Next: “What Kate Does” (Episode 6-03)

Josh Holloway, you broke our hearts. Bravo. We had lowered expectations for this presumed “Kate episode,” and on most related points, we were right for having them. But for all the complaints we could readily recite from the cliché of Kate going after Sawyer actually being remarked upon to a largely flat and somewhat surreal off-island destraction — we did not hate “What Kate Does.” We both actually liked it.

And for Jen to say this about an episode with Kate’s name in the title, frankly, is no small feat for “LOST.”

On the character front, Sawyer’s crushing confession hit hard. We remarked last week that Josh Holloway’s descent into nihilism was a powerful turn, and our love for his talent only grew this week. Even saddled with on-the-nose lines like, “Do what you want with him, or anybody else,” he made us believe that this nearly redeemed man now had absolutely nothing to lose. And Dogen? Not since the introduction of creepy Benjamin Linus in Season Two have we been so confused yet simultaneously charmed by a new character. He’s mysterious and brooding, yet wry and funny… in a dignified way.

Jen thought Dogen’s pill presentation was very “Matrix.” And pointed out that Dogen’s leadership strategy, using a translator to add some distance between him and the people he leads, is something that Ben probably should have considered.

It’s a shame to think that this leader has to work with knuckleheads like Justin and (the now late) Aldo. But their two line debate over whether Jin is “one of them” or not was telling. The way Dogen was clearly concerned with Sawyer’s safe return, along with the recitation of names that Dogen called for when our losties were first brought to the temple, it’s obvious there’s something special about these specific people. Our people.

And on the mythology front, the reappearance of Claire before the final thud wasn’t even the most interesting clue. It was the diagnosis of poor Sayid, who’s not a zombie, but will possibly become one in due time. He, like Claire, has been “claimed,” and a darkness is growing within him. It seems that Claire is already lost to the dark side of the force, and the question is, who else has been so infected? The late Christian Shephard seems a good guess. These would be the agents of the Man In Black.

Claire did seem to be channeling a bit of Danielle Rousseau in her half second on screen, and she’s obviously been setting Rousseau-like traps. Also, the way Justin (or Aldo?) said Rosseau had been dead for a while seemed to suggest that perhaps our crazy Frenchwoman had a share of darkness within her as well. On the other hand, out of everyone on the island, she seemed most wary of “the sickness,” and the similarity between Sayid’s torture test and Rosseau’s car battery interrogation in Season 1 is obvious. I’m going to say Rosseau managed to steer clear of infection, just not of bullets.

One thing that stood out this week? Our friends at the temple seem to be big on free will and choice. After more than one physical scuffle with Jack, the burly guards obediently step aside when he finally decides he wants to talk to Dogen. And Dogen said Sayid had to take the pill — the poison pill — willingly. Indeed, the way Dogen asks Sawyer to stay, coupled with the way Hurley was told the alarm wasn’t to keep them locked in, suggests that our losties aren’t entirely the prisoners they think they are.

And what of the off-island storyline? There’s no doubt Kate had several moments of deja vu, from spotting Jack at the airport, to pulling the stuffed orca out of Claire’s backpack (the same whale that Aaron clutched in “Something Nice Back Home”), to hearing Aaron’s name. A name that even surprised Claire. So we get that there are links between the world where Oceanic 815 crashed and the world where it didn’t. But honestly it still seems like a distraction, a writers’ flight of “what if” fancy, particularly when the story we all thought we were following is still unfolding on the island. Sure, it was awesome to see Ethan again (talking about needles, no less), but we didn’t even see Unlocke, Alpert, Ben and friends this week. I can only hope to be wonderfully surprised with a big payoff further down the line.

  • The zombie conversation was hilarious. But Miles topped it with, “We’ll be in the food court if you need us.”
  • Dogen’s dry answers to Jack were great. “What’s that?” “A baseball.” “What’s this?” “Tea.” Reminiscent of Alpert’s explanation of a compass to Locke: “It points north, John.”
  • Doc Arzt pulls the “Taxi Driver” “Midnight Cowboy” line, “I’m walkin’ here!” Just like Sawyer did when Christian hits him with the car door in “Two for the Road.”
  • In contrast, Kate had some real clunkers. Her astonished lines with Sawyer in the temple as they looked at Sayid were, it seemed, practically a re-run of the same astonished conversation in the same dark corner as last week.
  • So is this the end of the Kate-Sawyer side of the love triangle? I hope so. I’m not sure if I can take another go ’round. There definitely seemed to be some heat on the Kate-Jack side. I don’t care who Kate chooses. I just want her to choose and be done with it.
  • It’s great to see Jin speaking English. And his desperate search for Sun is understandable. But they’ve been kept apart so long, I’m starting to forgetting the chemistry they had, and I’m afraid their reunification will be less Rose and Bernard and more “Waaalt!”
  • Locations: Honolulu International Airport (LAX), Koapaka Street (where Kate left, then came back for, Claire), Hawaii Medical Center West (where Kate took Claire) and a home in Kahala (Claire’s would-be adoptive parents’ home).

