Next: “The Last Recruit” (Episode 6-13)

Not once, but twice in relatively quick succession, Unlocke observed tonight that there was a lot of catching up to do. He wasn’t kidding. “The Last Recruit” moved briskly, touched on a myriad of mysteries, and served up more explosions and twists. But the delicate balance of plot and character definitely felt askew, and along with all the forward velocity, there were moments that seemed to lose traction. At the end of last week’s episode, we felt the stage was set for the final sprint. Tonight’s tale had a lot of flash, but it still feels like we’re waiting for the big show. And with a week off before the next new episode, “The Last Recruit” definitely left us wanting more.

In the flash-sideways, the inevitable collision of our wayward survivors was aggressively accelerated. Sun makes her connection with the island world when she spots Locke on the next gurney. And Jack gets his hands on Locke’s dural sack without a consult. And by the close of our multi-faceted tour of Los Angeles, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Jack, Claire, Desmond, Locke, and Ben are clearly interconnected. But can they all be unified and even embark on a plan in the few hours ahead?

I did like Jack’s renewed connection with David, as well as the interplay between cop Sawyer and fugitive Kate, perhaps the strongest character moments in the episode. Seeing Ilana turn up as a lawyer the week after she was blown up on the island was fun, but It still doesn’t make up for her untimely end. Desmond’s actions are again curious, though. Why was he going to see a lawyer? At first we guessed it was just a ruse to point Claire toward Jack, drawn from post-flash omniscience. But he knew Ilana, and had an appointment. Perhaps she’s just corporation counsel for Widmore Industries?

On the island, our unified camp of survivors doesn’t last long, as Sawyer executes his plan and separates Unlocke from several of his precious candidates. It serves the Man in Black right for entrusting a key part of his plan to a con man. Of course, on “LOST,” it can’t be that simple, and after another long look at the ocean, Jack decides that his work’s not done, and jumps overboard. As soon as he returns to the island, Unlocke is there to claim him.

Is Jack “The Last Recruit”? He seems pretty set on confounding Unlocke, but he is also told twice that he’s already “with” him. Claire told Jack that his mistake was letting Unlocke speak. And after Unlocke rescues a dazed Jack from a huge explosion — reminiscent of Claire’s crossing over in New Otherton — he also tells Jack, “You’re with me, now.” I’m wondering if Unlocke is now back to square one… or if there’s a chance that Jack was really the only candidate he needed.

In terms of answers, Unlocke confirms to Jack that he had appeared as Christian Shephard soon after the crash. As with the explanation of the whispers last week, though, the answer seems to bring more questions. Was the Man In Black portraying Christian in Jacob’s cabin? (Probably.) Visiting Jack off the island? (Probably not?) Telling Locke to turn the donkey wheel? (Probably.) Talking to Sun and Frank about the DHARMA Initiative? (Probably not, since at the same time, the Man In Black was Unlocke with the Ajira crew, and supposedly “stuck” in that form.) And a few weeks ago, it seemed significant that Claire described her father and her “friend” as two separate entities. Did she just not know she was in the middle of a puppet show?

And while Unlocke’s darker nature seems even more pronounced now, I’m struck by what he told Jack: he appeared as his father to lead him to water. In retrospect, it does seem to be what the vision accomplished way back in Season 1. And Unlocke also brought water and food to Richard at the Black Rock. Of course, he wanted something from Richard, and still wants something from Jack. But I found the tiny shard of implied benevolence interesting.

Jack was trapped on the island before he even got there? Absolutely. All the Man in Black wanted to do was help them leave? I’m not sure. I think Jack is right to question why he wants them gone, and just how their continued presence is a threat.

While Sawyer was ready to write off Claire and Sayid, both seemed to get a glimmer of hope tonight. Claire’s homicidal urges toward Kate seemed to subside (again) as she was welcomed aboard the escape boat, and Sayid’s hesitation after returning to Locke suggests that talking to Desmond may have reawakened some humanity within him.

