Next: “The Candidate” (Episode 6×14)

Intellectually, we knew the stakes were life and death. We knew not all of our cherished survivors would make it to the final act. Yet, knowing is one thing. Seeing and feeling the sudden and tragic loss of beloved characters is another thing entirely. The skeptic in me, the spoiler addict in me, saw it all coming. Yet still, I was devastated. I thought I’d stemmed the flood of tears, until Hurley, Kate, and even Jack broke down on screen. Jen was a wreck, literally speechless, and ended her evening with the final thud. Cling as we might to the flash-sideways as a possible escape hatch to happiness, and as warm and wonderful some of those off-island moments have been, it’s obvious tonight that our hearts were with the characters on the island. The ones we’ve followed for half a decade.

Sun and Jin were reunited only one episode back, and it was a moment that felt incomplete, rushed. We voiced fears that their days were numbered now that their characters’ primary objective had been met. But so soon? So beautifully cruel? I stopped breathing the moment we saw that Sun was trapped. I tried to muster at least an eye roll, but it was too late. I was a goner. Giacchino’s powerful “Life and Death” theme was perfectly cued, a bullet to the heart.

I half expected, hoped, and even rationalized that Jin would indeed leave Sun one last time. After all, don’t all “go on without me!” scenes end that way? And what of Ji-Yeon? But he chose to perish with her, the two of them indeed together forever, entombed in a submarine. The parallels to Charlie’s death were not accidental… and surprisingly powerful.

And Sayid! His heart to heart with Desmond did light a spark of goodness in him, as we’d hoped. But moments after he confirms that he did not kill our damp Scotsman, he makes his final move, his selfless act, giving up his life to a bomb blast so that others may live. He wasn’t, after all, what everyone said he was. Say what you will about how weakly his character had meandered through most of this season, I now can’t help but look back over his first days on the island. An Iraqi, a former member of the Republican Guard, a torturer, a born killer. That this Middle Eastern character dies by self-inflicted bomb in an act of heroism is… eerily poetic.

(Though the much ballyhooed ethnic diversity of “LOST” was certainly thinned tonight.)

And a brief salute to Frank, the hapless pilot, always ready with a one-liner as he was dragged hither and yon. We loved how his eyes twinkled as they returned to the plane, ready for the still seemingly impossible challenge of getting it airborne. Alas, he died but a passenger inside another metal tube. Last words: “Aw hell.”

Deaths aside, the most powerful scene tonight was the showdown between Jack and Sawyer. Jack, realizing that they were exactly where Unlocke wanted them, insists that the bomb won’t kill them unless they do something to allow it to do harm. It directly referenced the amazing scene on the Black Rock earlier this season, when Jack bet his life that the dynamite wouldn’t blow because he lit the fuse. They can’t kill themselves, but they can kill each other… as previous arrivals to the island no doubt did. But Sawyer couldn’t bring himself to trust Jack, especially given what happened the last time he believed Jack’s plan. I could wholly identify with both of them.

Yes, Sawyer pulled the wires, and his action did accelerate and ultimately lead to the C-4 sinking the sub. Why did that happen, when the fuse Jack lit went out? Well, Sawyer did survive the blast. It killed people, including other candidates, but it didn’t kill him.

Meanwhile, an endless debate is born: was Jack right? Had Sawyer not acted, would nothing have happened? It seems a heck of a gamble on Unlocke’s part, putting a timer on a bomb on a submarine (a very direct act), with the expectation that someone would discover it and set it off for him. Just how indirectly do his actions have to be to cause the death of a candidate without breaking the rules?

The one other top-shelf reveal in “The Candidate” seems to be the fact that Unlocke is The Bad Guy. Full stop. No more ambiguous hints and sympathetic overtures. After weeks of being merely menacing and threatening, this week he’s downright merciless, walking right into a hail of bullets and killing without breaking a sweat. And his plan all along was, indeed, to eliminate the candidates. He wanted them all together because they’d be easier to kill together. But he knows some survived, and he’soff to finish what he started.

Does this mean that Unlocke  The Man in Black, the smoke monster, what have you — is actually the embodiment of a great and powerful evil? An evil from which the rest of the world must be protected? It would seem so. And given what Sayid said moments before he died, it sure looks like Jack is Jacob’s successor. He is The Candidate. He sure said that he’s not leaving the island enough times tonight. What else could his calling or purpose be at this point but to continue to confound Unlocke’s attempts to leave?

Desmond, though, remains key to the end game. And that’s something that Widmore seems to have known all along. And it’s Widmore’s role that remains a mystery to me. After all, the C-4 that blew up the submarine came from a booby trap on the plane, one that does seem to have been set by Widmore. If Widmore wanted to destroy the plane, he could’ve done so already. So, couldn’t he have helped Unlocke exterminate the candidates, had they all climbed aboard and turned the key?