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  1. Matt Murdick says:

    Just coming off of it – I feel a little flat. Last week was such a huge JOLT – I guess anything would have fallen a little flat, but I didn’t expect that much of a difference. It seems a shame to me that probably the only Kate episode we’re going to get for the rest of the series showed zero real character growth. She does the right thing – but it still boils down to her doing one right thing because she’s running from another right thing to do. I touted for hours before this ep (and weeks ago) that somehow I hoped we’d all find a way to love Kate in the end. It seems much less likely now, unless her on island story REALLY goes somewhere.

    Seeing Claire was interesting – seeing Ethan GOODSPEED was interesting. Seeing Aldo was even interesting. Just about everything except for who the story was centric.

    One moment with Kate I did love was with Sawyer on the dock. I admit to putting my head down in emotion during that scene. Kudos to Josh and Evie (and of course Giacchino) on that one IMHO.

    Answers: I’m proud to say that I’ve been right all along (as I’m sure many have as well as me) that the illness we’ve been hearing about is a influence/infection – “claimed” seems to be directly related to MIB/Smokey – which is what I’ve been saying to folks for several seasons- and on our podcast from it’s beginning (S5).

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts Ryan and Jen this weekend!



  2. LReene says:

    @Pete from Rockford – Yeah, I was referring to “LA X Part 2”, sorry. I had just rewatched that before the new episode and I guess my mind was rolling through both eppys at the same time. And you are correct, the lostpedia link you included does explain it very well.


  3. PancakeDisco says:

    One thing I noticed about the last podcast- Talking about Desmond possible working for Widmore, wouldn’t Widmore be dead? He was on the Island in ’77. If the bomb sank (exploded?) the island in that timeline, then Widmore would’ve gone with it. That means no Penny either… I’m confused.

  4. Sandy in Ojai says:


    Rousseau was never claimed. And she died by gunshot by the people on the freighter. I think Claire looks allot like Rousseau because the black shirt guy wants her to look that way, alive (which she is not) and living in the jungle


  5. Matt Murdick says:

    One other quick note – with or without island influence – the X timeline seems to be proving to us that these lives are meant to intertwine – a destiny found – no matter what the circumstances. Very explicitly demonstrated in this ep (perhaps the biggest point of the whole episode) is how even the same circumstance brings certain people together. Ethan is the true marker in all of that!

    Thanks again,


  6. Pete from Rockford says:

    @Lyle — no problem. I had been researching Part 2 of “LA X” earlier today and recalled reading that, so I was pretty sure that was where you were coming from. It definitely flows better as one episode.

  7. Josh Fischer says:

    Great to see Ethan, a fellow Louisvillian, back in the show. My “Paradise Lost” theory is losing its connective tissue, while the “ancient civilization” tease Darlton once uttered seems to be more and more plausible with the mix of Egyption and Mayan architecture and symbology.

  8. Chris says:

    I’m a little surprised that nobody has mentioned the line about Rousseau being dead for years. Is it just that the Others thought she was dead or is this yet another alternate reality?

  9. PancakeDisco says:

    V is stealing LOST characters! I saw Bernard and Alex in addition to Juliet in a commercial.

  10. Pete from Rockford says:

    This may be premature, but Josh Holloway for the Drama Emmy!

  11. John Harvey says:

    Christian Shephards’ body was dropped off on the island anyway…fly by!

  12. Chris in Durham NC says:

    The complete lack of any kind of appropriate response from the people dealing with Kate off the island made this episode nearly unwatchable for me. Let’s recap:

    1. Kate puts a gun to the Taxi driver’s head and forces him to leave the airport against his will, while Claire watches in horror.

    2. Kate puts a gun to Claire’s head when she tried to get out, basically kidnapping her.

    3. Kate dumps Claire on the side of the road with no purse and no luggage, basically leaving her to die for all she knows.

    4. Kate convinces a mechanic (again at gunpoint) to take her handcuffs off, and he happily obliges, smiling and giggling like a moron, not at all concerned that she admits she is wanted for murder.

    5. Kate returns to Claire, gives her her stuff back, and Claire forgives her completely and accepts a ride (!!) to the foster parents, then asks Kate to accompany her inside (!!!). What the HELL?! Are we really supposed to believe them being BFF after Kate put a gun to her head and kidnapped her not an hour ago?? Claire holding Kate’s hand in the hospital and then giving her her credit card (!!!!)… I was just speechless.

