Next: “The Lighthouse”

This 108th episode of “LOST” took us back to the first few hours of this incredible show. We still don’t know whether “LOST” will succeed in answering enough questions and resolving enough loose ends. But the feel of the show, the growing sense of coming full circle after half a decade of storytelling, is fantastic. The spirit of “White Rabbit,” episode five from season one, was all over “The Lighthouse.” Jen thoroughly loved it. I enjoyed it. To me, some of the exposition and dialogue was a bit flat, and the ever clever fan-inspired commentary of Hurley was a bit too clever. But perhaps such things are unavoidable given the immense amount of explaining “LOST” will have to do in the limited time left. They need to spell it out for us, and they need to acknowledge how ridiculous some of it all sounds.

While on-island Jack is once again reaching a breaking point, off-island Jack is perhaps conquering his demons (his mom praises him for turning down a drink), acknowledging his daddy issues, and making amends with his son. His son! David plays piano like Jack, suffers under an overbearing father like Jack… and “has a gift,” perhaps also like Jack. But the big mystery now is, who is David’s mom? Whose house did Jack visit (and enter thanks to a key hidden under a white rabbit)? And why did she, frankly, miss David’s recital? David’s blue eyes made Jen think of Juliet immediately. Could we see her moving on, later this season, asking Sawyer out for coffee?

Jack’s inexplicable confusion over his appendectomy scar was intriguing. His appendix was removed by Juliet on the island, which could be one reason he doesn’t remember it in the LA X timeline. But his mother does. And seeing Dogen as a fellow parent was a nice touch. He perhaps is not as mysterious, special, or even immortal as we might have thought, if a twist in time leads him to being a dad in Los Angeles.

Mirrors and reflections continue to play a big part in this final season, perhaps never moreso than in “The Lighthouse.” There were literal mirrors, of course, but our requisite book reference is again “Alice in Wonderland.”

On the island, we find the lighouse, a major island landmark that nobody noticed because nobody was looking for it. Inside, another list of names, most of them crossed out, save for our dear survivors. Is it a different list than the one Unlocke showed Sawyer in the cave? Part of me thinks they’re the same list, and the cave scrawlings represent the efforts of Unlocke/Man In Black to track Jacob’s candidates. On the other hand, we see some names we didn’t see in the cave, most notably, “Austen.”

The lighthouse and its various degrees suggest that it was where Jacob “watched” his candidates, and perhaps guided them to the island. But rather than investigate further, angry Jack smashes the mirrors. At first it seemed ridiculous to me, how once again a major potential source for answers is conveniently destroyed. But in the narrative of Jack’s life, it makes sense.

In “White Rabbit,” Christian Shephard tells young Jack: “Don’t choose, Jack, don’t decide. You don’t want to be a hero, you don’t try and save everyone, because when you fail, you just don’t have what it takes.” We’ve seen Jack try to be the hero, and everything fell apart once he got off the island. We then saw Jack return to try and wait for his purpose to reveal itself, only to end up executing a plan that was apparently a catastrophic failure. Now, he finds a list of names that suggests that he’s part of a larger plan or game, and is also probably one of the last players still standing. That’d probably be enough to make anyone snap.

Of course, we’re still not convinced “Shephard” means him. Jacob’s first line to Sawyer after his name was pointed out on the cave wall was, “He’s not the only one.” And even though the mirror showed Jack’s childhood home, that house also belonged to Christian. Heck, we don’t know if the image of the house was from Jack’s past, or from the “LA X” timeline. A pity he had to smash the mirrors to bits.

And Claire. Creepy Claire. Jen said she was even scarier than Rousseau. And now the parallels are numerous. Claire, like Rosseau, has spent years living in the wilderness, setting traps, surviving, living in conflict with and hiding from The Others. And she’s also obsessed with finding her missing child. But it’s interesting that there’s a lot of old Claire in there, despite whatever sickness or darkness may have consumed her.

