Trans 2010-03-10: “Dr. Linus” (Episode 6-07)


“Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie.” Instead of our regular blog post, this week we posted a “Shortwave Transmission” initial reactions podcast, as Ryan will soon be off the island. We include some calls from the LOSTLine, as well as the latest track from The Others LOST Band. We’re hoping “You All Everybody” can keep the conversation going on the blog. What did you think of “Dr. Linus”? We’d love your comments below!

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276 Responses to “Trans 2010-03-10: “Dr. Linus” (Episode 6-07)”

  1. Steve says:

    This ambivalence about the candidates reminds me of BSG fans trying to figure out the final five.

    To you folks who write Lost: Did you watch Battlestar Galactica’s last episodes?

    That is not the way to end it, okay?

    Do not do it that way, please.

    I love BSG dearly, but clearly, it could have finished off better. All this has happened and will happen again. Noooooo.

  2. Brendan in WI says:

    I loved this episode. I liked “Sundown,” but I was as taken in by it as so many others. I think it’s because I enjoy Ben as a character, due in no small part to the acting skill of Michael Emerson.
    We also continued to get more pieces of the puzzle clarified, like the 6 remaining candidates are indeed candidates to replace Jacob as caretaker of the island, Richard was granted the “gift” of immortality by Jacob and was meant for something that Jacob had yet to reveal, and Jack, as one of the remaining candidates, can’t be killed (at least not at this time).

  3. Jaci says:

    I know this is a minor thing, but I found the whole “Alex is Ben’s student in the flash-sideways” to be a totally forced plot contrivance. Honestly it made it really hard to buy into this week’s episode, because the odds seemed much too great. As far as on-island stuff, I didn’t feel like we learned much new, since everything that was revealed about Richard was (I thought) pretty much assumed for a while now.

    I’m glad that Ilana didn’t kill Ben, only because that would have been to hollow a death and not at all very satisfying. I don’t like Ben at all, but I’d like to see something more happen with his character before it’s over. I wish he and Widmore would be the new Jacob and AJ’s, just because it would seem an appropriate punishment – purgatory.

  4. Eric from Sedona says:

    Hi. It’s my first post. Called in a couple of times. Only recently started reading the weekly thread.

    I’d like to propose that the Widmore we saw might be the Flash-Sideways Widmore. In other words, I think the world outside the Island is now the flash-sideways reality. (ie Flash-sideways is not just temporally sideways, but physically sideways from the island.) I propose that whatever the Jughead explosion did altered the course of history, but because the island has its own Electro-Casmir timey-wimey aura surrounding it, it and the people on it were not altered. The changed history has versions of people on the island, but those are new versions based on the altered history. Those on the island were preserved. (I accept that there are problems with this. Was the Jughead explosion originally part of the incident or not? If it was, how would the original timeline exist for the Losties to arrive form? Could course correction do even that? Jacob’s influence?)

    Nonetheless, here is one reason why I think this might’ve happened: Widmore arrived now.

    Why now? What signal was sent? If the outside world was changed to a world where the island sank (remember, the island could move, so this island and the sunk version don’t have to be in the same pace), then from the outside world’s POV, a new version of the island has just reappeared. Sure, most people wouldn’t notice. But anyone in the Lamp Post station would. Maybe a Mrs. Hawking, possibly with her son. Those interested in the island might want to investigate. Widmore is interested.

    (Sure, next episode might start with a original timeline Widmore having a vision of the severed head of Neil Frogurt announcing to him in backwards Swahili that the time has come to return. That would blow this theory out of the water. But based on what we know now, this is a plausible explanation. And it would further tie the Flash-Sidewayses to the regular timeline without having any modern redo of the Samantha/Serena or Jeannie/Jeannie’s sister one-actor split-screen stuff that Rayn doesn’t want.)

    P.S. If this is true, than the Desmond we saw on the airplane may be a Desmond unaltered or at least with memories of our original timeline. And he might’ve used that knowledge to let his courting of Penny go more smoothly with her father this go around. Hence the good suit.

  5. Eric from Sedona says:

    To be clear, my “Why Now? means “Why would Widmore come to the island now?”