    I don’t care what Darlton says, this HAS to be an alternate universe because NO ONE can suspend their belief enough to think that series of events is remotely possible in the real world! Just horrible, horrible writing. It’s almost as if no one watched the show before it went to air.

    Man, I am so frustrated. Based on my expectations and the fact that this is Season 6, this episode may well be the worst of the entire series.

  13. Emily from Boston says:

    It was interesting to see Kate look back somewhat mystified at Jack and light up when she heard Claire name her baby Aaron at the hospital. Like Kate and Jack, I have a feeling we’re going to continue to see other flash-sideways characters have similar deja vu moments in future episodes.

    Also, this is just a theory but maybe it’s only going to be the people who Jacob touched who will have deja vu moments because Jacob’s touch gave them the ability to recall some memories from previous timelines. Since a lot of fans don’t want a full “reset”, this could be a way to reset the timeline but still let the characters we know and love from S1-S5 (and maybe the on-island parts of S6) live on.

  14. Jane from IL says:

    So, wasn’t the ring Sawyer threw into the water when explaining to Kate that he was going to ask Juliet to marry him the same ring that Desmond was going to give Penny, but also threw into the water?

    The parallels of action that are attributed to different characters are really mounting up. Remember the big theme of twinning from earlier seasons – it’s back!

  15. Josh Holloway really showed something in the episode. He’s got great range, because I can love him one moment and hate him in a second later. Last night, I really felt his heart breaking. Forget Ben and Locke, get Sawyer an Emmy.

    I always thought that the Sawyer’s character never got a fair break in life. It the events at the BRIG for him to puke up all the things that were foul in his life was really symbolic to me. Once he got revenge on the real Sawyer, James Ford was now ready to move forward as a decent human being. Juliet was there to find a solid person in James. Now, the little boy that was robbed in the worst way, suffers another loss. Very sad.

  16. Jonine from Az says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen!

    Thank you for an unforgettable one of kind weekend!

    Just a few thoughts on this weeks episode! This episode made me realize that I think I was expecting too much too soon from this season! Not that it wasn’t a good episode, but the story seemed to move at a slower pace than the premiere!! I know it was a chance for us to “get to know” Doogan and Lennon, but even their character arcs seemed a little off. I guess time and patience will tell!

    Seeing Aldo be the comic relief for this episode was awesome!

    The scene at the dock did its job and had tears run down my cheek! It will be interesting to see where Sawyer’s character goes from here. I think at this point he has nothing to loose and I think he just might join “Smokey’s recruiting service”. We still don’t know what “Smocke” means by “I want to go home”, but this might be the end of the “hero Sawyer” we came to know and love in season 5! It is heartbreaking to see Sawyer being broken down like this, making him very vulnerable! We will see how strong he really is and if he will make it through this!

    It was AWESOME to see Claire again!! She is still the same unconfident person we knew from season 1, I am hoping that will change throughout the season!

    Can’t wait to here your thoughts!

    -Jonine from Az

  17. Los Manos says:

    Have we all been overlooking how Rousseau was able to deliver her baby and live to roam the island when no other woman can survive child birth for all this time? Has the MiB been using Rousseau’s body from the beginning?

    Also it was interesting to see Kate and Claire both having flickers of the other reality when they spontaneously both recalled the baby’s name being ‘Aaron’ when the baby’s heartbeat stopped.

    Interestingly it fits with a theory I read this week whereby for the two realities to meet and relationships/memories to be reformed, one of the people in the two realities has to die. Perhaps this is leading to Sawyers death on island and a reunion with Juliete off island. Which is interesting as it could mean that it works both ways ………

  18. Bryan in Ohio says:

    All I will say is Josh Holloway is delivering a outstanding performance every single episode.

  19. ManilaRaf says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen,

    Here were are my thoughts on the episode, which I also posted on YuBlog.

    Finally got finished with the episode via DVR. I just skimmed through the comments.

    Still not sure what to think of this episode. Some good reveals, though seemingly not enough. Seems like a bridge episode. Not really filler, but I guess in the wake of last week, this episode was bound to seem tamer unless they continued the same pace as last week.

    Just some thoughts/comments that I had as the episode progressed:

    -Totally missed last week that the cab driver was the “puppet master/ marionette guy” from Heroes.
    -Arzt being Arzt. First time he’s appeared more than once in one season.
    -Sawyer totally has nothing to lose now.
    -Hey! It’s Mac from Always Sunny!! Where’s Charlie?? Haha.
    -Is the mechanic the guy who played Dodger in China Beach?
    -Didn’t Aaron have that same killer whale back when he was living with Kate?
    -This is the Zombie season, haha.
    -Snap! Jin giving it to Kate as to her intentions.
    -So is the identity of the husband who ran out on the wife important or no?
    -Looks like there are definite linkages b/w flashsideways and the way thing were originally. Kate’s gonna be there for Claire for Aaron’s birth as well.
    -Uh, okay is that Jack’s Hospital? Jack’s a surgeon, not an ER doc or OB-Gyn.
    -5 bucks says Juliet is Claire’s OB-Gyn.
    -Holy shit, it’s Ethan!!!
    -Sawyer throwing the ring = Maverick tossing Goose’s dog tags
    -Mac’s getting really annoying now.

