Trans 2010-05-30: “The End” Revisited


After spending a week rewatching and rethinking “The End,” we revisit the series finale of “LOST” with a full podcast. Much of our initial reaction stands, but taking in the bigger picture reveals some new ideas and nagging questions. After our take, we turn it over to You All Everybody for a mix of reactions, from satisfaction to disappointment. And we close the show with “I’ll Never Be LOST Again,” a hip-hop tribute to the final season of “LOST” by Injustice League. Check out the great music video!

Correction: Did I mention we have a poor grasp of time? Our last two podcasts will be released as follows:

  • June 13: Season Six in Review
  • June 27: “LOST” in Review

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  • 0:00:17 Introduction
  • 0:01:25 Recap: “LOST” in Eight Minutes
  • 0:11:13 Sponsored by “Parallel Worlds
  • 0:13:44 Reaction & Analysis
  • 0:53:30 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:31:42 “I’ll Never Be Lost Again” by Injustice League

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71 Responses to Trans 2010-05-30: “The End” Revisited

  1. sawyer840 says:

    First of all: Thank you for your great work during Lost time with all your reports about filming, making podcast and serving amazing information around Lost and beautiful Oahu. Aloha!

    I was satisfied with the finale, although I think they should have built up the finale message behind much earlier instead of focusing too much on only the Locke character. Perhaps the gorgeous message behind would have become more clear as it turned out with the finale episode.

    I noticed they muddled on some things too, so some strings of the characters’ backstories were not picked up consequently enough to bring it completely to an end. For example Sawyer’s backstory with Cassidy and Clementine or Miles on the concert event, but not meeting his father, who acted as conférencier. Ana- Lucia’ role was not quite clear relating to the end.
    Also noticeable Richard’s first flight and therefore Richard was less impressed of the modern technics. .-)
    I missed some characters in the church in the end, so indeed a Richard, Ana-Lucia and so on.
    Although the end was great, I would have liked it more if they would have made it a bit more a collective ending of the survivors’ group, instead of only being focused on the character Jack. Not at least this was one point some fans were disappointed with.

  2. Annietoo says:

    Great podcast! Thanks again.
    My take on why the MIB couldn’t leave the island is as follows. When he was a child, his mother said he couldn’t leave because he and his brother were her candidates, and she had always wanted the MIB to be her successor. I believe that at that point he really could have left and there wouldn’t have really been a problem, because Jacob would have stayed and taken over from his mom. But she needed to be killed by someone, and the MIB
    became that person so that she could ‘move on’ – and that caused Jacob to kill him in rage . Once the MIB was dead and his undead form – the Smoke Monster was created, he couldn’t leave the island because he no longer had a real form. He was a danger because if he managed to leave while the Light was still on, then he would retain his unearthly powers and be a destructive force killing indiscriminantly. Only if the Light were out could he be ‘normal’, and that would signify the end anyway – ergo he couldn’t leave the island.

  3. Coolpeace says:

    @ Ryan : Thanks for the podcast, will be taking it to work. But did watch the music video – it was great. I love watching those characters, Watching the video – I think I was starting to feel a little withdrawal happening.

  4. Stacey, NC says:

    Ryan & Jen –

    Here it is, more than a week later, and I’m still trying to digest the 1,257 comments from the smartest fans of any show in the history of television. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the latest podcast yet that came through this morning (I’m studying for two tests, so that’s going to have to wait a day or two), but I sure do hope that it’s not **really** the end. I’m starting to think of the next three months, not as “summer”, but as “rewatch season”.

    Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do. I’ve never called the Transmission phone line, and I’ve only commented on the blog a few times, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an ardent fan of yours.

    I got my first iPod in late 2006, and had to check out what “podcasts” were. The first one I found was Jay and Jack’s (and theirs is the other podcast I listen to regularly), and they kept referencing the greatness that is the Transmission. When I checked it out, sadly, it was on hiatus, but I downloaded and listened to all the old Transmission podcasts anyway, and lamented that it was no more. The day a new Transmission podcast magically appeared on my iTunes screen through the magic of subscription, I was a happy camper, and it only got better after that.

