Trans 2010-03-03: “Sundown” (Episode 6-06)


“Sayid is faced with a difficult decision, and Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants.” Instead of our regular blog post, this week we posted a “Shortwave Transmission” initial reactions podcast, as Ryan will soon be off the island. We include some calls from the LOSTLine, as well as the latest track from The Others LOST Band. We’re hoping “You All Everybody” can keep the conversation going on the blog. What did you think of “Sundown”? We’d love your comments below!

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282 Responses to “Trans 2010-03-03: “Sundown” (Episode 6-06)”

  1. Sara in Boston says:

    Dogen tells Sayid in this episode that the Man in Black wants the island destroyed…what if the reason the Island is destroyed in the flashsideways is because the losties never landed on the island to keep it from being destroyed? They are the variables (in Faraday-speak), and when the variables are changed and the losties do not come to the island, the man in black is allowed to have his way with it. Perhaps the losties are Jacob’s tools to protect the island.

  2. Beth says:

    Looked like Flocke was surprised to see Kate come out of the temple….like he wasn’t sure what to do with her or something. I think she will talk Sawyer out of joining Flocke and will be a key player in helping Jacob beat the Flocke.

    It only ends once- when the island goes underwater and Flocke is defeated. I am convinced that Flocke will be defeated with water somehow…)the producers have even said that a key to the end of Lost is water.) At that point all the candidates will flash back to some point before the crash and merge with the flash-sideways timeline.

  3. Jack N. says:

    I notice one thing. Dogen is the first person to die on the island while still alive in the flash-sideway world. I guess the theory that the flash-sideway world somehow happens after the events currently on the island is now out the window.

    While Lennon said Dogen was the one that kept Smokey out, ashes work also, as what Bram tried to do. So there’s another explanation that will have to wait (if explained at all).

    So now flocke has Kate, Jin, and Sawyer “captive” while Jack, Hurley, and Sun will need some major help to rescue them.

  4. Bart P. says:

    I liked the episode, but not as much as the previous one. Still, the ending was incredible. I agree with John Fischer that it certainly looks like Flocke is evil. Why else kill all of those people? Jacob may have done some questionable things, but he has never done anything like that (that we know of).

    It was an interesting look Flocke gave Kate. It almost seemed to me that he didn’t know what to make of her. Maybe he doesn’t care about her because he thinks she is not a candidate.

  5. Carol from Boston says:

    A lot to think about. Before I assume the worst about Sayid, think about this. Jacob used the “purge” to get rid of everyone not on his side in Dharma. This was MIB’s purge. The comment Dogen made about Sayid being offered a similar deal made me think that both Jacob and MIB are doing similar things, both have “lists” both have “purges” Both are “recruiting”.

    Maybe what Locke told Sayid was that if he does what he says he can turn back time and they can all go back and live the flash sideways. Sayid may have killed dogen and Lennon knowing they will get their former lives back and that Dogen will see his son again. Sayid is not above killing for the “greater good” that he imagines in his own mind. I did notice that Sayid is someone whose life has not really gotten better, he didn’t get Nadia. And in the flash sideways Dogen is with his son again. His son looks about 12 or older in the flash sideways.

    But then on the other side we have MIB fooling Clare that her son is alive at the temple. So that makes me think MIB is black.

    I just think this show is more complicated than such “black and white” answers. There is good and bad in both of them. Both Jacob and MIB are selfish using people for their own motives.

    In other notes, loved Keamy with the wimpy way of talking, and the surprise of Jin and Jack. The flash sideways are a lot of fun. It’s cool seeing their lives intersect again.

    All in all I am very confused.

  6. @bclostfan

    You took the bloody words right at out my mouth.
    I was just waiting for Sayid to tell Ben “I HATE YOU!!!”

  7. Carol from Boston says:

    I meant to say the lies to Clare make me think MIB is bad not black. Sorry. I’m tired from trying to figure out this show.