Sayid’s character is definitely an empty one now, with even Sawyer dismissing him as a zombie. We’re hoping for a tragic and sad end, or a heroic final turn, but this blank-faced moping around has got to stop. At least Hurley suggests that redemption is possible, invoking what seems to be a contractually obligated “Star Wars” reference. (A reference that pop-culture wise-ass Sawyer inexplicably doesn’t recognize.) Anakin Skywalker turned against his dark lord in a climactic battle, so perhaps Sayid will do the same.

And, yes, at long last, Sun and Jin were reunited. As we’d feared, the overextended separation and the episode’s rushed pace robbed the moment of much of its dramatic power. Actually, the portable sonic fence on the beach seemed to have been purposely situated between them as they ran toward each other, and we were half expecting there to be yet another cheesy contrivance to keep them apart one more week. Fortunately, they embraced and declared their love… but the writers let Lapitas channel David Caruso with a smirking one-liner that deflated whatever emotional power was left in the scene.

Why did Widmore call off the deal with Sawyer? Why does anyone on Team Widmore think missiles are an effective weapon against Unlocke? Where has the spirit of Jacob been all this time, and what is Unlocke’s ultimate plan? And how are we going to survive two weeks before getting our next shot at answers?

  • The conversation between Unlocke and Jack was a powerful one. When Unlocke said John Locke was stupid, and a sucker, at first I felt it was just adding insult to injury when it came to one of the most interesting and promising characters on “LOST.” But then I started to think (or hope) that they were actually setting John Locke up to be vindicated somehow. I hope so.
  • Off the island, we learn that Locke’s wheelchair actually saved his life. Jen said it reminded her of how losing his kidney saved his life when he was shot by Ben.
  • Flash-sideways Kate emphatically insists she’s innocent. And if the flash-sideways are going to ultimately suggest happier lives for our survivors, it would make sense that she is. Notice that Sawyer offers Kate an apple in the police station. A reference to Eve and the Garden of Eden? Or is it just an apple?
  • Sawyer’s observation that it’s “weird” how he and Kate ended up crossing each others paths reminded us of Jack remarking to Kate in “316” that it was “crazy” to see that they were all back together on an airplane.
  • We loved how cool Unlocke was when the first warning missile struck in the jungle. The huge explosion behind his unflinching figure called to mind the moment he blew up the submarine in Season 3.
  • Zoe’s conversation with Unlocke, in which Unlocke says he has no idea what she’s talking about, is a direct mirror of the conversation Unlocke has with Widmore over a similar situation in “The Package.”
  • Miles says his last name is Straum. So even though he’s got a good relationship with his museum-managing dad, Dr. Chang, there’s still a kink or two in that family tree.
  • Ilana’s last name is Verdanski. Couldn’t think of how that might be significant, if only in comparison to Radzinski and Minkowski.
  • Hurley says, “People are trying to kill us again.” Just like old times.
  • Sawyer gets of at least one notable nickname: Chesty. It was funny how he referred to Lapitas as a guy who looked like he stepped out of a Burt Reynold’s movie… but it was an unusually clunky line of dialogue where “the pilot” probably would have sufficed.
  • Locations: The office building where Claire, Desmond, Jack, David, and Ilana came together was Pauahi Tower in downtown Honolulu. The hospital where Sun and Jin and Jack and Locke turned up was the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific (though I think the ambulance bay and emergency entrance was Kuakini Hospital). The house where Sayid was captured by Sawyer and Miles is on Waiohinu Drive in Kahala. The “old pier” where Jack and his group boarded the Elizabeth was Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay.

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431 Responses to “Next: “The Last Recruit” (Episode 6-13)”

  1. gene e says:

    To whom it may concern (read @Yann)
    I’ll stick with what I said.
    Belief>Faith>Assurance vs. Doubt>Fear>Despair.

    Trust me. I never thought that other peoples beliefs or their particular philosophy was what I was put here to blindly embrace and adopt. I choose to push the envelope, and the evolution of myself as a person, by considering, evaluating, testing, and then consequently accepting or rejecting any and all philosophies presented by MEASURING them against my own current belief system and then making adaptations as I see fit.

