Trans 2010-05-19: “What They Died For” (Episode 6-16)


“While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack’s group searches for Desmond.” For this penultimate episode of “LOST,” we’re posting a “shortwave transmission,” a shorter, initial reactions podcast, rather than our usual blog entry. We skip the recap and get straight to our take, then share the first few calls to come in on the LOSTLine. Although we’re less than a week away from the end of this incredible series, we’d still love your feedback on “What They Died For.” Please comment below and join the conversation!

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550 Responses to “Trans 2010-05-19: “What They Died For” (Episode 6-16)”

  1. Carol from Boston says:

    @aaron r- I am so glad that this show was able to help you through such a tough time. I had a rough year myself and it really makes a difference to have a positive distraction like the show and this podcast and board. Just something fun to add to the day. I remember those antennas, they never lasted that long, ended up using tinfoil half the time. I wonder about the title “The end” it might also refer to the phrase “it only ends once” maybe Jack won’t be needed if the island is no longer needed.

    @MLE- Titus being a Red Sox fan made me smile too, he lives in Maine with his family when he isn’t working.

    @Fenix – how long do you think Desmond was actually in the well? Weird how it suddenly has water in it.

    @Ron Kaplan – I love the idea of everyone celebrating at John’s wedding.

    @nana in madrid- 4:30 am!! How can you even concentrate at that hour. You deserve an award for being that dedicated.

    @Brendan in WI- when Desmond was at the parking lot, I was yelling at the TV “no not again!!” m

    @Daphne in Philly – I have to smile at the image of them all meeting at the concert and looking at each other and suddenly remembering. Maybe all four of them being there at once will trigger something. Wouldn’t it have been funny if Juliet was David’s mom but they had named him “James?” and didn’t know why.

    @Lillian – I noticed Desmond’s scary expressions too, he reminds me of locke as MIB, that demented vengeful look. I also though Matthew Fox did a great job of showing how he was suddenly “englightened”.

    @Spicer – Welcome to the board!!

    @Corivee – re: your husband distracting you, kick him out of the room like me. lol. Hey I pay the price, this afternoon I watched “The Spy Next Door” with the kids and it was pretty bad. But I like to make up for Silent Tuesdays.

    Well my notes are pretty messy. So no more comments from me. I know there are new posters and even if we can’t all reply to you, we are reading your posts. I read every post but there are so many people now that I tend to reply to comments directed to me or new theories.

    Like everyone else I will be sad when this is over, and I would be interested in having a facebook group or a yahoo group or something like that to fill the void and perhaps start a rewatch in August.

    @Ryan and Jen – please tell Katie I missed her introduction!! She does a great job with it. I don’t know how you can both talk so freely on the podcast and come up with such intelligent points. I am a mess when I call in. I get nervous.

  2. JayJay says:

    @Cue Dblu
    That’s the first thing that sprung to mind when I heard Lost Untangled too.

  3. Maluhia says:

    I think the theory that young Jacob & campfire Jacob were actually MIB masquerading is really interesting.

    The observation about Jacob’s different outfit is an interesting one. Also, why didn’t Jacob have the ceremonial cup, or wine to drink. And why did Jacob just point Jack toward the source instead of taking Jack all the way to the glowing cave? Maybe because he doesn’t really know where it is?

    And regarding the ashes – weren’t Jacob’s ashes another form of defense against MIB? It was used at the Temple, around the Cabin, and Brahm used it in Taweret to try and defend himself against Smokey. So maybe MIB wanted to take the ashes away from Hurley to remove another possible defense mechanism.

    There are some holes in the theory, so I’m not entirely convinced. Just fun to theorize…

    I’m hoping Richard and Widmore aren’t dead. There is still so much we DON’T know about Widmore’s backstory.

    The way I see it, there are a few particular characters whose lives seem especially invested in the island timeline. I’m really curious to see what lies ahead for these specific people:




  4. Ryan says:

    Mahalo a nui loa for all the kind words. We’re glad you’re getting something out of our show, considering how much we’re getting out of it ourselves!

    More than happy to help You All Everybody get and stay in touch! Here’s a Facebook page for The Transmission:

    Carol, thanks for noticing! Katie was aghast that I did the intro bumper this week!

