Next: “The Package” (Episode 6-10)

Last week’s lavish, lingeringly shot episode was a tough act to follow, but “The Package” still satisfied. For those seeking forward momentum on the island, we certainly got some, and the flash-sideways brought some great moments. Overall, it was a fun ride, but one with an undercurrent of uneasiness… both in the narrative and in “LOST” fandom. Just why is Sayid’s dead soul best prepared for what’s to come? And just how will everything be untangled in the next six episodes? It may be the drugs talking (I’m battling bronchitis), but I’m at peace. The many ways in which this final season has evoked the drama and richness of the first one is more than reason enough for me to surrender to whatever happens.

Locke and Widmore’s confrontation on the beach brings us our declaration of war, and Jin’s first look at Ji Yeon reduced me to a puddle of goo. And as suspected, Widmore’s arrival does bring some solace to those eager for some “science” in their science fiction, with Zoe the physicist asking about the island’s pockets of magnetism. The long-overdue final reveal that Desmond is apparently the key to Unlocke’s defeat ((telegraphed pretty bluntly with “it’s not a what, it’s who”), is at once thrilling and perplexing. Will the mere presence of Desmond cause a rift in the space-time continuum? Is Desmond the only person who can wield the dagger against an otherwise invincible Unlocke?

And what does “cease to be” mean? As a description of the dire consequences, it rings a little hollow. It sounds less like Armageddon, and more like a “Back to the Future”-esque nullification of existence.

One answer, four more questions.

The fact that Sun cut her hand while gardening cannot be insignificant. And having her lose her ability to speak English seems a move straight out of daytime soap operas, so I’m hoping there’s more to it. Coupled with the post-Unlocke pursuit blackout, I’m wondering if she might soon follow Sayid’s path.

I also loved Unlocke’s conversation with Claire, at once rationalizing why he saved Kate from her rage earlier, and resetting the stage for another confrontation. His disavowal of whatever might happen adds another sinister point against the Man in Black being merely a misunderstood prisoner.

Off the island, I was about to roll my eyes in frustration at just how hard the writers were trying to point out how not together Sun and Jin were (“Two rooms! Not married!”), when of course Jin’s discomfort was merely preemptive defensiveness all along. Turning the iconic fight over Sun’s blouse buttons into a seductive move was a brilliant one, in my book. And I’m glad that even in the flash sideways, escaping together was part of the plan. Mr. Paik, though, is one cold dude.

I liked Keamy’s turn this week, from his dismissiveness toward Omar to his fleeting moment of compassion for star-crossed Jin. Jin shooting Mikhail’s eye out was a gruesome yet amusing twist. The way the restaurant confrontation connected with Sayid’s earlier story was a nice touch, but it seems deliberate that he was, at best, only indifferently helpful to Jin.

And Sun, pregnant? But of course!

  • Let’s ponder the line referenced tonight from Widmore to Locke: “Because there’s a war coming, John. And if you’re not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.” Is it safe to assume Widmore meant real Locke, not Unlocke? If so, is the wrong side going to win? Or did Widmore just find another out with Desmond?
  • Claire was not on the list. Kate is no longer on the list, but is vital to collecting those that are. So, why does Unlocke need three more people to get on the plane? Or does he merely need to dispose of them together?
  • So, Sawyer tells Jin that the double-cross deal with Widmore was the real deal, not the double-double-cross deal he seemed to make with Unlocke upon returning to the main island. Is it as simple as that? I guess so, given his disappointment in Unlocke’s return. I think I liked it better when his allegiance were more ambiguous.
  • Miles’ cruelty toward Hurley, harping again on his weight, was upsetting. But I couldn’t be mad for long, with Frank’s admonition: “Hey. Don’t talk about bacon.”
  • Jen’s favorite line: “No, ’cause that’d be ridiculous.” Ah, the powers and limits of the Smoke Monster, always fun to ponder. I think it echoes a Miles line from the time travel period, but I’m not sure.
  • Unlocke telling Sun that he’s not going to make her do anything, and that he’s merely asking her, is yet more emphasis on free will. The line between “forcing” and “asking” seems pretty fuzzy though. Is it just the candidates whose choices must be pure?
  • Top anvilicious moment? The brief dialogue between Unlocke and Jin about the list of names. Now, after all these seasons, they explicitly point out that conversations happen off-screen? That people mysteriously learn facts we didn’t see them learn? It felt awkward.
  • The night-vision moment that opened the episode was also a bit cheesy. It would’ve been cool if they’d depicted infra-red heat signatures, with everyone glowing except for Locke (and Sayid), but… no such luck.
  • Speaking of which, I also couldn’t help wondering why the darts worked on Sayid and Claire. Just how human are those two? The attack, Jen felt, was reminiscent of the hail of flaming arrows last season… just less funny.
  • Who’s Danny? Keamy and Omar’s associate, of Mikhail’s mutual acquaintance. The only Danny we can think of is Daniel Faraday.
  • Locations: The airport where Jin is released is Pier 2 near Restaurant Row. The hotel where Sun and Jin stay in Los Angeles is the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. The bank where Sun and Mikhail try to withdraw funds is the main branch of the Bank of Hawaii on S. King Street. And the kitchen where the showdown takes place is at the Koolau Golf Club.