    In other words, yes, it’s all about me.

  2. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @John Fischer – I think it is possible that we just saw Locke over a few days. It might’ve been Jack or Desmond that said it had been just last week when they saw each other on the flight. It is possible Sun/Jin could’ve been held up longer in customs or holed up a day or so in their room. Or maybe the sideways world is just kind of stretchy like that.

  3. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ John Fischer – oh and Ben didn’t even know Locke’s first name or anything about him, which seems to indicate it had only been at best a few days.

  4. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Alex you are on to something – Jack had been so careful to confer with Hurley earlier and I already mentioned how he kept saying “we” have something important to do.

  5. J in NH says:

    @Chris in Silver Spring MD – I played it back a couple of times too. I’m convinced it is MIB’s voice, I also thought it was interesting that MIL wasn’t filmed face on to the camera during that statement.

    I am sure Des is alive and “well” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My thoughts on the MIL “being” Christian, at the time he was “Christian” to Jack, Christian’s dead ody was there for him to use, John Locke was still alive.

  6. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ LReene – oh I’d forgotten that. (Still kinda like my theory about the wheel and/or Miles communing with the Dead for a solution to the Re-corking problem)

  7. Monica MDC says:

    I think the “reunion of Sun and Jin” scene was cut short because of the emotional hospital scene where Sun wakes up and Jin tells her their baby is ok. I think the reunion should have been more powerful, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. (I’m a LOST junkie!)

    I was more moved when Katie invited Claire on their getaway boat. The line , “I was there when he was born,” actually made me tear up! What is wrong with me? I’m not a Kate fan, but I instantly flashed back to innocent Claire giving birth to Aaron and having only Kate to help her through it and… I lost it…

  8. Cathy says:

    Finally, a chance to post! I guess I wasn’t watching the time last night because when the thud came I was up yelling at the TV. (Doesn’t usually happen, guys.)

    First thought – That well looked a lot deeper in the dark.

    @ Brenden – I’ve been wondering about Flocke trusting everyone too. He’s like a child who has been given more power than he knows what to do with, and he seems to be alternating between bossy/demanding and naiive. I think he lies to suit his purpose, which makes me think he was lying to Jack about being Christian. (Although just prior to Jack finding water, he was dangling off a cliff after following his father. Locke, the original one, helped him up.)

    You guys will see that I’m right about Sayid. When Desmond looked up at him and asked him what he would tell Nadia, I got chills. If the cost of getting back the love of your life is worth the price of your soul, do you really have her back at all?

    One thought on Flocke telling Jack that he was with him now. I wonder if it’s a case of ‘I saved you, now you owe me your life.’

  9. Annietoo says:

    @Cathy Its not so much that Flocke is trusting people – he is arrogant enough to think he has everyone where he needs them to win the “Game” with Jacob and get what he wants.

  10. paintergirl1 says:

    For months, we’ve been talking about sides: Team Jacob and Team Dark. I think the real point of what we’ve seen since season one is that there are always three sides. There is a Vorlon quote from a science fiction show called Babylon 5 that I believe applies here. “Truth is a three-edged sword.” It eventually gets interpreted as their side, your side, and the truth. I think our main characters have been pushed around like pinball pieces by warring forces since day one. Now, they need to discover their own path.

    I hope this is what Jack is trying to do. Sawyer made the mistake of playing both sides against the middle. Now, he and those who followed him have once again become pawns in the game. Hopefully Jack can find a way to make sense of all this.

    Don’t forget about Ben, Richard, and Miles wandering around there somewhere. Perhaps they will be the ones to ultimately rescue Desmond, if Sayid hasn’t rescued him already. After seeing Sayid’s behavior in the flash-sideways, I can see him choosing not to shoot him, but also not to help him out of the well.

