Next: “Some Like It Hoth” (Episode 5×13)

After aligning herself with the minority in being disappointed in last week’s episode, Jen said tonight that she loved “Some Like It Hoth.” We both agreed it was hardly a deep, rich exploration of characters and mythology. It was a generous helping of fan fodder, chock full of little epiphanies and truly golden one-liners to keep us grinning throughout. Wrapped in the comfortable and traditional flashback structure, we finally get some of Miles’ backstory. We cross a few items off the “mystery” checklist. We get a glimpse of the coming “war” and the likely collapse of our survivors’ DHARMA ruse. And at the closing thud, Dan Faraday returns, likely with a hell of a story to tell… in two weeks.

First, the fun stuff. The unlikely buddy team of Hurley and Miles was as great as we’d imagined (and as was hinted during the time travel debate a couple of weeks ago). Miles was the straight man, but still wickedly wry. And Hurley was in top form. From stopping global warming to pre-writing “The Empire Strikes Back,” from possibly bringing us the closest to a “fart joke” we’ve ever seen on this show to his gleeful meddling between Dr. Chang and Miles, Jorge Garcia has never been more funny, and perfectly in sync with “LOST” fans. Was it a bit much? A touch of pandering? Jen doesn’t think so… though I can see how a grumpier fan looking for more forward motion might have felt a bit annoyed.

I thought Miles’ journey was well presented, though necessarily compressed. Tortured by his ability as a child, he grew to exploit it. He was also, like just about everyone on “LOST,” simmering with daddy issues. (Jen and I agreed, young punk Miles was wonderfully depicted.) Bram’s pitch in the black van didn’t penetrate his armor, but Hurley’s “Star Wars” metaphor at the DHARMA van did. And the scene where he sees his father reading to him was powerful. Dr. Chang has consistently been depicted as a grouch (and a “douche”), a reputation that even guarded Miles must have been familiar with. So to suddenly see him genuinely happy, perhaps only when he’s with baby Miles, said a lot. When Dr. Candle comes out to tell older Miles that he needs him? When Miles’ voice falters? Yeah, they got me.

Did Dr. Candle throw his wife and son out, or off the island? I’m thinking no. Perhaps she fled with baby Miles. But from what?

As for the reveals? They were doled out with great efficiency. Miles is Dr. Chang’s infant son. It’s possible to see yourself in the past (but physical contact may still be a problem). Miles wanted $3.2 million from Ben as he was trying, for the second time, to double his money from Widmore. Widmore was genuinely investigating the faked plane wreckage… though whoever was behind it is still unclear. And is that mysterious person or group behind trying to talk Miles out of joining Naomi’s expedition? Because that entity is also behind Ilana’s mission in 2007 (linked by the brilliantly-named Bram).

“The Reconstituted DHARMA Initiative” of the futurepresent is as good a theory as any.

It was a fun ride. But the path ahead looks to be a deliciously treacherous one. First of all, Kate is back to form, flapping her gums and toppling the first domino of doubt that’ll likely lead to our survivors’ expulsion from the DHARMA Initiative. And, yes, Daniel Faraday is back, returning from Ann Arbor as a Swan-assigned DHARMA scientist. How and why he ended off island will be almost as interesting to explore as what he’s ultimately up to. We only know he arrived, broken, in Othersville in 1974, and sometime later got inside The Orchid just as the frozen wheel was discovered. Is he trying to change something? We’re told “whatever happened, happened,” but if anyone’s going to break that particular rule, it’s him.

