Blog Rewatch: “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

As proposed in last week’s thread and mentioned in our latest podcast, several blog regulars are organizing a re-watch of the two-part Season Five premiere of “LOST,” which includes “Because You Left” and “The Lie.” As we endure a one-week break during the show’s final season, it should be fun and interesting to revisit the past knowing what we know now.

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  1. greenberry says:

    @ Melissa ~ Cool… I learn so much here about my lastest favorite topic!

  2. KK says:

    @Yann — I share the same view that both MIB & Jacob wanted/needed the Candidates back on the island. In an earlier thread, someone mentioned that Locke in particular is important to both players.

    @tvscifi and @hammer — I don’t think the Others are necessarily on either side either. Having been “advised” by Richard, who is on Jacob’s side, you would think they too are on on Jacob’s side, and perhaps they believe they are on Jacob’s side (like Ben), but since many of them continued to survive the wrath of MIB, it is apparent they are somehow useful to MIB’s side as well. The Others and their unclear role in all this shows me just how blurry the lines are. Lines between good and evil, Jacob’s motives and MIB’s motives, etc.

    @LReene — I should have tuned in last night! I didn’t realize it was an enhanced version of Ab Aeterno. I’m just not convinced that there’s a clear-cut line between Jacob and MIB… I’m not sure there’s a good side and a bad side. And what if it never becomes entirely clear? What if the show never resolves the conflict? We’ll be able to discuss it for eternity! 🙂

  3. James says:

    Thanks guys but I am still wondering (just for a change) if MIB was not locke until his body came back how or who tells the real locke that he needs to die to pass this on to Richard as I thought this and the time shifts were in the past before the body came back.
    Was it MIB in another form e.g. Christian

  4. James says:

    By the way guys I am in the UK hence the funny posting times !

  5. Carol from Boston says:

    @Yann – Wow!! Thanks what you said really cleared up a lot of things for me. It really makes sense.

    @LReene- well my family is not going to thank you because I think they lost me for some of this week. I am hooked now. I have this afternoon off and have a ton of stuff do before the kids get home but instead I am watching another ep
    isode. I’ll do some laundry make it look like I am doing something, ha.
    @KK- great minds think alike again, sorry I hadn’t seen your comment about Ben and his “this life” statement to Jack. Yes I do think a shirtless Sawyer was certainly a plus in this rewatch. I love your starburst catch.

    @MPEW05 (hope I got that right) – Jack needed something of his dad’s to recreate the first flight that his dad was on. Jack’s grandfather had his father’s shoes.

    @Greenberry – when first watching the episode last year it looked like Ben and Eloise had been working together for some time, but now we know it must have only been a couple of days. Do you think he saw Daniel’s book? That could explain his knowledge of mulitple “lives”.

    @Melissa – great question re: Ben’s power and money, I always wondered about that myself. Why all the passports? Did he travel all the time and for what purpose? Remember after the donkey wheel he went to that hotel and told them he was a preferred guest, what was that all about?

  6. Carol from Boston says:

    @James – I think the blog is Hawaii time, it is 12:45 pm where I am.

    @everybody – other thoughts that I have had. When Ben asked Jack about what happened to everyone – do you think he remembered about 1977 and them being part of Dharma and if Jack knew about the time flashes yet?

    I also like the attention to detail they have which you realize when you watch things again. When Sayid wakes up in the hospital, he shifts to the side and asks “what happened” almost exactly like he did at the temple. He is also wearing black. I wonder if Sayid has ever worn a bright color in his life? Poor Sayid. He really is the man in black. Hey- wonder if that is intentional?

    re: the time flashes if Jen and others are right and the island itself is a living thing – then instead of skipping, the island chose specific times for the flashes to occur, it also chose who it wanted to skip. Why else would only certain people flash. The island flashed to the time Desmond was there, when Jughead was there, when Boone died, and Aaron was born, when the plane crashed and when MIB was present as Locke so the real Locke could be told to die and finally during Dharma times so Daniel could change the future with Jughead.

    Time to fit in one more episode, gotta run.

  7. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Fabulous choice. It’s so great watching it in the context of what we now know.