  11. Gary in Quincy says:

    I have a feeling that the final scene of the final hour will show two men sitting across a desk from each other – one dressed in white & the other black. They are writers, trying to decide which storyline to follow to wrap up the story they have been collaberating on for 6 years – when they sweep everything off the desk and start pitching skits for Conans new show – THUD
    ;โ€ข) Can’t wait to see how it really unfolds!!

  12. lost in brooklyn says:

    I’ve tried to read most of the comments but I don’t think I’ve seen any discussion of how fruitless the whole “taking sides” charade was (and it was the theme, subtle or obvious of every episode yet this season). I love this show, but I really didn’t like the “dark side vs. light side” path it was taking, but what I find even more frustrating is how the writers have made it all for naught with one episode.

    Really? So, all that drama of who was going to what side and why ended up with the sides virtually meaning nothing. Everyone but Jack left Unlocke and even Jack really doesn’t seem to be with Unlocke and no one is with Jacob really anymore. I would’t be so disappointed if it hadn’t been such an effort in the first place to suspend annoyance and go along with the “sides” in the first place.

  13. Carol from Boston says:

    @Lost – I don’t think Jack is so much “with” unlocke as much as trying to stop him by staying there. I think Jack’s motivation is what he told Sawyer. What would happen if they stayed on the island vs. leaving the island. He feels he has more of a chance of stopping unlocke if he stays. I don’t think Jack is on any one “side”, I think he’ll just follow his gut and sees where it takes him.

    The last time he left the island he had a horrible life because he shouldn’t have left and he doesn’t want that to happen again.

  14. greenberry says:

    2 posts on SIDES ~ I hang back myself and watch it all unfold ~ I just know that MIB or MIL seems ‘not good’ and Jacob who knows?

    @ paintergirl 1 and You All ~ I like that concept of the three-sided sword re: truth ~ that works for me ~~ Jack is focussed on a mission, not as SURE as Desmond but rather ‘feeling’ his way

    Sawyer is still without peace ~ he admits to Kate (in season 5) that he grew up a lot in three years (in the Dharma Initiative) with Juliet at his side, but now without Juliet he has stagnated and resorted to some of his previous cynicism and self-focus ~ he was pretty heavy-handed with Jack (the underlying feud continues) ~ he is quite protective of Kate, which is why he did not want Claire along (since she treid to kill her)

    @ gene e ~ semantics ~ pragmatism is simply ANOTHER way of believing, of sorting out one’s world and how to respond to it ~ fear is retreating and not being capable of facing something ~ there are several ‘belief’ systems (religious, secular, scientifically-tested, experience, etc.) one can tap into to deal with life

  15. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Coo-koo Claire needs a day at the spa.

  16. greenberry says:

    LOL Rus ~ that is some wild wig!

  17. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Did you notice how we got the SPOV (Smokey Point of View) when Flocke was approaching Sayid in the jungle?

  18. Julian from California says:

    I don’t know if anyone said this yet but I have a theory that Jack will be flying the plane because in the first episode he said that he took flying lessons but it wasn’t for him.

  19. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Just came up with a new drinking games.

    1 “Shot” for each time you hear the sounds of guns being chambered/cocked. CHEG-CHNK!! At that rate, their weapons will be out of ammo.

  20. Laura in NY says:

    I think I’ve read all the comments — is it possible no one has mentioned the best line of the episode? Loved when Hurley told Claire she looked good (or really good, or great, I can’t remember).

    I am one who was really looking forward to Sun and Jin being reunited, and it was a pretty good (if short) payoff. But my favorite reunion scene remains Bernard and Rose (in slow motion?) when the tailies arrive at the beach for the first time.

    Seems like some people are guessing that sideways Des is now omniscient. I can’t see any other explanation for his ability to locate Claire. Hurley and Locke would be easy enough to track down because they live in LA, but Claire has no roots there. I thought it was a stretch that he could find her so easily. And I also wondered why Jack’s mom wasn’t at the attorney’s office for the reading of the will. Just nitpicking I guess.

  21. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    This episode’s pace shows signs of lots of slicing and dicing. I hope the Bluray has those deleted scenes.