She says her father and “her friend” told her The Others have Aaron. Whether or not on-island Christian Shephard and Unlocke were one and the same (I wonder what form Unlocke took prior to the arrival of Ajira 316), I’m curious why they’d want her to believe her son was still on the island. Are they trying to encourage her to go to The Temple, or discouraging her? They’ve fed her paranoia and mistrust for three years, but to what end?

After what she did to Justin, we believe her when she says she’d kill Kate if Kate raised Aaron. But the whole conversation revives questions about how important Aaron actually is to the island, and also, why it matters who raises him. If Kate is truly motivated solely by reuniting Claire with Aaron, and Claire remains obsessed with finding her son, it looks like the kid will be key at the end of Season 6. Jin went out of his way to remind Claire how old Aaron is, which only made me think about the clearly older blonde boy that’s now haunting Unlocke. Taller Ghost Aaron indeed.

  • This episode is at least the second time Hurley is given a message from an apparently departed spirit that is so important, he has to write it down. Charlie made Hurley write down his message for Jack in “Something Nice Back Home.”
  • Jack’s son’s name is David. We’ve noted the role of Davids throughout “LOST.” Libby says her late husband’s name was David. Hurley’s dad was named David, as was Charlotte’s father. And Hurley’s imaginary friend was Dave.
  • David is listening to music, but says it’s something Jack wouldn’t know. Easiest guess? Driveshaft. But if Driveshaft is a “one hit wonder” from a band led by a “bloody rock god,” why wouldn’t Jack know them? Since David is also a classical music buff, I’d like to think that in the “LA X” timeline, “Driveshaft” is a moody, artsy, acoustic indie band or something.
  • What funeral was Margot and Jack talking about? Presumably Christian’s, meaning they eventually proceeded without his body. I’m wondering how much time has now elapsed since Oceanic 815 landed.
  • Speaking of classical music, David’s choice of Chopin is the same as Daniel Faraday’s in “The Variable.”
  • In addition to “White Rabbit,” this episode ties well to “Something Nice Back Home” from Season 4. It’s the episode where his appendix comes out, where his domestic bliss with Kate crumbles, and where he reads from “Alice” to Aaron.
  • Shannon’s inhaler? Didn’t see that coming. The whole skit with Jorge Garcia at Comic-Con last year was apparently part of the master plan.
  • Hurley fires off so many pop-culture inspired lines, I don’t know where to begin. He lied to a samurai. He described Jacob as being like Obi-Wan Kenobi. And he tells Dogen he’s a fan of “Indiana Jones.” But I’ll take any of those lines over the groan-worthy chat with Jack over Kate.
  • Locations: David’s school, “St. Mary’s Academy,” is St. Louis School in Kaimuki. The “Williams Conservatory” recital hall is Central Middle School near downtown Honolulu. David’s mother’s house is a private residence on Malama Place in Manoa. Watch for updates on my Lost Locations website.

What did you think?. We’d love your thoughts, theories, and feedback below. You can also e-mail us at or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. Dave in AL says:

    The one thing I only really have to question is Dogen’s appearance in the flash sideways. Instead of being one of those HFC moments, I was a little bit perplexed. Why do that with a character that is still new to us? I can understand his importance with his role at the Temple, but come on, a flash sideways? That just leaves a lot more explaining to do. I get it that everybody is connected and will ultimately cross paths some how, but what is the significance of this particular meeting? If the intent was only to underscore some aspect or parallel of Jack’s character between the timelines, I think perhaps another character with whom we are more familiar could have done just as well. I just hope that there is some deeper significance for Dogen’s appearance beyond just comparing how the two timelines are simultaneously similar and dissimilar.

    Nonetheless, this was another outstanding episode and everything is starting to come into focus.

  2. Fernando says:

    I have hated the character of Jack Shepher since season two. Tonite, he was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I can’t watch him any longer. But despite that, the episode rocked!
    Great to get a little bit more info on Claire. “That’s not John. that’s my friend!” Wow
    It’s always fun to see Hurley as a leader. “He can appear and disappear like Obi Wan Kenobi” Priceless!
    It’s interesting how Jacob’s ghost is actually doing more things than what the living Jacob did.
    The last words of Kate to Jack sounded like her last words. Will she die?