  5. Bad _Wobot says:

    @docjkm Great post with the latin, that also could have made a terrific Finale title. That’s how I’ve felt pretty much during the last couple years. I’m gonna twitter that phrase all week 🙂

    @Coolpeace Hi, and thanx. Yes they are never below their game. TOQ specially.
    The only prob w/ that blackbox made video promo, is that there is NO DESMOND! lol Too much focus on Jack/Locke. HIC and Sonya Walger deserve alot more praise & respect than they get. Hence the cool themes of the show, LOVE, ‘finding’ and all that, like dockjkm mentioned.

  6. Embie says:

    Fun interview with Michael Emerson in Time Out New York. Can’t post the link as I am on my iPad and can’t figure that out. But YAE who are interested can google that.

    I’ve been thinking about the concert at the museum. So many possibilities! Being “in concert” all the losties may have greater power. What if there is some amazing artifact in the museum that can tunnel between the two worlds…or put the genie back in the bottle for good?

  7. Leasa says:

    I just have to share that I think the MIB will be his own demise by trying to use Desmond to destroy the island. I came to this conclusion after the episode “Happily Ever After”. I knew when Faraday was talking to Desmond about these weird memories he was having. He said “imagine something terrible is going to happen… and the only way to stop it is a massive explosion… like an atomic bomb..” I knew right then that it was foreshadowing and that was Whidmore’s reason for Desmond.. in case the candidates fail. All this time they have been saying that very bad things would happen if MIB gets off the island. Go fail safe!

  8. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ CoolPeace – see ya on Fringe after LOST!

  9. Emil says:

    Awesome episode!! I just don’t understand one thing: what exactly did they die for? Sure, Jacob explained why they were brought to the island, what the job is, and all that good stuff. But he never really said why Sayid, Sun, and Jin died. Was there a reason why THEY died, but Jack and the rest did not? Did I miss something??

  10. Rey from Olywa says:

    Brian in LA wrote:

    “….I think Ben shot Widmore right as he whispered his secret to Unlocke because he could ask Miles to come back later and *read Widmore’s last thoughts* and tell him over the walkie-talkie.”

    I think that is frakkin brilliant and I hope that is what happens (but I doubt the writers thought of it).

  11. Michael says:

    Genius theory…Why else are they having the concert at a museum!!
    Probably some artifact recovered from the underwater island like the dagger maybe. Or something from early Dharma, maybe the black and white stones from adam and eve. Could be something from the wreck of the black rock.
    Most likely though something Egyptian. Maybe something we have not seen yet, or at least didn’t understand yet.

  12. soko says:

    I think I figured out the 911/ LAPD thing.

    Places like schools are given and use direct lines to local Police and Fire dept. so that they can speak to specific people that service their area. Locke may have programmed that into his phone to use when he is on school grounds. It has to be close since that is where Desmond went right after. They didn’t answer ” 911, what is your emergency?” but, they would probably have answered saying what precinct they were though. So it may not be as far off as Ryan was initially thinking.

  13. Maluhia says:

    @soko, Ryan & Jen:

    Or maybe Locke was already working with an police detective from the accident, so he had the investigator’s number programmed into his phone 🙂 That’s why the call went directly to LAPD office, and not to dispatch.

  14. MLE in Colorado says:

    I didnt think of this until I read what @Michael wrote and had to go back and search what you wrote (one of the hard things about this forum- would be cool to see the comments right after someone posts…but I don’t think Ryan and Jen ever anticipated having 300 comments 24 hours after a show.) 🙂

    Anyway- When I read what you wrote about how Jacob chose the 4 remaining candidates..and how they were all broken etc. It made me think of when Jesus chose his disciples…who were all broken…and of course- when Jacob hands Jack the cup- that feels very biblical as well.

    I also like the theory that the museum might have some artifact or connection to the Island…I mean remember when all we cared about were some numbers and a damn button???? Would like to see some Dharma/Island/mythology played out …as well as…yes… know I am a broken record…why was Walt talking backwards and soaking wet. I remember listening to this late at night and being so completely freaked out…

  15. Ariele says:

    Can someone please explain what the light on the island really is? And why does the island NEED protecting?!? Is there some significance/importance to the light beyond the island? And why can’t MIB leave the island? I know Jacob said everyone will die – but why?