    Mahalo, Thank you, and everything else. “Lost” may be over, but, thanks to your efforts, the discussion will continue for some time to come. Y’all are the BEST!

  5. Vertigo says:

    Long time listener, first time poster. Thanks so much for these podcasts. And as a spoiler addicted I also take the opportunity to thank Ryan for those great filming reports.
    Another part of Lost experience that I’ll miss…
    I loved the finale. Simply beautiful.
    Just one thing, Jack’s first flash was when Locke wiggled his toes. He saw himself and Locke looking down the hatch. That’s why he was grasping at David’s existence… “I need to go see my son”. Then he had some flashes with Kate too. But Jack being the stubburn tomato that he is, it got to be Christian to make him realise he was dead.

  6. ODM says:

    One correction for the podcast: Kate did not bring about Jack’s awakening. Locke contributed to it, Kate contributed to it, but it was Jack’s father CHRISTIAN who brought about his awakening. We see this when we finally get Jack’s complete “Flashes Before Your Eyes” moment in the church, when he touches the coffin.

    Great podcast! Remember. Let go. Move on. L O S T

  7. Carol from Boston says:

    I always stayed away from the “forward cabin” and I still had “happily ever after” on my itouch, and listened to the forward cabin to see what it was like. HFC, Ryan had information about the whole Locke/Jack showdown on the rocks, even the info about Kate shooting. Ryan you knew it all! I am glad I didn’t listen and get spoiled.

    @Ryan did it ruin the moment for you knowing what would happen?

  8. aaron r says:

    Great podcast, guys. i agree totally with Jorge, that your first podcast is the one that you remember. The Transmission has been my first blogging experience, and i don’t think i’ll be forgetting YAE.

    @Darryl your phone comment comparing the two ‘pulling the plug’ moments was a huge Click moment for me. of course, it makes sense. i’m still in sci-fi mode, as far as Lost goes, and thats helping most of the missing ideas be palatable. at least for me. so many of the questions seem to come from standard science-fiction story telling, and if i look at the whole thing in that light, then its easier to accept what seem to be holes in the story.

    one answer that i really could have used is what happened to Desmond. really, just a line or two would have done it.
    Ben (looking around); ” where did Desmond go?”
    Hurley; “he moved on, dude”
    or something alone those lines.

  9. LReene says:

    Ryan & Jen,

    As always, excellent Podcast! I’ll bet that call from Jorge just made your day. I thought it was SO great that you included it.

    Looking forward to your next review Podcast. They are always just super.


  10. Ryan says:

    Vertigo, ODM: You’re absolutely right. I have no idea why only Jack’s flash with Kate stuck in my mind. He did, indeed, have the most comprehensive “flash” with his dad in the church.

    Carol from Boston: I’ve always been a spoiler fan, even when it comes to movies (“Sixth Sense,” “The Usual Suspects,” all looked up online before I saw them.) Even so, filming reports don’t often ruin things because I don’t know anything about the context of the scenes described. I suppose the Jack/Locke showdown was pretty well described… but seeing it fully assembled on screen is still completely different and satisfying experience.

    sawyer840: Was that Richard’s first flight? When he was recruiting for Mittelos Bioscience, he probably used airplanes to move about? I see your point about the Jack focus versus the ensemble, though.

    Aaron: I hadn’t thought about Desmond’s disappearance. I figured that as soon as Ben and Hurley talked about getting him home, it was or would eventually be done. Narratively he was taken care of, if not physically.

    Coolpeace: Glad you liked the song and video. It made my smile, and still a little misty eyed. I’m trying to figure out what Giacchino piece they sampled and looped. It’s stuck in my head!

    Annietoo: Thanks for thinking that through. I still feel bad for Mr. Smokie.

    I’m glad we all found each other in this life. And yes, we’ll see each other in the next… even if it’s just another TV show!

