Next: “LaFleur” (Episode 5×08)

I liked this episode more than I probably should have. And Jen? She says “LaFleur” is comfortably within her top ten favorite episodes of “LOST” ever. While I wouldn’t go quite that far, obviously “LaFleur” clicked for us — even when it probably shouldn’t. After all, last week’s episode only covered a couple of weeks, chronologically, yet felt both rushed and by-the-numbers. Tonight we get an episode that not only spans three years, but jumps back and forth relentlessly. It played games with our expectations, and it gave us even more new characters. But somehow it worked. It had heart. It had velocity. It had everything from the four-toed statue (sort of) to Jin speaking English. And Sawyer? Why hasn’t this guy been in charge from the beginning?

While we’re largely treated to a Dharma Initiative history lesson, the shadows of the larger arc are always looming. Faraday promising himself that he “won’t tell her” (hoping to prove false his assertion that “whatever happened, happened”) to the fantastic encounter with the mysterious Richard Alpert. Juliet reminds us that her people, her time, were post-Dharma… and that both “The Incident” and “The Purge” lay ahead.

But the character interactions were the best part of “LaFleur.” And Josh Holloway sold every scene. From blowing Richard Alpert’s mind to settling down with Juliet, from selling Horace a tall tale to rising to be the town sheriff, Sawyer shined. I lamented, when we saw Sawyer and Juliet spooning in bed, that we were moments away from Kate showing up and ruining it all. And when Sawyer finally saw Kate step out of Jin’s van, Jen said, “If Sawyer leaves Juliet for Kate now, I’m going to stop watching.”

Well, not really. But it’s surely a testament to the performances of both Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell (who looks great as a mechanic, by the way) that we needed only that scene on the dock by the sub to believe just how well things worked out for them “three years later.” One episode sold them as a couple. While the “love triangle” (or quadrangle or whatever) will inevitably return, for the moment I’d like to pretend it won’t.

There are more than a few questions raised by “LeFleur,” of course. Why did Alpert want Paul’s body? The Island obviously works some magic with the deceased. Where does the smoke monster fit in? Alpert suggests with some dismay that the sonic fence is an effective deterrent, so perhaps it’s working in concert with the hostiles. Do we know who Horace and Amy’s son is? Jen’s of the opinion we haven’t met him yet, which is less satisfying but opens up more possibilities. I guess, if you believe Daniel, the baby was always meant to be born, but part of me likes the idea that Juliet’s intervention did change something… for better or worse.

Notes and Notions:

  • The mention of “The Black Rock” was great, too. Though now I’m wondering where Charles Widmore is by this time. He said his people protected the island for three decades before Ben exiled him. If that period began around when we first met him as a young whippersnapper in the 1950s, he could conceivably still be around in the 1970s. Right?
  • Loved the “needle drop” using the reel-to-reel tape player (“Candida” by Tony Orlando & Dawn). How many more music playback devices are left?
  • I really enjoyed Miles’ snarkiness this episode, especially as Sawyer had to mostly elevate himself to leading man. His complaint about “the only two plans” (the beach vs. the Orchid) was quite apt.
  • The Ankh necklace that Amy saved from Paul was a nice touch of symbolism. Signifying “eternal life,” its Egyptian roots also line up nicely with the motifs suggested by the back of the statue.
  • Sawyer was overflowing with nicknames, but Jen’s favorite was “Enos,” which is a “Dukes of Hazzard” reference.
  • Jen was also happy to see Kevin Rankin, who plays Herc on one of our other favorite shows, “Friday Night Lights.”
  • So Horace and Amy had a baby. But what happened to Olivia, the woman Horace was with when they discovered Ben’s mother in Portland?

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214 Responses to “Next: “LaFleur” (Episode 5×08)”

  1. Rebecca in Copenhagen says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    Wow! Such a good episode…I have to wait a day for it to appear on iTunes here before I can watch it, so I’m stopping by after my first viewing and might be back after my second πŸ˜‰

    My initial thoughts –
    It seems like a pretty likely possibility that Miles is Wickman/Candle/Whatever’s son. I’m wondering if Miles will meet his infant/toddler self the same way Daniel saw the young Charlotte, and if he will learn more about his true roots on the island. Could be cool…

    I also can’t wait to see who the little boy is! In a creepy way, I’m wondering if it ends up being Jacob, because he later occupies/haunts the cabin that Horace makes for his wife. Just a thought…

    I really loved the Sawyer-Juliet reveal. I didn’t expect to like that as much as I did, but it felt very organic and natural…as any blossoming relationship between two gorgeous people often does. It really seemed like Juliet helped Sawyer to grow up a bit and move past the “do I need to make you a mixtape?” and “you’d better not be pregnant” that he was always throwing at Kate. No wonder their relationship could never really stick.

