Next: “The Last Recruit” (Episode 6-13)

Not once, but twice in relatively quick succession, Unlocke observed tonight that there was a lot of catching up to do. He wasn’t kidding. “The Last Recruit” moved briskly, touched on a myriad of mysteries, and served up more explosions and twists. But the delicate balance of plot and character definitely felt askew, and along with all the forward velocity, there were moments that seemed to lose traction. At the end of last week’s episode, we felt the stage was set for the final sprint. Tonight’s tale had a lot of flash, but it still feels like we’re waiting for the big show. And with a week off before the next new episode, “The Last Recruit” definitely left us wanting more.

In the flash-sideways, the inevitable collision of our wayward survivors was aggressively accelerated. Sun makes her connection with the island world when she spots Locke on the next gurney. And Jack gets his hands on Locke’s dural sack without a consult. And by the close of our multi-faceted tour of Los Angeles, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Jack, Claire, Desmond, Locke, and Ben are clearly interconnected. But can they all be unified and even embark on a plan in the few hours ahead?

I did like Jack’s renewed connection with David, as well as the interplay between cop Sawyer and fugitive Kate, perhaps the strongest character moments in the episode. Seeing Ilana turn up as a lawyer the week after she was blown up on the island was fun, but It still doesn’t make up for her untimely end. Desmond’s actions are again curious, though. Why was he going to see a lawyer? At first we guessed it was just a ruse to point Claire toward Jack, drawn from post-flash omniscience. But he knew Ilana, and had an appointment. Perhaps she’s just corporation counsel for Widmore Industries?

On the island, our unified camp of survivors doesn’t last long, as Sawyer executes his plan and separates Unlocke from several of his precious candidates. It serves the Man in Black right for entrusting a key part of his plan to a con man. Of course, on “LOST,” it can’t be that simple, and after another long look at the ocean, Jack decides that his work’s not done, and jumps overboard. As soon as he returns to the island, Unlocke is there to claim him.

Is Jack “The Last Recruit”? He seems pretty set on confounding Unlocke, but he is also told twice that he’s already “with” him. Claire told Jack that his mistake was letting Unlocke speak. And after Unlocke rescues a dazed Jack from a huge explosion — reminiscent of Claire’s crossing over in New Otherton — he also tells Jack, “You’re with me, now.” I’m wondering if Unlocke is now back to square one… or if there’s a chance that Jack was really the only candidate he needed.

In terms of answers, Unlocke confirms to Jack that he had appeared as Christian Shephard soon after the crash. As with the explanation of the whispers last week, though, the answer seems to bring more questions. Was the Man In Black portraying Christian in Jacob’s cabin? (Probably.) Visiting Jack off the island? (Probably not?) Telling Locke to turn the donkey wheel? (Probably.) Talking to Sun and Frank about the DHARMA Initiative? (Probably not, since at the same time, the Man In Black was Unlocke with the Ajira crew, and supposedly “stuck” in that form.) And a few weeks ago, it seemed significant that Claire described her father and her “friend” as two separate entities. Did she just not know she was in the middle of a puppet show?

And while Unlocke’s darker nature seems even more pronounced now, I’m struck by what he told Jack: he appeared as his father to lead him to water. In retrospect, it does seem to be what the vision accomplished way back in Season 1. And Unlocke also brought water and food to Richard at the Black Rock. Of course, he wanted something from Richard, and still wants something from Jack. But I found the tiny shard of implied benevolence interesting.

Jack was trapped on the island before he even got there? Absolutely. All the Man in Black wanted to do was help them leave? I’m not sure. I think Jack is right to question why he wants them gone, and just how their continued presence is a threat.

While Sawyer was ready to write off Claire and Sayid, both seemed to get a glimmer of hope tonight. Claire’s homicidal urges toward Kate seemed to subside (again) as she was welcomed aboard the escape boat, and Sayid’s hesitation after returning to Locke suggests that talking to Desmond may have reawakened some humanity within him.

Sayid’s character is definitely an empty one now, with even Sawyer dismissing him as a zombie. We’re hoping for a tragic and sad end, or a heroic final turn, but this blank-faced moping around has got to stop. At least Hurley suggests that redemption is possible, invoking what seems to be a contractually obligated “Star Wars” reference. (A reference that pop-culture wise-ass Sawyer inexplicably doesn’t recognize.) Anakin Skywalker turned against his dark lord in a climactic battle, so perhaps Sayid will do the same.