  11. Here’s the explanation for Ray. At the time, I thought like everybody else, that when Ray talked about someday leaving the old folk’s home to a place no one could find him, he was somehow talking about the Island. But having seen the finale, it clear to me that Ray was talking about death. That whole scene was a foreshadowing of the very final scene of the series.

  12. Patrick says:

    i’ve often wondered about the range of ways we all watched & experienced LOST… for us it was always unspoiled, in the dark, sound up. we don’t have tivo so i’d vcr it on the other tv. sometimes running into that room during commercial breaks to quick rewind wait, what Walt-type moments.

    i have to say, it can be an amazing experience to walk into a theatre with Zero knowledge of what you’re about to see (happened to me with Kafka, The Celebration & Amores Perros and hmm… they are all in my movie top 10).

    i’m not sure why i’m sharing these thoughts, except that i was sitting here and pondering how “spoilers” might have affected Ryan & my’s differing reaction to the finale.

  13. I haven’t listen to the podcast yet, it must wait until I go back to work (holidays are wonderful). But my wife brought something up that I thought important to send your way. She thinks that Ryan should write a book. A tourists guide to the island showing locations where the show was filmed.

    I would imagine Ryan could totally geek out on a project like that. I foresee an annotated index alphabetical by location and also indexed by episode. I’d love to see anecdotes about the locations or what was going on at the time of filming.

    You guys really should cash-in on the Lost bandwagon somehow. Definitely start your own line of Lost tours around the island. There’s got to be money to be had, and I wouldn’t want to see the island without Ryan and Jen.


  14. Briand says:

    Thank you Ryan and Jen for keeping me sane through this ride. I just finished rewatching “Flashes Before your Eyes”. I think this must have taken place in another form of purgatory. The feel of it was the same as flash sideways but with a different story. Eloise acted much like she did in “The End”

  15. aaron r says:

    @Adam in Grapevine what a great idea!! your wife is a very smart lady.
    i especially noticed that while there was room for the main location points, so many of the jungle scenes were filmed in gorgeous spots, some that i recognized from places i’ve visited on the North Shore. i always hoped to he ar Ryan and Jen talk about those more secluded places. it would be great to see them actually make some money on all this – except US, of course – by following something they clearly love.

    @Ryan the pic at the park does, indeed, look like a beautiful day enjoy

  16. Ryan says:

    So sweet! It’s good to know we have a future as tour guides! We did one huge tour in January that was a blast, but nearly killed us. The smaller tour on Finale day was fortunately largely organized by Kualoa Ranch! In terms of helping people find locations, I’ve always loved doing so. That’s why I started Still need to update it for the finale, though!

  17. greenberry says:

    Wow ~! Heavy-duty bawling here in the southwestern tip of British Columbia, after listening to your latest podcast and especially that closing-out song rapped to the backdrop of that moving score!

    I love all the truths that LOST has taught me or reinforced over the years: to look past first impressions, to better weigh up good and evil, to reach for my best self, to fully acknowledge and rejoice in meaningful relationships…

    Like the LOSTIES life-altering connection, we LOST fans in a smaller way have shared something meaningful in our gathering here ~ I think we will always look back on this time spent on “The Transmission” as special in our lives.

  18. Xvalkar says:

    Just thought of something. If the smoking man was Jack’s father, how is it Jack saw his father off the island?

  19. Xvalkar says:

    Of course, I mean the smoke monster (and I mean he’s Jack’s father he saw after he died, not that the smoke monster is actually Jack’s father).

  20. Coolpeace says:

    @ Ryan and YAE :

    Ryan i guess you must be aware about the new Hawaii Five-0 show that will be filming. I enjoyed the original and was a little weary about a remake but then I saw a youtube preview and thought … hmmmm, I may like after all. I liked the humour and the chemistry of the cast.

    If anyone is interested, here is the link:

  21. Coolpeace says:

    BTW : I do apologize for the above post, I realize it was unreltated to LOST but thought maybe some of you would like it.

  22. Coolpeace says:

    My typing sucks… that would be ‘unrelated’.

  23. LReene says:

    @Adam in Grapevine – EXCELLENT idea!