    @Knives – don’t give up on Sayid yet. Even if he does have an evil look in his eyes now.

  8. If Sayid is evil. i’m fine with that.
    He has been the only character who has never been redeemed.
    For that I love him.
    Him telling Nadia that he didnt deserve her was the most redemption he will ever have.

  9. okay so the end of this episode was creeptastic. the musical score for this entire series is far and away the best in network television.

    i was looking at the lost supper promo pic and all the people that have joined up with locke so far are sitting to his right. wonder what that means for ilana and richard as it seems they are the least likely to leave jacob?

  10. Lorne says:

    Was Sayid’s tanktop white earlier, like when he was shot by Roger Linus? When did he change to the black tanktop?

  11. becksmex says:

    @ John Fischer: I agree that MiB did not act very gentlemanly tonight (to say the least!) but I refuse to draw the conclusion that Jacob is, then, “good” to MiB’s “evil”.

    I think that each side sees the other as an extreme, but neither side seems to me all that good. Jacob manipulates and pulls people to the island for who knows what purpose (bad), but tends to let people live (good). MiB wants to let people be free and get off the island (good), but ends up killing a bunch of people all the time (bad).

    They are both misguided power-abusers who are using people for their own personal purposes. Fun for a TV show! …but good they are not!

  12. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    sooo excited to hear your “raw” reactions to this AHHH MAZING episode ryan & jen! the last scene was like…. wow!

  13. Carol from Boston says:

    @Knives – I have always felt that the things he did were forced upon him, they were never paths he chose to take, and then he was just too far gone to save.

    I do agree with your opinion that Sayid staying away from Nadia and telling her was his redemption. This show is about people that were “lost” in their lives and getting their redemption. If this episode was about his “redemption” he probably doesn’t have long to live.

  14. Bart P. says:

    @Carol from Boston, good point about the purge, but were we ever told directly that Jacob ordered it. All we know from Ben is that it wasn’t his decision. I always thought that it was Widmore’s since he was still leader at that time, wasn’t he?

  15. UKstephen says:

    I think dogen telling Sayid about his son in the carcrash and that Jacob came to him at that time was very telling of Jacobs motives.
    Yet again Jacob has been there, manipulating events and directly or indirectly being responsible for tragedy in these peoples lives that pushes them to the island and his will.
    Jacob has promised these people theworld in return for their souls, and all that happens when they get to the ‘magical’ island is they become puppets in the hierarchy of maintaining Jacobs status quo…..and keeping MIB trapped.
    We had confirmtion that Jacob has had MIB trapped (In the form of Smokey,and therefore tied to the island?) for years, and MIB’s loophole removed Jacob from the game., and has possibly presented MIB with an escape off the island…..into the “Parallel reality”…?

  16. Auggie says:

    For the longest time, I’ve been wondering what made Sayid and Claire good recruits for MiB. Perhaps they both lost something that MiB used to his advantage, maybe something to play on their vulnerabilities? Similar to how he came to Sawyer after he lost Juliet? I’m not sure, but sides are clearly being drawn.

    Lastly, a thought on Jacob. Yes, I agree that the concept of good and evil is definitely blurred on Lost, (though from Dogen’s response tonight it seemed like there is a division). But the only reason why I don’t think Jacob is “the bad guy”, is the fact that Hurley trust’s him, and I trust Hurley.

