“LOST” in Review

For the final episode of “The Transmission,” we want to take a special, wistful look back on the last six years of “LOST.” So much has happened since the moment Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on that mysterious island on September 22, 2004… both on the show, and in the “LOST” fan community. As far as “LOST” is concerned, we’d love to to get your pick for your favorite episode of all time. You could also tell us about your favorite character, or your favorite story twist. There are probably too many great moments to count. But we’re also curious to learn what “LOST” has meant to you. Simply top-notch television? A much needed escape? An excuse to connect with friends, or make new ones?

Tell us your “LOST” story. You can comment below, e-mail us at lost@hawaiiup.com, or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. We hope to release our podcast on June 27. But we may take longer than expected to collect ourselves!

385 Responses to ““LOST” in Review”

  1. Embie says:

    @ carol and greenberry – women in chains – shaking my head over that – lol

    @ Carol – at your urging downloaded GJB re the finale – and thank you!

    @ Amaia – thank you so much for validating my perception of Michael being startled and shooting Libby by accident. I do think though that it’s not the island that has him trapped there as a whisperer, but his own grief and guilt. Or, alternately, when Ben explains to Hugo that those were Ben’s rules and that maybe there’s another way, maybe there’s now another way for Michael. He couldn’t have been at Jack’s moving on, because he still had work to do, but I don’t buy it that the island has condemned him to be a whisperer forever.

    Less sympathetic to Anthony Cooper, I’m inclined to leave him locked in to his body and able only to bear mute witness to his surroundings.

  2. Embie says:

    Sorry, not Ben’s rules – I meant Jacob’s rules.

  3. greenberry says:

    Were the Losties okay with Michael killing Ana Lucia? I know she had a rough, not super-likable personality, but I don’t recall her doing anything to piss them off, just the Others for killing their guy. Obviously killing sweet-hearted Libby, whether by accident or not, was devastating to all and especially Hurley.

  4. Coolpeace says:

    @ YAE : re Michael and the killing of Anna Lucia and Libby – a question comes to mind = at the risk of throwing a wrench into all our theories but Embie’s (being his grief keeps him on Island) – Did the Losties find out that Micheal had killed the two women??

    I think that he did told Walt once they had reached the shores of the ‘regular world’ but did he tell the Losties?? I can’t remember off hand … must rewatch 🙂

  5. greenberry says:

    Walt found out later ’cause he was with the OTHERS ~ Yes, the Losties had a funeral for both of them ~ Sawyer had JUST had sex with Ana Lucia (within 24 hours), and of course Hurley was preparing for his picnic… Okay, NOW I remember why they were not as concerned about Ana Lucia: it was because she had (accidentally, out of fear) killed Shannon.

  6. LReene says:

    My name is Lyle and I am also a Lostaholic.

    Although like most everyone reading this I have not seen a new episode of LOST since the 23rd of May, I must admit that I have indulged myself in on-line videos, Podcasts, and recorded episodes several times since the finale. For this, I make no apology.

    I can well remember my first experience of viewing LOST. It was during prime time television, September 22, 2004, the night it first aired on ABC. My wife, my future daughter-in-law, and myself all gathered in front of our recently purchased big screen TV to watch the pilot of this new show, quite unsure if it was going to be worth it or not. Sad to say, but I was addicted before the first commercial broke the on-screen suspense.

    As time went on after this first pilot episode, it became obvious to both myself and my family that my addiction was turning into an obsession. I not only set my DVR to a Series record to make sure I would not miss an episode, I set my other two DVRs in the house to ALSO record the same shows from alternate Antenna and Satellite channel sources. Even though I was recording it, I still would not leave the house or the front of the TV on the evenings either a new episode or a re-run was going to be shown. I was positive that if I were to miss an airing of any sort, I would miss some important clue and the possibility of figuring out what was actually going on would be lost.

    From an observers prospective, no doubt one of the most questionable things I did after becoming a Lostaholic myself was to also introduce the rest of my family and many friends to the series, thus turning them into hard core Lostaholics also. When considered, my thoughts about this indiscretion and the nagging guilt it holds turn immediately to Thanksgiving weekend, 2005. Neither my eldest nor my youngest sons had ever seen an episode of LOST. But upon my coaching and my insistence, they agreed to watch a couple episodes while home on vacation (no doubt just to humor me). Before the weekend was over, we had watched the entire first season and all episodes of the 2nd season up to that weekend to catch them up. This act, I am happy (ooops, sad) to say, also hooked my sons on LOST to the point that if they do not currently acknowledge their Lostaholic status, they should.