    @Ryan – PLEASE take what “Adam in Grapevine” said and give it some serious thought. I think a book authored by you and Jen would make for a number 1 best seller. And to combine your knowledge of the show and it’s locations with that of the Kualoa Ranch tour guides………. It would be absolutely great!

    And thanks again Ryan & Jen for that great tour and weekend back in January! Just an Awesome AWESOME experience!!


  24. Coolpeace says:

    @ YAE

    I was just visiting DarkUFO to get some news, in their Media Mentions section and saw the very sad news that Jorge beloved little Nunu had died.

    My heart hurts once again, this time for Jorge and Beth. You could always hear here in the background during their podcast … RIP Nunu.

    Jorge wrote :

    “It breaks my heart to tell you that yesterday as we were preparing to all go to the airport Nunu was struck by a car as she crossed the street. She died in my arms.

    We are burying her in the Pet Garden at Valley of the Temple in Kaneohe. Nunu hated the water so we couldn’t bring ourselves to having her ashes scattered in the ocean. Three months from now you’ll be able to find a bronze plaque inscribed with just her name there. If you’d like to leave a flower or a toy, I’m sure she’d love it.”

  25. Paulo from Portugal says:

    Great podcast as ever.
    I had the same doubt about Desmond and have already saw “Flashes Before your Eyes” again but I don’t think that he, at the time, saw “purgatory”. I think that he relived is past and when he meets Hawking he tries to change things buy asking Penelope to marry him, but eventually the universe has a way of course correcting things, and he ends on the path that will take him to the island – that’s how he gets the picture (of him and Penelope) that he keeps with him.
    I think it was something in the same line of “The Constant” (the mind travels to another space/time) where he relives his past life.
    How he, after being “zapped” by Withmore’s “electromagnetic-box”, travels to the FSW (purgatory) his inconsistent with his past electromagnetic experiences.
    Nice to hear from Jorge and great music video.


  26. LReene says:

    @Coolpeace and YAE – I saw Jorge’s post also about poor Nunu. How sad. And on the last day they were to spend in Hawaii too. No doubt will somewhat cloud the happy memories of time spent in the Islands. Such a sad time for any pet lover. My heart goes out to them.

  27. Carol from Boston says:

    @coolpeace – I gasped when I read that on facebook. My kids didn’t know what was going on, they loved that dog so much and what a horrible way to end their stay in Hawaii.

    Jorge seems like a classy guy, take the time for fans with his podcast and takes the time to call in to Jen and Ryan and say goodbye. Jen and Ryan maybe you helped him figure out plot points. 🙂

  28. MLE in Colorado says:

    I haven’t listened yet…I haven’t been able to- I guess knowing its “The End” and I kind of want it to last. I know I will succumb soon…but I just know I am going to be sad- maybe even sadder than I was last Sunday…

  29. LReene says:

    @YAE – Since I was so vocal for a few days about my dissatisfaction with the ending of LOST, I just wanted to give all of you an update.

    After rewatching “The End” two more times this past week. And then watching it again today with the “Enhanced Popups” along with the “Final Journey” pre-show, I can now say that I am at peace with how it ended.

    Oh I still would have liked to have seen the resolution of more of the story lines that were created by Darlton to keep us coming back for more, but I can honestly say that LOST was still the best television I have ever seen.

    My only regret is that I didn’t run on to “The Transmission” and all the friends I have met on this board earlier. Hopefully though the friendships made will continue on through rewatches, and further sharing of our love for LOST.

    Namaste everyone! I’m still LOST and yes, proud of it!!

  30. LReene says:

    @Coolpeace – Thanks for posting that link to the new Hawaii-50 show. I also just LOVED the original but was some what leary of a remake. Looks like it should have some great possibilities though.

    Thanks again.