And, yes, at long last, Sun and Jin were reunited. As we’d feared, the overextended separation and the episode’s rushed pace robbed the moment of much of its dramatic power. Actually, the portable sonic fence on the beach seemed to have been purposely situated between them as they ran toward each other, and we were half expecting there to be yet another cheesy contrivance to keep them apart one more week. Fortunately, they embraced and declared their love… but the writers let Lapitas channel David Caruso with a smirking one-liner that deflated whatever emotional power was left in the scene.

Why did Widmore call off the deal with Sawyer? Why does anyone on Team Widmore think missiles are an effective weapon against Unlocke? Where has the spirit of Jacob been all this time, and what is Unlocke’s ultimate plan? And how are we going to survive two weeks before getting our next shot at answers?

  • The conversation between Unlocke and Jack was a powerful one. When Unlocke said John Locke was stupid, and a sucker, at first I felt it was just adding insult to injury when it came to one of the most interesting and promising characters on “LOST.” But then I started to think (or hope) that they were actually setting John Locke up to be vindicated somehow. I hope so.
  • Off the island, we learn that Locke’s wheelchair actually saved his life. Jen said it reminded her of how losing his kidney saved his life when he was shot by Ben.
  • Flash-sideways Kate emphatically insists she’s innocent. And if the flash-sideways are going to ultimately suggest happier lives for our survivors, it would make sense that she is. Notice that Sawyer offers Kate an apple in the police station. A reference to Eve and the Garden of Eden? Or is it just an apple?
  • Sawyer’s observation that it’s “weird” how he and Kate ended up crossing each others paths reminded us of Jack remarking to Kate in “316” that it was “crazy” to see that they were all back together on an airplane.
  • We loved how cool Unlocke was when the first warning missile struck in the jungle. The huge explosion behind his unflinching figure called to mind the moment he blew up the submarine in Season 3.
  • Zoe’s conversation with Unlocke, in which Unlocke says he has no idea what she’s talking about, is a direct mirror of the conversation Unlocke has with Widmore over a similar situation in “The Package.”
  • Miles says his last name is Straum. So even though he’s got a good relationship with his museum-managing dad, Dr. Chang, there’s still a kink or two in that family tree.
  • Ilana’s last name is Verdanski. Couldn’t think of how that might be significant, if only in comparison to Radzinski and Minkowski.
  • Hurley says, “People are trying to kill us again.” Just like old times.
  • Sawyer gets of at least one notable nickname: Chesty. It was funny how he referred to Lapitas as a guy who looked like he stepped out of a Burt Reynold’s movie… but it was an unusually clunky line of dialogue where “the pilot” probably would have sufficed.
  • Locations: The office building where Claire, Desmond, Jack, David, and Ilana came together was Pauahi Tower in downtown Honolulu. The hospital where Sun and Jin and Jack and Locke turned up was the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific (though I think the ambulance bay and emergency entrance was Kuakini Hospital). The house where Sayid was captured by Sawyer and Miles is on Waiohinu Drive in Kahala. The “old pier” where Jack and his group boarded the Elizabeth was Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay.

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431 Responses to “Next: “The Last Recruit” (Episode 6-13)”

  1. Ryan says:

    Oops! Yes, Genevieve, that’s what I meant. Fixed!

  2. Matt says:

    Did anyone else think it looked like Sun and Jin were going to be zapped by the sonic fence right as they reached each other? Now that would have been a little comic relief, but probably would have caused more of an uproar than necessary after the many ages the writers have waited to bring about this moment. Still…the choice of camera angle was curious…

  3. KK says:

    @Genevieve — about the Ilana accent/no accent discrepancy: I think it is supposed to mean something. It’s one in a long list of differences we’re seeing between the two timelines. Why does she have no accent in the Xverse? We’ll have to wait and see…

  4. Matt says:

    Whoops. That’s what you get for commenting before reading the full blog commentary. Bad form…

  5. KK says:

    @Matt — several people above mentioned the same thing about Sun & Jin and the fence. I personally think the placement of the sonic fence for the Jin/Sun reunion was a blatant effort on the part of Darlton to “f” with us. 😉 In a fun way. They have that sense of humor, I think.

