Next: “LA X” (Episode 6-01/02)

“LA X” was a fitting opener to the final season of “LOST.” It had a reassuring focus on character with a generous topping of mythology. It had moments of strong emotional resonance, and a few gasp-worthy reveals. And it sets the stage for the epic battle between Jacob and the Man In Black that has apparently simmered beneath much of what we’ve been studying for the past several years. Sure, with yet another storytelling “twist,” we have no idea what’s going on… but since when has that been a problem?

Okay. So Jen’s a little nonplussed with the “parallel storyline” structure, and I can see why. On one hand, it’s clever. We get to see both outcomes of the Jughead argument. And the little differences we spot range from amusing hat-tips to a deeper exploration of a person’s fate. On the other, it seems just a little cheap to not commit to one answer… at least this late in the game. It also raises the troubling specter of having to switch between two worlds for several more episodes, when we really want the writers to just pick a path and let the rubber finally, finally hit the road.

And intellectually, I can see many reasons to dismiss or even dislike the universe where Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles. Through that lens, they’ve thrown out five years of character development and regression. So I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Sure, some of the touches were more fan bait than plot (Frogurt at the taxi stand, Doctor Arzt being annoying), but other moments felt right: Jack and Locke talking at the airport lost and found, with Jack taking interest in Locke’s condition. Jin returning to his darker, meaner self, and Sun already rebelling. Sawyer flirting with Kate, but more tellingly, not interfering with her escape from the airport. Hurley being confident and lucky. And Charlie, once running from death, now almost exhaustedly chasing it. I guess I’m more curious about the “what if” scenario than I thought I was.

Besides. The island is underwater? A development that comes about sometime after New Otherton is built? (A development that, sadly, could’ve used a few more days in the CGI rendering farm?) Just like watching a magic show, independent of everything else, I now simply have to see how they explain that. My guess is that it sank when Ben moved the island, a moment that is at the other end of whatever branching we’re now seeing. But I can’t even begin to explain what I actually mean.

Meanwhile, the new on-island world (universe, storyline, timeline, what have you) so far certainly seems to be custom-built to feed the fans obsessed with the mythology of the show. “I’m sorry you had to see me like that,” says Unlocke, while Richard says, incredulously, “You!” If the Man in Black and the smoke monster are one and the same, we now have a whole new prism through which to reexamine the last five seasons. I only hope things hold up under such scrutiny.

Learning what was in the guitar case so early in the season was a pleasant surprise, and the giant Ankh was certainly an impressive prop, regardless of the fact that a sealed envelope would’ve probably worked just as well.

Finally, we see the temple, and meet a whole new group of characters. It’s a good thing Hiroyuki Sanada is so good at being mysterious, because these original recipe Others (shunning technology and performing rituals) could very well have been too much, too late. Instead, Sanada seemed a perfect disciple and ally of Jacob, and through him, the Others again seemed to be a tribe to be reckoned with. An intimidating air that was reminiscent of the first two seasons, before Kate found the costumes.

What of the temple spring? Apparently it’s supposed to heal, as the Island itself does, though that power went missing as the water turned cloudy. Sayid, instead of being revived, apparently died. But that was likely always Jacob’s plan. I bet that Jacob now has a new agent or vessel in Sayid, given the unfamiliar voice with which Sayid asked, “What happened?”

But with word that Jacob is dead, the Others at the Temple prepare for battle with “him.” Their flare alerts Alpert, who’s sadly pummeled by Unlocke/Man In Black, and I guess the battle is on.

