look at where I’m at for thinking stuff like this 🙂

    And those pesky visitors keep showing up on my laptop. Sheeesh!


    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  32. aaron r says:

    and @Embie i don’t think i want to see ANYTHING that Zoe has. rather not even see her.

  33. aaron r says:

    pretty good Lreene! and as far as where you’re writing from, haven’t you ever read ‘The Madman’ by Kahlil Gibran? that says a lot about places like Santa-Rosa.

    are we the only ones here this afternoon?

  34. LReene says:

    @ aaron r – Nope, guess I haven’t read that one. But I have seen “12 Monkeys” several times 🙂

    As for us being the only one’s here, it wouldn’t surprise me any. I think Carol from Boston, Embie, and some others all took off this afternoon. I saw Sawyer hotwiring one of the Santa-Rosa vans earlier today and Carol did say something about going to the beach if a van could be commandeered.

    Oh well, dave finally brought back my remote so I’m just going to kick back and watch some episodes of LOST. If everyone else goes to bed, I might even sneak in an inning or two of the Detroit Tigers. 😉

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  35. aaron r says:

    @LReene well have a good one then. if either of us come up with any theories, i’m sure we’ll find our way back here.
    and if you get a chance, it really is a great story. you must have time on your hands there, right?

    btw @YAE i live in L.A. and my roomie is in this business that we call ‘show.’ there are a few different rumors floating around about treatments being written for the Sawyer and Miles cop show. just sharing.

  36. LReene says:

    @ aaron r – Too much time! lol

    I’ll be right here if you think of anything. I’m in Michigan so am about 3 hrs. ahead of you in time, but …………… (That’s right, there IS no time here) Oh, and thanks for the heads-up on the rumors. That would be kewl!

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

  37. Amaia says:

    Hey, it’s be cool to see a Sawyer and MIles cop show but they should have their names changed. It’d be weird to see too people we know, who are living in an imaginary world, being who they were. James Ford and Miles Straum.

    @Aaron- Have a great holiday too. I’ll work until August and then, a month off.

    @Chris- Maybe, it’s strange sometimes to think that Smokey could have done almost everything, but it is the simplest explanation. A black horse, Boone, Walt, Christian (we know he was the MIB), Harper, Isabella and even the black wild boar which attacked Richard appeared misteriously. If they weren’t Smokey, I can’t think of anything else.

    @Embie- I hope that woman called Zoe doesn’t look like Tina Fey 😉

  38. chris in seattle says:

    @ aaron r- i have to agree about deliberately deciding to shut off the LOST part of my brain. but it never seems to stay off. And as for who to blame…

    its not that i don’t think the whispers can be the dead that are bound to that place. its more in attributing anything odd to MIB. that would just remove a lot of the mystery & intrigue that surrounded the Island. So if i want to blame anyone for the oddness it would be THE ISLAND.

    I still feel that was the most underserved character in season 6. we heard so much about the island for so long. and yet in the end we were shown jacob & his brothers story.

    which in some ways i like. leaving the islands true mysteries out there. but in other ways it seems a bit of a bait and switch. though, as i’ve said before, se la ve. and also as i’ve said before, its okay. i’m over it.

    clearly, being here weeks later i feel myself like one of the whispers.

  39. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    Ryan, Jen, give us a clue? When will the podcast be up? It’s usually greeting me on Sunday mornings at 8am here in lovely New Jersey.

    (BTW, YAE, I’m a born and bred New Yorker who TEMPORARILY relocated to raise my family so no Jersey jokes!) (Not that I’ve heard any from this very well-behaved group of lunatics.)

    So R, J, when can you relieve my pain?

