Next: “He’s Our You” (Episode 5×10)

“Things begin to unravel when one of the survivors goes rogue and takes matters into their own hands — risking the lives of everyone on the island.” We probably won’t be able to blog our thoughts on tonight’s episode, so you’ll have to wait for the podcast for our take. But we’re very interested in your thoughts and theories. Please post your comments below, e-mail us at, or call the LostLine and leave a voicemail comment at (808) 356-0127.

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  1. MRPEMSTAR says:

    After all these years, Sawyer gets his revenge. Yeah, yeah, I know it looked like he cared.

    I’ll tell you what, all he cared about was HIMSELF and how HE LOOKED to the DHARMA people, he couldn’t give a cr**p about Sayid’s safety or well being.

    After all this, will you Sawyer lover’s “get off your box” and realize that he hasn’t changed at all. Not one bit. ME, ME, ME and his existance, when it comes down to the “core” of James LeFluer/Sawyer/Ford that’s all that really matters HIMSELF period.

    ~ THE Pemstar Initiative ~

  2. Josh in California says:

    after watching this, i’ve realized that i’m just gonna not even think about ideas and theories and just totally enjoy the rest of this series.. this season has yet to disapoint me. I’m just gonna sit back, relax, and be amazed at what the writers do… and of course listen to ryan and jen and jay and jack

  3. Connie in Alaska says:

    Wow, MRPEMSTAR, you seem pretty down on Sawyer. I must admit that I didn’t like seeing him just pace around while Sayid was getting the drug-induced third degree by teepee man.

    However, don’t forget that Sawyer has been at the bad end of a Sayid torturing session himself so there is no love lost there, I’m sure. Also, he has had three years to bond with the DI people and get to know them. He knew the Losties for a little over three months and all they caused him was grief. So I don’t blame him for trying to make the best of a bad situation…save the comfy life he has come to love or save a guy who tortured him.

  4. Luke in California says:

    This will be kind of long, but I wanted to explain how I understand “the rules” as currently set up:

    There is a lot of discussion about the paradox of Ben knowing the 815ers because he knew them as a kid, or calling Sayid a killer because he was shot by Sayid in the ’70s, etc. The show has set up two potential ways of dealing with encounters like this–“The Desmond Way” and “The Charlotte Way.”

    When Daniel first meets Desmond in the 2000s, Desmond doesn’t remember any encounter outside the Hatch years earlier. Only after Daniel jumps back and has that conversation does Desmond actually remember in the present. It’s like they’re both traveling forward on the same path. While Daniel jumps back, Desmond is continuing forward, and only after Daniel jumps is the memory implanted in Desmond. By these rules, Ben’s 2004 encounter with the Losties could well have been the first. However, now that Sayid has made this jump to an earlier place on the path, the 2007 Ben may now have memories of the shooting. Sayid jumps back, while 2007 Ben continues forward. After the jump, present-day Ben will remember the events in the past two episodes.

    The Charlotte Way is different. She told Daniel that she remembered his warning to her as a child, before present-day Daniel had ever been to 1977 Dharmaville. This is, obviously, something of a wrench in the works. Frankly, this is a fairly typical time-travel paradox, comically evident in movies like Bill and Ted–“We’ll just remember to go back and put x there, so y can happen right now,” and y happens. Haven’t jumped yet, but I’m going to, so events can happen now that result from that future jump.

    It gets messy either way; I just hope the writers know what they’re up to.

  5. BennyD says:

    arrrrrrrrggggggggg my head hurts!!!!!!!!!

    Great episode though! I thought sayid was going to die at the end, but then he kills ben! Well i hope he doesn’t kill him cause then there is all this crazy alternate timeline stuff… did i mention my head hurting!??

  6. MrZ says:

    @BennyD: I think it’s a safe bet to assume that Alternate Timelines isn’t exactly what’s going on here. Alternate Timelines would suggest that time paradoxes do not happen, and Faraday–when laying down his “Time Rules”–said that whatever happens has already happened. That is to say, that time and events have already created one singular timeline.

