Next: “The Lighthouse”

This 108th episode of “LOST” took us back to the first few hours of this incredible show. We still don’t know whether “LOST” will succeed in answering enough questions and resolving enough loose ends. But the feel of the show, the growing sense of coming full circle after half a decade of storytelling, is fantastic. The spirit of “White Rabbit,” episode five from season one, was all over “The Lighthouse.” Jen thoroughly loved it. I enjoyed it. To me, some of the exposition and dialogue was a bit flat, and the ever clever fan-inspired commentary of Hurley was a bit too clever. But perhaps such things are unavoidable given the immense amount of explaining “LOST” will have to do in the limited time left. They need to spell it out for us, and they need to acknowledge how ridiculous some of it all sounds.

While on-island Jack is once again reaching a breaking point, off-island Jack is perhaps conquering his demons (his mom praises him for turning down a drink), acknowledging his daddy issues, and making amends with his son. His son! David plays piano like Jack, suffers under an overbearing father like Jack… and “has a gift,” perhaps also like Jack. But the big mystery now is, who is David’s mom? Whose house did Jack visit (and enter thanks to a key hidden under a white rabbit)? And why did she, frankly, miss David’s recital? David’s blue eyes made Jen think of Juliet immediately. Could we see her moving on, later this season, asking Sawyer out for coffee?

Jack’s inexplicable confusion over his appendectomy scar was intriguing. His appendix was removed by Juliet on the island, which could be one reason he doesn’t remember it in the LA X timeline. But his mother does. And seeing Dogen as a fellow parent was a nice touch. He perhaps is not as mysterious, special, or even immortal as we might have thought, if a twist in time leads him to being a dad in Los Angeles.

Mirrors and reflections continue to play a big part in this final season, perhaps never moreso than in “The Lighthouse.” There were literal mirrors, of course, but our requisite book reference is again “Alice in Wonderland.”

On the island, we find the lighouse, a major island landmark that nobody noticed because nobody was looking for it. Inside, another list of names, most of them crossed out, save for our dear survivors. Is it a different list than the one Unlocke showed Sawyer in the cave? Part of me thinks they’re the same list, and the cave scrawlings represent the efforts of Unlocke/Man In Black to track Jacob’s candidates. On the other hand, we see some names we didn’t see in the cave, most notably, “Austen.”

The lighthouse and its various degrees suggest that it was where Jacob “watched” his candidates, and perhaps guided them to the island. But rather than investigate further, angry Jack smashes the mirrors. At first it seemed ridiculous to me, how once again a major potential source for answers is conveniently destroyed. But in the narrative of Jack’s life, it makes sense.

In “White Rabbit,” Christian Shephard tells young Jack: “Don’t choose, Jack, don’t decide. You don’t want to be a hero, you don’t try and save everyone, because when you fail, you just don’t have what it takes.” We’ve seen Jack try to be the hero, and everything fell apart once he got off the island. We then saw Jack return to try and wait for his purpose to reveal itself, only to end up executing a plan that was apparently a catastrophic failure. Now, he finds a list of names that suggests that he’s part of a larger plan or game, and is also probably one of the last players still standing. That’d probably be enough to make anyone snap.

Of course, we’re still not convinced “Shephard” means him. Jacob’s first line to Sawyer after his name was pointed out on the cave wall was, “He’s not the only one.” And even though the mirror showed Jack’s childhood home, that house also belonged to Christian. Heck, we don’t know if the image of the house was from Jack’s past, or from the “LA X” timeline. A pity he had to smash the mirrors to bits.

And Claire. Creepy Claire. Jen said she was even scarier than Rousseau. And now the parallels are numerous. Claire, like Rosseau, has spent years living in the wilderness, setting traps, surviving, living in conflict with and hiding from The Others. And she’s also obsessed with finding her missing child. But it’s interesting that there’s a lot of old Claire in there, despite whatever sickness or darkness may have consumed her.

