Next: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)

After a near half-season absence, Desmond returns to the foreground this week, and not surprisingly, his story is once again a game changer. As the only person to survive a cataclysmic magnetic event, he is key to Widmore’s plan on the island. And in the flash-sideways, he gets a taste of “the truth” from Charlie, and will be the one to finally bring our wandering, disconnected survivors together. In this final chapter of “LOST,” the end game has never been in sharper focus. And yet we’re still confounded as to what happens next.

“You felt it, didn’t you?” So love is all you need… to see beyond the edges of the universe. Charlie, choking on his drugs, sees (presumably) Claire from the original timeline and realizes that nothing else matters, that nothing else is real. Desmond, after nearly drowning and getting zapped in an MRI machine, sees Penny and the birth of Charlie. Daniel falls in love at first sight with Charlotte, and he gets a brainload of quantum physics. I would guess that the intensity of premature labor and natural, maternal love is what connected Claire with the name Aaron earlier this season. And now Desmond wants to share his revelation with the rest of the passengers on Oceanic 815.

Forgetting for a moment that few people will be receptive to an invitation to have a near-death experience (breath-holding exercises? elective MRI scans?), it bears noting that not everyone in the flash-sideways world would give up their lives for the ones we know they had in the original timeline. If “redeemed dad” Jack somehow gets a glimpse of “Oceanic Six” Jack, for example, I don’t think he’ll be as convinced as Charlie and Desmond that the vision is “the truth.”

In fact, now that our flash-sideways characters are becoming aware of the original, island timeline, the question is whether the opposite will happen. Will Unlocke or Jacob show our LOSTies a glimpse of their sideways selves? Will the final sides in the war be determined by which timeline each character wants to win out?

And the fact that Desmond has a plan in the flash-sideways now suggests that the fate of our characters might not only be decided on the island. Widmore’s high-powered test tonight suggests that his final play involves another failsafe-level release of magnetic energy. But his insistence on a timeline, coupled with how things may soon unfold in the flash-sideways, make me think that something big will happen on both sides simultaneously.

Finally, Eloise. She still seems to be the most in-the-know in any timeline. Her shock at seeing Desmond, supposedly for the first time, was palpable. And the way she turned from surprisingly understanding to angry and frustrated was telling. Desmond is not ready. And for him to start asking questions is not just wrong, but a “violation.” A violation of rules? Of time and space? We shall see.

Notes and Notions:

  • “Intense” is the word of the evening. Desmond enduring the energy test was as wild as any climactic moment in “LOST,” and could easily rank as an iconic image through all of science fiction. And Desmond’s claustrophobic MRI flash scene was also powerful.
  • Seeing flashes of Charlie drowning once again still put a lump in my throat. But that’s an emotional card the writers probably can’t play much longer.
  • The contrast between Desmond’s two lives — globetrotting businessman with no attachments versus loving husband and father — could have probably been drawn a little more subtly. Why would he want Charles Widmore’s approval more than anything else in the world, if there wasn’t a Penny to motivate him? Still, the moment where Widmore let him have a sip of MacCutcheon was great.
  • On the other hand, was there something more to the fact that Desmond had no family to declare as an emergency contact? His lack of daddy issues, or even mommy issues, remains one of the biggest blank spots among our characters’ backstories.
  • The MRI machine definitely had a little bit of smoke monster in it, at least in terms of sound design. And actually, the smoke monster probably has more in common with MRI machines than you’d initially think.
  • I’m not entirely clear if sideways Daniel thinks setting off a bomb was a good idea or not, though he definitely doesn’t want to do it again. He does seem to know that Jughead did detonate, and that it was key to creating “some other life.”
  • Daniel is a Widmore, and Penny is not (if she was, indeed, the “Penny Milton” of the mysterious guest list). And the two are half-siblings, as many suspected was the case in the original timeline. Presumably Penny is still Widmore’s first daughter by another woman, but the whole family seems to be pretty even keeled.
  • Will we ever learn who Penny’s mother is? I’m not sure. I think giving her the name “Milton” is a way of saying it doesn’t matter. John Milton is the author of “Paradise Lost.”
  • I’m not sure there’s much more to George Minkowski turning up as Desmond’s driver, either. But I’m a fan of the cameos.
  • With Daniel now a musician, the number of likely suspects for the person who programmed the computer in The Looking Glass underwater station has doubled. It always seemed poetic that Charlie be somehow responsible for the “Good Vibrations” code, but Daniel works too.
  • On the island, I’m not entirely sure why Desmond went with Sayid so willingly. Maybe you just don’t want to mess with a killer with a knife? But the way he was so at peace after the energy test makes me think he’s now absolutely convinced of his importance in the universe, and simply doesn’t see Sayid (or anyone) as a threat.
  • Locations: So many! The baggage claim was at Honolulu International Airport. Widmore’s office was built inside King Kalakaua Plaza, also known as the former Niketown Honolulu building, in Waikiki. The Airport Courthouse was the State Attorney General’s Office building on Queen St. off Punchbowl St. The bar, “Jax,” was Anna Bananna’s near University Avenue. The marina where Charlie and Desmond drove into the water was the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor behind the Ilikai Hotel. The hospital where Desmond, Charlie, and Jack turned up was Hawaii Medical Center East on Liliha Street. The museum where Eloise was staging her concert was Bishop Museum. And the stadium where Desmond met Penny was Aloha Stadium.