  • Favorite Hurley moment? His interaction with Dr. Chang where they discus polar bear feces. Favorite Hurley line? “It all could have been avoided if they just… communicated.” No truer words are there for “LOST” — or for just about any dramatic story.
  • I can’t wait for Jack to find his moment, to be “activated” a la Ilana… because his shuffling around is seriously getting on my nerves. The scene where he delivers his intel to Sawyer then quietly walks out left me scratching my head. And his defense of Kate to Roger was pretty weak. What could he have said to chill Roger out? How about, “She had a son, but lost him. She doesn’t ever want to talk about it. She just feels deeply for Ben, and for you.”
  • Lots of numbers in this episode, including (finally) the numbers, being stamped into the hatch. There was the $1.6 and $3.2 million, of course, and the 3:16 on the microwave in the opening scene. Mr. Vonner was found dead in apartment four. They also clearly showed Miles’ older, bedridden mother lived in apartment 7… but earlier it seemed as if she came running from an apartment a few doors down from apartment 104.
  • Music was prominent in this episode, too. Albert Hammond’s “It Never Rains In Southern California” and Captain & Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Plus a reference to Miles Davis. Dr. Chang loves country (hence “Shotgun Willie” in the opening scene of Season 5).
  • Locations: The apartment complex and the taco stand are both in Aiea, makai of Pearlridge, next to Pearl Kai Shopping Center.

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  1. Knives Monroe says:

    Hopefully we’re getting a Miles centric episode… Ken Leung is such a great actor, so I suspect this episode to be awesome!

  2. Do we have a definitive meaning for “Hoth?” Some posters have been goofing about Hurley and the Star Wars premiere in 77. Is he going to make a reference to the ice planet in another pop culture/deep philosophical debate with Miles? Or does Hoth have another meaning?

  3. TVSciFi says:

    1. a blind god; misled by Loki he kills Balder by throwing a bough of mistletoe
    (synonym) Hothr, Hoder, Hodr
    (hypernym) Norse deity

  4. Melissa (in Cleveland) says:

    I have to say that this is officially my favorite Lost episode title of all time. 🙂

    I don’t even care if they actually tie it into the episode, I just love the reference to my fav of the Star Wars movies, Empire Strikes Back!

  5. Lorne says:

    I’ve never seen Some Like it Hot, but isn’t it famous for Tony Curtis in dressing up in drag?
    Maybe Ben in women’s clothing this week?

  6. greenberry says:

    ha ha — yes, two men disguise as women to escape gangsters and they buddy up with sexy marilyn

  7. Stefani from Mass says:

    If HOTH is a norse god, does this tie into Miles Straum being a play on words to the norse Maelstrom?

    As a Star Wars afficianado, of course, I hope it’s referencing the 1977 premiere. But since it seems to be Miles-centric, I’m thinking it’s not.

  8. Knives Monroe says:

    I really hope its a star wars reference. I find it amusing how we all have a different kind of expectation regarding this episode. I think in that respect, this makes this episode very unique. 🙂

  9. Rob says:

    Maybe “Hoth” is the Artic listening station from the season finale of season 2…

  10. EricFromOhio says:

    Best Quote:

    Hurley to Miles…”You’re just jealous, ‘cuz my power’s better than your’s.”

    I love this show.

  11. Lorne says:

    Cool ep. The statue line keeps confusing me, cause at that point in time, the statue is just a foot, but I’m going to throw “Jacob’s grave” as the answer to the question.

    Miles and Hurley sure do have a nice back and forth chemistry on screen.

  12. Glenn - Just curious says:

    Again, this season is just too good to start comparing eppy’s. Another good show, not mind blowing…and they always have good reveals at the end.

    Hurley has a great idea…Lucas will be looking for a sequel – brilliant!!!

  13. Glenn - Just curious says:

    Its the Orchid that lies in the shadow of the statue, as a said last week. I wasn’t convinced though that it was the DI until now.

  14. Denise says:

    I think Miles as teenage Miles was excellent. He really seemed younger and watching his back story was really interesting. The episode moved a little slow, but I still enjoyed it. I’m chomping at the bit for some more about the polar bears!! Watching Daniel come out of the sub was fantastic! I was all pumped up for the De Groots and then he totally surprised me!

  15. Anthony from Tn says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. i thought it was better than last weeks. I loved the Hurley and Miles stuff. I can’t wait until the next episode, they just keep getting better with each new episode, loved the podcast keep up the great work.

  16. “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” If you believe Dharma then this statue at Ann Arbor? Karen DeGroot and Gerald DeGroot link?