    As further proof of my Lostaholic self awareness, I feel I must also acknowledge some of the other questionable things I have done over the past 6 years in the interest of LOST.

    In the fall of 2006, with the realization that Season 3 and all of the Hawaii scenery of LOST would be available in HD if only I had an antenna that would receive the new HD digital signal from our local ABC station, I pulled down our entire home off-air television antenna system and installed new antennas, boosters, and downlink cable. Was this for viewing any other television station or shows? No, only LOST.

    In June of 2009 when the whole country went digital for off-air, our local ABC station changed once again the frequency they would broadcast their digital signal on. Once again I pulled down our entire home off-air television antenna system and once again installed a new antenna. Why?? To receive LOST in HD, of course. Don’t I now get local stations off satellite you ask? Yes, but sometimes during inclement weather the satellite goes out. I sure couldn’t have that happen during an episode of LOST. ESPECIALLY during the final season.

    On multiple trips to Oahu over the past 6 years, I have spent entire DAYS traveling around the island just looking for filming locations and/or cast sightings. For the Season 6 Premier, I flew 9,800 miles for only a 3 day stay in Waikiki to take in “The Transmission” events and the screening of the Premier on the beach with Ryan & Jen. And after getting acquainted with Ryan, spent an entire 2 week vacation doing nothing except standing along side the road either watching episodes being filmed, or waiting at the cast base camp trailers for the casts return. As much as I like the beach, I only made it there 2 times in a whole 2 week period. Sick, sick, sick.

    In summation…… LOST is now over. According to Damon & Carlton, there will never be another new episode of LOST. There will never be another new episode of LOST. There will never be another new episode of LOST.

    But I have all the episodes in HD recorded on my media center that I can watch anytime I want and I have my Bachelors Degree Diploma from LOST University hanging proudly on my wall. Once August comes, I will have all episodes on DVD. Once August comes I will have all episodes on Blu-Ray (including the Season 5 Special Dharma Initiative Edition). Once August comes I will have the “Complete Series on Blu-Ray to make sure I did not miss any extra included material. Once August comes I will be able to expand my knowledge of LOST by obtaining a Masters degree from LOST University.

    Let go? LET GO?? NO, I DON’T WANT TO LET GO!! I WON’T LET GO!!! I CAN’T LET GO!! Please don’t make me let go. PLEASE!!!

    Booo Hoooooo Hoooo Boooo Hooooo Hooooo WAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    [as the music plays in the backgound]

    They’re coming to take me away ha ha.
    They’re coming to take me away ho ho
    They’re coming to take me away ha ha ho ho he he
    To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time
    And all the men in their clean white coats

  7. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jim – I too am a lostaholic and I have no plans to quit my habit. I’ll rewatch this summer with Jay and Jack and probably watch again in several years, it is like Harry Potter for me, I can read those books over and over again and get something new every time.

    I can only be stranded on a deserted island with my Harry Potter books and a blu-ray player for my Lost DVD’s and a dharma hatch to play them. Plus I will need computer access to discuss the episodes with my transmisson friends. Is that a lot to ask? Some Apollo bars might be nice as well.

  8. LReene says:

    @Carol From Boston – I’ll bring the Apollo bars and provide the Interent access.

  9. Carol from Boston says:

    Lyle you win for ultimate fan!! I don’t even come close. I still haven’t even watched most of the extras of the blu-rays. I am saving them for future viewing when I need a new Lost fix.

  10. Carol from Boston says:

    Lyle – you are so lucky that your wife is a lost fan and lets you do all that stuff! Being married to a non-lost fan means they just think you are crazy.

  11. LReene says:

    @Carol from Boston – Awwww, thanks! But I don’t think “dave” will let me accept any awards today.

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  12. LReene says:

    @Carol from Boston – The difference? Your non-LOST fan spouse just “thinks” you are crazy. Being a LOST fan herself, mine “KNOWS” that I am. hehehehe

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  13. Carol from Boston says:

    Lyle- at least the pajamas look comfy there, say hi to the crazy guy that keeps repeating the numbers over and over again, or is that you? lol

    BTW, still haven’t figured out the blu-ray internet connection process.

  14. LReene says:

    @Carol from Boston – Comfy! – VERY Comfy!! I’ll say Hi for you (but don’t play them, they’re BAD)

    Drop me an email or a message on Facebook with some information about your Blu-Ray Player (make, model, etc). I’ll see what I can do to help you out.

  15. Carol from Boston says:

    Thanks Lyle and for your reward, Sayid and I are breaking you out of that place tonight, he says he knows about a safehouse, it even has a dishwasher and silverware.