But that’s just us. How did you like the episode? We’d love your feedback! Please share your reactions, theories, favorite moments and other thoughts from “Happily Ever After” below, and join in one of the best post-episode conversations you’ll find anywhere. You can also e-mail us at, or leave a brief message on the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

388 Responses to “Next: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)”

  1. James Carey says:

    Did we know before that Charlie was Widmore’s son ?

  2. JuicyNYC says:

    What a great episode! Desmond delivers as always.

    At first I was frustrated that so little time seems to be devoted to the On-Island action, leaving me to think that the FSW were almost filler material. But I was proven wrong with this episode. Serious connections are starting to appear.

    Also, while watching Claire fumble around with her luggage in the airport, I realized that I missed cute, clumsy Claire over her crazy counterpart. It makes me think that while I’m sure the writers have a definite purpose for the FSW, it’s also a chance to give us those nice, happy moments in these characters we’ve become invested in without resorting to some cheesy “Everyone wins” ending.

  3. Butch says:

    I watch the episodes and I feel more than entertained. I come here and get more than depressed.

    Half of you just reiterate the obvious, the other half are trying to find some kind of justification to your existence. You try to stay one jump ahead of everyone else, including, if it were possible, the very writers themselves. Every other episode is second-guessed, every other is really praised only because you claim that you “saw it coming”.

    I can’t see the future. I can’t even “see” the present. All we can truly see is the past.

    For a show about faith, all I see here are doubters.

  4. steve says:

    Has Desmond ever met Man In Black? As smoke monster or as someone who died? If Desmond sees Locke next week or thereafter, it will be the first time, no? I assume he knows about the smoke monster?

  5. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Somewhere in Texas, there is a cowboy sitting in a Starbucks, fighting back tears. The Constant has touched me.

  6. James Carey says:

    What “sacrifice” do you think Desmond will have to make ?

  7. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Then there are those who come across as the all seeing eye into the hearts of men. There’s not enough bandwidth for your ego, so go with the flow or don’t. We’re here to discuss the show, not point fingers at each other.

  8. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    James Carey: Maybe Desmond will have to sacrifice his constant, Penny.

  9. Doug says:

    Upon reflecting, a few new questions jump to mind:
    1) Modern Eloise (from “the universe has a way of course correcting” on) seems to be a completely different person than the Eloise that we left in the 70’s – to the point of almost seeming omniscient. I’m beginning to wonder if she is indeed the same person, or if someone else manifesting as Eloise (like Locke). She’s at the very least had something very significant happen to her.
    2) If Desmond’s goal is now to get each of the losties to come into contact with someone the cared about in the island timeline, all of a sudden the Kate quadrangle becomes really important to the main story.
    3) Why don’t Jin and Sun remember the other timeline. I assume that they are each other’s constant and they are together in the Alt…

    Ow, my brain hurts!