  6. greenberry says:

    I seem to recall that it was inferred that Juliet looked “just like” Jack’s first wife, no? She was used to ‘lure’ Jack I believe.

  7. Kaneohe_Jack says:

    My apologies, but I haven’t read everything yet so this may be a repeat.

    I am glad Jin & Sun finally got together! However, for a moment there, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. I thought that the call in to turn off the sonic fence would not have gone through and one or both of them would be killed (or seriously hurt) by it. If you recall, Widmore’s crew already showed some safety issues when they allowed that breaker to be closed in and killed that worker in that box. I was so certain that this would happen that I found myself actually yelling at the tv: “Nooooo!”

    Anyway, I’m still looking forward to seeing Desmond’s helicopter vision come true. It has to happen. I can’t wait for how they depict this….

  8. Isabelle says:

    What did you think of Sawyer’s look when Jin & Sun finally reunited?
    His visible suffering at seeing them in each other’s arms was heart-breaking. I was starting to think he had already forgotten Juliet and was glad to see he hasn’t.

  9. greenberry says:

    Hi All ~ I love Wednesday mornings and once again connecting full-force with my LOST family ~ what is our new expression… Man, I’m going to miss this board?!

    Like John Fischer (and others) expressed above, I really liked this episode. In contrast to some, I have liked all of Season 6 (way more than 5 as a whole, although 5 is getting better upon second viewing), and I ESPECIALLY like the Flash Sideways… probably because a lot of the sci-fi stuff is over my head (one of the many reasons I come to this board) ~ I think the mirror images and inter-connections of the characters are cool, and it is just plain fun to see some off-island scenes where our Losties are actually clean.

    @ Lori ~ Yes! I am so done with Zoe and @ Carol ~ Yes! An awful lot of violence and casualties… but in Zoe’s case I’ll make an exception!

    Ryan, your first notation above about the powerful conversation between Jack and Locke (I thought this too), and about adding insult to injury re: MIB referring to Locke as ‘stupid’ and ‘a sucker’ resonated with me (and made me feel guilty!); particularly after writing some posts earlier about Locke being the perfect vessel to be toyed with by both Jacob and MIB for similar reasons ~~ I like your conclusion that perhaps Locke could be vindicated… after all, his previous PURITY was something to behold, and what kind of a message is it to say that being suspicious and wily is better?

    Speaking of wily and suspicious, I can sure relate to Sawyer and his sure-footed pragmatism. Am I clouded by how gorgeous he is? Hmmm… LOVED the scene with Kate and him!!!!! Their on-screen chemistry is off the charts ~ perhaps no LOVE connection, but plenty of lust! For me, it was SO NICE to see Kate come alive again. She is feisty and passionate, and I am still holding out for a meaningful ending for her. She really loves Jack, even though they are so dysfunctional together – perhaps their relationship will be healed (or is Jack too busy being the Jacob messiah now?). I still don’t see Sawyer being “in love” with Juliet, but they did have a healthy relationship playing house for a while.

    On-Island: It is great seeing Jack following his calling! He is such a sincere and well-meaning character. Claire is the creepiest character ever! MIB MUST BE STOPPED!! Am loving the show ~ can’t wait for the next installment!!

  10. Annietoo says:

    Why do you think that dead Christian was shown in two different outfits? Ans = one was the real ghost Christian (or Jacob impersonation) the other was the MIB impersonation.

  11. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Greenberry – yes I agree – I am loving this Season and I enjoy the Flashsideways.

  12. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I think Ben/Miles/Richard have gone either to the templer or another Dhama Station to possibly move the Island again. It’s been pointed out there are other wells out there. This could be what finally synch’s up our time lines.
    I also like the idea of multiple time lines but I don’t think Damon and Carlton are going to go that route (at least not directly).

    I had to chuckle at your point about the Map and the North symbol!

  13. greenberry says:

    @ Yann ~ I like your discussion Re: Faith and Pragmatism as two ways of facing fear… I also questioned ‘fear’ being the opposite of ‘faith’ – you articulated that well

    @ Carol ~ I am also thinking that Kate might be having Jack’s baby by season’s end — how much present-day time has lapsed since the Losties return to the island?

  14. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Lorne – I do like the idea of the Island as a Player and have previously stated I can see a Father-Son-Holy spirit thing as the “Game” Maybe Whitmore is working for the Island
    Ben had been working for Smokey, thinking he was working for the Island and the Island and/or Jacob just humored him to keep Smokey occupied
    Richard had been reporting to Jacob.