Then again, Widmore did try to lock the candidates up in cages, telling them it was for their own good. If it’s as simple as that, though, what is Widmore up to?

As for the flash-sideways, more wonderful moments, to be sure. Just this week, they were greatly overshadowed by the island timeline.

I like that Jack knows himself well enough to see how strange it is that he’s compelled to learn why Locke doesn’t want an operation. Helen asks why it isn’t enough that he saved his life, and Jack says, “Because it’s not.” Seeing the once intimidating Anthony Cooper reduced to an invalid was a surprise. Discovering that it was Locke who caused his father’s paralysis, as well as his own, in a plane crash was cool twist. Locke had his crossover moment, mumbling “push the button” and “I wish you believed me.” And then Jack makes a connection, telling him the same. Their chat in the hospital hallway, when Jack tells Locke to let go even when he can’t let go himself, was great.

What of the music box from Christian? “Catch a Falling Star” has followed Claire around from the beginning. Will Christian be revealed, so very late in the season, as someone else who knew or saw “the truth”?

Two more Tuesday nights. Then, the two and a half hour (yes, they announced the extra 30 minutes tonight) series finale on May 23. There’s not much “LOST” left. I have to say, even if on a purely visceral level, “The Candidate” is the first episode of this last season to feel like I expected this last season to feel like. It shocked me. It angered me. It hurt me. I expect nothing less over the final hours of the best show on TV.

  • Is it shocking to kill off several main characters in one episode? Yes. Is it unexpected? No. And stepping back a bit, I’m glad they hit us late and hard, rather than killing off one character every few episodes. Back in the early seasons, there was a “Survivor” like element as we bet on who would be the next to buy the farm. The deathwatch mindset kind of trivialized things. Sure, more characters will be lost over the next few hours, but in this last act, that comes with the territory.
  • Flash-sideways Jack is increasingly likable. Standing there, looking dashing in his scrubs as Helen thanked him for saving Locke’s life, he seemed almost ready for a guest appearance on “Gray’s Anatomy.”
  • All season long, the writers go out of their way to say, “We don’t know whether Sun or Jin is the candidate.” With both killed off, it looks like we’ll never know.
  • Kate, meanwhile, hears twice that she’s not a candidate and not needed. The more that’s emphasized, the more it feels like she’s being set up to be a spoiler.
  • Neat “mirror moment” with the music box, when we see both Claire and Jack reflected.
  • Sawyer’s nickname for geeky Widmore thug: Dougboy. Jen had been calling him Pugsley.
  • Locations: The hospital and care home were both the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific in Liliha. Bernard’s dental office was Kahala Dental Care in the Kahala Office Tower (adjacent to Kahala Mall).

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454 Responses to “Next: “The Candidate” (Episode 6×14)”

  1. JonY says:

    To nitpick – yes a few bricks of C4 are gonna do more than that to a submarine. For starters, evryone’s ear drums are blown – after that I think it is either ripped apart or at least sinks real quick…


    Was this the best flashsideways we’ve seen? Tough to top Hurley’s date, but it may be. The Locke/jack moment at the end was just outstanding… Very touching.

    I do think it was a sad episode. I didn’t know it was coming and am just completely shocked that they’d kill Sun and Jin.

    Not a lot of theorizing for me – guess I gotta get over this one.

  2. JonY says:

    And BTW – Frank did have a purpose this season other than a few one liners.

    He allowed us to hold out hope that they would be able to fly off the island. Unless Widmore has a pilot, that’s kinda unlikely now.

  3. Coolpeace says:

    Wow, great stuff – although I figured that we would loose some of our Losties, we have to handed to Jack Bender – he is really good at filming those death scenes. Very hard to watch and even harder to rewatch…. but it did. It actually was harder the second time around.

    Happy(?) to see Sayid come through for his friends. During the season 3 finale, Sayid tells Jack just before he leads the Losties to the radio tower : “Don’t turn back for any reason. I’m willing to give my life if it means securing rescue, but I’m not giving it up for nothing. You understand? “. I never lost hope that Sayid would do the right thing for our Losties.

    Yes, I believe that Desmond was the catalyst in getting Sayid redeemed. And now at the end of this episode I believe we saw Claire seeing the ‘light’ – she will go against MIB and help her friends on the beach.

    MIB must have a sixth sense about the Island, unless he and Widmore are in cahoots. Which would not surprise me in the least. How did he know that the plance was rigged with C4? He clearly knew, since he took the watch prior to going inside and once he was in – he immediately started looking for the bomb.

    Well, off to sleep it off. Oh and by the way, we will be getting an extra 30 minutes added to the finale on the 23rd.