  17. Fernando says:


    I have mixed feelings about this episode.
    Another male character with daddy issues; so what?
    But the fact that the lies about young Ben’s disappereance are falling apart seems to be the road for a great season finale. I think that is the road we are headed for: our Losties will be forced to escape Dharmaville. Or the background on the “incident” Marvin Candle has mentioned in the Dharma Initiative Orientation videos from previous seasons could be the scenario for the season finale. Either way, exciting things to come. But the episode did feel like filling, not much substance.
    And the ending: did we know that Dan Faraday was not on the island? then, why did he return enlisted as a new Dharma scientist?

    Namasate, for now.

  18. Tristan says:

    Hey guys. Long time, first time (sort of) etc. The only thing I can say: what an amazing episode!

    I’m fairly sure this entire episode was solely for the purpose of pleasing us hardcore fans to bits, and it most definitely worked! Hurley/Miles is the best team-up on the show since Charlie/Hurley. The two characters are so awesome together!

    Seeing an emotional side to Miles was good, the second to last scene even moreso, but the last scene was incredible. Daniel’s first appearance since LaFleur is something I’ve been waiting for for a while, and it paid off!

    Then, of course, there’s Star Wars. If Hurley’s book wasn’t enough, his analogies at the end? Amazing.

    I wouldn’t call this the best of the season (LaFleur gets that honour), but I’ll safely say I’m putting it just on top of Dead is Dead and Jughead on my list.

    Looking forward to the next episode, unfortunately a week off, but I’m sure it’ll be paid off in a Daniel-centric episode.

    Thanks guys,


  19. Rabbit15 says:

    Great episode! Not my favorite, but it had many fantastic moments:

    1.) FINALLY someone in this show addressed the problem of communication between people. Hurley became my hero tonight when he brought up the fact that many problems can be avoided if people just talked to each other. I know this has been discussed earlier on the show as being true for previous seasons and I think it continues to be a main theme of the show.

    2.) The bit with Miles’ abduction raises so many questions about whose battle this is and how many sides there are. Were these Ben’s people or is there another “team”? If they were Ben’s men, you’d think that they would have had the money to buy off Miles.

    5.) Jen, you were probably feeling like the universe was coming back into order-another stupid Kate blunder!

    4.) Ken Leung did a great job. Never thought that we’d see him this emotional. He really pulled it off.

    5.) I was sooo relieved when I found out that the “reveal” of Pierre as Miles’ father was not going to be the “thud” moment at the end. I was going to kill the writers if that was the case. But, true to Lost’s amazingness, I was not disappointed.

    6.) Now we know where the 3.2 million comes from!

    Awesome podcast! Keep up the great work!

  20. Lorne says:

    Numbers time: 3:16 on the clock at the start, 3:17 on the tape machine, aptments 4 and 7, but the numbers were brought back on the hatch door.
    Something’s happening with the numbers.

  21. Nana says:

    Well, great episode….wiith loads of answers and some burnin’ questions…
    Why 3,2 mill? check
    How Miles ended up in freighter? check
    Is Miles Chen’s kid? check
    So Miles was the baby in the opening scene and in the Comicon vid
    Why does he hear dead people? Still no answer
    Bram is working for Widmore? Nope
    Who does he work for? Still no clue…the DI, Hawkins?
    Where is Dan? check Ann Arbour
    Is Phil a douche? Yes
    Was Widmore behind the 815 cover up? Yes
    Not bad for one episode and sinces its past 3 am here I’m sure I missed something
    Right now I wanna know..who is Bram, what’s with the statue and it’s shadow, how is it connected to being “ready” to go to the island and who is his team!?
    Did they try and disuade all freighter people? Not Michael from what we saw….so why Miles?
    Why did Candle kick the wife and son out? I suspect to protect them…but from what? And why didn’t he leave too? Did Miles and Charlotte leave together?
    What the hell was Dan up to in Ann Arbour?How did he get into DI?
    Did Hurley write the Empire returns?

    Liked it…a lot!

    Two weeks to wait now….noooooooooooooooo!

  22. patricia says:

    But I was a bit confused by the people who kidnapped Miles…the guy who ended up on 316. Is there a third group we don’t know about he is fronting for?