    Miles will be utilized to gain info from the dead either at the Temple or from earlier “leaders” as there must have been many and our 3 that Bob was talking about (Ben/Miles/Richard) will try to pool this information to offer a way to “re-cork the bottle” so to speak.

  15. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Yann and Greenberry – isn’t Fear actually the opposite of Anger. Doesn’t psychology say something like Fear is just Anger turned inward and Anger is the outward expression of fear?

  16. @Carol: Air traffic is back to normal (except for those who wanted to departe last week) and the train stike is over… As long as I can take my train Friday and go to Romania and the US in the coming months I will be happy.
    @Genevieve: Well… if she didn’t had to “train” in Russia and moved to the US I guess she might have lost her accent because she spent more time there….
    Quick question tho: If Jacob doesn’t ask anyone to do anything (except once to Richard) what was up with Ilana??? Asking for training doesn’t sound like “free choice”.
    @Kaneohe_Jack: I have something esle than Desmond vision that I am looking forward to… the magic box! lol What a liar this Ben (and maybe Desmond lied just to be with Penny again… he nearly tried to kill Charlie a couple episode before telling him that)
    @greenberry: Jack is following his calling… just like Locke did! Or just like he did when he thought he had it with Daniel and the bomb… We saw how that bold in both situations… If Jacob is about Free Will and mib about Determinism then I understand why everyone is saying to Jack that he is on mib team now.
    I quit “team salvation” (which is Desmond team now I think) and I pick “team I take care of myself and I let them take care of themselves (mib and Widmore)”… Go Sawyer! Let’s leave this damn Island now (even tho I totally know that it won’t happened… or the sideways would make no sense anylonger)

  17. Embie says:

    @ Michael and others – I was fascinated by MIB telling Jack that yes he did appear as Christian Shephard. Terri O’Quinn lets us see Jack’s question filter through his mind and then says yes. But is it really yes or just MIB taking credit for something he really wasn’t in on, to mess around with Jack?

    As for Sayid and Desmond, Des asked the right question “what are you going to tell her, this woman, about what you did so you could be together?” (paraphrase not exact). Repeatedly we have seen Sayid struggle with his past, with his worthiness (or lack thereof) to be with Nadia. I agree with others that Sayid did not kill Des here, and further suspect that he helped him get out of the well. Nice parallel with Richard and Isabella – like Isabella, Nadia is dead (except in flash sideways) and Sayid will be able to feel her presence so long as he does not take the offer from MIB.

  18. Eric W. says:

    Yesterday’s epidode felt a bit rushed; you can definitely tell this episode’s main purpose was to place all the characters exactly where they were meamt to be. If you actually think about it, it’s ridiculous how many characters appeared in the flash sideways. I am excited for the next part of what they are definitely setting up, and was SO excited when I saw the chance for Locke to be fixed by Jack!! I thought after the Substitute that awesome possibility was gone…

  19. cat says:

    @Yann and Annietoo – I agree with you that the MIB can’t be the boat Christian or the hospital Christian – both had whispers as I recall which means that the “undead” seem to be able to go off the island even though they are contained there – not sure how that happens. However, I really do believe that cabin Christian is MIB and that is why Ilana burned down the cabin because the “evil” was in there – also, MIB was held in there by the ash. The two “Christians” had different color suits and maybe even different color shoes clearly differentiating the two.

  20. @Annietoo: Wow! I love that answer!
    @greenberry: If we watch time from Sun perspective night1:othertown night2:john night3:richard healed john night4:jacob is killed night5:coming and going from the temple… I would say a week.
    @Bonita: fear leads to anger is not really philosophy… it is Star Wars! lol (I am joking) Fear is the unknown and the danger of its perspective… that is why both faith and pragmatism are ways to face it.

  21. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @Yann @ Leachpunk et al
    Haven’t we stipulated that after the Ajira crash, smokey is stuck in the assumed form of John Locke? So how could he have been Christian in Dharmaville or, more importantly, Alex beneath the temple with Ben? The latter apparition definitley served his purpose though. “You need to do whatever Locke says…….” UnLocke must be providing partial truths at best, but I’m not sure what interests the ghosts represent or even how reliable they truly are.

    I do trust Charlie though.

