Next: “He’s Our You” (Episode 5×10)

“Things begin to unravel when one of the survivors goes rogue and takes matters into their own hands — risking the lives of everyone on the island.” We probably won’t be able to blog our thoughts on tonight’s episode, so you’ll have to wait for the podcast for our take. But we’re very interested in your thoughts and theories. Please post your comments below, e-mail us at, or call the LostLine and leave a voicemail comment at (808) 356-0127.

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  1. First Up!

    The title definitely sounds like a Hurley-ism to me. Who is it addressed to?
    Richard Alpert? Widmore? Cesar? Horace? Can’t wait.

  2. MRPEMSTAR says:

    I think I can explain what happened to the “4 toed statue”.

    This new theory of mine theorizes that the Hydra island was once CONNECTED to the main island. But in moving the “Jughead” bomb, something happened to ignite it and:

    1. “detach” or blow a hole between the main island and the Hydra.

    2. Possibly be this “incident” that has been discussed.

    3. Blow apart the 4 toed statue, leaving only the foot we have seen.

    Now in this theory I am speculating that the foot and Hydra are on the same side of the island (I have no idea the proximity of both). And that it happened reletivitly away from where othersville is (where our 815’rs are).

    Has this theory been discussed?

    ~ THE Pemstar Initiative ~

  3. EricFromOhio says:

    Best line so far…

    Sawyer: “So, how you doin’?”

    Sayid: “How am I doing? A 12-year0old Benjamin Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I’m doing?”

  4. WOW!! Holy Crap was that an ending!!??

    This is that point of the season where I am saying to myelf that I have no clue what is going to happen.

    Did he really just kill 12-year-old Ben?? If so, what on earth does that do to the history of the Island? Does the purge happen? Does 815 still crash??
    Does Widmore still lead the Others in 2004?


  5. Wilson in the Ham says:

    I will hazard a guess that we’ll be talking a lot more about the paradox issue. What becomes of the present/future? Brain melting . . .

  6. SM says:

    I love LOST! Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks!

  7. Tracey says:

    I hope there is more to the whole death than just the island healing him and him being okay. I can’t even begin to hazard a guess as to what happens next that’s for sure.

  8. bit.bucket says:

    That was much better than when Sun whacked Ben!

  9. bobo says:

    Said killed Ben so who caused Said to be so mad and kill him in the first place.

  10. greenberry says:

    Hi all — i love this site so much — just read ab the emerson sighting — i also have a Lost actor(s) sighting from last Summer — on White Rock beach (coastal southern border of B.C.) — walking along the boardwalk and spotted Evangeline Lilly with Dominic Monaghan — i had been reviewing seasons 2 and 3 all Summer with my daughter so their faces were fresh on my mind — i told her how much i loved her on the show (seems i’m alone on this) — she was gracious and thanked me, but he was super pissed off and just glared at my hubby and me — we scooted along quickly and let them continue their stroll in peace…

    just thinking how as of last week, James has become the most appealing character between he and juliet and jack and kate — Juliet always seems snide and like she is hiding something, Jack is often suspicious and condescending, and Kate is just plain unstable and volatile — ironically, James actually seems nice (and helpful) at the moment

    i see no chemistry between James and Juliet (although I do credit her with much of his healthy transformation), some between her and Jack, and lots of longing in James eyes for Kate

  11. Pete says:

    Did they say Arbor or Ann Arbor?
    The guy who Horace reports to or a city in Michigan

  12. Stacey, NC says:

    Holy cow! Now everything I thought about the “rules”, and time travel, and paradox, blah, blah, blah, goes completely out the window….

    UNLESS….Ben is missing an organ somewhere and the bullet went straight through.

    P.S., So, since they didn’t actually show it, I’m gonna throw the question out there – who set the Dharma van on fire and sent it into Dharmaville?

  13. Nate in Ohio says:

    Great show! What a heart-stopping ending. I think from past Lost shootings/deaths (Locke getting shot, Jin blowing up on freighter) we should reserve reading little Ben his last rights until we actually see him die. But if he does survive, does that mean that Sayid and the other losties are the reason Ben goes bad? That would be a whole other paradox. Sayid shoots Ben, which causes him to turn evil and torture the losties and manipulate Sayid into killing Widmore’s associates, which causes Sayid to want to kill little Ben.