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  1. Rey says:

    I have spent plenty of time on beaches and there is not always blowing sand. Specifically, there did not seem to be blowing sand on the beach while Ilana was cleaning her rifle.

  2. Bryan in Ohio says:


    Sorry you are not allowed to speak for me. You seem to think you know what everyone is thinking and feeling. Sorry that’s against the rules. This show is still good, it’s just different because they are building up to the finale. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same way, but don’t sit there with that air of arrogance that somehow your opinion is more important than anyone elses.

  3. MJ in Chicago says:

    Did anyone else catch what Widmore said to someone else right before Jin entered the room? He said something “.. 3 days before it was supposed to happen..” or something to this regard. Unfortunately, I deleted the ep by mistake. I would like to know what he was referring to.

  4. Martin says:

    @ MJ in Chicago: I suppose it was to kidnapping Jin, but it could have been for other reason equally well…

  5. MJ in Chicago says:

    @ Martin – Thanks for the quick reply. In that case, it appears that Widmore is sticking to a specific date/timeline in completing his mission.

  6. Mark in Omaha says:

    This was a good episode, slightly reduced by the fact that most of us had already surmised that the “package” was Desmond, so no great “wow” moment this time. Even so, I liked the off-island stuff with Jin and Sun, particularly the scenes involving Keamy – great character! I loved his lines, especially in the locker with Jin. What was Sun’s inquisitive look at her finger in the mirror all about? Then there was Sun’s on-island inquisitive look at the cut on her hand. Hmmm.

    Other thoughts:

    No way would Widmore send a bunch of nerds led by a geophysicist over to the main island to spy on MIB and the others and conduct an attack. Not believable at all.

    Sun’s odd amnesia – aphasia — had me rolling my eyes a bit. It’s a plot-moving device that seems a little cheesy, but okay, moving on.

    MIB tells Sayid that his current condition of not being able to “feel anything” is good because it prepares him for what’s to come. What’s that mean? I’m supposing he needs to kill all the candidates to prevent a replacement or conduit for Jacob, but he can’t do it himself — they’ve all been touched by Jacob. That’s where Sayid comes in…somehow.

    Good to see electromagnetism brought back to the forefront of the show – I love the religious/mystical aspects, but I agree with many that it’s nice to include some science. And I think we’re all anxious to see if/how the electromagnetism/geothermal energy is tied to MIB’s (and Jacob’s) existence and power.

    And finally, what is so special about Desmond that Widmore thinks he’s worth bringing to the island against his will? Desmond’s encounter with the electromagnetism in season 2 was one of the most pivotal points of the series IMO, and now the “rules don’t apply” to him. Why? What does it all mean? I can’t wait to find out.

  7. David says:

    James…your thoughts and words seem right on and well stated. It kills me that although entertained, I have wasted so much time and emotion in what I fear will have a unsatisfying end. Of course I will watch to the end, but I’ll never buy any action figures!

  8. target242 says:

    OK help me…
    I am now really confused as to how/why Ben could summon the smoke monster as needed, as if on command….and why exactly Ben and Widmore were fighing since they both seem to be indirectly on the side of Jacob? Do you think any of that will ever be revealed/discussed? *sigh*

  9. Stewie says:

    From the very beginning there have been three major frames of reference in Lost: Judeo- Christian (western) mythology, Buddhist mythology, and science. The events can be viewed from any (and all) of these perspectives.

    To the western mind, there is a heaven and a hell, and there is a struggle between good and evil, with the fate of the world hanging on the outcome of this struggle.

    To the eastern mind, good and evil are illusions. All opposites are merely dual manifestations of the underlying oneness. Enlightenment happens when we can get past the illusions and experience this oneness. The world and the universe arose from and will return to the underlying cosmic ocean or whatever it is.