  22. LReene says:

    @Bonita & Bob – Richard, Miles, and Ben are headed back to the Dharma Village to find more explosives. When they left the group, that is where they said they were heading.

  23. @Embie: We know how mib likes to tell our losties what they want to hear “i am your dead brother and I will forgive you” “we will leave the Island” “you can deal with her afterward” “I have your husband” “you can become the king of the Island” “Aaron needs a mother” “you will have your wife back”… “I am your father” (Star Wars reference again! lol) I think Jack wanted to hear that because Jack has an issue with his father and doesn’t really want to admit that it is the one thing he need to “fix” and he is ready to blow up a nuclear bomb instead…
    That is why Desmond was such a problem to mib, if you don’t have no fear you can’t be exploited. That is why Eko was killed.
    @cat: No Whispers in the hospital… but it was off Island and predicted by Hurley (but, are the ghosts good?). The Cabin is another issue… two people were inside!

  24. @Rich: I think (and I think they expressed it in the official podcast) that it was because of Jacob’s death that mib is stuck this way… If Jacob was responsable for “taking my humanity” maybe once he was gone mib could claim humanity again through the form of John…

  25. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Stupidity/being a sucker has been a recurring theme for many seasons. Equal in volume under the radar much like all the references to “hell prior to this season. Most commonly expressed as “How stupid do you think I am?” Such as when Jack’s about to open the water tight hatch in the Hydra. Charlie delivered it with a different accent. “Are you a sodding idiot?” he asked Gretchen after Mikhail shot her in the looking glass. etc.etc.

  26. Rich in Cleveland says:

    So…smokey wasn’t stuck as Locke until Ben killed Jacob? I don’t know.

  27. @Rich: he used someone unknown to tell Sun to wait for Locke (good choice), he used “Locke” to have Ben following him (best choice) and then to claim his leadership to Richard (again best choice) and did some “Alex” to have Ben do his bidding because that is what Ben wanted the most (the very best choice… after scanning that Ben wanted to kill Locke again). mib is really clever for sure and sure knows how to manipulate people… in an Island full of liars he is the king of them all!
    If they leave the Island will he transform to Nadia to grand Sayid wish? That would be twisted for network tv! (just joking… he can’t do it. to bad)

  28. Michael says:

    @greenberry, No it was definitely Bens old love. This came out during Julliettes flashbacks before the plane crash. It was before she even started to date goodwin. Julliette mentions how nice Ben was being to her and goodwins says something like…..”well of course you look just like her”

    Kates mom is a bit problematic for getting pregnant on the island unless Sam or Kates Military dad also went to the island at some point.

    But Kate mentions in the hatch that she hasn’t eaten one of chocolate bars found in the hatch since he was a little girl. That same candy bar was in the snack machine when Jacob touches jack in the hospital. So they do exist off island as well. Might have been a false clue meant to mislead us.

    If ben is not Kates dad, then maybe desmonds. He sacrifices himself in the end to save his child. (Just like Annakin)

  29. Gretchen says:

    I liked the episode, but I feel a little like they’re rushing at this point. The exposition isn’t really any fun. UnLocke just TELLS Jack that he assumed the form of Christian Shepherd and Michael just TELLS Hurley that he’s right about the whispers. Where’s the fun in that?

    I don’t think we should write Sayid off just yet. I suspect that he didn’t kill Desmond. Something Desmond said got to him (probably about love and Nadia) and Sayid may turn around yet.

    And Jen – sorry to point it out, but you were wrong! Sun and Jin WERE reunited! (And it feels so good….) 🙂

  30. Carol from Boston says:

    @Chris is silver springs – I have the newest episode on my itouch and listened to the part you spoke about and you are absolutely right. When Locke says “Then go do what I said” it is MIB’s voice. Great catch!! I found it easier to hear on my itouch than my tv.

  31. Carol from Boston says:

    @Greenberry – I agree about killing off Zoe, I haven’t disliked a character so much since Nikki and Paolo. I have been enjoying this season and as much as many will get mad if they end up living the sideways life, I would be okay with it. Most of them are better off and still alive. I am a happy ending type of gal.

    @Gretchen, – I agree Desmond is alive. When Locke caught up with Sayid, Sayid was searching around for something and looking up, what do you think he was searching for? Something to use to get Desmond out of the well?