    Sweet dreams.

  4. Kelsey says:

    I haven’t cried so hard since Charlie died.

  5. Michael says:

    There are at least 2 timelines in play here. As long as a character survives in at least 1 timeline, then they probably survive once they are merged. Which is why 1 of everybody will likely die before it is over.

    Of course we could be looking at a Zathura/Jumanji ending where all pieces reset once the game is won. It would explain why Jacob and MIB don’t seem to care if everyone dies. Because they are not really killed in the real world.

  6. Christine says:

    Where is Ben? I can’t believe the deaths in this episode. I had my kleenex at the ready and I sure needed it. I am exicted to finish out these 6 seasons and scared about how it will really end. I am watching The Candidate once again.

  7. Doug says:

    Just recently rewatched the pilot, and noticed a parallel. The trek to the nose section was sparked by Jack talking to Kate about the transceiver, when Kate asked how he knew about that he said that he took a few flying lessons, but that it wasn’t for him. Sideways Locke was injured due to a few flying lessons.

    Another thought, did Cooper’s catatonia have anything to do with being murdered by Sawyer on the island?

  8. Brian from San Jose says:

    It just ended and I’m immediately watching it again. 🙂

    So UnLocke tried to construct a situation in which they would kill each other if they did nothing, and also kill each other if they did something. His plan failed. How will he construct another such plan now? But why does it matter since now he can’t get off the island — some of the candidates are dead?

    How is UnLocke so accustomed to technology? Jacob sure doesn’t like technology. He recognized C4…he didn’t use a generic term like “bomb” or “explosive”. So you guys think Richard Alpert put it there and not Widmore?

    UnLocke’s look of hatred and disgust when he finds the bomb on the plane is priceless.

    It didn’t occur to anyone the sub is also a nice, confined space? If UnLocke was really surprised then the plane WAS his Plan A and the sub is his plan B. Wonder what he originally had in store for them.

    Was half expecting Helen to bust up with an Eloise Hawking “Because it’s a violation!!!” when Jack went to see Anthony Cooper in the nursing home.

    What was the deal with the music box. Did this scene serve any purpose whatsoever? Didn’t Rousseau have a music box like that. The song is “Catch a Falling Star and put it in your pocket” which I think Claire used to sing to Aaron?

    UnLocke went into the water and….nothing happened. Thought he didn’t like water.

    Why was no one guarding the sub. When UnLocke handed Jack the backpack I knew something was up. If they were not attacked getting on the sub, would Jack have gotten on it?

    Lapidus deserved a better exit. Who’s going to fly the Ajira plane now? And, that was so uncool what happened to Sun and Jin.

    Where is Widmore during the attack? After the sub departed I half expected Widmore to show up and shake hands with UnLocke and congratulate each other on their plan.

    305 HP and 31 MPG? Oh wait, sorry, that was a commercial.

    Widmore is stuck on the island now, unless he uses the Ajira plane. Ha! Maybe he is bailing out now that his team is gone.

  9. Brian from San Jose says:

    And I hate to say it, but “I can fix you, Mr. Locke” is becoming the new “I have to find my husband” which replaced “WAAAALT!”

  10. Daryl says:

    I don’t think anybody has mentioned this; but the critical decision tonight about Jack and Sawyer was whether to pull the wires. It almost felt like Jacob telling Ben “What about You? You can still chose” Yes, the wires being cut continued the countdown because Sawyer chose “Don’t Trust”. My money is still on Jack and Sawyer on the beach starting the new game. No good. No evil, just two souls with opposing views about life. If loss of life is EVIL then so be it, I guess it will be judged that way, but death is just the cessation of life in this state. There is honor and good in some death and dishonor and evil in a lot of life.

  11. Bobby says:

    I think the music box goes a little deeper than just the song it was playing. It reminded me of Sayid fixing Rousseu’s music box in season 1.

    I feel like Desmond is the “secret” candidate because MIB couldn’t kill him and tried to send Sayid to do it for him.

    I have no idea how the flash sideways is relevant or what its ultimate importance will be, but I enjoyed tonight’s with Jack and Locke.

    I wasn’t really affected by Sun and Jin’s deaths because those 2 characters have been “dead” to me every since they have been apart. They’ve had no purpose or function this entire season except finding each other, so it was fitting that they died right after finding each other.

    There’s a MIB = genie theory thrown around and I think Locke’s realization that not every person died on the sub might be further evidence of that.

    I still find myself annoyed with Jack’s action or inaction throughout this season. He has done nothing worthwhile until after the bomb went off and then he went back to the jack of old and showing his leadership.