    To the scientific mind, the universe arose from something- maybe an 11 dimensional set of vibrating strings? Before the “big bang” is a mystery. Can there be multiple, infinite universes? Can our universe cease to be just as it came to be?

    The island is a place where there is a connection between our human experience and the underlying “reality”, where the fourth dimension of time, and maybe other dimensions, can be navigated. It is also a place where the western and eastern religious concepts play out in physical forms. There is Jacob struggling with the man in black, and there is the need to repeat the mystical numbers every 108 minutes (itself a mystical number). As humans we can experience all three of these frames of reference. I do not think the show will ever choose between them.

    The curtain is pulled back more every season. Ultimately we will be left with the same answers we have now, after thousands of years of human history: these are mysteries, some see them as miracles from a god, some as manifestations of physics we don’t understand yet. The one position the show clearly takes is that we have free will.

  10. KC Bob says:

    On last night’s episode the Flash-sideways and Island worlds segued back and forth through Jin and Sun waking up at various times and in both worlds. With Jack initially waking up on the island in episode 1, with occupants of the submarines being drugged when coming to and leaving the island, is it possible that the island itself is an astral plane of consciousness that can only be accessed through sleep? Or is the island the only REAL world, and anything off island is a dream -not just for LOSTies but for everyone (ala the Matrix.)
    Could Desmond be a lucid dreamer, and therefore able to project himself into either reality?
    JUst another theory!

  11. John Fischer says:

    @target242 – It does make you wonder. Remember it was Widmore who sent the freighter folks to kidnap Ben and kill everyone else on the island. Why did he want Ben and why was he willing to kill everyone else? Now, just a few years later, instead of sending mercenaries, he sends a geophysicist and he wants to kill the MIB to save everyone in the world. Widmore seems to be all over the place with his intentions. Hopefully, things will become clearer next week.

  12. KC Bob says:

    My theory is Widmore is like a wealthy version of a pre-repentant Ben Linus. He is on neither Team Jacob or MiB -he wants to control the island for his own reasons -probably reasons which involve wealth and power. Lets not forget that Keamey who we saw last night was originally Widmore’s employee.

  13. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Gordon – you nailed the Finale, Man, lol 🙂

    @ John Fischer – I imagine Widmore stayed in touch with/bribed and/or murdered to get information about the Island’s status. He was biding his time and has probably had this plan hatching for a while now.

  14. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    oops, I meant @ Bronco! instead of Gordon above.

  15. Carol from Boston says:

    @Lreene – I thought keamy meant that if Jin suspected he was going to die he would make noise and maybe Sayid would hear him. They didn’t want sayid to know he was there.

    @John and KC Bob – Widmore is only after what he wants and like Ben he will manipulate to make it seem like he is out to help them when they really only want to help themselves. He clearly wants the island. How would penny cease to exist? That doesn’t make any sense.

    @Target – why would smokey help Ben like that? Like you said why could he command him?

    Anyway, thanks for all the comments I am going to rewatch the episode with everything you have all said in mind. I think it is time I watch season 5 again as well.

  16. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @MJ – I caught the 3 days early reference by Widmore, too. I agree with you that it is possibly very significant. Maybe Widmore wasn’t banished merely for the reasons we thought but some how he has gotten information from the future (maybe from Faraday or some other physicist from Dharma)?

  17. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ KC I like the Lucid Dreamer Idea but hope it is more than a Matrix rip off

  18. DesmondsPen says:

    After listening to people asking, “Where’s Sawyer? We haven’t seen him for a couple of episodes,” I yelled in glee when I saw Desmond. We hadn’t seen him since LAST SEASON with the exception of the premiere’s 2 minutes. So so happy. I think that he’s going to help bring all the pieces of the end of the series into focus.

    On another note, when Hurley and Richard came back I remembered something Hurley said last week. In relaying Isabella’s words to Richard, he said that he had to stop the “Man in Black.” It didn’t make an impression at first because we’ve all been using the term for months. But when we see Locke, he’s not in black. And as Richard would be the only one we know of who had seen him in his man wearing black Titus Welliver form, he’d be the only one to obviously equate MiB to Locke. This seems to be the first reference the Losties make to that term. It could, however, also refer to Sayid, as he is in all black…is Sayid a once and future MiB?

    Quick note to all the nay-sayers about S6 and the direction of the series… we’re passengers on this trip that Damon & Carlton are taking us on. They’re the tour guides taking us where they want, not where we asked. And we don’t know the surprises they have in store for us until we get to that final destination. I’m also a Potter fan, and I can tell you that while when everyone asked if I liked the last book I said I loved it, I can also point to every plot point and contrivance that I didn’t like and wish I could change. But a lot of things from the first six books that bothered me didn’t when the series was done. I bet that’s what will happen with this ride we’re on, so enjoy it for now.