  10. PCV says:

    Desmond always has great episodes! I loved how this panned out! The best so far. So you need a near death experience to feel the other reality. Bring em on!

  11. James Carey says:

    doh, nevermind – I was under the impression Charlie was Widmore’s son too – but Widmore just wanted Charlie to play at the party with Daniel…

  12. Pete from Rockford says:

    ACK! We missed the late “on-island” stuff. Due to pausing live TV on the DVR and then an auto-tuner swap to record another show, we completely missed the Charles/Desmond and Desmond/Sayid stuff! Thankfully the DVR picked it all up. Watching it now….

  13. Isaac says:

    By far, the best episode of Season 6, this is what im talkin about, it made you think about all the conversations that happened between the major characters and now it gets us closer to what is goin on, me and my sister had to pause a couple of times during the episode to review the conversations, the conversation between Desmond and Daniel Widmore was HUGE

  14. Isaac says:

    I think it was at the end of “The Constant” episode where Daniel writes, “if anything goes wrong, Desmond will be my constant”

    Do you guys think that phrase was writtin in that notebook that he pulled out during this episode and that his how Daniel kinda knows whats goin on?

  15. cat says:

    Russ and James – maybe the sacrifice is little Charlie. He is not alive in the sideways world. I can’t help but think that both Aaron and little Kwon are alive in the sideways world but Charlie is not is very important…..

  16. Isaac says:

    Ahhh so this is what happened to Juliet

    she gets exposed to electromagnetic pulse

    she jumps into the flash sideways and that why she says “it worked”

  17. LReene says:

    A couple thoughts after 2 additional rewatches of last night’s episode. And if either of these have been posted before, please forgive me. I’ve read all the posts, but there are so many of them, sometimes my memory of what I’ve read isn’t so good :-).

    1. – I think the conversation between Desmond and Charlie in the bar is a summation of LOST. Desmond offers Charlie a “choice”. When he gets through explaining it, Charlie acklowledges that “it really isn’t a “choice” at all”.

    2. – That being said, could it be that the whole Jacob vs Man in Black scenario is not really “Good vs Evil” at all, but simply the personification of the Fate vs Freewill concept. Jacob believes in freewill, and although he is manipulative, his manipulation is strictly to get people to the island to prove Man in Black wrong. MIB on the other hand is the personification of of fate. “It ALWAYS ends the same.” In his mind, “choices” aren’t really a choice.

    This is a very short version of all my thoughts (and probably not very well explained) because I can’t figure out a good way to put my thoughts into words at this point. But I would love to hear others ideas.

  18. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Smokie scans people… so do MRI machines.

  19. Yann From France says:

    @Bill: I remember you said that, it was nice to see it happen!
    @Butch: you want to talk about the Weather?
    @Doug: 1-Heloise has always been “all knowing” off Island, I am looking forward to this explanation since we can’t say it was due to Faraday journal now. 2-yes! 3-It seems that death or near death is the other catalyst for “it” to happen
    @Isaac: … Faraday will fall in love with Desmond? I thought the Constant was about time awarness. Universal awarness seems to come from death and love…

  20. Rey says:

    I keep thinking about Jacob saying it only ends once. The popular theory has been that the people being brought to the island must make the ‘proper’ choice (although definition of ‘proper’ is not clear) in order for things to ‘end’. Generally the feeling seems to be that the ‘end’ Jacob speaks of is the ‘end’ of the hijinks on the island.

    We that in mind perhaps the ability that ‘science’ has seemed to have unleashed in Desmond will allow him to make the ‘proper’ choice and thus end things. This could be where the writers are going (or I could just be projecting). Finally, I am not sure that this choice is really between a ‘right’ reality and a ‘wrong’ reality. I think the choice will be about doing something ‘selfless.’ That line of thinking seems to point to Desmond having to choose to be without Penny and his son though, which would be sad…

  21. Isaac says:

    I do kind of wonder how this episode ties to the conversations that Jacob and MIB have.