  6. MarkP says:

    Not sure if I’m on board with this season yet or not. Things are becoming to cliche and heavy-handed for my liking. This episode was worse than What Kate Does, making it my least favorite so far…to me.

    This season is mirroring the aspects of Season 1 that I didn’t particularly enjoy…melodrama, plot contrivances, affected histrionics. The passes are starting to be too easily intercepted. Hope next week is better!

    And for the third week in a row comment…Where’s Dharma?

  7. Cyndy Keith says:

    Tonight’s episode was the best this season, and they have all been awesome. I loved the reunion on the beach, it took me back to the first two seasons. Jack is now a man who knows where he is going, and Ben just bared his soul in an honest way, probably for the first time. This episode had everything that has made Lost great.

  8. Brendan in WI says:

    I noticed when Ben was looking through Sawyer’s stash of reading material, one of the books was “The Chosen,” by Chaim Potok. I don’t know if it was referenced before on the show, but it’s the story of the friendship of two Jewish boys, which made me think it might be in reference to Jacob and MIB. But, in light of the episode, I think it was actually referring to Ben. One of the boys in the story is the genius son of a Rabbi. The father expects his son to take over for him eventually, but the son does not want to and seeks knowledge outside of what his father permits. This leads the father to use his son’s friend, who actually wants to become a rabbi, as a buffer between himself and his own son. He later reveals that he did so because he saw his son’s intelligence was much greater than his compassion for others. To teach his son about pain and want, he shut him out emotionally. I felt the story paralleled Ben’s desire for power vs. his compassion for Alex, as well as Jacob being somewhat of a father figure to him along with his relationship with his own father.
    The story could still also be about Jacob and MIB: In fact, when the boys meet in the book, the rabbi’s son intentionally injures his eventual friend during a game of baseball, and admits, “I wanted to kill you” which he realizes is out of jealousy for the other boy’s more conventional lifestyle. This could be referring to MIB saying “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?”

  9. Mattfromnd says:

    ^ I really think we saw the last of dharma last season. Other than maybe a passing remark, I don’t expect to learn much more about that group.

  10. PhilJ says:

    How great was it to see Ben running scared through the jungle, not once but twice in this episode. The scene where he falls down and looks up to see the line of torches moving in the distance was reminiscent of so many previous survivor encounters with the ‘others’.

    This was by far the best episode in terms of implied connections between the flash sideways and the on island action, culminating in Ben’s choice in both timelines of a position of power (principal/protector of the island) and rejecting that powerful position for the benefit of others (Alex/Ilana and the candidates). Michael Emerson was brilliant (as usual).

    Lost just keeps getting better and better!

  11. Brandon In Alabama says:

    I think the Shephard family line amounts to nothing less than the “royal” bloodline of Jacob. Ray, Christian, Jack, Claire, Aaron and now possibly David seem to confirm my theory. 6 Shephard family members mentioned…seems to be a significant number…

    6 numbers…6 candidates…6 shephards…

  12. BostonNate says:

    “Wanna try another stick?”

    Great to see Jack start to fully embrace the events to come.

    Not great with all the biblical references, but, is it just a coincidence that the island Ben is referring to in the first sideflash scene is “Elba”? Able backwards?

  13. MLE in Colorado says:

    Y’all know I have loved Benry Gale since the day we met many seasons ago…I just loved tonights episode. I loved the conversation with the substitute Locke telling him that he should be in charge and that he would listen to him – egging him on just like Pod-Locke does later in the episode on the Island and just like when he was encouraged to take over years ago by Richard back in Dharma days.

    So in the “Sundown” repeat episode where they tell you what is happening they come right out and say the flash sideways are what would happen if flight 815 never crashed- that had my mind spinning because- the crash seems to have backwards effects – I suppose due to the time travel that followed. For instance- why does Jack suddenly have a 12 year old son- that son did not exist before the 815 crash- so the fathering of that child is likely with someone whose life was altered by the time travel of the 815 crashees post crash…same with Nadia marrying Sayid’s brother…she was not married to his brother when the plane was about to crash three years ago…but in the flash-sideways she is.