    On another note, Ryan and Jen, as a Jack fan, I believe you owe Jack an apology this week. Last week you accused him of having a pompous attitude towards Sawyer and plotting his coup. Then in the podcast you speculated it could only be Jack that would be the survivor to go rogue and endanger the rest of the losties. I think the theme of this year for Jack has been him accepting that he can’t control things, and waiting to find out his destiny. I took last weeks sawyer-jack scene as evidence of that-when sawyer said “now ain’t that a relief?”, jack’s answer of “yeah, it is” was genuine and consistent with his character arc. I think tonight’s episode further proves that.

    Anyways, still love you guys and appreciate all the hard work you do! I’m looking forward to another great podcast this week.

  14. Stacey, i’m gonna say Ben did that with the Van, i’d say he’s been smart his whole life.

    I truly hope he is really dead, because if he is, WOW

  15. Stacey, NC says:

    Pete – They said Ann Arbor – which, if memory serves me correctly, is where the DeGroots are from.

  16. John Fischer says:

    He’s Our You. For weeks I’ve thought that this week’s episode would somehow have young Ben come face to face with old Ben and ask “who is that person.” I could not have been more wrong. This episode was all Sayid, all the time. How appropriate to have our once Republican Guard be brought before Dharma’s own torturer, the tepee residing, and really creepy, Oldham played by Newhart’s own Larry, William Sanderson?

    This episode was filled with lots of information and raised several new questions.

    When the episode ended, however, I was still a bit confused. Why does Sayid hate Ben so much? He worked for him, apparently willingly, going around the world killing people who Ben told him worked for Widmore and who threatened the Oceanic 6. After he killed the last man in Russia he asked Ben who was next. When Ben told him he was done he seemed disappointed. Why then does he come to hate Ben, to the point that he wants him dead? I didn’t get an answer to this in He’s Our You.

    I’m pleased to see that I was right when I figured that young Ben was only coming to see Sayid because of his “ties” to Richard and the Others. I think it’s interesting to note that since Ben has been on the island at least 4 years at this point, Sawyer et al have lived with him for all of their 3 years.

    Sawyer and Juliet are quite comfortable in their Dharma life and don’t want anyone to upset things – not Jack or Kate and certainly not Sayid. Sayid, however, seems that he will be much more difficult to control. Did you catch that look on Kate’s face when Hurley told her that Sawyer and Juliet were shacking up?

    I loved seeing Ben’s father, Roger Workman, in his brief appearance. It’s clear how poor a relationship he has with his son Ben. It’s little wonder that Ben ultimately kills his dad. It seems that both Sayid and Ben share one thing in common…cruel fathers. Once again, Lost comes back to the old theme of Daddy Issues.

    We really saw how conniving Ben is. He kills Locke and then blames Widmore’s people for that in an effort to get Sayid to return to LA and take care of those who are still threatening the Oceanic 6. Is there anything that Ben won’t do to advance his agenda…and by the way, what the heck is his agenda?

    Now we know how Sayid ends up as Ilana’s prisoner on the plane. She’s taking him back to Guam for the murder of the guy on the golf course.

    I loved it when they were torturing Sayid and Sayid told them to ask Sawyer if they don’t believe his absurd story. They don’t know any Sawyer.

    How about that scene between Kate and Juliet in the motor pool?

    The Dharma folks legal system seems to be a decision of the group, but they certainly wanted LeFleur (Sawyer’s) vote to make it unanimous. Who is “Arbor”(sp?) who makes the decision if they can’t?

    As soon as I saw the fire in the VW bus I knew it was young Ben who did it as a distraction to free Sayid. If only he knew how much Sayid hates the older Ben. We find out just how far Sayid would go because of that hatred at the end of the episode. Is young Ben really dead? If so, that would change all of the rules, wouldn’t it?

  17. Todd H from Houston says:

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry to ask, but the local Houston news station interrupted the Hurley/Jack/Kate scene in the cafeteria for a weather alert. Was anything of significance or consequence revealed in this scene? Thanks alot!!!