    Not sure what to think about this sickness thing. Am guessing it’s Man-In-Locke related. But part of me thinks otherwise. Is Claire the new Danielle? Were Claire and Danielle infected by some outside entity or did they get tossed into the pool and were infected that way? I’m confused.

    Jin seems to have bad luck running into weird, creepy, crazy-looking native-ish people. First it was the Tailies in Season 2, then Crazy Danielle after the flash last season, and now Claire. Can’t the island give him a break? He’s just trying to find his wife and daughter. If anything happens to him and Sun and/or Hurley, I’ll be royally pissed.

    Ditto with Kate ending up with Sawyer. Sawyer’s too good for her. If I were Sawyer, I’d dig up Juliet and toss her into the pool, blackness creeping inside be damned, rather than shack up with Kate.

    That’s all my thoughts so far. Will definitely have to watch this one again.

  20. Steven Hunter says:

    @Chris, concerning Rousseau — Unless I’m mistaken in my chronology, Rousseau was killed three years prior to the current events on tonight’s episode. It was before the Oceanic Six left the island and all that, when the mercenaries from Widmore’s boat came for Ben.

  21. Connie in Oregon says:

    First thoughts:

    Did anyone else groan when Kate took out after Sawyer? Come on! Not again! How many times is that scenario going to play itself out?

    There is definitely something up with the people in the LA X timeline remembering or getting flashes from the Island timeline. Claire blurting out Aaron’s name and Kate’s reaction the all the baby stuff in Claire’s bag being the most prominent examples in this episode.

    Ethan Goodspeed! I wonder where Amy and Horace are?

    The “infection” has got to be the same one that took Rousseau’s friends.

    Why would Dogen and the Others even try to save Sayid if there was a possibility (and I would say probability) that he would become infected. Something hinkey here. It is still unclear who are the good guys, the bad guys and who is telling the truth.

    Answer to question ratio is still quite low for my liking.

  22. Pixar Talk says:

    Other than Josh’s acting, this episode left me cold. Really? We have limited hours left and this is the best they could do? I’m not loving the flash sideays and have a hunch other things will get rushed or missed to make room for this unnecessary Kate-centric episode. Bummed, but I’m hopeful this is the only clunker this season.

  23. Annie says:

    I’m getting a little fed up with the asking someone to do something, having them refuse, but then never explain why they should do it, a la Dogen and Sawyer.

    Jack does a decent job not spending the ENTIRE episode sucking, but asks a few questions. At least we get the message that Sayid is turning, just as Claire did.

    When we first saw Claire, I was struck by how much she seemed like Rousseau. Then I wondered if maybe Rousseau died or got sick too, and then turned “dark.” Aldo tells Kate Rousseau has been dead for years. And I’ve always believed that Claire died. So people die, then if they’re not properly cleansed in the Temple, they go “dark?” And then they appear alive, but are reanimated by the other side? I can only assume that other side is Smokey/Flocke, since the Priestly Others seem very upset that Jacob is dead. Perhaps anyone who dies on the island now that Jacob is dead will for sure become “claimed” and turn “dark.” Maybe that’s why it was important to keep Sayid alive, but then he died and came back incorrectly.

    Then I remembered that the first time Rousseau found Sayid back in Season 1, she captured and tortured him with…electricity. She was testing for something, too. It all seems to come to a very confusing full circle.

    Additionally, I’m guessing Christian Shephard has been “claimed” by whatever dark force there is. He was always acting to make Locke get into position. So perhaps if bodies aren’t properly cleansed, they reanimate for the “dark” side.

    I wonder what this all means for Ben. Did they cleanse him in time? Did they perhaps just slow his turn to the “dark?” Because then he gets cancer and gets really murdery.

    I guess when people become Others, they get a new last name! I always wondered why Ethan went by Ethan Rom instead of what his real last name must be – Goodspeed. But apparently he never becomes an other and instead lives in LA and goes by his real birth name of Goodspeed.

    But I’m still weirded out by the story line in LA. One of these story lines must eventually end. They cannot both be at the same time. The LA story is very wrong. People still end up together and still end up as the “should be.” Claire was told she had to raise her baby, and magically her adoptive couple is split and can’t take the baby. I think that story line must be the fake one.

  24. Steven Hunter says:

    @Connie — Yes, I definitely felt let down by Kate chasing off after Sawyer. I hate to say it because I really like Evangeline Lilly, but Kate has become one my least favorite characters on the show — so predictable and cliched.