    I want to start with the menu screen, camouflaged as an innocuous call back as always–the microwave as metaphor for Lost. Someone’s watching from outside the box. The lights go on. You do a few revolutions on the turntable. An alarm sounds. And then you’re cooked. I think this is the source for all the “open the door” references, two of which appear in “Because You Left.” Sun is very much put into a box by Widmore and calls out “open this door.” Later, Sawyer delivers his trademark “open the damn door” at the swan. This all leads me to conclude that there is no special box on the island, but rather that the island itself is the box that can grant whatever your heart desires (Jacob’s tapestry.)

    How great was it when the camera, looking through Faraday’s eyes, focuses on two bore sites and it appears as if he’s staring into the eyes of unfathomable darkness. Not the first time they’ve set up visuals like that btw. I have a great screen cap of the cargo door of the plane that brought the O6 back, and it forms a pair of menacing eyes like you wouldn’t believe.

    “I don’t see that happening.” Jack says it about Kate here, but I think she just repeated this line about Jack recently. The irony.

    “Choo choo knows better than that. He goes into that tunnel, he’s never coming back.” To me Kate’s talking about the passage to hell, but I also think it sets up a door number one vs. door number two scenario where you either get your true love or the man-eating tiger. I think the company will divide and some will go through one door, while the rest choose the other.

    Who are the guys with tranquilizer darts???????? I really hope they explain that.

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    One more thing, Daniel mentions in Because you left, that time is like a string and you can’t change the past and create a new string. But isn’t that what he did?

    @Rich – I was thinking the same thing about the choo-choo line. RE: the guys with the darts – Ben’s men trying to get Sayid? or Widmore’s?

    Now watching little Charlie being born, nice moment but as Penny I would have liked to have a cleaner doctor. Yikes.

  9. Amaia says:

    @greenberry- Richard tells Locke he has to find the Oceanic 6 and bring them back to the Island but don’t forget Richard said to Hurley in “Everybody Loves Hugo” Jacob doesn’t tell anyone what to do. I include in “anyone” him too because he didn’t know what’s Jacobs plan either. So if Jacob doesn’t tell anyone what to do, whose idea was that?

    Then, interesting questions you ask. Who are Eloise and Ben working for. My guess? Eloise is with the MIB, like I said after the last episode, I think she prefers her life in the sideways where she’s a powerful woman. Ben has been manipulated for a long time by the MIB.

  10. Amaia says:

    @LRenee- It’s very interesting what you say about John’s body. Maybe they only had to recreate the Oceanic 815 flight, they needed a corpse and John was dead.

    @KK- In my opinion Ben knows a lot but I don’t think he knows something about the sideways. Although there are only two characters in the sideways who have something they wanted I think. They are Ben and Locke, both have a good relationship with their dads and even Locke has the love of his life with him.

    @Annietoo- Great thought about Sun not travelling in time. I thought the other day maybe it was because she’s not a candidate.

  11. Melissa in Minnesota says:

    James Says:

    April 28th, 2010 at 6:31 am
    Thanks guys but I am still wondering (just for a change) if MIB was not locke until his body came back how or who tells the real locke that he needs to die to pass this on to Richard as I thought this and the time shifts were in the past before the body came back.

    Well that’s the beauty of time shifts. In this particular instance, the time jumping placed Fake Locke and Real Locke on the Island at the same time, so FLocke could tell Richard to tell RLocke he has to die. Real Locke (and the rest of the Losties) had shifted forward to post-Ajira.

    Carol from Boston Says:

    April 28th, 2010 at 7:15 am
    One more thing, Daniel mentions in Because you left, that time is like a string and you can’t change the past and create a new string. But isn’t that what he did?

    Yes. When he comes back from Michigan in Dharma time later in the season he has a new theory that the people are variables and that’s why he thinks he can change what happened.

