Next: “What Kate Does” (Episode 6-03)

Josh Holloway, you broke our hearts. Bravo. We had lowered expectations for this presumed “Kate episode,” and on most related points, we were right for having them. But for all the complaints we could readily recite from the cliché of Kate going after Sawyer actually being remarked upon to a largely flat and somewhat surreal off-island destraction — we did not hate “What Kate Does.” We both actually liked it.

And for Jen to say this about an episode with Kate’s name in the title, frankly, is no small feat for “LOST.”

On the character front, Sawyer’s crushing confession hit hard. We remarked last week that Josh Holloway’s descent into nihilism was a powerful turn, and our love for his talent only grew this week. Even saddled with on-the-nose lines like, “Do what you want with him, or anybody else,” he made us believe that this nearly redeemed man now had absolutely nothing to lose. And Dogen? Not since the introduction of creepy Benjamin Linus in Season Two have we been so confused yet simultaneously charmed by a new character. He’s mysterious and brooding, yet wry and funny… in a dignified way.

Jen thought Dogen’s pill presentation was very “Matrix.” And pointed out that Dogen’s leadership strategy, using a translator to add some distance between him and the people he leads, is something that Ben probably should have considered.

It’s a shame to think that this leader has to work with knuckleheads like Justin and (the now late) Aldo. But their two line debate over whether Jin is “one of them” or not was telling. The way Dogen was clearly concerned with Sawyer’s safe return, along with the recitation of names that Dogen called for when our losties were first brought to the temple, it’s obvious there’s something special about these specific people. Our people.

And on the mythology front, the reappearance of Claire before the final thud wasn’t even the most interesting clue. It was the diagnosis of poor Sayid, who’s not a zombie, but will possibly become one in due time. He, like Claire, has been “claimed,” and a darkness is growing within him. It seems that Claire is already lost to the dark side of the force, and the question is, who else has been so infected? The late Christian Shephard seems a good guess. These would be the agents of the Man In Black.

Claire did seem to be channeling a bit of Danielle Rousseau in her half second on screen, and she’s obviously been setting Rousseau-like traps. Also, the way Justin (or Aldo?) said Rosseau had been dead for a while seemed to suggest that perhaps our crazy Frenchwoman had a share of darkness within her as well. On the other hand, out of everyone on the island, she seemed most wary of “the sickness,” and the similarity between Sayid’s torture test and Rosseau’s car battery interrogation in Season 1 is obvious. I’m going to say Rosseau managed to steer clear of infection, just not of bullets.

One thing that stood out this week? Our friends at the temple seem to be big on free will and choice. After more than one physical scuffle with Jack, the burly guards obediently step aside when he finally decides he wants to talk to Dogen. And Dogen said Sayid had to take the pill — the poison pill — willingly. Indeed, the way Dogen asks Sawyer to stay, coupled with the way Hurley was told the alarm wasn’t to keep them locked in, suggests that our losties aren’t entirely the prisoners they think they are.

And what of the off-island storyline? There’s no doubt Kate had several moments of deja vu, from spotting Jack at the airport, to pulling the stuffed orca out of Claire’s backpack (the same whale that Aaron clutched in “Something Nice Back Home”), to hearing Aaron’s name. A name that even surprised Claire. So we get that there are links between the world where Oceanic 815 crashed and the world where it didn’t. But honestly it still seems like a distraction, a writers’ flight of “what if” fancy, particularly when the story we all thought we were following is still unfolding on the island. Sure, it was awesome to see Ethan again (talking about needles, no less), but we didn’t even see Unlocke, Alpert, Ben and friends this week. I can only hope to be wonderfully surprised with a big payoff further down the line.

  • The zombie conversation was hilarious. But Miles topped it with, “We’ll be in the food court if you need us.”
  • Dogen’s dry answers to Jack were great. “What’s that?” “A baseball.” “What’s this?” “Tea.” Reminiscent of Alpert’s explanation of a compass to Locke: “It points north, John.”
  • Doc Arzt pulls the “Taxi Driver” “Midnight Cowboy” line, “I’m walkin’ here!” Just like Sawyer did when Christian hits him with the car door in “Two for the Road.”
  • In contrast, Kate had some real clunkers. Her astonished lines with Sawyer in the temple as they looked at Sayid were, it seemed, practically a re-run of the same astonished conversation in the same dark corner as last week.
  • So is this the end of the Kate-Sawyer side of the love triangle? I hope so. I’m not sure if I can take another go ’round. There definitely seemed to be some heat on the Kate-Jack side. I don’t care who Kate chooses. I just want her to choose and be done with it.
  • It’s great to see Jin speaking English. And his desperate search for Sun is understandable. But they’ve been kept apart so long, I’m starting to forgetting the chemistry they had, and I’m afraid their reunification will be less Rose and Bernard and more “Waaalt!”
  • Locations: Honolulu International Airport (LAX), Koapaka Street (where Kate left, then came back for, Claire), Hawaii Medical Center West (where Kate took Claire) and a home in Kahala (Claire’s would-be adoptive parents’ home).

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  1. Camille says:

    I didn’t love this episode, but I love LOST so I bared with it. I don’t understand the writers; they put so much effort into crafting a story and then leave so many gaping holes when it comes to Kate’s issues with the law. I mean, how did her cab not get hailed down after hours of her driving in it? Why didn’t the cop check the area she was hiding in in Claire’s hospital room? What makes Kate thinking she can just waltz out of the hospital? Bogus, bogus.