    I think we all just want to know more about this “truce” – I really felt like there must be some connection to Keamy and his crew when they came and killed Rousseau and Carl – When Miles came across those bodies, they had been buried. There was a lot of online buzz about whether you’re really “dead” on the island if you’re not buried…illustrated by examples like Christian Shepard who didn’t get buried and was just walking around later. This could be a time-difference thing, though – as in, he died in 2004, but the island was in 2001 or 1996 or something, so he’s more or less in limbo. Anyway, the whole point – If Keamy and his men knew enough that a dead person had to be buried, I’m thinking this is something Widmore imparted to them, and I’m excited to learn more about it.

    One final thought about Widmore – In “The Life and Death…”, he tells Locke he was in charge for 30 years. The timing works out if he “ruled” from about the time Locke visited their camp in the 50’s to the Dharma/Ben era in the 80’s…But when we saw the 50’s camp in “Jughead”, Richard was clearly in charge. What could have happened to so dramatically shift the power in such a short period of time?


  2. Dave says:

    Cat, the “coincidence” of three years is that we first see the Losties off-island in season 3. The show is 6 seasons. So there is some nice symmmetry there, it helps explain Walt’s aging and it moves the show from 2004 (when it first aired) to 2010 (when it will sadly end). The 3 year jump in the past (1974 to 1977) presumably allows us to see the Losties infiltrate the DHARMA ranks (more believable that way) and add poignancy to the Sawyer’s “three years being long enough to get over someone.”

  3. Dave says:

    As for is Sawyer the cameraman, I think absolutely.

    I don’t think Reyko Aylesworth and Daniel Dae Kim ever shared the screen in 24… DDK was a pretty minor character.

    I wonder whether Paul & Amy’s son is Karl. He’d be the right age. Also if he’s the only kid to be born on the island except for Alex that might explain their connection.

    How do we know Ben ISN’T there in 1974-77? I mean, we haven’t seen Ethan or Goodwin or Mr Friendly or Ben’s dad (yet — thought Uncle Rico showed up in the preview), but that doesn’t mean he’s not there. Ben looked to me to be around 10 when he arrived on the island… doubt 12 as noted above given how skinny and prepubertal he looks. πŸ˜‰

  4. Bleu says:

    I’m glad you guys liked it — it makes me feel better, because I really wasn’t that crazy about it. It felt too abrupt to me, and all the love geometry gives me the eye rolls. But I did love Miles’ snarkiness (and Sawyer’s nickname for him — Enis!) and I think one of my favorite quotes ever is Sawyer’s comment about the ‘guy with the eyeliner outside.’

  5. debbie says:

    FIVE years isnt gonna be enough for ME to get over James. Ah, Mr. Lafleur….I wish I could quit you.

  6. Nadia says:

    Ok so what is the horace’s baby’s name???? Jacob?? or what? becuase he was building the cabin for him??? or maybe not. I have gotten mixed up in the connections now…I just find it funny that they didn’t name him in the episode.
    also, could the statue be of thoth??? or Horus? There is a future episode already named called “Some like it hoth” or something like that…..

  7. Lydia from Massachusetts says:

    Loved it!! But at this point, I feel like I have no choice but to sit back and enjoy the show. Nothing happens as I expected — instead, it’s much better!

    Was there an Other named Paul in Season 2 or 3? I am just wondering if he gets resurrected and we’ve seen him before or something? Why would Richard want his body? (I thought it was a little suspicious how they never really showed Paul’s face clearly, did they?) And why was Amy so insistent that they bury people deep? My husband thinks it’s simply so they won’t be found, but I wonder if you go deep enough if Smokey finds them or something. Why would the depth matter?