    So what should really be giving you the headache (as it’s given me) is how is the island going to course correct the events in “He’s Our You”. If time is already written in stone, then how is it that young Ben will rise from the dead and become the evil older Ben.

    In time, there’s no alternate timelines unless we’re talking about a machine that can prevent a chrono-paradox.

    Hope this helps the headache.

  7. Ben M says:

    I think that we have no paradox to worry about.

    As it is predefined by the universe, Ben will grow old, and no bullet will kill him at this point. We saw the exact same thing with Locke when Ben shot him and Walt appeared to him.

    He will walk away from this problem.

    The tumor in Ben’s back in season 3 is an indication that Ben’s time is up. He doesn’t miraculously heal, and therefore, he will probably die because the universe demands it. He knows this, and becomes a more desperate man from then onward.

    That being said, when the show ends, there will be holes.

    Who disappears? Who just blacks out? Why would Desmond jump around with the “sickness” without the Flash? etc, etc

    This episode seems to have existed just to wrap up part of the “how did they all get on the plane” question. So, next week I assume we get the Kate and Aaron story during the whole Dharma hoorah.

    THEN, maybe we’ll finally get back to Locke for an episode.

  8. Lovena says:

    Don’t know if young Ben died but if he did, I don’t like it! It doesn’t make any sense…I mean if Sayid is where he is because of older Ben, then by killing young Ben, Sayid is not supposed to be there….in that timeline, that is. So he should cease to exist in that timeline….like Marty McFly and his siblings in “Back To The Future”.

    Oooh, this ep just gave me goose bumps and I cannot wait to see the next ep! hehehehe!

  9. Silandra says:

    Connie in Alaska: the only piece slightly off in your analysis is that when Sayid goes to bust out Hurley, he’s very vocal about telling Hurley that Ben is not to be trusted. So his disillusionment with Ben has to have occurred before the moment on the docks. He may go to Hurley because Ben told him Hurley was in danger, but I don’t think he’s convinced that Ben had nothing to do with it.

  10. Knives Monroe says:

    I have so much to say about this episode, but it wouldnt make any difference. To me, this episode is what LOST is about. I love you Sayid, no matter what….

    Now we know why Ben is f***ed up, pardon my French si vous plait.


  11. Regs says:

    Please blog what you thought of the episode!! I’d love to know what you guys think!

  12. camille says:

    what a strange episode. i didn’t love it or hate it, but must say there was lots of bad acting (ilana’s awful fake accent, the childhood flashback) coupled with scenes we’d already seen (like on the docks) to make me put it on the list of least favorite episodes.

    that said, interesting ending. i am on board with the people who say little ben is not dead and most likely has a spinal related injury. jin is right there and will wake up and take ben to be all healed up (possibly by Jack!). ben’s behaviour in later life might be revenge for what sayeed did coupled with daddy issues.

  13. camille says:

    Things I Noticed/Questions/Theories:

    -Richard and Ben met a year before the Losties showed up in Dharmaville, coincidence? I think not.

    -When did Sawyer explain the time jump to Sayeed? I don’t remember seeing that convo.

    -What is Oldham’s deal?

    -I love that Sayeed was drinking MacCutcheon!

    -Did Sayeed kill Peter Avalino in Guam? I can’t remember.

    -Funny how both Horace and Sawyer say “I got this under control” and it takes little Ben to come and “solve” the Sayeed situation.

    -Why were there so many available water hoses in Dharmaville?

    – Here’s the link to the book Lil’ Ben gives – Sayeed –

  14. Jon From NC says:

    oh yeah thanks stacey i forgot about the degroots lol

  15. Cat says:

    I’m sure that Ben is still alive. Maybe Jack will save him and blow his cover – that would be saving Ben twice which I’m sure would be significant. If I only could remember what Dr. Chang said before about what happens when someone goes back to “Kill Hitler” – I think he said they couldn’t do it which would mean that Sayid can’t go back and kill Ben.