    I am starting to feel like Jack and Sawyer will somehow end up as the new Jacob/MIB. They’ve always had a rivalry, they both have shown themselves to be adept leaders, MIB has shown his long con abilities to mirror Sawyer’s, and I can picture both of them sitting on the beach at the end of the show with Sawyer asking Jack, “Do you know how badly I want to kill you right now?” Sawyer is a bad guy and really started off the show in that way, but has pulled a long con on so many of us during the show by convincing us he’s a good person. Another parallel is his FS of being a cop which could be a great metaphor to the smoke monster/MIB as a security system. I don’t think its a coincidence that Sawyer is the only one who has seen MIB’s cave. I also feel like there are 2 lists of candidates, a list for Jacob’s replacement and a list for Smocke’s replacement. “The numbers” would correspond to the candidates who have the potential to be either and Kate being crossed off the cave, but not on the lighthouse could mean that she could never replace MIB, but could still potentially replace Jacob. But, since Jacob isn’t around to “update” his list and Smocke updated his by crossing Locke’s name off, means that this theory could be way wrong. Jack as “the candidate” and his actions in this episode would likely cross him off of the cave wall and Smocke’s list, but still lead him to remain on Jacob’s.

  12. Karen in Kitchener says:

    Why are a lot of you getting so angry about this? Everyone is taking this show so personally. I do have my favourite characters and attachments. I don’t let those influence my ability to just sit back and enjoy these last few hours of Lost.

    The writers of this show appreciate and cater to the fans. I think in a way it has spoiled some fans. They are so emotionally attached, or feel an ownership and become so angry when the plot doesn’t benefit their favourite characters or theories.

    People are being so overly critical too about the small things. Yes Kate could have climbed out of the cage. Yes she could have grabbed his arm and pulled his dead weight closer to the cage. Sitting on our couches it’s quite easy to point out all these things. The character thinks she is going to die in a couple seconds and might not be so great with her decision making. Give her a break.

    I think we need to lay off the writers. Stop feeling this obligation that every question is going to be answered and in the right way that makes us happy. Don’t expect that everyone is going to make it out alive either. I WANT a little mystery and tradegy at the conclusion. That’s what makes this show so great, it’s one of the few shows on TV that forces you to actually think. I don’t want it all solved in a neat box.

    With all the mindless crap out there on TV we should appreciate and feel grateful for what we’ve watched for the past 6 seasons. I’m doing everything I can to just enjoy what little time I have left with Lost. Everyone should do the same.

  13. Mallory says:

    Hey guys! Its been a while and glad to be back in the swing of things.. but that episode, speachless.
    Anywhoooo, quick theory.

    Desmond is essentially playing the “Jacob” role off island, in the alter-verse… right? Well I think that he is obviously playing the same role on island now, as well.

    Fake Locke, pushed Des down the well, which did not kill him. He CAN NOT kill him, just as he was not able to kill Jacob. He has to set someone else to kill him.. enter.. Sayid.

    Jacob, seemed to have this persuasive nature about him, jsut as the man in black did. If he speaks to you, it is already too late.. It seemed like what ever Desmond said to Sayid, set him back on the “right path” becuse he did in fact sacrifice himself for our losties…

    To make a Long story even longer, I feel like, Jacob, and MIB are one in the same. Originally, there was not a case where there were these two random guys chillin on an island trying to murder one another.. I believe it was more along these lines..

    “Jacob” is a representation of mankind, each man, woman and child, has two sides. One good, one Evil.

    “Jacob” is on this island to play out the everlasting struggle between the two. “Jacob” is not a man but a personification of humanity as a whole.
    The island, is seen as the “puppet master” playing out this experiment over and over and over on a loop. The Island is bringing people to the island, one at a time, to fulfill their purpose as vessels for “jacob” to hold. For a long time it is jsut the original form of MIB and Jacob. Then when those “vessels” are destroyed, other ones come and take the place. IE Locke and Desmond. The whole idea and the whole purpose of the Losties as Candidates, is to see which has the capacity to demonstrate to the island, that good is essentially more powerful than evil. At this point, evil will be conquered. The island, or the “cork” will no longer be needed to keep the wine in the bottle. Or the evil contained in the human spirit. Because it has seen that it is possiblle to contain and conquer it. The island is the puppet mster, its purpose, to see which direction the moral compass of humanity will ultimately point, after an eternity of spinning needles.

    On a side note, this is also why “Jacob” can not kill MIB and Vise versa, because evil can exist without good. And since they are one in the same, killing one would ultimately be destroying the other.

  14. Luke in California says:

    This was an incredibly engaging episode. It was not without annoyances–Locke’s cheesy sleep-talking in the flash-sideways; Sun & Jin’s ridiculous adherence to English even when they’re under extreme stress, about to die, and alone with each other; etc. But none of this mattered in light of the fast pace, strong emotion, and great acting that characterized the other moments in the episode.

