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A domestic scene. A needle drop. At first familiar, “LOST” wastes no time disorienting then delighting us, and getting right to a central (and perhaps controversial) premise for Season 5: time travel. Jen and I will share our full reaction to tonight’s episodes on our podcast, but here’s our first take.

“Because You Left”

Jen: The opening scene of the fifth season pretty much left me speechless. I like it even better than the first glimpse of Desmond we got back in Season 2, and that’s saying something. The worker’s remark to Daniel, “Time travel… how stupid does that guy think we are?” verbalizes what the audience is thinking. They let you know right away that you’re in for a serious dose of sci-fi right from the beginning. No playing around. The reappearance of The Swan fuels the time-loop theory, as does Richard’s comment to Locke: “The next time you see me, I won’t recognize you.” I’m more convinced than ever that we’re going to wind up right back where we started, with Jack on his back in the jungle.

Ryan: There are rules. Time is like a record, or a street. If it didn’t happen, it can’t happen. Not only have we been taken straight into time travel, but we’re told up front how things work. Or should. I’m still not convinced we’re in a paradox-free narrative. I’m sure this development will drive some fans away (particularly those who believed the creators when they said “LOST” wasn’t a time travel show), but personally I’m happy to go along for the ride. Certain things just resonated. How Alpert observes, “What comes around goes around,” after Ethan shoots Locke. The compass that Alpert gives Locke (“It points north, John.”), which is one of the artifacts Alpert showed Locke as a young boy. The fact that Locke witnesses the crash of the Nigerian drug plane, when it was he who saw that same plane crash in a creepy Boone vision way back in Season 1. Come to think of it, from Daniel explaining what’s happening to Locke’s solo flashing, most of the best stuff happened on the island. Though it was good to see Desmond re-enlisted, we’ve done the “find me in the futurepast” before. And having followed the Oceanic 6’s long journey off the island last season, their mission to return now doesn’t seem as compelling.

“The Lie”

Jen: Is Sun evil? I am convinced she ratted out Kate. She’s as good an actress as Libby. It’s going to be Sun and Widmore vs. Everybody Else. “The Lie” is in many ways a much weaker episode, in my opinion. Apart from Ana Lucia’s appearance and Frogurt’s untimely demise, nothing about this episode really lingered in my mind. I cannot take Cheech Marin seriously. I don’t buy him as a concerned father, and the scenes with him felt like too much comedy shoved into what’s supposed to be an intense, dramatic episode. The scenes with Sayid sacked out on Hurley’s couch reminded me of “The Princess Bride.” I have to admit, though, that Frogurt’s death is pretty great in a shocking, twisted, hilarious way. We’re expecting Nikki and Paolo, but we get Dr. Arzt. Loved it.

Ryan: Agreed. Frogurt’s death makes it all worthwhile. It was telegraphed a bit, since they made him overwhelmingly and instantly annoying, but still. Best “LOST” death ever. And I actually hope Sun’s newly vengeful character gives Yunjin Kim a chance to relish seething evil. Compared to all the mythology in Episode 1, Episode 2 was character driven. And while I love, love, love Hurley, a lot of the drama rang hollow. Maybe the opening scene just soured me? First, Jack is just finishing up what must be a heck of an explanation of why they must all lie — an explanation that, frankly, seems pretty flimsy considering the toll it takes. Then, Hurley spells out exactly how he won’t help Sayid someday because Sayid won’t back him up, foreshadowing that’s about as anvilicious as any scene we’ve had to date. I did enjoy Hurley’s encounter with Ana Lucia, his 90 second recap of the whole series, and the flying Hot Pocket. But even the big reveal of Ms. Hawking didn’t hit me as hard as I feel it should have. The robe, the chalkboard, the old computer… the sequence felt like a mashup of Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz. At least we now know the Oceanic 6 will spend only three days running around before heading back.