    I am such a baby and was crying as soon as they were showing how much Ben cared about his student Alex. That was so beautifully done and brought back the pain we experienced in “The Shape of Things to Come”. And I loved how the talk with the principal echoed the exchange with Keamy from that same episode.

    I loved the shout out to the lamest episode in LOST history…Nikki and Paulo and the spider and of course Arzt…Miles had many funny lines…I liked “Well you were standing over him with a bloody knife in your hands…I would say so”.

    …and the end…when the sub shows up you could hear the entire country in unison say “Widmore!” just like how Seinfeld would say “Newman!”

    So- who was keeping track of who is happier or more redeemed in their flash-sideways? Because we can add Benry to that list….

  14. Melissa in Cleveland says:

    I absolutely loved this episode. I have been waiting for Ben to overcome his petty need for power, control, importance, and to come to the aid of the Island. Now he’s back.

    From the moment he ran into the jungle, through his confession to Illana, I was bawling. His flash sideways was beautiful. I loved that he made the right choice, to help someone else rather than benefit from his schemes.

    Miles and his comment about the diamonds of NIcky and Paulo was hilarious, and the fact that they showed him with a diamond in his hand was awesome.

    But my favorite part of the whole episode was Jack, Hurley and Richard rounding the corner to enter the beach, in slow motion, and into the arms of their friends. I don’t think I have stopped crying. That is the Lost that I love and that is how I want Lost to end…on that high note of hope.

  15. Richie in Missouri says:

    i had been thinking a certain way and tonight’s stuff may have changed it a lot!
    i was thinking that possibly Widmore was on the Jacob/light/good side of things and that Christian Shephard and Eloise were on the MIB/dark/bad side of things. i thought that could be true because of a few different things…
    1. Widmore sent the freighter to the island and the smoke monster killed the soldiers from the freighter. (so i assumed Widmore & MIB to be on opposite sides)
    2. Christian directed Locke to move the island and later told him he would have to die and steered him to Eloise Hawking.
    3. Something i have never understood is: Eloise knows how to get to the island – Widmore wanted to get back to the island – Widmore had her in his rolodex and has apparently always known how to get to her, but didn’t. for that reason i thought maybe he knew she was on the other side of things and didn’t/couldn’t join forces with her.

    In the end of the episode my first thought was that of course widmore is the person coming to the island that Jacob was referring to, and if Jacob WANTS widmore to be there wouldn’t that align him with Jacob’s side of things?
    But I think it might be a good idea to question if widmore is in fact the person Jacob was talking about – it could be that the person Jacob is talking about is still coming.

    An observation about Widmore: his name hasn’t been there or hasn’t been visible in the cave or in the lighthouse with the names of other candidates.

    This episode did have a big reveal from Richard Alpert about the effect of Jacob touching a person, but was he saying that gift was eternal life??? Right away I thought that maybe when the illuminated boy in the jungle reminded MIB/Flocke that “he couldn’t kill him” he may have actually been saying that it wasn’t possible to kill him, if the “him” he was referring to was a candidate and had been touched by Jacob, whether he was referring to Sawyer or any other remaining candidates.

    This episode definite stoked the fire of any debate about who is actually light and who is dark. they have both been so manipulative that making a clear distinction is becoming harder and harder – maybe that’s the point???

    Thanks – lookin forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

  16. Mattfromnd says:

    Okay, I haven’t checked, but based on memory alone, I don’t remember hurley ever meeting Richard. So why would he know about Richard not aging?

  17. docjkm says:

    HFC indeed. As Flocke said, I’m “just visiting”.

    To me, a wonderful episode, and gratifying beyond my prior prediction that we would see more of Ben, and yes, he will play a major role through this season (the end). Initially just a bit part, Henry Gale has become one of the major characters in TV history. Easily hated, and loved in that [really?] manner that lets you know how well Michael Emerson can crawl under your skin. What freaking talent!

    I must @NuckingFuts – how I do agree. This episode was able to encapsulate so much that is wonderful about this show. Clever and shrewd, heart reaching without cloying, and devastatingly well done.

