Next: “Recon” (Episode 6-08)

“Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission.” We’ll blog our thoughts as soon as we can (Ryan just landed back in Honolulu and may not be fully conscious), but we want to know what you thought about tonight’s episode. Share your feedback, thoughts, theories and questions by posting a comment below, e-mailing us at, or calling the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. Michelle in NY says:

    Three words: Team Widmore FTW.

    (Oh, and uh, also? Next week will be epic.)

  2. Danny in the Midwest says:

    Weakest episode of the season IMO.

  3. Stacey, NC says:

    I enjoyed the episode, but this business of everybody crossing everybody else’s path in the sideways flashes is getting old. I did think it was hilarious to see Sawyer watching “Little House on the Prairie”, though. And I think I like confused Kate way more than flaky Kate.

    I’m a bit overwhelmed about all the sides of the upcoming battle. I’m sure Widmore’s not on Jacob’s side, and he’s not on Man In Black’s side, either, and I don’t think he’s enough of a force of nature on his own to be on the same level as either of those guys.

    And I normally try not to pay too much attention to ABC’s promos, since they’re so far off so much of the time, but I couldn’t help but to get caught up in it this time – I hope next week’s episode is exactly what they’re implying it is.

  4. Sobaika says:

    This was about a single notch above “What Kate Does” I think. What saved it is the fact that Josh Holloway can really truly act.

    It was nice to see Charlotte again. I liked seeing Miles do something other than wisecrack. But there was no real surprise in the on-island story for Sawyer. Anyone who has watched this show knows that Sawyer is servant to NO man, even one who promises to finally get him off the island.

    If he’s a cop off-island, how come he helped Kate escape LAX?

    In the end, all this episode did was get me excited for next week – Richard!!!

  5. Danny in the Midwest says:

    I had a hard time with the whole Sawyer as 007/gigolo/cop.

    The episode didn’t really offer much in terms of mythology.

    I guess it helped set up the pieces for the coming war a bit, but over all this one ranks pretty low for me.

  6. Danny in the Midwest says:

    AHHHH, no spoilers Sobaika!!!

    I purposely don’t watch the ABC spots because I like to be suprized to see who the episode will be about… and I haven’t been listening to the forward cabin this year.

  7. Sobaika says:

    So sorry!!! I respect some viewers’ no-spoiler stance, I’ll remember to put warnings next time.

  8. Melissa (in Cleveland) says:

    Every time I think I am getting a glimpse in figuring out who is who and what they are planning, the writers go and confuse me. So, Locke and Widmore aren’t on the same side? Widmore might actually be on the side of the Island…and he and Ben’s little “war” is only because he felt Ben was doing harm to the Island? maybe.

    After last week, I was convinced Widmore was there to help SmokeLocke.

    Now, I don’t think so.

    Loved that we had a lot of shirtless Sawyer in the Flashsideways. 🙂 The Buddy cop dynamic with Miles was also awesome.

    Crazy Claire and despondent Sayid made me very sad. SmokeLocke being all Sharing with Kate felt awkward. He’s like a sad little boy.

    Mostly, it just made me miss the other Losties and long for the days when they were all together. Hopefully, those days will soon be here again, and the will not have to fight amongst themselves. Leave that to the Smokey/Jacob/Widmore folks.

    Much as I might be alone in this, I still want a “happy” ending. This show has been about hope and redemption for me, from episode one. that’s the ending I am waiting for…

    Enjoy Ryan and Jen.

  9. Danny in the Midwest says:

    No worries, I knew he had an episode coming up, just thought it would be further out in the season.

  10. Lee says:

    On par with What Kate Does. Script was fairly lame, the on-island stuff very predictable. Sideways flash was the least interesting yet. I would say it was “Fair” at best.

  11. Connie in Oregon says:

    Am rewatching “Dr. Linus” and have decided that the scene where Ilana shows grace to Ben and he joins Team Jacob is my favorite scene of the entire series (so far).

