Trans 2010-03-03: “Sundown” (Episode 6-06)


“Sayid is faced with a difficult decision, and Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants.” Instead of our regular blog post, this week we posted a “Shortwave Transmission” initial reactions podcast, as Ryan will soon be off the island. We include some calls from the LOSTLine, as well as the latest track from The Others LOST Band. We’re hoping “You All Everybody” can keep the conversation going on the blog. What did you think of “Sundown”? We’d love your comments below!

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282 Responses to “Trans 2010-03-03: “Sundown” (Episode 6-06)”

  1. Yann From France says:

    @ Jack N and Terry B: Ethan was dead a long time ago so I don’t see why you think Dogan makes a difference! The point in this theory is that the Island will sink IN THE PAST and therefore nothing will happened the same since Jacob won’t “change” their lives and they will live differently… Thus Dogan son won’t die and Jacob won’t make a deal with Dogan and Dogan has a life off Island:
    THE question is: Did JACOB killed his son? Like Juliette husband? Or gave cancer to her sister to make her stay on Island? How powerful Jacob is? He even prevented Jack’s appendicitis… Killing children (even to revive them) sounds BAD to me!

  2. Steve from philly says:

    fter seeing smokey going around our losties and hearing the noises it made me wonder about the whispers. Maybe when Jacob is around in another forum (hopefully not a white smoke monster) observing our characters or showing them things from our past the whispers appear. This could be people that have died either just following Jacob or maybe just past candidates that have died. This could explain quotes like “is that him?” maybe its past candidates checking into Jacobs “new” canidiates

  3. Yann From France says:

    One last comment: MIB promised that Claire would get her baby back, she will in flashsideways. MIB promised that Nadia will be alive again and Sayid will be able to see her, she will in flashsideways…

  4. Arbitrary says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, while being profoundly disturbed by it also. Difficult to watch at times, but really did have the sense of the beginning of the end. I will really miss Lost.

  5. Martin says:

    I found this episode to be probably the worst of the whole series. It did not bring anything new. It just gave more of what we’ve already had. MiB was going to the temple – surprise – he arrived! It was clear that it is not going to be a friendly visit. Just lots of cheap CG tricks of black smoke roaming through the corridors and killing people. We have seen that before, haven’t we?

    Even the second life line was so predictable. Everybody turns there to their better me. So Said does not want to help with the mob, but righteously does it when there is no other option. Please, c’mon…

    And the great scene of killing MiB! Immediately I thought: he cannot kill him. What would be the rest about?

    I was extremely disappointed and surprised that they can afford such an empty episode when there is some much to explain. Well, I cannot have Christmas everyday…

  6. Joy from Florida says:

    Wow. That final scene left me completely speechless last night. How utterly frightening and disturbing. I don’t think we got a lot of answers last night, but we definitely did move the story full on toward the “war” that has been talked about for so long. I can’t imagine who is coming to the island that they keep talking about.

    I was SO sad to see Dogan go. I just loved that character and he was so short lived–although he drowned in that temple spring so I suppose he could get up and walk out in a couple hours. I loved that we got a little more backstory on him and how he got to the island. He wasn’t some samurai warrior. He was a businssman who killed his own son in a dui after celebrating a promotion. I didn’t see that one coming!

    I have to say, though, I am continuing to be ambivalent about the flash-sideways. I know there has GOT to be something that will tie in with our primary island story-line or they wouldn’t be wasting the last few episodes of Lost just for the sake of showing us how they would have turned out had the incident never happened and the plane never crashed. But sometimes I feel like it is exactly that and I find myself wanting to get away from Sayed trying to get his brother out of the bad loan shark deal and Jack watching his son play piano, and go back to the island and see what is happening there. I’m trying to have faith that there is a reason for all that. 🙂

  7. Yann From France says:

    Who is good and who is bad????? I just want to know!
    Jacob is manipulative and his main power to do that is: healing! (Ilana, Juliette’s sister, Rose, Dogen’s son, John (three times), Mihail, the fountain, Richard…)
    MIB is manipulative and his main powers to do that are: destruction and incarneting death/dead (Yemi, Nicky and Paolo’s spiders, killing the Others that won’t come with him…)
    When you hear that it sounds easy to know who is the good guy. But when you look at what is happening off Island things are not as clear… Maybe MIB will win and we are seeing what is happening which is “nice” until the last episode were we realised that the world is now doomed/twisted because MIB is out there. Thus the title: LOST ?