    I disagree that Alex’s position as Ben’s student was a stretch or over-contrivance. Ben’s relationship with Alex on island was a contrivance of still undigested proportion, and I think the sideways relationship slotted nicely (to me). Ben’s turns as morally stressed teacher, and on-island shunned leader were powerfully played. I could not have enjoyed them more.

    Jack as the very real man of faith is interesting. He has the Jacobitis that is infecting Richard in very parallel though different fashions. But, people, Jesus??? I will again restate that I think that notion, or similar notions, very naive, or your conception of Jesus differs signigicantly from the conventional. Jacob is not ‘good’. No. Jacob is a manipulative power whose motivation will be telling, but not enough to make him a deity to be confused with a Jesus-analog. Just as Flocke is badass, method will be judged by motive, and will show him as not ‘evil’.

    Lost is more than simple passion play. That, I promise. After 5 years of rather focused attention, I make that promise though I have no power to back it up, or make it happen. I suppose I am a man of faith, faith in our writers and creative talent.

    Great TV? HFC, the best!

  18. Connie in Oregon says:

    Just give Michael Emerson the Emmy…his “Locke is the only one who will have me” speech had me bawling like a baby!

  19. Mike B. says:

    This is one of the episodes the haters will love to hate. Since it’s more character-based than other episodes this season, people who wouldn’t understand the process of story-telling if it hit them in the small of the back will be demanding their money back. Let them eat cake. I love character-based episodes and I loved this episode. Ben got redemption, something that I’ve wanted for him since he seemed truly repentent with the smoke monster in season 5. (I hope it lasts!) Un-Locke finally wasn’t able to recruit someone to his side. A little backstory teasing by Ricardus in the Black Rock. This episode is an hors d’oeuvre: meant to stimulate the appetite for the main course. It’s not supposed to fill you up. So relax, dinner’s coming soon.

  20. docjkm says:

    @Zhami – Brilliant! Just read your post, and that IS what I’m trying to say. Well done.

  21. NO Saints Man says:

    This was one of my favorite Lost episodes ever. The redemption of Benjamin Linus was effective and believable. And the return of a confident and in charge Jack was a very welcome sight. I know there are many more questions which we are looking forward to being answering, but I commend the writers of the show for giving Ben, one of the greatest characters on television, a moment which he richly deserved. Well, it looks like lines have been drawn and sides have been chosen. The war is on and it should be a wild ride to the finish line from here on out!

  22. Alex the Greek says:

    This was the most heartbreaking/heartwarming episode of the season for me so far. I grew from teary-eyed during the “I will have you” Ilana scene, to open faucet flow mode during the beach camp reunion. Emerson, you gave us a great performance, and for that, we thank you.

    I wonder if Widmore will be already aware that Jack is Flocke and not the real Jack. Maybe he’ll side with him because he things he constitutes the good side, especially taking into consideration what he himself told to Locke, about going back to the island.

  23. Connie in Oregon says:

    Wow, the writers really outdid themselves with this episode. The intricate parallels between the two timelines were brilliant. I loved Locke encouraging Ben to become principal and then promising to follow his leadership…priceless! Also noticed that while Jacob has carefully selected “candidates” to replace him as the Island’s protector, and is slowly and methodically weeding them out one by one, Flocke waltzes onto the beach and promises Ben the job if he will throw in with him. What will he say when he finds out Ben’s heart “grew three sizes that day” and stayed on team Jacob?

  24. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Mike B. I totally agree…there is more where this came from and it was great to see someone who has been characterized as spineless many times since the beginning be the one who made the harder choice to stay on the big Island verses go with Pod-Locke to the Hydra Station.

  25. Nancy says:

    Old School LOST! I loved this episode so much. I cried with relief when Ben returned to the beach following behind Illana. And the reunion of our “good guys” with that gorgeous Giacchino music—–beautiful. This is the stuff that has made me love Lost from the start and I am enjoying every single moment that we have left.

  26. greenberry says:

    @Zhami — well put! —- Best episode so far this season!

    Sooo much great stuff to digest — I liked the line from Ben to Lapidius suggesting it was irrelelvant whether or not he piloted flight 815, since he was brought to the Island regardless.