  16. LReene says:

    @Carol from Boston – Ok, but you have to wait a little while yet. Got to finish watching the Tigers clean house on the Twins before I can leave.

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  17. hammer says:

    with the words “you can let go now” and “see you in another life brotho”….how can say something so simple…and be so specific at the same time. at the same time..”If we don’t live together we’ll die alone” means so much. i watched the ending ..3 or 4 times tonight..just over whelming me with feelings. And yet…never be replaced It just amazes me that in the matter of seconds..the show can have you mesmerized by the twistws and turns and got to heart tugging emotions, and turn right around and have the CLASSIC conversation about time travel between Miles and Hurley and that they already had had that conversation before.
    and it can only be spelled like to:
    L ovable
    O utragous
    S ideways
    T wisted

    There will be no other event like this…can’t be done. Could they…yea..for the love of money…but no way to capture that feeling again.
    i’ll continue my random thoughts tomorrow..night all

  18. greenberry says:

    Hey Lyle in lu-luu land ~ well now I feel ashamed about being such a slacker in my devotion to LOST ~ I loved your post! ~ like Carol, I’m envious of your ability to create huge fans all around you ~~ two of my daughters watched the whole six seasons, but for them the show is now OVER and they never came even close to my (pale in comparison to you) level of obsession.

    While in St. Maarten with my husband in May, I super looked forward to watching “Across the Sea” on the Tuesday (I promised that that would be it for my TV watching on our vacation)… and bizarrely our cable went out at five minutes to the hour and did not return ’til over an hour later. I was beyond bummed and beside myself, but took it as a “sign” that I had made LOST too big a priority! (Thank goodness I had a back-up plan with two people taping the show for me at home)

  19. LReene says:

    @greenberry – 🙂 Glad you liked my post. I just couldn’t think of a better way to explain what LOST has meant (or done) to me over the past 6 years.

    But watching LOST on vacations? No problem. You just plug the laptop into the TV. Log in to the home Slingbox across the Internet. And watch it when it airs at home. Being in Hawaii, that was 5 hours before I could have watched it there. Of course if I happened to be in the room, I could then watch it again when it was live on local TV. I guess I forgot and left all of that out of my confession. – Sorry.

    Oooops, here come the men in the little white coats. Time for my morning meds. Yipeee Yipeee

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  20. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Lyle, you rock. I think you need to run an online course on LOST and/or propose one to a College or University. If Buffy can launch college course then LOST will surely be even better fodder to build brilliant scholars.

    I Finally got to watch the Finale (only my second viewing) and it was even better than first viewing.

    Can’t wait until August and some LOST extras.

    Carol, see you at the rewatch.

  21. Hammer says:

    Where can i find the lost discussion board on facebook?

  22. LReene says:

    @Hammer – Just go to http://www.facebook.com/lostcast and click on the “Discussions” Tab. See you there!!

    @Bonita – As far as a college course on LOST, I think ABC already beat me to it with their LOST University. Although maybe once I get my Masters in August, maybe they will hire me as one of their professors. Ya think? (I could use some extra income right about now).

    And did someone say “rewatch”? Ooo Ooo. Rewatch!! Yes Yes!!

    DAVE!! Turn that Television back on!!!

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  23. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    @ Bonita – What’s the rewatch?

    Lyle, you do take the honors as Lostaholic of all time. Thanks for the laughs. I needed them this morning. I keep checking for the podcast and…IT’S NOT THERE YET!

  24. Coolpeace says:

    @ LReene and YAE :

    First to Lyle, love your obsession stories, obviously you are committed (to Lost and Santa Rosa!).

    Then to YAE, you got me … it worked … I’m on facebook. 😎

  25. Carol from boston says:

    @coolpeace peer pressure still works! After you “like” the transmission be sure to introduce yourself in the discussion section. I am so glad you joined.

  26. greenberry says:

    @ Hammer ~ As Carol noted above, when you get to Facebook “The Transmission” site, you press “like” to become a “friend” and then you’re in ~~ you can write a comment anytime OR at the top is a tab for “Discussions” ~ the first being to introduce yourself (blog User Name) ~~ I myself am QUITE timid when it comes to electronic or compurter gadgetry or dealings (it took Ryan and Carol and Bonita to walk me through the above ~ thanx all)

    @ Lyle ~ You are beyond computer savvy!!! I do not even have a cell phone! It took me three years after everyone else to use an automated banking machine, our local Librarian helped orient me to my first e-mail account in 1998, and my daughter signed me up for Facebook just last year. It’s a wonder I got through University recently with all the internet research I had to do!