  8. Yann From France says:

    Just a last quick note: Chopin’s bicentenary birthday was Monday! I wonder if the writers knew that and if it was the reason they played his composition on last episode!

  9. atoms says:

    After last night’s episode, I’m more convinced than ever that the island is Eden and the man in black is the Serpent.

  10. Cat says:

    Ryan and Jen, really fun to have your “immediate reaction” podcast! Takes me back to the old days! Thanks!

    I’m inclined to agree with you that the flash sideways eps are what actually happens if the MIB wins and he reunites the people he has promised – Sayid and Nadia, Claire and Aaron and even Dogen and his son assuming that with the death of Jacob and the ultimate triumph of MIB that the “deals” Jacob made are overturned. The question becomes – what happens if Jacob wins and MIB doesn’t get off the island? Do the few survivors live out their live on the island?

    Interesting show but not my favorite. Think it was the weakest of the season so far.

  11. Carol from Boston says:

    The MIB said he was once a man, he was a man in the finale last year, was that his true form? Did something happen that turned him into Smokey? Did he have to trick Locke to get into a human form permanently so he could go home?

  12. Robert B says:

    Haven’t read all the comments previous, but wanted to answer a question from the podcast. You asked where Sawyer was. If he was on his own. In the scene with Claire and Flocke before she went into the temple she asked Flocke why did he choose her to go in. Why didn’t he have Jin of Sawyer do it. Based on that line of question i would say that Sawyer and Jin are still with Flocke but were left behind until they accomplished their mission at the temple. Also your question on why they didn’t send Miles out to Flocke is because he WAS a candidate. He is no longer a candidate for some reason. He was on the wall but his name was scratched out. And for those who say you have to die to get scratched off the wall, don’t forget that Linus was also scratched off the wall yet he is still alive.

  13. Robert B says:

    I have heard many times that Jacob is not a good guy because he manipulates people or gets them to do things they may not want to do. Parents do that to their kids all the time, but it doesn’t make them bad people. It makes them people who are looking out for their kids well being or possibly working towards a greater good. So don’t just say Jacob is bad because he manuevers things into place. Parents do it, bosses do it, the military does it. At times of war people get drafted and people die. Doesn’t make the government bad, but sometimes there has to be sacrifices made for the greater good, and this is coming from someone who went to war who didn’t much appreciate it. (Just making a point, not trying to get this into a political thing so don’t jump down my throat).

  14. purple6haze says:

    I have always thought of the title “Lost” as the adj. 1. Unable to find one’s way: strayed or missing. However, after last night I will reference the title “Lost” in my mind as the v. Past tense and past participle of LOSE. I just hope we have not been watching a game where our heroes were never meant to win.
    Greatest show ever.

  15. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Okay, a quick post before I back up and read those above:

    Awesome Episode, Loved the action balanced with quieter plot points.

    The Boomerang metaphor was perfect for Lost – you throw it out there and it returns, though not exactly in the same spot and there are consequences. I swear Sayid said, “we had an incident” but I’ll have to rewatch to be sure. Excellent little story point.

    Sayid’s story reminded me of “The History of Violence” and I found him very believable as a man who wanted to be good but kept doing bad for the wrong reasons. Locke’s offer to give him what he wanted most was similar to his approach to all his recruits (especially Sawyer). It was a great counterpoint to the on off Island world where he felt unworthy of what he wanted most (Nadia).