    Dave — I am with you about Ben. I think they just didn’t show him in the episode. But I do have my very own 12-year-old boy and he still looks pretty much like he did at 10 (also have a 15-year-old for comparison). To me, Ben looked about 13 when he arrived, but I think this is splitting hairs. Also, interesting thought about Karl, but I am thinking no way. Karl was not 30 in 2004. I’m thinking he was 20, tops, but who knows?

  8. Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I loved this episode. I’ve never considered myself a “Jater” or a “Skater”, but I have always wanted Sawyer to find love and happiness. I had an inkling that since it looked like Sawyer and Juliette would be stuck together through the time flashes, they might strike up something eventually. But I never expected it to happen the way it did and also so believably. They are truly a lovely couple and I am so happy for the two of them to have finally found love in each other.

    And, of course, now here comes Kate AND Jack, back to mess with both Sawyer and Juliette’s hearts. ARG! I totally agree with Jen — I don’t know if I could take it if their relationship was completely ruined by the return of those two. I hope the longevity that Sawyer and Juliette have together (3 years) will trump the time Sawyer spent with Kate (108 days?) Though realistically I know that the feelings Sawyer had for Kate were more intense and passionate — he sees her as “the one that got away”… Again, ARG! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great podcast guys. I look forward to it every week. Have fun at SxSW Ryan!

  9. Also, loved the appearance of Patrick Fischler, who played comedian Jimmy Barrett in MAD MEN! Great character actor! They sure know how to bring in the talent on this show.

  10. Steve Williams says:

    Juliet being mature and controlled and all, is going to fight for her man and whoop that sulking Kates butt

  11. Carol says:

    It was a bit heartbreaking to have Sawyer see his friends and Jack’s smirk. Sawyer has evolved so much and now he has Jack back, with Jack’s controlling ways and treating Sawyer like a thug. Though, it might be fun to watch Jack have to take orders from the new Sawyer who is the head of security.

  12. Dave says:

    Lydia, I’m with you that Carl looks younger than 30. 20 seems a bit young to me. Just as an aside, the actor who plays him was born in 1981, so he was around 26 or 27 when his episodes were filmed. I can’t think of what Others would be that age range though. Maybe his specialness (first baby born on the island?) is why Ben felt that he needed to be brainwashed?

  13. Matt Hafer says:

    Okay, so 1st time commentor, but here is something I got out of the episode that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. When I saw the “4 Toed Statue” from behind, to me, it looked exactly like Jacob in the scene where Ben and Locke see him in the cabin. with the long hair, and also, it makes perfect sense that whoever was considered the “god” back then, would still be considered that in present day. Down to the mystifying way Jacob is discussed and how the video’s in othersville always displayed “Jacob Loves You”, much like Christianity has many displays of “Jesus Loves You”. Just a though, tell me what you think.

  14. Annie in Ohio says:

    “LaFleur”=Fantastic episode

    Just when I think the writers have filled their quota of amazing episodes for one season, they hit us with another and another and another. I am not a big Sawyer fan, but he shined last night. There is so much to love about this episode:

    – I’m a big fan of Sawyer nicknames, and my favorite from “LaFleur” was his referring to Richard Alpert as “the guy with the eyeliner.”
    – Every podcast and theory I listened to leading up to this episode made some kind of assumption that the reference to “LaFleur” would be to a female character. But, oh, those tricky writers. I NEVER would’ve guessed that this would be the name our own Sawyer would take.
    – It’s been a while since we’ve seen James in all his hustler glory, so to see him use these skills as the leader of the Losties was a really wonderful character development. This was a fabulous episode for this character, and he finally seemed to be comfortable in his own skin. Maybe it’s his newfound stability in the Dharma Initiative — maybe it’s the stability he finds in his relationship with Juliet… Whatever it is, it allowed him to develop into an effective leader and *gasp* nice guy.

    Can’t wait for March 18!

  15. Faith says:

    Hi guys! Faith from Nashville with another comment. πŸ™‚

    On the question about what happened to Olivia… We all seem to be under the impression that Olivia and Horace were husband and wife when they came upon Ben’s parents in Portland. But I don’t recall anyone saying they were married. (Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong!) What if they’re siblings instead? That explains them having the same last name and the idea that Horace is with Amy on the island. Also, it keeps with Damon & Carlton saying that Olivia & Horace will play a bigger role in the future.