  40. aaron r says:

    @chris in seattle i can go along with THE ISLAND being the controlling factor. more than once i’ve wondered if it might actually have a persona or a concious intelligence. clearly, it’s a place of power. possibly a point where various parallel universes can come together? this would go a long way towards explaining why, when a person ‘goes thru’, one can end up in the arctic or the desert. polar bears, anyone? Whispers? and THE ISLAND can move between universes, either by gigantic flashes of electromagnetic energy or turning the wheel. can it move on it’s own? can it choose to? and the being that we know as MIB is simply a manifestation of

  41. aaron r says:

    THE ISLAND created for the benefit of the crash survivors? oops, wrong key sorry about that

  42. aaron r says:

    and i could live with that. but the producers ( oh heck, we’ll give them a capital) -the Producers put such emphasis on the whole MIB story that we have to believe that it is the one they want for the controlling factor.i mean, they gave his and his brothers arrival a whole show. but one of the many new experiences that Lost has brought is a story told with an unusual amount of misdirection and mistruth. i don’t mean this in a bad or angry way, just new to me. it sure does make it interesting to figure out.
    and the idea that we’re Whisperers is a little creepy…

  43. Ryan says:

    We’re stuck in limbo, Eileen! We’ve started to put together our last show, but in addition to waiting for a few special elements to come in, our last-minute decision to go to Comic-Con has us busy planning and contemplating saving our “The End” so that we can include any final goodies from San Diego. It’s nice to see that there are still some listeners left out there waiting, though! Thanks for your patience.

  44. LReene says:

    @ Ryan & Jen – Just my 2 cents, but if you are considering waiting until after Comic-Con for the last Podcast, you have my vote.

    Of couse that will give us more time for our banter back and forth, but it will also allow you to include content that we might not get otherwise. Three thumbs up!!

  45. chris in seattle says:

    Im with Lreene. The longer we can enjoy the banter & blog the better.

    @ Amaia-sorry. i dont think your post was up when i commented.

    i agree MIB as the culprit does seem the most EASY suspect for all the strangeness. but that isnt the most ENJOYABLE answer for me.

    as said, i like the idea of the ISLAND with its will playing a part in things. indeed, we saw jacob was just like the wizard of oz, a man with no real power, just a title.

    i’m going to noodle this thought over the fireworks and come back to it.

    @ aaron r-be prepared for a response.

  46. Embie says:

    @ Ryan and Jen – as you may suspect, some of us are still locked up in Santa Rosa, though those with day passes (totally fake, done by Sawyer, as in “I’m a professional – I used to lie for a living”) may be out at the beach – so we have plenty to do until you are ready to do your podcast. What with Connect Four, wall art, and the mysterious visitors.

    @ Amaia – the Zoe person does look like Tina Fey – makes sense to call her Untina.

    @ chris in seattle, aaron r – the MIB as mastermind of all events I agree is less satisfying (for me) than the idea of a magical island. That the island may have a conscious and deliberate nature is a bit of a stretch, but I’m thinking it over. Hope the fireworks are not too deafening, as Untina seems very busy and serious about showing us “what she’s got.”

  47. aaron r says:

    i’m here @ chris in seattle. lets go burn some $20 bills like good americans, shall we?

  48. greenberry says:

    Happy Canada Day (July 1st), and Independence Day 4th of July to the U.S.A. ~~ Back from a fabulous five days away ~~ I’ve missed you all!!!!!!! I’m up for ALL beach trips and staying L O S T ~~ excited for the upcoming podcast whenever it arrives

    It was fun to find other LOST followers along my travels ~~ 2 out of 3 felt satisfied with the ending

  49. aaron r says:

    you guys really think Zoe looks like Tina Fey? REALLY?
    and the Podcast might be a little behind because@ Ryan is becoming a producer himself with his Iphone4. i’m starting to expect visuals with the ‘cast this time. and besides, is anyone here in a hurry for all this to end?

  50. Embie says:

    @ Aaron r – sort of like Tina Fey but definitely humorless, an evil Tina Fey. And no, not in any hurry for the podcast to end. I don’t think I’d be rewatching so intently, though randomly, if I didn’t have YAE to communicate with. Having just seen La Fleur and Namaste again, I’m softening toward Juliet, and appreciating her more.

    How do you become a producer with an iPhone4?

    @greenberry – welcome back!

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