  18. Stacey, NC says:

    Based on the synopsis that ABC released about one of the Losties going “rogue” this week, I had actually thought that it might be Jin – he was desperate to find Sun, and Sayid seemed to be too obvious a choice.

    Leave it to the brilliant writers to take the easy choice and then still throw in a great twist!

  19. Douglas Smith says:

    Just a quick blurb about the four toed statue… and its destruction. Some said a few weeks ago that it didn’t matter how it comes down. I think this could actually be huge. Think about it… it could very well symbolize a political shift on the island… one that would certainly require us finding out about the society that built the statue… if we see a force rising against that society. Think about other instances in which we have seen statues brought down. We even have the recent widely seen images of the American tank pulling down the statue of Sadam during the last invasion of Iraq.

    Also… for tonight. Loved the nod toward Mr. Eko’s childhood in the scene we see of Said’s childhood. We see again a pair of brothers one of whom protects the other by committing violence on the other’s behalf… and being tainted by the act for life.


  20. Stacey, NC says:

    John – I saw a definite parallel between Locke and Sayid in this episode. In “Further Instructions”, Locke wanted to believe that he was a hunter when the narc challenged his perception of himself. Sayid doesn’t want to believe he’s a killer, and Ben is challenging his perception of himself on that. And I think that that’s at least part of why Sayid hates Ben so much.

  21. John Fischer says:

    On second thought, the only one who would have know that it was Sayid who killed the guy on the golf course was Ben. So….I’m pretty sure that Ben hired Ilana to make sure Sayid was on the plane.

  22. Glenn - Just curious says:

    Ben is not dead, Juliet fixes him up. Another reason why he brings her back to the Island later in his life.

  23. Gayle says:

    OKay so my crack pot theory. Ben doesn’t die and the bullet lodges in his spine sits there and that is what causes the tumor on his spine that Jack fixs.

  24. John Fischer says:

    Does anyone still believe that Ben is the good guy and Widmore the bad guy? All we have ever seen Ben doing is manipulating people for his own interest, having Sayid kill seemingly innocent people and even leading some of his own Others to their deaths, i.e. Goodwin and Ethan.

    What has Widmore ever done that’s so bad? Sure he was mean to Desmond, but perhaps he is actually looking after Desmond to try to make sure he never gets tied into the island.

    If I had to take a stance now, my bet is that Widmore is the good guy.

  25. Gayle, that is a sick theory, and i totally buy it. And upon that, Juliet helps him, which is what makes little Ben love her so much, and which is why she “looks just like her” and brings her to the Island.

    Gotta love message boards.

  26. Scott in Chicago says:

    What a great episode. I am convinced Ben is not dead. Sayid should have executed him like the guy in Russia and the others he killed for the adult Ben. You know the young Ben will be okay on the island that cures. Too bad we have to wait a whole week to see the next episode. On that note, I am happy the finale will be two hours. Also, not to mix podcasts, where are Rose, Bernard, and the rest of the survivors of 815?

  27. jbro says:

    OK, OK, settle down everybody. It’s obvious that Ben is not going to “really” die. Faraday has already told us that the past can’t be changed. And we know that the island won’t “let” certain people die. If the bullet has lodged in his spine causing the condition Jack later corrects, that would be a novel twist. But no matter what the writers choose to present to us, Ben will not actually die. Emerson is too good an actor to toss aside anyway.

  28. Jon From NC says:

    Heyy guys its Jon From North Carolina and Im hearin alotta stuff from my friends tonight like “Well if Sayid killed Ben then how would Sayid even be in this predicament?”

    Well its simple.

    He didn’t kill ben. lol

    i know what you’re thinking

    “But Dude he just shot him in the chest!!!”

    I know wasn’t it awesome lol, but really listen Mr. Wizard from the first couple episodes this season.

    “We can’t change the past. no matter what we do, no matter what we try to do, it wont work! Whatever happened, happened.”

    So since its not Desmond pulling the trigger on Lil Linus then im pretty sure its obvious he survives..