    Was there a temple wall symbol on Nadia’s necklace?

    Proof that the forward cabin slips my mind when I am watching the show because seeing Jin was a surprise! I am sure that his inability to speak English will be very important in his story line and I can’t wait. (Here I’ll confess that it is very strange that Jin would be sent to LA with the watch/money and have no English skills – unless the point was for the father to get him killed)

    Can’t wait until next week and all the great comments from You ALL Everybody!

  16. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    ps. Where the heck is Sawyer??

  17. Daryl In San Diego says:

    Jen/Ryan: I am really set on the fact that there is a cyclical progression here where one of the “moments” is the constant. Right now I feel that moment is this: “a dark character walks out of the jungle to meet the light character on the beach. The dark character is offered food, and the conversation commences.” The constant is the cycle and the variables are covered by “…anything else is progress” At this time, the two “bodies” to be in this moment of the light dark exchange are Flock and Jack Sheperd, but Flock doesn’t fit completely. I think there is a missing arc (of that progression) that will swap out Flock for Ford in the end; and Ford and Sheperd will be having the conversation the next time the beach moment occurs. The delivery vehicles to the island have changed over time, but all the players will be there in different bodies. All that is left is too figure out, is just “what” is the progress the light character sees or more likely there IS no progress. It is just the hope the light character harbors contrasted with the desperation of the dark character. The Island is a stage and that’s it.

  18. Patty from Virginia says:

    @ Laura and @Bryan from Ohio: I agree that there was something in the smoke, but what caught my eye was the expression on Kate’s face. Was it supposed to be some sort of “I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful” expression?

  19. Ernie says:

    Wow. What a powerful episode, I was crushed by the choices Sayid made. For 5+ seasons we have watched him struggle with his past, repeatedly proclaiming, ‘I am not that person anymore.’ Ultimately he has lost that internal struggle.

    This really dominated my thoughts since watching the episode. Only this morning was I am to start wondering why so many people on the Island have to get other people to kill for them. Dogan wants Jack to kill Sayid. Lock gets Sawyer to kill his father. Smokey gets Ben to kill Jacob. Perhaps this is related to the still unclear ‘rules’, but it is a theme we were hammered with last night. Why is it so important? I have the sense certain people are trying to remain pristine or at least not crossing certain line by not killing.

    I’m still stuck on the two timelines. I’ve been waiting for them to converge or cross over and now believe this is unlikely. I’m not beginning to think they are out of sequence. One or the other is a flash back/forward. Perhaps the off Island reality happens after what we are seeing now or vice versa.

  20. Justin in Wichita Falls TX says:

    I just wanted to say how eerie and dark was the “Catch a falling star” montage at the end. Really solidified the dark ending. I loved every bit of it. And Sayid’s creepy “Dick Dastardly” smile really sold it. Another episode I will be Re(x20)-watching

  21. dan says:

    What do you guys think of this? But, Dogen’s story kind of reminded me of something that may have happened to Claire’s psychic’s daughter. Remember Echo went to investigate her death and coming back to life. Maybe Jacob made a deal with the psychic to get Claire to the island. He seemed a little dismissive and kind of like he was hiding something when Echo tried to talk to him…

  22. Daryl In San Diego says:

    I forgot something on my crackpot theory. :”Yes” I can’t help but be in the Yin-Yang camp now. The Tai-Chi is represented in my comments above in the one (two) points many people forget in that symbol. Hope and Desperation would be the spots nested within the opposing sides larger region which nails down the absolute symmetry, yet dynamics of the symbol of the philosophy. It has been the symbol of lost all this time, so it MUST be part of it. I think Dharma taking it on this symbol should be coincidental for the storytelling of the show but unknown to the characters themselves.

  23. Lynn says:

    When Smoke gives Sayid the offer, Sayid mentioned that the only thing he ever loved died in his arms.

    Of course, we’re thinking Nadia; but Shannon also died in his arms as well.