    On another note, everywhere around the net I am reading people seem to be pretty much taking the temple people at their word about “the infection” and how it makes people’s hearts “dark”, but I am not entirely convinced.

    I am still wondering many things:
    1) Did Montand and the French team make it all the way to the temple or just underneath it?
    2) What was Smokey doing down there at the time? Was he really guarding it back then? Who was inside to be guarded?
    3) Why did Jacob live in the shadow of the statue instead of vaulted above all others inside the temple?

    The producers say this is a simple story of good and evil, but I don’t believe them just yet…

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen, good to have Lost and you guys back. I just had one cooment as there have been such great things said ready. How is it that Dogen didn’t know our Losties last week, Cindy had to explain they were on the first plane…to this week he knew everything about them including Jack had a sister? It was only a few hours so where did the intel come from?

  3. Camille says:

    I also wanted to just point out that the guy who played the mechanic who helped Kate is Jeff Kober, who starred in the Lou Diamond Phillips thriller The First Power. In the film, Kober’s character plays an emotionally troubled man born of an incestuous relationship who becomes a sadistic Satanist serial killer. After execution for his crimes (and perhaps as a gift from Satan), the killer gains the power of resurrection as well as the ability to disappear, reappear, and possess the bodies of others. Sounds a bit like MIB/Flocke/Smokey, eh?

    The movie scared the living daylights out of me as a 10 year old and burned Kober’s freaky face (and even freakier laugh) into my brain forever. I hope this actor gets more than a flash in this season. He’s really good.

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    @Camille- I remember him from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he has been in a lot of tv shows.

  5. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    While I love (love, love) Rob McElhenney him being on tonight’s ep was a bit distracting for me. Kinda like too Love Boat’ish. Hopefully there won’t be too many more celebrity lost fans popping up as characters this season.

  6. Kishy says:

    kate sucks. claire was interesting, sawyer was interesting, sayid was interesting, dogen was interesting, jack was interesting AND likeable, kate was still BORING and never likeable. the worst written character in the history of the show. hope this was the last kate-centric episode.

  7. bill says:

    the movie quote in the write up is attributed to the wrong movie. The “I am walking over here!” line was spoken by ratso rizzo from “midnight cowboy”

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    Juliet was also branded, as a punishment for killing someone. What is it supposed to mean?

    @shanny – who is Rob MElhenney? Who did he play?

  9. Jesse says:

    Ok, wow….
    REMIND ME NEVER TO GO A DAY LATE TO THIS FEEDBACK… Took me 30 minutes to read through all of that…

    Needless to say:

    @Knives: I 100% agree with the frustration, but having myself called how silly this episode was going to be back in post 2 of this feedback, I can safely say i didn’t have high expectations.

    @Kate and Claire off island: Really? REALLY?! Kate who is a lone wolf who is running from the cops (which by the way, what does it say about the LAPD that they can’t track a stolen taxi until they stumble upon it at a hospital) takes the time to go back and help Claire. I know we’re supposed to be like “aaaw look at the alt reality and how even then they are like island friends”…. BUT REALLY?!?!? There could have been so much done to make off island alt kate into an entirely different only out for me character. But the best moment of silly writing was Kate and the mechanic.
    Kate: I need these hand cuffs off and you’re gonna do it..

    Mechanic: Nah, I’ve got the upper hand cause I know more stuff than you

    Kate: Well then I need you to help me get them off, I’ll do whatever you want

    Mechanic: *dirty look on his face*

    AND RIGHT THERE I THOUGHT “wow… lost is about to go super edgy and Kate is going to use her sex to get what she wants just like how she sleeps with Jack and Sawyer in “using” them. BUUUUUUUUUUUUT…

    Kate: Here’s 200 dollars!

    Mechanic: AWESOME!


    Only two things redeemable about this plotline was the look at Jack when she seemed to recognize him and when Ethan showed up.
    Other than that, it was entirely forgetable. I love Evangeline. And I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eatting crackers 😛 But… man, she has landed herself one of the most poorly written characters in the series.

    @The Temple stuff:
    Ok, this was interesting. Not too like “OMG OMG OMG!!” but, interesting.
    I will say i was entirely shocked to find in season 6 we are going back to the sickness from the beginning of the show. I can honestly say I never expected a revisit to it.
    As for “he’s been claimed”. I can see how this is where the battle lines are being drawn. Sayid will join MIB in the final battle…or will at least show us what happens while you have the sickness then be killed off.
    Winner of the stolen scene award goes to Miles with “we’ll be at the food court”

    @The Others:
    Why is it one group of others uses pills to “kill the sickness” while another group is using shots ot prevent it? Was it too late to do that with sayid?
    I still don’t understand the hierarchy of the others. Hopefully we’ll see something about it in the future.

    @The Jin, Kate, 2 random guys
    Ok, even though they were annoying I LOVED the two talkative others. They reminded me of all the adventure movies that have those two bumbling characters that give away way too much.
    As for Kate following Sawyer, I think it’s been said 10000 times. NOT AGAIN 🙁
    and Poor Jin, he has had some rotten luck when it comes to finding people he doesn’t need to find.