  31. WastedTime says:

    I finished the series mostly from a feeling of just wanting to get it complete and over with. Early on, it drew me in and the mysteries were interesting, but the farther it went, the more it became apparent that they were winging it without much of a plan. They were layering mysteries just to string us along, and by the time any answers did come, I just didn’t care about the question anymore. It obviously worked as a ratings and advertising slot gimmick, but in the end it just doesn’t feel like it was ever a cohesive narrative.
    I watched the first few episodes of FlashForward, but it felt like they were trying to pull off the same trick, so I quit watching it. Add to that cancellations of series I did like, and I don’t plan to pick up anything further from ABC. The last ABC show I’m currently watching is Castle, and I started that because I like Nathan Fillion, not because TV needs yet another freakin’ crime drama.
    While it’s nice that a series was allowed to end on it’s own terms rather than getting the axe mid-story with no real closure, it sucks that the series allowed to choose it’s own departure turns out not to have much of a story and even less closure. It ends having about as much to it as Drive Shaft’s one-hit-wonder song.

  32. Amaia says:

    Ryan, Jen, thank you again for this great podcast. I’ll rewatch the finale tonight ansd I know I’ll cry a lot, even more than when I watched it for the first time. And I’m sure about it because this morning, at work, while listeing to the podcast I felt my eyes wet remembering the episode… Lost has been great.

  33. Russell in Raleigh says:

    So, when Desmond told Charlie that if he drowned in the looking glass station then Claire and Aaron would get on a helicopter and be rescued, was that : (a) a lie; (b) a mistake; or (c) a continuity error?

  34. LReene says:

    @Russell in Raleigh – Here’s a prediction……. We’ll see Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter at the concert…… on the DVD. Probably one of the scenes that didn’t get included in the televised finale. I don’t think they ever did show how many of them got to the church.

  35. aaron r says:

    a grey morning in L.A. just stopped by to see if there are any new breakthroughs and to say HI YAE.
    is everyone bracing for a tuesday night without our friends?

  36. greenberry says:

    @ aaron r ~ I know what you mean!

  37. aaron r says:

    lol i feel as if, if one were to go out tonight, you would see the occasional person staring into space, or just wandering around. they’re probably Losties, trying to reconnect with their lives.
    this is a hole inside that won’t fill in very quickly. Ryan and Jen, maybe you could keep this site up as a half-way house kind of deal for all of us.

  38. docjkm says:

    Make Tuesday the Re-watch night. We will. Would really like-
    1) To do a retrospective front-to-back re-watch with YAE.
    2) Do a Transmission ‘Union’ (can’t be a reunion, lest it’s done on the web) in Oahu, with Ryan and Jen as Honored Guests and Speakers. Do not think it fair, after all the effort over the years, to expect them to ‘host’. This was mentioned prev. in the 1258 blog conversation. Several expressed interest, some cited inability to attend. Who’s ‘up’?

  39. KL in VA says:

    @aaron R – Tuesdays are hard without Lost. It really made the week go by easier to have something to look forward to on a Tuesday evening.

    Ryan and Jen – Thanks again for the enormous amount of work you do in keeping up on the blog, the emails and the podcasts. Clearly it is a labor of love, but it is greatly appreciated. Like Jorge Garcia, The Transmission was my “first” podcast. I listen to a few others (some I try to listen to and just can’t make it through the rambling . . . ), but you really do take the best of YAE and distill it into what the rest of us are thinking.

    Spoilers – I actually went back and listened to the forward cabins on the episodes as they were about to be aired this season. I resisted looking at the call sheet for the final episode for about 24 hours and then gave in. I have to say that even knowing what the scenes were going to be – I still didn’t really know how it was going to play out. In other words, the spoilers in the forward cabin, didn’t spoil it for me!

  40. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I thought Jen’s right brain/left brain comparison was perfect. Emotionally, “The End” was a triumph. Intellectually, it fell far short. I’ve always longed for the unified field, one grand theory that encompasses everything. It was evident toward the end of season 6 we weren’t going to get anything close to that, but I still felt the delivery was magnificent up to that point. But to entirely shun big picture explanation in the finale was unworthy of a show that seemed to promise so much more. I was going to analogize to a worm, but it’s more like they left a rose in the mailbox from a secret admirer without any note.