  27. LReene says:

    @ Eileen – Thanks for the honors. But is that a good thing? 😉

    @ Coolpeace – Welcome to Facebook. Just dropped you a friend request there. Of course you may not want to be friends with someone as crazy as me 🙂

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  28. Angela says:


    Go read this. The author of this blog was one of the better and most hardcore Lost bloggers over the years. This is a good and well-written post about the myriad of problems the finale had. As a person who watched the show from the Pilot forward, I am mystified on how you can claim the finale was the perfect ending to this show.
    I honestly think Ryan and Jen, Jay and Jack, etc. have spent so much time and heart into talking and living this show that they cannot accept how truly awful the ending was. So they rationalize the end, saying stuff like “it is all about the characters” or “I was just in it for the ride anyway”.
    I appreciate all the hard work Ryan and Jen and others have done, but its sad they have to fool themselves into thinking this finale was anymore that a middle finger to all of us who stuck with it from the start.

  29. Embie says:

    @ LReene – cmon, it’s time for a field trip – the van’s waiting – didn’t you say you wanted to go somewhere interesting? We know just the spot. Beautiful beaches, unusual animals, and golf and ping pong!

  30. LReene says:

    @Embie – I’m ready! Especially for the “beautul beaches”. 🙂 What time is the van picking me up?

    Can greenberry, Carol from Boston, Eileen, and Coolpeace come along too? And how about Dave, Hurley, and Libby? I kind of like Libby you know. But I’m afraid if I talk much to her, Hurley might sit on me. That wouldn’t be good.

    We’re not going to miss any re-watches of LOST while we’re gone are we?

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  31. Carol from Boston says:

    @coolpeace I sent you a friend request.

    @Lyle and Embie – I need to get out, count me in for the trip.

    re: rewatches – the only problem I have with the Jack and Jay rewatches is that they are planning on 8 episodes a week and I am not sure I can keep up with that in the summer. My kids are home.

  32. greenberry says:

    Sounds delish… sun and waves!

    What is the (blog? podcast?) site for ‘Jack and Jay’ ~ up to this point, I haven’t strayed much from this site.

    Hey L, are those drugs workin’ for ya? (wink)

  33. Coolpeace says:

    @ Carol, Lyle, greenberry and Embie : field trip, I like it.

    @ Carol : 8 episodes a week, ouch.

  34. Embie says:

    @ LReene, greenberry, Carol, Eileeen, Coolpeace, Dave, Hurley, Libby – we’ve got room for you and a few others in the van, and if needed we can requisition another from motor pool – but, someone’s got to go get some blankets. You know where they are. Volunteers?

    Also, what TIME is the van picking you up, isn’t that a good question. Is there any time here now?

  35. Coolpeace says:

    @ Embie : Well, there is no now here!

  36. Mattfromnd says:

    Jay and Jack aren’t doing 8 episodes a week. Last I heard they were undecided on how many, but were leaning towards 4 every 2 weeks, with 1 podcast covering each set of 4 eps.

  37. Carol from boston says:

    Thanks Matt I am behind in my podcasts last I heard it was 8. I am glad they made it easier.

  38. Amaia says:

    @Carol- Yeah Juliet and Kate running in the jungle. I also think they made it for men but the scene was brilliant. That’s when we first saw Juliet was a brave woman, when she faced smokey while Kate did step back, told me a lot of things about her.

    @Embie- There’s no need to thank me anything because I think the same of you about Michael in a way. I’m not sure Michael is trapped because he wants to be in that way, but the whispers thing is something they didn’t elaborate very much. I’m ok with the explanation but if all the whispers are souls that can’t move on, that means all of them have done bad things? What about Goodwin’s wife? She appeared with the whispering sound if I’m not wrong. What did she do? It’s incredible this series stills got me theorising 🙂

    @greenberry- Did Sawyer have sex with Ana Lucía? Wow I ahve forgotten almost everything about second season. I didn’t like her, she was rude, and like you said, she killed Shannon so sure the losties didn’t bother too uch about her death because of that reason.

  39. greenberry says:

    @ Amaia ~ Ana Lucia used her sex with Sawyer to get something (a gun? a key?) off of him ~~ not the most romantic of interludes ~ but I still think Sawyer did grieve (felt loss) a bit when she was killed. He felt compelled to share his story with Jack, I remember that.

    I still think Michael was seen by the Losties as slimier than Sayid because of his betrayal for his own end… but I do feel bad for Michael that he had no one to make him feel okay about himself and help him move on like Sayid did ~~ there is still a lot more to know about those whispers too!