    @Island Claire:
    Ok, I’m not too much concerned with how or why..
    my concern is.. they said she was claimed like Rousseau…. BUT… I don’t remember Danielle being evil or claimed or anything. In fact I thought her people were…

    unless her people were the good ones and she was the bad one and they tried to kill her and she killed them instead. I guess I don’t understand the sides in war.

    @Final thoughts going into the future:

    1. If we have a final epic battle… why do I think Kate and Claire will fight. I can just see it happening. Claire will be all “you’ll never raise mah babey!” and Kate will be all “I just wanted to find you!” and Claire will go “LIAR!” then they’ll have a misguided fight scene in the rain in the jungle with lightning and thunder and all that.

    2. I am 100% convinced that Sawyer will join Locke. 1. cause of their connection to Locke’s dad. 2. Sawyer’s sadness and hatred. 3. Sawyer has nothing else to live for and Locke will gladly convince him otherwise.

  10. Mattfromnd says:

    Bill Says:
    February 10th, 2010 at 3:58 am

    One of the Others guards with Kate and Jin said, “remember me, you hit me with the butt of a gun and escaped from prison 3-years ago.” What was that about? That actor looked familiar. More mind f.


    that was Aldo, back in season 3, Alex helped Kate and Sawyer escape and in return they helped rescue Karl from room 23,which was being guarded by Aldo.

  11. Rusty says:

    This episode wasn’t great, but it was neccesary. The connection between Kate/Claire/Aaron in the original timeline always seemed forced, as was Kate’s supposed reason for returning to the island (to “find Claire”). Still, that relationship was the natural way to reintroduce Claire to the on-island story. In many ways, the purpose of this episode was simply to bring Claire back into the story.

    Disappointed not to see anything about Smocke, Ben, etc. Likewise, not much from Hurley and Miles.

    It will be interesting to see if all of our original Losties end up being “claimed” by the two opposing forces of Jacob & MIB.

  12. Jacques says:

    I’ve been a reader and listener for the first time. Thought i’d throw my 2 cents in

    I am so sick of Kate. I don’t know if they are purposely trying to make Kate get under skin, but she is under mine. I really hope Sawyer’s statement is designed to make her “go away” because she needs to. I know there are many shippers and kate lovers out there but surely you can see enough is enough

    Seeing Claire as the “nouveau Rousseau” was nice. I liked it. I wonder if she was as odd as Danielle was. I look forward to seeing how that turns out.

    Ethan Goodspeed was awesome lol I laughed so hard lol. I love the way they are sneaking little cameos in like that. Its fun.

  13. Seid from NY says:

    I have crackpot theory. I’m curious about what others think. What if Dogan is lying about why he needs a translator. Could it be that the real reason is to protect the real leader- Lennon.The inverted hierarchy enables Lennon to be in position of control without having the danger associated with a leadership position.

  14. Dave WR says:

    Phew okay here we go.

    I’d say the Sawyer showing his torn apart innards through Josh’s acting made this episode worth watching alone. I like that he didn’t go off to beat up someone but he just wanted to retrieve his would be engagement ring.

    That said Kate is still the new Michael in terms of annoying in my eyes. When was the last time she did anything remotely interesting or even had a character building moment?! Also did anyone notice how much more cruel she was as sideways-Kate? Does this tie into how sideways-Locke seemed out of character and at peace? Why would Claire trust her after what she did to her?

    Really liked seeing Dogen’s softer side when he isn’t trying to be tough. (To obviously show off to his people as an act). And right when I thought Jack was reverting back to non-action-crybaby mode he finally did something bold! Go Jack! I’ve been waiting for an entire season to see how his character would evolve and I’m really hoping this season he finds the middle ground between S1 (Run-n-gun) and S5 (Mopey, indifferent) Jack.

    Overall good, not great, episode. I am glad that the pacing might slow down enough for more Sawyeresque scenes like we got today.

  15. lucydog says:

    I went to bed last night giving the episode a “meh” grade of B, but awoke to raising the grade to a B+. I actually really liked it after mulling it over.

    One thought I had immediately is that I cannot imagine the writers will continue a Jack-Sawyer-Kate triangle any more. That ship has sailed, at least based on Josh’s performance of a tortured man who lost the woman he loved, and Kate’s slow realization that Sawyer loved Juliette. (Until that moment on the docks, I think Kate was in denial about that.)

    One thing that I hated was that I think at least at one point last season, Kate should have asked someone in Dharmaville—“Hey, has anyone seen Claire.” Or, perhaps when Kate said this to Sawyer on the docks that she came back for Claire he should have been like, “Claire? We haven’t seen her in three years. She’s probably dead.” That is just a transitional problem I have—and for all we know they probably filmed some lines like that but had to edit them down.

    My other thought is that while the 2004 life seems more secondary to the action, I think at some point it is going to be flipped—and that the 2004 Losties are going to be the push in this season. So far, everyone’s issues in 2004 are not what they were in season 1. Boone didn’t have Shannon issues, Hurley is now lucky, Locke isn’t a loser, Kate may be innocent. (Maybe Sayid isn’t a torturer and Sawyer came to terms with the man who killed his parents) So that said, maybe Jacob gave them a second chance in that timeline.

    So, overall, good episode. One worthy of watching again. Josh was amazing and his box of pain broke my heart. (That must have been his mother’s wedding ring?) I can only hope that in 2004 he gets a chance at Juliette—but I think the only payback would be is if HE KNOWS it’s a second chance and “It worked.”