  23. John Fischer says:

    Wow. It’s easy to dismiss this episode as just a fun romp with Miles and Hurley through the jungle, but it was so much more than that.

    We learned a lot. The main thing we learned is that Iliana and Brant are not working for Widmore. It seems we may be seeing the members of the reconstituted Dharma Initiative ready to take revenge on the Others.

    It was really neat to see the beginnings of the Orchid and especially the Swan stations. Clearly weird things happen at the Swan, as evidenced by the poor guy whose metal filling flew out of his tooth and killed him. I have to believe that this has something to do with Jughead being buried at the location of the Swan.

    We now add another character who has major Daddy Issues – i.e. Miles. You have to wonder why his mother and he left the island when he was a child.

    We also know why this episode was called “Some Like It Hoth.” Another great kudo by the Lost writers to Star Wars. How funny would it be if Hurley did write the sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope?

    It looks like Sawyer and his friends will have some “Splaining to do” now that he and Kate have been caught on video. How long can they hide that other security guy who they tied up?

    So, Daniel has been off in Ann Arbor with the Dharma scientists. How did they know he was a scientist? I don’t even remember how he was introduced to the Dharma folks back in 1974. Did we ever see him in the 1974 Dharma camp?

    I was pleased to see that Jack had some semblance of reasonability in this episode. He calmly handled his limited role.

    I guess we now know why Miles wanted Ben to pay him 3.2 million dollars. He wanted to match the money that Ben’s enemies were willing to pay him. Kinda neat that Widmore offered 1.6 million which ties into the numbers.

    We also now know that Widmore definitely planted the fake plane and bodies in the Sundra Trench as Miles told us when he spoke to the body in the restaurant.

    So, what may have seemed like a pretty innocent episode had so much information.

  24. Pete says:

    Cool “buddy film” dynamic between Miles and Hurley.

  25. Knives Monroe says:

    At the risk of sounding uber emotional, it’s my embarrassing yet embracing admission to say that I really related to Ken Leung’s character Miles. I will not lie, this is the first moment in season 5 that made me cry. I’m a man I can admit it. Truthfully, seeing Peirre Chang holding baby Miles with Miles tearing up in the background is such an amazing image.
    Only Lost can make that happen!
    What a fun episode. It really elevated the tension and also raised the tension at the same time!
    Well Jen, I’m sure the hair and make-up department redeemed themselves with the work they did with teenage Miles. I nearly jumped out of my seat, I was like, ‘wow that actor looks just like Ken Leung!’
    Kid Miles was so darn cute! What a horrific sight to see your young boy talking to the dead, I really fell into that. Dang.

    Hugo ofcourse, stole the show, I wont lie! I would also be writing the screenplay for Empire Strikes Back. lol Its worth a try.

    Communication really would solve alot of problems and fixes things!

    It was great to see Naomi, and it was awesome to see how Miles got on board with her. Money money money.

    WTF lies in the center of that darn statue!!!!!!!!!!!! Something tells me it can be talking about something else entirely and not our 4 Toed Beauty. It could be the Statue of Liberty as far as I’m concerned!

    This is my favourite B characters story of this season, and from past seasons. I didn’t really care about, Juliet, Sawyer, Jack and Kate in this episode really. Hugo, Peirre, and Miles had a much intriguing story.

    Thats some strong magnetism! Yanking out a filling, man thats gonna give me nightmares!

    THE SWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh man, we just saw the NUMBERS being imprinted on the f’ing hatch!! Wow!
    From season one to that! How incredible!

    Oh man, I can go on and on. I’ll wait for the episode to go online @ and then I’ll give a even more elaborate review and possibly theories.

    All in all. I didn’t think this was a weak episode. It asked as many questions as it answered. And we finally got to see some much deserved Miles backstory which was really fullfilling!

    I would say it was better than The Little Price, Whatever Happened, Namaste, and The Lie.

    But thats just me!

    What a fun episode!



    WHERE THE HECK IS SAYID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????