    Since Jin was just calling sawyer, im sure there will be a van out there in a matter of minutes, he’ll be taken back, Juliet or Sawyer will work on him and he will miraculously live due to the island’s “healing” powers.

    But seriously, it was an awesome ending, but the rest of the episode seemed slow and boring except for the part where Sayid was high, that was classic lol.

    Another thing, the dialogue that was used in the dock scene from “The Little Prince” and the dialogue that was used in the dock scene from tonight, were completely different, both on kate and sayid’s part.

    speakin of which the flashbacks seemed kind of… boring…

    when it showed him as a kid, i was like…. yeah thats cool and everything, but it would’ve been better if Widmore, Abbadon, or Richard came and saw him too. the only good flashbacks were “Post Dock Scene” because the scenes with Ilana and when he sees Ben on the plane were pretty good.

    All in all it was a good episode, but not as good as the rest of the season, these last 2 episodes have been kind of boring guys, i hope they pick up lol. But thats just my opinion, i’d like to hear about what of all of you thought about it :DD

    Oh one more thing when Radzinsky said “I’ll call Ann Arbor.”

    Can anyone tell me what’s this about. Is this where Hanso is?

    or can anyone confirm that Michigan is where jack grew up, because if so then Jack’s dad could be the head of Dharma, which would be epic, but highly unlikely lol.

    But anyway sorry for Rambling lol

  29. Stacey, NC says:

    Jon – Ann Arbor = University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. You know, where the DeGroots are from.

  30. Tiffany in NYC says:

    Hello All,
    First time write to the blog but I just had to write a comment on this episode. This was a really good episode IMHO. There was so many layers to it that I know I’ll have to watch it again just to make sure I saw all that was there to see. Enough though this would be considered a character episode (Sayid), it wasn’t limited only to Sayid. I’m not sure if the writers have done it that way before but I enjoyed. The other aspects tied into Sayid story.

    Sayid shot teenager Ben. Who the hell saw that coming. I know Sayid believes (and rightfully so) that Ben manipulated him into doing all of those assassinations by taking advantage of Sayid grief over the death of his wife. When presented with a way to get payback on those responsible (who knows if they really were) for his wife murder, Sayid practically jumped at the chance for revenge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Sayid isn’t at fault for his actions but he wouldn’t have targeted those specific people if not for Ben. Once the list was complete, Sayid was basically going through the motions. He had not clear path to follow any longer. Then when he took Ben’s advice and “get on with his life”, here comes Ben stepping back into his life. For all appearances it looked like he would continue to get on with his life, but we know that wasn’t the case. I know Sayid hates Ben. I just can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. What I’m trying to figure out is does he really hate Ben because he’s Ben or does he hate himself for listening to Ben? So my question is , did he shot teenage Ben because he truly hated the man the teenager would become or did he think by killing this teenager he could undo all of the things he did for Ben the last 3 years? I don’t know which answer is correct but I look forward to finding out in upcoming episodes.

    Sawyer brought up an interesting point, why did the Oceanic 5 return to the island? Honestly I don’t know what to think anymore. We know Locke was told to bring them back in order to save the ones left behind. Since we know that is the answer, what was the question. We were lead to believe the question was how to stop the time skipping from killing Sawyer and company but now I don’t believe that was the case. From the preview of next week epi, we know Juliet said they didn’t need to come back since they had been living fine for the past 3 years. Seeing that clip got me thinking, maybe the question for the Oceanic 5 return was they needed to save Sawyer and company from “the incident” not the time skipping. What if the reason time started skipping wasn’t because the Oceanic 5 or Ben LEFT the island but because Locke DIDN’T LEAVE the island. Locke was told to spin the wheel and leave the island but he let Ben do it. Since it was supposed to be Locke and not Ben, it caused the island to start time jumping. Locke spinning the wheel set the island back on track thus fixing the problem he created but the Oceanic 5 need to return to save Sawyer and company from “the incident”. Sounds good to me.

    I’ll stop here.

    I look forward to reading everyone’s thought and comments about this episode.

    Thanks for reading, Tiffany in NYC

  31. Melissa from Chicago says:

    I think we all knew that Sayid was going to try and kill Ben but I sat still for like three minutes after the thud because I was in shock! I agree with everyone who is saying that he can’t be dead, but I am so eager to see how this all plays out.