    The flash sideways was very strong. Even though we still don’t know what significance these events off-island have, the trick of looping old lines back into the conversation in new ways (“I wish you had believed me,” “You’re a candidate”) is still fun, and occasionally chilling. I agree with those who have said that Locke’s conversation in the hallway with Jack at the end was a wonderful moment, heavy with significance.

    On-island…what can I say? We had a fantastic performance by Terry O’Quinn, projecting incredibly the determination and anger required of his character. The war is on, and he’s slamming people around, breaking necks, fuming menacingly. Then we have the Losties. Sayid’s final moments were stirring–before sacrificing himself for the others, we see a glimpse of the old Sayid–the Sayid knew Ben for what he was when no one else would believe it. The fixer. The soldier. And he dies nobly. Jin & Sun go down with the sub, in a death scene that rivals Charlie’s drowning for its emotional resonance (can’t help but think of Ji-Yeon though). And poor Lapidus. ‘Nuff said.

    Great episode. Character for the character-types, plot for the rest. I do want to make one final point on character vs. mythology. This comes up practically every week now. “We don’t want them to rush the story at the expense of character moments,” is the cry. I know. I agree. The thing is, we have had almost six years to come to understand who these characters are. It is time to finish the story (inasmuch as they will actually finish it. I’m actually holding out for a more circular ending.). And the strength of Lost is not only in its ability to create characters we genuinely connect with and love–admit it, there are other shows with good character development. The great strength of Lost is that, from the beginning, it has placed those characters in a story of such complexity and depth that no other show can come close. It has taken narrative on the small screen to new places. And thus, it has taken all of us on an amazing journey.

  15. That episode rocked!

    It’s clear now that Jack will be Jacob’s replacement. He will save everyone, and sacrifice being with his son in the sideways world.

    Kate and Sawyer will be fine in the sideways world. She will be found innocent of the charges and as she leaves Sawyer will say something flirty and playful. They’ll go hang out and it will be implied that their relationship is just beginning.

    Jack’s son will sadly lose his father, but fortunately he will be raised by his mother, Juliette.

    What an absolutely fantastic show! Keep up the great work Jen and Ryan!

  16. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Lorne…so I just finishes watching and there are already 165 posts…I only read the very first one…and its yours…and it looks like Jin will not be the next Richard..but that would have been cool…I would have liked that. It was pretty moving watching them die a la Charlie…in the water trapped…I just wanted to comment on what you said because its so interesting that the first post tonight was about Jin. 🙁

  17. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Brendan in WI – I hope we see Sayid redeemed in his flash sideways. I think he earned it.

    @Mattfromnd- I too was thinking Jin would not his his child orphaned…but I knew he wouldn’t leave Sun again.

    @Sobaika and many others- I wonder that too- about how the sense of the deaths being diminished due to the fact that they are still alive “somewhere”.
    I still was very sad…and at the end watching Jack looking up at the sky and just lose it was well played. I kept wondering why he didnt just drop Sawyer and help Sun…I know why- because we need Sawyer for a few more episodes – but still…he was all knocked out and he is so grumpy all the time and Sun has a kid…what happend to “women and children first”?

    Anyway- it made me realize they are likely all going to die except the candidate…because that was what Jacob and MIB have said…it always ends the same way…and we know they usually all end up dead.

    In any case- this one REALLY felt like the beginning of the end…to loose all those characters in such a short time.

    I liked Jack and Claire in the FS looking into the mirror of the music box listening to “Catch a Falling Star”. That was a nice touch.

    I do miss Island Locke and keep hoping he will be back…but how many feel like it will end with two men on the beach…Locke and Jack?

  18. NuckinFuts says:

    Sorry Knives… But reading your post brought Desmond’s favorite phrase to mind… “See you in another life, brotha” which now may hold more significance than any other lines in LOST.

    OK – Team Dark not as comfortable now. I …. Uh…..

    Can’t wait for the rules to finally be exposed further…

    Was happy to see Sun & Jin use their native tounge in a pivotal moment…however I will miss them so…

    Will have to start comparing names & deaths to make sure MIB has never actually killed a candidate… Was Ecko’s name there? Is it possible that Kate has a relative ( her real father, perhaps who was military ) that was crossed off the list? I don’t think he has died, unless in the Gulf war when he was with Kelvin… Which was never shown…. Maybe I’m reaching a bit…Or perhaps he and Kelvin arrived or joined Dharma together…

  19. Ben Mc says:

    Amazing episode. One of the best ever for me.

    Reminded me of season 2 shocker when Michael shot Libby and Anna Lucia out of nowhere only a billion times more powerful and intense.