  12. Hammer says:

    darn..nose is bleeding again…let’s see how confusing I can make regards to what and how much ben knew and when…someone please correct me if i go off course or am wrong.. ( i know my spelling is bad..)
    it was ben’s idea to gas, kill the people in otherville..and he wanted to be in the group with richard..assuming richard at that point with still in the “jacob” camp..and richard did tell lock that he had to die to get everyone to come back to the island…dead or alive..which is what I think he told jack when jack went to the funeral home..
    then why did ben kill/have to kill lock? Did lock dieing REALLY convince anyone they had to come back? They all had their own..reason for going back.
    Ben…he had to know more..i don’t see how he couldn’t have. As others before me have already mentioned..his planning was huge..the FDW..passports, when the place crashed..he saw the plane and after it broke apart he said something to the extent, I want to know everyone who was aboard that plane and about them. He always wanted info..knowledge..his planning. I would almost say that there has to be more about ben and him being a key piece..but if he wasn’t in the long run of the plans of the show..not sure I can say that..

    Man my heard hurts..someone please help!!

  13. greenberry says:

    @ Carol ~ Excellent deepening of the discussion… hmmm Daniel’s book and foretelling of multiple lives/ alternate universes — gotta wrap my mind around these new ideas… I love the psychology stuff, but get ‘lost’ with the sci-fi/ time travel aspects

    I really appreciate ‘You All’ for pushing my brain! And so many good laughs here too (i.e. sneaking in a load of laundry, having a double life) ~ the writers of LOST have such a wonderful sense of humor, and it is absolutely reflected here among posters!

    @ Rich ~ Great observations! — now I want to watch the episodes yet again! Yes, many doors, many choices… alternate universes, alternate endings

  14. Carol from Boston says:

    Just watched Jughead with the whole compass paradox. I still don’t see the importance of the compass since Richard had never seen it before. Why did Locke need to give it to him? Was it just an excuse for Locke to find Richard and speak with him?

    @Melissa – I remember the variable and that is an excellent observation but as a non-science person I don’t understand how a variable could create a new “string”. Unless the string is like “Quantum Leap” where the string theory was that the string didn’t have to be straight, it could be bunched up and parts of it could overlap and touch other parts creating new futures.

    Gotta admit even if I had paid attention in Science class I never took any quantum physics classes. Is this one of the classes in the Lost U? I’ll have to watch it. Anybody know what blu-ray disk it is on? My big complaint re: the blu-ray set is that it didn’t come with a table of contents. I don’t think a piece of paper with the contents on it would have set ABC back a lot and it would really help.

    @Rich – Ben did have the internet and all the video hook ups to help him with finding out information on the Losties. I assume some of those computers were past dharma times. I still crack up when I see those computers with the green print. I remember having one and I was so thrilled with our first color monitor. I also remember the old days of 30 hours a month on AOL. Of course I am aging myself here.

  15. Carol from Boston says:

    Oops I meant @Hammer not Rich. I think your nosebleeds and confusion are spilling over to me. What year is this again? 2007? lol

  16. Melissa in Minnesota says:

    @ Carol, I think it’s just a recognition of free will. He’d been so hung up on “whatever happened happened” and then it occurred to him (probably because Charlotte died and he really WANTED to change things) that people — the variables — can change their own actions and with that the outcomes. That’s a really simplistic explanation I’m sure, but at least where quantum physics is concerned simplistic is about all I can manage!

    I hear ya on the lack of a table of contents on the Blu-Ray. Very frustrating.

  17. Carol from Boston says:

    @Melissa- Thanks!! Sometimes the simplest answers make the most sense. I know exactly what you mean and it now I finally understand. I probably understood it last year when he said it but I have had plenty of other episodes since then to confuse and muddy everything up. You can be my science teacher anytime.

  18. Carol from Boston says:

    BTW should I change my name to Carol in MA? I really live outside Boston about 45 minutes away, but I have found that no one knows my small little town so I just say Boston. Boston is just so much faster to say and spell than Massachusetts. 🙂

  19. Amaia says:

    Hey, about Pierre Chang’s names… I’m thinking that maybe there is an initiation video we haven’t seen yet in which he is called Straum. That’s another mistery, Miles’ last name.

  20. corivee says:

    Hey everyone. Good times watching season 5 again…. I actually cried when Hugo told his mom the truth about the island and it sounded so crazy and she said, I believe you. A mother’s love, nothing like it in the world… Choked me up.