  16. Aloha Oe's Niece says:

    Ok, I have a question about the Others and their relationship with the Temple Others. Were they always just one big group that worked together but lived separately? In 1992, when Ben gassed the Dharma folks, the group of people that he brought to live in New Othertown, were these folks from the Temple? If so, why did some of them stay (barefoot) at the temple, and some of them move into the houses, wear shoes, and meet for bookclub?
    They must have been the same group, right? Because when Sawyer and Kate were in bear cages, Cindy and the kids stopped by to say hi, and now we see Cindy at the Temple. Similarly, Aldo from the Temple guarded Kate’s cage. So, does that mean the whole time that the Others were living with Ben, some of them were also living in the Temple? And they all got along just fine? But I thought Ben was the leader of the Others, so was he also Dogen’s leader? Because Dogen doesn’t seem like he would take orders from Ben. Ever.
    I also agree with Jon that if they all know that Jacob has brought everyone to the island (like Dogen said), why would they all be so excited to kill each other (like Dogen was about too before Hurley gave him the guitar case)?
    On a totally different note, back off island I was thinking that perhaps the LAPD wasn’t looking for the stolen cab because the Marshall wants to bring Kate in himself. Doesn’t he seem like more of a bounty hunter than a cop? So, perhaps he didn’t report the cab stolen, so that he could track her down, not the cops. Or, since we know he’s not a very competent Marshall, maybe he just didn’t remember the license plate number. The driver could have reported it, but he fled the cab much later than they all left the airport, so maybe there just wasn’t time.

  17. Carol from Boston says:

    Here is my latest theory, (which I just thought and posted on yublog)

    Eventually all the main characters in the flash sideways will remember everything and seek each other out. As the characters “remember” the island. The changes in their life and characters in the flash sideways will flash to their present selves on the island. These changes in their character will be the difference they need to win the battle on the island. Example – Hugo being lucky and confident, Jack – having more faith, etc.

  18. Rich in Cleveland says:

    First, I feel like Kate’s the one that has been brought back from the dead. Great episode.

    The introspective scene shared by Kate and Sawyer on the docks instantly became a highlight of the season so far. Sawyer looks unflinchingly at his past actions. He authored Juliet’s fate from that first parallel moment when he used his gift of charm to persuade her to stay. Kate winces at his every word because she finally seems to know her mind and longs for the clean slate she asked for from James so long ago. When Sawyer finally pitches the ring into the drink (unlike the parallel of regretful Desmond), you can tell this is one door closing forever. Holloway gets the Emmy this year.

    Sawyer’s reaction to these harsh realizations is to drift toward nihilism and make himself a good candidate for the dark side. When Sawyer exits the gate of the temple and goes into the wilderness, he goes into a black background. He has obviously come to the conclusion that Anthony Cooper was right and that the island is hell. He talks about being imprisoned on this rock. Then, in a more karmic version, he says Sayid is consigned to another “go round” because of his failings.

    Dogen says Sayid is infected. He offers as proof the fact that this already happened to Claire. We see Claire in the identical condition as Rousseau. Rousseau claimed it was not herself, but her other team members that became infected. So, is it all just a matter of perspective? If you serve one master, are the servants of the other by definition ill? Or did Rousseau die and get claimed in an unseen back story?

    So, the 815 survivors are special, even vital in some way as the others now protect them like the holy grail. But they are special collectively probably for some heroic task they will need to accomplish for life to go on and not perish in darkness. This gives new meaning to “Live together, die alone.” It’s not just a hollow slogan, it’s a necessary condition for this future event to occur. It’s also why the dark man wants to kill as many of them as possible according to Alpert. The necessity of togetherness has been hinted at in other ways as well such as “Everything that rises must converge.” “It must be all of them.”

    Has anyone noticed that whoever is in possession of the famous luger pistol seems to get drilled? Mr. Friendly had it first. Faraday removed it from the gun cabinet and threatened Eloise with it. Now Aldo takes one for the team. It’s an iconic prop, but I haven’t seen too much talk of where it came from or what it may mean.

    I’m sure it’s all been said by now, but Dogen has been a fantastic addition especially since Ben has lost his way. And this episode was hilarious. Aldo and Justin were killing me. Perhaps this comic relief is also meant to inform us that the others are far from superhuman.

    Defend the island.

  19. Ron St.Amant says:

    In case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, the Artz line “I’m walkin’ here” is from Urban Cowboy (uttered by Dustin Hoffman) not Taxi Driver.

    The episode itself was fine, but a bit of a step back after “LA X”, which I think it to be expected somewhat.

    I think where we are heading with these two timelines is for a convergence somewhere down the line. I believe the timeline on the island is starting to “bleed over” (in Jack’s case in “LA X”, quite literally bleeding over) into the LA timeline.
    It might be similar to the effect on Desmond when Farraday talks to him at the Swan Hatch during the island flashing about in Season 5. The LA timeline characters may begin to have distinct memories intrude upon their lives, blurring the timelines. We have small touches of this thus far, but I predict they will become more frequent and more powerful as the season progresses. It brings to mind, in a way, Stephen King’s The Langoliers in which the group that survives in a ‘lost time’ period realize the world they inhabit is about to be consumed because it is not supposed to exist. I posit that where we are heading is for the island Losties to reunite with Sun and Lapidus, and for Frank to fly them from the island as it is about to be destroyed. Indeed in The Langoliers, as the group flies away from the airport, they see the world they left behind disappear, must the same way the island seemed to vanish when Ben moved the island, or, perhaps, the way the island appears at the bottom of the ocean in LA X.
    It is also interesting to note that the survivors of The Langoliers experience a white flash that brings them back to their proper time where they retain their experiences of the lost period.