Notes and Notions:

  • I guess we had to get “closure” with Juliet, but having to basically see her die twice was wrenching. Josh Holloway, hands down, gave the performance of the evening.
  • From beyond the grave, Juliet says, “It worked.” So can she see the other timeline? Is it even, really, another timeline? After all, in Los Angeles, it’s 2004. On the island, it’s 2007 or so. Maybe the writers can somehow connect the two into one single timeline? Does that even make sense?
  • The Man in Black’s tribute to the late John Locke was a bittersweet one. He spoke the truth about our sad, defeated friend, and our would-be hero. But perhaps not surprisingly, Terry O’Quinn’s “menacing” look is incredibly effective, and I’ll gladly let John Locke go in favor of seeing what the actor does with a whole new soul.
  • The Man in Black wants to get off the island, and go “home.” I guess it’s fair to ask where or what “home” is, but I think the real story is why he (and likely Jacob) are trapped on the island. His reference to Alpert’s chains, meanwhile, hint strongly at the suspected link between Alpert and the Black Rock.
  • Hurley can see Jacob, but Jin can’t, though Jacob touched them both. Therefore, Hurley is special, and seeing the dead is simply his thing. Indeed, he seems almost too suddenly fine with it, barely reacting when Jacob tells him he died three hours prior, and talking warmly to the recently deceased Sayid. Miles, too, got to let his freak flag fly, and this time his communion with the dead came with a great deal of dramatic flourish. Sometimes, I can’t believe this is the same show we were watching in Season 1.
  • Great lighter moments. Hurley saying he knows how to use a gun, or arguing about trademarking the word “Outback.” Locke telling Boone he’s not pulling his leg, and Boone telling Locke he’d follow him to stay safe on a plane. And, of course, a Sawyer nickname: Earhart.
  • Richard said, “Asking me what’s in the shadow of the damn statue doesn’t mean you’re in charge.” He flippantly referred to a line that, up until now, was infused with significance and weight. Kind of like, “Live together, die alone.”
  • Fun with pointy things! Jack was again looking for a pen to save someone’s life. And how great is it that a character named Bram dies via a stake through his heart?
  • Book: “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard, a retelling of the biblical story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac.
  • Locations: The Temple interior is on the Hawaii Film Studio sound stage, but the impressive exterior is in Manoa Valley. The plane interior, and the collapsed hatch tunnel, was also on the studio lot. The Swan site is in the jungles of Heeia Kea in Kaneohe, and the foot of the four toed statue was Makua Beach. LAX is, of course, Honolulu International Airport.

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397 Responses to “Next: “LA X” (Episode 6-01/02)”

  1. Nate in Ohio says:

    Unreal. So fantastic, I don’t even know what to say. I’m speechless.

  2. Carol from Boston says:

    @Mike – I know, it was heart breaking. Emmy moment right there.

    Will we see a flash sideways of new otherton? Do they still exist or die in the bombing?

  3. Stacey, NC says:

    So, what’s the story about Desmond on the plane? Sure, with no button to push, he has this whole other life to live, but how does it get him on flight 815?

    What did Juliet mean with “It worked”?

    When Hurley said that he had won the lottery and Sawyer looked over at him, I thought that Hurley had just become Sawyer’s next “mark” for a con. I’m sure we’ll find out about that soon enough.

    How is Sayid going to be different now that he’s back? I think it was Matt in Syracuse that thought that Ben might have become the vessel in which a deceased other could live again after they brought him to the temple – I like that theory, and I wonder if it applies to Sayid as well.

    So many things in the reset timeline reflected directly back to the original timeline – Charlie saying that he was “supposed” to die, Boone saying that he’d “follow” Locke, Jin telling Sun to button the top button of her cardigan. I guess that was the universe course-correcting.

    I hate ABC advertising – they run their ad about this being the season for answers, and I have more questions than I got answers. Dammit, I have to get up and go to school tomorrow morning, and I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.

  4. Knives Monroe says:

    @ Stacey NC

    I feel your pain about school.
    Prepare for Wednesday mournings to suck for 16 more weeks.

    But you’ll miss it when LOST is gone.

  5. Kirsten Hansen says:

    Damon & Carlton were just on Jimmy Kimmel. DVR it if you can!

  6. Stacey, NC says:

    Hey, on Jimmy Kimmel they just announced a spinoff show starting in May starring Hurley and the smoke monster, LOL! I hope it’s a comedy…


  7. Jon From NC says:

    Guys it was amazing!!
    Each character had their moments
    and if you liked the first half, you will LOVE the second part

  8. Tucker Conley says:

    Stacey, when Juliet said “it worked”, I assume she meant the alternative timeline that we’ve seen this episode.