  25. Spalz says:

    Anyone else notice the date on the ultrasound? Its a Month after the original flight crashed. 9/22/04 was flight 815, yet the ultrasound was done on 10/22/04. Could explain why Desmond was on the Flight…

  26. Spalz says:

    Could it be that on the island when you are dead, you no longer need or use your body and the “darkness” is another way for the island to use the body since its vacant? Kinda like Island Zombies (Hurly’s line was awesome to Sayid about being a Zombie)

  27. Skip Howard says:

    Well, they got crying figured out. Lady at the door who turned down taking the baby. Geez, she was a wreck. And of course, Sawyer, he can sure pull it off well.

    Fun ride and Clair has gone all outback on us…. great show…

  28. Connie in Oregon says:

    Gotta love Justin, the Other with the blabber mouth. I wish Aldo hadn’t quit shushing him up!

  29. ManilaRaf says:

    @Spalz: Damn you’ve got a good eye. The date on the printout of Claire’s Sonogram is indeed 10-22-2004, 09:29:42AM.

    I uploaded a screenshot of the printout in question:

  30. greenberry says:

    I love LOST, I loved this episode and I love the character of Kate. I am on the same page as brermike’s post.

    The reason I have always loved this show is because most of the characters are so flawed, yet layered with good intentions. Probably the character of Desmond is the most “all-around” good.

    Kate is taking quite a bashing here. I believe her character is heroic because she tried to make her mother’s life better. She was always there for Claire (and still is). And she has helped Jack numerous times.

    But yes she is flawed like the majority of the characters are, and she is still finding her way as the majority of characters still are. She is selfish, but so are all the Losties. I think she dearly cares about Sawyer and is deeply touched by his loss. I think Jin’s question to her about who she “cares about” will push her in the right direction.

    Interesting re: all the raves about Holloway’s acting. I adore his character and find him absolutely drool-worthy, but have mostly considered his acting to be a weak link in the show. My husband often jokes about his limited two expressions of “smirky” and “pissed.” He has improved greatly though, and tonight’s scene at the dock was indeed impressive.

    @ Jon from NC — yes, Sayid has way less of an Iraqi accent

    @ Chris in Durham NC — I think it is realistic for people to make impulsive, trusting, and even foolish choices… just watch the news

    Lennon actor is from a great and quirky movie called “Me and You and Everyone We know” (or close to that title)

    I think the season is off to a great start, and I am loving the ride!

  31. ManilaRaf says:

    For those without a Flickr account, here’s another upload of the Sonogram printout:

  32. Los Manos says:

    I’m really surprised there is such a level of nonchalance from some fans over this episode. I can understand that on the surface this episode might have felt slow but it was chockablock with subtle oddities and questions that have got my head spinning to the possibilities of where this show is going.

    Ryan & Jen, I’ve not left any comments before tonight but have been listening to your podcast from the very beginning. So let me take this chance to say, ‘Thank you for all your time, hard work & enthusiasm. It has been infectious and an important part of my lost experience.’

  33. Knives Monroe says:

    Well I’ve caught up on reading every comment. And I have something I may regret saying, but tough.

    I am not completely digging this FLASHSIDEWAYS thing.
    How it pans out will show if it is was worth half the episode time for this final season, and i still have faith in the tremendously talented writers and performers.

    Literary, I’m not fond of introducing new characters (temple folk) and have them be liars, then anything and everything our cryptic Temple folk are saying is RUBBISH. If these characters are cryptic tip toeing liars then why are our characters with them.. This is really frustrating me.

    Granted I love how much story time Sayid is getting, I hate how Jacob (the ‘supposed’ angel/protector/savior of the island) told Hugo to take Sayid to the temple, as they do, they say they failed, wait he’s alive much to their shigrin, they torture/test him (lie to him again) why torture him, and then try to poison him? This just seems WAY to inconsistent.

    And, as MUCH as it pains me to say this, but I can’t help but the feel the presentation, and direction this show is taking and is in is really quite too self aware and almost entirely pretentious!

    Jack- What happened to the man of faith Jack? Why are we getting stunted season 3 in a shark cage Jack, albeit great performance by Matt Fox, but please where is the growth that took 6 seasons to build? I did think it was awesome that he was heroic in trying to see what was inside the pill, but this is the final season of lost… What the F is happening?

    Miles- Stealing the show

    Hugo- Still the heart of the show.

    Kate- Now, I’m fond of Kate because she stirs shit up that entertains us fans, but I agree her course is getting over the top redundant and overtly predictable. In both Timelines!

    Sawyer- The writers seem to be doing something right, because what is happening with Sawyer is completely real and completely painful, and I love every second of his painful torment. Not because Im a sadist but because its terrific drama.

    Jin and Sun- Are MERELY miles away from each other, why aren’t they together already.