  26. Fernando says:

    Has anybody ever visited this website:

    The more I read it and explore it, the more sense it makes. If you carefully read the Rules sections in each Level for the game (especially the ones for Level Five and the “Time Out” info), you will come to the conclusion that Level Five is about to be completed: all the Losties in Dharmaville will get to work together for the greater good, all characters are being reset to their original roles, and most importantly, we have heard plenty of references to the “two days” that have passed since the Oceanic Six returned to the island (The two days that were missing for the completion of Level five).
    I know what I just said will sound confusing to many of you, but again, if you visit that site and explore it in detail, it will make sense.

    EricFromOhio you are right. That was the best line of the episode!
    Hurley to Miles…”You’re just jealous because my power is better than yours” Priceless!

  27. HAM in MO says:

    What a great episode!
    I loved the look Miles gave Pierre when he said that he liked country music, that was a classic.

    I am not convinced that Ilana and Co are working for the new D.I.
    How did Brent know that Miles was going to work for Widmore?

    Another bad wig sighting: Naomi’s wig

    I loved it when Sawyer knocked Phil out, he needed that about two episodes ago.

  28. bit.bucket says:

    “You can talk to dead people … I can talk to them too.”

    ”You’re just jealous, ‘cuz my power’s better than your’s.”

    Hurly had the too best lines in the show.

    Very glad to see Daniel back!

    And my wife and I loved seeing the Rainbow Drive-In again.

  29. bit.bucket says:

    Sorry, “two”, not “too”

  30. So who are the Miles abducting guys in the A-team van?
    I reconize the one guy from last week but have no idea who he’s workin for.

  31. Cuedblu says:

    A fun episode with Miles and Hurley yet again playing off of each other. The two are a modern day Oscar and Felix! Yet, even with the fun, a lot was revealed.

    Was I the only one who was expecting to see the DeGroot’s come out of the sub?

    It’s now apparent that, despite fan speculation, Charlotte’s body did not disappear during the last flash to 1977 because she already existed there as a young girl. With Miles seeing his baby self, the writers have now blatantly told us what they hinted at when Locke traveled back during the FDW skipping to see the light in the sky from the night he was banging on the hatch – two different ‘versions’ of the same person can exist in the same time-space. The question, of course, remains: what happens if we don’t heed Pierre Chang’s video blooper warning and the different versions interact or touch?

    I’m going to reiterate my speculation from a few weeks back that I think a lot of the mysteries of the island will be explained in a Season 6 Richard Alpert flashback episode. It’s coming – the writers have so much to explain about RA and seeing the island through his eyes would be an ‘insider’s view’ to its history.

  32. Carol says:

    Myles and Hurley = Great comedy! Love those two together. I also love the fact that sometimes we go crazy trying to figure out hidden meanings of everything and the Hoth reference was really Star Wars related. Also loved the Luke/arm reference wonder how it relates to the Pierre/arm mystery?

    Also note the Easter Egg in the classroom, where they are learning about Egyptians. Damon and Carlton also made a reference to the Egyptians in their video podcast before the season started, they said the island was old and the heiroglpyics pointed to it being around during Egyptian times. I definitely think Egypt is the key here.

    I can’t believe we have to wait two weeks for a new episode!

  33. Michael281 says:

    This episode was so much better than last week’s.

    Faraday is back! So he snuck off the island and then came back as a scientist? Hmmm…

    So… the third faction. Brand was the guy in the truck who spoke to Miles. And now he’s on the beach with Ilana on a mission. Very cool. I’m still not digging the secret password business, but hopefully that’ll make more sense in time. Are these the Dharma people trying to make a return? Maybe. My wife’s thinking that the third faction might be Elloise Hawking. That makes some sense. She was another important person who left the island although we don’t really know why she’d want to go back. She has an edge that she knows about the time travel business and Ben and Widmore don’t seem to know as much. She also knows about Desmond. Is this how he’ll get back to the island? What if she needs Desmond for her bizarre purposes? Faraday knows about him too and he knows about his “mom”. Could he have sent Desmond to her NOT to tell his mom anything but so she would now know where Desmond is? She’d already made arrangements to get her people on the Ajira plane. So what if she wants Desmond on the plane too? She wouldn’t want him seen. She might have had to take him by force. And his unique time travel nature might cause a problem if he was subjected to the same time displacement as the Oceanic 6 when they returned. So he’s packed safely inside that big crate. Wouldn’t that make for a great end of episode shocker? The crate is opened to reveal Desmond inside?

