Next: “The Package” (Episode 6-10)

Last week’s lavish, lingeringly shot episode was a tough act to follow, but “The Package” still satisfied. For those seeking forward momentum on the island, we certainly got some, and the flash-sideways brought some great moments. Overall, it was a fun ride, but one with an undercurrent of uneasiness… both in the narrative and in “LOST” fandom. Just why is Sayid’s dead soul best prepared for what’s to come? And just how will everything be untangled in the next six episodes? It may be the drugs talking (I’m battling bronchitis), but I’m at peace. The many ways in which this final season has evoked the drama and richness of the first one is more than reason enough for me to surrender to whatever happens.

Locke and Widmore’s confrontation on the beach brings us our declaration of war, and Jin’s first look at Ji Yeon reduced me to a puddle of goo. And as suspected, Widmore’s arrival does bring some solace to those eager for some “science” in their science fiction, with Zoe the physicist asking about the island’s pockets of magnetism. The long-overdue final reveal that Desmond is apparently the key to Unlocke’s defeat ((telegraphed pretty bluntly with “it’s not a what, it’s who”), is at once thrilling and perplexing. Will the mere presence of Desmond cause a rift in the space-time continuum? Is Desmond the only person who can wield the dagger against an otherwise invincible Unlocke?

And what does “cease to be” mean? As a description of the dire consequences, it rings a little hollow. It sounds less like Armageddon, and more like a “Back to the Future”-esque nullification of existence.

One answer, four more questions.

The fact that Sun cut her hand while gardening cannot be insignificant. And having her lose her ability to speak English seems a move straight out of daytime soap operas, so I’m hoping there’s more to it. Coupled with the post-Unlocke pursuit blackout, I’m wondering if she might soon follow Sayid’s path.

I also loved Unlocke’s conversation with Claire, at once rationalizing why he saved Kate from her rage earlier, and resetting the stage for another confrontation. His disavowal of whatever might happen adds another sinister point against the Man in Black being merely a misunderstood prisoner.

Off the island, I was about to roll my eyes in frustration at just how hard the writers were trying to point out how not together Sun and Jin were (“Two rooms! Not married!”), when of course Jin’s discomfort was merely preemptive defensiveness all along. Turning the iconic fight over Sun’s blouse buttons into a seductive move was a brilliant one, in my book. And I’m glad that even in the flash sideways, escaping together was part of the plan. Mr. Paik, though, is one cold dude.

I liked Keamy’s turn this week, from his dismissiveness toward Omar to his fleeting moment of compassion for star-crossed Jin. Jin shooting Mikhail’s eye out was a gruesome yet amusing twist. The way the restaurant confrontation connected with Sayid’s earlier story was a nice touch, but it seems deliberate that he was, at best, only indifferently helpful to Jin.

And Sun, pregnant? But of course!