  9. danocamera says:

    @Luke in California: I was totally psyched about a JJ Abrams take on The Dark Tower until I read this:

    Phooey. Totally understandable, but still… phooey.

  10. Terrie says:

    I bet Jacob had them bring Sied to the temple so he could take over his body and come back,,hence the delay in coming back to life???

  11. NuckinFuts says:

    Now what to think of Richard’s comment to Sun that he saw them all die? If the island sunk from explosion then how did he and Sun arrive there… So does this mean there is even another timeline we don’t yet know of? about Charlie saying he was supposed to die & Jack should not have saved him? Why did Locke lie to Boone about actually taking his walkabout tour? Did Jack remember Des from his run at the stadium or is he having crossover memory? Obviously with Shannon missing, etc….events as we would have seen them have changed for some people but will the universe teach us about course correction?!?! All in all this is great so far!

  12. Jesse says:

    Ok I’ll be sure to call in this week…
    BUUUUUT my thoughts:

    1. Did anyone else think it silly that even though everything else is left behind when the losties flash to 2007….EXCEPT the van and chains and everything they need..including the guitar. L O L

    2. Also speaking of silly, was anyone else thinking the entire time they are trying to save Juilet (who dies anyway) “why isn’t anyone rushing to save Syaid…he’s just sorta bleeding to death and has been for a whole day!!!!”

    3. The Ash I always assumed was to keep something held it, turns out it’s to keep MiB out… but as we just learned from graham getting owned. Doesn’t it seem fishy that the smoke monster can just bash stuff and make the ash a mute point. Couldn’t he have just uprooted some trees or ripped up the ground with the ash on it around the cabin?

    4. At first I was confused why some asian dude seemed to be leading the others in the temple…but maybe this makes sense. Wasn’t the last time we saw these people 3 years ago when Ben sent them there. Maybe they never left cause Richard, Ben, etc haven’t been there since. So maybe this new dude is the temp leader?!? no clue.. but they seem like an entirely different group than the people we are used to as “others” now.

    5. Best scene of the 2 episodes was suprisingly Jack and Locke’s conversation. I really enjoyed it. Might be nice to see them as friends off island.

    6. Kate’s “plot”… LAME. I’m convinced she has become like Jack Bauer’s daughter in the first few seasons of 24. Just silly.

    7. Best for last:
    I assume the murkey water is becuase jacob is dead. And so the healing powers of the spring are gone. I assume the guys hand didn’t heal right? So that means Sayid did in fact die. And NO ONE can come back from the dead. Which means, Sayid is now Jacob? Which would mean, Jacob knew syaid would die and that his plan all along was to have him die so he could take his body.

    Just puttin it out there.

  13. Jesse says:

    @ Matt in Syracuse
    OH WOAH… I never thought Locke would be in Sayid. NOW THAT would be a twist.

  14. C_Gooch in Chicago says:

    HOLY DAMN! That was the best season premiere since the first. Anti-Locke is the monster! Sayid sounds British! Richard scared! Ben dazed and confused!

    Bram thought he outsmarted Smokey with the ash circle, but he threw a rock at him and knocked him out of the circle and impaled him. Loved it.

    The Temple Others, didn’t Richard mention that half of his people were with him when Anti-Locke met up with him in Season 5, and that half were at the Temple. I enjoyed the translator asking why the water wasn’t clear. Does this mean that as long as Jacob was alive, the island could heal?

    In the LAX world, I think Jack will heal John and somehow Locke will return to confront Anti-Locke. Also, did John actually go on the walkabout in this world, or was he just BS’ing Boone?

    Can’t wait for next week!