    Is this just a case of reserving the answers for the encyclopedia they intend to put out? That would be a shame if they sacrificed the integrity of their storytelling just to sell some merchandise which we probably would have bought anyway (the little orphan annie decoder ring syndrome.) And it’s cheating in art if you have to issue an appendix to explain unfinished parts of your work.

    On the other hand, ambiguity is far better than the midi-chlorian route.

  41. greenberry says:

    It does seem fully evident (now in retrospect) that the tale was always meant to be a psychological, character-driven tale (with a lot of philosophy and mythology thrown in to keep the story charged and itriguing)

    Frankly, this is why I watched and got hooked on the show. So I’m cool with this focus. Yet, as a poster on the last thread (?) articulated, even the character-stuff was underwritten or occasionally fell a little flat.

    I still prefer to embrace the positives, since I loved the JOURNEY so much. Also finding “The Trasmission” and YAE was a HUGE BONUS and an integral part of the experience. The finale beautifully depicted Jack’s awakening of being FOUND (whether it be through the peace of ultimately rescuing others, or connecting with his ‘constant’ Kate).

  42. Vajra says:

    I like lost even better now that it is complete and can be studied as a finished work. Here is my theory:

    I think the key to understanding Lost is realizing that Hurley was always meant to be the guardian. The Hurley Bird, the numbers, Hurley visited by the dead, Hurley finding the cabin: it all points to the fact that he was always the One. So why Hurley? I think it’s because Hurley represented the Buddha consciousness, which is guards “the light within all of us.”
    The person, or people who guard the island represent the cultural epoch: the deity or deities we have chosen to guard “the light within all of us.”
    MiB and Jacob guarded the island through the period of western expansionism, which from a comparative religions stand point could be considered a period dualism. The duality of good vs evil, right vs wrong, god vs devil, science vs faith etc.
    Before that epoch was the Maternalistic pagan cultures that worshipped the Mother in the form of creator and fierce destroyer, so before the twins it was the crazy mother who guarded the island.
    So we have the pagan Earth Mother guarding the “the light within all of us,” then the dualistic Gods of good vs evil (like the Abrahamic religions) , and now the universalist monad: which we is most represented by the buddhist religion.

    From the Buddhist perspective nether MiB or Jacob were good or evil. They perpetuate each other, which is the source of suffering. Suffering comes from our misconception that the world is made of opposing forces, and if we side with either force we perpetuate suffering, but when we are able to balance those forces we attain enlightenment. So Jack and Locke (Jacob and Smokey) embodied the duality until they cancelled each other out leaving only truth.

    Doubting that Hurley is a Buddha? Think about his attitude. When everything was going bad, and every one was consumed with getting off or staying on the island, he started the golf game so they could enjoy being there. When he tasked with guarding the food, he threw a party. His actions embodied the idea that the compassion and present moment is all that truly matters, and that is Buddha.

    Also the Island itself was positioning itself for the Buddhist epoch. The Dharma initiative built their hatches, like the stations of the Tibetan Vajrayana mandala. Dharma itself means “the Law” or “the rules.”
    The numbers needed to be entered every 108 minutes which the number of lotus petals around the mandala, and the number of prayer beads on the Buddhist mala.
    If you study the Tibetan mandalas, the parallels to Lost are striking. The outer ring is the fire that burns of ignorance (like the crash) then there are different stations at the different directions like the Swan, the arrow etc.
    Think of the map on the blast door. It looks like a mandala.
    There is even a Temple at the center.

    Alpert showing Locke the items he once owned, just like how the Dalai Llama is chosen. He was shown items key to Tibetan symbolism: the compass, sand (sand painting), the book of laws (dharma) and the knife. Locke chose the knife which symbolizes the destroyer. No wonder Alpert ran out. In the mandala the fierce destroyer that destroys the ego: the necessary death for spiritual rebirth.
    The science/faith duality and the Jacob/MIB duality represents the duality that turns the wheel of Samsara (the suffering in the world) which is depicted as a wheel that looks just like the donkey wheel.