  24. Agus from Argentina says:

    First Thought: What Jacob told Dogen about his son was very similar to what Idon’tremeberwho told Michael.

    Second Thought:
    I love Creepy Clair!! And now Sayid?? That was interesting.
    I’m thinking the CLAIMED are both going to set on a mission to kill the other candidates since FLocke can’t kill them ( I think the boy he run into the Jungle mean that MIB couldn’t kill any of the candidates) and that Jack (since he has a VERY IMPORTANT task to do) will save/heal them all.

    I am honestly not comfortable with the flash sideways, I feel it is such a waste of time. But I guess that in the end it will all make sense. I hope so.

    Please please reunite Jin & Sun. Give the woman some happiness please, she’s becoming the new Michael: “WAAAAAAAAAAALT”

  25. camille says:

    I’m sure this might have been mentioned before but this Jacob versus Man in Black thing is seeming very much like Old Testament (Wrathful) God vs. New Testament (Forgiving) God. I’m sorry but anyone who is still screaming that MIB is good after this episode just doesn’t know how to read good old fashioned tropes. The producers (who, I know, sometimes lie) said this is “good vs. evil” and while neither of the two sides is all good or all evil, MIB is definitely on the dark side of life.

  26. Okay, well two main things.
    One being that I seriously doubt that Jacob is kind of evil and MIB is kind of good. They want us to believe it, but I honestly think that Jacob is good and MIB is bad, period. People mention the Purge but I would not be surprised alittle bit to find out that MIB planned that, since he was the cabin guy, not Jacob.

    Another thing is, the whole odd theory how the Old Testament God is wrathful and the New Testament is forgiving is incredibly inaccurate. The God of the Old Testament is still a God of grace and love. There are two themes that God has always had: Grace and Judgement. Point to any story from the Old or New Testament and they contain both. Being a theology teacher I am tempted to write 100 pages on this, but instead I will just say that this could not be further from the truth.

  27. Also the cool thing that they are doing on Lost right now is they are setting up two teams, Team Jacob and Team MIB.

    Both have strengths and both have wildcards. Jin/Sawyer/Kate are major wildcards. I don’t think any of the three have been claimed and all could chose either side. Win Sun still in the picture, surely Jin will join team Jacob. And the team Jacob you still have Ben. Who knows what will happen with next week, but can we really belive Ben Linus will ultimately be a hero?

    Also I do think this serious will end with the return of season 1’s Dr. Jack who will lead his people and be the hero.

  28. soko says:

    I did not expect Sayid to actually try to kill UNLOCKE… when did Dogen tell Sayid that the person he was going after looks like JOHN LOCKE but isn’t? So why would he stab LOCKE in that situation?

    it was good that Kate told her story to BLAIRE at a distance.

    Jin in the freezer? What does he have to do with anything? Maybe he was up to some gangster stuff and it went wrong.

  29. Sandy in Ojai says:

    Wow, what an eppisode. I just can’t get over that scene after Sayid tried to kill Locke!!!!! Locke was the devil incarnate. Tempting somone with your hearts desire is the ultimate test, and Sayid failed, as Locke knew he would.

    After reading all of the above posts, some very good points have been made. I am espically interested in ppls thoughts as to who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Love the part about perspectives, I think that is very interesting.

    But this episode tonight, I am so convinced that Locke is the devil, just can’t get past that. I also agree that Jacob does do harm but it’s more of a Guardian role, like in Guardian Angle.

    So I am back to this…. It’s a game for control, not necessarily for the players, but possible release from the island. The island is the garden of Eden, and it has 2 captians, both who want to win, who were sent to protect the island and are tired of playing for so very long. Each plays quite differntly from the other, one who tries to cheat and the other tries to play somewhat fair. The worst case senario whould be a tie, with no clear winner, hense the island is sent to a watery grave.

    I think I have a headache too now.


  30. Julian says:


    Dogen told Sayid that the person would appear as some one who was dead. I’m pretty sure Sayid learned about Locke’s death at some point. So he saw someone he knew was dead and knew it was the person Dogen told him about.