    Dogen and Lennon- As gnarly as those actors are, their characters are so convolutedly misconceiving crypic douche bags they are stunting our characters from achieving their supposed destiny.

    Call Backs- The call backs this early are fun to watch, but if it honestly doesnt push the story or offer any momentum I see it quite worthless. Granted I am certainly one for appreciating and relishing nostalgia, but if you are going to cram it so tangledly down our throat, why should we be invested?

    There are STILL things I care about. And that’s where the heck was Claire, what does it mean and what is the significance of being ‘claimed’ and ‘infected’. Whats up with Alpert? AND I MISS BEN!!!

    I think thats what we need, Benjamin Linus because he gets s*** done.

    I don’t dislike the episode, I enjoyed what it was, I don’t mind the slow pace AT ALL! I am a sucker for pacing. But what is genuinely pissing me off is how for ONCE in LOST’S awesome legacy I feel like the story DOES not know where the F it’s going to conclude.

    I don’t like this feeling.

    Ideally I suppose it is alot to ask, but really think about it. I’m not asking for an epic episode after an epic episode. I just don’t like where our beloved characters are in this final season of the greatest show on television.

    Next weeks episode assures me to promising as assures the rest of us that the ratio between questions and answers should be more heavy, but please writers, RESOLVE!!!

    I do feel like I am being very rough and its only been the 3rd episode, but I really hope our 815ers get the F out of the temple because I can’t stand the Others right now, because they are crippling the momentum of our characters respective destinies.

    If this is the writers way for ‘setting up’ the chess game that is our characters lives, then so be it, I can live with that. I just hope it gets less excruciating.

    At this point I don’t want answers, I just want closure, redemption, and for the story to come ‘full circle’. I care much more about why are characters have done what they done, and who they turn out to be, and what happens to them FAR BEYOND mythology!

    Sorry for ranting. Love the podcast, love the forum’s response.

    I feel better now.


    At this point? How is Jacob a good guy? What has he done?

    I’m on Man In Locke’s side. Just because he is ‘dark’ doesn’t mean he’s evil. Sure as Smokie he has killed hundreds, but he makes a more appealing case. He doesn’t try to be cryptic, he is matter of factly, and he is blunt.
    I suppose so was Satan, but at this moment in time.

    Count me as a solider on the Dark side,because Jacob has failed.

  34. Knives Monroe says:

    Line of the night:

    “He’s an Iraqi torturer who kills kids, of course he deserves a 2nd chance”

    That was probably the cruelest thing Sawyer has ever said.

    But he has a point.

    Ryan just read your review, it defintely put things in perspective.


  35. Glenn says:

    Decent episode. Slow, after the premiere, but at this point, I’ll take any new information any time. And I agree completely — I was completely surprised by how great Josh H. was!

    The fact that we’re seeing the same characters have intertwined fates both on island and off-island (Ethan-Claire, Claire-Kate, Boone-Locke for starters) reminds me of reincarnation and karma. Some people believe that certain souls have “unfinished business” from previous lives that causes them to come together in future lives to conclude their karma together.

    The people that they are in their future life and the circumstances they meet in may be different, but underneath it all their two souls are the same, and are completing some unfinished business together. So, for example, in a past lifetime, one person may been jealous of another man who was in love with his wife and pushed that man off a cliff. So maybe in a future lifetime, they meet up again to complete their karma, and there might be some critical moment which involves heights. The where and the what are less important. It is the underlying interaction that is important, and the learning that comes from it. And it could be said that it is each person’s destiny to complete their unfinished business. Once they do, their destiny is found! Or at least that part of their destiny.

    So, regardless of which reality they are in, Ethan and Claire have something that requires them to come together under a theme of birth. And Boone may have had an unfinished piece around “looking up to Locke”. And Kate/Claire clearly seem to have some baby karma together.

    This is not my native spiritual viewpoint, so please correct if I am getting something about karma incorrect here.

  36. Stacey, NC says:

    I didn’t hate the episode. Kate episodes are obviously not the strongest ones, but Jack getting a tatto in Thailland was by far the worst. I’ll take a weak episode of “Lost” before a strong episode of almost anything else any day of the week.

    I hope Emilie de Ravin has the chops to pull off a truly dark character, because if she’s got it, then it will be fun to watch. If not, it will be very painful.

    I enjoy watching the Dogan character as much as I enjoy Richard Alpert. I’d love to see a showdown between the two of them, and a backstory on both.

    And I’ll repeat what so many have already said – an Emmy for Josh Holloway! Awesome performance on the submarine dock! He does “destroyed” very well!

  37. Mindstage says:

    So how long can one actually drive around a stolen taxi cab in Los Angeles? For hours it seems (including through ritzy Brentwood) even though it’s bright yellow, with identifying numbers on all four sides and the roof, and being driven by a suspected murderer and international fugitive.