    These episodes really got me thinking about one of the main themes I dont see mentioned much which is: all the issues the character’s have with their fathers. As in life, I know this is a common literary theme. But when you consider the control factor of the losties fathers… Wow. They are all so intense! I mean look at Penny’s and Sun’s. And then you have Jack, Kate and even Ben has daddy issues. Hugo is really the only one with a decent father, and he only really came around once the money from the lottery came in.

    Anyway, my point is, I think Jacob is like the father of the island and he is definitely a father figure in his interactions with the losties. He is the calm, peaceful, nurturing father they never had. I still dont know what his ultimate intentions are other than this game or experiment that he and MIB have going on.

    Re: The “What ever happens, happens” contradiction
    I think Faraday tells Sawyer and the rest this because he doesnt want them to try and mess with things because he doesn’t want anybody else ruining HIS plans. He says you cant change anything if you try you will fail but he still tells Desmond to go to Oxford and later tries to save young Charlotte.

    New thoughts on Ben Linus:
    I agree with Hammer and LReene’s comments about indications that Ben knew all about the time travel/alternate life when he turned the donkey wheel. Your observations eg: the winter coat, the passports, the “preferred customer at the hotel” all show he has done this before. He also asks the clerk what year it is. SO Ben, and I think Widmore and Eloise also, know all about the power of the island to send people to different times and realities and this is what Widmore wants to exploit. And what someone (Melissa?) said about the plane crashing and him wanting to know everything about the passengers…It gets me thinking that Ben had already traveled through time, had seen alt. realities, and maybe even met some of the passengers. It is almost like when he saw the plane crash, he had a look on his face like, “Here we go…..” Anticipation, deja vu, something familiar. Ben is a liar. As he told Ilana, I lied, that’s what I do. Ben knows more than he is letting on.

    The Others:
    Chang’s comment during his training video taping session regarding the others: He called them the “hostile indigenous people”. I agree with everyone’s posts above. Who are those people!! Indigenous?? How did they get there.

    I dont even think about all the candidate, new Jacob, MIB stuff lately. My mind is now consumed with who knew what and when did they know it. And the significance of the special people like Desmond (the rules dont apply to you) And why was it Locke that had to die, why did MIB choose him, even richard couldn’t figure out why he chose Locke. So I will be very happy if these things are answered.

    Cant wait for next week!

  21. Annietoo says:

    I have been a Locke fan (along with Charlie and Mr Eko too) since the beginning. I loved their narrative journeys, so I really hope that Locke will be able, in the end, to kick MIB **tt for picking him as the Patsy, then calling him weak because the plan has suceeded to date. Locke wasn’t weak, he was just an ordinary Joe trying to find his way when life and all kinds of people tried really hard to block his progress. I still want to believe he was a hero.

  22. LReene says:

    WOW, so many MANY posts to read through since this morning. I guess that’s what I get for trying to come out of retirement and work all day. 🙂

    So where to start…….. Sorry if I don’t address posters by name, I’ve read ALL the posts, it’s just with so many of them, I already can’t remember who said what.

    Someone above asked about the darts, and who was shooting them. That was Widmore’s group when they attacked FLocke’s camp to capture Jin in Season 6. BUT……. we first saw the darts back in Season 5 during one of the time flashes. Right after the “Frogurt FIRE!!” scene, when they were all trying to make their way to the creek. They flashed, and Sawyer picked up one in his foot. Evidently that particular flash put them sometime “after” what we are now seeing in Season 6.

    Who originally told Lock he was going to have to die??? It was Richard…….. who had just heard it from FLocke. That was in 5-15 Follow The Leader. After taking over Locke’s form when they arrived on Ajira 316, FLocke took Richard and Ben out into the jungle on a trek. He was in a hurry and told eveyone else they had something to do but would be back later (paraphrasing here). When they got to a certain spot, FLocke told Richard that a man was going to come out of the jungle and to go over to him, take the bullet out of his leg, and to tell him that he had to bring everyone who left back to the island. And in order to do that, he was going to have to die. So, yes, it was Richard who told John that he was going to have to die, but it was FLocke from the future who told Richard to say it (just to be sure, I just rewatched that portion of 5-15 to verify it.