  31. Russ M says:

    The transition Sayid makes to the “dark side” seemed too abrupt and unnatural. Perhaps it was poor editing = pacing. Too rushed. Making it unbelievable. The fact that Sayid is so easily convinced to kill Flocke, seems unbelievable as well. The Sayid we know would not have followed so easily.

    It seems that Kate’s character lacks dynamics these days outside of any “love triangle” storyline. I wonder if she will be one of the first to get eliminated.

    The whole smokemoster = Flocke transformation seems over done, and gimmicky. Perhaps many are just lost in the whole closure of its mystery, but I still feel that the writers took a short cut in writing in an explanation for Smokey that results in a something so shallow as MIB being able to take on human form. Seems like another “writer’s corner” to me.

    The next Episode should really start gelling things together, otherwise the S6 may run the risk of becoming another S2.5-3 writer’s block material.

    We need more of the old school Lost and less storylines and additional questins.

  32. Russ M says:

    Oh one more thing:

    Why didn’t Flocke just ask Claire to sweep away some of the ash on the ground so that he can then proceed into the Temple?

    Also, if Flock can actually move objects, why doesn’t he just manipulate island foliage to accomplish the same?

    Maybe Flocke isn’t as smart we think.

  33. Jen in Scotland says:

    Anyone else notice that Sayid stabbed Flocke exactly where Ben shot Locke in season 3? I found that really interesting…

  34. Yann From France says:

    @dan: I was thinking the same… Claire went on the plane because the psych changed his mind and that happened just after the resurrection… coincidence?
    @soko: Paik is a mobster and the watches are written “nice do to business with you” or something like that. I guess the missing money why was he was kept prisoner but my no1 question with that is: WHERE IS SUN?
    If my theory that good things happens to Jacob followers while MIB followers get what they wanted but in a twisted way (the way the devil does). I wonder which sides the other choose and especially how it might pay of with Jin (MIB/still a jerk in sideway) and Sun (Ilana/Jacob/innocent girl looking at loving couple).

  35. steve says:

    I still think it is good vs evil, but each representative uses awful methods to achieve their means, by an all means necessary kind of thing, although one is doing these awful deeds in the name of good makes him not good by definition, that is where the shades of grey are.

    It’s a little like WWII, allies vs axis. The allies were fighting the good side, but used many awful methods to achieve that purpose.

    I think that the island represents something benevolent, but can be misused by those whose intentions are otherwise. That the island is sunk represents the draw of the tic-tac-toe/War Games reference.

  36. Vinny says:

    I couldn’t read all the posts, but I loved the last scene where Sayid was walking through the burning ravaged Temple grounds, with bodies everywhere and he walks past what looks like several burning crosses…. particularly significant since he’s a middle eastern man who looks like Jesus, was raised from the dead and has battled evil…

    What are they telling us???

    I love this show. So engaging and thought provoking

  37. Mimi says:

    I liked the way Kate was given two minutes to talk to Claire, just like she gave Miles two minutes to talk to Ben. Ha… what goes around comes around Kate.

  38. Kira says:

    That would suck if he meant Nadia but got Shannon instead..

    We don’t know when the name Linus was scratched off the list-could’ve been when Ben ‘died’ as a teen and became ineligible or it could even be his dad, Roger. Seems to me like there are a lot of doubles, as someone said. Shepard could mean Jack, or Christian or now even David, Linus, Ben or Roger, Kwon could be either. Argh, that’s confusing..

    I think it may end with new people on the Island as it’s ‘protectors’ and Sawyer and Jack are good guesses.

    The look Flocke gave Kate was one of amusement, I thought. Not cool for anyone..

  39. Clementiney says:

    After the episode aired last night I just assumed that Kate had been infected by Claire. Am I alone in assuming this?