    I have to admit I’m still pretty upset about last week’s episode. I’m very offended that John Locke ended up being a substitute teacher. What qualifications does he have to do that job? As a long-time teacher, I would like an apology from the writers for such an abuse. But who am I kidding? They won’t. And it also disappointed me that the title of the episode did not have any links to Zombie-Locke (or Man-In-Black); I was expecting to get a big scoop on his story, and to learn how he became John’s substitute.
    Maybe I’m expecting too much.

  3. Niki says:

    Why is Jin telling Claire that Aaron is at the Temple? Is he just trying to get her caught?

  4. Ethan says:

    So the question which we all want to now know is…

    WHO IS #108?!?!

    I will guess Desmond. Because…I dunno. Who else?

  5. Brendan says:

    Hey, first time here, started listening to the podcast a couple weeks ago (I just started watching Lost last summer).
    Jack asking his mom “when did I have my appendix removed?” I think this is the first time that one of the Lostees has shown a lack of memories native to this timeline. The cut on Jack’s neck, Claire calling her unborn child Aaron and the general feelings of familiarity are different, as those are all examples of memories of the island. that have come bubbling up. The lack of knowledge of the new timeline further cements to me that they don’t belong there, that their lives are truly of the island timeline.

  6. Coolpeace says:

    Great stuff … the pieces are coming together… here is what can be confirmed.

    1) Jacob has candidates;

    2) MIB can claim the dead unburied bodies; Christian, Yemi, Alex; and Claire. We can now say that Claire died during the explosion of her house, and by the time Sawyer picked her up from the rabble – she had been claimed (infected) and returned to ‘life’… Just as Sayid, died in the pool; and returned to ‘life’ shortly thereafter – we can assume that while we saw Claire treking with Sawyer and Miles, she was not yet fully transformed… just as Sayid is yet to be totally infected (darkness must reach their heart)

    3) Christian was MIB in the cabin with Claire … Claire : “I’m with him”. And she still is. MIB is killing the Others via claimed individuals.

    Questions: Now that Locke’s body is buried … will that somehow change MIB’s situation?? I think perhaps it already has somewhat because we saw him fall while chasing the boy… Maybe now he can’t transform into Smokey anymore?

    Clearly, Jack, Kate and Claire have all had ‘recollections’ or memories in the flashsideways. However, in rewatching last episode I didn’t get the impression Locke is getting any recollections at all. Interesting. Is it because he is dead on the Island?

    More to come…

  7. Bart P. says:

    I thought it was a great episode. Did it have a huge reveal about some of the mythology, no, but it certainly helped to pull back the curtain on a few things. Now we know the the numbers correspond to and how Jacob was able to see what was happening off island. We know that Claire has been with Smokie this whole time. (Does that mean Christian was Smokie?).

    This episode felt to me like they are putting the pieces in place, just like that one commercial prior to the start of the season said. It is going to be a slow build until the final episodes are upon us. These past couple of episodes also reminded me of The Stand where you are seeing people starting to go to one side or the other. Jack is just trying to find his way right now. He is broken as he said. He thought he was supposed to detonate the bomb, but that wasn’t it. (Or maybe it was since it did help to bring the Losties back to the present?)

    In any case, I have loved the past couple of episodes and can’t wait to see what Smokie has in store for the Temple!

  8. Mattfromnd says:

    My biggest question—- why is Jack still driving that ugly jeep/suv thing? He’s a doctor, can’t he afford a nicer car?

  9. Keara says:

    I have to be honest. I was expecting more from this episode, mainly because Damon and Carlton wrote it. I think the pacing was a bit slow and it took forever to get to the lighthouse and we didn’t spend enough time there. I did enjoy the dialog “between” (mostly just Hurley talking) Jack and Hurley in the jungle. I also enjoyed the off-island story. It was nice to see Jack look happy and able to resolve some issues for a change. As always, Jack couldn’t control his impulses on the island and smashed the mirror in anger. I was so frustrated by this as a viewer because I wanted to know so much more about the mirror and what it showed. On high-definition pause, I briefly caught, Sun’s father’s house, #108 is crossed out and says “Wallace” (I think) and #51 is Austen (but is NOT crossed out).