  20. Mattfromnd says:

    As much as I hate Kate, someone else annoyed me even more than she ever has. That would be Dogen, he just seems like a giant tool and I hope they kill him off soon.

  21. lucydog says:

    i really doubt the writers are going to go the route of the Langoliers—I think they will want it to be their own original creation.

  22. Jesse says:

    @mattfromnd i have no doubt that when Flocke comes rampaging through the temple the first to go will be Dogen.

  23. Astro1derboy says:

    Just had a thought; I wonder if Locke’s comments several season’s back “I’ve looked into the eyes of the island…” have anything to do with the fact that maybe he was already being transformed somehow then? Perhaps he’d been taken by Smokie then, or closely examined and found worthy to be inhabited later (more recently). I don’t have the answer but that question just popped into my mind.

  24. Ron St.Amant says:

    Urban Cowboy? Where was my head… MIDNIGHT Cowboy…sheesh, perhaps that was a sideways flash where Dustin Hoffman is really John Travolta….I don’t know…

    @lucydog- I’m not suggesting the end of Lost will be the same as The Langoliers…I’m only saying that, as with other pieces of lit/pop lit that the producers and writers point us too, that the story of The Langoliers helps inform us as to perhaps how they view ‘time’ and multiple timelines.

  25. Amy says:

    Good episode. Great Kate & Sawyer scenes. I think Kate was suffering from crushed ego more than feeling bad about Juliet. Was the mechanic who helped Kate from another episode? I can’t remember (I know he was on China Beach years ago..) Good Ethan was very interesting, did not see that coming. Claire is definitely representing Rousseu, missing child, setting traps. Look forward to other’s comments.

  26. Melonpool says:

    One of the biggest reveals (I think anyway) is that Kate, Jack, Hurley, Jin, Miles, Sayid and Sawyer did not jump universes after the end of the Season 5 finale. So — the “flash sideways” is not the “what if” of what happened if an H-Bomb went off on the island. How do I know?

    If they had jumped universes, Sawyer would not have found the ring he got for Juliet in his old Dharma bungalow. Because that timeline would have ended in the destruction of the island.

  27. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @Sandy in Ojai
    I’m still not convinced Claire was referring to Aaron when she told Kate “Don’t you dare bring him back.” In the light of intervening events, I think she may have been talking about Ben.

    @L Reene
    He’s still Sayid in my opinion. The infection hasn’t reached the “heart of darkness” stage yet.

    @Chris in Durham @ Mindstage
    Fair enough.

    @Chris @ Annie
    The line about Rousseau puzzled me as well. I believe what this means is that Rousseau “died” from the moment the dark side claimed her, back before she even shot Robert.

    @Connie in Oregon @ Knives
    Yeah. One minute the others say everyone will be in a world of hurt if Sayid dies and the next they’re trying to feed him a poison pill. Perhaps they don’t comprehend that Jacob foresaw this in his woven tapestry of fate and needed Sayid to be just as he is.

    Are we certain that Jack had nothing to do with reviving Sayid? He laid hands upon him and working medical miracles is his thing.

    Yann. Are you in the looking glass under strict orders to maintain radio silence?

  28. Ryan says:

    Patrick from Maine, Bill, bill, and Ron St. Amant: Yes, “Midnight Cowboy.” Same actor, wrong movie. Thanks!

  29. Bill says:

    Kate was with Claire in the jungle when she gave birth the first time. Same parallel in the X story.

    OK, I remember the guard now from the Karl brainwashing episode. But did he mean to say Kate hit him in the head 3 years ago or 3 seasons ago?

    Expect some weaker episodes this season as they put most of their budget and production efforts into the big payoffs (hopefully).

  30. Kira says:

    When smokey ripped off the French guys arm, it was from in that crevice in the temple, I’m assuming that is the “home” that he wants to return to. Or the temple is the gate way home..

    Same thoughts about the taxi thing, WAAAYYY too easy to identify (probably like 40 seconds total before you’re busted!)..

    The airline said Christian’s casket was never put on the plane, so for it to disappear mid-flight seems strange. Maybe someone took it out of cargo and sent it ahead to the island..
    And did Desmond just appear on the flight for the few minutes the plane flew over the island?

    Also, love Sayid, but his crying ‘They tortured me, why did they torture me?’ was silly. We’ve seen him kill people with both hands tied behind his back, semi-conscious. Plus, he already assumed he was going to hell, essentially for all his misdeeds, so torture seems apropos..hmm..

  31. Beth in Sacramento says:

    This episode was incredibly disappointing and pretty obnoxious to me. I hope next week’s FLocke focus will being me back.

    Kate – what part of “don’t follow me” do you not understand? After hating Kate for a while but never really being able to pinpoint why, I finally realized it. She is completely selfish. Going to rescue her friends who told her not to might seem altruistic, but in fact all she’s doing is what makes her feel better. See also: killing the man her mother loved. See also: taking a child that never belonged to her. See also: running from the law, despite breaking it repeatedly. Kate is the type of jerk who will keep you on life support despite your DNR order. Screw Kate, I am done with her.