    Jacob is trying to find his replacement on the island. Is Desmond that candidate?

    I think that the time on the island is more important now and ultimately the characters are starting to realize that based on the conversations from this episode.

    what do you guys think happened to the island in the flash sideways? clearly there was a dharma initiative

    Do you guys think Dogen in the flash sideways realizes whats goin on?

  22. eun_hye1 says:

    # But Iā€™m a fan of the cameos. <– ME TOO. And coincidences.

  23. Russell in Raleigh says:

    Did anyone else catch if Daniel said that when he saw Charlotte she was eating chocolate? When Charlotte died on the island didn’t she say something about eating chocolate right before she died?

    It seems like at least Charlotte and Juliette glimpsed their alt. universe when facing death on the island the way Charlie and Desmond glimpsed it when facing death in the flash-sideways.

  24. Kevin says:

    I have a crackpot theory on the numbers/letters on the MRI machine. On the left side it read E1 on the top, and A37 215 on the bottom. I paused my DVR, held a mirror up to the screen, and it read “lE” on top, and what looked like “SIS TER” on the bottom. I think “lE” = “L E” = “Ellie”.

    So who is Elouise’s sister? Penny’s mom? Maybe. What I think is more interesting is to think about the “mirror image”, or opposite of Ellie’s sister. Could it be Charles’ brother?

    So who is Charles Whidmore’s brother? I don’t know, but my theory is that he may be the man in black. It would make for a huge reveal when they finally give MIB’s name, and would explain how and why Whidmore is so connected to the story.

  25. Kirk - Austin says:

    When I saw Charlie’s hand “Not Penny’s Boat”, my nose started bleeding.

    Wow, what an episode.

  26. Josh says:

    I wasn’t able to watch Lost last night due to the power being out for several hours, but just got done watching it on ABC website and I must say, this was an episode that had everything and didn’t disappoint. The fact that Daniel Faraday (Daniel Widmore in this episode) was in it made this episode 10x as good also giving the fact that seeing Charlotte made him remember his last few minutes on the Island writing down the formula and whatnot about Jughead was nice.

    When Desmond and Charlie were underwater and Desmond saw Charlie with “Not Penny’s boat” written on his hand, I got a little choked up as I did in the original episode.

    Now onto Desmond. He has the ability to withstand an EMP and in doing so, sees his flash-sideways life. this makes me think that since Sun has been shot, maybe that will let her see her life on the island. Anywho. Desmond knows that, although he doesn’t have Penny or Charlie on the island, in his flash-sideways, they are alive and he can get together with Penny and make a family there. That’s why I think he is at peace and willing to make the sacrifice on the island.

    @Isaac If I remember, Desmond’s name wasn’t on the ceiling of the cave when Unlocke took Sawyer down there, so I don’t think Desmond is a candidate just like Alpert isn’t a candidate, but they both are vital people to certain things.

    I think the reason Charles Widmore really needs Desmond is because Unlocke hasn’t spoken to Desmond and as we’ve clearly seen time and time again, you have to not let Jacob or Unlocke speak to you in order to kill them, but then again, if that is true, how did Ben stab Jacob? Hmmm.

    All in all, this was a fantastic episode that saw my two favorite characters Desmond and Daniel Faraday-Widmore and it played out nicely. Now it’s time to get hyped up for “Everybody Loves Hugo”.

  27. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Look closely at the shot of the clouds just after Desmond gets zapped by the EMF’s. I found something.

  28. KK says:

    I watched The Constant and Flashes Before Your Eyes before watching Happily Ever After. It was fun! If you didn’t, I recommend watching them after. Just for fun.

    All ye religious nay-sayers, please don’t groan at this…. John 3:16 (I’m sure this has been referenced before) is about God giving up his only son so that everyone could be forgiven and have eternal life. Ajira (Swahili for “jobs”?) flight 316. Sacrifices. So many characters with only-children that they may or may not have or get to be with (depending on the timeline)…. Is this relevant? Thoughts?

