Next: “The Package” (Episode 6-10)

Last week’s lavish, lingeringly shot episode was a tough act to follow, but “The Package” still satisfied. For those seeking forward momentum on the island, we certainly got some, and the flash-sideways brought some great moments. Overall, it was a fun ride, but one with an undercurrent of uneasiness… both in the narrative and in “LOST” fandom. Just why is Sayid’s dead soul best prepared for what’s to come? And just how will everything be untangled in the next six episodes? It may be the drugs talking (I’m battling bronchitis), but I’m at peace. The many ways in which this final season has evoked the drama and richness of the first one is more than reason enough for me to surrender to whatever happens.

Locke and Widmore’s confrontation on the beach brings us our declaration of war, and Jin’s first look at Ji Yeon reduced me to a puddle of goo. And as suspected, Widmore’s arrival does bring some solace to those eager for some “science” in their science fiction, with Zoe the physicist asking about the island’s pockets of magnetism. The long-overdue final reveal that Desmond is apparently the key to Unlocke’s defeat ((telegraphed pretty bluntly with “it’s not a what, it’s who”), is at once thrilling and perplexing. Will the mere presence of Desmond cause a rift in the space-time continuum? Is Desmond the only person who can wield the dagger against an otherwise invincible Unlocke?

And what does “cease to be” mean? As a description of the dire consequences, it rings a little hollow. It sounds less like Armageddon, and more like a “Back to the Future”-esque nullification of existence.

One answer, four more questions.

The fact that Sun cut her hand while gardening cannot be insignificant. And having her lose her ability to speak English seems a move straight out of daytime soap operas, so I’m hoping there’s more to it. Coupled with the post-Unlocke pursuit blackout, I’m wondering if she might soon follow Sayid’s path.

I also loved Unlocke’s conversation with Claire, at once rationalizing why he saved Kate from her rage earlier, and resetting the stage for another confrontation. His disavowal of whatever might happen adds another sinister point against the Man in Black being merely a misunderstood prisoner.

Off the island, I was about to roll my eyes in frustration at just how hard the writers were trying to point out how not together Sun and Jin were (“Two rooms! Not married!”), when of course Jin’s discomfort was merely preemptive defensiveness all along. Turning the iconic fight over Sun’s blouse buttons into a seductive move was a brilliant one, in my book. And I’m glad that even in the flash sideways, escaping together was part of the plan. Mr. Paik, though, is one cold dude.

I liked Keamy’s turn this week, from his dismissiveness toward Omar to his fleeting moment of compassion for star-crossed Jin. Jin shooting Mikhail’s eye out was a gruesome yet amusing twist. The way the restaurant confrontation connected with Sayid’s earlier story was a nice touch, but it seems deliberate that he was, at best, only indifferently helpful to Jin.

And Sun, pregnant? But of course!

  • Let’s ponder the line referenced tonight from Widmore to Locke: “Because there’s a war coming, John. And if you’re not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.” Is it safe to assume Widmore meant real Locke, not Unlocke? If so, is the wrong side going to win? Or did Widmore just find another out with Desmond?
  • Claire was not on the list. Kate is no longer on the list, but is vital to collecting those that are. So, why does Unlocke need three more people to get on the plane? Or does he merely need to dispose of them together?
  • So, Sawyer tells Jin that the double-cross deal with Widmore was the real deal, not the double-double-cross deal he seemed to make with Unlocke upon returning to the main island. Is it as simple as that? I guess so, given his disappointment in Unlocke’s return. I think I liked it better when his allegiance were more ambiguous.
  • Miles’ cruelty toward Hurley, harping again on his weight, was upsetting. But I couldn’t be mad for long, with Frank’s admonition: “Hey. Don’t talk about bacon.”
  • Jen’s favorite line: “No, ’cause that’d be ridiculous.” Ah, the powers and limits of the Smoke Monster, always fun to ponder. I think it echoes a Miles line from the time travel period, but I’m not sure.
  • Unlocke telling Sun that he’s not going to make her do anything, and that he’s merely asking her, is yet more emphasis on free will. The line between “forcing” and “asking” seems pretty fuzzy though. Is it just the candidates whose choices must be pure?
  • Top anvilicious moment? The brief dialogue between Unlocke and Jin about the list of names. Now, after all these seasons, they explicitly point out that conversations happen off-screen? That people mysteriously learn facts we didn’t see them learn? It felt awkward.
  • The night-vision moment that opened the episode was also a bit cheesy. It would’ve been cool if they’d depicted infra-red heat signatures, with everyone glowing except for Locke (and Sayid), but… no such luck.
  • Speaking of which, I also couldn’t help wondering why the darts worked on Sayid and Claire. Just how human are those two? The attack, Jen felt, was reminiscent of the hail of flaming arrows last season… just less funny.
  • Who’s Danny? Keamy and Omar’s associate, of Mikhail’s mutual acquaintance. The only Danny we can think of is Daniel Faraday.
  • Locations: The airport where Jin is released is Pier 2 near Restaurant Row. The hotel where Sun and Jin stay in Los Angeles is the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. The bank where Sun and Mikhail try to withdraw funds is the main branch of the Bank of Hawaii on S. King Street. And the kitchen where the showdown takes place is at the Koolau Golf Club.