She says her father and “her friend” told her The Others have Aaron. Whether or not on-island Christian Shephard and Unlocke were one and the same (I wonder what form Unlocke took prior to the arrival of Ajira 316), I’m curious why they’d want her to believe her son was still on the island. Are they trying to encourage her to go to The Temple, or discouraging her? They’ve fed her paranoia and mistrust for three years, but to what end?

After what she did to Justin, we believe her when she says she’d kill Kate if Kate raised Aaron. But the whole conversation revives questions about how important Aaron actually is to the island, and also, why it matters who raises him. If Kate is truly motivated solely by reuniting Claire with Aaron, and Claire remains obsessed with finding her son, it looks like the kid will be key at the end of Season 6. Jin went out of his way to remind Claire how old Aaron is, which only made me think about the clearly older blonde boy that’s now haunting Unlocke. Taller Ghost Aaron indeed.

  • This episode is at least the second time Hurley is given a message from an apparently departed spirit that is so important, he has to write it down. Charlie made Hurley write down his message for Jack in “Something Nice Back Home.”
  • Jack’s son’s name is David. We’ve noted the role of Davids throughout “LOST.” Libby says her late husband’s name was David. Hurley’s dad was named David, as was Charlotte’s father. And Hurley’s imaginary friend was Dave.
  • David is listening to music, but says it’s something Jack wouldn’t know. Easiest guess? Driveshaft. But if Driveshaft is a “one hit wonder” from a band led by a “bloody rock god,” why wouldn’t Jack know them? Since David is also a classical music buff, I’d like to think that in the “LA X” timeline, “Driveshaft” is a moody, artsy, acoustic indie band or something.
  • What funeral was Margot and Jack talking about? Presumably Christian’s, meaning they eventually proceeded without his body. I’m wondering how much time has now elapsed since Oceanic 815 landed.
  • Speaking of classical music, David’s choice of Chopin is the same as Daniel Faraday’s in “The Variable.”
  • In addition to “White Rabbit,” this episode ties well to “Something Nice Back Home” from Season 4. It’s the episode where his appendix comes out, where his domestic bliss with Kate crumbles, and where he reads from “Alice” to Aaron.
  • Shannon’s inhaler? Didn’t see that coming. The whole skit with Jorge Garcia at Comic-Con last year was apparently part of the master plan.
  • Hurley fires off so many pop-culture inspired lines, I don’t know where to begin. He lied to a samurai. He described Jacob as being like Obi-Wan Kenobi. And he tells Dogen he’s a fan of “Indiana Jones.” But I’ll take any of those lines over the groan-worthy chat with Jack over Kate.
  • Locations: David’s school, “St. Mary’s Academy,” is St. Louis School in Kaimuki. The “Williams Conservatory” recital hall is Central Middle School near downtown Honolulu. David’s mother’s house is a private residence on Malama Place in Manoa. Watch for updates on my Lost Locations website.

What did you think?. We’d love your thoughts, theories, and feedback below. You can also e-mail us at or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. Julian says:

    Theory about person #108.

    So 108 is someone named Wallace, but I doubt it will be a new character. I think this 108 person will be very important to the outcome of the story, and I don’t think they would just bring in a new character to be the that important. Its got to be someone knew. Someone who is very special and not currently on the island.

    And who is this Special person? Desmond. Hes always been hinted at as being special. If there is one person not currently on the island who will play a pivotal role in the story its Desmond.

    Desmond is the only central character whose parents have never been mentioned once on the show. That’s very strange since ALL of the major characters have mommy and daddy issues. I think there is a twist in his family tree we don’t know about. I think we will find out that Desmond was an orphan. Hume is an adopted name, and we never knew his real one. And I don’t think its a coincidence that the name at 108 is a Scottish one.

    They knew we’d see the name Wallace. They knew people would frieze and screencap it. They learned that lesson a long time ago with the Dharma shark. They could have just not showed that part of the wheel, but they did. The name has to be a clue. I think that the fact that its a Scottish name is that clue.