  12. I have been reading all the posts this season after I heard of this site from the writers on the Jimmy Kimmel show 🙂 I love everyone’s posts and you all really get me thinking.
    I agree that this was not the best episode–I wish more had been answered. I guess I’m so ready for answers, I’m always expecting them week to week….the show’s running out of time. I’m beginning to think that many of our questions will remain just that…questions 🙁
    So as for tonight, a couple of my own questions:
    –Why was the “code-name” that Sawyer used in the FSW Lafleur? Does this name/person have significance in both of Sawyer’s timelines and if so, what is it?
    –what was the book on top of sawyers dresser?
    –How did Sawyer know that Widmore wanted to kill Locke/Flocke?
    –Is Widmore team Jacob/MIB?
    –What’s locked up in the sub?
    –Finally, do you think that Flocke was talking about his own mom or actual Locke’s mom (bc she was crazy too). Also, he has reflected John’s thoughts before “DONT TELL ME WHAT I CANT DO!”
    I know these are a lot of questions but I was just curious to hear some of yall’s thoughts. Thanks!

  13. Djarno says:

    I really liked evil Tina Fey…I mean, Zoe.

  14. eEditor says:

    Usually pretty family friendly, tonight’s ep had me reaching for the TiVo ffwd button. 2 Sawyer sex scenes? Really, writers? With only 8 episodes before the final, you’d think such filler could have been avoided. I’m hoping for more quality stuff (like Dr. Linus) next week.

  15. Melissa (in Cleveland) says:

    Connie, I am totally there with you.

    I have rewatched that scene in “Dr Linus” and it is my 2nd favorite only to the amazing Desmon/Penny phone call at the end of “the Constant”.

    I have watched it three times now, though, and every time I have bawled my eyes out with happy tears. Best forgiveness ever. Emerson is a genius.

  16. Daniel in BC says:

    Ab Aeterno next week will be amazing

  17. Graceland says:

    Sawyer can totally pull of the Miami Vice look.

    Kate keeps turning up like a bad penny. She is the wildcard that manges to mingle with Jack, Sawyer and now Claire. She told Jack that she was always on his side yet here she is on Team Locke. When the cards are down, will she follow Sawyer or Jack? Or, will Claire go get her axe?

    Why did Claire and Rousseux go nuts but Richard who has been there the longest seem to keep it together?

    Do you think the burial customs of the Others has to do with preventing smoke monster from inhabiting the bodies?

    Do we still think Claire died back in the hut?

  18. Lonestare says:

    I enjoyed the flash sideways more than the island storyline. Sawyer was much more believable back in L.A. Island Sawyer in this episode seems unnaturally detached from the recently grieving Sawyer that was left branded in our minds just a few episodes ago. Maybe he’s got a clean pair of boxers? Maybe calling Kate “Freckles” (a first in quite a while) is a sign of healing. I wonder if they will reconnect romantically.

    Sayid’s transition to bad boy also seemed abrupt. He is suddenly a heartless, dark man not even willing to defend Kate. He’s gone from hero to institutionalized wimp in one episode. Again, too abrupt. Perhaps the writers are trying to advance the story along. Seems like Flocke likes crazies.

    Here’s my Lost conspiracy theory for you. Lost’s original working title “The Circle” could be the premise of the whole series. We now have a new set of new others, recruiting, rivals, “losties”, and island visitors. Maybe the end is becoming the beginning. It’s all about what could have been if we made different choices. Everything goes around on multiple orbits and people cross each other along the way – some have a sense of deja vu during these crossings. What we think is good is perhaps, bad. And vice-versa. Look at the dynamics of Jacob/MIB and how Flocke is becoming a savior to the people now. I would not be surprised if at the end, we see something strikingly similar to how the first pilot began. BAM!! Another closeup of an eye, different “Jack”… crash scene (different survivors)… and then it starts all over again. [Pan-Out] and ever then everything morphs into one big chessboard! LOL.