    All the discussion about power versus what is truly important in life — meaty stuff! Moral: when we give up our power, we get what we need?

  27. Daniel in BC says:


    Austin’s name was crossed out

  28. Daniel in BC says:


    oh lol nvm

  29. Kaneohe_Jack says:

    Initial thoughts – best episode this season. Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz are writing Gods. The Ben story was great and so was that scene with Jack, Alpert, and the dynamite… Can’t wait for the Alpert back story. Looking forward to reading what everyone else has to say.

  30. I loved the parallel: In the original timeline, Ben chooses his power over Alex’s life. In the new timeline, Ben chooses Alex’s life (her academic life) over his own power.

  31. Glenn says:

    I suspect that Flocke recruited Ben NOT to become the Island’s protector (remember his empassioned statement that the island didn’t need protecting), but instead to kill Ilana. He likely cannot kill her himself (she is one of the Old Ones, the rules apply), and he realizes that she will carry a vendetta against him for orchestrating the killing of Jacob. So he needed someone else to off her so he wouldn’t have to worry about her in the future.

  32. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    That is a good observation. Flocke is the new Ben – manipulating people to do his bidding by offering them something they want. His end game is still a mystery and that’s what keeps us watching.

  33. Cat says:

    Really good episode. I like it when they hit me over the head with the obvious and we can see the timelines converging. Ben’s sacrificing his ambition for alex in the sideways world carries over to the island life where he has now helping the others. I suspect his final redemption has yet to occur and will involve sacrifice and death in the ultimate struggle. I loved his choice to go with Ilana instead of MIB.

    As for the “candidates” – didn’t we learn tonight that Sun is the candidate – not Jin? Lots of comments above suggesting that which Kwon was still unclear. Based on tonight, I’m still wondering about Lapidus. Remember that Smokey killed the pilot first on the island and of course the pilot was supposed to be Lapidus. Did he kill the pilot because he thought he was a candidate?

    I could have lived without all of the Artz stuff but did love the connection with the dynamite.

  34. Joy from Florida says:

    That was an amazing episode, and really perfect in light of the extreme violence we ended last week with. Ben’s pain is believable, and his choice in the sideways timeline to help Alex instead of advance his own career was so sweet in light of the course his life in the main timeline had taken. Not only is he not a guy who murders people, he’s a guy who takes care of his sick father and gives up a major career move to help one student. For me, it connected the 2 storylines in a way no other episode this season has. I think that is in large part due to Michael Emmerson and the complexity he brings to Ben.

    I can’t believe we have to wait another week to see what the hell Widmore is doing on that sub! Augh!

  35. Zhami says:

    docjkm — Thank you.

    Kaneohe_Jack — I agree, writing Gods. That they can do so very very much in so little time and dialog is astounding. They weave thread with the care and precision that Jacob did in the making of his tapestry. In this regard, the metaphor continues: Lost itself is a tapestry.

    @Daniel in BC — I just read on Lostpedia ( –> “It has been confirmed by Carlton Cuse that Kate’s name was on the cave wall, but regrettably did not make the final edit. He also confirmed her name was crossed out on the cave wall”. But, the cave wall writing is messy and sloppy, not at all Jacob’s style. I say that the “list” there is not at all the same list as Jacob’s, but perhaps MIB’s list of who he is trying to recruit. This potentially leaves Austen as a Candidate.

    “Bokonists believe that humanity is organized into teams, that do God’s will without ever discovering what they are doing. Such a team is called a karass.”

    Borrowing further from Vonnegut, a dupras is a karass of two, whose focus is each other, an inseperable dyad. Yin/Yang. Jacob/MIB. Bernard/Rose. Sun/Jin. In regard to the candidates, “Kwon” refers to *both* Sun and Jin, for they were touched at once by Jacob, making them one.


    08 Reyes
    23 Shephard
    42 Kwon
    51 Austen

    My vote goes to…. drum roll… open the envelope… Hurley. He is, after all, who the fans would want most to achieve the distinction, yes? And he does continue to see Jacob. And he has been most touched by the Numbers.

  36. Bryan in Ohio says:

    I guess I’ll be in the minority when I say I didn’t really care for this episode, for a number of reasons.