Notes & Notions

  • Before he’s interrupted, Marvin Candle explains that The Arrow is to defend against and conduct surveillance on “The Hostiles,” the indigenous population of the island. Given the four toed statue, I think this brief mention suggests we’re going to get a lot of pre-DHARMA history this season.
  • Daniel says that the time is dislodged in time, the way a record skips. I can only imagine that this doesn’t happen indefinitely… else this show may become entirely impossible to follow. As Charlotte’s getting the Nosebleed of Doom already, a timer seems to be set on solving the whole flashing problem.
  • Lots of great lines. “By the way, Libby says hi.” Sawyer yells, “I’m the ghost of Christmas future!” Miles says, “That chick likes me.” And Sawyer’s nicknames, of course (Dilbert, Ginger, Whiz Kid), including one that Miles corrects (Mr. Wizard). Both Jack and Sawyer say, “Son of a bitch,” but only Sawyer’s utterance is separated by a span of, oh, several years. And the phrase, “God help us all,” first from Marvin Candle at the start of Episode 1, and then from Ms. Hawking at the end of Episode 2.
  • Sawyer seemed a bit erratic, but entertainingly so, and he lets slip that he’s broken up over losing Kate. His reaction to all the flashing, frankly, seemed most realistic. Though I thought the slap he gave Daniel was a bit odd.
  • Locke’s leg is injured once again. There seems to be a pretty explicit and unsubtle connection between Locke’s faith and resolve and his ability to walk.
  • Music: “Shotgun Willie” by Willie Nelson opens the season. “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick plays in the gas station where Hurley gets his shih-tsu T-shirt.
  • Locations: We see the famous Rainbow Drive-In, in a wonderful onymous cameo. The safe house is in Makiki (1818 Anapuni St.). The airport is inside the cruise ship terminal at Pier 2, at the Foreign Trade Zone makai of Restaurant Row. Hurley is pulled over by Ana Lucia on Waialae Ave. in Kaimuki, about two blocks from the gas station where Hurley gets his shirt and where Kate gets a call from Sun. Hurley’s dad meets Jack in an underground parking lot in Waikiki (below Niketown), and takes Sayid to Hawaii Medical Center East (2230 Liliha St.). And we returned to Kate and Hurley’s homes in Kahala.

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132 Responses to “Next: Season 5 Premiere”

  1. MJ from Midwest says:

    Are you watching premier on the beach tonight? My widget countdown clock is almost at zero. Beep. Beep. Beep. Looking forward to your comments.

  2. Ryan says:

    Sadly, no beach premiere this season. But a “LOST” Season Premiere is a “LOST” Season Premiere! Looking forward to seeing the your reaction… and sharing it on our show!

  3. Rizzo from NJ says:

    I am so fracking excited!!

  4. Deevo says:

    Go season 5!!!!!

  5. Ryan says:

    A quick reminder: Please keep comments spoiler free. Deevo, I’ve edited your comment and sent an e-mail reply to your question.

  6. David from NY says:

    I can’t wait to see what Ryan & Jen think about this episode! Hurry up and catch up to us 🙂

  7. sodadood says:

    Ryan & Jen – can’t wait to hear your comments about tonight’s episode……. definitely hands down the best show on television – and it keeps getting better and better.

  8. LockItUp says:

    All I can say from Ohio is that the show has been unbelievable so far. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s comments and thoughts.

  9. John says:

    At least so far, 90 minutes in, I’m disappointed. No real explanations and no forward movement. I’ll say more once we can discuss the episode.

  10. jbro says:

    Wow. Almost too much of a good thing. The rapid-fire editing just adds to the strangeness and disorientation of the plot. While the episode is short on “explanations”, that is the dominant style of the series. After 4 seasons, you can’t expect that to change. This was sheer go-with-the-flow mind surfing. Most Lost fans must have been ecstatic. I was very, very entertained. Wow.

  11. JoeInTX says:

    Awesome! This show does not slow down!

  12. jbro says:

    OK, one criticism. The technique of concealing a character’s identity until 10-20 seconds into a scene is done a few too many times. It added to a certain feeling of sameness over the course of the two episodes.

  13. SToNe P says:

    This Premiere was off the meet racks.

  14. Pete says:

    Awesome. Totally confused. Great show

  15. Brad says:

    I think there is plenty of forward movement and several answers were revealed subtly in tonights episodes. Wish I could say more, but I’ll hold my comments out of respect for those who have yet to see the episodes. Thanks for the podcast Ryan and Jen.

  16. Alex says:

    Tonight’s episode really stalled. Just a lot of plot tonight with very little character growth. It seemed more like an episode of 24 than Lost.

  17. Tracey says:

    I enjoyed The Lie a lot more, probably because it was more character-driven. I don’t like the lackadaisical attitudes of the on-islanders in regards to what’s happening to them. It doesn’t ring true.

    jbro, I thought the same thing with them trying to prolong the reveal of someone too frequently.

    At the end of Because You Left, I was meh, but the second episode had me wanting more. I can’t wait for next week!

  18. Jason says:

    I am just curious, did I miss something or am I asking too early? If it is only the people moving through time, then why would the whole island disappear? Would it not still be there, but only look different? It seems as if they have explained that the people, not the island moves in time.