  • Let’s ponder the line referenced tonight from Widmore to Locke: “Because there’s a war coming, John. And if you’re not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.” Is it safe to assume Widmore meant real Locke, not Unlocke? If so, is the wrong side going to win? Or did Widmore just find another out with Desmond?
  • Claire was not on the list. Kate is no longer on the list, but is vital to collecting those that are. So, why does Unlocke need three more people to get on the plane? Or does he merely need to dispose of them together?
  • So, Sawyer tells Jin that the double-cross deal with Widmore was the real deal, not the double-double-cross deal he seemed to make with Unlocke upon returning to the main island. Is it as simple as that? I guess so, given his disappointment in Unlocke’s return. I think I liked it better when his allegiance were more ambiguous.
  • Miles’ cruelty toward Hurley, harping again on his weight, was upsetting. But I couldn’t be mad for long, with Frank’s admonition: “Hey. Don’t talk about bacon.”
  • Jen’s favorite line: “No, ’cause that’d be ridiculous.” Ah, the powers and limits of the Smoke Monster, always fun to ponder. I think it echoes a Miles line from the time travel period, but I’m not sure.
  • Unlocke telling Sun that he’s not going to make her do anything, and that he’s merely asking her, is yet more emphasis on free will. The line between “forcing” and “asking” seems pretty fuzzy though. Is it just the candidates whose choices must be pure?
  • Top anvilicious moment? The brief dialogue between Unlocke and Jin about the list of names. Now, after all these seasons, they explicitly point out that conversations happen off-screen? That people mysteriously learn facts we didn’t see them learn? It felt awkward.
  • The night-vision moment that opened the episode was also a bit cheesy. It would’ve been cool if they’d depicted infra-red heat signatures, with everyone glowing except for Locke (and Sayid), but… no such luck.
  • Speaking of which, I also couldn’t help wondering why the darts worked on Sayid and Claire. Just how human are those two? The attack, Jen felt, was reminiscent of the hail of flaming arrows last season… just less funny.
  • Who’s Danny? Keamy and Omar’s associate, of Mikhail’s mutual acquaintance. The only Danny we can think of is Daniel Faraday.
  • Locations: The airport where Jin is released is Pier 2 near Restaurant Row. The hotel where Sun and Jin stay in Los Angeles is the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. The bank where Sun and Mikhail try to withdraw funds is the main branch of the Bank of Hawaii on S. King Street. And the kitchen where the showdown takes place is at the Koolau Golf Club.

We want your feedback on this episode! Please share your thoughts, theories, and favorite moments in the comments below. You can also e-mail us at, or leave a one-minute-or-so message on the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. Mahalo!

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  1. Alex says:

    Get better Ryan! And don’t get Jen sick!

  2. Coolpeace says:

    Well, since I will be home for 7:00pm – I’ll catch Lost on CTV at that time and rewatch it at 9:00pm on ABC. So, one hour and 10 minutes to go.

  3. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Traveling off the Island can be hazardous to your health, just review our Losties’! Get better Ryan!
    Om Shri De Von Tre, Namah. (a wellness chant for you).

  4. Fernando says:

    Oh, no Ryan. That’s no fun. Take care of yourself and get better soon. Aloha and Namaste.

  5. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Hey Knives.

    I love the title of the episdoe, “The Package.” It probably has a specific referent, but also refers to Jin & Sun as a package deal, so to speak.

  6. I was really hoping it has to do with Jin’s junk.
    But you are probably right Rich.

  7. lol Rich loves that thought: The Kwon Package. “You know what, Ilana, I give you a name: Kwon. Now good luck with that!”
    Jacob might not be good or evil, but he has some twisted ways…

  8. mle in Colorado says:

    Admittedly Rich, I had the same thought! Ryan -feel better. I am in NY tonight so I get to watch with all the East Coasters. Can’t wait.

  9. Coolpeace says:

    Just finished seeing it … nice and the end made very happy 😉

  10. Carol from Boston says:

    Ryan – feel better!!

    @Knives – glad to see you back. We’ve missed you. I thought that the new Sayid turned you off Lost.

    @everyone – your package comments just gave me a much needed laugh, I am having a crappy and stressful night, and I needed that. Thanks!! Looking forward to escaping with the show.

  11. LReene says:

    @Bonita in Atlanta – You are probably closer to the truth than you think. I left Ryan a Facebook comment today about what my Doc told me during a visit after my one of my recent flights. He said there is a medical study recently published that links a direct relationship between number of respiratory cases reported and number of take-off & landings/air miles flown.

    Get well soon Ryan! We need you!!

  12. @ Carol From Boston (wicked awesome)
    The new Sayid made me love LOST any more.
    He’s one of a kind.
    Hopefully the flash sideways is compelling as it has been since LightHouse.
    Or as I call them
    Flash Sayidways..
    lol sorry.

  13. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    (((((((( SPOILER ))))))))))

    The package is in the locked room in sub.

  14. Fénix Solís says:

    i don’t understand why Des?? What is his relation with Flock!??