    I still think the whole smoke-monster thing is gimmicky and was probably never an original idea back in the day. It’s getting old, but it is familiar now. No turning back.

    Next few episodes should be interesting.

    Well, things are certainly starting to point to something… impending war!

  19. EricFromOhio says:

    Connie and Melissa: I agree with both of you. I MADE my wife watch it this week after telling her, in detail, last week and she teared up at that scene also. Like I mentioned in my lengthy post at the beginning of last week’s show thread, that scene is 6 years in the making and signifies the core of what LOST is about…Grace and forgiveness.

  20. Murad Kheraj says:

    First time writer, long time listener and watcher.

    Last week’s episode, Dr. Linus, had me crying my heart out for Ben. His plea was so heart wrenching that all I could do was cry for him.

    This week’s episode started out so GREAT and then… downer ….

    Now, I’m just waiting for next week’s episode.

    I would like to say that the build up to the war sounds a lot like Stephen King’s “The Stand”. I read that book, again, a year or so ago when there was talk that LOST creators took some of their concepts from the book.

    Ryan and Jen have been talking a lot about how they believe that “UnLocke” is good but a lot of the promises that he (can I even say that he is a “he”?) is making are false promises just to lure the islanders to his side and then he will begin using them like chess pieces in his side of the war.

    Jacob, on the other hand, is giving everyone choices, and they are REALISTIC choices, and letting them live with that decision. Doggen with his choice of the Island and a son who will live or no island and a son who will die. I would choose an alive son over anything, no matter what my sacrifice might be. And remember, Doggen was driving the car that put his son in the situation so there has to be some guilt there.

    I just don’t think there is enough room here to go into all my thoughts and what I wrote might be disjointed but I hope everyone has some lively conversations from it.

    Thank you for listening/reading 🙂

  21. Danny in the Midwest says:

    I think this conversation about that epic scene from last weeks episode illustrates how week this weeks was.

  22. Lonestare says:

    I believe that Richard is immortal. A god? Or maybe he represents a piece of all of us who beg to ask, “what is my purpose”?

  23. Lonestare says:

    EricFromOhio, I agree about the show having strong themes about grace and forgiveness. I would go further back and say it is a show about choices and consequences – which make opportunities for grace and forgiveness. And that ultimately, the choices we make can not escape how our lives are predestined to play out.

    Great comments here folks. Can’t wait to read more.

  24. Sherette from NC says:

    I’m with you guys! Never thought Ben would make me cry … but, I have Ben tears!!!

    Not too happy with the sideways of Charlotte/Sawyer … Huh?? It was fun to see him as a cop – cop/crook = thin line. BTW … how does he think he’s going pilot a sub??

    Kate better watch her back … once a crazy, always a crazy – Claire isn’t done yet.

  25. Rusty says:

    Have we seen Widmore actually step foot on the island since he’s been back? I wonder if there is some rule keeping him from leaving the submarine.

  26. Chuck from Indy says:

    After watching this episode I have a theory, although it might be inconsequential:

    I think it was Whidmore’s crew that was shooting at our losties when they were on the outrigger during the time skips from last season. The scene when Sawyer takes the boat towards the hydra reminded me of that scene, then Sawyer specifically mentioned “As long as they’re on my boat, they’re safe.” I don’t know how this will play in, or if it’s even important, just something that occurred to me during this episode.

    Thanks Ryan and Jen, can’t wait for this week’s show!

  27. John says:

    Ok, so the episode didn’t have many “Holy freaking Crap” moments, but it did advance the ball, and we need to do that sometimes.

    It now seems clear that Widmore is working against Man in Locke. Whether that means he is working for Jacob remains to be seen, although I think he is. I continue to believe that Ben was seduced by MIB long ago. Ben has done more than anyone else to get MIB in the position of power he currently enjoys. Ben kills Locke, creating a body for MIB. Ben kills Jacob. It was Ben who removed Widmore from the Island. It was Ben who called out the smoke monster to take out the freighter mercenaries. The idea that Widmore is bad is based mostly on Ben’s own assertions to the Losties that he is. Other than that he’s been a bit of a jerk in regards to Desmond and a bit ruthless in trying to take out Ben. Is there anything that is clearly inconsistent with him being on the side of Jacob?