  17. Fernando says:

    The very last scene of tonight’s episode made the ahir of the back of my neck stnad up. It scared the beejesus out of me!
    I was very pleased with the few answers we got tonight, even if it meant for Dogen to die (the TV Guide had already mentioned we would get his backstory tonight, and I was very curious as to how the show would introduce that without going back to the flashback technique).
    The flashsideways relationships and connections made perfect sense, but that is only because we already know all these characters’ backstories. [What a surprise to see Kevin duran once again in Lost] If these scenes had been in season 1, they would be totally meaningless for us. Which leads me to wonder whether what we saw in the first four and a half seasons was really worth it. I even toy with the idea that if you watch all five seasons summarized in a two hour special (except for the season 5 finale), you can still get very excited about LOST, and you would not be missing much but character development. What was the point of the whole Dharma experience background from seasons 2, 3 and 5? It just seems so completely irrelevant at this point.
    Claire was superb. Kate needs to die (we’re so tired of her). Sayid is no longer Sayid, but a walking zombie in the army of zombie-Locke [Sorry Knives Monroe]. Hurley and Jack were saved by Jacob. Where are Jin and Sawyer? Cindy saved the children, again. Poor Sun still stays one step behind in her pursuit of a joyful reunion with her husband.
    And the promo for next episode makes us think that our beloved and villanous Linus will die.
    Sleep tight if you can.

  18. RandomDude says:

    Ben’s face when he goes to Sayid is priceless
    “Hey Sayid lets go we still have time t …… wait a min … are those guys ….. sayid did you ….. Ooooo …. o k …. i ll be going now Sayid , take care”

  19. Jesse says:

    @randomdude I thought the exact same thing…
    pitch perfect ben reaction.

  20. Joshua from Milwaukee says:

    I need a DHARMA beer after that one! So will we have our long anticipated royal rumble in the jungle Claire vs Kate yet?! Claire looked pretty upset when Kate told her that she took Aaron… Uh o Kate, better watch your back, creepy Claire is coming for YOU! Now how did Llana and her posie get inside the temple unsuspectidly past rampaging Smokie? Is he just blind?! ABC, if Ben doesn’t die next week, I’m going to be very upset with you. And Damcar, if he DOES die, Im going to be even MORE upset with you! Why was Ben unburryin Locke’s body in the promo? Iiiis Locke’s body signifigant here? Poor Sayid, he can just never get a break. People always have to get up in his buisness, try to hurt him and stuff! Can’t the man just go off somewhere where he can live peacefully away from guns, knives, tranquailizers, and Samaris! Poor fella… And now he’s a bad guy! Now Mr. Dogen, are you going to be a zombie as well? The same thing that happened to Sayind happened to you, only difference is Sayid had a bullet in his abdomins… Look out Island! We’ve got an infecte Samari on the loose soon! And Lenon, it was because of you’re winnying and babying, not to mention you’re glasses, that became the motivation for Sayid to slit you’re throat. You were the straw that broke his back buddy! I do have to say, after rampaging Smokie demolished EVERYBODY in the Temple, I think I’m gonna stick with him for now… Loved this episode with a passion! Argueably the best of the season so far! Definetly set up the end game and final episodes, giving us a clearer vision of what the hecks going to happen on the next exciting episode of LOST!

  21. Amber from Utah says:

    I’m strangely bummed out that they killed Dogen off. I really was staring to like his awesome samurai-ness.

    I like Sayid’s flash sideways, but I thought the on-island stuff was much more epic this time around.

    I thought Ben’s fear at Sayid was beautiful. It wasn’t so obvious that Sayid had gone over to the Dark Side when he killed Dogen, because, well Sayid has been pretty moody in the past. But then he killed Lennon, and then Ben was all o.O and Sayid said something about it being “too late for him.” Ooohhhh absolutely beautiful!

    Something about the Smoke Monster’s hunting call just gives me goosebumps every time. That end scene with all of the burning wreckage was absolutely gorgeous in all of it’s macabre glory. Definitely one of the most intense moments in Lost history, IMO.

    Can’t wait for the (short) Transmission this week!

  22. Amber from Utah says:

    Sorry to double post, but

    I REALLY HOPE THAT BEN DOESN’T DIE!!! I’ve grown strangely attached to him, and after everything, he deserves SOMETHING. I don’t know if he deserves something good or something bad, but he needs SOMETHING. We CAN’T be done with him yet!