We want your feedback on this episode! Please share your thoughts, theories, and favorite moments in the comments below. You can also e-mail us at, or leave a one-minute-or-so message on the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. Mahalo!

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  1. Carol from Boston says:

    Go to for some April Fool show promos.

    @Knives – thought of you, one of the shows is “The Blind Sayid” and has a football theme.

  2. JB says:


    We got another reference to The Stand didn’t we? Sun having to write her answers on a pad of paper, more than a blatant nod to Nick Andros.

    I also believe they were intimating that Jack could be the doctor to save Sun, with the fade out from Jin carrying her going right to Jack and Sun’s conversation around the fire. The parallel of him saving her on the island by reuniting them and reuniting them in the sideways world by saving her life. I could see another Jack flash ep coming up because of that scenario and the fact he has not yet been tempted to change sides by the MIB. He’s got to make a play at Jack at least once doesn’t he? Although I agree Juliet being the one would be a much nicer surprise.

  3. target242 says:

    I’m getting nervous as we get to the finale. I’m Ok with having some loose threads and some great questions and mysteries left to the unknown, but I am having more and more of a bad taste in my mouth as the series winds down. Don’t get me wrong, a bad episode of LOST beats almost anything else out there on the television landscape, but it just doesn’t seem to be ending the way I had hoped. Does anyone else feel that this season is rushed? The writers knew how many more seasons they were going to have and could have had another if they had desired. To introduce so much this late in the game drives me crazy…another new character, Zoe….Really?
    If Alpert knows what to do….why is he so clueless? I was disappointed that his story only goes back 100+ years…he seemed so ancient and mysterious. Remember before the crash, Ben and Co were living a life of peace and solitude on the island book clubs and all, Alpert helped recruite Julia for the fertility stuff….none of this jives with the end battle and the war, etc. Why can’t UnLocke take the sub off the island? With Ben moving the island is it now easier to find? Widmore had no trouble finding it now?
    Jacob and Alpert can leave the island but Smokey can’t?
    Someday I would love to hear from the producers about how much was planned and how much was on the fly once LOST became a hit….
    Sorry to rant, but you guys are the greatest and the voice of reason!

  4. Rumo says:

    I’m starting to believe that there will be not one but two ways to interpret all the goings-on on the island. One will be for those who have been promised a (fictional) scientific solution to everything, which is where Charles Widmore and his team come into play, appearently investigating the magnetic properties of the island we heard so much about during previous seasons.
    For those who prefer to view everything on a more philosophical level, you can still follow the mysterious game that Jacob and MiB are playing.
    And, of course, we are promised resolutions to all the character arcs we’ve been following since the pilot.
    Everyone wins! You gotta love that.

  5. shannymac3t0 says:

    Desmond is special because he is going to replace Jacob?? That is why he is on the plane next to Jack? Is he checking up on our Losties in the flash sideways? Does he touch Jack? Is it in their conscience that they are visited by Jacob?

  6. Bronco says:

    I choose to be optimistic about the direction of S6 and my expectations of the last episodes of lost are as high as ever.
    Think about the problem the writers have with this series. They have to write this last season and try to answer as many questions as possible.

    But, and this is the big issue, they must do it in such a fashion that the resolution of the series is not given away too early in the season. The writers want the finale to be a THUD of epic proportions.

    I would venture a guess that at some point they all got together and said, which questions can we answer in S6 without giving away too much too early? So I think that the fact that you get episodes that are ‘slow’ or don’t answer a ton of questions is what should be expected. I would rather live through some slow episodes during the season to preserve the magic of the final reveals.