  16. Michael says:

    Yeah they never explained what the heck was up with Walt. He was a weird little dude in some way. I can’t imagine that the producers didn’t realize the actor would age faster than the character when they started this so maybe he still has a part to play somehow, but it definitely feels like a hanging thread. And why if they had gotten rid of him did they bring him back for a visit when Oceanic 6 got off the island. Why remind us about Walt?
    Maybe walt is sensitive to the electromagnetic energy and can access it somehow. Be in two places at once I think the others said of him. Or maybe MIB was pretending to be walt and got caught. Whcih might mean that MIB set up shannon to get shot by ana lucia while pretending to be walt.
    Who else did he impersonate? Maybe MIB can impersonate the dead and children. That is why the others took the children to the temple, to keep them away from him.
    Wow I can’t wait for this series to end so my mind can focus on something else for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. aaron r says:

    @CarolfromBoston- thanks a bunch. this has been a kind of magic thing. i was a Deadhead for a lot of years, and this extended family has a similar feel of community, even with people that you don’t know.

    see y’all sunday!

  18. Michael says:

    How did walt get wet?
    If it was MIB he might have been talking backwards because he was shorting out. He doesn’t like water.

  19. Michael says:

    Maybe Walt was the early “failsafe” He was sensitive to electromagnetic waves and disrupts them. That is why birds cannot navigate near him, her interferes with their radar?
    Then when they decided not to keep that actor around, they needed Desmond to take his place and made him magnetic by turning the key.

  20. KK says:

    @Ryan and Jen — thanks for the FB page! That’ll be fun. Look forward to it.

    @aaron r — you mention above wondering if you’re shouting into the dark. You’re not. I’ve thought that before too, but really it’s just that w/ so many comments, there’s no way to respond to everyone unless you take extensive notes. Also, it seems like posters stay pretty focused on their own agendas — you really have to take and leave what you want to, since there’s so much going on. So much *greatness* going on…! 🙂

  21. Carol from Boston says:

    @aaron – my college roommate was a deadhead, I think of her whenever I hear “Shakedown Street”.

    @kk- you put it perfectly about responding to comments. With the end of the show coming there are so many good posts to read through but it is difficult to remember and comment on everyone’s thoughts.

    @Ryan and Jen – thanks for starting up the facebook page, that should be fun.

    @Michael – I would like more info about Walt, I understand why they cut his story short but his being wet and talking backwards are something I want to know about.

  22. MT Breeze says:

    Thanks for the FB page, Ryan and Jen!! I’m on board!!!

  23. patrick (ct) says:

    hey YAE,
    was thinking about 12 years from now
    and the unspoken connection many of us will share because of this show..
    and decided that i needed a tshirt that i could pull out way down the road
    to elicit smiles from those that know..
    one that would look great after a 100 washings and wearings.

    anyway this is my shot at making that shirt..

    can’t wait for Sunday!

  24. Carol from Boston says:

    I am restless tonight YAE, can’t sleep so I am speculating about lost.

    What if the sideways world isn’t the final world? How would YAE feel about the island being the final world? I am getting nervous about Desmond – he seems a bit crazed. Will he pull something at the party? I feel invested in the happy sideways world and I would hate to see it gone. Was the sideways world created by Faraday or Jacob?

    Sunday really does feel like graduation, not sure who said it above but it sure feels like it. The same feeling of anticipation and nervousness. 9 months between seasons was bad enough, no more lost episodes ever is too depressing. I haven’t watched a lot of the extras on the DVD’s I figure it will give me something new to do after the show is over.

  25. Alex the Greek says:

    This week’s casualties:

    RIP Evil Tina Fey
    RIP Charles Wimmmah
    RIP Jacob…again (but for good this time)

    I have a feeling that despite the mixed signals by the writers (cyclical signs of Jack becoming the new island guardian and linear ending signs of MIB being the end-all evil that needs to be killed), the real ending may not be a cycle nor a single ended path. It may well be a hybrid between the two: a new linear path that may keep repeating through time, but in distinctively different pathways.

  26. jenn r says:

    Kate was crossed off because she became a mother…and people are upset that the Kwons weren’t crossed off since they were parents. Maybe that just means Jin was the candidate but Sun would have been crossed off when she became a mother…and Jacob values motherhood more than fatherhood?