    Oh – and about Ilana…there has to be something more to her. She’s a puppet for Ben or for Widmore, I’m not sure who. At any rate, I almost wish that they writers wouldn’t add more layers with these new characters, because I’m confused enough as it is. This show is starting to screw with my mind and I don’t know how much more I can take…but I am loving every minute of it!

    On another note, I’m starting to feel really badly for Sawyer & Juliet. Like Juliet, I don’t think Sawyer ever expected anyone to come back to the island. I’m glad that he actually said in this episode that he has a good thing going right now. It’s so frustrating…I can see how Jack will eventually rise again as a leader, but I’m in the camp that’s hating Kate right now. The writers really need to do something to indicate that she does matter in the grand scheme of things (and not just because she is connected to Aaron and had romantic ties to two of the male leads).

    Final comment: Naveen Andrews was pure comedy during the “torture” scene. I bet that was fun day!

  32. who are the Degroots again?

  33. Carol from Boston says:

    Wow! After this episode I believe that Ben remembers them all and I can certainly see why he hates Sayid. After hearing that comment about Sayid “not being a killer” he turns him into one as revenge. I understand now the little smile that Ben had when he turned the donkey wheel and ended up in Tunisia (sp?) and remembered Sayid and his wife dying. I am starting to believe that Ben has done this a couple of times before, he is stuck in a loop and needs the Oceanic 6 to get him out of this loop. Remember his comment to Keemi when his daughter died “he changed the rules” I think in a previous loop his daughter didn’t die and when she died at that time, it was something that hadn’t happened in previous times that he went through the loop. That is why he knew about the freighter and the people on it, he had already experienced it. He has experienced everything before and is trying to change it in his favor, adding the runway, etc. I have to think this through further but right now I am convinced that everyone who went back in time, was there before in 1977. The people who didn’t flash weren’t orginally there in 1977.

  34. Scott in Chicago says:

    From Lostpedia:

    Gerold and Karen DeGroot both were doctoral candidates at the University of Michigan, as seen in the Swan and Pearl Orientation films.

    In 1970, Gerald and Karen DeGroot founded the DHARMA Initiative. It was, and may still be, financially backed by Danish industrialist and munitions magnate Alvar Hanso and his Hanso Foundation. The alleged purpose of the Initiative was to create “a large-scale communal research compound where scientists and free-thinkers from around the globe could pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, and electromagnetism.”

  35. Carol from Boston says:

    I also don’t think Ben is dead, it isn’t his time to die yet. I was yelling at the tv when he told Sayid that Locke had been murdered and possibly by Widmore. Ben probably set the man up outside Hurley’s as well, just so he could get Sayid to get Hurley out of the hospital, plus he set Sayid up with a safe house that wasn’t so “safe”.

    One thing puzzles me, if he does remember everything, why insist Sayid gets on the plane, because that means he’ll get shot again. Man, just when I think I have things figured out, other things occur to me.

  36. Michael281 says:

    Ben’s not dead. Does anyone really think he is? I think it’ll connect to the spinal injury later, but that’s not such a big deal. Not so sure about the island healing him. I don’t think that ‘ability’ has come about yet… but maybe it has. Seems more likely that it’ll coincide with the start of kids not being born on the island.

    Nobody’s posted the real question in this thread yet. How can these things have happened and Ben NOT know who Sayid and some of the others are when they crash on the island later? The others he might not recognize, but LaFleur and certainly Sayid should seem familiar. Should I give the writers credit for knowing the big picture all of this time and they’ve been writing Ben’s part with this knowledge in mind? Hmmm. I’d have to watch those earlier episodes again to see if I’m convinced of that.

  37. Hayley says:

    Just a few observations:

    Sayid and Ben are more similiar than they are different.
    Sayid shoots Ben and it seemed like he was almost sorry to do it
    Ben kills Lock and he seemed almost sorry to do it.

    Razinsky is a total psycho

    The Dharma folks aren’t really that organized. Where was Pierre Chang when the death vote meeting was going on?

