Trans 2010-03-10: “Dr. Linus” (Episode 6-07)


“Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie.” Instead of our regular blog post, this week we posted a “Shortwave Transmission” initial reactions podcast, as Ryan will soon be off the island. We include some calls from the LOSTLine, as well as the latest track from The Others LOST Band. We’re hoping “You All Everybody” can keep the conversation going on the blog. What did you think of “Dr. Linus”? We’d love your comments below!

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276 Responses to “Trans 2010-03-10: “Dr. Linus” (Episode 6-07)”

  1. Ryan says:

    Like last week, I’m hoping to include a few LOSTLine phone calls in our podcast (albeit skewed toward East Coast and Central time zone viewers). If you’re up to sharing your thoughts right after the episode airs, ring us at (815) 310-0808. I’ll keep checking until around midnight EST. Please keep your calls to about a minute. Mahalo!

  2. Stefani from Mass says:

    just watched the sneak peek online and swear that the ‘Professor Linus’ is channeling my first boss, right down to the glasses and the “mr. rogers” cardigan! Can’t wait to see the rest of the episode!

    My prediction: ANNIE makes another appearance… either as a colleague or as the parent of a student… wouldn’t that be a riot! Her storyline isn’t closed yet, but I’m baffled as to how the circle will come back!

  3. Kirk from Indy says:

    Just had a sudden thought as I watched the re-air of “Sundown.” Locke is making his offer to Sayid. He made an offer to Sawyer in a previous episode. What if sideways world is the way in which the Man in Black gives everyone their wish? And its all with a twist. Sayid has Nadia, but she’s married to his brother. We’ll probably find other twists in the sideways lives of Jack and Kate and Hurley and the others. Has this been proposed before?

  4. hammer says:

    you know…for as much as i enjoyed and LOVED the episode..the last 20 seconds..anything less obvious?

  5. Loved the episode. Makes me wonder why it is that Widmore seems to know way more about this who Jacob vs. MIB than anyone else. It makes me think that Widmore is most definately a person who will side with MIB.

    Interesting, all the timeless fueds are taking sides:
    Sawyer vs. Jack
    Locke (sort of) vs. Jack
    Widmore vs. Ben

    This is all just so timeless and a perfect ending to a perfect show. All old scores will be settled.

  6. Steven Hunter says:

    Great episode, tonight. I thought Ben’s flash-sideways was interesting, and especially endearing when he put Alex’s future ahead of his own desires. And just as I was beginning to wonder about Widmore’s role in the remaining story, he shows up at the very end. Nice.

    Still, it feels like things are moving pretty slowly with only nine episodes remaining in addition to the two-hour finale. More ground needs to be covered in each episode, I think.

  7. Stefani from Mass says:

    OK – ANNIE prediction is busted but I’m still holding out hope for her story’s resolution…. but Dr. Linus’ quandry was great! The final scene also has yet another GREAT WTF moment! But I won’t give it away here…

  8. Otis says:

    Finally I think we might get an answer to who those people in the canoes in the all black that were shooting at the losties when they were flashing threw time at the beginning of season 5.. it’ll be widmore’s clan

  9. Mattfromnd says:

    I had read a spoiler about widmore being in the episode, but I had forgotten about it until the couple minutes and was starting to think it was a fake spoiler.

    A slow ep compared to last week, but still really good.

  10. rp from Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. says:

    Now I’m confused. Is Widmore with Flocke or does he have his own agenda?

  11. The reason I said that Widmore is with MIB is that he told REAL Locke that he had to come back to the Island or the wrong side would win the war.

  12. rp from Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. says:

    Good point Matt from Ohio.

  13. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Loved the episode and all the double meanings of the conversations.
    Lots of call backs, some even within the episode.

    Could’ve called this the Redemption of Ben Linus, maybe?

    Why does Richard no longer trust Jacob? He makes being a candidate sound like a curse. (This seems to support the “they’re the same guy” theory).

    Matthew Fox did a terrific job again.
    Locke and Ben scenes are fantastic on and off Island.

    Was Ilana merely testing Ben?

    See y’all on the blog tomorrow morning.

  14. rp from Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. says:

    Maybe that will shed some light on why Widmore was banned. Maybe he was planning a coup against Jacob but it was stopped on time.