  23. Fernando says:

    Dogen explained it all to Sayid very clearly: There is good an evil inside each of us. The point is to get the right balance.
    But Sayid never found that balance; he’s barely searched for it, actually. He started killing from a young age when he killed that chicken for his father. I agree with what someone mentioned above: him telling Nadia he did not deserve her is as close to redemption as he would get.
    I also saw something in Smokey as it passed over Kate, but could not make anything out of it.

  24. Chris Robins says:

    I hope the blond haired white guy (Sawyer) isn’t the one who kills the evil dark skinned man (Sayid). That would mean his initial racists instincts in the pilot were correct.

  25. Terry B says:

    @ Jack N.

    I like your observation that the off island Dogen was the first to die in the 2007 timeline. I hope indeed it means that the flash sideways is not what happens after the events of the 2007 timeline. I personally am not a fan of that theory because it essentially the same result as them blowing up the hatch and never coming to the island, hence erasing the last 5 years of the show!

  26. Jack N. says:


    In re to the lost supper pic, I don’t think everyone to flocke’s right is on his side. Sawyer pretends to be and Kate has no choice but tag along for now. Although if you compare the position of where Kate is in the picture to where Judas is in the Last Supper, maybe she’s the one that betrays flocke?

  27. MarkP says:

    Good episode.

    Have to say…I’m getting a little tired of the whole good vs. bad, white vs. dark motif. Hope they don’t play this out for the whole rest of the season.

    I think the key to the end is somehow the 6 and other candidates will have to “give up the game” ala Rose and Bernard (Adam and Eve), stop fighting and killing and running and jumping and swinging their hips.

    I’ll echo Fernando and say – like I did last week – where does Dharma and its lore/trappings fit into this picture? Seems like a tough connection to bridge with what little time is left. I will take a leap of faith and trust we’ll be satisfied with it all.

  28. ZachsMind says:

    Great episode. The roller coaster is definitely picking up some Gs. I’m reading other ppl’s replies and seeing ppl still referring to characters as ‘good’ or ‘evil.’ Pls note that it’s when Sayid referred to himself as a good man that Dogen attacked him. This isn’t about good or evil. There’s nothing good about this situation at all. It’s about sides.

    When you play a sport, or watch a sport, you pick a team. You root for that team to win. You support it however you can, and within the confines of the rules and sportsmanship, you do whatever you can to bring about the downfall of your competitor. Your enemy. You may even go out of your way to break their will by demeaning them. Demonizing them.

    Nobody gets up in the morning and twirls their mustache contemplating what evil they can accomplish today. Everyone looks in the mirror and thinks they’re righteous. Everyone thinks they are right and those who oppose them are wrong. Some of us are better at tolerance or persuasion or compromise than others, but deep down you know you’re right and the rest of humanity is wrong unless they give you a chance to convince them of your side. …Unless you’re just a follower, in which case you think that your leader is right and therefore you want to follow him, so that you can be right too.

    Claire has been misled by FLocke. She doesn’t know all the facts but what she thinks she knows leads her to believe that only FLocke will get her what she wants. Same with Sayid. Only, Jacob’s followers had a chance to convince Sayid and torture is not a very effective conversion tool. Tends to tick most ppl off. So they essentially pushed Sayid to the dark side, but FLocke promising Sayid he’ll see Nadia again, well that didn’t hurt his case none.

    On Jacob’s side, looks like we got Hurley & Jack, but Jack still needs some convincing. Ilana’s definitely with Jacob. As are a bunch of people who are now dead. Kate’s hanging with FLocke for now but that doesn’t mean she’s taken his side. Kate only has one side. Her side. She’s been running since she could crawl. Ben is with Ilana but since he killed Jacob, not sure if he can stay on Jacob’s side by default, unless that’s how they’re going to redeem him. Ben had the same experience in the Temple that Sayid did. For all we know, Ben’s been dark since his trip to the Temple. He may be beyond “saving.”