  40. Amaia says:

    @greenberry- Thanks for the explanation about Ana Lucia and Sawyer. I completely forgot about it but now you say, I can recall something. Well, in a couple of months I’ll start my rewatch.

  41. greenberry says:

    Goodwin… interesting choice of names! Not that I have a theory about that ~ I remember on negative LOST reviewer referred to Juliet as a “hussy” ~~ she certainly did line herself up with a lot of ‘lookers’ (not that I necessarily blame her)

  42. Embie says:

    @ Amaia – do you mean Goodwin’s wife was a whisperer? Or that she was surrounded by whisperers when she appeared to warn someone (can’t remember who or why). Do we know if she is dead?

  43. Embie says:

    @ LReene – your doctor informs me that you can rewatch episodes in room 23.

  44. chris in seattle says:

    @ everyone- has anyone come across any of stephen king’s opinion of THE END?

    he was a big fan of the series in the first season & argued heavily for it to END in its own time. much as with his The Dark Tower series the ending was constructed to try and create resolution/irresolution and leave minds, if not doors, open.

    he was very concerned about how HARRRY POTTER ended, and has weighed in on the Twilight series.

    i thought King’s Dark Tower series ended with a whimper, much as LOST did. just wonder if King felt cheated, flattered, or satisfied by season 6.

    NOT that his opinion matters more then anyone else’s, but i’m just very curious based on how he ENDED his long, complex series to see his reaction.

  45. LReene says:

    @ Embie – Thanks for the info. But they are going to have to take these stupid glasses off my face if I’m going to see anything.

    @greenberry – Meds are working fine. OH are they working fine!!!

    BTW, the field trip bus hasn’t left yet has it? This “no time, here, now” has me really confused. Not sure whether something happened or it didn’t happen. Gee, maybe LOST isn’t finished after all.

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]

  46. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ LReene – just use us Transmission Boardees as a reference and you’re bound to get the job!

  47. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    RE: Rewatch -@ Carol – I agree the J&J’s pace will be swift but I suggest watching your favorites of the 8 and skimming a review like on AboutLost.com or something to keep current. I am sure there’ll be others we can search for.

    WE could also start our own with R&J on Facebook? I am suggesting doing an Extra’s review first maybe?

    @Chris in Seattle – That’s a great question and I’d like to know, as well, please post for us if you find a review by Stephen King. I wonder if he had the same issues I did with HP’s ending?

  48. Embie says:

    @ Carol, Bonita – J and J? – sorry, not in the loop. URL, please?

    @ LReene – van will depart “when it’s time.” I’ve been advised Eloise will let us know. Sorry. I find this frustrating also. Suggest you ask Libby if she wants to play Connect Four. Alternately, there’s a new guy in a black shirt who likes to play some game with black and white stones. I’m told though that he makes up his own rules.

  49. Ryan says:

    You All Everybody are awesome. And fun. Just wanted to let you know we’re reading and smiling and relishing this bittersweet limbo before our last podcast. We’ve had a hard time putting it together without getting melodramatic, and have had some unexpected things come up — not the least of which is GOING TO COMIC-CON, after all! So, we apologize for the growing delay, but it’s all good… and in the mean time, this conversation has been great.

  50. LReene says:

    @ Ryan – That’s perfectly ok there guy. Take your time. We understand. Not wanting to “let go” and “move on” is something that is plaguing all of us (some more than others of course). The longer you take putting together the final Podcast, the more the rest of us can vent, postulate, and make additional posts, all the while pretending that LOST is still part of our daily life.

    Oh, and you know it’s not fair that you get to put “your” picture in your post while the rest of us just get little colored doilies hahahaha. 🙂 Care to let us in on the secret? Would be fun to see what we all look like without having to go to Facebook.

    @ Embie – Already asked Libby if she wanted to play Connect Four but Hurley wouldn’t let her. Said something about they were going on a picnic. Don’t know how they rate to get a van before us, but I’ll bet that Eloise has something to do with it.

    Not sure what to make of the new guy in the black shirt. He seems rather odd. He keeps running around turning all the lights out and pulling the corks out of all the drains. I almost didn’t get a bath last night because of him.

    Now if I could just find out what that pesky dave did with the remote so I can turn the TV back on. If I miss a re-watch, I’m going to really be P.O.’d.

    Dave……. DAVE……… Where are you Dave?????

    [sent from Santa-Rosa Mental Hospital]
    [where life is beautiful ALL the time]

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