  15. I called Des being in the sub in Recon.
    Finally for once ever I’m right.

  16. Carmine from Connecticut says:

    @ Fenix Solis,

    A better question is why would Widmore tell Jin he has to show him something? Especially after he told him he has a daughter. I thought his daughter was in the room.

  17. Dave Roman says:

    I thought this was one of the more “fun” episodes this season. Kept me at the edge of my seat (even the flash-sideways which tend to be calmer). And I was totally expecting to see Desmond by the end of the episode because of listening to your show! Good job!

  18. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    **Spoiler Free**

    Terrific episode, Major answers and still questions – classic Lost. Plenty of call backs and mirror images.

    Keamy has the best Line,

    But Ben/Ilana have the best exchange.

    What Sun “loses” is the best of the unexpected bits and sets us up for more delicious stuff.

    Nice twist having Sawyer ask the nagging audience question this time.

  19. Brendan in WI says:

    Thanks, ABC, for putting that distracting red “V” logo and countdown clock on screen for the entire episode!

  20. Mattfromnd says:

    Pretty good episode, but that giant red V in the corner distracted me too much. I like V, but was that really nessasary?

    I didn’t care for how DES was revealed. I was hoping sayid would sneak onto the sub and bust down the door, revealing DES.

    And Keamy? Really? I’m getting tired of the whole “every past character will show in the sideways” thing they’re doing. Getting a little old.

    Also, I wonder if when sun hit her head, somehow part of her sideways self was transferred into her body or something like that? Idk? Maybe too far fetched.

  21. Fénix Solís says:

    @ Carmine

    I don’t think they have Ji Yeon there. I think the photos were just to motivate Jin to stay with Widmor’s team.

  22. Crystal in Raleigh says:

    First off, NOTHING is going to top last week’s episode feature Richard Alpert. That episode was just so well done on a variety of levels. That said, this one definitely had many holy freaking crap moments. And if you paid close attention you got answers. Shocking that Jin and Sun were not married. We kind knew Desmond was coming back as “the package”. I think we were shown Jin Kwon is the candidate based on the things he and Sun said on the island. Sun’s attitude was a lot like Sayid’s world view of being out for herself. Claire clearly got the go ahead to kill off Kate from Locke after she gets Jack and Hurley to the plane. Widmore is clearly on Team Jacob and has a plan. His “crew” is so ridiculous looking. Steamy Keamy is real muscle, not these dweebs he’s hired. The one-liners were just awesome tonight. And poor Jack trying hard to rally the troops and Sun just disses him. Did Locke do something to Sun more than just knock her out? Good episode, intense.

  23. Henry in Miami Beach says:

    I just sent a complaint to ABC about the big red “V”. Please send one too before they do it over all the last episodes! Send email at:

  24. DizWhiz says:

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Okay so not worse than ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ but in S6 there is no room for mediocre. (or cheesy English-amnesia)

    While “What Kate Does” was the weakest link in an overall very good season 6, this episode could have been 5 minutes long with the big reveal at the end. Ben’s story had redemption, Jack got over his daddy issues and Sayid’s even had a direct correlation to the on-island story but this had nothing important.

    Yes it’s great we have Des back, Patchy lost his eye (again) and Jack is back to being likable but the Sun/Jin separation has become a joke at this point and I, and many others, are sick of it. If we have to wait until the series finale for these two to see each other again it will seriously taint the experience.

    Wow, and all this coming from a Lost apologist! Sorry for the rant guys, love the podcast!

  25. Steve from NYC says:

    Desmond on the sub was one of the most popular theories. Everyone thought it was Desmond and I thought the Lost writers were going to do something to throw us off, so I thought otherwise. Well, I was wrong and I’m glad he’s back in the picture.

    So what happened with Sun and Locke after she knocked herself out on the tree? What did Locke do to her, if anything?

    Coming off a great episode, you’d think this would be a letdown, but it zoomed by for me, faster than did the Richard episode, though it was not as poignant.

    We got two major reveal dumps as Lindelof puts it. We know what Widmore wants, and when Desmond finally gets to the island.