  15. Digidoug says:

    Warning: Really crackpot theory…

    Tonight got me thinking of something I noticed a while back. In “Not in Portland” when Kate and Juliette are “escaping” from the barracks they are attacked by the monster. However when the monster appeared, it came out of 3 separate holes in the ground before merging into one big cloud. This got me thinking that there might be more than 1 smoke monster. Maybe there are a number that each have the ability to infect (hence the vaccine) people to share their bodies. In doing so the host gains certain abilities (like the others or the wilderness man version of Locke that we saw in season 1), in exchange the smoke monster learns how to be human. My thought is that the monsters represent a race from wherever dark Locke identified as “home” who have brought their battle to the island and somehow became imprisoned. Dark Locke occupied John’s body until it was returned to the island at which time it used what it had learned to become him (which is why DL knew John’s last thoughts). Christian would have carried one with him as well from when he was on the island, and that “monster” became the island’s version of Christian. I’m guessing we will see the same from Claire. I’m not entirely sure why Dark Locke is the only one that seems to want to go “home,” but I’m guessing we’ll find that out soon.


  16. Knives Monroe says:

    @ Jesse.

    1) Dead Locke (Box Locke)
    2) Flashsideways Locke (alt LOCKE)
    3) MiB LOCKE (smokey LOCKE)
    4) now potentially a 4th locke? (sayid locke)

    John locke was a great character, but lets be honest does he need all these incarnations.

    The Sayid one is just ludicrous!

  17. Tucker Conley says:

    I don’t see why it would matter if Sayid’s voice was different, cause Man in Black took John Locke’s voice.

  18. Connie in Oregon says:

    Hello all! Great to be back on the Lost track. I was Connie in Alaska, but we moved to Oregon during the hiatus. I am now going to attempt to read all 111 comments. If I have anything to add, I’ll be back.

  19. Spalz says:

    @ Kvives Monroe. FLOCKE (fake locke) is now Sayid then hes in the temple. I was thinking about that too

  20. Spalz says:

    Random other though.. The island was underwater..theres a statue on there… Any thoughts about being the Lost City of Atlantis and the 2 guys MIB and Jacob are the original people on there? Kind of like Gods or Aliens or something? The island sinks in the alternate reality, meanwhile it can move through time, and cannot be found by people without special means. Atlantis was never found… or was it by the Losties and Dharma?

  21. Luke in California says:


    Ryan and Jen have often pointed out LOST’s theme focusing on people’s tendency to revert to their sort of base nature. Just when it seems someone is going to really come out better, they fall back into the same patters of suspicion, jealousy, anger, etc. I’m seeing some of that again with Sawyer. At the end of Season 5, he was at the height of his maturity as a character; after Juliet’s death, he’s all seething and angry again. Granted, who wouldn’t be? But, as I said, I’m still holding out for some kind of redemption to come out of these circumstances, for all our characters. Sayid’s resurrection (at the hands of Jacob?) gives me hope for that.

  22. andrew says:

    HFC! Yeah I liked it. Way to many things to discuss, but one theory that might have been answered was that Richard Alpert is a survivor and slave from the Black Rock. In LA X 2 FLocke said to Richard the line “I ‘m glad to see you got out of those chains”. After hearing that I couldn’t help but think of the shackled skeletons we saw in the hull of the Black Rock back in seasons 1 & 3.

  23. NuckinFuts says:

    Maybe Sayid is now Juliet…Miles’ expression making more since…now it is “Sayid : Juliet :: Suliet lives! Haha…ugh

  24. Connie in Oregon says:

    More, More, More!! were my words at the final LOST thud that ended this amazing premiere episode! I want more and I don’t want to wait a week!

    A few thoughts:
    Why would Desmond have been in Australia? Why was he off the Island at all? Most of the LAX Losties had some subtle changes: Boone was Shannonless, Hurley actually felt like the LUCKIEST guy in the world (wha’?), Locke supposedly went on the walkabout, Charlie tried to kill himself.

    What is in that ash, and why does it affect the MIB/Smoke Monster?

    Is that fountain-of-youth spring located in the temple the real treasure of the Island that must be kept from be exploited at any cost? Is Jacob the guardian of the spring? Was Widmore planning to come back and exploit the spring’s healing properties?

    What was it that made Juliet certain that “it worked”?

    How long has it been since the MIB last saw Richard? Perhaps a long time since Richard was “in chains” then. Was he a slave, a prisoner? Whatever it was, Richard looked scared spitless when he realized who was occupying John’s body.

    Loved seeing Aaron’s two mommies in the same cab!