    @corivee and others – The talk about how much Ben knew………… Did anyone else think it was strange that during the “Others book club meeting” (when 815 originally crashed), all the Others came rushing outside looking into the air as soon as the ground started shaking? I’ve watched that episode probably a dozen or more times and I swear they were all looking UP even before there was any noise or the plane was seen. I mean why would someone rush outside and look up, when the ground starts shaking? Maybe because it wasn’t the first time it had happened?

    Oh, there are SO many other comments I want to make. But this is turning out long enough as it is. Probably more later………

  23. corivee says:


    No, i never noticed about the people looking up but I see your point about prior knowledge. There was definately a here we go again vibe, rather than a what the hell just happened vibe. Just like when MIB and Jacob are on the beach and one says, here they come (paraphrasing).

    People come to the island and then its: let the games begin….

  24. Carol from Boston says:

    @lreene- they looked up because they could hear the plane coming down, it must have been really loud.

  25. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ LReene, many posts indeed while off living the other life sans LOST

    @James,Annie, Carole, KK and you, too LReene: it was Christian that told Lost he’d have to die just after he fell down the well.
    Many other posters on different board (yep, that’s how addicted I am – I listen to Others) have noted that Christian wears different clothes during his appearances. This lends support that there is more than one Entity presenting as Christian. I wish I was so observant. Maybe during the Series Rewatch.

    My daughter asked me today if I’ll be sad when LOST ends. I said no. I am kinda hoping I’ll get more done in my Real Life but I see the writing on the Cave Wall and I know I’ll back with You All Everybody in the Future.

  26. LReene says:

    @Carol from Boston – Well, I’ve had other local LOST fans tell me that too. But no matter how many times I watch it, and no matter how many times I “listen” to it, I still see them all looking up WELL before any noise is heard. I suppose it could be that by them being there, they could have heard it before we as TV observers could 🙂 I don’t know, maybe just my imagination. But I remember thinking this from the very first time I watched that episode. And the more times I watch it, the more I am convinced.

  27. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Richard – love how clearly you describe all the metaphors in LOST, did you say you are a writer?

    @ LReene – glad I never had to offer a pronoun for you, I wasn’t sure either, anyway, I think Candidate and Recruit aren’t mutually exclusive here. I felt Jack is/was Both.

    @ Carol – I believe your mentioning Pierre’s multiple monikers as resulting from Ego is a good theory (which you credited to another thread, which I either missed, forgot or absorbed).

  28. LReene says:

    @Bonita in Atlanta – I don’t mean to contradict, but I don’t believe Christian told John he was going to have to die. At the FDW, Locke told Christian “Richard said I was going to have to die”. Which Christian then replied “That’s the reason they call it a scarifice”.

    Along with that, that was at the point in time when John had fallen down the well and was ready to turn the wheel. Richard telling John he was going to have to die originally was when they were at the drug plane after he had been shot by Ethan and then flashed.

    If I am wrong on any of this, someone please correct me.

  29. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Last post tonight:
    In my traitorous lurking about on other podcasts I came across this very interesting overview today about LOST and how Season 1 mirrors Season 6, Season 2 mirrored season 5 and 3 and 4 mirrored each other. The author offered some very cool observations in support of this idea. Check out episode 252. (I am not computer savy enough to link it for YAE, sorry!) The podcaster reads a letter from a listener. I found it pretty thought provoking.

  30. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ LReene, oh contradict away, my friend. It’s a complete possibly I just misunderstood or heard something incorrectly in my LOST journey. I rely on board posters to help set me straight. That’s why this is my favorite place to STAY LOST.

  31. KK says:

    @Rich in Cleveland (6:58am post) — fabulous, detailed, eye-opening insight as always! Never caught the door references you mention, but I did have the same thought as you when Kate talks about choo-choo.

    @Carol — so funny how you mention old computers above. I took a computer programming class during college (to meet the math elective I didn’t want to bother with), and we were using DOS blue screen w/ white writing… Amazing how far things have come!

    @Melissa and Carol — re: Daniel and discovering the variables…I’m basically just going to reword your dicussion here, and say that I agree with and follow what you’re saying. Daniel the scientist seems so intrenched in his fact-based world, that only equations w/ solid anwers make sense to him, i.e. 2 + 2 is always 4 and “whatever happened is always the only way things could have gone. In contrast, Daniel the love-bird realizes that, wait! people aren’t computers… we have the power to change things!