    But saving from what? The Other Side? They’re just sides. There’s goals that FLocke & Jacob want to achieve. They’re using these “candidates” to help them achieve their goals. It’s not about good or evil. It’s about playing a game. Always has been.

  29. docjkm says:

    @Amber from Utah- Don’t think you have a worry. Ben will figure big, and be around at the end.
    @ Knives- With you brutha. Sayid was a painful sight this time around. No redemption, no change. And gone to the dark side? Not. I continue to believe.

    Why was Flocke trapped??? Why doe Jacob’s death release him? Well, Jacob was his keeper, eh? But, why trapped? Peeps, do not that easy road follow. You know what these writers do if you do. White, Black, Good, and Bad- it is still in play. I do NOT buy Jacob is the good. I do feel Flocke will be sympathetic, if no wholly good, and that good will likely be the realm of our Losties, at least some of them.

    This was a fantastic episode. Put one of my favorite characters in focus, though not what we had hoped for. I will continue to sympathize Locke and Sayid, and will not admit my allegiance to Team Dark was a mistake, if it is, until the last thud of the last episode.

    Team Dark cleaned up tonite!!!

  30. DesmondsPen says:

    Thanks, Bart P, for making the purge point. I can’t think of any instance when Jacob has explicitly said to anyone, “harm these people.” Flocke has. Ben and the others all seem to make those decisions on their own. Yes, Jacob told Dogen if he saved his son, Dogen would have to come to the island, but what would any parent do given the option to save their child by making a sacrifice themselves? And it wasn’t a “Come with me or I’ll KILL your son” but “Come with me and I’ll SAVE your son.” Flocke said basically join me or die…not even join me and live, which would at least not be a decision out of imposed fear and sound a bit better.

    Notice how Sayid is now the MIB?!

  31. qstorm says:

    Never has a show both entertained me and frustrated me so! One thing I didn’t get was Dogen’s motivation for sending Sayid out to kill Jacob, or was he lying about Jacob and he actually wanted Sayid to kill Flocke? On the one hand, perhaps Dogen lied to Sayid about wanting him to kill Jacob when he actually wanted him to kill Flocke since Dogen knows that Sayid has been corrupted/infected which leads him to believe that Sayid might be successful (if we accept the premise that the polluted water imbued Sayid with the essence of Flocke, sounds like a perverse perfume, and this would allow him to kill Flocke).

    On the other hand, Dogen’s conversation with Sayid about Jacob (right before Sayid kills him) left me with the impression that Dogen was angry with Jacob for giving him the awful choice of letting his son die or abandoning his son who would then be saved. So maybe he DID want Sayid to kill the actual Jacob. I just can’t recall if Dogen was made aware that Jacob had already been killed by Ben. ARRGH!

    We saw that there were women and children in the temple and as far as I could tell, no one left the temple prior to sundown, so if Flocke/Smokey killed everyone in the temple, including those women and children, then I would have to believe he is evil. Doesn’t necessarily make Jacob good, but there have been all these hints about balance, namely the scale in the cave). So if that’s the case, there probably IS a good and an evil contingent.

    perhaps he I’ve lost track about who knows what at this point, but I a He clearly had the upper hand. Why send Sayid out to be killed by Flocke and why lie to Sayid that Jacob would appear as someone who has died? Did Dogen, knowing that Sayid has become corrupted/infected honestly believe that Sayid

  32. qstorm says:

    Sorry, my first time posting! I left a fragment at the end of my post which I meant previous post which I meant to delete! BTW, I’ve been listening to your podcast for the last three years and don’t know what I’m going to do once this season ends. Hopefully, you’ll move on to another show!

  33. Dave in NY says:

    Tonight I fall asleep with the smoke monster click echoing in my mind, and Keemy really made me hungry for some eggs. Thank you Lost!

  34. Jack N. says:

    After reading more replies, I just realized, they will never tell us why Dogen tried to trick Jack into giving Sayid the medicine/poison?