  16. Russell in Raleigh says:

    I don’t think Ben is on the island yet because Horace looks younger in these episodes than in the one where Ben is brought to the island. (At least they have tried to make him look younger with the long hair.)

    One thing that occurred to me while watching last night is that now Locke is the only person who has had the same linear experience as the viewers. All of the other characters have aged an extra three years, while it has only been a few days for Locke.

    Also, I think the statue is of Anubis. It looks like it has dog ears to me–although they are toned down enough to make it ambiguous. Anubis was the God that protected the mummies and the dead-sounds a bit like Smokey.

    Finally the name Horace Goodspeed (derivation of God Speed) is a great connection of Egyptian and Christian religion.

  17. cat says:

    John Fisher, really liked the carrying out of the Egyptian theme with the eyeliner and RA. RA of course was the father of creation but he was an aging god so that doesn’t necessarily hold up with Richard.

    Great stuff!!!

  18. colin says:

    Horace and Amy’s child is jacob. I m saying it right now. He is the first and only child to be concieved on the island and be born.

  19. Carmine says:

    1st time poster. But I have been watching the show from the beginning. I loved the episode. Sawyer was great. Can’t wait too see what is done with Kate returning. I think Amy’s baby is Desmond. But that may be wrong as I will have to go back to earlier episodes to see what Desmond says about how he came to the island. I don’t remember him saying he was born there. Of course he could have been lied to as a kid.
    Anyway, love the podcast, keep up the good work.

  20. debbie says:

    Wasnt Olivia Goodspeed Bens teacher when he was a child? So wherever SHE is , their lives crossed paths at some point. If it is 1977, Ben should already be on the island as a teenager, since he seemed to be around 12 when he and roger came to the island.

  21. Ron Kaplan says:

    Things I DON’T want to see:

    1. The front of the intact statute bearing the face of a monkey, a la the final scene at the Lincoln Memorial in the remake of Planet of the Apes.

    2. The series finale turning out to be the solipsistic thoughts of John Locke, similar to the series finale of St. Elsewhere, where the entire story was in the mind.

    3. ANY kind of “dream finale,” a la Dallas or The Bob Newhart Show.

    Oh, and by the way, where did Locke get the hooded cloak he wore in the opening of last week’s episode? It certainly wasn’t with him in the coffin. Maybe it was a Snuggie.


  22. christy in TX says:

    Things I just loved: Sawyer’s dimples, Sawyer/Juliette in a mutually respectable and loving relationship, Miles in a jumpsuit, Sawyer’s dimples, young Charlotte, Sawyer as the natural leader of the Flashies, and Sawyer’s Dimples. Oh, and did I mention I LOVE Sawyer’s dimples?

    I was wondering why Charlotte’s body disappeared and I wonder if it’s because her body was already on the island at the DI camp – but now that doesn’t make sense since the other Flashies were on the island the same time their past selves were, too, so that shouldn’t matter.
    Also, I have no idea either why RA wants Paul’s body, especially in the name of “Justice” but I recalled one “Other” funeral so I looked it up on the Lostpedia: in Season 3’s “The Cost of Living” Colleen Pickett, who was shot by Sun, was set afloat on a funeral pyre and set to sea. Perhaps there is a connection between whether a body is buried (Losties), cremated (Colleen), or left exposed (DI from purge to include Ben’s dad left in the van), or in a wood coffin (Christian Shephard), and whether they can be of any further use to the island? I’m sure I’m missing some other ways dead bodies were exposed of, but anyway, any ideas on correlations? I think RA wanted to know where the bodies were buried so they could be recovered for whatever their preferred method of handling them.
    One other question, Horace asks Sawyer if 3 years is long enough to get over someone, but Olivia was with him in the 60’s when Ben was born and was also on the island in the 70’s as a teacher when Ben is in her class. If the time that the Flashies stopped Flashing and joined DI was when they were still building the stations (based on Faraday being in the Orchid at the first episode of the season) then it would seem Horace and Olivia are still together at the time Paul was killed. If this was the case, then he should know personally whether 3 years was long enough to be over someone, right? I guess I am assuming they were still a couple when she was a teacher on the island. Actually, maybe they were not married but siblings?
    Anyway, excellent episode. I missed seeing a little heart in the episodes. The last few seemed a bit more mechanical to get the setting in place, which I appreciate, but seeing Sawliette become a reality is just NEAT! I love that the only way Sawyer can be in this type of relationship is when it’s part of a larger con – telling the DI they were on a boat! Win-win!
    I was always more of a fan of Jack, but this season I have really started to sway in the Sawyer camp.
    And did I mention those dimples?