    @Amaia — good call on the last name Strom. Why is that Miles’ last name? Hopefully we’ll see another orientation film.

    Going to post this and then keep reading posts above…

  32. corivee says:

    All this talk about the end of LOST and the lonely lost “widows”….
    Guys, check this out:

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    They will be interviewed by New York Times entertainment editor Lorne Manly and the event will be broadcast Live via satellite from The TimesCenter in New York for only one night, on Thursday, May 20, at 8pmET / 7pmCT / 6pmMT and tape delayed at 8pmPT exclusively to select movie theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

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  33. greenberry says:

    Work done ~ Hi all! Such a great conversation above… am loving this thread, now that we are nearly down to the wire of dissecting our characters, their motives, their knowledge, their powers, their purpose, etc. etc.
    Just a quick follow-up to corivee’s comment re: father issues ~ for sure! (I was also touched by the Hurley scenes with his ma and even pa) ~ Not so sure about Jacob being a great father-figure though ~ he was fairly heartless to Ben when he retorted “What about you?!” and I still don’t like that he distracted Sayid and Nadia, causing her to get hit by a car!

  34. KK says:

    @corivee — re: your take on Faraday’s motives… hmmmm, never thought of that! Great thoughts. He just might be trying to prevent others from messing with how he wants things to go!

    @Annietoo — I’m with you re: Locke. He’s a fighter. I, too, hope he ends up a hero.

    @Bonita — thanks for the interview pointer about the seasons mirroring each other. Can’t wait to check that out!

  35. KK says:

    “overview” pointer….

  36. corivee says:

    Bonita! That is an awesome analysis of the mirror seasons. Amazing. It blew my mind and now it makes sense why Alana died in such a bizarre way. and all the mirrors we have been seeing the characters loooking into and the through the looking glass references. So cool. If anyone else is interested this info is at 43 minutes into the podcast. Thanks for sharing

  37. Carol from boston says:

    @kk- I like your Daniel observations a lot. Plus Daniel is a bit of a science snob. He thinks only he can be right.

    @Corivee – I would have loved to see that in the theater. I wish they would show it an additional day. Thursdays are out for me.

    Thanks for all the input today. This rewatch has been fun. It reassures me that our lost enjoyment can live on later. Though like Bonita I need my life back.

  38. KK says:

    @Bonita — thanks for sharing the link to the Mirror Mirror podcast. VERY interesting observations!

  39. greenberry says:

    Great mirror mirror analysis! Listening to those two, though, made me appreciate our Ryan and Jen even more!!

  40. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    amen, Greenberry!
    This is the Best Lost Podcast there is!

  41. LReene says:

    @greenberry – I know exactly what you mean. As much as I enjoy Jorge & sidekick22’s podcast, I appreciate Ryan & Jen all the more each time I listen to one

  42. Carol from Boston says:

    @LReene and Greenberry – What I really appreciate about Ryan and Jen’s podcast is that it is well organized, and they stick to the subject. They have a firm outline in place as they discuss the show. I enjoy the inside scoop on Jorge’s podcast but they tend to ramble and wander and it gets frustrating.

    @LReene – still giving your theories some thought. I can certainly see BEn and ELoise using Locke’s body for Jacob instead of MIB. But that would probably be due to MIB fooling them into it. Locke was all a set up by MIB.

    I can also see the Jack/MIB connection because they have both felt trapped on the island. Jacob/Locke love the island and they both are content staying there. So if your theory does come true I will not be shocked.

    I still feel that the Flash Sideways will be the final reality I am just not exactly sure how they arrive at that point. It will be a cool plot twist if MIB ends up telling the truth and was serious about giving everyone what he promised through the flash sideways.

  43. James says:

    Thanks for clearing up the you must die problem, I remembered Christian being involved at the frozen donkey wheel but was he acting for Jacob or MIB if it was Jacob that makes things very interesting !

    Just on the father sibling issue this may have been mentioned many times before but it has just struck me 🙂

    Jacob as the father and MIB as the son we have all thought many times that Jacob is the father figure and MIB is the spoilt sibling.

    This might explain why we know so little about both parties family.