    As if that wasn’t stretch enough, the preggers-and-ready-to-pop Claire accepts a ride offer from a woman she’s never met, who minutes before was in handcuffs, waving a pistol in her face, and snatched her baby bag? Hmmm…

    Can’t say I loved the story telling of this episode, but as usual, LOST brings home the bacon on story execution. The writers delivered just what they needed, with just enough carrot and string (Claire/Roussseau) to lure me back next week.

    One theory that is starting to make sense to me is that Jacob/Esau is not a metaphor for good versus evil, but a very real struggle between two evils, in the form of fallen angels. Perhaps God has banished them to the island as a form of purgatory. The island’s energy properties act as a barrier to their ability to inflict damage on the outer world, but doesn’t prevent them from toying with passers-by.

    Here are samples of historical fallen angels that may fit the bill:

    Buer – teaches philosophy, logic and ethics.

    Dantanian – appears as a man with many faces.

    Imamiah – governs voyages.

    Lahash – interferes with divine will.

    Obyzouth – kills newborns and cause still-births

  38. cat says:

    Thought the episode was good – not great. Totally agree with John Fisher that this was as much about Claire as Kate. While Claire has gone to the dark side and is apparently setting traps like Rousseau, I don’t think that Rousseau was ever “infected”. I think she was insane after living all those years alone and having gone through what she did but not “evil”.

    The sickness explanation was good but clearly leaves questions. I guess that is the level of “answers” we will get this season – there will still be a lot left for interpretation.

    I’m really liking the flashsideways. Ethan, Aaron and the look Kate gave Jack – great. The movement of these two universes together is really fascinating.

    I thought the big line in this weeks ep was Dogen telling Jack to give the pill to Sayid in order to be “redeemed”. I can’t help but think that had Jack done that, there would have been immediate impacts to the alternative timeline and the two universes would have moved closer together. But, he didn’t take that chance so we will have to wait for the net redemption opportunity to see what happens.

  39. Joy says:

    Sorry for not reading all the comments before posting!! I really still think it was Rousseau who was “sick,” and not her team. I’ve thought that since we saw her flashback in season 5 with her and her boyfriend pointing guns at each other. To me, Claire’s “infection” confirmed that with her Rousseau trap-setting-messy-hair-wearing behavior. I gotta say it makes me a little sad to think that Claire has spent the past 3 years alone in the jungle, freakin out and eating bugs while Kate has spent the past 3 years with Aaron, all cozy and warm in her expensive Oceanic settlement house in California. Poor Claire, how fair is THAT? 😛

    Sawyer’s downturn after Juliet’s death is just heartbreaking to watch, because he’d made such a peaceful turnaround after the final time jump to the Dharma time. His pain just seems so much deeper than it ever was before he got to the island. I find it interesting how everyone is finding a reason to blame themselves for Juliet’s death. There were so many different points in the timeline where her death seemingly could have been averted–but is the point that it really couldn’t have been? The whole Mrs. Hawking and the guy in the red shoes speech?

    One thing I’m confused on. If Jacob WANTS people to come to the island, and the Others work for Jacob…why the reaction when people are on the island;ie. the big ‘you’re not welcome here’ attitude? I don’t get it.

    And I also heart Dogan. He really is such a cool and interesting character. Even though we’re so attached to these other characters we’ve gotten to know over the past years, I just keep wanting to see more Dogan. We need some kind of Dogan spin-off show!! 🙂

    One more thing…I was very relieved to see that Jack wasn’t so far gone that he–as a doctor–would not just give some random capsule to Sayid because Temple Manager Dogan said so. The thought that he might just do that on trust alone was freaking me out.

    Thanks for the podcast…love you guys!!

  40. Stefani from Mass says:

    after reading some of the posts – I realized that Ethan wasn’t Dr. Rom, but Dr. Goodspeed. I remembered hearing that last night, but it didn’t quite register as ‘wrong’ – b/c it was a name that was already floating around. This Alt-Timeline is flipping me out with the minor changes, like Ms. Paik for Sun last week instead of Mrs. Kwon… what’s up with that?!?!?

    I do like the Zombie references (I laughed out loud), and Tarzan Claire is great! When Aldo & Justin were saying to Jin & Kate to watch out for the traps “they are HERS” – I think the audience was meant to think it was Rousseau – who was already dead for 3+ years at this point – but it was great that it was Claire… but still, what’s up with that?