  27. gene e says:

    I don’t care for a “repeating” universal scenario for the people of Lost that I’ve come to care about. I look back over these post and read the cruel hope some of you have for these characters just because you think that would be ‘neat’.
    I would question the depth of your souls and postulate that your shallow emotions are not the norm for humans that have endured much heartache. Sawyer has suffered enough for me. Period. And you want him doomed to frustration; bound on an island with no escape but death. Seems like that’s now Jacks fate also. This blog has long depressed me. It’s not an accurate gauge of any real sympathy for any one who needs pity. The young want justice, the old seek mercy. I’m old.

  28. Embie says:

    @ Michael and @ MLE in Colorado – about the museum. Remember that Hugo Reyes in FSW endowed a new paleontology wing? I can’t connect that to the puzzle but maybe someone else can. As I understand it paleontology is the study of fossils and ancient life – so it doesn’t seem to provide cultural or religious artifacts. Also, somewhere in “Across the Sea” I thought it was mentioned that what needed to be protected was the water and the light. But in “What They Died For” the water wasn’t mentioned. Walt showing up dripping wet always creeped me out. At first I imagined he had drowned and was appearing as a ghost. Perhaps we will find him working at the museum as a guide or scientist – and he will hold the key.

  29. Embie says:

    @ gene e – I’m with you – they all “need a little mercy now”

  30. Nadia says:

    Are we going to see the lamp post again?one of my favorites. maybe at a church event? that place was significant to getting everyone back to the island…..will it be used again?

  31. Nadia says:

    is the museum near a church?

  32. Carol from Boston says:

    @Gene- I agree with you, to have them keep doing this on a loop would not be a satisfying ending for me. I want some happiness for these people. They’ve been through so much and changed for the better.

    @Ryan and Jen – the new facebook page is great I like being able to match up some faces with names. It helps when people put their board name on their facebook post.

    @Ryan – I hope you’ll let Katie pre-record her introduction for the finale. Cuz if you don’t you’ll hear about it from her forever. lol Kids do not forget.

  33. Angel says:

    I don’t know if this has come up yet, but when Jacob mentioned Kate had not been a candidate because of her role as a mother, it got me thinking about babies and the island. Is it possible pregnancies do not come to term because of how Jacob and MIB originated?

  34. Mimi says:

    Ben is totally doing the long con on Smokie and he’s doing it with Miles’ help. That is why he sent Miles out with the walkie talkie. Miles will hook up with Richard, Lapidus, Rose and Bernard. Who have rescued Desmond from the well, thanks to an alert from “Search and Rescue Vincent.” (Wait a minute… I think Vincent is trying to tell us something!) Together they all do a surprise ambush on Smokie. They use the C4 not on the plane, but on the island to send it to the bottom of the ocean… and 815 never crashes. Jack has to be able to return to LA and live in the sideways world. I refuse to believe that his destiny is to set up his son David to live the rest of his life without a father’s influence and love.

  35. LReene says:

    @ Bonita in Atlanta and @ CoolPeace – see you both on Fringe after LOST. I’ve been watching Fringe since the beginning, but have been so involved in reading through all the post of the LOST forums, I never went hunting for any for Fringe. About time I guess.

    @gene e – Please don’t mistake my previous post regarding my repeating “theory” as being something I WANT to see happen. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I too am what you would consider in the “old” catagory here and I would love nothing better than to see it all end with all of our losties living the happily ever after life.

    @YAE – “Something at the museum to wake them all up”…… Hmmmmmm Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it IS the dagger, that they could then take back to the island with them to get Smokie.

  36. Aaron from perth says:

    i think that smokie is going to win. Maybe he is going to turn the wheel to get off the island. I think in the alternate reality desmond maybe the MIB getting every one together so that he can kill all the candidates so he has no chance of defeat.
    In the original reality desmond was on the island before the plane crashes, why was he on the plane in the alternate reality? making sure the plane doesngt crash? maybe?
    I still have a few questions!
    I remember in season 5 when all the flashes where happening sawyer juliet and the others are out in the canoe when i flash happens suddenly they are getting shot at, by others in a canoe. They never explained that. something we havent seen yet?

    who was walt in every ones visions? was it mib or jacob?

    why and how did jacob leave the island to touch the candidates?

    Locke in season one says, i looked into the eye of the island and what i saw, was beautiful? do you think he saw the glowing hole? he was so mysterious when he first got to the island before he lost his way with pushing the button. I think he knew a lot more than he realised. I think jacob wanted him to be the candidate, that jack was a second choice just like jacob was to his mother.
    so many questions that will lay open!