  15. Dave in AL says:

    Another outstanding episode, just keeps getting better and better. My favorite line, Miles: “Uh-Oh.” It seems that many characters can’t seem to change who they are, but Ben, WOW! I thought it was really amazing that he actually made a morally right choice and I was happy to see him stay with the Jacob camp. But in true Lost fashion, it wouldn’t be a complete episode without a cheesy submarine scene.

  16. Fénix Solís says:

    I think we all are wondering which side is Widmore!!! I think He is on Jacob in MIB’s side.

  17. I really enjoyed “Dr. Linus” even though it was not as action-packed as “Sundown.” I thought Ben’s flash sideways was great. It was awesome to see him as a real, caring individual and I loved how they pulled in Alex.

    I thought it was cool to see a bit more Alpert. It was nice to get a little bit more context to his story, though it didn’t give us any real answers.

    The closing scene on the beach was perhaps a tad bit on the cheesy side, but I did like how it paid tribute to early Lost episodes. I know there was a scene almost exactly like that before, but I can’t pin it down.

    Overall, I thought this was a great episode for Ben. The flash sideways showed us what he was capable of being had circumstances been different and it was a person that you could actually respect. On the island, we saw some of that show through and the parallelisms were well done.

    My only gripe is that we didn’t see Sawyer for two episodes in a row.

    Next week looks great. Can’t wait to see what Whidmore brings to the table and his amazingly animated submarine.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I loved seeing that Ben is finally remorseful and offered some redemption for all he has done. I’ve always thought that behind all of the lying and manipulating there was a good person. He is one of the most interesting and complex characters on the show and I was relieved Ilana did not kill him.

  19. Stefani from Mass says:

    Still wondering – where is Desmond and Penny?

    When will Jin and Sun be reunited now that everyone else is back on the beach?

    If Richard was touched by Jacob and can’t kill himself – is that the same with Locke, Sayid, Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sun & Jin? That, however, doesn’t imply that they will all survive… 🙁

    Didn’t like Roger Linus’ really bad old man makeup… But did like the irony of him giving him the oxygen tank instead of the death gas!

  20. sawyerslilsassafras says:

    Loved, loved, loved this episode. Glad to see in one time line that Ben did right by Alex! Have to admit that I got a little misty-eyed during that “I’ll have you” exchange between Ilana and Ben. And then again with the reunion on the beach. Can’t believe how much I have come to love all of these characters… man I wish this show would go on forever!

  21. Dave in AL says:

    After reading some of the posts that made it before my last, the thing that leads me to think that Widmore is more on the side with Jacob is that he leaves Hurley, et al, alone. I do question his motives and I wonder if he represents a third side of the conflict, something neither MIB nor Jacob.

  22. Fénix Solís says:

    I Can’t wait to listen to your podcast!!!


  23. Danielle in Pa says:

    This episode brought tears to my eyes. In my opinion, Ben was redeemed both on the island, by confessing his motives for killing Jacob and expressing remorse, and off the island by his sacrfice for Alex. How is he going to come into play against MIB? MIB was so sure that Ben would take his side and did not account for Ilana’s forgiveness. Ben is definitely going to be a major player in this War!

  24. Brendon says:

    I was happy not to see Ben die. I like him better when he’s not in charge. I sure thought that Ben might go through with his threat to Principal Roberts after he saw Alex got the letter; all Ben cared about was not to hurt Alex’s chances. I was hoping to see Danielle tonight, but it was not to be. It was very interesting to see Jack take that risk to kill Richard. It’s interesting to see Jack take charge of a situation again. He hasn’t done that lately, and I like Jack better that way. My theory that Sun and Jin aren’t getting reunited until the finale looks in trouble with the “I don’t know which Kwon I’m supposed to protect” quote. I am very interested to see what Widmore is up to on that sub. That’s quite a way to reach the island without being seen.

  25. rp from Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. says:

    Dave from AL -> Why would Widmore then say, stay on course to the planned destination? Maybe he’s in cohorts with Flocke to land the sub in the small island.
    BUT… Jacob wanted somebody to find the island though; you may have a point.

    All builds more and more anticipation.