    When the smoke monster was coming down that corridor Kate had no choice but to hang on to the edge of Claire’s pit. I thought it was stunning that Kate was stuck. Kate had no way out. Smoke Monster was above her and Creepy Claire was below her. Creepy Claire had said that she would kill Kate. We don’t see what heppend in the pit after Smoke Monster clears out. Was there a confrontation between Claire & Kate? How did Claire get out of the pit? We don’t see what happens.

    We do see Kate walking zombie-like out of the temple. She picks up a rifle. Kate wonders over to the Unlocke crowd. We don’t see what happens in the pit.. we only see the effect of it from Kate. I assumed that when Kate was in the pit– she became “infected” from Claire. Kate doesn’t seem to have any reaction to Unlocke. Kate seems like she is in a trance.

  40. Kira says:

    Oh yeah, I also find it hard to believe that everybody falls for the ‘if you do what I’ll say, I’ll resurrect your dead family member’ line. Anyone who has EVER watched a movie knows that you never get the same person back when they’re resurrected- they’re always a zombie, or changed or what have you. It’s never a good thing to get dead people back. Am I wrong?

  41. Thought I’d throw a few bits out there real quick. I still think the sideways flashes are a way for us to see the true character of the people we’ve been with all this time. Without the influence of the island, what kind of people are they?

    So far we’ve seen that Jack would be a good father, Hugo is lucky, Kate is still on the run (though might be innocent), Sayid is still a killer, and Locke still ends up in a wheel chair (though I’m thinking his father didn’t put him there). We also got to see that Dogen had a son, and that without the island’s influence the kid wouldn’t have gotten almost killed. It’ll be interesting to see what we learn about Sun and Jin later on.

    It also shows that our dear Losties have intertwined fates even outside of the island. Goes along with J.J.’s parallel timelines, a la Star Trek. Things may be different but some core things stay the same.

  42. Victor says:

    I think Dogan knew he was going to die at the spring. I suspect Jacob told him the details of the events the “loophole” would create and that Dogan’s death was a part the solution. This is why Dogan was there and decided to have a heart to heart with Sayid about his “deal” and therefore “fate” on the island… I mean, why else would he? Why would he let someone he banished just stroll in for a chat? Add that he knew Sayid would be pissed. Add to that he knew Sayid was “turning” if not already “turned”. Dogan attempted to engineer Sayid’s death (since Sayid being a candidate made killing him directly off limits) so he could avoid his fate, but when he saw Sayid alive and well, he realized there was no stopping it all. He may not have even known it was Sayid that would kill him (and was just trying to kill Sayid on principle), but it was clear Dogan acquiesced to Sayid’s part in everything.

    And the point of the flash-sideways showing Sayid is a dark character no matter the reality was DELICIOUS.

  43. Christine says:

    Did anyone else notice Jack in the hallway at the hospital when Sayid and Nadia were there when Sayid’s brother got injured? I wasn’t sure what if anything, that meant!

  44. Drew from Nova Scotia says:

    Did anyone else notice that Sayid is currently the only lostie to have a flash sideways where there reality appears to be unaltered? My thoughts on this is that it’s because he died before the bomb went off and thus his path hasn’t changed.

  45. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Bonita swiped my opening observation. “We had an unfortunate incident involving a boomerang.” That line clearly sets off alarm bells. Whatever returned created this damage. Good catch.

    I believe other lines were put in solely to comment on the larger chain of events as well. For instance, what was the point of dramatizing Sayid’s exchange with the cab driver? It’s completely irrelevant to the plot. The scene did provide these lines though: “The meter doesn’t stop running until you get out” and “Keep the change.” I compare the meter to the running of time and this relates to a whole host of double entendres such as Faraday’s “I can make time.” and the allusion to “A Brief History of Time.” Then, in this episode, Ben says “There’s still time” to which Sayid answers “Not for me.” Is this Flocke’s true agenda, to end time?

    And “Keep the change?” All previous actors in the flash sideways have resolved their issues and changed for the better. But not the innate killer, Sayid.