  2. Wes in Louisville says:

    Holy frigging seven years of bad luck crap!!!!! I felt as giddy as I did in season 1 during tonight’s episode. The dialogue between Jack and Hugo was bloody brilliant! Did anybody else put together the fact that Jack’s son’s name is David Shepherd and that in the Bible David was a shepherd then went on to lead a nation? I don’t know if that has any significance or not but it’s worth thinking about. Keep up the hard work Ryan and Jen. You’re doing a great job!

  3. Becks says:


    It seems that Jacob has led Jack to be “broken” after the lighthouse incident for a reason. Either to break Jack to the point where needs to find his way (like he told Hurley) OR to break him to the point where Jacob will begin to use him like Locke was used.

    The interpretation of this depends entirely on whether Jacob is viewed as benevolent or not.

  4. Sobaika says:

    @ Julian

    100% agree – 108 has to be Desmond, and the fact that the name is Scottish seems significant.

  5. Leachpunk says:

    I think David was listening to DriveShaft! All in all this episode was good. By far one of the best Jack centric episodes. I don’t know what more to say really. More confirmation that they were guided to the island, whether it was against their will or not. Jack acting just like any person skeptical, scared and afraid would. But I agree with Julian above me about Desmond being 108. I’ve always been curious why Desmond was a reoccurring character with a couple flashbacks, and yet no mention of a family.

    Of course the planted drop by Hurley about Jack being a great father, and his flash-sideways was him with a kid. It was a nice joke, but I’m sure there is more to it. More curious about who he had the child with… considering he ‘fixed’ Sarah only a couple years before his wreck on 815.

    Also… wow the score of this episode was great. I loved how when Jack realized the names on the wheel. The music heightened, and then he stated that Jacob had been watching him since he was a child. Then the music just bombed out into a “oh crap” tone. Great job there.

    Then crazy Claire…. crazy.

  6. Julian says:

    I just had an extra crazy thought to add to my Desmond Wallace theory.

    Maybe Alt Desmond will actually be named Desmond Wallace. That will be the big difference between the two. The Desmond we know was adopted by the Hume family, and alt Des was raised by his birth parents, the Wallaces.

  7. Evan From the Mainland says:

    While I haven’t even finished the episode, I thought I would comment on some other topics for the time being; as any theories I have would be futile (I’m never right anyway).

    I’m convinced that MIB is putting on a con of his own (like you guys mentioned in the last podcast). Even if he is right in that Jacob manipulated the survivors to the island, MIB more than manipulated the survivors on the island: taking the shapes of people or…in some cases horses, or anything special to the islanders that furthered his cause.

    One thing I like about the season is an obvious point; all of the worries fans had that by chaning the timeline, 6 years of charaacter growth would be deleted. However, in a way, this isn’t true. Even though it seems that in 2007 timeline, the characters attitutdes are regressing, in the 2004 timeline, the characters are finding new ways to come to terms with their troubles and be content.

  8. Fernando says:

    @David in Chicago: I think you are absolutely right about the meaninglessness of the person connected to the number 108. Jonine from Az’s piece of information seems to back that up. Good catch, Jonine; this was the 108 episode!

    @ Jacob in Ohio: “my theory is that this season will end with something crazy happening in the last episode causing the island to sink ..and the alternate timeline we are watching is actually the ending for each character” I also agree with your theory. But I don’t think that it necessarily nullifies all previous seasons of the series, nor do I think it means the first five seasons would be a waste of time. I would mean we saw an entire circle of this story.

  9. david says:

    The message Jack left for David — did we hear that before? My memory’s not so good, but both my wife and I are under the impression that we saw Jack leave that message sometime in the past and were, at the time, lead to believe he was leaving it for a woman.

  10. russ says:

    I’m thinking now more than ever that Jacob is actually the “bad guy” in this twisted tale… even though right now we’re being led to believe he’s the one helping our Lostees.