  10. Brendan says:

    I don’t think Desmond was 108. I tried to get a good look at the name on my DVR, but the stupid scrub bar was blocking the name. But from what I saw, it didn’t look like “Hume.” I thought it might start with an “A” and it sort of looked like there were two “L’s” in the middle, but I don’t know who that would be if I’m right. I suppose it could be an “H” to start, but I’ll wait for a screen cap. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s intentionally illegible.

    @Mattfromnd, Jacks jeep/suv is probably just to remind us of his connection to the island. Maybe in that timeline he bought it because he felt some connection to the island life that he couldn’t explain.

  11. @Dave – David was wearing a Dodgers cap, NOT a Yankee cap. No self respecting Red Sox fan would let their kid wear a Yankee cap, but considering they’re in LA, I’m betting the Dodger cap was something Jack let slide.

  12. Coolpeace says:

    @ John Fischer :

    I think that the numbers are not to view the candidates in their alternate lives but rather that is how Jacob was watching and possibly deciding on the candidacy of individuals in original timeline. So not alternate lives but the first timeline (island timeline).

    Jack says : that the house was the house he lived in as a boy. And realizes that Jacob was watching since childhood.

  13. Mattfromnd says:

    So basically we had 2 episodes in a row with more or less the same big reveal, names with numbers, some crossed out.

    I am interested in knowing if the same names are crossed out on both though. Maybe one is Jacobs list and the other is mib’s. It will be interesting to check the screen caps and compare them.

  14. Tara from Long Island says:

    From what I can read on my TV, 108 is Wallace. Some others I can read:

    43 – Barnes
    48 – Stanhope
    51 – Austen
    104 – Lewis
    107 – Thomson
    109 – Friendly
    112 – Norton
    117 – Linus
    120 – Rodriguez

  15. Coolpeace says:

    Guessing here that whoever 108 is will be coming to the Island … Hurley had to set the dial to 108.

  16. Brendan says:

    @Keara I don’t know who “Wallace” could be, maybe it’s “Widmore?” Charles or Penny?
    Or if it starts with “A” like I thought, maybe it’s Matthew Abaddon.

  17. Coolpeace says:

    More guessing :

    When Jacob said “It only ends once, everything else is progress” to MIB. I believe he has been trying to get a candidate to do “somehting” – whatever that something is … that is what he wants Jack to do. But Jacob can not tell him what it is, Jack has to figure it out for himself.

    Is it that Jacob wants to prove that Mankind can change and not alway corrupt … whatever MIB said” they come …. ” I can’t remember exactly the words.

    Is that Jacob’s end game??

  18. jim says:

    thinking out loud..
    Can we still assume John Locke, has been John Locke now since the first episode? He could walk, he said the island was special. He was asked to kill his father..he wouldn’t or maybe he couldn’t…maybe i’m barking up the wrong tree he spent all of that time convincing them they had to go back to the island..when he left, he couldn’t walk. Could he have been taken over by jacob in the first episode? He was told he would have to die to get everyone to go back to the island…am i way off course here?

  19. EricFromOhio says:

    Will David end up being “the Lamb of God” who takes away the sins of the world…guided by a Shepard?

  20. David in Chicago says:

    @ comments directed towards mystery person 108

    I believe that although the initial reaction, as was my own, was to focus on who 108 is why they might be coming to the Island, the real point of all of this was the progress of Jack as Jacob discussed with Hurley at the end of the episode. I’m going to go out on a limb and argue that person 108 is insignificant, and most likely not even on their way to the Island.

  21. EricFromOhio says:

    Of course…David was a shepard

  22. Crystal says:

    I thought last week was great, but this passed it. Claire has become Rousseau squared. And say hello to my (little) friend, Jin. Uh-oh! With friends like Flocke….
    Jin doesn’t speak English well, but he sure knows when the moment is right to lie.