  26. Nana says:

    OMG! That was, hands down the BEST episode so far, and that’s not cause Im a hopeless Ben fan hehehe. We got it all, myth, characters, an amazing sideways storyline that gave us Ben fans some validation ( HE IS a GOOD guy!You see? We were not crazy!yesss)

    Loved the interaction between Ben and Ilana/Flocke. Very interested in his offer…his statement seems to go agains what he told Sawyer about the Island not being special or worth protecting.

    Also, how AMAZING was it to see Richard in the Black Rock, to let us know that a)First time he’s been back to it since he got to the Island and b)he’s as unhappy with Jacob as Ben was, feeling his VERY long life had no purpose…”Being touched is not a gift, it’s a curse”

    Jack was very cool today (and Im not a fan of his), Miles I wanted to kill, but I loved the diamonds’ wink (like the inhaler in “The Lighthouse, we keep getting these S1/S2 easter eggs and I LOVE IT)

    Loved the sideways story, seeing Artz and Alex…and even Roger again. OMG!Ben WAS ON THE ISLAND AND LEFT SO NOW WE HAVE A TIMELINE FOR IT’s SINKING PPL! OMG SO EXCITING
    You realise he’s the only one we know of so far who has been on it….I guess that means sideways Widmore and Eloise were on it at one point too…or were they? SUPER interesting!

    That’s it for now. Past 4 am here and I need to sleep. Forgive any spelling blunders, am typing super fast and am very tired hehehe.

    I love LOST. Iwish it didnt have to end.


  27. cue dblu says:

    Lump in my throat – again. Perhaps because Ben chose Alex this time (in the Flash Sideaways) instead of advancing his own agenda that he was allowed to live in the island timeline?

    It was sad with him having no one at the end… I thought maybe he and Richard could have commiserated, but no…. 🙁 Ben has gone from a despised character to one I really care for, and one of my favorite of the whole bunch. Kudos again to Michael Emerson for an amazing performance.

  28. Jamilla Midwest says:

    I found this ep so fustrating! I loved last weeks ep, it was so much action and brilliant storytelling. Y the slow pace and snore…Really would any one of us, choose a student over the possiblity of becoming a principal? SMH, I was so excited after last week’s ep. Bo-Ring!!! It does not seem plausible and simply a waste of time…very unecessary…9 ep’s left…c’mon it has been six years!!!!

  29. Crystal in NC says:

    This episode had great humor and good twists. Widmore coming back is exciting. I think he has an agenda that has nothing to do with the Man in Black. There is so many great actors on this show that someone like Richard gets overshadowed, but his shift from calm and confident to trying to blow himself up is awesome. Ben giving in to his softer side, I buy it. Hope he isn’t scamming us again. Miles, Miles, Miles. More Miles one liners is all I ask. Miles and Lapidus one liners are awesome.

    Only complaints. Where is Desmond? I need to see him brotha!

  30. Tom in ATX says:

    Hi all . . . first time here.

    Tonight we were shown that there was an island in the flash sideways world. Ben’s father apologizes for leaving the Dharma Initiative years earlier, saying how different things would have been should they have stayed. Now there’s an understatement.

    But the island did exist and the Dharma was there and it was above the water at some point in the past.

    Another possible point this may intersect in these two storylines is the fact that Christian is missing in the flash sideways. Makes me think that the island sucked him in, and that’s where the body lays.

    Remember that Eloise made Jack get something of Christians, namely his shoes, to put on the dead Locke. What’s the deal with the MIB and the dead bodies flying over?


  31. Jack says:

    Ryan and Jen,

    I have a few thoughts after watching “Dr. Linus”.

    First, did you notice that Miles knows that Nikki and Paulo are buried ALIVE with the diamonds? Not very cool for him to not save them.

    Second, I’m really starting to lean toward the “Jacob is the good guy” camp. He wanted Jack to know how important he is. Jack trusted Jacob and believed the dynamite would not harm him, and he was right. Jack was there just when Richard was struggling with his faith. That could have been orchestrated by Jacob. Miles said Jacob was hoping right up to the time Ben stabbed him in the heart that he was wrong about Ben. In other words, he cared about Ben. And when Ben finally realized and acknowledged that he was wrong for killing Jacob & what was really important (Alex), Ilana (Jacob’s ambassador) was willing to “have” him without question. Showing us how important we are, helping us struggle with our faith, and forgiving us unconditionally are all signs of a benevolent being.