  34. Rob from IL says:


    Even after all the Hurley banter, asking Miles’ Dad about his wife and son while the “real” or “another” Miles is sitting right next to him….nothing beat the Ewok slam!!!

    If I ever get a chance to sit down and watch the original trilogy with Jorge Garcia, my dreams will be fulfilled! 🙂

    Thanks Hugo!!!

    The only other thing I got out of the episode was that the apartment complex that Miles went to live at with his Mom looked exactly like apartment complex that Ralph Maccio went to in Karate Kid. The pool, the doors where Mr. Myagi lived!! It had it all!

    What a show!!!!!

  35. Lauren from Parma says:

    @ John Fisher: I was wondering same thing about Daniel, like have we seen him with the Dharma camp yet.

    I think he was in the initial episode when Sawyer and Juliette killed the hostiles and I remember Daniel saying something like “there’s Charlotte,” when she was a little girl.

  36. Scott in Chicago says:

    What a fantastic episode!!

    First of all, it was awesome seeing Felix getting knocked out by Sawyer…I agree, this should have happened long before this episode.

    Who was the guy that was killed and how does his death relate to the overall storyline? Anybody? He apparently was one of the black overall wearing crew. Or was he?

    As for the people who picked up Miles, since we know that they, and apparently, Ilana are not working for Whitmore. Who are they looking for? Could they be a reorganized DI that is out for revenge? Could these people be working for Daniel?

    Speaking of Daniel, how is he connected to the University of Michigan crew?

    How long can Sawyer and Juliet really keep and tied up Felix in their house?

    You know a great episode of Lost when it leaves you asking for more.

    Oh, did anyone else find it interesting that the Workman Jack was washing off the classroom lesson on Ancient Egypt??

    I look forward to reading everyone else’s postings and listening to the podcast!!

  37. Moni says:

    I really liked this episode and felt like the writers are leading us to a great finale for the season, I feel that it has to be leading us toward the “incident” and that our Losties play a major role! Love your podcast!!

  38. Scott in Chicago says:

    @Carol – We don’t have to wait two weeks…next week’s episode is called, “The Story of the Oceanic 6” or “The Variable”. In two weeks is the 100th episode called, “Follow The Leader.”

  39. Melissa says:

    Loved it! Hoth actually referred to Hoth, as in the Empire Strikes Back (best of the SW movies, of course). How do you spell Bounty Hunter? That was too cool. Love love love hurley.

    Miles playing the straight man to Hurley is comedy genius. I love these writers and actors.

    Poor Kate messed things up again. Juliet and her “I just got back and he’s gone” acting was impressive. As was her ability to turn it off immediately after Ben’s Dad left the room.

    So worried about what is to come. But having Daniel return somehow makes it all feel like it’s going to be ok. Sure, it’s not, but still.

  40. I don’t think Pierre really kicked out Miles and his Mom. I have a feeling that he lied to save them from something he knew would happen on the island. Or perhaps after The Incident? It was the scene where Miles is watching Pierre reading a book to Baby Miles. Pierre just seemed so in love with being a dad and playing with his son, giving him little kisses and enjoying their time together. The fact that the writers showed us that tender scene between father and son leads me to believe that Pierre left them against his will, or possibly for their own good. But why?

  41. OG says:

    @ Michael281

    This ep was better than Dead is dead???????? R we all watching the same show?

  42. arbitrary says:

    I think the initial apt young Miles found the dead guy in was apt 108, since the one he and his mum were looking at was 104 and they ran past a few..

    Loved the ep, it’s one of the nice changes of pace Lost can achieve in what some would call ‘filler’ episodes, but this one had lots of little nuggets in it. I wasn’t expecting to see Faraday but am glad the ‘he’s not with us’ line previously really meant he just wasn’t with them in Dharmaville anymore. And now he’s back, yay. But is he wearing a tie under that jumpsuit? Important questions!!