    I’m with John Fisher but think it could be either Ben or Widmore who hired Illana to find Sayid. Ben has the stronger case I think because he needs to get Sayid back to the island but Widmore would also know who Sayid killed and potentially could be involved.

    Think this was the weakest episode of the season with a killer ending.

  16. Looked like when Sawyer knocked on Kate’s door, and she opened it there was someone in there. She looked back into the room then stepped outside. Any money that was Jack in there. We saw in another scene them walking together and when Jack rushed out to help with the fire he likely came from Kate’s house.

    Trivial observation, but Kate is there for a reason and does anyone know why?

  17. keef1985 says:

    I think that Ben will survive, and that his shooting by Sayid is a dramatic way of setting up a definitive confirmation of the rules – the hints have been there so far with comments by Daniel, and the actions of the Losties making Ethan’s existence possible, but showing the unlikely survival of an important character will be what finally makes it clear.
    I would imagine that we will see flashbacks (or forwards – it’s all so confusing now!) in which Ben and maybe Richard discuss the Losties being present in Dharma times, cementing that Ben had always been shot by Sayid.
    This also sets up nicely for what I believe is coming – Desmond.
    He will be someone with a real reason for wanting to murder Ben, (if Ben successfully killed Penny) and by being “different”, will be able to kill him.

    I seem to remember that Ben didn’t know of the Swan hatch when he was captured by The Losties.
    If the swan was built to deal with an incident that involved Ben, that would make perfect sense. There are definitely pieces of the puzzle left in terms of how the components of the Hatch fit together, but what if the discharge every 108 minutes was to keep the alternatives of Ben having lived or died at Desmond’s hand both possible, and that when the failsafe was turned, finally “fate” came down on Ben having survived?

    THis would also make sense in that it would give Desmond yet another link to the Hatch, having possibly created the need for it in the first place.
    I can’t work out how jughead fits into this, so I could be way off, but I think I’m on the right track.
    Love the show,

  18. Bonita (from Atlanta) says:

    I think the episode is one that will tell us even more on reviewing.
    The theme being we all make our own prisons: Sayid the Killer or generate our own freedom; Jack releasing the need to fix everything. I’m sure there are more examples. These just stuck out.
    I loved this contract particularly: the scene of Ben “freeing” Sayid immediately proceeds a scene of him in the Dharma jail.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  19. Bonita (from Atlanta) says:

    I meant Contrast not Contract. oops

  20. iwantdesmondshair says:

    Great episode last night. That flaming ghost rider dharma van was sooooo awesome!

  21. Michael281 says:

    I agree with Ben M. There’s no paradox because events are happening as they already happened.

    I’ve also been wondering if there’s actually an entity called “the island”. We hear things like Michael couldn’t die yet because the island still needed him, but is the island just some metaphor for Time itself? Michael couldn’t die because Time still needed him. Ben can’t die because Time still needs him.

  22. Scott in Chicago says:

    This show is in my head so much that I dreamed about it! If things happen the way things have always happened and you can’t change the future, maybe Sayid has always shot Ben and wounded Ben is found by, or even taken to, the hostiles and surviving this is how Ben shows he is special. To be honest, I think this history should be known by Julitte who will make sure young Ben gets the hostile camp. This could be the very scenario RA was reffering to when he told the four years younger Ben he must be patient! Eh, that’s my crack pot dream/theory and I’m sticking to it…that is until the writers throw me for a loop again!

  23. Carol from Boston says:

    Luke in CA, one thing has always bothered me about Daniel and Desmond. Daniel tells Desmond in 2004 that they need help, why does it suddenly come to him as a memory in 2007? The way the episode was edited, it seemed to happen instantly, but it didn’t. Daniel talked to Desmond within a couple of days of the freighter crashing. Desmond remembers it after the birth of Charlie in 2007. Why did it take him 3 years to remember?