  11. Coolpeace says:

    A further thought :

    Were the skeletons that Hurley and Jack encountered our Adam and Eve? I assume so, and Hurley saying that it could be one of them – could be Darlton’s way of giving us a clue OR of course could be a misdirection.

  12. Spalz says:

    108 is not Desmond. Desmond’s last name is Hume, right? Not Wallace which is what shows up on the wheel . I find it interesting that Austin is there, without a line in her name, and Linus is there as well, but scratched out.

  13. Jacob from Ohio says:

    @Carol from Boston..yeah its my real name haha..its awesome

    @Fernando…yeah i guess that’s true..the thing i’m worried more about now is all the characters that have become my favorite seem to be on team smokey and i dont know how to feel about that lol

  14. Patty says:

    I got the feeling that Hugo was using “Jedi mind tricks’ – ..”Why don’t you (Dogen) return to the courtyard….”. and he does. Very Obi-Wan!

  15. Jacob from Ohio says:

    @Carol from Boston..p.s. a couple years ago i was at a cincy reds game against the dodgers..met Nomar and got his autograph on my boston hat..all time favorite red sox!!

  16. Digidoug says:

    They’ve really been going out of their way to not tell us Flock’s real name. In my mind, that means that it’s a name we’ll recognize. Any guesses?

  17. Chris in Arkansas says:

    @ Julian I also really like your theory about Desmond & find it interesting that we don’t know anything about his parents. Crazy thought here, but what if Jacob is his father, & has him crossed off to throw MILocke off his trail.

  18. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Straight to posting.

    I have come to the conclusion that Jin and Sun will become Adam and Eve brought back to the forefront tonight. Jin is being unwillingly swept along toward the darkness just as he was when caught in the typhoon tide. Neither is Sun the most eager participant, following the lead of others back to the temple based on the promise of once again finding her constant. Their respective alignments seem fixed. But which one is the candidate? What if the trick in this instance is that they are both the candidate, joined together as one at the very moment Jacob touches them? They become the replacements for dark and light simultaneously.

    Maybe all the pre-episode talk of Stephen King stayed with me through the episode, but the scenes with Claire reminded me of both “Misery” with Jin as her disabled victim and “The Shining” the way she madly wielded that ax. Heeeeeeeere’s Claire.

    Once again, Claire’s mock baby insinuated the dehumainzation that will result if the infection is allowed to spread. The skull was not homo sapien, but seemed to have a more pronounced lower jaw like Australopithecus for example. A piece of leather was laid over the face and then the object was given buttons for eyes as in Coraline. This also reminds me of the great scene in Jaws when Quint describes the shark as having doll’s eyes, an entity existing in that grey area between life and death. God help us all if the next generation carries Esau’s darkness off the island into the outside world. And this is where Aaron becomes so central to either restoring the cycle of life or ushering in a concluding darkness.

    The search for Christian’s will provided another great symbolic parallel. Why wouldn’t the metaphorical father make his will clear to us, or at least, “give it to his lawyer?” In slang, a lawyer is often a mouthpiece, the one who speaks for the man behind the curtain. This is obviously a comment on the way Jacob handles things. He’s kept Richard Alpert, his annointed leader, Ben, and all his candidates completely int the dark. But the missing document that we haven’t seen, the book of laws will turn up shortly.

    On last week’s podcast, someone commented on smokey’s curiosity about alcohol with Sawyer. In my opinion, that’s not the point of that scene. Rather, it was yet another repetition of either a drink shared or a drink refused. In “The Lighthouse” Jin shares the drink offered by Claire which indicates, if not allegiance, at least sympathy with the tendered proposition. Widmore’s refusal to drink with Desmond is perhaps the best example of this. (BTW–McCutheon’s in Jack’s mom’s liquor cabinet!)
    Tea–now there’s a gentleman’s drink. What was fascinating about smokey was that he didn’t appear to want to have anything to do with Sawyer’s offered drink, but he did ultimately share it in the most minimal fashion.