    So evil Tina Fey is a geologist. What does she want to do with the electromagnetic sites?

  26. John Fischer says:

    Maybe Im alone, but that was a really confusing and ultimately disappointing episode of LOST for me. So Jun and in were in love in the alt. Do we really care? I’m not even sure what transpired between the MIB and Widmore on the Hydra Island. So, Desmond is The Package? Why> A very poor episode at this late date for me.

  27. SM says:

    I think Miles and Sawyer had the best lines of the night….made me LOL!!

    I can’t wait until Jin and Sun reunite.

  28. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:


    A few “oohhh”s, but nothing I consider jaw dropping.

  29. Jackie Navarro says:

    So Desmond is the package and he has to make a sacrifice, according to the previews. I think that sacrifice is his giving up his life with Penny and their child to be the new JACOB!!

  30. RIP says:

    Yup, pretty much every response Sun wrote down to Jack’s questions had a big red “V” in the middle of it. I wonder what she really said?

    While I agree that they’re starting to add characters who cross paths too much, you’ve just gotta love Mikial (sp) getting shot in the eye!

  31. Henry in Miami Beach says:

    I just sent a complaint to ABC about the big red “V”. Please send one too before they do it over all the last episodes. You can google complaint department at ABC.

  32. DizWhiz says:

    @RIP I laughed when Patchy lost his eye again.

    I will admit my ‘blah’ factor comes into play they let both Sun and Jin’s stories die off in S5 so it’s hard to get back involved with them. I actually wish they had a reunion last year and go off the island, it just seems they ran out of stories for them.

  33. @ John Fischer

    You’re going to eat all your words come the finale.
    Just watch.

    Its LOST.
    Nothing is arbitrary.

  34. Brendan in WI says:

    Another mirror moment. When Sun looked at her reflection in the hotel mirror during the flash sideways, she paused as she was brushing aside her hair with her left hand. I think she was felt that her wedding ring was missing.

  35. DamonLindelof

    In one week, the conversation is going to change.

    Twitter 20 minutes ago….

    Oh S***

  36. Theory I have thought about since Sundown.

    I think Sayid is going to be the next Smoke Monster.

    Think about it.

  37. James says:

    Dear Lost,

    Your incessant teasing and lack of forward movement has made me question how the show is heading into the final episodes.

    Please, no more footing around. Just give us something straight forward. You regained some of my trust with Richard’s episode, but I’m hoping you will deliver something more substantial. No more light hearted conversations between characters, no more over the top action sequences, I just want answers.

    Your fan,

  38. Jim says:

    @Knives: I think Sayid is going to be the next Smoke Monster.

    I had the same theory. But then I thought, the smoke monster became the way he is because Jacob took away his humanity. But it looks like Sayid is just soulless. The MiB still has desires (getting off the island), emotions, etc. But Sayid is just this empty vessel. I’m not sure how intimidating an unemotional, unmotivated smoke monster would be.

  39. Arbucklefatty says:

    Let me just say that seeing the past characters show up in the flash sideways is exactly what LOST has been about since season 1. Connections! If you are unaware of the Lindelof/Cuse/George Lucas connection that they talked about on an early official podcast I strongly urge you to go and find it. It will open your eyes to the main reason why eveyone keeps crossing paths. Have faith, naysayers. Have faith.

  40. Isaac says:

    I didnt have to read the subtitles….thats the advantage of being Korean and watching this show….btw Mikhail’s korean was horrible and so is Jin’s at some points…..

    Why didnt Sun and Jin get re-united in this episode? are they ever gonna get re-united or do we have to hear more of “I need to find my husband!” I thought there were gonna be this huge moment at the end of the episode where we see them get re-united but then one of them gets shot…kinda like what happened in the alternate timeline.

    It was an okay episode for me other than seeing Desmond at the end. Didnt really reveal anything….

    Seeing Mikhail get shot in the eye kinda made me think….is that why Mikhail wears the eyepatch in the previous seasons and is that how these two timelines are connected? the alternate timeline happens before the current timeline maybe?