    @Butch: “You’re not supposed to be here.” šŸ˜‰

    @Isaac: About Juliette saying “it worked” after her exposure… You know how Desmond in the Constant usually “came back” to Island time still saying something from 1996? Maybe Juliette’s “it worked” was something she was actually saying in her ATL?

  29. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Desmond entertains going with Sayid because although his life in the tangent may have been unfulfilling up to that point, he now can see a chance to realize his true love unencumbered by the relentless pain and sacrifice of island reality.

    By the way, if you accept my idea that the ATL is smokey’s domain, the island being under water doesn’t represent MIB’s defeat; it represents his triumph. He has left his prison a purposeless ruin buried in the ocean.

    On the title; “Happily Ever After:” Each title is carefully thought out and laden with meaning. I think this one depicts the flash side as a fairy tale and not genuine. Charlie questions its fundamental reality at one point. Hell is a dream of life without any warmth or substance? Just ask Eloise. And I wouldn’t want to be caught in that dream when the other timeline gets crossed off like an eliminated candidate.

    A couple of film analogies. The similarity to “Contact” was striking to me, though Desmond didn’t remain in the machine seat. The scene with Eloise was one of spiritual emptiness and artificial politeness. It really reminded me of “Scrooged” when Claire changes from the charitable heart to the callous hedonist as a result of taking an alternative path as forseen by….the ghost of christmas future.

  30. KK says:

    @Rus from TX: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

  31. Just watched the ABC website “next on lost”… Hurley is going to say the most logical thing ever on Lost!

  32. Isaac says:

    The only “whoosh” sound came at the end of the episode.

    what does that mean?

    Are we starting to see what the purpose of that “whoosh” sound is and what the meaning of it is especially for this season?

  33. Preston in Michigan says:

    I’m wondering if the sideways losties are going to take over for the island losties somehow. Like perhaps MIB wins and kills the candidates and believes he has completed his objective, but the “they’re coming” from Jacob was to signify that the losties from the flash sideways are coming to the island somehow, unexpectedly to foil MIB’s plans.

    Show was awesome, regardless. Happy to see the science come back into the show. Quantum physics and philosophy are big interests of mine.

  34. KK says:

    I interpret the whoosh sound as a transition between timelines — flashbacks, flashforwards, flashsideways. In Happily Ever After, we weren’t seeing Desmond’s flashsideways. We were seeing his jump between timelines, caused by the electromagnetism of the coils. In the Constant and Flashes Before Your Eyes we didn’t hear the whoosh sound either as he jumped between times.

    At least that’s what I think.

  35. Isaac says:

    If its Desmond’s consciousness that moves back and forth, that means two desmond bodies exist, one in the alternate timeline and one in the current timeline. while one consciousness is in one body, the other body is just passed out.

    and based on this episode, i am assuming that is the case with the rest of the characters, they all have two bodies and the consciousness can move back and forth between both timelines. is that whats been goin on this season? are we just seeing a whole bunch of characters that have the same abilities that desmond has. Charlie has the same ability and he wasnt exposed to radiation or electromagnetism.

    i dunno if that would be an interesting concept to this whole season, what do you guys think?

  36. Ben from Tulsa says:

    I think Desmond is the man who will be able to discern good from evil without being told, the person who won’t be corrupted by the smoke monster. Most people have assumed that this person that Jacob talked about would have to be one of the candidates, and I don’t think this has to be true.

    As far as Desmond, with him surviving the electromagnetic events, maybe that is what the smoke monster is, in essence. It could explain Smokeys powers and would be a scientific explanation for why Desmond could be uncorrupted. It would also be a scientific explanation of the evil and why Smokey believes everyone can be corrupted, because it’s “in their nature” to be effected by these events. Everyone, except for Desmond.

    I think his sacrifice will set things right and put the new candidate into the place of Jacob.