  32. Gregoire from NYC says:

    Although the Sun and Jin reunion felt really tacked on — as if the writers realized they had too much to do in a relatively short number of episodes and decided, “Hey, look, we can throw it in right here!” — despite this, it was incredibly moving and just confirms for me why Yunjin Kim is ten kinds of awesome.

    Her line “I never stopped looking for you” was both heartbreaking and in a way hilarious. This is literally true, Jin, she never stopped looking. It seems that at least once an episode she uttered the line “Where’s my husband?”

    It also reinforces that not only can true love penetrate dimensional boundaries, it also seems to difuse the power of UnLocke — if indeed he was responsible for Sun’s minor English meltdown.

  33. Leyla from Lubbock says:

    What’s up with the well that Desmond was thrown into? It sure got shallow by the time Sayid found it.

  34. lucydog says:

    @carol and others…

    can someone explain to me the MIB voice different than John Locke’s voice issue that people are talking about? I thought MIB sounded like Locke—after all same actor playing him…

    confused. help me or pat me on my head and send me on my way…

  35. Carol from Boston says:

    @Lucydog – the line is said in the voice of Titus the actor who plays him, the original MIB before he took locke’s body. It was not Terry O’quinn’s voice. EArlier in the scene Terry’s voice was husky and I thought it might be that, but I listened hard and that line is said by the actual voice of Titus and dubbed in (imho)

    So what does that mean? Is MIB losing complete power over John’s body due to the flash sideways?

    Well this is my day off and I can’t sneak on the computer for a while, so have a good day everyone.

  36. greenberry says:

    @ Gregoire ~ lol re: Sun looking for Jin ~ I was very moved (and even cried) during their reunion ~ they sold it

    @ Bonita ~ from a psychological perspective, depression is anger turned inward (rather than fear) and anger is the outward expression of depression or frustration (not being able to control our world and others)

  37. HeyKir in NYC says:

    Haven’t read all the posts yet, but I have a comment on the Sun/Jin reunion comments thus far…
    I think it was fine. Had their reunion been extended much more than that on screen, we would be reading complaints about how schlocky and sappy it was and how much precious time was being wasted. Is it just me??

    Breathe, people…we’re almost there!! 🙂

  38. greenberry says:

    @ Yann and You All Everybody ~ Jack, the last recruit, seems more enlightened this time ~ In the past, he would go off half-cocked in a reactionary manner (like lamely releasing the hydrogen bomb because he was sad he didn’t make it with Kate!) ~ I think reading that note from Locke “I wished you had believed me” changed him ~ he regrets choices he made in the past, and now seems more reflective and deliberate, and believes Jacob (his encounter in the lighthouse with Hurley) about having an important role and purpose for having come back to the island.

  39. John Fischer says:

    The time-line in the alt is weird. How do Sun and Locke end up arriving at the hospital at the same time? Sun was shot maybe 2 at most 3 days after arriving on Oceanic 815. Locke meanwhile landed, returned to his job at the box factory, was fired, found his substitute teacher’s job and has apparently been there for a while considering we’ve seen him at the school on a couple of occasions.

  40. Alex in MD says:

    The writers missed a powerful, dramatic moment that, while I know would have been cliche, I think they needed. When Jack was about to take his leap off the boat, Hurley should have popped out and caught Jack’s eye. They should have nodded to each other and had Jack jump in.

    The nod from Jack would express thanks for Hurley opening his eyes to the wonders of the island and his place in a role larger than himself. The nod from Hurley would express his thanks for receiving Jack’s trust and respect.

    Closure. And the final chapter would have begun.

  41. Alex in MD says:

    Oh, and I am DYING to find out who Sun thinks John Locke is in the Flash-Sideways. Maybe they interacted in Australia?

  42. Bill says:

    Jack isn’t much of a big brother. He just let Sawyer make all the decisions about who went on the boat, never once speaking up for Claire. At least Kate had the kahoonies to stand up for her – bravo. And where does Sawyer get off calling it “his boat”? That’s Desmond’s friggin’ boat. Jack has been a very inconsistent hero.

  43. greenberry says:

    Fear is also the root of predjudice (which could produce anger); so in this sense anger could potentially be the outward expression of fear.

  44. Alex in MD says:

    One more thing. If Man-In-Locke is evil, then he lies. Therefore, when he told Jack that he appeared as Christian, he was lying.