    It IS all about Jack. Jack and Hurley are extra special, because Jacob makes sure they are removed from harm’s way. How odd that for once Kate didn’t tag along as she always does. I am very afraid for the survivors at the temple and those heading there.

    And maybe Jack’s son is somehow the replacement for Daniel?

    Hurley face off with Dogen = awesome.

    Jacob’s real list. And I fear my fabulous Desmond may be the one headed to the island.

    As usual too much to digest. I’m still totally lost.

  23. nordy says:

    Anyone thing John Locke was dead at the original crash… smokey claimed him then… and the development of “John Locke” was really the “infection” or the “darkness growing inside him?”

  24. HeyKir in NYC says:

    A screencap from Lostpedia

  25. Briand says:

    108 = number of minutes between pushing the button?

    Maybe the alternate universe is the real universe and our heros have to find the island to save it. And that’s the reason for flight 815 crash.

  26. Hey Ryan and Jen!

    Few thoughts after watching “Lighthouse”. I thought this episode had an awesome balance of character and mythology, just like the substitute!! Jack having a son totally caught me off guard! What an awesome and surprising twist! One question!! who is the mom, Sara maybe!? I am hoping we find out!!
    I am still trying to figure out the new Claire, I wanted to see more of her this episode! I know she is part of the “smoking club”….I cant wait to learn more about her!
    The lighthouse…I was thinking…what if it is a metaphor, they help you find your way to places..what if it was trying to help Jack towards his life!..his flash-sideways was a perfect example of that! He was on the verge of loosing his son…and he was able to find his way back, and realize how important his son is and how much he wanted him in his life!

    As Jacob pointed out.. “most” of the important people area way from the Temple. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Sun and Jin…can’t say the same for Sayid.. I am hoping its not the “end” of the Temple…yet!

    I have to watch it again after I download it off iTunes!!..

  27. Carol from Boston says:

    I freeze framed 108 on the wheel and it looked like “Wallace” I don’t remember that name at all.

    On Hurley’s hand it looked like he wrote “aaron” at 108 or it could have said “arrow” at 108.

    Anybody figure out the two other places? One looked like where Jin and Sun got married and the other one looked like a white church steeple.

  28. Carol from Boston says:

    I also saw “friendly” on the wheel. I wish I could take a picture but my digital camera is broken. I’ll look for screen caps.

  29. HeyKir in NYC says:

    What if the Lighthouse was the way to beckon a candidate or to open a portal to them? Any one else notice all the mirror/reflection references in the season so far! LOVE!!!

  30. Jacob from Ohio says:

    I think Dave is on to something with the lighthouse being the opposite of the dark cave. That’s the feeling i got from this episode anyway. Last week we watched smokey bring sawyer to his cave and this week we see jacob take hurley and jack to his lighthouse. smokey had to have written those names on the cave wall..if jacob had the names in the lighthouse why would he need them in the cave? just a thought..

    Also, looking at the bigger theory is that this season will end with something crazy happening in the last episode causing the island to sink ..and the alternate timeline we are watching is actually the ending for each character. I think the losties in 2007 may cause the island to sink during or because of the “war”..and then time travel or something much further into the past/ alternate timeline and live out the lives we are currently seeing in the branched off alt timeline. Having the timeline branch off before 2004 815 flight explains a lot.

    This may explain jack’s neck blood, jack and kate’s deja vu, why jack cant remember his appendix surgery, why locke doesnt hate his father, Jack’s son, why hurley is lucky..basically why the alt timeline characters back stories are completely different.than the originals..having the alt timeline as the ending just seems like the logical way to give each character the ending they deserve yet not take away from the on-island stuff….but im kinda hoping i’m wrong cause i think that nullifies the last 5 seasons in a way..

    anyway..great podcast keep it up! long time listener..first time writing in though haha!