    That’s more than enough for now though there’s so much more. This episode was full of easter eggs and I loved Jack’s charcter development and interaction with his son.

    Defend the island.

  19. Chris in Arkansas says:

    I also wonder if the mirror was actually looking @ Jacks house from when he was a boy, or looking @ his house in the sideways time line.


    The “loophole” is that the man in black (UnLocke, Smokey) was able to take over Jacob’s form after Ben killed him. Therefore the ghost of Jacob talking to Hurley is really the man in black! He appears as Jacob to manipulate the timeline so he can ultimately escape. I think LOST is melting my brain… Aaaauurgh!

  21. Tucker Conley says:

    3 signs of Claire having the sickness:
    1. Claire saying she would have to kill kate
    2. the way she put the axe through Justin
    3. Her ” friend” is Men in Black.

  22. Mattfromnd says:

    I still think the bodies in the cave are rose and Bernard. They are unaccounted for in the current time. The last we saw them was just prior to the incident in 1977. For some reason they got left there when everyone else jumped forward in time.

  23. Digidoug says:

    Just had a thought while watching the lighthouse scene again, could the lighthouse also be the source of the whispers? I’m thinking something along the line of – if the mirror is pointed at you, you can hear the conversations going on in the lighthouse… ya, I know, a bit of a stretch…

    The other thought I had was that the transition sound (the flashback woosh) could be the mirror moving into position…

  24. Steve says:

    Loved the lighthouse! Crazy Claire, not so much. But please tell me, why can’t they get decent wigs in Hawaii? Or has it just become a tradition to have bad fake hair in the flashes?

  25. Rich in Cleveland says:

    On Wallace. You know the name has some meaning. The connection I make with it is to Charles Wallace (Murry), the child genius from “A Wrinkle in Time.” He traverses all time and space to confront the evil blacking out whole planets and threatening the universe. Sawyer was seen reading this book on the beach.

  26. it's all happening says:

    dear rich in cleveland,
    what is this “darkness” that Esau has demonstrated that you are so afraid will be carried into the outside world? was it his black outfit in last season’s finale?

    also, this string of sentences–
    Why wouldn’t the metaphorical father make his will clear to us, or at least, “give it to his lawyer?” In slang, a lawyer is often a mouthpiece, the one who speaks for the man behind the curtain. This is obviously a comment on the way Jacob handles things.
    –is bonkers.

    i thought this was an A+ episode. More ‘show’ than last week’s ‘tell’.
    but then i read things like this and understand the misunderstanding in the world a little bit more.

    ps. lighthouse wheel so trumps cave scribbles!

    and pps. i too think the side-flash is the happily ever after of lost.

  27. Arbitrary says:

    The Annotated Alice is an awesome read that I completely recommend. It’s what it sounds like, the full text of Alice with annotations of Lewis Carroll’s beliefs, number tricks, references, etc. Like listening to a DVD commentary in book form. I also took it as another little nod to fans, since we’ve had a number of Alice references, not least all the ‘looking glass’es in this ep, and since we tend to look for all Easter eggs,extra info, ‘annotations’ that we can. But either way, it’s an amazing read and I’m glad they just raised it’s profile.

    On another subject, I took it that smokey is stuck in Locke because Jacob is dead, it seems to coincide…

  28. Yann From France says:

    I told you to go check White Rabbit before the episode! 😀
    I am with John Fisher, Jesse and Carol… This episode did not brought a lot more to us plot wise on Island (mainly confirmations) but I loved off Island.
    It gave us the definitive answer to the numbers (they are “coordinates” for Candidate) and 4 8 15 16 23 42 are among the most important numbers (I still quote Hugo “the numbers are bad”, and it’s even Kate that react to this sentence… she is not among them).
    It showed us what “being taken” meant and that was… strange.
    It proves that John Locke was John Locke until he became “her friend” (since Jin says “John Locke?” and she replies: no)
    Hurley is too nice and Jacob is A REAL CON MAN. How manipulative he is… “you have what it takes Jack!” Come on! You’re not his father!
    Jack is, up until now I think, completely mold by the “you don’t have what it take/let it go” and he always wanted to prove otherwise but in a bad way… I think that now he is going to rock!
    But it is not the (somehow slow) Island story that was the nicest in this episode… the flashsideways were AMAZING! What a beautiful story it was: Jack redemption is not with his father, it’s with himself,the future and how to be a good father. Just loved it!