  24. ZoneCity says:

    Death is a state of mind on the Island. If you serve a purpose on the Island, then the Island will never let you die until it’s done…i.e. John Locke (shot and strangled), Jin (Blown Up), Christian (heart attack). As it was told to Michael, even if you want to kill yourself, the Island won’t let it happen, because you got work to do.

    So I say Ben is not dead and his resurrection or recovery will be the miracle that will lead him to obtain the leadership position of the “Others.” So, Sayid’s act of shooting Ben will be the key event in Ben’s life, the turning point that was destined to happen. Remember, there are rules to follow.

  25. Paul says:

    bobo Says:

    March 25th, 2009 at 4:12 pm
    Said killed Ben so who caused Said to be so mad and kill him in the first place.

    what caused him to kill Young Ben was the future Ben.

    I know for a fact Ben will live, because whatever happend happend.

  26. Scott in Chicago says:

    Desmond was wearing his protective gear when Daniel talked to him. This is a period before 815 crashed and before Desmond discovered he was being tricked into typing the numbers. This was way before the freighter. In space time Daniel talked to Desmond time future Desmond was remembering the conversation. There wasn’t any lapse in time. As soon as jumping through time Dan told Des future Des remembered.

  27. Jonine from Arizona says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen!

    Hope you are well!

    Thanks for the great Podcast!

    I didn’t think Sayid would actually do that…and he did!..I was shocked for a few seconds after the closing “thud”.

    I thought it was awesome episode! This is the only flashback we have seen of Sayid as a child, I thought it was pretty good as it reinforced, what type of person Sayid is.

    It looks like all Ben wanted was a better life..

    If little Ben isn’t dead..I wonder if this a form of redemption for Ben and Roger Linus. Another Daddy and Son redemption story I think wold be important other than the Jack/Christian story. For a fraction of a second I wonder if Sayid felt sorry for Ben, when his dad came to mop the cell floor.

    This season keeps on getting better and better!

    Look forward to the podcast!


    Jonine from Arizona.

  28. bclostfan says:

    All along the show has been saying the you can’t change the future , time will course correct but I’m really glad that Sayid shot young Ben. I’ve been asking myself why can’t you change the future by killing someone in the past ? So I got my wish last night. I guess Ben could survive. The healing properties of the Island could save him and Jack is a doctor but thanks to the LOST writers , for at least , trying to change the future by killing some in the past.

  29. Carol from Boston says:

    Did anyone else think Sayid might shoot Ben’s father? I thought his mission was to get rid of Ben’s dad so he wouldn’t be abused anymore and then maybe grow up to be a more compassionate adult. Young Ben doesn’t seem evil at all, just abused.

    Also, is there any Lost episode where someone doesn’t get beat up? I am watching the previous seasons again and I can’t believe how many times Sawyer was injured and beat up, tortured, shot and still keeps going for 100 days.

    Scott, I still say there was a lapse in time, I get that Desmond was in the the hatch a long time ago, but in Desmond’s time it was 2005 when he told him, so after he flashed, why doesn’t Desmond remember it in 2005, why wait until 2007? I know I am not explaining this well.

    Let me try again, it is 2005 the freighter has blown up and they start flashing in time the first couple of days, and Daniel meets up with past Desmond. Technically even though it is probably about 2003 for Desmond in the flash, in real time it is Jan 05. Even Daniel’s final flash to the 70’s is in 2005 so why does it take till 2007 for Desmond to remember the incident from 2003? The editing made it look instantaneous but it wasn’t.

  30. Kevin says:

    Ben has to be dead. A trained killer would have executed Ben to make sure he was dead, but since we are on network television, they’re not going to show Sayid putting a bunch of bullets into a 12 year old kid who’s already down. So I think we have to take on faith that Sayid would have made sure he was completely dead.

    Not to mention, we’ve already seen Christian and Locke come back from the dead, so we can bet Ben can do the same.