    Third, all I’ve seen UnLocke do is make promises. He also tempted Ben to run into the woods, get the gun and shoot Ilana. And remember that after Jacob got killed, UnLocke threw the white rock in the cave into the ocean. And we have seen UnLocke say outright that he wanted to kill Jacob, and he found a loophole to make it happen.

    Unless the writers are really messing with us and only showing us enough to confuse us, I say Jacob has to be good and UnLocke evil. In fact, the only thing that makes me think it might be the other way around is the fact that they are going so far out of their way to make it look like Jacob is good and UnLocke is evil (I know how Lost likes to mess with our heads).

    Fourth, one thing that Richard missed in the whole dynamite incident was that Jacob has touched Jack too. If Richard can’t kill himself because Jacob touched him (set the dynamite himself), then the dynamite would not go off if Jack sets it up and hangs around either.

    Well, there’s my two cents. I really enjoy your podcast.

    Atlanta, GA

  32. RIP says:

    Great episode, and I enjoy your podcast!!

    Ben’s story sure seems to be “mirroring” that of the Biblical Judas Iscariot – a man who betrayed a central character of goodness, could easily be considered a “dupe” of that character’s enemy, was ostracized by the community of followers, and whom ultimately must receive forgiveness from that community.

  33. EricFromOhio says:

    What a great episode. We see Jack finally acknowledge that Jacob(Jesus) has always had a plan for his life and that ever since he was little he has been there watching him and looking out for him. We see his faith demonstrated inside the Black Rock at the same moment we see Richard, who has been aloyal follower of Jacob for longer than anyone, finally doubt his reasons for this beliefs(as we all do from time to time). Ironically, it is Jack, the new believer, who has this overflowing faith that is so audacious in his show of faith that it convinces Richard he should not abandon his faith. That just because Jacob(Jesus) is no longer in a physical form(where it would be much easier to believe), doesn’t mean that he is not still with them and that he is there guiding them(as Hurley, later proves to Richard).
    We also see Locke(the devil) try once again to tempt someone to follow him, by expoiting their weakness. He offers him acceptance and “a place” with him and just like the devil, he is very good at what he does. Although Ben had recently been tricked into killing Jacob, here he is again very easily convinced to run into the woods, pick up a gun and kill Illana(guardian angel). And with a simple display of his powers he opens Ben’s lock and off Ben runs. As Ben reachs the gun and points it at Illana he doesn’t instantly shoot as UnLocke(the devil) has suggested(devil didn’t want the following conversation to take place) and he proceeds to explain to Illana what his intent was. Ben asks Illana(guardian angel) for forgiveness and even though she know what he has done(killing the man she considers her “Father” (Caps. on purpose) she asks a simple question, “Why would you go with him(the devil)? Ben says that he “would have” him and she, in a gesture of forgiveness and love demonstrated by her Father, says “I will have you.” And like that all of Ben’s sins have been forgiven. He has asked for forgiveness and it has been granted. There is “a place” for Ben with Jacob(Jesus). In one of the greatest, yet simple scenes of LOST we then see Ben walk back into camp and the camera lingers on Ben’s hand as he sets down the gun that he was carrying, symbolizing his lifelong struggle for power, by any means necessary. His next line is my favorite….He says to Sun, “Do you need a hand?” He went from a live about “self” to a life of “serving others”(a Godly life) and the writers are showing the final role of Ben Linus. Off-Island(sideways-flash) we see the exact same change take place where he is faced with a different situation that would ultimately yield the same results as his earlier choices on the island. He could blackmail the principal, get the powerful position for himself, while in the process effectively “killing” the hopes and dreams of a good life for Alex(just as he earlier chose to do on the island). Or, he could choose do do things for someone else(Alex) and keep his mouth shut about the information that he knows about the principal and ensure that Alex receives every opportunity that she could possible have in life. This time we see him unselfishly help Alex, mirroring his new choices and life on the island.
    I would love to hear your thoughts.
    Best line ever on LOST that shows the redeptive opportunities given to each person if they accept faith….Benjamin Linus genuinely asking, “Do you need a hand?” and we all know that for the first time ever in the 6 years of the show none of us is asking, “Can we believe him?” He has been “reborn” through the forgiveness of Illana(speaking on behalf of Jacob(Jesus)).