    I agree with Jeremy in Rochester that having Jacob as Sayid would be a little worrisome. I think it is entirely possible, but I like Sayid as Sayid.

    Did the water in the spring look like it cleared up right before Sayid came back to life?

    Finally, why did MIB/Locke apologize to Ben about appearing to him like that? Been has had numerous close encounters with Smokie: Ben knew how to release Smokie from under his house, Smokie/Alex threatened to beat the crap out of him if he didn’t listen to Locke, etc. My thought is that Smokie may not have always been MIB or that there is more than one manifestation of the Smoke Monster. Also, Smokie is described by several different people as a security system and not as Jacob’s nemesis.

    Gotta go, Nightline is coming on!

  25. Matt in LA says:

    A land between heaven and hell?

    Wow. What an interesting ride thus far! What other show in recent history has so many people talking about it and trying to figure out the details! A wonderfully shared experience!

    Big question – if Locke is the smoke monster, what was with the mechanical noises?
    And I thought the execs said that the final reveal would NOT be that the people were dreaming – so I hope they have some good explanations for things!

    So – be gentle as this is my first time putting forward a theory but….

    Evil Locke says he wants to go home. Could be:
    Lucifer wanting to return to heaven after a failed attempt to take over and God kicked him out. Now after wandering the earth- he tired of the pathetic existence here in comparison to what he knew in the heavens. (He talks to Ben about their pathetic existence)
    Jacob – like Christ, was betrayed by a friend.
    Then –
    Sayid – has some Christ like images with injured in the side (like Christ when poked by the Roman spear) Sayid comes back to life AFTER an allotted time. (Christ came back after 3 days)
    Sayid was put under the water (like baptism) and was carried out with this hands out like on the cross. He was dead – then came back to life only could it now be Jacob? ie Christ returning to defeat evil?
    It is as if the Island is like a place between Heaven and Hell where the morality play between good and evil, Christ and the Devil is being played out using the lives of those who found themselves stranded there.

    Anyway – just my first thoughts – thanks for reading and it’s fun to figure this out with all of you!!!

  26. ManilaRaf says:

    I give up. No more theories. I’ll go crazy if I try.

    I’m just going to sit back and relax and let the Final Season envelope me like the fluid in a sensory deprivation tank.

    I have some thoughts/comments though (posted also on Yublog):

    1) Where’s Juliet in the “we made it to LAX” world? Miami somewhere married to Zelko?
    2) Did Greg Grunberg voice Seth Norris?
    3) Will we have to rewatch all 5 seasons again to get another perspective on Smokey?
    4) Is THAT why John didn’t get killed by Smokey?
    5) Before Adawale quit, what would have things meant when Smokey didn’t kill him?
    6) Don’t want to bring BSG into this, but has all of this happened before? The “Red Others” seemed to have things down to a T when they found out Jacob was dead.
    7) DWG/UnLocke has only “seen” Richard when he was clapped in irons. Was Richard a slave on the Black Rock?
    8) Where is Christian Sheperd in both worlds?
    Lastly, can Terry O’Quinn conceivably be nominated 3x times for an Emmy for playing Locke, Locke, and UnLocke concurrently?

  27. ManilaRaf says:

    One last last thought.

    Is Sayid the new Ben Linus? Cuz we all know the last time someone with a gunshot wound got brought into the Temple.

  28. Terry Partoni says:

    Regarding the discussion between Bram & Ilana in “The Incident” about Frank’s potential as a “candidate,” it appears that they were seeking a vessel for Jacob’s spirit, a bill that Sayid is now filling quite aptly… Or not…

  29. Alisha says:

    I see that a lot of you are commenting about Sayid’s voice being different after he “comes back to life”. Before Sayid was taken into the water we are told that there could be side effects so I don’t believe that any of you are wrong in suggesting that something is different about Sayid.