  23. Jessica says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so interested in who the baby is…everyone in the DI gets gassed via Ben in ten years or so. It doesn’t matter. I guess you could argue that some people left the DI/island [Charlotte and her mom] but I think we will never be told the name of the baby.

    I loved the eyeliner line…BEST!

  24. Camille in Slovenia says:

    @John Fischer – Richard Alpert is the birth name of Ram Dass ( a popular contemporary spiritual leader. I do still like the RA = Ra, but I still can’t shake the feeling that Richard is just a minion not the Big Boss.

  25. Jessica says:

    Sorry…have to add that I just read Carmine’s post “But that may be wrong as I will have to go back to earlier episodes to see what Desmond says about how he came to the island.”

    Dude…Desmond’s boat wrecked during his race around the world. He wasn’t born there. He was there for about three years before the Losties and that’s it.

  26. christy in TX says:

    Faith, sorry about the repeated theory, it took me a while to finish writing my post and I started before I saw your posting. I agree siblings is starting to make the most sense. I will have to research later if they are their relationship to each other is ever confirmed, unless someone else posts before I get to it.
    Also, Colin, I just LOVE it! I have no idea if it’s even possible, but I don’t care, I still LOVE it! Wonderful possibilities….
    I can’t believe Sawyer picked the name LeFleur. And was he going by Jin LeFleur, I thought I heard someone refer to him as Jin, or maybe Jim which is a variation of James? Anyone notice that?
    OK, great comments everyone, this is now my “One stop shop” for my Lost cravings. Except Lostpedia for a reference.
    R&J I love it!

  27. Emily says:

    I’m struck by the fact that, with the exception of Jin, the 815 survivors (Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley) that are now/1977 part of Dharma are the same ones that Michael was told to bring to the others in exchange for Walt. This can’t be a coincidence, so I have to wonder–Did the others want these four because they had been connected to Dharma? Or, were Jack, Kate, and Hurley pulled back to 1977 because they had been targeted by the modern-day others?

  28. cuedblu says:

    I am by no means a ‘shipper’ but I was very happy for both Sawyer and Juliet before the end of the episode. Then, right at the end, instead of being happy at the reunion, it seemed bittersweet. Sawyer had really found his sweet spot, it appeared, with the DI… he handled the situations when he arrived magnificently, using a skill set only he had to provide. He continued to be more than capable as the head of DI security three years later. Then along comes Jack, Kate and Hurley. I know that Sawyer will be genuinely happy to see Hurley as they had developed a bond before they separated when Hurley left. But… if I’m not a ‘shipper’, why am I so worried about what Kate will do to Sawyer and Juliet’s happiness? Add to that, Jack’s history of errant leadership, which I’m assuming he will try to reclaim, and a very brief and happy period shown in this episode was gone and replaced with a sense of upcoming conflict and foreboding. And I’m left with that feeling for a full 2 weeks until the next episode.

    PS: Ryan and Jen, LOVE the podcast! I know it’s not easy to produce – please keep up the good work.

  29. cuedblu says:

    @ christy in TX: He was going by JIM LeFleur. I also thought I heard ‘Jin’, but he introduced himself to Horace as ‘Jim’. Interesting that ‘Sawyer’ is now gone, replaced by another identity, but one that takes his own real first name.

  30. Rebecca in NJ says:

    Did the show explain what happened to Rose and Bernard? Since this episode basically reviewed what occurred to the people left on the island, I am disappointed that they did not mention them. Does anyone have any theories?

  31. Bill says:

    This period feels like the tail end of Dharma. There seems to be lots of stress, lack of leadership, Olivia is gone, they made Sawyer head of security, there is a “truce” between Dharma and Others and where’s Chang/Candle?. Certainly didn’t seem like the “feel good” Namaste period. But we do know Daniel was at the Orchid when it was under construction, and he’s there now.