    So what choice do the writers have but to advance the character stories and delay the reveal of unanswered questions? It’s been said many times but it is all too true, a slow episode of Lost is still exponentially better than most TV out there. While I want my questions answered I dread the day they are answered and Lost signs off the airwaves.

  7. LReene says:

    @docjkm, @soko, @Mark B, @anyone else – I agree! I even dumped the sound track to the episode into an editor last night and slowed it down. Although the “mush-mouth” Keamy takes it’s toll, I also am now sure I hear “Just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to the island”. The producers have played with us so much throughout the series, it would’t surprise me a bit if the closed captioning was doctored. Just my 2 cents worth.

  8. Christy in TX says:

    I loved this episode! While not as rich in myth as Ab Aeterno, it still gave me everything I love about Lost to include two stories that seem to mirror on certain levels, like Sun not able to speak English in either story and like Jin being captured in both stories, then released in both while still in dire circumstances. I loved the opposing views he had of his child, one with digital photos of the child he knew of but never met, and another with him learning about his child and the child’s possible death all in one emotional moment as he sees Sun is injured in the other story.
    Also, as Sun was yelling in frustration on the beach I was reminded of Jin’s outbursts in season 1 – looks like they are in reversed roles no as far as the communication abilities go. Or at least they were until my Hero Jack realized that the pen was mightier than the raised voices.

    I am still puzzled about DeadLocke not being able to get to Hydra island, didn’t we see him standing in the water in a suit after the Ajira crash-landing? How did he get there then?

    I still can’t help but think that Jin is the candidate, which is why Sun didn’t need to flash to 1977 with the other Losties, they may have needed to flash to 1977 to be protected at the time of Jacob’s death, and he must have meant the 1977 Losties by “They’re coming” because I bet DeadLocke thought he was candidate-free (or maybe just one – Sun) at the time Ben stabbed Jacob. No wonder he was angry! DeadLocke told Sun he was bound to protect her, perhaps he was planning to take her with him when he left the island anyway, leaving no possible candidates on the island just in case she was the candidate.

    Great blog guys, you really enhance my enjoyment of the show. I loved meeting you at the Sunset on the Beach ~ that was a once in a lifetime memory for my husband, Jonah, and I, so thanks for being industrious enough to think about and organize that event with @AlohaBruce!

  9. Rusty says:

    A couple of quick comments:

    1. The next time we see Sun & Jin in the flash-sideways, I’ll wager they cross paths with Jack at the hospital. Think of who’ve we’ve already seen at the hospital so far: Jack, Kate, Claire, Ethan, Sayid, Nadia. Soon to see Sun, Jin and maybe even Locke.

    2. In the promo, we saw a shot of the Oceanic 6 paddling a life raft. Then a shot of the freighter exploding. Then shots of Sun & Jin, a forlorn Desmond, and what looked like Sawyer and Kate (?). If I recall correctly, the promo read “Dreams lost, lives lost, loves lost”.

    I think the point is that the island has had ruinous effects on everyone.

  10. greenberry says:

    @ Bronco @ Christy ~~ ditto — thanx for articulating what I am thinking, although… I am not convinced that Jin is the candidate over Sun (it makes too much emphasis on men plus Sun has always seemed to be a more primary character to me)

    Yes, every Desmond episode seems to be a game-changer! “The conversation will change…”

  11. Isaac says:

    was “The Package” referring to just Desmond?

    why was that title chosen for this episode?

  12. target242 says:

    I think the title was chosen because there were two packages: Desmond and the package that Jin was taking to Kimy…

  13. greenberry says:

    Will someone clarify for me (please) how Jin is connected to Desmond and why he is specifically needed by Widmore et al?

  14. Isaac says:

    im guessing we will find that out next week

    im interested to see what Desmond is doing in the flash sideways and if what Jack saw in the plane was actually Desmond or if it was Jack’s imagination or if Desmond was time traveling

  15. Carol from Boston says:

    To all who want to know what Keamy says to Jin, This is from the Geronimo Jack Beard’s website that Jorge Garcia has, Jorge wrote this:

    Keamy did NOT say “your island” while tying Jin up in “The Package”. The script says “Because if you figure out what’s about to happen to you, I can’t have you freaking out”

  16. Carol from Boston says:

    @greenberry – Jin knows where the electromagnetic pockets are from when he was doing the grid searches.

    No idea of why Desmond and Jin have to be together unless Desmond has to go to these electromagnetic areas for some reason? I am offically stumped. Jin and Desmond were never really buddies.