  31. Brendan says:

    Yup, “Wallace” is the name. Just found the screencap elsewhere before coming back here to see HeyKir posted the link.
    So, Wallace may be nobody we know. And it’s true that the real reason Jacob wanted them there was for Jack to see the images for himself. Maybe they put a non-character name there because 108 has such significance on the show that they don’t want an actual character associated with it.

  32. Carol from Boston says:

    @john fischer – I share your thoughts, I was extremely frustrated watching this episode. It would be fine for season 5 but this is season 6 and time is precious. The flash sideways was interesting – the son and the appendix means a whole new time line, but how and why? I hate the claire storyline, seeing a sweet character like her become an animal bothered me.

    The lighthouse redeemed the episode for me. It shows the numbers mean something and that Jacob was watching and waiting to come into their lives.

    The flash sideways whoosh is a plane again. Do the Jacob people get the plane sound and the MIB people get the black rock sound for their flash forwards? What sound did Kate’s have?

    I watched the episode again and liked it better but I found I had no desire to watch Claire again.

  33. Mattfromnd says:


    pretty sure the white church steeple was the church where Jacob met sawyer after the funeral for his parents.

  34. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jeremy re: the yankees cap, you are right, it was a Dodgers cap and there is no way any red sox fan would ever let any family member wear a yankees cap. We give Red Sox caps as baby gifts and brainwash them for life. 🙂

  35. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jacob, gotta ask – is that your real name 🙂

  36. ManilaRaf says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen

    Kickass episode.

    I took some screencaps of the symbol that Hurley found in the temple, the symbol on David’s piano (ChrisInBoston thought they might have been the same) as well as the names on the wheel in the Lighthouse

    Out of the names listed, some of the names that I thought were notable:

    20 – Rousseau
    32 – Ruther(ford?)
    51 – Austen ***NOT CROSSED OUT**
    104 – Lewis
    108 – Wallace
    109 – Friendly
    124 – Dawson (Michael or Waaaaaaaaaaalt?)

  37. ManilaRaf says:

    @nordy: But can Smokey be at two places at once. Remember that when Ecko was killed by Smokey, Locke (and Sayid, Nikki, Paulo) were/was in the Pearl station.

  38. Brendan says:

    So if the lighthouse was used to “spy on” the possible candidates, and maybe even be used by Jacob to be transported to them, it would seem that it isn’t needed anymore, since Jack broke the mirrors and Jacob didn’t mind. It probably wasn’t ever meant to guide someone to the island, as Jacob told Hurley it was.
    So “Wallace” may never have been coming to the island, especially since the name is already crossed off.

  39. NuckinFuts says:

    how about Claire’s baaaaaby! Was that a boar? Freaky!

  40. jim says:

    @ManilaRaf…not smokey..but if jacob had taken over locke..locke didn’t want to leave the island..FLocke is who want’s to “go home” After Locke was killed by ben, could that be when smokey took him over?

  41. Sobaika says:

    After this episode and the last, I can’t help but think of Atlas, the mythological figure tasked with holding up the Earth. He famously tried to trick Hercules into holding up the Earth for him – just like Jacob or MIB or both are looking for “candidates” to take their place on the Island. Jacob is clearly pushing Jack towards something, Jack being the one who “as what it takes.”

  42. Michael D says:

    So the numbers STILL don’t mean anything. They’re just arbitrarily assigned to names. Are you going to tell me they represent the direction the lighthouse has to point to see that person? The island moves! One number would not keep pointing to the same place. Are the numbers some sort of magical lighthouse frequency? Then they’re meaningless.

    I’d suggest that the numbered list encompasses everyone who will ever come to the island. Names are crossed off as Jacob meets and assesses these people. Could the cave be the same list written by Smoky and he’s also crossing off names as HE thinks best? Hmmmm…

    Claire gets captured by the Others in the jungle. She escapes. She hangs out in the cabin with her friend. That seems to tie down Christian as having been Smoky all of this time. Which makes a certain sense. Especially when you consider it was Christian who fussed at Locke for not being the one who turned the wheel in the first place. But then how was Christian talking to Sun and Lapidus back at the abandoned camp? And if Smoky’s been trapped in that cabin, how do we explain the various Smoky sightings before he was freed? Hmmm…

  43. jim says:

    and further more..when ben was shot, they “others” said they could save him ..and i’m paraphrasing..”he won’t be the same person/ben” so..if he was in the water..who is he or is he infected?