    We think Richard is an ancient Egyptian — eyeliner, heiroglyphics, temple, statue.

    So far, media-wise we’ve seen: 8mm film, VHS, U-matic video, 8-track, 45 RPM record, LP record, cassette tape and last night reel-to-reel. Am I missing any others?

    Widmore most likely had “people” on Flight 316.

    When this season got underway, I thought, great, they’re answering questions. I’m not so sure now. The story and number of charaters is as stretched as ever. I’m concerned about Penny and Desmond.

  32. Carol says:

    I really like Sawyer and Juliet together. This whole season, there was a subtlety to their relationship that it seemed natural that over 3 years, they would end up together. I agree, if he leaves her for Kate, I’ll be really ticked.

  33. Tawl says:

    Locke and Ben = Jacob and Essau (Island’s version)

    Locke is Jacob, for these reasons..

    Locke and Ben are step-brothers from the same mother. Ben is jealous because Locke was predestined to be the Chosen One. Ben is trying to change the future and steal Locke’s birthright by trying to get rid of Locke (hanging, shooting), but only after Ben finds out what Locke needs to do to take Locke’s rightful place as Leader of the Island’s Chosen People (the Others).

    Didn’t Locke see himself inside the cabin for a breif second a couple of season’s ago?

    Babies die at birth on the island because they were never existed in the True future. Time has been fractured, and only what WILL happen, will happened. Since these island babies never existed as people, the Island wouldn’t let them be born.

    Plus, babies died when Ben was the leader, which means Ben was never meant to be Leader, only Locke is.

  34. HeyKir in NYC says:

    @Camille in Slovenia Says:

    Re: “@Heykir – Paul died three years before, babies only take 9 months. I’m pretty sure the baby is Horace’s. ”

    I mistyped, sorry! I meant Horace, but was so excited by the ep, I wrote Paul. Oops! I still like that theory though… πŸ™‚

  35. Carol says:

    I’ve watched the episode twice and can’t find the statue, can someone tell me when they show it?


  36. Brian says:

    The statue is seen in the first few minutes, after Locke falls down the well, but before he turns the wheel and leaves the island. You see it from the back.

  37. christy in TX says:

    @Tawl – interesting thought on Ben impacting the unborn babies on the island, but my recollection is that the mothers would die, too. So really his being in power would have an even larger impact because it would cause the mothers to die when they were pregnant. It certainly will be fun to see how it plays out. I think this is going to be like Groundhog day for Faraday until he stops trying to impact the future, we know for the last time loop Charlotte said he had tried to warn her from returning to the island, so maybe THIS time around he will refrain and let things happen as they were meant to, but then nothing is happening as it was meant to because we have the Flashies and the Re-crashers on the island in the 70’s…. Shoot! Nosebleed again, I hate that!

  38. Bill says:

    Excuse me, that was 16mm film shot for the Arrow Hatch Orientation, not 8mm.

    What if Miles saw himself as a child at the Dharma compound? Can you think of anything weirder — actually seeing/interacting with yourself.

    The episode LeFleur was excellent. Sawyer is master of his own domain, and I see conflict brewing for Sawyer and Jack. Sawyer seems real directed — better watch-out, Jack!! While you’ve had it soft and been hopped up on drugs and booze, Sawyer worked his way up to become the “feared” head of security.

  39. Scott in Chicago says:


    Miles asks when they are right before Locke resets the wheel — this is followed by a pan of the back of the statue. It is quick, but easily seen.

  40. Shana says:

    Couple things…as for the babies being born…I definitely think that one of three things happened:
    1) The island is punishing them for the purge?
    2) The bomb went off and the radiation or w/e makes the women’s body attack the fetus.
    3) The ‘incident’ leaked out radiation or something of the sort and that is when babies stopped being able to be born.

    Also…why is it not brought up that the Hostiles are the ones that broke the truce? It looks like they killed Paul…so they broke it? And Why oh Why did RA take that body…I hope they address that. Weird.

  41. Steve Williams says:

    MLE and John Fisher are on it. Bashet is the godess adapted by the “Band of Others” and it looks like they used her as a model and like the Phoenicians gave the statue what looks like to me a lasso and a holstered weapon. Didn’t Locke use to carry a lasso? So I wonder, can having 4 toes be a genetic mutation. Sounds stupid I know. But it wasn’t an accident showing JL’s 4 toes.