    Mostly, I felt the pace of the story was rushed and a lot of the dialogue seemed forced. It is starting to take a pace of “oh crap we have to wrap this up so talk faster”.

    Also, the slo-mo reunion scene on the beach. The writers said this season was going to have a season 1 feel to it and I think they are trying too hard to add some of that season 1 magic. I always loved it when the characters who were strangers once were happy to see each other after being apart, but the reunion here seemed contrived and tired.

    There was a time when the Widmore ending would have had a more clever reveal than it did. I felt like it was sorta undramatic and flat

    I didn’t really buy Richard’s behavior. Seemed way out of character for him to be so full of despair, and we seemingly have no foreshadowing of this. Again this adds to the feeling of them trying to rush the story to completion.

    The resolution of Ben’s story seemed extremely predictable to me. OK I get it people in sideways world are all deciding to be better people. That he made the right unselfish choice wasn’t much of a surprise in spite of the little head fake they gave us at the end.

    I did like Jack and the dynamite. Although I thought it was a little incongruous with the ‘rules’ that have been set up. Richard tells Jack he can’t kill himself but someone else can light the dynamite to kill him when we know the real rules are you cannot die until the island is through with you. Even if Jack hadn’t sat there with him I woulda bet my paycheck the dynamite wasn’t going to go off. Again another predictable no-drama moment.

    Sorry but I just can’t get on board with this being a good episode.

  37. Alex in MD says:


  38. Alex in MD says:

    They are coming

  39. Alex in MD says:

    They are coming…back.

  40. Alex in MD says:

    (Apologies to Torchwood…we miss you, Captain Jack Harkness)

  41. Ryan says:

    I just wanted to say, I don’t know if you noticed but when Ben was talking about Napoleon destiny, he was talking about the FLock’s proposal to Ben- in charge of the island all by himself – might as well be dead …

  42. paintergirl1 says:

    @Jack “First, did you notice that Miles knows that Nikki and Paulo are buried ALIVE with the diamonds? Not very cool for him to not save them.”

    It’s been three years since they were buried alive. Remember, he can hear their last thoughts. They’ve been dead for a long time, so he can’t really save them.

    I’ve been pondering Widmore’s timeline. He starts on the island as follower in the ’50s. He becomes leader and partner to Eloise. He meets the losties in the ’70s. He is banished by Ben. He finds the island with the freighter, but that mission fails. He meets with Sun about killing Ben. He helps Locke as he appears in Tunisa. He gets a call from Ben saying he was about to kill his daughter. Now, somehow, he’s on a submarine headed to the island. Whose side is he on? Have the others always been loyal to Jacob, or was there a time they were loyal to MiB? Did he place some sort of tracking device on Sun?

  43. Jacques from Chicago says:


    Ben has been my favorite character during this whole series. His nature, deviousness, evil and pragmatism are always well balanced. This redemption has been both a new direction and an homage to how people can change and grow and even use their talents for good. I am glad Ben is here to stay and I am glad Ben made both wise choice in both worlds

    Jack and Richard I like where this is going. Its amazing how Jack has grown into his “faith” now. How much he is sounding like Locke and how much he now sees that even though he doesn’t have all the answers he has direction. I like that. I never cared much for Jack and Kate, but this piece of Jack redemption was nice. Now when Kate dies, this will be complete.


  44. Julie from Chicago says:

    My husband had a very interesting point. Michael wasn’t able to kill himself. Does that mean he was a candidate at one point too? The car, the gun in the alley, all those attempts to kill himself and Mr. Friendly said it wouldn’t work because he had a “job to do”. Or perhaps he wasn’t a true candidate, but just another pawn in the game. Christian shows up right when the bomb is about to detinate on the freighter, and he says, “You can go now, Michael.” or something like that. So was that MIB using Michael? Not sure where I’m going with this, but it’s interesting in any case.

    Thanks for the podcasts away from home Ryan! They really do make a difference!

  45. Carol from Boston says:

    Emmy prediction – Terry and Michael in a tie! Both have done outstanding work and are able to flip their emotions on a dime. Ben’s scene with Ilana was just amazing.