  37. Isaac says:

    In “The Constant”, Daniel exposes the rat to radiation and its consciousness moves into the future which is how it got through the maze

    But before this episode, when desmond gets exposed we are made to think that his consciousness moves into the past because of his experiences in the army and his meetings with Penny and Charles Widmore

    In this episode, desmond gets exposed and his consciousness moves to the flash sideways

    aren’t these inconsistencies?

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    @Butch – the purpose of this board is to have fun, second guess the show, and talk about it. This show is so complicated that if someone’s theory is actually right they get excited. I don’t think of this board as the reason for my existence but as a fun escape and to get help figuring out this last season so I can understand and enjoy it more.

    I mean isn’t that the point of being here? I love the show and unfortunately for me my family doesn’t watch it. I find it very frustrating to watch an episode and not being able to talk about it right away so I come here. My friends that watch the show do not listen to podcasts so they are even more confused than me.

    I understand your point of just letting the writers just do their thing and just sitting back and enjoying it. But for other people like myself the enjoyment is increased in the discussion of the show.

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    @yann and tvscifi – Thanks so much for explaining everything to me in a way that I can understand. It really helped me quite a bit.

    @yann- we determined Desmond was wearing a wedding ring in the season premiere so that makes things even more confusing.

  40. Isaac says:

    The “whoosh” sound does come at the end though.

    I’ll ask these question:

    Is this episode similar to “The Constant” in that Desmond is able to go back and forth in consciousness and two separate Desmond bodies exist? I think the answer is yes. I think it was Charles who said that desmond was passed out for 20 minutes while he was in the flash sideways.

    In the episode, “Flash before your eyes”, was it Desmond’s consciousness that traveled back to the past or were we just seeing a flashback? I think that his consciousness traveled back in time. Also in that episode, he is also able to look into the future cuz he sees Charlie dying.

    And we hear the whoosh sound for the first time with Desmond. and desmond seems to know whats goin on in the flash sideways now cuz he asked for the manifest so he has some sort of plan.

    So the point im trying to make is, that “whoosh” sound that we’ve been hearing is unique to this season cuz we havent heard that same sound in the past seasons. But if it now applies to Desmond, does that “whoosh” sound also apply to the rest of the characters. So everytime we’ve been hearing that “whoosh” sound, we’re seeing these characters move through different timelines in terms of their consciousness. They have the same abilities as Desmond as we have seen with Charlie and possible Daniel.

  41. Ron from Chicago says:

    Someone has probably already brought this up, but…

    In the flash sideways, if seeing your ‘true love’ can trigger a glimpse into the ‘real world’ and leave you with a ‘feeling’… then are we to assume that Kate is NOT going to end up with either Jack nor Sawyer? Since both of them came into contact with her and no one had any visions?

    And what does this say about Rose and Bernard?

  42. Mirepoix in Mtl says:

    Quick Question
    How did Widmore get to know that Desmond survived the cataclismic electromagnetic implosion of the Swan ?
    Who could have told him that ?
    I dont belive that Desmond was ever close enough to him to let him know what happened on the island
    So why would he deduct that Desmond is so important ?

    By the way
    our other 2007 Losties have survived a similar cataclismic explosion event (the H bomb)
    Does that make them also important ?
    Of course it does…

  43. @Isaac: Desmond after “not dying” in the Swan had his life flash before his eyes… thus reliving his past and future and having consciousness of his life. In the Constant leaving the Island (and all the magnetism packets) “released” his consciousness without a place to fix it in time until he found a Constant. Now giving him even more magnetism he reached a new level of consciousness that is bound through death and love.
    @Ron: Charlie is dead, Faraday is dead, Juliette was dying… Desmond is “special” and the only one that could survive the EM.
    So yes, Kate Jack and Sawyer are not aware yet but they have not found love neither death.
    Jin and Sun have found love but not death so they have not “knowledge”
    Sayid found death but not love and is a “zombie” without any conscience.

  44. Kristy from L.A. says:

    This episode was a real turning point for me. I actually had to get up this morning at 4:30 to re-watch last night’s episode before my kids got up and I had to get them ready and head off to work. I even seriously considered a 3rd watch but had to get back to real life.