  30. Yann From France says:

    I didn’t remember if I told you that Jacob was keeping AJ on Island to prove him wrong before sending him to the real world where he would decide not to play god. Well, now it has been made quite clear.
    And AJ told you all exactly what I told you long ago: Poor sad and manipulable John Locke! (After trying to manipulate Eko)
    Well… Answers are coming! That is totally awsome!
    Now what I want to know is: what happen when a child murderer gets revive in the Temple and loose is “innocence”? Sayid is going to be awesome! And Ben/Sayid is going to be something now!
    Ok, new prediction (since all those I did seems to fit! except when they send fake Comic Con stuff that prevent me from finding out what I should keep into account :D): 4 8 15 16 23 42. If whatever happened happened on Island then it means the numbers in this universe are still correct. The end of the world is still coming really fast.
    Now my big theory on what is happening this season: they are doing flashsideways to help us see what is going in the new universe and how our characters are developping (good bad whatever… but they are still somewhere in our world), we are going to developpe emotionnal connections toward them because on the Island universe they are going to fight and kill AJ to prevent him from being released appound our world (where he would be a god) but by doing so they will have to die (and probably even bring destruction to this whold universe).
    So the end is going to be very emotional because we will see them sacrifice for all of us and see that they are still alive (or not) and well in our universe somewhere.

  31. ManilaRaf says:

    More thoughts after hanging out in a LOST chat. Some of these aren’t mine but came up in chat.

    -If the numbers aren’t bad/bad luck why would Hurley have them since their being bad is why he got them form Leonard in the first place.
    -If the island is underwater or was “moved” there in 197x, how could there be a tower broadcasting the numbers in 1988 for Sam Toomey & Leonard to hear them and eventually getting to Hurley
    -Screencaps show that WAS the Dharma-logoed shark in the underwater island shot
    -Was Charlie choking on the Heroin in a rear lavatory vs a forward lavatory in the Pilot?
    -So where does this leave Inman? Desmond never being on the island means he’s alive? Or did he never make it on-island?
    -Funny how Jack actually needed a pen this time (vs Boone suggesting it and jack not taking him seriously in the Pilot)
    -The Temple Spring. Does it just heal the injured (Ben)? Or can it reanimate the dead (Sayid)? Is that why Christian and Claire are walking around?
    -Or are “Claire” and “Christian” corporeal forms of the Man In Black, them being in “Jacob’s Cabin” where MIB was imprisoned behind a salt line?

  32. Lydia says:

    Christian Shephard’s coffin & body: did we follow its voyage to the bottom of the ocean to settle at the foot of the temple? Is that how it got lost from flight 815? Did it flash out of the plane during turbulence much like how some of the O6 ended up in 1974 when they were on the Ajira flight? So maybe that underwater scene is not actually 2004.

  33. ManilaRaf says:

    Okay, one more thing.

    The “never crashed-made it to LAX” timeline is 2004.
    The Ajira-Crash/back from the 70s group are both in 2007. (Note the fireworks)

    Will the two timelines meet? Or what happens in the LAX 2007?

  34. ManilaRaf says:


    Didn’t the Oceanic Guy in LAX say the coffin was never loaded onto the plane? Or am I mistaken?

  35. Yann From France says:

    -If it is an alternate universe: If Hurley is never had nothing bad happening to him, he never went to psychiatry. Thus the numbers he played never came from the hospital.
    -Neither Leonard nor Desmond came upon the transmission or the Island because the Island had sink during their time line. So either Desmond succeded his race or maybe Hawkin in his universe never discouraged him to marry Penny and maybe he is married with her now (do I see a ring for a plit second???)
    _The sharks existed before the big universe changer which was the Atomic Bomb. The Island probably sink around that time (remember what Faraday said in 1954: In the futur the Island is still here because the bomb has not exploded… Well now it did!)

  36. Stubble says:

    I think that the timeline split when Juliet made a choice to hit Jughead. In the alternative universe she was successful, the bomb went off, which sunk the island and the plane landed. In the regular universe the bomb didn’t go off, the plane crashed, and the Losties flashed back to 2007.

  37. Geoff Gentry (xforce11) says:

    I have lot’s of questions. One why did Kate not associate taking Sayid to the temple with taking Ben to the temple. If I where her I would have protested. If it did that to Ben what would it do to Sayid. Second is our Japanese temple leader subordinate to Richard or is he a leader equal to Ben and under Jacob. My theory is that he never leaves the temple area and is the leader there. He is subordinate to Jacob and technically to the island leader (whomever that is at the time.