  20. Eric Kupers says:

    I am struck by how many things are coming full circle in this episode, or at least being repeated, often in inverted ways:

    1. Jack saying to Locke, “I wish you believed me.”
    2. Jack saying to Locke, “You’re a candidate.”
    3. There being a music box and it playing “Catch a Falling Star.”
    4. Locke blowing up a submarine again.
    5. Having a surprise bomb on a water vessel, trying to figure out how to disarm it, and then it blowing up anyway.
    6. The timer on the bomb being about four minutes worth of countdown (once we saw it) which is the same amount of time that the beeping started at in the hatch and the numbers had to be entered into the computer.
    7. The old “switch the explosives into another backpack” trick from the finale of Season 1.
    8. Locke getting paralyzed by being in a plane crash (instead of becoming “unparalyzed” like from the 815 crash.)
    9. Jack saving one person from drowning, and having to leave another who then died, like in Season 1 when he saved Boone.
    10. Sawyer and Kate (and others) in the cages.
    11. Dural Sac, Dural Sac, Dural Sac
    12. Sawyer making a decision that ended up getting people killed (as Jack did in Season 5 finale)
    13. Anthony Cooper being connected to Locke’s paralysis

    It seems like there is some kind of completing of the cycle happening for the end of the series, as evidenced by all the above things referring back to very early parts of the story.

  21. Maluhia says:

    Wow. What an amazing and moving episode.

    Haven’t had a chance to read all comments up until now, but here are a few initial thoughts.

    Interesting that Jack and Claire peered into a BOX together, while looking into a mirror.

    Jin & Sun were not wearing red, but there was a flashing red light.

    So I take it Jack is THE Candidate? Yet he called John Locke a candidate in the FSW.

    There was a lot of speculation or concern over Jack being claimed, or being “with” Unlocke after the last epi. But I didn’t really see any signs of this in the episode tonight.

    So now what of our pending players: Widmore, Ben, Richard, Miles, Desmond, etc.

  22. Julian in California says:

    holy freaking crap!!!

  23. Maluhia says:

    RE: Switching from day to night so quickly. Perhaps this is another manifestation of the battle being waged between dark and light/good and evil/Jacob and Unlocke.

  24. eun_hye1 says:

    argghh. read this through the tears. I have followed your blog and tweets religiously throughout this season and I am going to miss it all when it ends. *sob* Looks like we’re all going to be crying for the rest of the season.

    Anyway just a thought on team Unlocke. I never bought into his ambiguity. He fooled Alpert by making him “see” his wife, ordered him to kill Jacob. Jacob never did those things. For me, there was never any doubt that he’s evil.

  25. hammer says:

    not that it’s too important at this point….i think it’s kinda makes since that…it was mib/unlock who actually shot kate. that was how he got jack to “change his mind” to leave

  26. ScottB in DC says:

    @Coolpeace – great catch, watch before seeing the C-4. Didn’t Unlocke send Richard to blow up the Ajira plane or deal with all the survivors a fw weeks back?

    @Brian from San Jose – the bomb thing bothered me too, he finds a watch and builds a timer while trekking from the plane to the sub….how is that possible. But if Smokey is “of electricity” then he may have the ability to work with things electrical in a supernatural way. Jacob and his and followers (others) avoid electricity at all costs, weaving their own clothes it seems, a hand crank for the electrical torture of Sayid, fishing with a net and cooking on a rock. Maybe the MIB can access and travel via electrical current.

    Maybe he can split into smokey and UnLocke at the same time, like when he split into three different smoke columns to kill the freighties. While Unlocke is travelling with everyone from plane to sub, smokey if building the bomb. Or maybe he can just build an electrical device as quickly as we can tie our shoes.

    It bothered me that the plan was the plane, and then “wait no, we have to go to the sub” but I think it’s obvious from the watch being picked up first, that this was his plan all the time. Why were the losties so quick to change direction though? Did they feel safer with the idea of the sub and water? And how was Sawyer sure that UnLocke would be stuck in the form momentarily if he was wet?

  27. Joy from Florida says:

    That episode was absolutely devistating! I don’t know if I want to say it was the most powerful episode of the series, but it was definitely up there. Certainly, it made me cry probably more than any other episode. I was so touched by Sayid’s redemption…to learn he did not kill Desmond and then see him give himself up so selflessly was amazing. It makes you wonder what had been rattling around in his zombie head all season.

    Sun & Jin’s final scene just made me lose it. There’s not a lot to say about that. As Ryan said, I knew some deaths of our main characters had to be coming but for some reason I still wasn’t ready for it!!