  19. Aidan in San Francisco says:

    I just complained to ABC too – could not stand the V countdown: “Please do not have bugs in the lower third advertising other shows during THE ENTIRE PROGRAM preceding it. I have been a loyal Lost viewer (and ABC viewer) but last nights V countdown clock was infuriating and distracting. Having it on occasionally is fine as a reminder, but it really intruded on my viewing experience. I’m really disappointed by ABC.”

  20. April says:

    I think Ben and Widmore were both on Jacob’s side but for some reason did not get along. Neither really understood MIB or the smoke monster altho Ben seemed to be able to summon it & Widmore knows how to control it. I really hope we get more clarity as to why the 2 are opposed as if there is a war coming, they are on the same side ie against the smoke monster/MIB.

    I am still loving lost as much as always but as we get less and less episodes before the finale, I am getting a little sad that so many stories will never be completed. I still want to know about Walt, and Faraday, as well as Widmore, Ben, and Eloise! I want to know what happened to Claire when she first disappeared?

    Finally, I am hoping the package is Aron and the daughter of Sun/Jin! Let’s hope they unwrap that next show!…. and maybe little Charlie Jr will be behind the locked door with his Mom Penny too!

  21. Mark in Omaha says:

    @ my neighbor Bob in KC, interesting what you’re saying about the dream thing. Ever since Juliet’s death, I’ve been half-entertaining a similar idea, that maybe everyone is in a matrix-y cryogenic sleep chamber controlled by the Hanso Corporation or Dharma, and nothing on the island is physically real. That would explain all the mystical elements. It would explain how Juliet knew Jack succeeded when he blew up the island…she was actually waking up. Same thing with Charlotte “I love Jeronimo Jackson, turn it up” Lewis…she was regaining consciousness in the real world. Since nothing on the island is physically real, nobody is really dead. So the last episode is going to be this huge “welcome home” party, with Anna Lucia and Libby and Charlie and Ecko and all the other “dead” Losties all waiting to uncork champagne bottles for their companions return. And Keanu makes a cameo. lol 🙂

  22. Jo from New York says:

    First of all I have written to ABC to complain about that “V” clock. On my screen it covered part of many scenes, especially Sun’s writing on the pad. At least I said my peace about that. Well I’m still not thrilled with ABC for pulling off of our cable right before the Oscars so this was the frosting on the cake. I LOVED last week’s episode and agree with mostly everything everyone said – you all said it so well. I liked this episode a lot, but I’m still confused about Widmore – is he really a good guy? I’m beginning to think so. I was glad that it in fact was Desmond in the sub and I’m anxious to see why he is so very important – that the “rules” don’t apply to him. Obviously he’s a threat to Flocke, Locke, Smocke – MIB.
    And watch out Kate – crazy Claire is going to get you when the time is right! I suspect she knows that is a possibility. I actually laughed out loud at Sawyer’s comment to Flocke about turning into smoke and flying his ass over to the other island. One of the best lines of the series!
    I cannot wait to see what next week brings – best to all and Ryan I’m sending you the white light! Thanks again for the podcast!

  23. Jenn in Portland, OR says:

    I think this episode was even more pointless than the Kate episode, other than the Desmond reveal at the end. It would have been a good enough episode any other season, but most if it seemed like a trivial waste of time given there are only 6 more episodes left.

    In any case, what bothered me the most was that Kate is no longer a candidate. What? Since when, and why? If anything, she has improved as a person while off island, raising Aaron, and even in going to the island, by trying to find Claire. I still don’t think that was her ONLY reason for going back…. but I just don’t see that she’s done anything to strike her off the list?

    The Claire vs. Kate scenario that’s brewing is interesting, but like most things with Kate, it doesn’t make sense. Why doesn’t Kate just tell Claire (on-camera, of course) that she – Claire – left Aaron in the middle of the jungle, in the middle of the night. He was an infant. No one knew where Claire was, or if she was going to come back. An opportunity to get off the island presented itself, and so Kate took Aaron with her and off the island. How is that a bad choice? Maybe it wasn’t best for Claire (and who knew if she was even alive) but it was best for Aaron. And when Kate came back to the island, she left Aaron with Claire’s mother – also, a very good choice. Now maybe current Claire is too far crazy to listen to reason but it would be nice to at least see an attempt. They’ve also seemed to make it a point to show that Claire does have some humanity left, despite being crazy, so why not give her a fair chance forgiveness?