    Speaking of things I am done with: the Others. Hey Others, you used to be mysterious, wily, and clever. See: Ben, Tom, Ethan, Juliet, and Mrs. Klugh. Now you just look like one-dimensional thugs. It’s hard to believe you were once referred to as ‘enlightened”; the only thing you seem capable of is yelling at people and shoving them around if they don’t do what you say. How about using your WORDS a little more? Maybe if you explained to your prisoners WTF is going on, they might be more compliant.

    Also getting my panties in a twist this episode: Aldo. Not because of his character, but because of the fact that the writers had to insult our intelligence by clunkily pointing him out. I’m surprised he just didn’t stop in the middle of the jungle and announce “HEY, DO YOU REMEMBER ME? I’M TV’S ROB MCELHENNY! I WUZ IN SEASON 3, FROM THE EPISODE CALLED “NOT IN PORTLAND” REMEMBER? REMEMBER?!?”

    Oh wait…that’s pretty much what he did. Not cool, writers. Not cool.

    Many tiny things also yanking my crank…
    – Dogan, who conveniently switches to English when he wants to be superdramatic. I am guessing they’ll drop the whole Japanese-in-front-of-the-subordinates plotline as quickly as they started it. Also, just because he is Japanese, that doesn’t mean he needs to be seen drinking tea and trimming bonsai trees. I’m surprised that he doesn’t have a geisha in the corner playing a shamisen.

    – the poison pill. Something isn’t sitting right with me on this. I assume we are supposed to make the connection between the green pill and the fancy-pants injections that Desmond and Claire were given…but why a crude little pill? Shouldn’t you have a supply of injectables somewhere in the temple?

    – the Justin / Aldo conversation was irritating and cringeworthy.
    Justin: hey, maybe it’s the…
    Aldo: HEY SHUT UP
    Justin: Do you think that she…
    Aldo: WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!?
    Justin: OMG the answer to everything is…
    Aldo: HEY MAN, SHUT IT
    Justin: It’s peanutbutterjellyti…

    Argh, this ep drove me to near madness. I love Lost, but man…this episode…not the finest.

  32. Camille in Slovenia says:

    @Beth in Sacto – LOL about Dogen. It’s strange. After having such modern and interesting Asian male characters in Jin and Miles, what a let down to have such a tacky stereotypical Asian male in Dogen. Though he isnt hard on my eyes….

    Also wondering HOW MANY TIMES is Jin is going to be “miraculously reunited” with someone in the jungle? Honestly, if I hear someone else surprisedly exclaim “Jin!” again….God help us all.

  33. Steve B says:

    @Astro1derboy Says:
    February 10th, 2010 at 7:06 am

    That exact thought occurred to me at the end of the season premiere. I think we’ll find that Locke hasn’t been the original Locke for a very long time.

  34. Beth in Sacramento says:

    @Camille in Slovenia

    True, dat. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous man.

  35. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @Beth in Sacramento
    I definitely enjoyed the passion of your rant, though I can’t agree with most of it. For instance, what’s wrong with bonsai and zen composure? I ony wish I could be as cool as Dogen.

  36. Justin in Wichita Falls TX says:

    I unfortunately didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I should have (if that makes any sense) seeing as how I loved the reveals (Claire, the sickness being brought back) but I just can’t love Kate centric episodes. She’s become so predictable. Kate run, Kate feel bad, Kate try to help, Kate run again. For the most part, all of her stories never surprise me anymore and it bores me most of the time. Although, the on island issues with Dogen and Jack (and Rob McElhenny of course) kept me interested. Josh Holloway again shows us another part of his acting repetoir, crying. I don’t think we’ve seen Sawyer have an open cry while in conversation with anyone before and his red, swelling eyes just sold it. Claire returning did remind me of Rousseau which brings me to another question: Was Rousseau sick? or, is there a chance she is living through Claire much like Unlocke? Just a few ideas.

  37. Briand says:

    I’m confused as to the difference between a “claimed” person (a la Clair , Sayid, maybe the French team) and a MIB manifestation of a dead person (a la Christian, Locke, Mr. Echo’s brother, Ben’s daughter). I don’t think they are the same thing. Clearly Locke isn’t “claimed” because his body and the MIB’s manifestation of Locke were side by each on the beach.

    My theory is that the MIB is a demon or fallen angel of some sort that can possess people. He’s obviously stuck on the island. I think he wants to go home to the greater world, where he can wreak whatever havoc he can do. Side idea to this: I’ll bet in the LAX universe he’s escaped since the island is under water and already causing trouble in the greater world. I’m thinking that the REAL parallel story line is one the island, and that our heros in the LAX universe are eventually recruited to save that universe by going BACK to the island with the plane crash.

    Isn’t this fun?

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    @Beth – “use your words” Hilarious, and I totally agree.

    @Kira- I think Sayid thinks of torture as a way to get information and they didn’t ask him anything, they just hurt him for no good reason in Sayid’s mind. Plus Jack, you are right in not trusting them because how many times did Lennon say “we are going to hurt him” and they did. Dogen is like Ben, never assume anything he says is true.

    I thought it was a bit amusing that Dogan’s room in the temple is set up like an office, with a desk, knicknacks, typewriter, fake mantle, book cases etc. Fake locke would disapprove, he would say Dogan is “corporate” like Ben.