  29. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Omigosh, 129 already!
    I’ll go back read and comment later on this fabulous episdoe but I had a thought on last weeks episode:
    Many complain that Ilana etal and Locke’s body got to Boone’s graveyard too quickly but what if they simply took their boat? and for times sake they just didn’t show it?

  30. Yann From France says:

    @Ryan: We saw the place where Jin and Sun got married and that is were Jacob touched them and thus “lighthouse” them into coming to the Island… Yet we don’t see Jack’s Hospital, we see Christian house! I am with you, I think Christian might be the candidate.
    Jack doesn’t know Drive Shaft… remember in the pilot the first time Charlie sing “you all everybody” to Jack telling him it’s his song. Jack looks at him, doesn’t even nod and then move on (lol everytime!)
    Speaking of song: Did Jack switched from Nirvana to the Blues Brothers?? lol again
    I was sure that Claire’s friend would be Vincent… lol! Where is the dog?
    This episode was funny and emotional, I liked it a lot. Just no new answers.
    I guess now is time to rewatch House Of The Rising Sun (and with what we know from future episodes the rewatch is really interesting. Poor Jin)

  31. Stefani from Mass says:

    @ Colossus: the 7 wonders references – I think we may have had more…
    You said:
    1) Colossus
    2) Lighthouse of Alexandria

    I think that the:
    Temple Sanctuary are the Gardens of Babylon
    The 4 Toes Statue is the Statue of Zeus at Olympia

    Not sure about the other ones…
    Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
    Temple of Artemis
    Pyramids of Giza

    Though Mausoleum reminds me of the LA Funeral Home…

  32. Nick says:

    looks like the names are crossed out only if the person is dead??

  33. Joy from Florida says:

    Great episode! I liked how the referred to the fact that we’ve never seen the lighthouse before…something about them repeatedly roaming around on, and circling the island but never seeing this thing made it more mysterious and spooky. “Linus” was the only name I caught on my ancient TV last night, so thanks to those who posted screen caps of that wheel. So I guess the big question is whether the lighthouse is used to watch those people execute their will in potentially getting to the island, or whether it is to manipulate them in getting there.

    Claire FREAKED me out. I thought Jin played it as well as he could to survive that encounter, but she was scary. What’s interesting is how she immediately recognized Unlocke as her “friend.” Clearly smokey must have come to her in some different form before, and I am assuming that must be Christian.

  34. cat says:

    So…it seems as if there are 360 (as in degrees) candidates of which kate is one. Who are the ones on the cave roof? MIB going after them one by one and knocking them off? That means that for some reason he is not going after Kate. Why would that be? I don’t think we have seen the end of the numbers.

    As Ryan mentioned, the mirrors have played a big part in Season 6 so far. Are they the mechanism that connect the Island world with the sideways world? As the worlds start to merge, will island faces stare back at sideways faces?

    Why did Claire recognize MIB as her friend? Hasn’t he only been in his body for a short time? What does she see when she looks at him?

    I liked this episode a lot but am worried that we continue to get more questions and few answers…..

  35. camille says:

    No mystery solving here but I thought it was interesting that the air date of this episode fell between the two assumed birthdates of Chopin (Feb 22 and March 1) who was born 200 years ago.

  36. camille says:

    I like the idea that there are 360 candidates and that our Losties complete the circle. It makes them much more meaningful then just a random bunch of numbers in a neverending story. That said, I wonder who is coming to the island. Maybe Widmore? I am sort of eager for him to be redeemed.