    I love Sawyer, but I think that he is a little too comfortable with the D.I. when he votes to kill Sayid.

  38. Michael281 says:

    Pemstar : No, that theory hasn’t been discussed since there’s really very little to say about it and it and it doesn’t do anything to further the story anyway. Do we need an excuse for the HYDRA island to be separate? Do we need an excuse for the statue to be destroyed in current time? No and no.

  39. JohnHS says:

    I was just thinking that this episode didn’t really do much for me and really had nothing very substantial going on when all of the sudden Ben gets shot!! This show still knocks my socks off!!

    What I want to know though is where are all the other’s from 815? Everyone was flashing through time together for awhile but then it was just the main characters. Are there two sets of other’s in the 70’s? Those questions have been floating out there a bit too long!

  40. HeyKir in NYC says:

    OMG! I love this show!
    I totally love the idea that the bullet could be the cause of Ben’s later spinal tumor! Genius guys! Really!

  41. MrZ says:

    Book mentioned: A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda
    Synopsis: “A man of knowledge is free…he has no honor, no dignity, no family, no home, no country, but only life to be lived.”

    –don Juan

    In 1961 a young anthropologist subjected himself to an extraordinary apprenticeship to bring back a fascinating glimpse of a Yaqui Indian’s world of “non-ordinary reality” and the difficult and dangerous road a man must travel to become “a man of knowledge.” Yet on the bring of that world, challenging to all that we believe, he drew back.

    Then in 1968, Carlos Castaneda returned to Mexico, to don Juan and his hallucinogenic drugs, and to a world of experience no man from our Western civilization had ever entered before.

  42. DaveWR says:

    My wife caught something interesting when Ben was breaking out Sayid. Ben seemed to say about his father “I HATED him” in past tense! But if Ben kills his father in the 90’s, how could he be dead in 77′?

    Also, I love how this show makes old episodes seem relevant again. In S2 when Sayid meets Ben for the first time Ben looks shocked. Of course we think “I would be shocked too because he doesn’t look very nice” but maybe Ben gave him that look because he REMEMBERED Sayid from when he was a boy!

    Plus the scene where Ben tells Sayid “You can do things others can’t, you are a born killer” and we just think “well he is egging him on like usual” but if he remembers “This guy shot me as a kid” that was seething anger and hate in his voice.

    Wow if that is all true this show just blasted into another dimension. =) LOVE the podcast keep it up!!

  43. AGUS FROM ARG says:

    Sayid high rules! I… came on a plane hilarious

  44. DarylR says:

    He’s coming back. You know he has to come back. Something about corpses on that Island.

  45. MrZ says:

    Was the Russian “Andropov” the Economist that Sayid was looking for all this time? Did anybody else find this anti-climactic?

    Does Sayid empathize with little Ben after seeing his father hurls him into the bars?

    \\\\SPOILER ALERT\\\ For consideration after watching the episode\\\
    Can we infer, from the history of the Dharma initiative and Mrs. Hawkings dialogue with Desmond, that Sayid’s bullet, which was aimed carefully at Ben’s heart, can be the cause of a TIME PARADOX that will require COURSE CORRECTIONS.

    If a time paradox has occurred, then can we begin to assume that this is the much fabled “incident” that Candle spoke about in the Dharma videos?

    Where the only means of course correction would require, in time, (1) that the island resurrect young Ben (as it has resurrected Locke and Christian), and (2) transport the objects of distress (the Lost cast) to their appropriate time.
    \\\END SPOILER\\\

    Just some thoughts. Good to be back on these message boards… sorry, I’ve been gone; extremely busy. Ryan and Jen, you guys are my weekly salvation for Lost thoughts.

  46. MrZ says:

    Re: Bullet Removed by Jack in the Future

    Don’t think that this would work according to a paradox… things that have happened, have already happened (as told by Faraday).

    It’s easy to predict, however, that the bullet which could or could not be lodged in young Ben’s spine can be transformed into a malignant tumor by the islands “magical” powers as a means to resurrect young Ben. Jack’s timeline will remain untouched; and Ben would be viewed by The Other’s as a true leader (much like Locke was viewed).