  17. Carol from Boston says:

    Correction Jorge posted the comment on his GJB facebook page. Sorry for the error.

  18. greenberry says:

    For some reason I can not recall when (or why) Jin was doing grid searches… what grid? what season? what purpose? I’m lost!

  19. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Greenberry, I believe he was looking for Sun.

  20. Carol from Boston says:

    @greenberry and Bonita – Sawyer had him looking for Benard and Rose, he talked about it when they met up in the season finale last year.

  21. Steve from NYC says:

    Anyone watch the latest official LOST podcast with that pale faced guy asking about the red herring in season 5 episode 1?

    What the hell was that? One half went way over my head and the other half went way way over. 🙂

  22. HeyKir in NYC says:

    LOLOL @Steve from NYC
    That was Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. I’m thinking it was filmed at one of the recent cons.

  23. Carol from Boston says:

    @Steve – I wonder if he meant the fish that was in the final episode of season 5 that Jacob cooked, it was red, but it wasn’t a herring.

  24. Coolpeace says:

    @ Steve from NYC and @ Carol from Boston : @HeyKir is right in saying that the person asking the question was in character of Lord Voldermort. And yes, he was referring to the fish Jacob was cooking on the rock in season 5 the last episode “The Incident”.

    @ Target242 and @ Bronco and EVERYONE else that are afraid by the number of episodes left and will they or won’t they get to the finish line by May 23rd:

    Please go to iTunes, search and download the “Meet The Filmmaker” podcast titled ‘Lost Creators’ it runs 59 minutes and is very informative especially near the end when they take questions from the audience. The last two questions are quite telling and interesting. But really the whole thing is strangely soothing 😉 for me.

  25. Chris Leyva says:

    Is it me or is everyone in the sideways reality getting pulled towards the hospital? I mean Sayid was there and it seems he would go back. Of course Jack is there. Jin and Sun are headed there. I have a feeling we might even see Desmond there and some how or other he will be the key in joining them all just as he is in the “real” universe.

  26. Coolpeace says:

    Can I say one thing regarding the fact that we know that these episodes are in fact the final episodes? I think our collective stress and angst about the show is colour by the very fact that we know it is coming to any end.

    Let me suggest that if we were unaware that this was the final season we would be freaking out at how good very episode is and how many reveals we are actually getting …

    New characters being introduced … they have always introduced new characters in every season, the tallies, the others, the frieghter group, why are we bothered by Zoe … they still need to construct the story around our Losties, this would imply having other individuals for them to interact with.

    Just sayin’ Lets forget for a moment that this is the final season and enjoy the episodes on their own merit. @ Bronco is right about the rate of reveals … listen to the Filmmaker podcast they address this very point near the end… “Keeping characters in the dark.”

  27. Coolpeace says:

    Ack… my typing skills suck, lots of typos… sorry 🙁

  28. Butch says:

    Smokie can’t fly over water. DUH! Sawyer kills me. Of course, that WOULD be ridiculus. Therefore, make sure Smokie is left all by himself on a sinking island. You could leave Jacob, too. After all, he shares half the blame for all the misery and death suffered by so many. They deserve each other.

  29. jsh says:

    The “Danny” that Keamy referred to as Mikhail’s friend could be Danny Pickett, the Other who beat up Sawyer at the bear cages, and whom Juliet shot on the Hydra beach so that Sawyer, Kate and Karl could make their getaway in the boat.

  30. Carol from Boston says:

    @Chris – great point about the hospital.

    @ Coolpeace I agree!!

  31. Isaac says:

    Why did Jin say “Thank You” to Keamy before be ducktaped his mouth?

    Can Jin understand english in the flash sideways? it seemed like he understood was Keamy was telling him when he was tied up in the restaurant. Maybe in the flash sideways it is Jin who understands english instead of Sun. that would be interesting

    Sun can understand english but can only respond in korean. thats a tribute to like the first two seasons when she mostly spoke in korean but actually understood everyone around her. that was a good parallel.

  32. Isaac says:

    Sun stared into that mirror in the hotel before opening up the door for Keamy

    Why did she do that? Is she having like some sort of revelation? like maybe getting a memory back?

    We see that with Jack too when he stares into the mirror and we see his scars. something is goin on here

    what do you guys think?

  33. greenberry says:

    Since I do not have access to iTunes, it would be awesome if someone (Carol, Coolpeace) were willing to post the highlights from the ‘Meet the Filmaker’ interview…

    So far, that Zoe character is really unappealing!