  38. Danie says:

    More confused than ever. Still not sure what to think of the premiere. Had low expectations going in with all the timeline reset talk. Was very pleasantly surprised to see Desmond on the plane! Really hope the book he was reading was not “A Tale of Two Cities” as I still have fears that he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Like many others, I thought Juliet’s second death scene was redundant–but my guess is that she is now “flashing” like Des and one can hope she was meeting Sawyer for the first time in the “alternate timeline” and suggesting they get coffee. The puzzle foremost on my mind right now is the whole Eko storyline. If MIB is Smokey, why all the machinations at the end of Season 2 to get Eko to keep pushing the button. Or is it possible that was not Smokey/MIB and instead was Jacob speaking in dreams? Was Eko killed by MIB/Smokey then for following Jacob’s orders to keep pushing the button? So, how many millions of people are suffering the new epidemic of headache and insomnia casually referred to as Lostitis?

    DVR’d the Nightline so I am looking forward to the Transmission shout-out. Congrats Ryan and Jen!

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    Why would Richard go to the trouble of “saving” Ben if Ben isn’t reallly Ben, same with Sayid? You aren’t saving them if they are taken over by another “spirit”.

    Thoughts about the MIB- When have you seen him do anything evil. In the Season 5 finale, he seems weary and disgusted with Jacob for bringing people to the island. If MIB and Smokey are the same thing, realize that Smokey has only killed people that smokey has judged as being bad. In the temple Smokey gave Bram and his men the option of leaving unharmed and they shot at him first.

    It seems to easy that Smokey is the bad guy and Jacob is the good guy, the “good guys” aka the others have been kidnapping children, torturing people, killing people all in the name of Jacob.

    Maybe Jacob is the one fooling everyone. I am not sure how this is going to work out but I am not assuming anything at this point. During one of the official Lost Podcasts towards the end of season 4 or 5, Carlton and Damon were listing off if characters were good or not and when they said Jacob, they said “not”. I have to go back and find that podcast.

    @Jen – I have to agree with you, not sure about how I feel about these two timelines. There was a lot of change in one episode and I have to get used to all of it.

  40. Carol from Boston says:

    Whoops, sorry if that podcast remark was a spoiler, I can’t go back and edit!! Sorry no caffeine yet, it is 8:30 am and I was up late trying to figure out Lost.

  41. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    Ughhh, bla phooey! More lost than ever! Please Ryan and Jen, don’t eat, sleep, go to the bathroom or even get a drink of water! I neeeeed you guys now! Podcast Podcast Podcast!!!

  42. Thom with an H says:

    I believe that Juliet experienced her life in the alternate timeline right before her death. I truly expect that we will see an episode (perhaps even the last episode?) where she is reunited with Sawyer and asks him our for a coffee… and even offers to go dutch.

    Which then begs the question, can one reunite with the other timeline through death? Will each of the Losties have to die in order to join with the consciousness of their counterparts who landed at LAX?

    I’m not a big fan of the alternate timeline, but if somehow these two worlds begin to meet, you’ll have me hook, line and sinker.

  43. Yann From France says:

    @Danie: MIB was looking for bodies to use to manipulate someone into killing Jacob. He first meet John who is really nice to manipulate but the problem is: he is not a killer. So when he meets the penitent Eko and the body of his dead brother on Island he thought he had the best person to manipulate into killing. Unfortunaly for him Eko rebelled against his brother and so got killed by Smokey because he was now useless. During that time in season2 John was lost. MIB had to go back to using John during season3 (starting by a dream telling him go get Eko back! I need him! (and Eko rebelled later so that why the “Island” wanted him back and killed him moments later))…
    The “you got to kill your father” test to prove that you are the leader, and the leader being the only one that can see Jacob (a way to protect him, that unfortunally for him was “loopholed” by Ben’s returned) prove that the decision of who is the next leader has been manipulated by MIB since a long time.