  47. Nels says:

    Ben’s not dead, nor is Jin (I’m assuming Sayid “killed” Jin using that neck snapping technique rather than knock him out – though I’ll have to re-watch). I think it’s the writers toying with us to get us all talking about the paradox and generate a huge amount of buzz. So, young Ben will still be alive, as will Jin.

    The bigger thing I noticed was a setup for the 2007 smaller island storyline. Sayid specifically mentions Benjamin Linus to Illana on the plane. I’m pretty sure that tidbit will come into play when Ben wakes up from his oar knock out and introduces himself to Illana as Benjamin Linus. She’ll then distrust him from then on.

    It also seems certain that we’ll probably get the backstory to why each of the O6 ended up on the Ajira plane in these next few episodes.

  48. Connie in Alaska says:

    DaveWR: I caught that, too, when Ben talked about hating his father in the PAST tense…very curious.

    John Fischer: You asked what made Sayid hate Ben so much…I was always curious about why Sayid ran away so fast when Ben had them all at the dock (Kate, Jack, Sun, Sayid). Tonight answered that for me as well as why Sayid hates Ben.

    Sayid’s wife is killed. Enter Ben to tell Sayid that it was Widmore. Sayid now has someone to blame and joins forces with Ben against Widmore. He travels the world killing whomever Ben says is the enemy. He does all this with not one shred of proof that Widmore is actually the enemy, going only on the word of Ben Linus, a known liar and manipulator. After that odd scene where Sayid kills that last man and Ben says adios, Sayid is deflated. That’s it? Shouldn’t we go after Widmore now? Shouldn’t there be a “next level”? You could sense Sayid’s confusion and disillusionment.

    Sayid goes off to redeem himself through charity work. Here comes Ben with more reports of Widmore plotting against Sayid’s friends. Sayid believes it and goes to bust Hurley out of Santa Rosa.

    Now we come to the scene at the dock. Ben is talking to Kate about who sent the men that threatened to take away little Aaron. Sayid is in the background, taking it all in. When Ben confesses that it was he who sent the men, and Kate says, “You went through all that just to try to get me to go back to the Island,” a lightbulb goes off over Sayid’s head. It is at that moment that he turns away, Ben says “where are you going”, and he Sayid says, “I want no part of this and if I see you again it’s gonna be bad for you.” He has just realized that all the killing, the death of his wife, all those stories about Widmore’s men and all those enemies were just lies and manipulations made up by Ben to get him to go back to the Island. If he would do it to Kate, he would do it for Sayid and all the rest of them.

    Now the question is…why?

  49. Connie in Alaska says:

    I theorised in a “Namaste” post that the Purge is the anomoly in the time line (caused by Ben) and the Universe is using the Losties to course correct that event. Did the Island (and the Universe) bring Sayid back to kill Ben and prevent the Purge?

    I am with those that don’t believe for one minute that we are done with Ben Linus, but it poses the interesting question of what happens to Old Ben if Young Ben dies or becomes severely injured.

  50. Eva says:

    I don’t want to whine, but Sayid’s character has, over the years, taken a turn for the worst. Really.

    It is still unclear why he hates Ben that much, this episode didn’t elaborate on the reasons. Maybe he was pissed off when Ben called him a killer? Still, to be able to shoot a 12-year old kid… what kind of reason does that require?

    The scene with 5-year old Sayid killing the hen was disgusting.

    In season 1 I was a big Sayid-fan. The whole idea of a man gone bad hoping to change and yearning for a lost love… beautiful. What has he become since that? He has tortured people on several occasions, enjoyed the company of a hot blonde on-island and a hot brunette off-island only to see them killed. And he has taken up vengeance after their deaths.

    I’m not such a big fan of his any more and that makes me sad:(

    On another note, I agree that Ben is still alive. I have a theory about that also – maybe the young Ben got shot but the bullet went straight into old Ben’s body? After the Ajira crash he is said to be seriously injured. But Sun just whacked him with an oar, that would give you just a concussion and a hell of a make-up. So perhaps Old Bennie gets shot?

    Looking forward to your next podcast, you’re doing a remarkable job!

    Eva from Estonia (bet half of you don’t know where that is:P)

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