    Regarding MIB, it seems more clear every episode that he is a dark and malevolent character and not simply a misunderstood alter-ego of Jacob. Lets go back to when Claire first discovered Aaron was missing. MIB could have reassured her that Aaron was fine and off-island. Instead, he feeds her a line about the Temple people (Jacob’s folks) having Aaron and turns her into a guided missile of hate. Nice, very nice. And then there is the pile of corpses on the beach. I’ll eat a 20-year-old box of Dharma saltines if smokey didn’t take them all out.

    I know that many are frustrated with Jacob because he demands a great deal of his followers and gives very little back in terms of information or explanation. Richard has become slightly unhinged by this and it led Ben it go all Judas on him. Yeah, Jacob is really insistent on people following him and simply trusting that his plan is good. Go look up the definition of faith. It has, after all, been a theme of the show from practically the beginning. Sure, Jacob is a pain in the rear, but Gods tend to be demanding folks who are rarely low maintenance or feel compelled to explain themselves. They simply ask for trust and a minimum of back-talk.

    As to Ben, you can see why he has been such an emotional wreck all season. I think we will discover that early on MIB came to him and led him to believe that he was an aspect of Jacob. (You can forgive him this mistake since many lost fans continue to believe that they are simply duel aspects of one entitiy). So, Ben sends Widmore packing, kills Locke, kills Jacob and only now discovers that his biggest fear–being used and disrespected–has come to pass. His redemption, which started last week, and which I suspect will continue as he works against MIB, may be one of the most poignant aspects of the season.

    When the series started, Jack was the central figure. Ben has slowly displaced him and I think when the season ends they will share the center stage. Ben, I suspect, will die in order to kill MIB, completing his redemption. Jack will emerge as the new Jacob, completing his quest to become a man of faith.

    So, it wasn’t an episode that made jaws drop, but this is an epic novel, not “Law and Order”. Every individual episode doesn’t have to stand on its own. It’s the story, folks, and the story is good.

  28. Murad Kheraj says:

    Thoroughly agree with everything John is saying…

  29. MLE in Colorado says:

    I can’t see how Pod-locke could be good…he smacked Claire right in the face! (I know, I know, many folks have wanted to do that since season one…but still!) I think I loved last week (Dr. Linus) so much that there was no way this week was going to be able to hold a candle to that. I agree with Connie and Melissa- putting last week right up there with “The Constant”.

    They have made us go back and forth on Widmore and his ultimate desire and who he is battling against…but I noticed in the enhanced version of “Sundown” when Kate comes out of the temple they say that this is the first time Kate is seeing Locke and she knows he is on the “Wrong side” and but then in another “enhanced” subtitle they remind us that Widmore told Locke he must return to the Island or the “Wrong side will win”. So using the term “Wrong side” they say that Pod-Locke is “the wrong side” and so it makes me think that Widmore is against smokey- and tonight it certainly sounded that way- but that is the beauty (and the curse) of this show…they could flip that on us as well. It seems like he and Ben have also been at war for many years…maybe they will find themselves on the same side of the battlefield in the end.

    Did anyone think Claire was genuinely sorry when crying to Kate or was that an act to try and win Kate over to the “smokey” side?

    I, too, like every “good” Lost fan who is not on the “wrong side” am looking forward to next weeks show!

  30. Frank in Colorado says:

    If the Locke’s (aka the smoke monster) plan is really to get off the island using the Ajira plane, then how neat is it that the smoke monster put Ben on the path of joining the others (by appearing as his deceased mother); Ben got the Others to build a runway (maybe under the instruction of the smoke monster masquerading as Jacob); the Ajira flight crash lands but in decent shape on the runway. Could his long-term plan have been to get a plane to the island?