  44. Yann From France says:

    Jacob DO send lists! They are on the Ankh List! (that’s why he asked their names)
    And when you are on the List, you need to be protected (thus taken by the Others on Island and brought to the Temple!)

  45. Ernie says:

    Thanks again for the season 3 re-watch. It really helped make the break from Lost palletable.

    You’ve already mentioned the possiblity that Jacob is inhabiting Sayid. I jumped to the same conclusion. It seems to fit, but time will tell.

    Other bits that caught my attention.

    Jack says to John Locke. “Nothing is irreversable”. I think this is the writers talking to us more than it’s Jack talking to Locke. What this means in terms of the upcoming plot is hard to say.

    Desmond disappears on a plane. On the surface this doesn’t seem odd, but given how Desmond has jumped through time and always been special, I believe his sudden abesnse and the fact that Rose did not seem is also ‘special’. I’m not sure how, but I believe this is important.

    I am convinced the two timelines will connect, but I do not know how. Theories?


  46. Russell in Raleigh says:

    Did Juliette’s re-death remind anyone else of Austin Powers. I kept waiting to hear her cry out from the rubble. “I’m not quite dead yet. I’m just very badly burned.”

  47. Carol from Boston says:

    @yann – just when I think of a theory, you come up with a better one. I am more confused than ever.

    @ernie- I agree, somehow it will all converge at the end.

    Have to join real life now and go about my day.

    Can’t wait for the podcast.

  48. Zhami says:

    ManInBlack (who I still would like to call Esau) is not using John Locke’s body, because John Locke’s body is lying in the sand by the large crate. So, if Jacob has similar powers, he doesn’t need Sayid’d dead body as a vessel. I wouldn’t take the voice difference (yet) to mean anything, after all, if one was just drowned, then there would be a need to clear the air passage. Only Miles knows for sure.

    The Sideways universe/timeline/whatevva holds some significant “departures” from the original flight 815. And if its departures are different, then its arrival isn’t the same. It’s not the same flight. The seating isn’t the same. The view out the window isn’t the same.

    My curiosity and number of questions has exploded. The answers we have been given are of trivial things. So, we now know what’s in the guitar case. But more curiously: what was the content of the note? How could Sensei Other be convinced by it that it was legitimately from Jacob. He asks their names. Another list, I suppose. Lists. They’ve always been important to the show.

    Will we see a number of different sidelines, or will the one alternate story we have sen so far continue. Darlton can’t just stop telling it: they need to either continue that one side story through to its end (the end of the season/show), or tell a different sideline story each week. Which will it be?

    Nothing is Irreversible Whatever Happened Happened
    I believe that once you open the Pandora’s box of time travel, anything is possible. Not in reality, but in storytelling. I presently can not conceive a single timeline that accounts for all that we have seen. WMHHMHH = “What Might Have Happened, Might Have Happened.” On Lost, anything might have happened.

    At this point, I have suspended efforts to concoct an overarching theory. To me, Lost (the show) is a mighty adventure ride full of sharp twists and sudden drops, and being raised to lofty heights from where we glimpse incomplete but breathtaking vistas.

    To me, the only question framework that I ponder within is where will Darlton steer this as storytellers so that we, the fans, are not eminently let down at the end. I, for one, do not expect An Answer, let alone all the loose ends tied together.

    My question for you: before S6X2 reveals the answer: will we see yet another Flight 815 alternate reality, or will we see a continuation of the one we have already started down?

    Enjoy the Ride!

  49. Yann From France says:

    @Ernie: Jack was the only one to see Desmond. Like Hugo is the only one to see dead people. And Jack is the only one who seems to notice that something is “strange”. Maybe Jack dreamed Desmond. But that seems pretty unlikely.
    I already posted a theory about Desmond but I am pretty sure that he is well aware about what is going on. Since how important these guys have been to him for 2 “lifes” I am not surprise he would have wanted to be part of their flight if he could (and he could since he has not wreaked on the sink Island in this dimension). (Can someone with a highdef video tell me if he wears a wedding ring visible only a split second when he raises to let Jack pass back to his seat)

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