    Up until now, season 6 has felt like the show had me by the shoulders and was forcefully guiding me down a path that I was not too sure of. I’ve been loving the episodes, but reluctantly heading toward an ending for our beloved LOST that seemed to be taking us away from the characters we love and I thought I would be disappointed. Watching “Happily Ever After,” I felt like those hands on my shoulders stopped me and gently turned me in a new direction and “what I saw was…beautiful…” (to quote Locke).

  45. What a series!! Devastated that it will end soon. Great episode and love that love is bringing “all” together. Enjoy the blogs here and how minutiae of show is dissected–shows me what I missed and how everything means something else!

  46. @Mirepoix: Daniel Faraday knew that Desmond was in the Swan and that he was special… Daniel Faraday worked for Widmore. Daniel Faraday was killed by his mother holding a journal containing stuff that had not happened before (the “second protocol”)… How could Daniel knew so much? Well he made a rat knows how to travel a maze before teaching it how to.
    So… how come Heloise and Widmore knows so much? Faraday’s machine! (Or Faraday’s journal following…) how come Daniel doesn’t remember? Because he lost his memories!

  47. @Carol: The wedding ring was a “blend through” according Lindeloff twitter I think

  48. steve says:

    If Charlotte Lewis is marrying Daniel and they were engaged awhile in the flash sideways, then Charlotte’s “date” with Sawyer and then sleeping with Sawyer when she’s engaged to Faraday?

    By the way, in real life, Charlotte Lewis is the name of the woman who got arrested for the kiss in the mouth n Dubai.

    Another bullet.

    Most conservatory attending or trained classical pianists usually play memorized pieces with the desk down. I personally don’t like looking at the desk if there’s no music. Faraday had it up while playing, but down while *not* playing and eavesdropping on Eloise and Desmond.

    I don’t think the still on the MRI display numbers meant anything, but was just a reference to the countdown clock in the Swan?

  49. Coolpeace says:

    @ Carol from Boston : Thanks for defending the Board šŸ˜‰

    @ Kristy from L.A. :your patience has been rewarded.

    Here is a thought : As I and others have mentioned above, Eloise seems to be more than just another character in the story… in both Flashes before your Eyes and last night’s epi she confronts Desmond about what he should or should not be doing. Up until Desmond got shot Mrs. Hawking knew the future but at the Hospital she tells Penny :

    For the first time in a long time I don’t know what will happen next. (or words to that effect)

    Maybe this is the same in the Sideverse, she knows what will happen next and she knows that Desmond is not ready yet to … meet Penny? Just like she knew that Desmond should not buy the ring and end up with Penny … Happy ever after. In fact, I guess that these two scenes mirror each other quite well.

    In Flashes Hawking tells Desmond that if he
    does not go to the Island and press the button for three years until forced to turn the failsafe key, then “every single one of us is dead.” Those were the stakes in Flashes, but in Happily Ever After she does not spell the consequences to Desmond … she just says that he is not ready yet.

    So the questions are : (1) What is he not ready to do? (meet with Penny?) and (2) what are the stakes if he goes forward and does what he is not ready to do?.

    Furthermore, we knew that Widmore on the Island has been following a schedule, but both Zoe and himself have moved the schedule forward ,,, in last nights epi, they moved the experiment up one day. WE also know that there is a time discrepancy between the island and the outside world… so maybe the Sideverse is in fact happening at the same time on quantum level but is 3 years back of the island time. (Time descrepancy found by Faraday’s experiments on the island. Lord, this is hard to explain – I hope you’all can follow)

    So, because of this time descrepancy Mrs.Widmore (Hawking) believes that Desmond is not ready yet. But is you discount the time shift he is indeed ready.

    Brain freeze šŸ™‚

  50. If you push the button it stops everything and you would have to do it all over again… lol
    Widmore is the “violation” (we know how he loves to break the rules) that allowed Desmond to know about the other world… the one where all the dreams are true. The one where the genie was released… Yet I don’t see how this is “bad”!

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