  22. LReene says:

    **Spoiler** without the **Spoil** – For anyone who wants to know for sure if Sayid killed Desmond or not, go listen to Jorge’s podcast at and you will get your answer.

    If you don’t want to know, of course you shouldn’t listen to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Steven in Bathurst says:

    @lost in brooklyn – I don’t think the whole ‘taking sides’ (either Jacob or MiB) was a charade. It seems clear to me that Jacob isn’t a ‘side’ as such but simply the antithesis of MiB. He’s not good; he is anti-bad. The corkmaster to MiB’s red winey badness. I think it is clear that no-one needs to choose Jacob’s side; they just have to want to stay on the island. That’s enough to keep MiB on the island. The reason MiB seems unconcerned about Sawyer, Kate, Sun, etc is because they are doing exactly what he wants them to do: leave the island. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s happy that they left. He’s juggling quite a few pieces at the moment so having all the candidates together and leaving at the same time obviously means that he can better manage the exodus. But they are heading in the right direction and he has more pressing Jack-related matters. It makes sense to let them go and focus on Jack.

    Which means, quite wonderfully, that this show is exactly where it has been heading since day one: a showdown between Jack and ‘Locke’. Did everyone sense the calmness and confidence in Matthew Fox’s portrayal of Jack near the end? Didn’t it seem Jacob-like? Jack knows that he has to stay, even if he doesn’t quite understand why. He is the only one left who can stop MiB since everyone else has gone. Jack is now the only one that matters.

    One thought too on the FSW. I think the series will end with one reality and it will be FSW reality. That’s why they’ve spent so much time showing us that world, so that we recognise those characters as very much our characters. If the FSW characters eventually gain insight into their other selves, with memories and knowledge of the alternate timeline, then our characters will live on in FSW world. This means that I think the world will end in our reality. I just can’t see both realities continuing on beyond the end of the series.

  24. KK says:

    @Gary in Quincy — LOL

    @lost in brooklyn — I don’t think the “taking sides charade” is/was fruitless or “all for naught.” If anything, I think the back and forth and the switching of teammates has all been reflection of just how hard it is for our Losties (and us!) to figure out what’s the right thing to do. I, too, have been annoyed this season w/ all the shifting of camps and locales, but now I’m starting to think there is a purpose behind it all beyond “letting the flashsideways get caught up.” I don’t know that it’s so much stalling, as it is a direct reference to the “game” — pieces being played, moves being made. Dude, it’s not a charade. (jk w/ that last part… I just felt like I was rhyming)

    @gene e — I can’t remember in which thread you came up with the “Slash Foward Conjecture,” but I can’t stop laughing about it. Hil.are.eee.ous.

  25. MT Breeze says:

    @Carol – LOL about the temple folks all wearing red. I had the exact same thought when I saw them…..uh, oh….they’re done!!!! Also, LOL about the MIT/military base for Widmore’s nerdy, explosive underlings!

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was on pins and needles as Sun and Jin walked to meet each other…..I thought the first one to the pylon was going to get zapped!

    For me, the best line of the episode was when Sawyer said, “They got pills for that, doc.” in response to Jack sharing his feelings about leaving the island.

    That was a FAST hour of television. I’m going to rewatch the episode, and I will listen for the change of voice in UnLocke. Thanks for the heads up on that!!

  26. gene e says:

    Like I said, it’s all about me. Personally, you can call your fear anything you like. I just call it fear.

  27. Julie in KS says:

    I’ve read all of the comments up to this point, watched the episode a couple of times and I have to agree with @Steven in Bathurst. I think you are spot on.

    I also think Des is alive and that Sayid was looking for vines to pull him out of the well. It did look shallow enough to climb out of, however.

    And I think the Richard-Miles-Ben group will be resurfacing soon.

    Sun & Jin reunion – brief and a little corny, but I don’t care. Still got teary-eyed.

    Can’t wait for the next episode in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I guess we’ll get to see Richard’s ep again next week, which I don’t mind seeing again at all. : )

    Keep posting, I love reading all your thoughts. Thanks Ryan and Jen for bringing us together!