  31. SM says:

    Best line of the night:

    Sawyer/LaFleur to Jack,

    “For 3 years there have been no flaming vans! You’re back for one day…”


  32. Drew from ChattTown says:

    @ Kevin:
    Lots of trained killers have pulled triggers and tried to kill people. If “the island” can jam Kimi’s gun and keep Michael from dispatching himself from long distance, I’m sure a well aimed bullet is not a real obstacle. A little push here or there and you’ve minimized the damage. We don’t even know what kind of round was in Jin’s gun.

    Interesting, though – how many shows would show an adult shooting a 12 year old in cold blood? That was an incredibly powerful scene. I couldn’t believe I saw it for so many reasons. No redirection for the young man, no intervention into events, just swift judgment born out of Sayid’s assumption of righteous anger.

    Finally, this is not the first time that the writers allowed a character to have sympathy on the fly in his web. Sayid’s clear connection with Ben as he was berated by his father reminded me of Ben’s display of compassion for Locke before and after he went Kevorkian with the extension cord.

  33. Dave says:

    Consider me a dissenter, but I smell a paradox.

    Sayid shot Ben. So one of two things MUST be true.
    1) Ben is alive. We’ve seen that people on the island don’t stay dead long (except the two “hostiles” from Amy and Paul’s picnic and all the bodies in the pit and Alex etc, etc). But if Ben is alive, he would surely remember the man who shot him. Might that motivate him to play with Sayid’s mind in the future? Absolutely. But since he thought Sayid was a hostile, and he knows he’s not Dharma, why would that prompt him to genocide? (Dharmacide?)
    2) Ben is dead. None of this other stuff happens.

    I just don’t see how if Ben is alive the whole timeline as we’ve seen it rolls out as it has. It is worth mentioning as well that we have not yet seen a prominent character travel forward or backward in time and interact with another major character in a life-or-death way. Even if Ben is alive he would certainly remember Sayid more viscerally than Charles Widmore having met Locke for a few minutes. Might prompt Ben to kill Nadia and use Sayid but how does the rest of it factor in?

    Repeat after me:
    I trust that the writers know what they’re doing.
    I trust that the writers know what they’re doing.
    I trust that the writers know what they’re doing.

  34. Nels says:

    Okay, rewatched and Sayid just knocked Jin out rather than did the “twist the neck” of death thing he does. Yay. But definitely Ben won’t be dead as long as Faraday is correct that you can’t change whatever has happened and obviously Ben grows up to be an adult.

    Amy is seeming to be rather suspicious though. I think there is more to her story. It is rather interesting that she never seems to be wearing any Dharma marked clothing.

    Was the book reference “A Separate Reality” by Carlos Castenada something to consider? Has an alternate timeline been established and that’s what causes the incident?

  35. Cat says:

    If Ben is dead then the “Rules” aren’t correct and history is completely altered and what happens as a result is too mind blowing to comtemplate.

    I am totally in the camp of Ben being alive, the doctors (some combination of trama expert Jack and Juliet) fixing him and not altering the course of events. The island will not let Ben be killed.

  36. Toby says:

    Taking a look at all this from the point of view of Lapidus and the other “Crashies,” it seems like the consequences of everything that has happened with the “Flashies” in the 1970s — and everything that has *yet* to happen as a result of the Flashies living in the 1970s — would have taken effect at the moment the flash happened during Ajira 316’s crash-landing. So the fact that Ben is still alive in post-flash 2007 means that he somehow survived Sayid’s gunshot in one way or the other. I’m not sure how the Flashies’ temporal meddling could have changed night to day on the aircraft, but I now can’t help but wonder if our heroes’ actions in the past influenced the events with led to Locke’s death, which is why he is alive post-flash. That might be a stretch…

    I also think that one way we can reconcile the “Daniel way” and the “Charlotte way” mentioned above is by realizing that the universe will course-correct *in spite of* careless time-travelers. If the universe has a particular destiny in mind for a person, it will not prevent changing the past, but it will find another way to ensure that the person fulfills his or her destiny. So the Flashies could blow things to kingdom come in the 1970s, causing significant changes in the future, but the universe will somehow make sure that people (and Labrador retrievers) still do what the universe has planned for them to do.