  31. Stephanie from CT says:

    I thought this was a very good episode. Was it as good as “Dr. Linus”? No, but I think Lost fans are often disappointed with episodes that follow really great episodes. I think a lot of peoples’ expectations are so astronomically high each week this season that they end up being let down. As John pointed out, it’s a story. Stories have ups and downs.

    Now, I don’t think this week was a ‘downer’ episode by any means. It just wasn’t as moving as last week. It’s an unfair comparison, in a way.

    This episode kept me guessing about Sawyer’s motivations up to the last scene. Is he conning Widmore? Is he conning UnLocke? Both? The flash sideways kept me guessing in much the same way. We saw Sayid and Ben make choices in their flash sideways that illustrated their path either to UnLocke’s side or to Jacob’s side on the island. Sawyer’s flash sideways didn’t do that. We saw him reach out to people, with seems to be a step to the ‘good’ side, but he still said that he intended to kill Anthony Cooper, which would lean toward the ‘bad’ side. The ambiguity of Sawyer’s flash sideways mirrored his island story because it’s not clear which side he is on until the end, when we learn he is not on either side but is out for himself.

    People are often disappointed when they feel an episode doesn’t deliver enough mythology. The mythology on Lost is secondary to what this show is really about, which is the characters. The mythology is fun, but the characters make this show as great as it is.

  32. Harold says:

    One thing Locke reiterated this week is that he wants to get off the island. He leaves unexplained, however, why he won’t leave alive anyone who wishes to stay.

    What a lucky break for Sawyer that he chances upon two enemies who may be prepared to ignore him whilst they dust each other up.

    The mirror Sawyer punches and the on- and off- island narratives underscore what by this time is strongly apparent about the two circumstances, that on- and off- are tightly related and personality-wise, are mirror-reversals of one another.

    So, who was MIBLocke’s crazy mother? A godette? I hope she’ll be played by Locke’s crazy mother, Emily, Swoozie Kurtz, from S1’s “Deus Ex Machina”.

    Why do you folks have such a problem with this episode? Not enough mythology, someone said. Weak, someone said. What was weak about it? Plenty of narrative movement, plenty of character, as well as action and surprises, and sex, too, more than usual. What could be bad? I liked it a lot.

    Holloway’s acting was, again, great. Mader’s acting was also quite good, with a good role for her, too. Lily’s Kate is still being used for transition and exposition. What do they have against her? Can’t she act well, too? I think she can. Glad they reminded us of Jin. Claire is inefficient with that knife. I think a serious stab would have gotten through, it was so sudden. Even if not, a quick turn of the wrist could have dealt Kate a serious cut. Ah well, Claire’s is a supporting role. Great slap, though. That surprised me. I exclaimed aloud, “Ow!” O’Quinn is still one of the finest actors of the lot, easily in the company of Holloway and Emerson. What a great job he’s doing.

  33. Harold says:

    MLE, I thought Claire was genuinely sorry and in pain. Kawwwaaaazy, but genuine, too. Locke promoted her craziness, bad MIBLocke, bad. Since she can cry, she’s likely to find her way to heal. Squirrel baby, creepy!

  34. docjkm says:

    @Sobaika – Your post beat me to the punch with every word, so I thought I should credit you. Yeah, cut above What Kate Does. Very thin deli cut.

    Yeah, a cop giving the smug eye to Kate in the elevator at LAX and kinda helpin her out??? Makes that episode even worse for me. Stinker.

    @Chuck from Indy – With you about the boats, and the tie-in with the boat chasing our time traveling Oceanic non-6.

    I agree that Lost is a story, not a series of episodes, though that’s how it’s doled out. Tonight was no a hot chapter, though. Still, it’s Lost, and the best TV has to offer, maybe ever. Yeah, that’s right.