  34. EricFromOhio says:

    Bonita: I love the re-naming of the episode and I agree….read my (long) post after yours that you can find above. They fit together perfectly.

  35. Mich says:

    What a great epi!! The scene when Ilana says, “Ill have you.” definitely brought tears to my eyes. Nice to see Ben redeemed. After my dissapointed last week, so glad Lost came back strong! Great job guys!!

  36. EricFromOhio says:

    Danielle: I agree totally. Reread post above and please share your thoughts… Thanks, Eric

  37. Sobaika says:

    Hands down my favorite episode from this season! Leave it to Ben 🙂

    Lingering questions:

    Who are the 6 candidates that Ilana refers to? She knows the Locke is dead so how can she include him? The definites are Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, Jin/Sun, and… Kate?? Or is she counting Sun AND Jin?

  38. EricFromOhio says:

    Brendon: I agree and disagree. I agree that I Jack is more likeable this way, but I disagree that he is “taking charge” in the scene with Richard and the dynamite. I believe that he is doing exactly the opposite of “taking charge” and that he is “giving it all to Jacob(Jesus)” and the plan that Jacob has for him. For the first time we really see Jack have Faith in Jacob. Just as Jacob told Hurley in “The Lighthouse”, he has a plan for Jack and that he has been watching out for them for a long time and that even if Jack couldn’t “see” him before, it didn’t mean that Jacob wasn’t there. Jack is not taking charge….he is surrendering…and giving it to “Him”.

  39. EricFromOhio says:

    @RIP: I agree and love to hear someone else say it….if you go back to the comments from the last 3 episodes I have been telling everyone the same thing and have been proven correct again tonight..Please reread earlier posts from last several episodes and let me know if you agree.

  40. Steven says:

    As far as the 6 candidates go, I think she said there were only 6 left. I kept thinking that “Straume” was on the list of candidates and Miles is still alive. And it seems like there are more names on the lists of people who are still alive, like “Linus” for instance.

  41. Patrick D says:

    Really liked the episode tonight, every episode this season has been good but I feel like they are going to be even better when we know what exactly is going in the flash-sideways.

    My big question for this episode: What is going on with Miles and the diamonds? Are they really going to try and make sense of nikki and paulo right now with everything else they need to explain? If not, then why even bring them back up?

  42. Joe in Texas says:

    Something that still bugs me is when unLocke said “I’m very disapointed in all of you!”
    So if IIana is including Locke as one of the 6 candidates, is he really dead?

    @Kirk in Indy – I like your theory!

  43. DesmondsPen says:

    I’m encouraged to think that seeing Widmore means Desmond might be seen again soon. (Haven’t seen Sawyer for 2 episodes, huh? Desmond’s been no more than a blip on the radar for over a season!) LOVED seeing Jack so sure. And I thought it was genius to allude to Locke being willing to follow Ben. I feel like all the pieces of the puzzle that we need are starting to circle us and find their place, waiting to come together in a final answer. And I’m thinking Richard’s story must be soon! Yeah!

  44. lucydog says:

    Wow. What an episode. Jack is now a man of faith, Ben has been reborn. Slowly the threads are coming together and what a tapestry!

    So, Ben is the only sideways character I think who’s been to the island. Was he not shot by Sayid and then “saved” by the Others? Or did that Sideways reality of Ben getting shot by Sayid never happen?

    One other question: Sideways Ben’s Dad Roger said he wanted more for Ben and wished they never left the island. So does Sideways Roger not know the fate of the island—that it is perhaps sunk and under water? Why did they leave the island? The incident?

  45. Mike_Colorado says:

    We’re cheering in Denver, CO! What a great episode! Could Ben have killed those who were left of dharma In because they were infected? If I’m listening to a podcast, make mine the Transmission!

  46. Mike_Colorado says:

    Also, I am convinced that the sideway is the ending of the show.