  34. Steve from NYC says:

    @HeyKir, @Carol,

    I still have no idea what that podcast meant. Maybe I don’t get the humor or the inside joke. Maybe they just wanted to show he who must not be named. I never thought the fish meant anything – literally or figuratively.

  35. Lori says:

    @greenberry – Me, too, re: iTunes. Various reasons why I don’t have it, and I don’t particularly want to download it for just one episode of something. I do want to listen to it – I just can’t. I tried searching the internet at large in case it got reposted somewhere (either audio or transcript). No luck.

  36. Jen in Scotland says:

    @ greenberry: I totally agree. I really dislike Zoe. Hopefully she remains relatively unimportant, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen…

  37. Russell in Raleigh says:

    One of Lost’s greatest lines ever: “Then why don’t you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over there?”

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    @greenberry – no time to help with the filmmakers podcast at this time, maybe next week. So sorry. My house is in upheaval due to the flooding. I have a lot of work to do get everything back in order. Plus the Easter bunny has to make a visit for my kids. ;), hopefully I can listen to the podcast again next week and make some notes.

    @Jen – is there some commando scientist school where Widmore is finding these gun toting, beat down scientists?

  39. greenberry says:

    @ Carol ~~ no prob! ~~ Merry Easter and Happy Passover (Chag Sameach) to all

    I still remain the most curious about our Losties, since the mythology and sci-fi stuff is mostly over my head (but explanations and answers are definitely welcome!)

    I consider Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Sun/Jin of core interest, with Locke and Walt and Desmond and Sayid and Ben and Widmore and Faraday and Rose/Bernard and Aaron and Ji Yeon as additionally intriguing.

    Charlie and Claire and Shannon and Boone are of lesser interest

  40. Lostyfan says:

    Especially liked the conversation between Jack and Sun !!

    I think that the sentence “Takes a little longer to get your point across, but at least you have your voice back” means more something like “I have to stay on the Island, but at least I did what I was supposed to do”.

    Jack: “That is one stubborn tomato… I guess no one told it it was supposed to die” [referring to himself]
    Sun: “I’m sorry” [meaning “I’m sorry you have to stay on the Island”]
    Jack: “You’re not the first person to tell me to leave me alone”

    Leave me (Jack, the new Jacob) alone… together with MIB/Darkness/Evil on this Island and you (meaning everyone else) can all be free in your flash sideways.
    And as a bonus I will put this Island on the bottom of the ocean so MIB/Darkness/Evil can never escape.

    One of the key points in the ending of Lost will be Jack making peace with his dad.
    I think the collision between Unlock and Jack on-Island will result in Jack dying… giving his body to Christian.
    Christian will then continue his life from the turbulence scene in LA X forward.

    In the flash-sideways we have been watching Christian all along…

    In LA X:
    – First thing he says post turbulence is “Looks like we (I) made it!”.
    – Looking at his new ‘self’ in the airplane mirror.
    – Cleaning Jack’s wound from the collision between Unlock and Jack on-Island.
    – Talking to Desmond… did/does Christian know Desmond from somewhere ??

    In Lighthouse:
    – Asking Margo about the appendix surgery. (perhaps Christian was too drunk back then, so they would not led him do the surgery himself)
    – Running around in his study room trying to find a document he wrote and probably knows where it is.
    – Freaking out when Margo finds his last will and learning about Claire Littleton.
    – Looking at the piano sheets like he is finding out for the first time that David is playing piano.
    – Listening at the message Jack made pre-turbulence and realizing that David and Jack had/have issues.

  41. Rich in Cleveland says:

    The accelerating recurrences are more than just interconnectivity or inside humor. “Everything that rises must converge.” Reality is spiraling ever more densely as it reaches the event horizon of the end point. Catch a falling star. The speed and succession of this interconnectivity reminds me of the proverbial flashing before your eyes, everything returning to you in miliseconds before the darkness.

  42. Ben Mc says:

    I cannot believe I’m saying this, but everything we are seeing is a battle between good and bad VAMPIRES!! Just hear me out for a second.

    The first scenes of LOST, Jack runs into the Jungle and asks Kate to help him fix his wound. She gets a little wierd about it.

    This last week, we heard that she’s not on the list anymore as a candidate. Maybe she was already becoming a vampire.

    When they see their reflections in mirrors in the Flash Sideways, are their strange expressions because THEY cannot see their own reflections?