  37. Dave says:

    @ Michael D — “So the numbers STILL don’t mean anything. They’re just arbitrarily assigned to names.” They may be… but interesting that the “arbitrary” numbers are the same in the lighthouse and the cave, no?

    And Ryan, I thought the allusion of David saying the music was nobody Jack had heard of was saying “it’s some new band that an old square like you wouldn’t know,” but maybe he was mocking this view of teenagers… after all, Jack now listens to Nirvana and the Pixies and maybe has forsaken his classical music. It sort of suggests that maybe David is the old soul and Jack is the troubled youth. I wondered several times during the episode whether teh David-Jack relationship was similar to the Jack-Christian relationship, but now I wonder if there is an inversion, and David:Jack::Christian:Roy (to use SAT conventions). We’ve alluded to the book “World’s End” before, and if you haven’t read it you might enjoy it. There are many themes of the similarities and differences between generations in a family.

  38. Martin says:

    It seems this battle over the island lasts already several centuries. How come the number of candidates is so low? Or is the family line more important as the individual people?

  39. Alex in MD says:

    My initial thought is that 108 deg was Walt. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that the screen cap army had discovered that 108 deg was “Wallace”. Do we actually know if the list is last names only? Do we know definitively that Walt is short for Walter, not Wallace? Hmm.

  40. Dave says:

    @Ron St.Amant — love the theory. Cool idea.

    @ Stefani in MA — I think the four toed statue is presumed to be Colossus of Rhodes. I don’t know that we can “double dip” seven wonders.

    I assume several people watched the pop-up Lost from 8-9, but it was interesting that they didn’t divulge at all which Kwon was #42.

  41. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @R&J I thought Rousseau rocked crazy chick much better but maybe that is because she was so much more mysterious

    @Mallory – I like the David is the 23-Shepard on the list except why would it be Jack’s childhood home in mirror and why Jacob so clearly interested in Jack and why wouldn’t David be in the original timeline?

    @Anthony Cavallo – I also thought his scar was on the wrong side

    @ Crystal and Julian – I agree in your belief it is Desmond coming to the Island and maybe a Desmond centric episode will confirm this

    @Brian and others
    I agree that the alternate time line is the right one but it doesn’t nullify the previous seasons.

    @ Jim – I’ve wondered if Ben was infected, too but Richard (the ‘advisor’) worked to guide him to Jacob’s side

    @digidoug – Maybe Smokey’s real name is…… Aaron! He is Claire’s baby (ala Rosemary’s baby) hmmmm

    @Rich – I agree, I feel Adam and Eve are Jin and Sun

  42. Alex in MD says:

    Degree 23 on the lighthouse wheel is “Shepard”.

    I am wondering if the Shepard that was being watched was Christian, not Jack.

    And that Ray told Christian he was being watched by the user of the lighthouse. And knowing that he was being watched, Christian told Jack that “He doesn’t have what it takes” because he didn’t want Jack to be a candidate/recruit.

    And candidates are people that Man-In-Locke (or someone with the cabin) can take the form of. That is why in Cabin Fever, the Man-In-Black looked like Christian and now he looks like Locke.

    But Jacob used the lighthouse, too, and he realized that Jack was the person that he needed to do whatever it is that Jack will need to do.

    So, Jacob touched/designated Jack to get him to come to the island. While it was Man-In-Black’s designation that got Christian to the island.

    That is my crack-pot theory and I’m sticking to it.

  43. Alex in MD says:

    I noticed that when Jack asked to speak with Jacob, Hurley said that he couldn’t, because that’s not how it worked. Given everything we’ve been shown regarding Hurley’s ability to see the dead, this made perfect sense. But I noticed how similar this is to other comments that Richard has made with respect to there being rules about who can see or speak to Jacob. Thoughts?

  44. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Camille – I also wondered if it could be Widmore while watching the episode but switched to Desmond after reading the blog this morning.