    And yes, the Star Wars references really rocked, showed that Hurley has been thinking a lot about time travel and how to use it best 🙂

  43. mike says:

    Julie I believe that the reason why Pierre leaves his family is because of old Miles. I think old Miles confronts Pierre about his relationship to him and devulges the truth about their time travel. Since Pierre is the brains behind tgeOrchid Station, he will understand and be forced to save his family and defend the DI from the others.

  44. mike says:

    I’m not sure why everyone keeps saying how the first 3 saesons where so slow paced and they lie how these last two have been so well paced. I disagree. This episode was classic season two Lost at its best. Perfectly paced, well organized and kept the show moving from scene to scene with a classic Lost-style cliffhanger ending. This episode reminds me exactly why I love this show, period. Back to it’s roots. Loved it!

  45. HeyKir in NYC says:

    @Laura from Parma
    Yes, that’s the last time we saw Daniel… where has he been these last 3 years?? Verrrrry interesting!

  46. mike says:

    Scott, just to help with your question about the dead guy. That was an important scene because it definitively answers the debate over who was ultimately responsible for the planting of the fake Oceanic Airlines plane in the bottom of the ocean. I believe most fans believed it was Widmore but some speculated it was Ben or maybe someone else. I think this pretty much confined it was Widmore just to close the door on that issue. But it also raises the question afterward when Miles gets captured as to who this other group holds allegence to? Is it Ben? I don’t personally think so. My bet is on another group we don’t know about yet. Maybe it’s Penny? Maybe it’s the NEW Dharma initiative formed by the remnants of the old one with Hanso or possibly even Faraday and mother Hawking? Or, perhaps a combination of all these? Lots of new questions.

  47. Scott in Chicago says:

    Mike, I am not confused by who the guy was with Miles in the restaurant…who was the guy that Miles had to transport in the Dharma van?????

  48. MLE in Colorado says:

    I Love that Knives Monroe and Rich in Cleveland called it up there before the epi aired. I actually enjoy seeing some things that we expect and also having twists thrown in. I agree with several of you that it was fun to watch Miles and Hurley tonight- and Hurley doing what he does best which is play the audience and say the things outloud that we are saying on our couches. Clearly that magnet is so powerful it yanked the tooth with the filling right through that guys brain.

    and why is Kate such a nimwit? It frankly didn’t fit that she would go up to him and talk about something like that- something that big. Poor writing- they should have had it play out differently.

    Man I need a ham and cheese sandwich right now.

    Do you think that the answer to “what Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?” is the same answer as “What did one snowman say to the other?” I wonder.

    @KNives Monroe- I love everything you said…yes to all of it…so cool to see the numbers being placed on the hatch since I just rewatched those episodes.

    Oh and thanks guys for remembering the 3.2 million- I had forgotten that!

    Great show. Love baby miles…my new top job on coolest jobs would be to cast the kids on this show! How fun would that be!

    Thanks for the great Podcast last week- excellent as usual.

  49. Carol says:

    Next week is a glorified “clip” or “catch up” show. That is why the promo said the next all new episode is in two weeks.

    Michael281 I am intrigued by the concept of Mrs. Hawking having her own agenda. Intersting theory.

    Daniel is definitely stuck in 1977, he made the jump with them, but that being said, he also knows how to travel in time with his machine, so what is to stop him from making the time machine again in 1977. Daniel may be the one who really developed the time traveling bunny theory in the Orchid.

    Mike, I agree with you, this felt like a first season episode complete with a flashback. To be honest, I feel that all the time travel caused the viewers to concentrate too much about the rules of time rather than the plotlines themselves.

  50. mike says:

    My bad Scott. That guy I think was there to show the wileird magnetic properties surrounding the Swan Hatch. Idisnt get it at first but later realized that it was the filling in his tooth that killed him and not a gun. I’m guessing the enhanced electromagnetic properties must gave yanked his metal filling through his brain and killed him, to be slightly graphic.

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