    So then in the alternaverse we see the island at the bottom of the ocean. When a mandala is finished the Tibetan monks pour it into a river or other body of water. And while people have been calling the Alternaverse purgatory, I think it is much more like the Buddhist idea of Bardo. Bardo is a hallucinatory dimension we create upon death to face the karma of our life and direct us to how/where we will be reborn. In Bardo we find our guides, and teachers, and face what we learned or did not learn. So that is why Anna Lucia wasn’t ‘ready’ or why Ben wanted to hang around. They still had Karma to work on.

    My parting thought is that they originally wanted to call this show the “Circle” which in sanskrit is “mandala.”


  43. Tom from Virgina says:

    Like the song said- It was just a show but it feels like losing a friend.
    I feel this pertains to both LOST and the Transmission. Its been a great journey and thanks for being there through the good(walkabout) and the bad(stranger in a strange land). Can’t wait for popspotting to start.

  44. @Rich: We always had different view point but I always loved your remarks… I think I have to agree with this last one (tho I will by the dvds (not the complete set tho, I have it already!… I will have to go online to find out about the “epilogue”) and the encyclopedia…)
    I thought you would be the first one to like this “spiritual” end. As the pseudo man of science here I loved it!
    @everyone: I am so sad for Jorge (Jacob! After Nardia… now Nunu!?) because you no what… “ain’t nothing sadder to watch Hurley cry”! I was thinking about this today. Everyone is talking about how Emerson, Josh or Terry should get an Emmy (well, Emerson and Terry already have one anyway) but when you think about THE actor that can by his performance and charisma either make you laugh or cry (and in The End he does both) I would have to go with Jorge… I think this guy deserve and Emmy (and he seems such a nice guy that I hope he does!). He was the Heart of the Island and his now his Leader! I hope he is the also nominated for best actor!

  45. greenberry says:

    Australia is the key to the whole thing? It warms the heart to think of Hurley as the heart of the show and the protector of the island/ guardian of the light within all peoples

  46. Coolpeace says:

    @ Vajra : I like your comparsion of Lost to Buddhist doctrin (is it a doctrin?). I had heard about Bardo in another discussion and felt it appropriate to the Flashsideways.

    Good thoughts.

    @ Rich in Cleveland : Rich could you explain what you refer to by saying “But to entirely shun big picture explanation in the finale …” Are you talking about the Island side or the FS or maybe how they combined both in the church scene?

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your thoughts, and still do – that is why I am asking. What would you have like to see in the finale?

  47. LReene says:

    @docjkm – YAE meeting up in Hawaii for the “LOST Union”. Hey, I’m game! As I said before, just let me know when and where.

  48. Amaia says:

    Hey everybody. Just finished rewatching it on the Spanish TV and I’ve cried a lot again. It’s so beautiful, even with the dubbing much of the emotion is lost. I noticed one stupid thing, why did both Juliet and Kate change their clothes to be in the church???

    I know “Lost” is finished but in my mind I think maybe they could move on to a place where they could live together happy ever after. Gosh, I’m going to miss these characters a lot.

  49. Embie says:

    Ryan and Jen, Jen and Ryan, thank you for being there, our constants, making this great conversation possible.

    And thank you for including Ed from PA in your podcast. I think there are a lot of folks out there listening, not saying, that disabling conditions and life-altering moments are their daily experience, and that L O S T and your podcast have been lamp post stations for them. Thanks so very much!

  50. Al from Colorado says:

    You ask why MIB could not leave the island, and you also ask why was the island under water in the season premier? I think they are related.

    The way I interpret the island under water is that the island represents life and death. That is, in the sideways world (or afterlife), the island is underwater, signifying the light (or life) is no longer. In the “real” world, the island is alive, and above water. It is the separation between life and death. So what would happen if the island were under water in the “real” world? It would literally mean the end of life.

    Now imagine MIB gets off the island with the island intact. You would have a force let loose on the world that couldn’t be destroyed! On the other hand, if he destroys the island, it could mean the end of all life. In either case, it is a bad idea to let him off the island, and everything ends badly.

    I hope this makes sense (at least in light of Lost!)

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