  39. Camille in Slovenia says:

    @Briand – Whatever is going on I am fairly confident MIL/Flocke/Smocke is NOT possessing people since he is NOT inside Locke’s body. Rather he has taken Locke’s form. I reckon he did the same with Yemi and Alex told, as for Christian I am still not sure…

    Considering that we know that Flocke can take on other peoples’ forms I am curious whether the Claire we saw in the cabin with Christian was really Claire or if it was a projection by Flocke…

    I do agree that I think the story lines will connect with our Losties somehow returning to the island.

  40. Coolpeace says:

    I am a little dismayed by the Kate hate; it seems so predictable, even before the episode airs many are bracing for a let down. A little objectivity would be welcomed.

    I rated this episode as great, in fact the more I think about it the more I love it. Of course this episode felt less productive, it was only one hour, last week was two hours, for course more happened. Nevertheless, this week we got some truly excellent character development, both on and off island. A call back to season one.

    Right off the bat, we are given clues in the flashsideways that there are definite differences in that timeline. In ‘What Kates does’ sideways Kate does something that Island Kate never did : she stopped running. She goes back for Claire. This is something that island Kate has not done, not for her childhood friend, Tom, who lay dying; not for Kevin, whom she thought she loved. This is a significant change the writers want us to notice – that there is a ‘pull’ and a ‘shift’ between these characters and timelines. Why are we so ready to accept that from John and Jack and not from Claire and Kate. Well, I for one, am in.

    Kate going after Sawyer led us to the fantastic scene on the dock. Great effort from Josh and Evie. Sawyer broke my heart when he finally accepts his share of the blame for Juliet dying. Kate’s reaction to Sawyer dismissing her on the dock – ‘if you leave now you can make it back by sunset’ – heart wrenching.

    By the way: Sawyer acknowledges that Kate keeps coming after him:

    KATE: I’m sorry for following you.
    SWAYER: Which time.

    Jack and Dogen’s scene with the pill, was great, it gave me hope for Jack. ‘I don’t trust myself’… the beginning of Jack’s redemption. It made me like Dogen. I want to see more of him. The reason given for the need of a translator, separation of the leader, is a lesson both Jack and Ben could have used in the past.

    Finally, the ‘claiming’ of the bodies by the darkness (I am still on the fence as to who is what) is perhaps why the Others/Hostiles wanted to have their dead returned to them – so they could protect them against being ‘claimed’. Remember Amy’s first husband Paul (a Hostile) killed during a picnic. After he died Richard made a deal to get his body back.

    Good catch on the sonogram’s date. This is either a continuity error or there is something to Cindy’s statement to Dogen telling him our Losties were on the FIRST plane. Maybe the sideways timeline is a second plane.

    Enjoy each episode – we will be mourning the lack of better TV after Lost has finished its run.

    More on Claire later… after a rewatch.

  41. SOKO says:

    WHO are the people that enjoy Kate and her antics?

    I do. As I said before during the re-watch, I missed the escapist Kate “Gingerbread Man” Austin. She is back in a huge way ! She was Locke’s tracking twin on the island and Sawyer’s con twin as well. Lost’s gun toting action chick on the run that may be slowed down but never held for long.

    I enjoy Kate and her antics.
    say something.

  42. Camille in Slovenia says:

    @Carol from Boston – Dogen’s office kind of reminded me of that place they went to (the Orchid?) at the end of season 4 where Ben went to turn the frozen donkey wheel. where is the Orchid in relation to the temple any way?

  43. Patty from snowy Virginia says:

    I enjoyed “What Kate Does,” and I am enjoying the flash sideways this season. The differences between the flashbacks and the flash sideways exist because because the actions of Losties in the past changed the influence that the island and its inhabitants had on our heroes’ future choices.

    For example, I’m predicting that the characters in the flash sideways world never received visits from Jacob.

    In “What Kate Does,” Kate claims she’s innocent. I believe her. I think that Jacob never allowed her to get away with stealing the lunch box, which prevented a conversation with her mother about right and wrong and led her to her life of crime.

    In future episodes, I believe that we’ll see that “flash-sideways Sawyer” was never visited by Jacob, never devoted his life to vengeance, and perhaps never even called himself “Sawyer.” (Note that Dogan calls him “Ford” in “What Kate Does.”)

    Taking this a step further, I believe that Jacob (or perhaps MIB) was the man with a rope around his waist who, according to Desmond, lead him to the monastery in “Catch 22.” I believe that this visit did not take place in the flash sideways world. Desmond married Ruth.

    All this said, I believe that the universe has a way of course correcting. As the island world eventually fuses with the flash sideways world somehow, we’ll see that the characters end up at basically the same place, regardless of the path they took.

  44. NuckinFuts says:

    In “What Kate Did” episode a few years ago we saw exactly what got her into the trouble w/ the law. I guess with the title of “What Kate Does” I am left wondering exactly what she did. What was it so extraordinary to deserve an episode? Was it that she helped a stranger in Claire and risked jail? Was it that she can let Sawyer go?

    I am much more interested in the ‘sickness’. The only clues we have are Danielle’s story, that Ben was taken in by the ‘Others’ & we were told would never be the same. It all reminds me of ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’.

    They seem to have been taking people and turning them. When Sayid lives and apparently did not pass his test they apparently tried to kill him….but if it was poison plain and simple then why would he have to be ‘willing’ to take it? It seems to me that taking poison would kill you if you wanted it to or not.