  44. Ron St.Amant says:

    * The inhaler thing was hysterical…given the skit Jorge and Darlton did at ComicCon.

    * The sideways characters are mostly letting go of the things they needed the island to fix.

    * There’s no way the scene where Kate says “I almost shot you” is not going to come back in some form or another. Will Kate shoot Jack later on the island, or in the flash sideways? Something to think about.

    * For a guy (or dead guy) who seems to be all free will about Hurley going back to the island, he’s not terribly free will-ish when it comes to getting Hurley and Jack to the Lighthouse. I’m thinking that part of what we’ll learn is that Jacob began this whole ‘game’ with MIB because he manipulated people to the island for his own benefit.

    Here’s the larger theory.
    The island is a sort of jailhouse that MIB has been locked (*cough*) away in, and Jacob is his keeper. MIB was trying to free himself by ridding himself of his jailer but he couldn’t kill him. It was thus set up for Jacob to always be there alone with MIB…but he couldn’t deal with the loneliness so he started to bring people to the island. Then he figured out that he could free himself by finding someone to take his place. So the candidates are brought to the island. But MIB finds his loophole to kill Jacob before a replacement can be found (or named). MIB is now trying to kill everyone on the island so there can be no one left to imprison him and he’ll finally be free. But where we’re heading, I believe, is that Jack is going to have to CHOOSE to stay on the island, to be the new Jacob, and ultimately save everyone.

    I also think that somehow UnLocke, if Ilana is right, is stuck with the corporeal form of Locke, though clearly he can still morph into Smokey, will be contained and we’ll have a final solution where Jack and Locke have become the new Jacob and MIB in the opening scene of The Incident.

    As an addendum to The Substitute which I watched again this evening I was struck by something that I wasn’t sure anyone else had commented upon. In the scene where Richard confronts Sawyer in the jungle they are curiously wearing similar coloured clothing. Is it possible that in the new Jack-Locke paradigm, Sawyer becomes the new Richard?

  45. Brendan says:

    I still think Smokey became Locke only after Ben strangled him. I don’t think they’d script what he said about Locke’s last thoughts just to throw us off.
    Also, it would make sense that Ben killed the real Locke and Jacob, as both acts seemed to benefit Smokey.
    I wonder if Smokey is stuck as Locke a couple ways:
    – it seems he can’t change to any other human form
    – possibly his ability to change into the Smoke Monster form is limited by taking Locke’s form, which would help explain why he chased the blond boy on foot.

  46. Kait says:

    The off island storyline reminded me of those “One to grow on” PSA’s. I expected Jack to turn to the camera after talking to David at the end and say: “parents, remember to talk to your kids…and that’s one to grow on!” Uggg. So cheesy.

  47. Carol from Boston says:

    Anybody else catch the “Candidates” sign at David’s tryout. I had to smile at that.

    Also the bike theme is back, remember the bike from the dharma video, the picture in Aaron’s room, etc. Jack had a mountain bike, an exercise bike and David took a bike to the try out.

    Also worth noting – in the flash sideways we are finally seeing “Daddy” issues being worked out, Locke is friends with his Dad now and Jack worked out things with his son, breaking the “bad” dad cycle that he got from his dad. Plus Kate isn’t being accused of murder for her Dad but somebody lese.

  48. Brendan says:

    In the substitute, Ilana took some of Jacob’s ashes. Since a ring of ashes stop Smokey, maybe Jacob has “died” many times before.

  49. Tara from Long Island says:

    Some other numbers:

    14 – Pryce (Ryan, who was an other)
    17 – Barnes again
    115 – Bargas
    121 – Nielson
    122 – Freedman?

  50. Just an addition.

    Lighthouse is LOST’s 108th episode! …

    hmmm..I wonder of thats what they were trying to tell us! …

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