    Unless Sayid can’t die, just like flocke? I mean, he can feel pain (unlike flocke), like when he was tortured by Dogen. But the whole schpeel about Sayid having to take the medicine willingly (so if they forced it down, he won’t die from it)? The Others are not anti-killing, so the fact that they don’t kill Sayid is unexplanable to me.

  35. docjkm says:

    @DesmondsPen – Please recall, and all who are being pulled to seeing Jacob as the good guy, that he (Jacob) tapped Sayid, distracting him, allowing Nadia to be fatally struck by a car. Looked pretty intentional to me. That was Sayid’s ‘touch’. Nice.

    No. Not nice. Jacob does play dirty, does do harm. Flocke is one pissed off dude and he probably has a reason. Doesn’t make him good, no, but our Losties are caught up in something with rather major ramifications, which we have suspected for some time, and saw evidence of tonight. Smoky hasn’t had such a field day since he whupped up on Keemy’s platoon. (Interesting, no?)

    As for moral ambiguity, I’m all for it. But I do not think that will be the overall arc. Subtext, yes, but we are caught in a good and evil yarn, an epic one, with moral ambiguity as subtext. And I’m loving it. Season 6, outside of that lame ‘What Kate Does’ has been all I was hoping, and that was a lot.

  36. Bryan in Ohio says:

    “At minute 58 when Kate is in the pit with Claire the smoke monster goes barreling by and you can see something that looks vaguely like a figure on a horse or something. I’ve replayed it 10 times, but it goes by really fast. There is definitely something there in the smoke. ”

    I agree. There’s definitely something there when they cut to Kate on the third shot of that sequence. Can’t tell what it is until I see a replay in HD.

    @ Mark P.
    The black and white motif has been present from the very beginning. Backgammon anyone? Dont plan on it going away. It is the basis for the entire story.

  37. Fernando says:

    @qstorm: Dogen tried to convince Sayid to go and kill zombie-Locke, not Jacob; Dogen’s been quite aware that Jacob is dead. Also, a lot of people left the Temple as soon as Sayid delivered the message, among them Cindy and the children from 815.

  38. DesmondsPen says:

    Well, as LOST continues to be from each individual’s POV, I felt the moment I saw that scene as Jacob saving Sayid. I never took Jacob stopping Sayid and allowing Nadia to die as him causing the death. (By your own words, Jacob distracted Sayid; he did not push Nadia. As a matter of fact, she was hit because she stopped in the middle of the street.) You, as do others, feel different. I did not say Jacob was good but that I do not recall him ACTIVELY seeking another’s death as Flocke does. (MiB outright said, “do you know how much I want to kill you?”…I don’t recall Jacob saying the like.) Trust me, I remember details as well as any other LOST fanatic…I perceive it more as Jacob giving a choice, saving what he can. Some things just can’t be changed. Course correcting-wise, maybe Nadia was supposed to die in the original timeline but Jacob saw that he could save Sayid. That doesn’t make his actions good or evil. Maybe Jacob “sees” what the universe has in store and tried to do what he can within the framework. To me, Flocke seems to be acting completely from his own wants and needs. Again, my POV of watching from day one.

  39. NuckinFuts says:

    “Welcome back to the circus!” Miles’ lines were great again…of course.

    Lots of thoughts but for now want to comment on Dogen’s speech explaining good vs. Bad people: It gives me the impression that maybe MIB & Jacob made bets over the people on the walls of the cave & lighthouse as to which side they would fall on…and maybe the candidates sort of count for points and the random people just don’t matter in their game. The scales currently showed they were tied as always; but when Jacob was killed it simply didn’t matter any longer what the score was and thus the ‘inside joke’. MIB is simply tired of playing after so long and now he’s trying to stop Jacob from being able to re-animate himself so that he can go home… Or something.

  40. Connie in Oregon says:

    Great episode…the story seems to be going full steam ahead to the finale.