    I really hate how they’ve written the Kate character, but I like the actress, so I hope something about Kate’s whole business turns out in the end!

  24. John Fischer says:

    @Jenn in Portland You’re absolutely right. Claire was the one who abandoned Aaron and went of with “her dad” in the middle of the night. What was Kate to do? She saved her son. Claire never seems to consider her own actions.

  25. Jenn in Portland, OR says:

    I guess they expect us to assume she’s too crazy to think rationally, but I think that’s a cheap and easy way out…like, now that Kate’s not a candidate, her only story left is to be on the lookout for the next Claire attack?

  26. Skip H, Portland Oregon says:

    Lock seems kind of weak. No smoky powers. He seemed very human. Was not pushing any power, timid no less. Does lacking enough committed followers also weaken him?

  27. Cat says:

    Jenn, if you still feel frustrated after reading all the comments above which provide a great deal of insight to a complex episode, I encourage you to flip over to Darkufo and read Vozzek….he really saw things in this episode that sure makes it seem really important.

    As for Kate, from the moment she landed up with MIB, I have thought she is going to bring him down – or have a very important part in it. I am hoping that the Kate character is redeemed in the next few weeks….

  28. Mark B says:

    I am a geophysicist (though I know little to nothing about electromagnetic rocks but I know people who do) and it made my day/year/life to hear one mentioned on LOST. Though why they had to go with the ‘nerdy’ look I don’t know. I suspect it will all end badly for Zoe.

    I disagree with Ryan that Miles was having a go at Hurley about his weight. I think Miles was saying Hurley was the worst tracker in the world, unless I missed something.

    Overall I liked the episode. I had heard Sun and Jin were not married as they did not have wedding rings on the previous sideways they were in. Guessed Sun got shot (ok I guessed she had been when Mikael and Jin were struggling and the gun went off). Wonder if she still learnt English from Korean Mr Clean and if they still had an affair.

    On island the war is coming and Desmond (as predicted by many) was in the locker. Wonder specifically why Widmore kidnapped him ? What can he do to stop MiB ? Is he special as Faraday said ? Where are Penny and young Charlie ?

    Apparently Kate is unwanted by MiB and once he has used her to get the other candidates it appears Claire will be allowed to kill her. At least that is how I took the conversation.

    Another thing that has been bothering me is that it appears will will learn no more about the people who built the statue that the Balck Rock crashed into.

    As I mentioned on the last thread I will be very disappointed if they fly off the island in the Ajira plane. I shall start using it as a new “jumped the shark” …. as in they really “flew the LOST plane”.

  29. The mystery of all Lost mysteries were answered in the Package. We now learned that Sun’s dog, BoPo, is alright. Now, I’m happy with the Lost writers. They answered the most important question for me. Thanks Guys.

  30. greenberry says:

    Greetings fellow LOST lovers ~~ I thought this episiode was great and moved the story along nicely ~~ I did not come into LOST with any particular expectations, so perhaps that helps to simply enjoy what comes…

    Each season has brought a whole new perspective, with the pulling back of layers (reminds me of google maps) to reveal the Losties’ plight from further out and above (the hatch, the Tailies, the others, Ben/Widmore, Jacob/MIB)

    @ Eric Kupers ~~ I like your vision of the storylines merging

    @ Coolpeace ~~ I am also finding it hard to reconcile Widmore as a “good” guy… and on the same side as Ben??

    @ Carol ~~ Yikes about your flooded basement… Thanx for taking the time to enrich this blog!

    @ James ~~ I love the simplicity of the universal themes (goodness, evil, love, commitment, loyalty, manipulation, trust, doubt, purpose, destiny) being addressed in season six… so this season has ‘mostly everything’ I need…

    @ Bronco ~~ thanx for the good laugh!

    @ Jenn @ Cat ~~ I said ‘mostly everything’ because I share your concerns re: Kate!! What is happening to her?? She used to be fearless and spunky. She has become so sullen and useless on the island now (like Jack last season). My ONE expectation is that her story gets a shot in the arm, and that she regains her vitality and proves to be important by the conclusion. I am counting on it.

  31. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:


    You are spot on with regards to where L O S T is today. I don’t necessarily agree with your point about where the series began to go downhill. The way I see it, there have been some ups and downs. But this Final Season should be blowing us away by now. It is NOT. The writers are throwing fans carrots here and there. And we just keep biting at the wind, it seems, hoping the next Episode will be the “one”. Richard’s episode really belongs somewhere in S5.