  28. gene e says:

    @KK Thanks. I wish people would try and keep it on the lighter side instead of getting personal and so worked up about their own agendas. The pseudo scientists and the wiki-goggling philosophers are almost as worse as the people trying to tell the writers how to write the ending of Lost. The bizarro alternate universe. The next to the next parallel time-line. That’s where I come from. And over there, I make the rules.

  29. KK says:

    @gene “me” ๐Ÿ˜‰ — I think Ryan said it best in a previous thread: “Some people are more convinced of their perspectives than others.” — it went something like that. The bottom line: It’s better to not take it personally.

    Even though none of us knows the other personally, I like to think of this as a friendly community of Lost fans. A “family,” as someone above put it perfectly. And since most of us come here frequently, we’re bound to disagree fundamentally on some issues regarding the show.

  30. KK says:

    …Above all else, we should respect our fellow posters. That’s my opinion.

  31. MT Breeze says:

    @KK – I couldn’t agree with you more. I, too, like to think of this forum as a family or at least a friendly community.

  32. KK says:

    Speaking of favorite lines (several people mentioned theirs above), how about your favorite line from Ryan’s write-up? Mine: “Jack gets his hands on Locke’s dural sack without a consult.” Too funny!

  33. Carol from boston says:

    @lostyfan – unlocke turned into smokey after he was stabbed and attacked the temple. I am not sure if he has again after that.

  34. Lori says:

    @Carol from Boston & Greenberry: I’m thinking Zoe’s on par with Phil. Maybe we can hope for a similar fate for her? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Lori says:

    A few thoughts after a rewatch:

    – I have to wonder if Desmond made an appointment with Ilana *because he already knew* he would meet up with Claire – that he didn’t actually have a real appointment for himself. While Ilana was amazed that Claire appeared, Desmond didn’t seem surprised at all.

    – I was struck by the “mirror moment” in this episode: Jack looks into the mirror attached to the operating table and sees Locke, not his own reflection. Is that the first time this season a character’s seen someone else’s reflection?

    – Speaking of the operation, I was also struck by Jack’s cool “I got this” after looking at Locke’s info. Very confident (but not cocky).

    Oh, and on Jorge Garcia’s podcast, they mentioned that the script specifically said that Ilana has no accent in this ep. Not sure what the significance is yet, but it was definitely done on purpose.

  36. ScottB in DC says:

    @Carol and lostyfan – in the Incident Ilana said that after Jacob’s death MIB is stuck in the form of Locke, but that must be the human form, since in Sundown he massacres everyone in the form of the smokey. I still think he is able to take other forms, like apparitions, just not the forms when he could touch people and be touched……….like Anthony Cooper in the Brig, or Richard’s wife in Ab Eterno.

    I can’t remember who caught the different wardrobes for Christian, but I’ll have to re watch. I don’t like the idea of Jacob appearing as other people, he did so much work in his own form – off island with the candidates and on island with Hurley and Richard and Ben.

    Smokey split into three pillars I think when he attacked the freighties, and I think he appeared as Richard’s wife and made the raucous outside with the horn sound and the rustling, so I think he can be in two places at once.

    When Jacob was dying he touched Ben’s arm…..what is the significance of that?

  37. ScottB in DC says:

    The idea of MIB as a trusting child is intriguing, but so is the idea that someone posted about he is evil therefore he lies.

    I think he knows/knew Sawyer would double cross him, but was counting on him to get all the candidates in one place. I don’t think he cares if they leave the island with him, or if he kills them all, if they choose to be on his side fine, if not – they get massacred.

    I don’t see why he should be believed about not being able to travel across water, maybe not through water (Ben pulled a drain to release him – to attack the freighties) in any case I think if he wants to get to Hydra island he’ll have no trouble.

    Jack is injured and more susceptible to the infection, but like Rousseau, Claire, Ben, Sawyer, and it appears Sayid – being infected by Smokey isn’t a one way ticket to zombieville. Desmond clearly broke through with Sayid and Kate with Claire. The power of love again I think.