    I noticed that Nadia did not have scars on her arms from being tortured.

    I agree with ZachsMind: In a war, each side thinks they are the good guys and their opponents are the bad guys. It is all a matter of perspective. I think we are beginning to see that Jacob and MIB are very similar. Both manipulate by making miraculous promises to ordinary mortals who are at their most vulnerable. If weighed in the moral balance, Jacob may tip more toward “good” and MIB more toward “evil”, but they seem to be more alike than different.

    I think Flocke was PLEASANTLY surprised to see Kate following Claire: she is a potential recruit. With Aaron to bargain with, she may be easily won over.

    Ben: has he been recruited by Smokie yet? I don’t think so. I think both sides used him to their advantage without ever really “claiming” him for either side.

  41. HashSlingingSlasher says:

    great episode! Team Dark FTW!

  42. Alex in Michigan says:

    Incredible episode!! I loved the eerily mixed song in the end complemented with the slow motion video. Sent shivers down my spine. My thoughts:

    I think Dogen didn’t kill Sayid because he saw the baseball and thought of his son. Jacob’s rules could be what stopped him from offing Sayid.

    I loved how Ben interacted with Sayid. It was like he finally smelled the bad vibe and tiptoed away from the pool in a Ben-like fashion.

    Brian said:
    ‘ ‘ When Jacob “recruited” Ilana to help him, she was in a body cast. I wonder, apparently after an accident. Is this similar to Dogen’s son. Did Jacob make a deal to heal her if she would go to the Island? Just a thought.’ ‘

    Very interesting thought. Both men act like politicians, luring the flock into their sides by offering tempting deals.

    People have been saying Unlocke is bad because he unnecessarily killed the ppl inside the temple. I think he had to because he had deliver on his promises. If he hadn’t he would not be trustworthy to his followers. Sayid delivered the message/promise and Unlocke came to act on it.

    So let’s look at how the pawns are now laid down:

    Lapidus, Sun, Ilana, Miles, and possibly Ben are together out of the temple and safe from Unlocke.

    Jack and Hurley are together somewhere near the lighthouse. We may possibly see them somewhere in the jungle next time.

    Kate is with Unlocke’s team. She may act as the insider who will end up escaping the group and informing the others about their plan. Potential Kate VS Claire dialogue/things about Unlocke that Claire will tell Kate.

    Jin is alone but may either find and join Sun and the others, or Jack and Hurley. I think it’s going to be the latter because I feel it’s still early for a Jin/Sun reunion (sorry guys).

    Richard could appear anytime and in any episode. I don’t think he’s going to appear in the next episode.

    Right now, there is only one person that is confident enough of what he/she is doing and are NOT Unlocke: Ilana. She clearly had a specific goal in mind when guiding Sun and the rest inside the temple and through that passageway. I think Jacob’s ashes will be put to use as early as in the next episode.

  43. NuckinFuts says:

    In addition to my comments / theory: maybe Jacob and MIB were give. This task to test people’s souls but Jackob views it as a blessing and MIB sees it as a curse. It’s like the tic-tack-tie… Has gone on and in forever, but MIB and Jacob can not stop until a winner us declared… Without cheating or breaking the rules. The loophole is that if one player dies ( or perhaps loses ) the. The game can end and the MIB can move on. Have you e we played Monopoly and it just go on and on and so you decide to just quit… Well you can’t in this case, and you can’t rob the bank or steal your opponents fake money while they are not looking and you just keep playing and paying each others rent… Your tired if winning the beauty pageant and of passing go and all of it!

    My only question left is what does MIB have to do now to finish the game and declare victory now that Jacob is…dead-ish?

  44. NuckinFuts says:

    Stupid iPhone — thanks for the grammar checker/changer…makes me look like a complete dumbass…sorry folks!

  45. Ben Mc says:

    A thought on Backgammon.