    Wanted to share an aside, rich in pregnant promise. When Sawyer’s at the restaurant, waiting for his blind date, I got a flash. David, Jack’s son in the sideways has those blue eyes, leading many to spec Juliet as his Mommy, Jack’s sideways ex. Ok. So Sawyer meets his date… Juliet!!!! So then Sawyer’s dating Jack’s ex Juliet? Oh, it would have been good! BUT Charlotte being the date did serve one satisfaction. She’s hot, and it was painful knowing that Miles was never going to get it going, so Sawyer did. Gratuitous? Maybe. But satisfying gratuity nonetheless.

  35. Connie in Oregon says:

    Well, I guess I liked this episode a little more that some of you, and thought it was WAY better than “What Kate Does”…probably because of the Holloway factor ;o) Finding out Sawyer was a cop in the flash sideways was a jaw dropper for me, and I loved that Miles was his partner just like in the good ole Dharma days. Sherette, I totally agree with you about seeing Charlotte with Sawyer…hated it! I was glad when she slammed the door in his face. Sawyer + Charlotte=all kinds of wrong!

    The questions now are will Sawyer recognize Kate as the woman he helped on the elevator in the airport, and why did he help her escape, even pretending that he didn’t understand the “cop speak” of the TSA agents. Will he carry out his vendetta against Anthony Cooper? Is this the same Anthony Cooper who is supposedly still on good terms with Locke? I guess Pierre Chang works in a museum now. Was he on the Island with Dharma like Ben and Roger Linus were? Was Miles there, too?

    I think the jury is still out on who Widmore is siding with. Although he shook Sawyer’s hand, he never made a declaration for any “team”. My guess is that he is there to claim the Island for himself once the smoke clears (ha ha pun intended!)

    @Djarno-Tina Fey…LOL!

    Locke’s rag tag group of followers seems aimless and without much drive. I think they all know whose team they are playing on and it’s the wrong team, but they are stuck with it. Who wouldn’t despair? Just like Ben said last week, he’s joining Locke’s team because he’s the only one who will have him, these people are there because they have exhausted any other options and they behave like they are on the voyage of the damned…well, because they are…

  36. Connie in Oregon says:

    @DocJKM-loved your aside!

  37. Sobaika says:

    @Connie in Oregon (and everyone else for that matter)

    You wrote: I guess Pierre Chang works in a museum now. Was he on the Island with Dharma like Ben and Roger Linus were? Was Miles there, too?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the two realities we are seeing are:

    Timeline A. Bomb changed the future
    Timeline B. Bomb didn’t change the future (bomb was “Incident” after all)

    So I would say that in Timeline A, yes, Pierre Chang was on the island, with Ben and Roger (which last week’s episode alluded to) but ultimately left. Why they left, we don’t know, maybe it has to do with why the island is now underwater.

    I just ask because there has been A LOT of speculation here, on the podcast, and the internet about where the two timelines break off. I thought it was clear – did I miss something?

  38. bluedog1121 says:

    I liked this episode fine. It was pretty solid. The more I think about it, the more I liked it. Not earthshattering or anything, but it was okay.

    One really stupid thing: Kate’s dress was still in the polar bear cage. Really? Kate’s sex dress just right there? After three years of rain storms, wind, animals running around, not to mention Others? Like, the Others didn’t clean up after Kate and Sawyer ran away? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    And I do agree with the previous posters about too much Sawyer sex. I like Josh Holloway with his shirt off as much as any woman, but I like him with it on too! And I have to say that he and Charlotte…hmmm, no thanks.

    I’ve heard so many people saying over this season that they’re afraid all their questions won’t be answered, and I always think, have faith, people! The big stuff will be revealed! BUT… Now I can join the ranks of the freaked. Because that sideways world just keeps bringing up more questions.