    The sideways storyline was nearly as powerful. Seeing Anthony Cooper in the nursing home broke my heart for some reason. He had been such a bad, bad guy in our main storyline but I started to wonder what his life was in the sideways world. Was he still a con man or just a good dad? To have Locke as the one who put himself and his father in wheelchairs was a pretty crazy twist.

    I have SO much more going on in my head about this episode but I feel like I haven’t processed it yet!! Maybe I’ll have to actually call in to you guys this week. 😉

  28. For the most part I totally agree with your review Ryan, yet…
    Is mib a bad guy? He “protected” Claire, didn’t he? He could have let her die (or kill her) yet he didn’t… He needed to kill the Candidate to be free and he knows he hasn’t succeded (since he is not free).
    Is Widmore a “good” guy? Well… maybe mib can be killed if all the Candidates die with him at the same time. So maybe the “bomb” was his try to do that. (Leaving only 2guards and Locke statement let us know that it is not Richard team who did that)
    I am still wondering about the Rules… Widmore and Ben can’t kill each others, you can’t commit suicide but Sawyer killed Sayid? If they had left the bomb near Sawyer I guess nothing would have happened just like the dynamate with Jack! Stupid Jack did not realised that! Or was in more in connection with Ben and his daughter and how “a choice” led to her death. Maybe it is not about suicide or killing someone but about how someone “choose” to kill the other.
    Two comments that I am sure Rich will like: Doors! Poor Lapidus really got a problem with that in this episode! They don’t open or they “open” too rapidly… A “fun” death that goes right next to flaming arrows.
    Second comment: Protect the Island! That is the only important thing for Widmore (who knows that he need to keep the Candidate on Island to do so) and mib who wants the opposit… Now the biggest questions left are: Why is the Island “lost” on the sideways and is the Island purpose really a cork/what is the wine?

  29. I think the Sun and Jin reunion scene being “not that great” last week makes a lot of sence now… It was the “Greatest Hits” moment. The emotion being far more powerfull after watching The Candidate.

  30. John Fischer says:

    Question – At the beginning Widmore mentions the candidates and knows that Kate of not one of them. How does he know this? Who informed him about the whole candidates thing which our Losties themselves just learned about?

  31. Carol from Boston says:

    @Ryan – Wonderful write up about this week’s episode. You did a great job putting into words what we were all feeling.

    It was a great episode and as I was watching it I thought “I don’t care if they don’t reveal anything tonight, this is just exciting and heartwrenching to watch”. To me that is the mark of a great episode. When you are on the edge of your seat, watching it all unfold, then having your heart broken. I didn’t think anything could top Charlie’s death but Sun and Jin are on the same level. 3 years ago, they barely spoke to each other and now they die together rather than be apart. Wow.

    re: Anthony Cooper – I know someone mentioned the long con above. Great theory. I was thinking about that last night, we know that Anthony Cooper still was responsible for Sawyer’s parents, and Jack and Sun’s father’s are still bad in the sideways. I wondered how could Locke suddenly be in a healthy relationship with his dad. The Long Con explains that, Locke was still in his sucker stage. Fitting ending for him, Cooper was like MIB, if you let him talk, it was over. He could charm or lie his way out of trouble. Now he has lost his speech and ability to move and we see him for the sad, pathetic man that he is inside. I would love to see MIB stuck inside him!!

  32. Carol from Boston says:

    @yann- I think MIB is evil, and I think Claire still has some use to him, so he still needs her. She is Jack’s sister and he will probably use her as a hostage or leverage against him.

    I can’t wait to see where Desmond fits into all of this.

    What happens when all the Oceanic 815 people flash? Sideways Locke better watch out, he may have an angry mob after him.

  33. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Good Morning You All everybody!
    I’m posting after reading all 174 before me.

    @Eric – I love your List!
    @Bobby – I agree about Jack, But have always found his character sort of annoying.
    @Doug – nice catch about the mirrored flying lessons
    @Brendan – you make a good point about the kids as candidates

    @Welshie & Steven Hunter: A lot of us are hoping for Locke’s redemption

    @Jennifer, Abiron, Brian, others: I think Richard (with Miles & Ben) would’ve simply blown the plane up before the Losties got there if they’d been the ones planting the C4.

  34. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Scott in DC – Kate’s number 51 is 15 backward – maybe this ‘mirror’ is key?

  35. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @MHA – the Locke/Walt backammon game was in the Pilot and I think we all want to know Locke’s “Secret” that he told Walt.

  36. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @JonY – you are on the right track regarding Jin’s feelings. He really didn’t KNOW Ji Yeon and would therefore rightfully feel stronger about Sun and he likely trusted that she left the daughter safe and well cared for when she came looking for him.