    I wrote down this note while watching: Hurley pulls a Paillin. lol

    I wondered (not for the first time) Why does Jack seem to tolerate captivity by the Others so well? I liked how Claire’s name was revealed on the Will.

    The turning of the wheel immediately made me think of the Donkey wheel – what if that was the original Lighthouse, sunk with the Island, frozen and resurrected and this current Island has also shifted in time?

    I think Hurley is being position as the new Leader no matter who becomes the new Jacob/Essau

    Overall I liked the episode, Amazed at all the questions still coming up and a bit confounded on yet more new charachters; David & Dogen-X, the Lighthouse.

    I can’t wait to find out the mother of David. I agree, I think it is Juliet and she is away doing research on fertility or something, that she would still be a Burke (a second Marriage – maybe she was unfaithful to Jack ala Sarah?) but is also divorced in this timeline (frees her up to have coffee with Sawyer – sorry I am a bit of a shipper for them!)
    Who knows, maybe she’s coming to the Island with Desmond, haha

    Can’t wait to check back later for more catches, theories and more.

  45. Yann From France says:

    @Bonita: I like the Adam and Eve being Kate (Candidate/Keeper of the Island) and John (Smokey/MIB) better but the problem with this theory is that if they killed each other leading the sinking of the Island… then how could they be in the cave?
    Rose and Bernard living there and dying during the Purge makes more sense but the years are wrong.
    If we don’t get flashback anymore (except Richard) I don’t see how they are going to address that other than time traveling (and the only reason someone would time travel would be to prevent MIB to have access to the boats and planes that are on Island.
    MIB with Eko thought… We know MIB used Eko, we know he was brought with Locke to the Pearl. I think the purpose was to tell them “the button is a fake” but Eko missunderstood that. I think MIB wanted to destroy the Island (if Desmond hadn’t use the safekey) and that the Island does need protection.
    Now it is weird: the off Island without Island seems better to all of them so far. So we are supposed to think this is good. Yet it is what MIB wants! And yet Claire who is his friend can kill without remorse (Rousseau protected herself from her team that wanted to kill her but never killed Ben).
    Jacob is the leader of the Others that keep killing people and changed the life of our losties in a bad way and yet he protects Hurley and Jack from the evil that’s going to strike the Temple.

  46. Justin in Wichita Falls TX says:

    It’s becoming much more apparent that Jacob is manipulating (a representative of destiny or fate) while Unlocke/Man in black is giving everyone a choice (a representative of free will). All of this going back to the first conversation we see them having, in which the black rock is shown coming to the island, the MIB says “you brought them here” and “they fight, they corrupt, it always ends the same.” and jacob says “it only ends once, anything before is just progress.” Perhaps all this game is about is whether fate or free will prevails when you play god.

  47. Justin in Wichita Falls TX says:

    I also am glad to finally understand what the numbers actually come from compass bearings

  48. Justin in Wichita Falls TX says:

    Something tells me the next episode, Jin and Sun meet back up again, seeing as how “House of the Rising Sun” is next in line from Season 1 🙂

  49. Ernie says:

    The Lighthouse was a great episode, right on par with the season opener. I’ve been dying to see how they are going to tie the on island and off island stories together. When Jack saw his appendix scar and couldn’t remember when it had happened, clearly they were pounding on the relationship between these realities, just as he looked curiously at the scar on his neck in LA X. Of course in the end they just dangled it in front of us as if to say, ‘yes this is important, these are related, but we’re not really going to explain anything yet, we just wanted to tease you’.
    Jack’s mom said his appendix was removed when he was 8 or 9. Would Jack have been 8 or 9 in 1977 when the bomb went off at the end of season 5? Was this some sort of ‘course correction’?
    I enjoyed the analysis of the ‘whoosh’ sound in the last podcast, I had commented about it after the season premier, but hadn’t picked up on the jet plane and creaking wood sounds. I listened very attentively last night. Was it me or did that sound like a bomb going off during the whoosh?

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