    Anybody watch the enhanced version of Sundown? It states the flash sideways is a result of the plane not crashing. But how could that be? Ben and Dogen were not on that plane. How could it not crashing change their lives so drastically.

    I still believe that the flash sideways is the result of the war that will take place on the island. After the war, the island sends them back in time before Jacob put them on his candidate list. Whatever they resolve on the island will give them the power to make better choices in the flash sideways which is their present life.

  46. Carol from Boston says:

    @Zhami – I like your theories. While the show keeps painting everything as a black and white issue, there seems to be more grey than anything. The ultimate goal maybe is to admit your mistakes, redeem yourself, make better choices and move on. Don’t give the bad choices the power to make bad choices for the rest of you life. Break the cycle. This is why the bad father issues are important. The characters are learning to not make the same mistakes as their parents and not let their relationships with their father’s define them.

    @Eric from Ohio- I understand your points but I do not believe this is a Jesus vs. The Devil issue with Jacob being Jesus and MIB being the devil. Jacob’s followers have done some questionable things as has Jacob himself. IF going with the Jesus theory how does one reconcile the fact that those are things that Jesus would never do or condone.

  47. Josh says:

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned or not (I haven’t read everyone’s posts), but I find it strange that Dr. Linus and his father were still apart of DHARMA and were on the island in the flash sideways, yet when the plane flies over the water in LA X, the island is submerged underwater. I wonder if we’ll also get an explanation on that in future flash sideways.

    But back onto the episode. Michael Emerson is an actor who doesn’t get enough credit for what he does. In the last ten minutes of the show, his scene with Illana was incredible. The emotion he put into the line, “only Locke will take me.” should win him some award, yet with them pretty much over, well yeah.

    Anyway, I’m glad Charles Widmore is coming back, yet I remember (like the ticker at the bottom of last weeks episode said) Charlies told Locke that if he didn’t go back to the island, the wrong side would win. Now as we all know Locke did go back to the island, but it seems as if the wrong side is winning. So was Locke supposed to go back to the island alive in order for Jacob to win and is Charles coming to the island due to Jacob being killed? Will wee see Eleanore Hawking, Penny, Desmond, and their son Charlie also? And another question I have is if Eleanore Hawking is Daniel Faraday’s mother, why is Daniel’s last name not Hawking or Widmore? Oh and if Eleanore knew she was going to kill him on the island, why didn’t she try to stop it from happening, unless she knew that the only way to cure him of his illness, that he would have to go to the island. Hmmmm.

  48. John Fischer says:

    Can somebody help me? Where exactly is Jin? I can’t remember. Have we seen him recently? Everyone seems to be with either Illana or Flocke except Jin. Do we know where he is?

  49. Tori, also from Syracuse says:

    Zhami, you’re a brilliant person. Thanks for sharing your poetic thoughts and writing with us. I agree about Hurley, and about the notion that “Kwon” refers to the dyad “Kwon,” since their whole schtick has been whether they can work it out as a COUPLE.

    Has anyone noted that this ep is kind of a “Groundhog’s Day” phenomenon, where people are given as many chances as possible to “make good”? Theories of reincarnation poses a similar idea… that we keep coming back until we get it right.

    This episode was so incredibly touching in that way. Ben finally saw a choice in front of him– the exact same choice he faced on the island with his daughter– and given all of the alterverse phenomena that have happened with him (including digging his own grave– hilarious double entendre there– and then being accepted back by Alana), he finally “gets it.” The look on his face as Alex walked away with her group of friends was priceless.

    If Benry can make good, I’m hoping and praying some of our other great peeps will make it too– Sawyer, Kate, Sayid….

    Connie from Oregon, are you the former Connie from Alaska? I’ve always loved your posts. Hope Oregon is treating you well!

    Lost is incredibly, utterly mindblowing and wonderful. Thanks Damon and Carlton!!

  50. Carol from Boston says:

    @John, the last time we saw him he was with Clare with a busted leg. She had just axed an other. I assume he is still at Clare’s camp since he can’t walk. He may be at the Hydra station with Locke now.

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