  41. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Got through most comments and I just want to say
    There was a lot of humor in this episode but what’s up with Jack smiling and kinda laughing the whole episode?
    And it really stood out rewatching Epi 2 that the Others are barefoot. I kind of wondered if the reset didn’t alter some things on the Island, too?
    Favorite straight line: Jin to Kate “Who do you care about, Kate?”
    Favorite humor: “WE’ll be in the Food Court”

    Biggest question: “It happened to your sister” really makes you wonder what ‘claimed’ meant and what it’ll mean for Sayid

    Love the Sonogram date catch from several of you above. You folks are amazing and this podcast/blog always enriches my experience of LOST – Kudos!

  42. Jane from IL says:

    I’ve been thinking about the themes of “constants” and “variables” as defined earlier in Lost, and the type of time-shifting Desmond and others were subject to earlier when their bodies did not appear to go anywhere, as opposed to the time travel on the island or on the Ajira flight. What if the Losties who were touched by Jacob are actually doing this type of time travel now, and they all need to find a constant so they can bring these two timelines in synch?

    Oh, and I really think we are perilously close to a zombie season, even if Sayid denies he is one!

  43. Patrick from Maine says:

    I believe Doc Arzt’s line, “I’m walkin’ here!” is actually from the movie Midnight Cowboy (spoken by Dustin Hoffman) not Taxi Driver.

  44. Carol from Boston says:

    Another funny Miles line is when he tells Sayid that Hugo is running things now. I loved the dry way he said the line, he is becoming a new favorite of mine, taking the place of “sarcastic Sawyer” I guess.

    Like the majority of you I felt let down after last week’s action packed episode. I expected more reveals, perhaps this is a “set up” episode that is preparing us for what is coming next.

    @Knives – I feel your frustration, I am not a fan of the Temple others and I am so tired of cryptic answers and everyone just accepting them.

    Thoughts I haven’t seen covered here yet:

    Miles knows something is up with Sayid, I don’t think he knows what it is but he feels a change. Why doesn’t he say something?

    Where did Sawyer get a ring on the Island? Is it the Penny ring? Good catch to the person who posted about it above.

    The baseball reference – is that supposed to show us that Dogan misses home and wants to leave just like Jack? Interesting line about being brought there just like Jack for the same purpose.

    re: Ethan being a doctor – could it be because his mom and he left on the sub just before the incident and then he stayed off the island. He certainly seems like a kind Ethan now, so much of the Claire/Ethan sequence reminded me of when Claire was drugged and kidnapped and being give the shots to safeguard her and the baby.

    Could all those shots of the mystery “vitamins” and the quarantine be to keep from being “claimed”?

    Another parallel to first season, poor Jin being trapped once again, this time by a bear trap instead of those handcuffs. Of course just like Sayid and Rousseau. I also caught the expression and the confused hand touching on Claire that is just like Rousseau. The look of trying to connect with reality.

    That’s it for now, I have to rewatch it.

    Still not sure what side I am on, I have a feeling that the losties are going to side with Fake Locke and that Dogan knows that and is trying to prevent it. They are the key, which ever side they choose may win.

    One last thought, I always assumed the final battle would be the losties (oceanic passengers) vs the others. What happens if they are divided in battle? I would hate to have to choose a side between them.

  45. Russell in Raleigh says:

    If Rousseau was actually the one that was infected, it could explain why the Others stole her baby.

    It doesn’t explain why she got along so well with the Losties.

  46. Carol from Boston says:

    One more thing, I couldn’t help thinking after the poison line – They almost killed Sayid!! No!!! I still don’t see Sayid as evil at all. Instead I see him like Eko, he played with the cards he has been dealt and did the best he could do with what he had.

  47. John Fischer says:

    How funny is it that most of us probably put any thoughts of “the sickness” behind us years ago, perhaps as a delusion of Rousseau. It turns out, I think, that “the sickness” is going to be one of the most important things in Season 6 and perhaps in the entire series. Maybe those infected with “the sickness” will join forces with the MIB.

  48. Bill says:

    Not one of my favorite episodes. But Josh H. – Bravo!

    Sawyer threw the engagement ring in a body of water just like Desmond once did.

    Artz screaming, “I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here” is a call-out from the film Midnight Cowboy, Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman).

    Is the “Healing Pool” the same underwater submarine docking station they used for the “Looking Glass”?

    How did Kate get the handcuffs removed, then just casually drive up to see Claire sitting on a bench? Every cop and Federal agent in LA would be looking for a girl driving a Yellow Cab. But maybe Kate has a cloaking device in this dimension? Very unrealistic.

    One of the Others guards with Kate and Jin said, “remember me, you hit me with the butt of a gun and escaped from prison 3-years ago.” What was that about? That actor looked familiar. More mind f.

  49. Russell in Raleigh says:

    One major reveal in this episode was we learned that the secret of the temple baptism is it causes you to lose your Iraqi accent.

  50. Laura says:

    One thought regarding Kate “recognizing” Jack in the cab line at the airport. Of course it could be a deja vu from another timeline, but it could also be that she remembered him as the guy she stole the pen from.

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