    All we really know is that the temple ‘Others’ are liars…shocker…& Danielle said they will lie for a very long time. I wonder if some people are more easily turned or convinced to join than the rest. This would explain why young children can be turned more easily and that Claire’s good influence needed to be part of Aaron’s life. I think our main losties and those that were never taken are too intelligent or something which makes them harder to turn…however I also think that if they are turned they would make the best possible ‘Others’. Even the fact that Ethan seemed so good on the X timeline makes me think that he was ‘sickened’ by the Others on island.

    I don’t know really…I’m just getting some of this out of my system…I trust time will tell ; I’m still not ready to take a ‘side’ but I’m leaning towards MIB / Smokey. But I also think that perhaps Jack & Co. will have to kill both sides to set things right. It will be fun to re-visit these conversations when all of this is over and see how crazy this all was. It seems that when you look back on the previous seasons on a re-watch that it all made a little more sense that it seemed at the time, huh?

  45. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I am addicted to this blog. Cool catches, amusing rants etc.

    I just wanted to point out that this is television, T E L E V I S I O N
    and to expect reasonable behavior from any character (eg Claire), or group (eg LAPD) is actually what is unreasonable.


  46. Carol from Boston says:

    Screenshot of Sawyer’s ring

    Does anyone have a screenshot of Desmond’s ring?

  47. greenberry says:

    Thank-you Coolpeace for a sensible, thoughtful post. I still stand by that Kate has the same proportion of malevolent and benevolent qualities as the other Losties, except for maybe Hurley who has a higher ratio “good” and selfless actions.

  48. Mirepoix in Mtl says:

    Great comments as always and Great posdcast Jen & Ryan
    Please!! Let us go without any more Kate episode
    One of the worst episode ever
    @ Chris
    Yes Everything about Kate is just so phoney Nothing is believable Just cant believe what she is doing and to any realism in the drama she is playing out in 2007

    On the acting
    Holloway 2 thumbs up
    Wait a minute! Has there ever been an episode where Sawyier hasnt nicknamed anyone?
    Miles My guess is that the actor may just be making up these hilarious remarks (the foodcourt and leading Hugo) as he goes… really great

    @Lucydog & Spalz
    Indeed there seems to be a diference in most of the characters on board the flight that lands in LAX … If they did land a month later Locke may very well have been in the outback But this means that all the characters seen on that plane did something different than their previous lives in the period preceding this Sidney-LA flight
    It means this group is venturing into a whole new story
    Will it onfold on A316 anyway?
    Will we encounter the to be adopter for Aaaron? (the one who broke up with the broken down lady in LA) Wouldnt it be amazing that it could be a known character? Speculations anyone??

    Maybe the only ones who can get déjà vu visions/feelings in 2004 LA are the ones who spent some time there after being rescued… (i.e. the O6 + Desmond and Lapidus)

    @Carol & Connie
    Amy and Ethan (and a lot of Dharmites) left in 1977 in the sub
    What if all those people are in LA in 2004 and involved with our new-improved 815ers?

    Maybe the freighter never came to the island in 2004 if there wasnt any crash

    Other questions
    Will Sawyer meet Christian in the abandoned Dharma town?
    Why would Jacob ask Ben to get his team to build a runway (landing strip) if the whole purpose of the O6 coming back was to execute MIB’s plan to kill Jacob?
    About the claimed. It seems they can be killed since Rousseau was by the mercenaries. Was Alex (as Rousseau’s newborn kid) claimed too?
    Have you noticed that the cured wound (Ben’s and Said’s) never seem to be in the same place that they originally were?

    Please Let us go back to the False Locke gang!!

  49. Betheaux says:

    @Carol from Boston…here’s a screen shot of the ring Desmond threw away. Her ring and the one meant for Juliet were different.

  50. paintergirl1 says:

    I am with Ryan. I didn’t want the writers to do some sort of reset on the timeline. Now that they are, however, I find myself enjoying it.

    I *don’t* like the de ja vu. (Kate’s long look at Jack. Claire saying Aaron’s name as if she knew it). I don’t mind that things are turning out to be similar in this parallel timeline. The concept of fate has always been important in this show. I just don’t understand the cognition they seem to have with their parallel selves. As much as I am a huge fan of the Dark Tower series, these connections make this other timeline have less validity, even though the producers tell us both timelines are equally valid.

    In terms of Claire’s sickness, I’m not certain she had to actually die to be infected. Even though she went through an explosion at the barracks, we certainly don’t see her disappear to the temple of a quick baptism. I’ve always wondered about a line from “Something Nice Back Home.” In it, Miles, Sawyer, and Claire are trekking with Aaron back to the beach after they leave Hurley, Ben, and Locke who are heading to Jacob’s cabin. Sawyer asks Claire how her head is. Her response:

    “It’s better. Bit of a headache, but at least I’m not seeing things anymore.”

    Next thing you know, Miles discovered Karl and Danielle’s body by hearing their voices. Is this a symptom of the sickness? Since Miles seemed to sense something amiss with Sayid in the temple, why didn’t he sense anything wrong with Claire? He did see her leave the campsite with a man she referred to as “dad.”

    Oh answers…. I want them now! Oh wait. That means the season and the series will be over. I want them later! 🙂

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