    Thursdays are always so hard for LOST fans…

  37. Allyson Lyons says:

    Now – Juliet is going to have to save Ben… and that will be the whole “You look like her” thing! Ben will have a total hot doctor fantasy crush.

  38. Raul From Wayne,NJ says:

    This was a great episode because it shows how far ahead these writer’s plan everything out or were able on the fly connect things to each other like the tumor in Ben’s spine and Sayid shooting Ben. Sayid can’t kill Ben because this would create a paradox. How can Sayid kill Ben and be brought back to the island by Ben?? I think Ben survives because Jin wakes up and runs him to Jack or/and Juliet. This later explains his fascination with Juliet. This bullet wound then causes a growth near Ben’s spine. This is my theory and I really have the gut feeling that it is what will happen next episode.

  39. Bomir from MTL says:

    We shall see whether the McFly erasing trick will apply to older Ben …
    If not, my guess is that older Ben may very well come back in the past and proceed with the purge (indeed he did look much older then what he should have during that scene in the van with his dad)
    Lets extend this further
    Said (or some hostiles) takes Ben’s body with him in the jungle
    So when older Ben reappears, he would just seem as the returning dissident or kidnapped after many years with the Hostiles/Others
    I believe that the Ben seen with the Others in 2004 will be the older Ben having turned the wheel to go back in time
    This has to be the reason he seems so knowledgeable of things to happen

  40. paintergirl1 says:

    I believe one of the “work men” will be responsible for saving little Ben. Let’s face it. It won’t be the first time Jack will have performed surgery on Ben.

    Wait…from Ben’s perspective, it will be the first time.

    Gotta go. Nose bleed!

  41. greenberry says:

    hi wonderful fellow postees of ryan & jen’s transmission — thank-you for all being so astute and sci-fi-minded! — helps me to keep up with that side of things…

    my natural bent is psychology — yes, after last night i do see that jack is more subdued and dare we even say “mellow” — juliet did not come across as the usual suspicious or coniving, but just wanting to keep her man — kate still seems “angst-y” — james may be about “surviving,” but i think he is simply that frightened little boy who had his life torn asunder as a child — he has grown incredibly though and wants to keep his life in its present “calm”

    love this show soooo much

  42. Atoms says:

    Young Ben is critically injured but not dead. He’ll be brought back to Dharmaville, the inept internist who couldn’t deliver baby Ethan will again say he doesn’t know what to do, Juliette (an infertility specialist) will persuade Jack (a surgeon) to perform the surgery that saves young Ben. By doing so, Jack will “out” himself, the O6, and the flashies, and as the preview suggested they’ll all be put under house arrest.

    I have a feeling we’re building up toward a “courtroom” type scene during which Hurley says enough is enough, I’m sick of lying, and reveals all about the O6 and flashies to Horace and Co. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

    Also, I too picked up on young Ben telling Said that he “hated” his dad, in past tense. Don’t know what to make of it.

  43. crashcarts says:

    I agree with Nate about Jack!

  44. Sydney from AZ says:

    Okay. So I just watched the ep. this morning and I gotta leave a comment or two.

    Personally, I loved the episode and thought it was one of the best Sayid-centric’s we’ve had. After reeling from the shock of the last scene and finding a tissue or two for the now weekly nose bleed, I think I know what made “He’s Our You” so astounding.

    To me anyways, Sayid has always been one of the strongest characters on LOST, and tonight he just didn’t fit the part. It was unnerving to see him so confused and even vulnerable, especially during the torture scene. At the end, I wasn’t surprised that Sayid shot Ben (we know he makes it to adulthood), what was so profoundly upsetting was that Sayid broke away from the calm, collected man we’ve come to know and love. Sayid has now accepted his role as a violent killer, and we all know what happens to characters on LOST who accept their own fate.