  47. PapaMarkie says:

    “Dr. Linus” cured the blahs I had this season … Holy freakin’ crap! Best episode this year so far. Finally a Ben with a part to play. A little more info about Richard. Jack can’t die. Reunited on the beach. Ben saves Alex and actually helps his father, and oh, BTW, they left the Island & the Dharma Initiative. What would life had been like for them. Dr. Arzt teaches and doesn’t get blown up. And then there is Widmore and THUD! May not have had a lot of answers. But it was a very satisfying episode none the less. I did miss Claire (to quote Miles, she is still hot) but sorry Jamie, I didn’t miss Kate. Gotta like that Miles – he’s got balls. The acting this year by Josh Holloway and now Michael Emerson has been wonderful. Can’t wait for the Jin & Sun reunion. Let’s see if it is as good as Penny & Desmond (and where is my brother?). Holy freakin’ crap!

  48. Zhami says:

    Turnabouts – we are watching the characters transform, faith to doubt and doubt to faith, having purpose and having purpose evaporate. Lost is about meaning: the meaning we all make of things: of events, or circumstances, of patterns. Lost is self-referential: it is a mirror, and like Jacob’s Lighthouse mirror, it reflects our own internal reality. We (the Viewers) see in/on Lost island what we are predisposed to see: good versus evil, redemption versus judgement, A versus B, easter eggs, fragments, toss-aways, and we construct elaborate meaning from all of this. But for all our theorizing, now six years into the adventure, we actually know next to nothing, yet we know inordinate mythology. Just like life. I say: Lost, like Life itself, is beyond judgement. Things happen. We make up explanations. That is what human brains do, that is why they are such a survival advantage. But… our proclivity is to “be certain” on the flimsiest of evidence, as history, and the history of science especially, teach us. Yet like Dr. Linus in the Altverse who so very poetically speaks metaphorically of his own circumstances in describing Napoleon (Able he was ere he saw Elba – to paraphrase and so destroy the palindrome)… we all are prisoners of out own ideas — some of us see Jacob as good, others (far far fewer) see him as interfering and extremely manipulative. And MIB, in spite of him giving people choice, is labeled evil (although it seems that choosing contrary to his desire can have terminating consequences. Will the writers coalesce this dichotomy further as Good/God v. Evil/Devil? Or might they rise above such simplicity and give us something different? Perhaps like the Taoist Taijitu, we see two faces of the same entity, spinning in eternity, each in growing grows the seed of its counterpart. Night exists not without Day, nor Day without Night. Jacob exists not without MIB, nor MIB without Jacob. Meaning exists not without Mind, nor Mind without Meaning. Lost exists not without its Fans, nor its fans without Lost. There are two sides…one white one black. But there is only one Game. We’re all in it for the Game, and I’d say that Darlton & Co. are winning, hands down, because I hold that the way they pull all the threads together is something we haven’t yet fathomed. What a great ride it is! And still nine more eps to go – I’m not at all unhappy that things are moving too slow — I want to enjoy all the scenery along the way.

  49. NuckinFuts says:

    H F C

    A wonderful episode & can not believe so few are left. To me, no show will EVER be as compelling, thought provoking, charming, funny, scary, nerve wracking, & heartwarming as LOST. I feel as though this is a once in a lifetime event and it’s been my pleasure to be able to share it with “You All Everybody”!

    For my first comments of a possible million I wanted to point out that I loved when Richard slammed the dynamite down! I was squirming & jumping out of my seat.

    Since Jacob touched Jack do you think that is the real reason it fizzled? Jack could not kill himself just like Alpert?

    Funny that tonight sometime I was thinking if Nikki & Paulo would be visited in flashes &how I thought if they did we might appreciate it / them collectively as fans ( I sorts liked them as soon as they were buried ) more than before and then…diamonds.

    Ilana forgave Ben: does Jack get to brand him?!

  50. Zhami says:

    Six Candidates:

    04 Locke
    08 Reyes
    15 Ford
    16 Jarrah
    23 Shephard
    42 Kwon
    51 Austen

    Yes, that’s seven. Locke must really be dead. So that leaves six, if Kwon represents only one of Jin or Sun.

    with Flocke: Ford, Jarrah, Auusten, Kwon (if Jin)
    with Ilana: Kwon (if Sun)
    in the wild: Shephard, Reyes

    Looks so far like Flocke is in the lead in gathering his… flock.

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