    This show reminds me of a marriage that started great but deteriorated over time. Yet the couple stuck together because, well, they’ve been together thus far. Even the slightest conversation gives them something to get excited over.

    Seriously, some of my own posts/theories are so far fetched they make me laugh compared to how the show used to provoke me during previous seasons.

    So here we are. The whole Evil Tina piece seems promising. Let’s see if in fact the writers will springboard into something deeper with this, or if this is just another carrot for fans to chase.

  32. Carol from Boston says:

    @Greenberry- the basement is better now, my husband and son have been a big help since they got home. I am hoping tomorrow it will be drier. C’mon Sun!

    re: Kate – I think she will bounce back. She is a character that cares too much about people, she is also selfish in the sense she thinks she knows what is best for them and makes decisions for them. Maybe she shouldn’t have taken Aaron, how long did she really look for Clare?

    Kate didn’t want to come back to the island, she only came back to do the right thing and reunite Clare and Aaron. But now she is faced with the fact that her taking Aaron has helped to make Clare crazy and she doesn’t want to subject Aaron to being raised by her. So I think right now she is trying to figure out what to do. To all those that think Kate is a wild card I think you are right. She is a fighter and now has mother instincts so when it comes to Aaron she’ll do anything.

    I really want to see Widmore and Ben fight it out more than MIB and Jacob. I also want to see Sayid take somebody down. I don’t like Valium Sayid.

  33. Carol from Boston says:

    @Mark – is the plane damaged? Why didn’t they take off after the crash if it wasn’t? Doesn’t it need to be repaired?

    Also why all the Dharma Sub transporting over the years? Why not boats? Why were they drugged prior to coming to the island? Dharma could have used ships to get to the island.

  34. Lori says:

    Still digesting this episode. Not sure what I think about it all.

    Things I liked:
    -Sun’s rant in Korean. Even though it was a shame no one understood her, I loved that someone finally just let loose a long tirade 😉
    -Patchy getting shot in the eye was just poetic

    Main thing I didn’t like:
    Despite being a Sun/Jin episode, they didn’t reunite! Gah!

    I did want to chime in on the MIB/Jacob debate. I’m still not convinced that either are purely good or evil. For now, I’m still “Team Dark”. While I’m not thrilled with the destruction that Smokey has caused, it reminds me of God of the Old Testament. How many times in the Bible did God wipe out entire populations if they didn’t follow him or repent their sins? Noah’s ark and the great flood, anyone? Sodom and Gomorrah?

    I’m also confused by those who say he’s always lying. What specifically has he lied about? We know he lied to Claire about the Others having Aaron, but he confessed that lie to Kate (and presumably Claire). He says he can reunite people with those who have died, but we don’t know yet if he’s telling the truth. I don’t think it’s been proven that he can’t. To me it feels like the things he seems to be lying about can’t be proven either way yet. He definitely suggests to people that he can give them what they want – I’m not disputing that part at all – I’m just wondering if he’s specifically reneged on something. Last season he seems to have yanked Sun around (telling Ben later that he’s not trying to reunite with the 1977 group), but last night he seemed recommitted to getting Sun and Jin together. It’s just as well that Sun didn’t follow MIB right then – she would have been royally pissed to find out Jin wasn’t there after all!

    Re: Jacob – I really don’t like that he brings people to the island specifically for his little experiment. IMO, he has absolutely no compassion for all the people who have died on the island, thanks to him (no, he didn’t kill them himself, but his experiment and followers did). I thought his non-reaction to Richard’s question last week was very telling (“They’re all dead” – said too matter-of-factly for my taste). He may argue that people aren’t inherently bad, but I think it’s more of an intellectual exercise/desire to prove a point than him actually caring about humankind.

    Re: Sayid – Something’s been niggling at my brain about Sayid and his current state. Throughout the entire show he’s been battling his demons, trying to show that he really is a good guy even though he’s done some horrible things. That’s been his entire storyline. What I find interesting is *who* has told him that he’s not redeemable – Ben and Dogan. Both supposedly in Jacob’s service. Ben told Sayid that he’s a killer. End of story. Dogan deemed him evil and banished him (and tried to kill him). Here he is, trying to better himself, and he’s told more than once that it’s useless. He’s just bad. I’m not sure how this affects anything – I just thought it was rather interesting and made me even more empathetic for poor Sayid.

    Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

  35. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Carol from Boston: Here are my theories….