  37. I am SOOO looking forward for these moments in “sideways”:
    -Sawyer telling Locke what kind of man his father really is… (he is still looking for Cooper.
    -Locke realizing by himself what his father did to him and how he felt after being “fixed” and all knowing/powerfull protector (and thus go get fixed)
    -Sawyer realising that his mistake killed all those people and how Sayid tried to help with the situation… and thus free him from the prison.
    Funny how I stated on the last blog how Jack’s caracter is all about what happened to his father… I think he clearly stated that in this episode!
    I thought about “Candidates are children” too… but how about Sayid? How about Hurley? I don’t see that happening.

  38. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Jesse – I am willing to bet that when you rewatch this entire show and this episode without commercial interruptions and knowing “The End” you’ll find your living room a bit dusty. Hope you will call in with your thoughts!

  39. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Yann – Sawyer revealing the real Cooper to Locke – great idea!

  40. Annietoo says:

    I just had a flash – of (?) inspiration – what if the way that the MIB ‘used’ to look was Christian Shepherd, and that either one or both of his kids are really the MIB’s kids???? Would be cool, even if incorrect!

  41. tvscifi says:

    To those saying Jack couldn’t die. It’s true Jack couldn’t kill himself, but once Sawyer pulled the wires they all could die EXCEPT Sawyer, because that would be killing himself. Somehow he would have bobbed to the surface.

    When MIB said “not all of them are dead,” he may have known the group washed up on shore, or he may have just know at least one person would still be alive. But, either way, how is he going to kill the remaining ones now that they know about the rules?

  42. Carol from Boston says:

    @Bonita – love your idea about the mirroring of Kate’s number.

    We haven’t discussed Bernard at all. I think he already knows something, he certainly acted like it. PLus he called Jack “Doc”. He never did on the island. Maybe he was trying to remind Jack of Sawyer.

    @yann – good theory, if Locke finds out about his dad conning him, he’ll want the surgery and let go of his guilt.

    I just read Jo opinated’s blog and she pointed out that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawer were on the original list of people that was given to Michael to bring to Ben. I didn’t make that connection.

  43. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    My prediction:
    Kate goes or is taken to the Temple and somehow Sawyer sacrifices himself to save her.
    Hurley will talk to more Dead people who will guide Jack
    Jack will actually “Help” by Leading instead of following (at least I hope so 😉

  44. Annietoo says:

    @Michelle in Georgia – the bomb actually would have killed Jack as he tried to reason with the person who tampered with it to prevent it from going off.

  45. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Carol – maybe, but sometimes a Dentist is just a Dentist 😉

  46. Carol from Boston says:

    @Bonita – yes but Bernard is a morse code, gun toting, SOS rock building Dentist. haha.

  47. TH says:

    “After all, the C-4 that blew up the submarine came from a booby trap on the plane, one that does seem to have been set by Widmore.”

    It seems strange that Locke knows to pick the watch off the dead guy to use on the bomb BEFORE he goes on the plane.

  48. Cue Dblu says:

    I didn’t cry when the deaths occurred, but was touched when Hurley broke down on the beach. The writers know that Hurley is the voice of the fans, and they placed that in there to put a dagger in our hearts. I don’t recall Hurley crying like that even when Libby was killed.

    Flocke is being set up as a total bad-@$$, one who is only constrained by ;the rules’. Will be interesting and fulfilling to see him taken down – or win. Either way, he and Jack are the most compelling characters on the series right now, which is only fitting since it seems like they will end up being the most central.

    Only a few more ‘Transmissions’ to go – I am going to miss hearing your voices every week Ryan & Jen. You’ve become my regular companions on my walks and drives.

  49. Coolpeace says:

    Morn’in all 🙂

    @ Carol : I had the same impression about Bernard, he was too cool and too familiar with Jack – you would not speak to someone you just met with such familiarity. Also, Jack makes a point to mention that it was three years ago that the accident occured – how would he remember the name. No, something is definitely hinky there. Just like Rose and Locke, it seems that Rose and Bernard having ‘exited’ the story on the Island, they are enligthened in the Sideways.

  50. Carol from Boston says:

    @Coolpeace – I agree. Bernard and Rose are “special” They never needed redemption, just each other. Rose helped Locke realized that he must stop concentrating on what he can’t do and figure out what he can do. Plus she was very calm on the plane with Jack, and even both of them were clearly talking to each other when Desmond sat next to Jack on the plane. They denied seeing him and said they were asleep. I think they remember the island in their sideways.

    I also feel that Jack feels compelled to help Locke and just doesn’t know why. I personally think it is Jack’s guilt from Locke’s suicide note. Jack just doesn’t consciously remember it.

    Speaking of Dentists, that is where I am going now. Have a great day everyone. We’ll get through this together. I feel like we’ll have to plan a big Irish Wake for all our dead losties. Which means we tell stories and drink away our tears.

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