  38. Ben in PA says:

    Guys, I think we need to rethink the Smokey-can’t-cross-water rule. All UnLocke told Sawyer was (paraphrasing) that he couldn’t tika-tika over there. But remember also that Ilana said MiB wouldn’t be able to change anymore. I don’t believe we’ve seen the actual black smoke since the recon mission to Hydra Island.

    So, what I’m saying is: Black Smoke *could* travel over water (thus explaining the appearance of Christian Shepard on the freighter) but that MiB has lost his ability to turn into black smoke. So UnLocke has to take a boat to get to Hydra Island.

    This is simple, it’s supported by what we’ve seen, and it allows a lot more reasonable explanations.

  39. Felix says:


    on-island: jack joins SMOCKE with an agenda. jack becomes the next jacob. manages to make smocke stay on the island. cycle goes all round again. but this time jacob and man in black simply take different forms, ie. jack and john. they are stuck there for eternity. relationship is built on hate… See More.

    off-island flash side-ways: jack fixes john. they become friends. stuck in each other’s lives. but this relationship is based on ‘love’.. like positive emotions rather than negative ones. striking the ‘opposites-but-still-similar’ thing again between both worlds

  40. Waw people do take things personally… I would just like to think that all the book references, philosophers etc… are not random and put there for a reason, but you could just close your eye on them all and watch the show just as it is… it is like life, you can live your life without ever questioning anything, but I don’t know what sort of life that is tho. Going personal yesterday before coming to this blog I put on facebook: the most important is not the answers you get but the questions you ask.
    Yes faith is to believe in things you don’t know understand and don’t ask question because you know… Science is about trying to find out how what you don’t know works. Fear is what happen BEFORE those two and those two are a way to face fear (but I am just repeating myself). But this discution was a season 2 discution… I think we should ask season 6 questions now, don’t you think? They will give us either pseudo science or pseudo faith response anyway… It is “fiction” anyway.

    So mib breaking the talkie… are we suppose to take that he “doesn’t like technology”?

  41. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Here’s what I think could have been a missed opportunity to add some more potency to the Sun/Jin reunion. Zoe should have scolded one of her subordinates that they weren’t supposed to turn off the fence, especially since they’re now double-crossing Sawyer’s ark anyway. That person could have then responded with a confused shrug. This would have created some ambiguity about whether the power of such love could transcend any barrier.

    I personally have the greatest respect for our little community and I welcome the deluge of insightful commentary that pours in every week from you all everybody around the globe. My spirit recognizes the same beauty of your spirit~Namaste. But I for one would prefer to keep this a symposium, and not have it degenerate into a smack-off.

  42. greenberry says:

    @ You All Everybody ~ NO FEAR

    Thank-you KK and MT for the positive and encouraging vibe ~ “Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together…”

    @ Laura in NY ~ Yes, that Hurley line was hilarious! He loves to be positive… LOL ~ And I agree about the incredibly moving Rose/Bernard reunion

    @ Lori ~ great mirror catch… it is wonderful how many details are picked up and communicated on this board ~ obviously their showdown dance has been a long time coming!

  43. greenberry says:

    @ Yann ~ “The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates ~ I concur!

    Taking Philosophy was amazing, even though it was mind boggling!!

  44. soko says:

    1. When Christian appeared off island it was not a physical appearance but in the minds of both Jack and Michael. the sudden soundless appearance and departure without smokey’s mechanical noise.

    2. MIB’s belittling of John Locke seems to be more about him being angry at himself… He probably regrets ” being a believer ” and that’s what got him in this situation in the first place

    3 Locke and Sun have their near death experiences to allow them
    to see the other world and now Sun can bring Jin in on it

    4 Desmond is a lot more AWARE than what we thought. How he steered Claire to Ilana and then Jack to Claire takes a bit more then just knowing who they are on island.

    5 Kate “gingerbread man ” Austin will be gone when Miles and Sawyer get back. Because Kate ” Scott Free” Austin cannot be held.