    What the what happened to the island? We know Ben was there. When did he and Roger leave? Was Miles ever there? Pierre Chang is apparently still in the picture, as Miles says his dad runs a museum. (Unless it’s not Chang, but a different “dad”?) And was Charlotte ever there? Did anyone catch Miles’s last name in the sideways? Was it still Straume? (I didn’t see it anywhere.) And what is the deal with Anthony Cooper? Is the Cooper who conned Sawyer’s parents still Locke’s dad? Or is this a different Cooper altogether? Did Sawyer write that letter? Maybe he was bad, but is now reformed? When did Locke and his dad form their current relationship? **Did Jacob visit our Losties in this sideways world?** GAH! I just keep thinking of more questions the longer I type! There is no way these will all be answered in the next 8 eps!

  39. greenberry says:

    @Meredith in VA — The book on Sawyer’s dresser is: “Watership Down” — an Australian anthropomorphic tale about a community of bunnies. I read it in the early 70s as a teen — maybe someone else can fill us in on the particular significance.

    There was a lot of psychologically-hued stuff tonight, which always pleases me —- such as the bit about “needing someone to hate”

    I liked seeing the obvious chemistry between James and Kate off-island, and Sawyer’s wistful look at the sun-dress she was forced to wear when they were locked up in the cages. Even as a cop, he is a rebel, a softie, and a liar — as in letting a sexy woman escape ast the airport

  40. djmike68 says:

    I agree that this wasn’t a stellar episode on its own. I did like Flocke’s difficulty in smiling at the end of his little pep talk to Kate. I think his mommy story was a total con-job on Kate. It would be interesting if the “Recon” was really Flocke and Widmore working together to con Sawyer. What’s locked in the room on the sub? I think that Widmore staged those bodies near the plane just like he staged the Oceanic 815 scene at the bottom of the ocean. If you remember that scene had dead bodies in it too (and we know they would have had to be transported there). I agree with most of you that Dr. Linus was the best episode this season and next week I predict the episode will be equally as good.


  41. What..or who do you all think is locked in the submarine? Curious to get some convo. started on this.

    I’m not sure what it is, but I think that it is something that can kill Flocke; not sure how this applies to the rules but I think it would be interesting if it was actually a person in there….walt, desmond?? hmmmm

    PS: highlights of this episode:
    all the sawyer screen time (and shirtless scenes!) Enjoyed his flash sideways story
    Flocke–don’t know if he’s good or bad, but I do know that he is extremely fasinating and I’m ending up not caring. Just love to watch him–whatever his motives are…for now

  42. Sara says:

    evil Tina Fey. LOL!
    I really enjoyed the reveal of Sawyer playing the fake con as a cop… Love Terry O’Quinn’s acting, as usual.
    Strong episode… the pieces are in place for the final battle.
    The less screen time for Kate & Sayid, the better the episode IMHO.

  43. Sobaika says:


    Please refer to my post right above yours. For a lot of the questions you’re asking there will be no *direct* answer to.

    This off-island timeline is based on this quote: “The fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can effect climate changes on the other side of the planet”. One little action can alter everything. Like stepping on a prehistoric cockroach can wipe out humanity.

    Technically, the Losties only affected the bomb going off – but that had many repercussions. A rippling effect for each character. Example: After Judhead goes off, Pierre Chang decides it’s time to get off the island. In our first timeline he just sent his wife and son away. Now, for whatever resaon, he goes with. Miles grows up far more self adjusted and lives a life as a cop instead of a ghostwhisperer. Follow me? Changing the future changed far more than the plan just not crashing. Their lives are very different now – Locke and his dad clearly have a different relationship. But the interesting thing for me is how no matter different everything is, it’s still sort of the same… Kate’s still on the run. Claire’s still having a boy named Aaron. Jack still has issues with alcohol.

    So no, there will be no direct spelled out answers to those questions you listed. But I think we are meant to understand why those questions even arose to begin with.

    Hope that ramble made sense 😀

  44. Rich in Cleveland says:

    “Dr. Linus” was stellar, but there’s no need to diminish “Recon.” Lost is on a roll and gaining momentum as far as I’m concerned. “Recon” is filled with irony, symbolism, and juxtaposition, beginning with its title.