  44. corivee says:

    If anyone wants to listen to read the “mirror, mirror” entry mentioned by Bonita Here is a link so you can read it and not have to listen to “those two” as Greenberry called them. 🙂
    Ryan and jen are SO much better. Those two ramble and even sort of insult some of the callers (even though they apologize, not cool)

  45. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    with all the positive energy directed at R&J, they should be feeling better soon!

    @Corivee thanks for being tech support on the mirror, mirror podcast!

    Gotta get to the yard now! See ya later.

  46. Carol from Boston says:

    @Corivee- thank you so much for the link. I read it. That was so informative. There is so much detail. Damon and Carlton have publicly said similar things about the season as well but have never given specifics. I found it fascinating and I am happy that I didn’t have to sit through the podcast to hear it.

    @James – I just watched the Well scene. It really feels like MIB is Christian because when Locke asks him if he has to die, Christian tells him that is what sacrifice means. Plus at the time he refused to touch him. At the time we were puzzled by this, but now that we know the power of touch, it makes sense. MIB could not claim him at that time because he needed Locke to be himself so he could convince the others to come back.

  47. Carol from Boston says:

    @James – the episode is “This place is death” if you want to rewatch the scene. I also noticed that when Jack landed back in the jungle after the second flight, he is wearing the exact same blue suit/pinstriped shirt that he was wearing at the hospital in “The Last Recruit” So for future flash sideways episodes see if Kate is wearing a gray jacket and Hurley is wearing a dungaree jacket. That is what they were wearing when they landed back on the island in 1977. Just wondering if there is some connection. Either that or Jack really likes his blue suit and pin striped shirt a lot.

  48. greenberry says:

    Good morning! Got a chuckle (I must love to laugh or something) from some of the above ~ What I love about Ryan and Jen is their understated approach ~ that their podcast is about LOST rather than them, that there is no pretension, and that they have soothing rather than irritating voices — hearing ‘those two’ really pronounced the contrast. Although I certainly understand the urge for ‘traitorous lurking’ (that phrase cracked me up too!) ~ When in love with LOST, one can not get enough, the more sources the better – I’m just not as computer savvy to go roaming around, so I super appreciate the links (or sites) posters have provided!

  49. ScottB in DC says:

    @James and @ Carol – I’m currently obsessed with the whispers and the ghosts of dead characters

    I’ve been really interested in figuring out which ghosts or manifestations are real and which are MIB. I really don’t know what to think about Jacob and the manifestations. Why do think Jacob is capable of taking another human form? I feel like this is something only smokey can do. Let me know if there are any clues you found as to what abilities Jacob has in regards to taking another human form.

    The really interesting thing for me now is that ab eterno showed us that Hurley see the real deal and that the real manifestations or ghosts are not able to interact with the real world. Isabella touches Richard’s face, but Richard can’t feel it. In the hold of the Black Rock Isabella and Richard embrace just like normal people, so that means that version of Isabella is MIB.

    Wondering about Christian’s shoes makes me think of Isabella’s cross necklace, Richard has it in the storm, then when he wakes up, it’s gone. MIB has taken it, later he returns it……..why? He doesn’t seem to use it to manipulate, he only returns it and says I found this on deck.

    I just rewatched Namaste doing whisper/ghost research – lol. Sun (kick ass Sun now) and Lapidus (my new favorite character) hear the tick a ticka sound and the whispers just before seeing Christian in the barracks. Christian operates in the real world like a regular person, opening the door, picking up the recruit framed photo etc. The way he describes where “your friends” are and “having a bit of a journey” to get to them make it seem like MIB is also in or still aware of 1977 and the present day – a deeper understanding of the continuum of time.

    With Michael’s appearance to Hurley, it seems like really Michael, so the whispers seem to be warning the losties about lots of things….the others, Smokey, etc.

  50. ScottB in DC says:

    by the way – one thing is perfectly obvious to me…………I am obsessed with the whispers and the ghosts because it’s simple. I’m still really Lost about if and why the candidates had to come back, what does it mean when Jacob or MIB touches people, and the two realities and if and how they will become one.

    Will Ben strangle someone again and totally blow me away or is he really reformed? Can’t wait for Miles and Richard to come to the rescue, I wonder how Ben will figure into that.

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