    Or…he wasn’t lying, but he wasn’t appearing as Christian each time Christian appeared to Jack or anyone else. Sometimes Christian’s actual spirit appeared. Or possibly the island used his image, not just MIL. After all…Ilana indicated that the gap in the ash around Jacob’s cabin indicated that “someone else was using the cabin” That means that there was more than one person able to communicate using the images of the dead.

  45. aaron r says:

    wow, wouldn’t that be truly strange, in two weeks, to show us a dead desmond? i really hope not, and really don’t think sayid did the job though. thought the best line, of quite a few, was “john locke was not a believer, jack. he was a sucker.” and i agree, the reunion of sun and jin, while nice seemed to lack some emotional impact. and like a lot of people here, i too was concerned about widmore’s fence when they were running to each other. it was a cool star wars reference, and of course it will mean something later on, which will be pretty soon. is it just me – and i do admit to a weakness for evangeline lily since the pilot – but is she prettier tonite? especially at the police station, but other scenes too? is it just that she hasn’t been the center of things for a while? probably just me lol.
    whose boat is it? it’s a nice one, the ‘elizabeth’ out of newport beach, ca no less. and it seems that claire really is crazy, scarily so. at first the reunion of her and jack was kind of touching, and the scene between her and kate at the boat was cool, but those eyes… and did anyone notice how the music seemed to propel the show tonight? has it always, and i just missed it? and a very neat segue between sun and jin in the hospital over to jack and david. looked very nice and really helped to set us up for everyone at the hospital. after all, it’s the only hospital in a very small los angeles.
    last question – where was the forest clearing where unlocke’s gang was hanging out?

  46. I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments yet but I just sat and watched the epi twice in a row. I’m convinced that Sayid did not kill Desmond and was bluffing unLocke. That look in his eye and smirk on his face convinced me that he is redeemable.

  47. I mean that Sayid is redeemable.

  48. Maluhia says:

    I have to say, this wasn’t an HFC episode for me, and I haven’t heard anyone(?) share a holy freakin’ crap in the last couple of weeks! I was anticipating that this episode would take us a little farther. So little time left, still so much to resolve! Now time to rewatch and digest a little more.

  49. aaron r says:

    been reading comments. i also feel that sayid’s conversation with desmond helped to bring back some of the original sayid. he’s not clear of whatever happened to him, but seems to be rebelling against being controlled by unlocke. i’m sure he didn’t kill desmond. but did he get him out of the well?
    i’m not really too concerned with who was playing christian. and i just read about someone – ben? desmond?- being kate’s father. and i totally missed that she grew up on the island. this is just science fiction, people. or it was.
    one of my biggest concerns is, that all the new ideas, they won’t be able to pull of a satisfying ending. but i have faith. what a cool ride.

  50. Alex in MD says:

    I think I’ve come up with a more scientific explanation of the whispers as a riff on the explanation given by Michael. The human mind is a structured collection of electrical impulses. The notion of a spirit being separate from the body fits well with this scientific fact. Normally, the upon death, the spirit/mind energy structure would dissipate into the surrounding world/universe. Consciousness would dissolve into nirvana. Nameste. Or it could travel intact to another plain of existence. Heaven/Hell. Amen. As I am not a zombie…I can not provide any direct observations. But regardless, the electrical impulses are released from the body.

    However, The Island has some strange electromagnetic properties that warps space/time with powerful magnetic flux and prevents exit of mass/energy unless proper orientation of travel is obtained. Think Desmond’s boat, the Dharma food drop, the doctor’s dead body and the musical transmission of jazz music that Sayid and Hurley get on the radio way back in Season 1.

    If when a body releases it’s electomagnetic impulse when the body dies, what would happen if it happened in a place that was designed to trap electromagnetic energies? The residual energy would be trapped.

    Being normally unable to communicate directly with the living, perhaps the only chance for contact would to amplify the ambient sounds in the area, or perhaps to amplify the memories with living person by sparking sounds or images from their memory; memories being electrical imprints on the living brain.

    Different people respond to the amplification differently. Some heard or see nothing. Some have the ability to receive some sounds and some visions. Jacob chose people who were able to receive messages. And some were even able to communicate with intense clarity like Mile and Hurley.

    Hey…that ties the whole show together. Except, I will admit, it does not explain the Hurley Bird.

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