    Love the podcast guys! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  45. Atoms says:

    Also, FWIW: I happened to have been a student at the University of Michigan during the relevant time period (76-80). Had Dharma actually existed and had an office there, it most likely would have been housed at the university’s Institute for Social Research on Maynard Street. Robin Fleming, the university president at the time, would surely have been aware of it, as would have the Board of Regents. During the mid-80s a regent whose name escapes me committed suicide by jumping from Burton Memorial Tower. I wonder if these factual places and events will somehow be fictionalized and woven in the storyline.

  46. Stan from Lomita says:

    Ben won’t die because he was shot in the heart and he has no heart 🙂

    A thought on Locke and Jacob: the reason Locke couldn’t see Jacob is because Locke is Jacob, and you cannot see yourself on another timeline. hmmmm.

  47. Melissa (in Cleveland) says:

    Wow. And thud.

    I knew Sayid would believe his destiny was to kill Ben, but I never thought he’d actually be able to pull the trigger. I figured something would intervene as Sayid had Ben in his sights. I didn’t think we’d see this full grown man shoot a tween in cold blood.

    Still, I don’t think Ben is dead. Perhaps his heart is just a hair to his left, and that bullet missed vital organs. That is, if he even has a heart (ba-dum-bump).

    Whatever happened, happened…except when it comes to Desmond. 🙂 Isn’t that what they keep telling us?

    I think Ben has known of the Oceanic 815ers since forever, and has been waiting for them. He’s really good at keeping that poker face. He knew Sayid would come back and shoot him, and he knew it had to happen. He loves the Island enough to suffer for her. Perhaps he has been torturing Sayid these last three years in retribution, or perhaps he knew he could use Sayid to do the work of taking out Witmore and company.

    Jack and Juliet are there, and they can totally do surgery to remove the bullet.

    Love this show. Namaste and stay Lost. 🙂

  48. Bomir from MTL says:

    To you all evereybody
    Since English is not my mother tongue (as with quite a few other posters)
    could our fellows Americans (or English fluent people)
    explain the ep title
    I have a hard time make sense of it
    He’s Our You ???
    Thanks for the quick English lesson

  49. Dupin says:

    He’s Our You refers to someone in a group of people (He) who behaves like the person you are talking to (you). In this case, the reference is that Oldham (the HE) does the things for DI that Said does (the YOU). In other words, Oldham is the DI torturer just like Said is a torturer.

  50. Tom says:

    i loved the episode it was up there with jughead as the best season 5 ep yet.

    If i understand the time travel rules of the show correct, old Ben should remember being shot by Sayid as soon as it happens in the past as Desmond remembered the conversation he had with Faraday in the past, but the shot will not kill him becasue he is alive in the future if that makes sense and what happened happened.

    I loved Ben’s manipulation of sayid i think he lied to him when he said the man outside Santa Rosa was with Widmore because he didn’t seem to recognize Sayid when he asked him for the time just before he shot him, Ben must hired him in attempt to get Sayid on flight 316 which is why he panicked when Sayid left him on the dock forcing him to hire Illana to capture him and get him on board as soon as she said “why would i work for a man like that” this became obvious.

    Others things that stood out for me were Rogers treatment of Ben, that makes it a little easier for me to understand the gassing in the van, i really enjoyed seeing Horace and Radskinky with this much screen time as they have been such mysterious characters for the past 3 seasons it reminds me lost is in full flow now and Horace possibly mentioning the Degroot’s when he mentioned Ann Arbour was cool.
    Did anyone notice the irony of Ben bringing a book and food to someone being help captive and finally my favourite line of the entire series ” a 12 year old Ben Linus just brought me a chicken sandwich how do u think i am?”.

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