    The Statue. Jacob has to INVITE you in to enter.

    Is Jacob the Keeper of Vampires? Or, evil incarnate?

    Jacob’s one power seems to be granting eternal life where the person doesn’t age. Hmm.

    When Sun cuts her finger, Locke is on the scene. When she hits her head and falls, what happened then?

    Sayid, Richard, and Ben are all asked to kill Jacob with a SILVER DAGGER.

    The Pylons and the Ash – could all these be ways of requiring permission to enter a certain area? To get invited in?

    The “sickeness” appears to leave people somewhat soulless.

    Could babies not be born on the island because Vampires don’t age, and therefore, babies can’t really grow?

    Are the electromagnetic pockets and time travel properties of the island simply used to keep the island safe from the outside world so the “infected” never come and leave?

    Remember when Sawyer stepped on a dart in the jungle – did that come of anything?

    Vampires have some close ties to Christianity too. Like the cross and holy water. Richard burying his cross has to have some significance, but what about finding out that Mr. Echo wasn’t really a priest?

    There are some major inconsistencies with this theory, but what if….

  43. Ben Mc says:

    By the way, it’s said that Vampire’s can’t cross over running water.

    They have transformative properties as well.

  44. KK says:

    Random thoughts/responses…

    I love all the tongue-in-cheek theories here… vampires, @Bronco’s theorie… I’m glad to see there’s a sense of humor among Lost’s fans. Darlton obviously have a sense of humor, too, and that’s what I think the red herring/voldemort mentioned above was all about (red herring — “an attempt to divert attention” — Darlton poking fun at themselves and how often they try to divert attention on this show, and then they put in an actual red fish…lol).

    As for Jin saying “thank you”… IMO, that was to show how little he actually understood. I don’t think Jin was thanking Keamy for not wanting him to freak out. I think he was saying “thank you” like it was the only polite English he knew… like thanking Keamy for not killing him (just yet).

    About Jacob & MIB… a few people were bugged a few threads back about them having current-day American accents. I noticed that too, when we first saw them on the beach, and thought, “weird,” but I was so excited by their introduction into this show that I didn’t think much more about it. All I could think was, “Yes!! Another fascinating layer that I NEVER EVER SAW COMING!!”

    But now I’m wondering… 1. Is it the Richard phenomenon, where they’ve just adjusted to each new group that comes to the island, like Richard started off speaking broken English with a Spanish accent and eventually became accentless, or 2. Are they actually from current-day America (or possibly even the future at some point)? I started thinking, maybe they’re 2 philsophy students (or rivaling professors, though they seem a little young) who, with their opposing views of humanity, figured out a way to test their philosophies on actual humans… the island is their “lab” so to speak. And now they’ve been stuck on this island (where they put themselves at some point to prove their pilosphies to each other) for so long and their rules have gotten so convoluted….

    It’s a rough crackpot theory, I know. I’d have to spend some time exploring how they could have possibly placed themselves back that far in time, and how they would have discovered the special properties of the island… Who knows? There’s definitely another layer on this show that is going to be pulled back. We’ll see!

  45. Carol from Boston says:

    In case Ryan and Jen are too modest, there is an article about the in the New York Times. Congratulations to both of you, the recognition is well deserved. It is a great article about the Transmission, Yann is even mentioned.

    I appreciate Ryan and Jen even more now that I know how much work goes into this. Thanks guys, you are awesome, or as we would say in Boston you are “wicked cool”.

  46. KK says:

    Thank you for sharing, Carol! This is great. Can’t wait to read it:

  47. Steve from NYC says:

    Wow, your server is going to take a serious hit. Hope it can handle the bandwidth! Congrats on the writeup.

    Just wanted to mention, Lost is still one of my favorite shows, but I just saw how Fringe handled a major reveal – and it was very satisfying. I realize they’re two different shows and LOST has this mysterious edge to it, but I think Fringe showed that you can go into more detail and still not have to worry about mitoclordians or however you spell that ficticious substance.

  48. Jen from Wisconsin says:

    What if Sun losing her ability to speak English is a set-up for her to frantically write a message – much like Charlie did in Through the Looking Glass? Like “I love you” to Jin before she drowns…ok, that wouldn’t work, the ink would run…and strike two, Jin understands Korean. Eh, still may happen with another character(s)… =)

  49. LReene says:

    Just wanted to chime in here and also say what a great article the NY Times piece is! Anyone who hasn’t read it should.

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