    Damaged Plane:
    The plane was damaged. I believe the plan is for Flock to transform into Smokey and provide the necessary thrust to catapult the plane outside of the Island.

    Dharma Sub:
    The reason they’ve used the sub is to avoid any radar contact. They were actually receiving flu shots to build up their immune system against the island’s HN23N virus.

  36. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    My theory in the security pilons: These are the newer models which can be taken apart and stored to 90% of their size thus fitting in the sub. They come in large canisters made of titanium. For each canister, you add water and bam! instant giant pilons!

  37. James from NYC says:

    I’m not sure if this was mentioned before, but after this episode, has anyone considered that “Kwon” could stand for Jin, Sun, and/or their daughter?

  38. Scott B. ( Junior) says:

    I good episode overall but not even close to the cinematic masterpiece that last week was. I think we moved forward some but not too much. To me this is all building up to a battle of those who chose through faith without selfeshness and those who are selfish in the desicions they make, regardless of how it can effect others.
    Cant wait for the remainder episodes, I love your podcasts and I hope Ryan starts feeling better.


  39. Isaac says:

    Walt…..Aaron…..Ji Yeon KWON(a candidate?)…..David(Jack’s son)…….Clementine(Sawyer’s daughter)

    Will these kids have an impact by the end of the season? Are they the new candidates?

    Is this what the current candidates will die for by the end of the season?

    do kids have a big impact on Lost? we do see a supposedly young Jacob(or a young Sawyer) in one of the earlier episodes this season. Do kids come on this island and then become candidates?

  40. Isaac says:

    you gotta wonder why only the last names of each candidate are shown

    If Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, etc are the candidates then in the cave and in the lighthouse we would see their first names to make it definitive by the producers that they are indeed the candidates.

    but since we only see the last names, it could be descendants, kids, maybe even their parents…..

  41. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Jen loves to bring up Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Darlton must be listening in (someone’s always watching…) because Jin delivering the means of his own execution is precisely how Hamlet dispatches his rivals. The corrupt king of Denamrk sends Hamlet to England to be put to death. But on the voyage, the prince substitutes a letter that calls on vassal England to put the bearers to immediate death, which Rosencrantz and Guildenstern faithfully deliver.

    I made a similar comment in my phone message that Mikhail being shot in the eye has major timeline implications. You saw it as a past/present sequence, but I tend to think of it more as the relation of dream state to reality. Events in one have transmuted effects in the other just like in “The Wizard of Oz.” The tornado and travelling companions all had a real basis, but they were magically altered in that other place. I really, really wish they had saved the title “No Place Like Home” for when this consciousness-altering shift occurs.

    I really thought Jin and Sun would find a way to switch tribes in pursuit of each other. How ironic would that be? And they do seem like more natural fits on the opposite team. Adam & Eve with Sun dark & Jin light. But Sun commiting to Jack’s leadership seems an impediment there.

    Love Desmond’s flash sideways supposition. Is Eloise really a glitch? I don’t think so. She’s the one element that’s certainly out of place with her external awareness of that version of reality. However, I’m convinced that it is the Incident and turning of the failsafe key COMBINED that produced the ATL that Desmond may have prematurely ventured into. They occur at the same spot and, as a result of the pocket’s capacity to distort time, they may even meet in time through the wormhole they open.
    There was a Star Trek episode in which Picard mistakenly directed some kind of energy at the same spot in the present and in the future, tore open the fabric of space/time, had awareness of both times, and the anomaly increased inverse to linear time. Very similar.

    Another great reveal of “The Package” is that we now know the final crisis of the series. Will they leave on the plane to whatever effect or stay and remain captive guardians? I know some of you will hat this, but I think we learned that it will all come down to Kate. She’s the only one that can get Jack. “Don’t you dare bring him back.” I think we know who that refers to now.

  42. KC Bob says:

    @Mark in Omaha -my neighbor to the north, glad you liked my comments. Just brainstorming possibilities, but I hope the ending is something upbeat, especially for the characters who have died -like poor Anthony Cooper. Man that guy was sure misunderstood (hahaha..yeah I’m joking about Cooper but I hope it IS an upbeat ending!)

  43. docjkm says:

    Oh, dear. What happened to Lost?
    @James – I must bow to the validity of your lengthy assessment. I don’t by necessity agree, but acknowledge reality in your words. So much built, so much expected.
    @Victor – Shark jumping, natch.
    @Russ from TX – ditto you.
    I’m feeling a pull from your electromagnetic pessimism. I may be team Dark, may be the only one remaining willing to admit I am so, but the seductive pull of Team Sucks has me under the heavy pressure of my poor childhood, lousy father, and emptiness of ultimately vapid affairs. Or something. Yes, the writers have piled on so much hooey, that it really is going to be difficult to resolve without resorting to the ‘smoothie’ tactic and just blending it up and calling it good. Am I the only one that recalls the deflation as a viewer when they started time travelling?