    6. โ€“ Yet another Star Wars referenceโ€ฆ YES thank you , seriously !!

    ( yeah… Sawyer’s chock full of pop culture references and he doesn’t get the Anakin name drop? not consistent )

  45. Katie Scarlett says:

    I just finished watching The Last Recruit and reading everyone’s comments. Such a great collection of ideas and insights, and if it wasn’t so late here I’d take the time to respond to many of them. But since I only have a few minutes, I’ll just add something to the discussion that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet.
    When Sun & Locke are being wheeled into the ER and Sun sees Locke and becomes so agitated, shouting “It’s him!” to Jin, I swear Locke gets that particular creepy grin on his face that I’ve come to associate with MiB. Did anyone else see this, or did I completely imagine it?
    Thanks so much, Ryan and Jen, for your awesome podcast! Will you give us a bonus episode of The Transmission while we’re enduring this torturous 2-week wait for the next episode of Lost, pretty please??

  46. @Katie: he was strapped while transported… I don’t think he could move his jaw that much (or at least he shouldn’t in real life… maybe that is pseudo medicine! (lol))
    Season 3 question: Who was on the intercom? We hear whisper and Christian voice saying “let it go jack”… Are we supposed to guess that when Jack is dehydrated or under the influence he has vision of his father?
    Does anyone knows if John Terry (Christian) is coming back this year? (I guess that is spoiler stuff so no one should answer me but I am really wondering that now)

  47. Katie Scarlett says:

    @Yann: I see your point, but I just re-watched the scene and I really think there’s a strong connection being made between Sideways Locke and UnLocke. As Locke is being wheeled into the ER, and after Sun makes her declaration, there’s a closeup of Locke, and while he may not actually be grinning (although to me it does look like he is), he definitely has a very knowing, MiB’ish expression on his face. Something in the set of his mouth, the look in his eyes, is unsettling ~ and the scene closes with the creepy music and immediately shifts to UnLocke & Jack in the jungle, which can’t be coincidental. I just think there’s something going on with Sideways Locke!

  48. @Katie: Well for sure that has been a theory spoken last week… If John receive memory from the other timeline will it be John’s or mib’s? I guess we will have to wait to find out. But that would mean that both Widmore and Desmond made a mistake by connecting those two timelines and somehow I don’t understand why they would do that.

    After the Star Trek theories let’s go to Star Wars theories: Anakin was the one that was supposed to bring “balance” (scale with rocks, people) to the force… And how did he do that? By killing all the Jedis so that only two Siths and two Jedi (balance) were to remain… If mib needs ONE Jacob, doesn’t it mean that our Candidate will be the one that kill all the other Candidate? Is Sayid, Claire or Jack going to kill everyone but The Candidate (please make it Hurley!… and if it is a two against two add Sawyer. (bye bye Kate! lol)
    I know it is a crackpot theory… but it is just so much fun to try to make sense to it all no? By using all of our previous knowledge from the show and from other activities… I always have a blast coming and arguing on this blog (and posting too many times), I hope you have too!

  49. About other podcasts: LReene said it before but if you really don’t want to be spoiled you should listen to it later! It contains a big spoiler (that nooo one was expecting! lol)
    And if you want to see Jacob(!) the real one! The first one! The one who was sitting in a chair asking “help meeee” (well the voice was Carlton I think)… He is on the Lost Official Video Podcast! This guy is amazing and should get even more credit! I would definitively wished I could by his Room 23 chair! (guess that now with 3d tvs we will all look like we are using Room 23 when we watch tv)

  50. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Rich – well said, Namaste You All Everybody
    @KatieScarlett – second that notion, surely there enough You All Everybody theories and comments to share that haven’t been aired for example.

    @ Yann & many other Y’all Everybodies: I loved Star Wars when I was younger but never got into the Last (Ep. 1-3) So maybe Sawyer’s not knowing “Anakin” was a genuine disconnect from that pop culturual Landmark.

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