    This leads to the central question of this episode, derived from the title: does James Ford have the capacity to change? At first blush, it seems he has chosen to follow the alternate path of one who is guided by law rather than subverting it. And yet he maintains his unyielding quest for vengeance. What exactly did he do in Australia to obtain the name Anthony Cooper? Charlotte’s repudiation says it all. James had a chance, but he let his nature prevail.

    Will someone please meet me in a taxi and tell me that I’m not crazy when I mention yet another iteration of”open the door” tonight? Sawyer: “Say the magic word and that door bursts open.”

    There’s so much to say about how the banyan trees are no impediment to Flocke, about the contrast of the all-seeing eye of the arriving Oceanic and the flaming tiger of the departing Ajira, of disturbed mothers and of the use of hate to further your own ends. I’ll try to post tomorrow if there’s still time.

  45. Amber from Utah says:

    I don’t understand why people are so upset about everyone running into each other off-island, in the flash sideways. One of the major themes of this show has always been fate and how you can’t escape it, no matter what you do. So if people are meant to show up in each other’s lives, they’re going to do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on- or off-island.

    I am SO PUMPED for next week’s episode!!!!!!! I LOVE Richard. I really hope we actually get some answers this time.

  46. Mimi says:

    So when Flocke told Ben in last week’s episode to meet them on the Hydra island… was he setting him up to get killed by Widmore’s gang?

    Remember in the scene where Ben showed up in Widmore’s bedroom a couple of season’s ago? Didn’t Widmore ask Ben if he was going to kill him and Ben say something like, “We both know I can’t kill you.” At the time I thought it had to do with the island not letting them die, ala Michael and Jack post-island. We now know that it’s because they couldn’t kill themselves. But why couldn’t Widmore and Ben kill each other? I’m wondering if it is something like Jacob and MIB not being able to kill each other (without a loophole.) Apparently, candidates can kill each other but not themselves, as we saw last week. Are Widmore and Ben more than they appear to be? Are they modern versions of Jacob and MIB? Am I recalling that scene in Widmore’s bedroom incorrectly?

    Just how big is Island Sawyer’s boat anyway?

    Did Alt-Saywer let Alt-Kate go in LA X, because he himself, was on a clandestine mission and it would muddy up his investigation by revealing that he is a cop? Or is it a classic case of one branch of govt workers or public servants having no respect for another brach? (ie-LAPD has no respect for the Department of Homeland Security… cuz that would be down right funny!)

  47. Mimi says:

    One other question I have that I neglected to mention in the above post: Didn’t it seem like Alt-Charlotte was looking for something besides a t-shirt in the dresser drawer? It was way more than “Oh, this picture fell out and blah blah blah.” So why is she acting all hurt and wounded for? “You blew it!”

    Besides, what was she going to wear on her bottom half? Her sexy shiny dress zipped up half way with the top half hanging down?

    Or did she really think she gets to spend the night the first time she rolls in the sack with a guy and wanted the shirt to sleep in?

  48. Yann From France says:

    @Mimi: Candidates can’t kill each others. I don’t know why you say we saw they could last week! Richard was not killed by Jack and he asked Jack to do it because he doesn’t know what a Candidate is (while Ben and Widmore did)

  49. Yann From France says:

    How did Sawyer left the cave?
    Best spin-off ever: James “I can read your mind” Ford and Miles “I listen to dead people” Straume…
    Funny how they wired the room and he doesn’t mind having sex there! lol
    LOL I said it last week but I say it again: it is all about “live together (with friends, family, partner…) or die alone (with you obsessions)”
    Team dark: What about the flash-sideways? Your people seems sad folks

  50. Yann From France says:

    You have to read the plot summary of this book, tonight it is the second time it has appeared (with Deus Ex Machina):
    Charles “Wallace”, Black Thing and his mind control ability and he is seen as a black cloud… well just get a glimpse, I understand they put it back at us now

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