  37. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Wow, my voice sounded okay considering how nervous I was. I can often speak as well as I type when I’m excited (YAE know what I mean if you read my poorly edited posts!)

    Thanks R&J for all your hard work and dedication. @ Carol in Boston says the Finale feels like Graduation and she’s right on. College was the last time I studied this hard and wrote this much. Thanks YAE for sharing this educating experience with me.


  38. Carol from Boston says:

    @Bonita – you sounded great! Nice to hear your voice.

    I just got my “Lost Live Hurley Poster” in the mail. I love it, really nice quality. I am going to have it framed.

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    @Nana in Madrid and other Losties from 6 other countries, good news for you!!

  40. Nadia says:

    oh….that museum……The Golden State Natural Museum where chang and lewis worked…..ah…..(lostpedia)

    Charles and Eloise Widmore later hosted a benefit on the museum grounds at which Drive Shaft was scheduled to play. However, the band never showed because of an automobile accident suffered by Charlie Pace and his escort, Desmond Hume. (“Happily Ever After”) (lostpedia)

  41. Nadia says:

    could the museum have the meteor that hit mr. clucks? maybe the same metal on the island?

  42. @Scott: MIB needed to “ride” John Locke because Locke was the chosen leader of the Others. Only the leader of the Others was allowed to go see Jacob. Since he wanted to get in and kill Jacob, he needed to have a way in.

  43. @Alex the Greek: you’re not counting Richard. Do you think he survived the attack by the monster? I doubt it.

  44. Loren says:

    The writers keep saying the music is a character. Now, in the final episode, they are going to a concert. I don’t know how, exactly, but I think this is important.

  45. Amaia says:

    @Jason B- Wow, I don’t want Juliet to be David’s mum so Zoe is a good guess.

    @Captain Kirk- Interesting thought. I think the sideways is caused by the unLocke leaving the Island and not because of Jughead. And about your question, without an Island to protect and Jacob not looking for candidates, the losties were just doing their business. I mean, all of them had something to do in Australia just like in the original timeline and without their trip, Desmond couldn’t reunite all of them and they couldn’t see what really happened to them.

    @Tawl- I think they were predestined to be candidates and that’s why Jacob watch them from the lighthouse. If this story only ends once but repeats time after time, the Island should have jumped in time many times and maybe Jacob could even have seen the future in some ways. Maybe there was another Desmond out there to tell him what was going to happen.

    @DonatusfromNJ- Not only went Widmore to the Island to bring Des there but to save Penny. No MIB=Penny alive.

    @Cathy- I think Ben gave Miles the walkie because he has a plan and that doesn’t include helping the unLocke. I think Hurley remembered all the things what happened on the Island.

  46. Amaia says:

    @Faith- The Jacob thing and the ashes won’t have an explanation. The strangest thing is that the last time we saw him as a child, he looked older so I think we should have seen him in that way.

    I think Kate was in a separate cell but maybe I saw it in a bad way. The MIB will be killed, my theory is that Desmond will throw him into the light. Or maybe they could sent him to the sea, he doesn’t like water.

    And the significance of Jack’s wound, I bet is a reminder because he has the mark ofhis appendicitis.

  47. Michael says:

    I like that. Could be. They love to tie in even the little stuff sometimes and that meteor was no accident. Just like the bus that hit juliettes ex husband.

    But did a meteor hit Mr Clucks in this timeline? In this one it likely hit Mr Clucks competition which led to Hurleys success.

  48. Michael says:

    I think a baby was delivered in the 70’s with the Dharma crew. I got the impression that one was conceived on island. They usually talked about an “incident” that led to the mother deaths. Maybe whatever ben released to kill everyone had a side effect that remains in place today. Changed the bacteria on the island or something. Or maybe someone changed a rule.

  49. Michael says:

    If Juliette is Davids mother then maybe she meets sawyer at the museum and they hit it off. When Jack sacrifices himself for the sake of all the others and stays to guard the light, Sawyer steps in to raise David in Jack’s place. Of course I mean James in this timeline.

  50. aaron r says:

    i just found what might be a major spoiler for sunday. DO NOT click here if you don’t want to know. like i said, maybe nothing, but…
    i’m not buying it myself, but if we’ve learned anything with this show, it’s that no one can be too confident of anything.

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