    Attention: Keamy, strapping Jin in cooler, very clearly says “I’m gonna strap you in, here. Just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to the island. Can’t have you freaking out.”

    Now, I challenge anyone to listen with a good DVR and HD and come up with anything different. It’s NOT subtle or unclear. If it ends up being claimed a ‘mistake’, I’m done. Listened to it 5 times on original viewing till I was sure, and just listened to it another ** times until my wife asked me when I was going to be done. I’m not unclear about what I heard, don’t give a damn what was on closed caption.

    Back to Team Sucks. Lost did have extremely rich and admirable subtext earlier, S1-3, which has seemed to suffer from mystery piled on mystery until all the mysteries are collapsing under the weight of excess, or of a slowly mounting viewer apathy. After all, how many time can you be teased until you lose interest? (no matter how good looking he/she is) I think I am getting close. I thought AB AETERNO was excellent television, that did not improve the series. I thought this ‘Package’ returned to the reality of the series and reminded just how hopelessly convoluted it all has become.

    After 5 years, I’m not stopping now. But those writers are going to have to be far more than just clever. It will take real shining genius, stunning genius, to pull this out of the fire. Yet, every episode, if they fail, will be better than anything else on TV.

  44. Isaac says:

    since next week’s episode is Desmond-centric, do you guys think we will see characters that had an impact on him…..

    like Eloise Hawking?

    like Daniel Faraday?

    like Charlie?

    will we see these characters in the alternate timeline?

    was desmond on that plane sitting next to Jack in the alternate timeline?

    or was he switching back and forth like he usually does between timelines?

  45. Isaac says:

    im actually kinda excited for next week’s episode since it involves Desmond, it may answer alot of questions. have you guys noticed that the episodes with Desmond, Daniel Faraday, and Eloise are the most intriguing ones, like “Flashes before your eyes” and “The Constant”

    How does Eloise and Widmore know that the island isnt done with Desmond? Are they able to travel through time? Are they from the future? Will we see them in the alternate timeline? What about Daniel Faraday? what impact does he have?

    When Daniel Faraday got killed by his own mom, it kinda created a paradox, i think, so im not sure how Daniel Faraday is gonna be involved. we will most likely see him in the alternate timeline.

  46. Mark B says:


    Re:Keamy tying Jin in the freezer ….. I heard exactly the same as you as assumed I was tired.

  47. soko says:

    I gave a listen as best as I could. it seemed like something spliced in. Keamy is such a mush mouthed speaker who doesn’t move his lips so it’s hard to understand him at times. it did seem like that “island” part was spliced in it comes in very abruptly not like normal speaking. But it does sound like “island” or an edit problem that does not fit with the Closed Captioning

  48. Isaac says:

    the episode after next week’s which is Hurley-centric, i guarantee that we will finally see how Libby is involved in all of this….the return of Libby! im excited for that one!

  49. I said I transcribed some spoilers from teh Forward Canbin a week or so ago, but only summarized. Here’s the real deal more or less.

  50. Carol from Boston says:

    @doc – I think if you can listen to that meet the filmmakers – lost creators podcast it will help. The podcasts explains why this season is set up the way it is. Damon and Carlton also said they decided that the characters are more important than the mythology and they would concentrate more on them than answering all the mythology questions.

    But to play the devil’s advocate, they had three years to plan out the end date and they shouldn’t have loaded so us witih so much mythology and questions if they never intended on answering them. Am I disappointed in this season, yes, I had high expectations. I have enjoyed most of the episodes but my quest for answers overrides some of the enjoyment. I just hope that when it is all over and I am not anxious anymore and I know how it ends, I can go back and rewatch the episodes without the sense of urgency and like them more.

    But the podcast did help me calm down, I know the thought process behind this season and I realize what they want us to take out of it. Face it guys, probably only 50% of our questions will be answered. Not any inside info on that, just a prediction.

    But here are some questions that better be answered:

    Christian – smoke monster or ghost?
    Desmond – why so special
    Flash sideways- what the hell are they?
    MIB and Jacob – who are they really and how did they get that way?
    Who ordered the purge?
    Were all these people fated to cross over into each other lives or did Jacob cause that?
    Who picked the candidates and why, do their numbers have any special meaning?

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