  41. Steve from NYC says:

    Yeah, that V logo was annoying, the countdown timer even more. What are we, watching LOST:24?

    Gene Hackman was in a spy move called “The Package”. That’s what I kept thinking of when the title keeps getting mentioned. And in that movie, the package was a person.

  42. Jennifer says:

    Rough beginnings of a theory…

    I think the same properties on the Island that give it its healing powers are also the same that would destroy humanity if released. Last week MIB said Jacob took his body and humanity. MIB only still exists by harnessing those electro-magnetic properties. Jacob realizes the harm they would do if released and therefor must keep MIB on the Island. Widmore’s team is going to try and neutralize the magnetic pockets this destroying MIB.

  43. @ Jennifer. Wow. Great theory.
    Somehow it may work.

  44. Niki says:

    I think the string of characters viewing their mirror images in nearly every episode lends support to the theory that Jacob and Flocke are the same “person.” It’s got to be meaningful somehow, and right now that seems most logical. Question though–except for the fact that it makes for a nice simple episode title, why would Widmore call Desmond a “package”? It just seems so contrived. I missed the part where FLocke gave Claire the go-ahead to off Kate. I’ll have to re-watch. I don’t know if Flocke did anything to Sun after she hit the tree, but if he did, I don’t think it was the language thing. First of all, why would he? A tower of Babel sort of thing? If that was the case, and if he were capable, wouldn’t he knock out her entire knowledge of English, not just her ability to speak it verbally?

  45. Montreal SAWYER says:

    Get Well Ryan!

    Great episode! The train is picking up steam and the end game is set in motion.
    I still don’t know what to make of the flashsideways, but I am sure I’ll slap my forehead in amazement when comes the finale.
    Desmond David hume is back!
    Room 23!
    Sonic fences!
    Even Mikhail!
    I have made my peace with the fact that the outcome of the show will be more fantasy-oriented, but I welcomed those like a breath of fresh air!
    I have always been one to say ”more Widmore!” and I loved his scene with Locke on the beach!
    Sawyer’s line: ”Because that would be ridiculous!” I like that he was kind of the stand-in for the fans in this episode.
    Great episode, loved the pacing and I am liking the direction it is going.

  46. DizWhiz says:

    I firmly believe the last episode will be the island sinking and we realize that Jack looking out the window is in fact the end of lost.

    PS. I’ve been wrong most of the time.

  47. Crystal in Raleigh says:

    Ohhh and Mikail getting his eye shot out was so classic. Nice way to bring back an old character who was pivotal and interesting.

  48. Carol from Boston says:

    Best line of the night – Sawyer “Because that would be ridiculous” loved it. Also loved Ilana’s line about Ben’s lying.

    I liked this episode a lot. Great Jin moment with him looking at the photos.

    @Jennifer – I think you are on to something with the electomagnatism. It also explains why Widmore’s new army are nerdy, they’re scientists.

    @Knives – Sayid the new smokey, I like it! He is turning into MIB, probably isn’t hungry either.

    I hated the V logo, I can’t believe they pulled that, and used the bright red as well. I’ll be glad when I get it on my itunes subscription. I knew I would want to rewatch the whole series after the finale and I am not waiting till next Dec for the release on Blu-ray to do it.

    Wondering about Sun and the Korean – it must be connected to the flash sideways somehow.

    Wow- Mikhael lost his eye again, guess it is his destiny to be scary in any world.

    Can’t wait for everyone’s thoughts. Watch out Kate because whatever happens, happens! Clare is on the warpath and she is one scary mother.

  49. MethodicJon says:

    Great episode. Finally Desmond surfaces.

    Couldn’t smokey / MIB just knock over the simple tripod sonic fences?

    Sayid is off the deep end. Is he the next MIB?

    Miguel shows up. Cute but boring. Better use of my time seeing the story move forward.

    Love the podcast. Feel better Ryan. I’ve sick for weeks. It sucks.



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