    In Backgammon, if you land on someone when their piece is all alone, you send them to “the island” in the center of the board. If they roll the right number, they can pop back out at the beginning again if there’s room, and they continue down a path based on a dice roll – or luck. There’s only one end, everything else is just progress. Each time your piece goes through, it takes a slightly different path, but still ends up being wiped off the board or getting stomped and resetting again.

    Poor Desmond gets stomped over and over and over again.

    So, I see the show ending with a bang. Everyone goes, but all their paths are complete. However, expect there to still be a single white piece or dark piece remaining.

    Of course there are black and white parallels as well. Then the fact that there is safety in numbers.

    I’m trying to decipher how the “rules” apply.

  46. Shane in Utah says:

    “They’re coming.” What if it’s from a parallel universe. Things are looking bleak for all of those that remain. What if our favorite castaways finding the balance and focus in another world really ARE the key to Jacob finally finding the end. The game is coming into focus, soon all the cards will be on the table.

  47. mle in Colorado says:

    I am so excited to see how this will play out. I am interested in seeing how Desmond and Faraday might come lnto play. I enjoyed the priceless look of confusion on Kate’s face tonight. Overall it felt like the beginning of the end for me. It made me remember back in season 1 (I think it was ) where Jack is asking Sayid how long it will take to train an army. After tonight I think we have our answers – It takes about three years. They are most clearly at war now.

    I loved Sayid and Ben tonight too! And we were right that Miles knew Sayid was really dead for TWO hours!

  48. The final scene, juxtaposing the carnage from the smoke monster with “Catch a Falling Star” was easily the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in movies or television.

    I was just getting to like Dogen and Lennon – Dogen, while purposely ambiguous, was, for his short tenure on the show, THE SOURCE for answers from Jacob’s perspective.

    As the smoke monster attacked and Miles ran around the temple, I was thinking “I wonder where Sun and Lapidus are?”, only to get my answer moments later. It really sucks to see Kate off with Team Flocke, but I think it will be the ultimate tragedy for Jack to see his one, true love on the opposite side of the line when the dust settles. If that ends up the case, the idea that Jack and Kate are Adam & Eve, since their original placement was apart from one another in the cave, is completely plausible.

    Claire, sitting on the ground in the hole, warning that “He’s coming and you can’t stop him.” gave me the chills. And Sayid, embracing his destiny, his fate, as a killer was as heartbreaking as it was satisfying. Clearly, the writers have drawn a line in the sand, and I’m sure that in the next few episodes we’ll see where each character will lie.

    The Flash Sideways was GREAT. Seeing Sayid embrace the dark side in both parts of the story, gave the idea of fate being unavoidable a sort of gravitas, and I can’t wait to see where the Lost writing team is taking this. I think it’s going to be a great ride….

  49. Stephen says:

    Earlier today, I was saying to myself, “Don’t get your hopes up too high. They’ve had a run of good episodes. We’re due for a dud.” Then Lost delivered yet again.

    We finally get the full-on, no-holds-barred battle between Sayid and a worthy opponent. We get Smokie going to battle. We get that wonderfully creepy “Catch a Falling Star” sequence at the end. I thought the flash-sideways worked.

    At this point, I’m just accepting that we won’t get satisfying answers to all of our questions, and I don’t mind, so long as we get narrative closure. Maybe the Island has just been a battleground between two supernatural creatures that we can never fully understand, and that’s all we’re going to figure out.

    So long as they deliver episodes as they’ve done so far this season, I don’t mind.

  50. Yann From France says:

    In the “flashsideways” is what happened if the Island is destroyed earlier Sayid killed some men to protect his family… Sound like Sayid to me! I said I hated how they were all killers but to me, even so he is the best at it among them, he is the only one that I can truly sympathize with.
    Jin was in a bad spot, Sayid is in a bad spot, Claire is in a bad spot…
    While: Jack is clearing things up, Hugo is the luckiest man alive…
    I think choosing side will prove more important in the future/sideway than in the present (where they will all eventually die I guess)

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