  42. HeyKir in NYC says:

    @Carol : the statue can be seen right in the beginning, around the 2 minute mark.

  43. Rob from Ontario says:

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned above, and currently I don’t have the time to go through ALL of these (probably super awesome) responses to this episode. But I first wanted to say that this episode is one of my favorites, ever. It had everything that I love in a Lost episode. But more to the point of this message, is why Richard wanted Paul’s body. I believe he wanted it because he fears someone ….Ben called him (Jacob probably?) a great and powerful man, someone that Ben said he feared and would kill him if he didn’t finish his mission in season 2. So perhaps Richard needed this body to show that he got the job done, and killed the man that was responsible (even though he wasn’t)

  44. Danie says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I had very low expectations of it based on the cheesy previews so I was pleasantly surprised. Other than that awesome shot of the statue and a few other details, most of the major points in the episode had already been telegraphed (we knew Jin was going to find Jack & co, we knew Jin and probably the rest were in the DI, the Sawyer Juliet thing was not a stretch). Yet, I still found it immensely enjoyable. I think one of my number one questions now is who/what is Richard Alpert.

    Jen–glad you noticed Kevin Rankin (Herc from FNL) and are a Friday Night Lights fan. For anyone who enjoys high quality drama, do yourself a favor and checkout that show.

  45. Carol says:

    Scot and Heykir,

    Thanks so much. I had come in late to the show and had tivo’d it, I fast forwarded through the first couple of minutes because it all looked like a recap. I just played it again and clearly saw the statue.

    Interesting note, during one of the official Lost Podcasts Damon and Carlton talk about the donkey wheel and the heiroglyphics and the Island being there during Egyptian times. This was a podcast before the new season started and they answered viewer questions. The question was about the age of the island. Damon answered that it appeared that there were hieroglyphics at the donkey wheel so wouldn’t that imply the Island was around during the Egyptian times. (you know Damon, he usually answers a question with a question) At that time I felt that he was hinting about a future important clue.

  46. Spalz says:

    Heres a couple random thoughts, sure there will be more to come. Widmore company and Dharma seem to have a lot in common. I think Widmore was working with Alpert and in 1974 he was still on the island. It would make sense that in the years to come when Ben kills the Dharma people and takes control, he kicks Charles off the island like Charles claims he did. That would put the time line when Charles comes into control of the Others around this time.
    When did Ben become the leader? Early 2000? Late 1990s? Losties crashed around 2004 right?

  47. Carol says:

    One more thing, it was nice to have an episode without Ben’s mechinations and lying. I enjoyed getting involved in the characters instead of watching Ben control everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ben, but this episode seemed like a breath of fresh air. It was nice to see the characters so well adjusted at Dharma. Whoever thought we could say Sawyer (I mean Jim) well adjusted! lol

  48. Nancy says:

    One of my favorite moments when I rewatched this morning was when LaFluer is waiting outside to hear the outcome of the delivery. After Juliet annouces that mother and baby boy are fine we have no words from LaFluer (I love that name) just that beautiful ‘proud of Juliet smile’ on that gorgeous face. A bad boy with a heart of gold!! Awesome acting!! Send Kate back! πŸ™‚

  49. Nancy says:

    omg! excuse-moi——LaFleur, not LaFluer. I wasn’t to great in my high school french class either!

  50. Edna says:

    The show confuses me more every week and I LOVE it! I enjoyed Sawyer being the leader of what’s left of those who time-jumped as the island was skipping like a scratched vinyl record. I really am NOT wild about all the romantic entanglements, myself. Wondering what happened to Olivia is also a big question for me. The baby becomes who later on? Little Charlotte running through the lawn, tearing out Daniel’s heart, seeing her so small again, knowing what probably will happen to her in the future….. All I can say is, I am dreading not having LOST on for even one week and I am extremely NOT looking forward to the hiatus and even further into the future, the end of the series after next season…..
    Ryan and Jen, thanks for your great podcast and this blog!
    SciFiHorrorFem on Twitter πŸ˜€
    aka WVLostFan

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