    Flocke’s offer to Sayid reminded me of Satan’s temptation of Christ as he wandered for 40 days in the wilderness. He offered the whole world to Sayid if he would only bow in subservience. However, Flocke pulled the classic Perry Mason/Devil & Daniel Webster maneuver. He didn’t actually promise to restore Nadia to Sayid. He only said ” What if I told you….” His word is his bond, definitely one of the cardinal rules, but he doesn’t have to deliver what he doesn’t truly promise.

    The symbol of the door made another appearance. In almost every episode this season, we’ve seen a door with some kind of warning on it. In “Sundown” when Sayid was at the hospital, he went through a door that read “Keep this door closed.” At some point, opening the door (to the sideways dimension or the magic box) will become the pivotal crisis.

    Finally, I do love my quasi-scientific crackpot theories. Obviously, the reason Sayid failed to kill Flocke was that he allowed him to speak. I believe this has to do with sound waves. These waves allow smokey to project his web of illusion, kind of like a siren song. It’s also why we don’t trust electronics. He uses the same ability to project voices over the intercom or send messages via the swan computer.

    Now more than ever,
    Defend the island.

  46. Victor says:

    Oh and P.S., notice the scene where Sayid realizes the results of his actions (the deaths of the remaining others) was very similiar to when Ben realized the results of his (the deaths of the Dharma folks).

    I am pretty sure Jacob is going to stay dead and the series will end with a 815’er taking his place.

    Keep in mind this is the only the second time Kate has even seen the smoke monster up close. The look on her face easily could have been “holy s***”.

    Speaking of the smoke monster, did everyone just give up on defending the temple? What happened to the ash barriers? Seems like if their survival depended on Dogan, they should have maybe protected him a little better.

  47. Drew, I think that is an interesting theory, but I don’t think it’s possible. I think that it is pretty clear that Sayid didn’t die until he was in the Temple after the bomb went off. There was basically someone with him at all times after he was shot.

    The other problem is that Sayid’s flash sideways was definitely different. Nadia was not married to Sayid’s brother with children in the original story.

  48. Christine says:

    I like someone’s earlier post about Flocke’s deals he made with promising Sayid and Claire that they would be reunited with their loved ones, like they are in the LA X time period. Claire will have her baby and the whole Sayid and Nadia situation. It made me immediately think of Flocke’s promise to Sawyer as well…when Juliet was dying in his arms, she asked him out for coffee. That still has yet to occur in LA X time but I wonder if it all kind of ties together.

  49. Yann From France says:

    Listening to “Buffy’s musical” (Weadon is really the best guy in TV! Better than JJ or D. and C.!): funny how the “great evil” is in both show something that take the form of dead people… I wish they do a musical for the finale (I have faith!)
    Love your “keep the change” comment Rich! Even tho he wants to be a good guy (helping Jack with the plane’s door) he ends up having to kill… It really reminds me of the time he helped his brother, killing the chicken. Now he killed the “egg”guy. Was Keamy a chicken? He was clearly scared anyway…
    @Victor: when Jacob died the “healing” water died with him. When Dogen, the protector of the Temple, died… the protection of the Temple died with him. If MIB is killed, I guess the “infected” will be cleared.
    Just realised: Widmore is a candidate! That’s why he couldn’t be killed by Ben! But it means that: Ben, Widmore and Dogen know about “candidate” and RICHARD DOESN’T??? How is that possible?

  50. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I’ll have to make a note to steer clear of Sayid when he gets moody. LOL.

    “Now is the winter of our discontent…” –Richard III. Pure evil does exist.

    @DesmondsPen @Robert B @Steve
    Way to see the light.

    @Russ M
    Excellent points. Why doesn’t smokey just hurl ballistas of stones and trees over the temple walls?

    You’re exactly right. Think “The Monkey’s Paw.” Talk about something creepy.

    Bon voyage to Ryan, btw. Good luck “on assignment in Canada!”

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