    One last thing; it was strange to me that they kept showing “Three Years Earlier” it was very unlike them to explain exactly when the flash-back or flash-forward is taking place, especially when it has been stressed that time is so fluid.

  19. Denise says:

    I liked both episodes tonight. I found it interesting that someone called Candle Dr. Chang also. So that means he can go by three names? Going to re-watch it and take some notes after work today. So glad it’s finally back!

  20. Lovena says:

    As always, these two eps left me wanting more! The hour this show is in goes by to quickly. I can’t for next week! Mahalo nui loa Ryan and Jen!

  21. John says:

    As I mentioned last night, both episodes left me somewhat cold. Don’t get me wrong, any Lost episode is well worth seeing and still better than most TV shows. Here are some comments:

    The Lie – I’ve never understood this. Jack tells the other Oceanic 6 that they have to lie to protect those they left behind. From whom? It seems to me that the only person who wants them dead is Charles Whitmore and he knows the truth anyway. He knows about the island and presumably he planted the fake plane, so he knows that they’re lying about surviving the crashed plane found off of Indonesia. In reality it would have made more sense for Jack to suggest the lie because no right minded person would believe the truth. Telling the truth would likely have landed them all in the mental hospital. But, if they really wanted to help those they left behind, they should have told the truth, exposed the fake plane crash and gotten the authorities to search for the other survivors.

    Kate and Aaron – I think I know who sent the lawyers to her house. It probably wasn’t Aaron’s real father. He was kind of a deadbeat and probably could not have afforded high priced LA lawyers. I don’t think it was Sun, (sorry, Jen). Sun would stand to gain nothing by ratting out Kate. I think it was Ben. Ben needs to find a way to force Kate to the point where she has to leave LA and indeeds wants to return to the island. This will force her hand.

    Sun – Clearly her anger all stems from what she believes is Jin’s death. Whom does she blame? We were told she blames Jack which never made sense to me. We know the other person is her father. How? She tells him to his face, (In Korean to her father)- “You ruined my husband’s life. It is because of you we were on that plane. Two people are responsible for his death. You are one of them.” Then she tells Whitmore that they have a common enemy – Ben? Why does she blame Ben for Jin’s death. The person she should blame is Whitmore. It was Whitmore who hired the mercenaries and their leader who blew up the freighter. It was Whitmore who wanted them to kill everybody on the island. Sun is very smart, so I think she’s lying to Whitmore. She blames him and is working to gain his trust. Remember the old adage to keep you friends close but your enemies closer. I think Sun is already working with Ben. I think that’s also why she’s working on Kate. She’s also working to get Kate to be willing to go back.

    Hurley – I love Hurley. He’s always been a source of comic relief from the tension of the show, but these two episodes were Hurley overkill. It was hard to take these two episodes seriously when there was so much of Hurley and his goofy parents.

    Time Travel – We all knew this was going to happen and the concept didn’t bother me, but this bouncing around in time does. I hope the island stops bouncing soon so that the survivors can settle in to whenever they will be. A little time bouncing goes a long way. I don’t have any idea, however, who was shooting all of those flaming arrows or why.

    This and That – I think that the Asian baby of Dr. Candle/Halliwax will turn out to be Miles. I think Mrs. Hawking will turn out to be Daniel’s mother. As soon as I saw her scribbling equations on the blackboard, I knew who she was. I’m also sure that Charlotte was born on the island. Those nosebleeds are a sign, but I’m not sure how. Ben sure has a lot of off island employees doesn’t he? Ben seems to have this all thought out. Hurley’s decision to get arrested for murder suddenly threw a wrench into the works.

  22. cat says:

    Frogurt we hardly knew ya….well other than his death by fire, I must admit I’m pretty confused. So, what did we learn tonight? In no particular order: Rules don’t apply to Desmond was the biggie. So, Desmond changes the outcome. My guess is that Widmore knows this and that is why he set him to the island. I don’t think he was supposed to turn the fail safe key or let Charlie live to allow the 6 off the Island. Clearly the Oceanic 6 leaving the island altered time and they have to get back within 70 hours (guess before the island skips again). Mrs. Hawkings is Daniels mother. Wow….didn’t see that coming and she seems to be Ben’s boss. Where does Daniel fit into that power struggle? The “others” don’t time travel on the same continuum as the Oceanic 6. Hum. Not sure my fried brain understands that. Charles Widmore controls Oceanic Air. So, he manipulated the plane crash. More importantly, that suggests that it was he who planted the plane on the bottom of the ocean. Sun is creepy scary. Did Sun set the detectives on Kate for revenge? Possibly although my guess is Ben as he is trying to get her back to the island but given her comments to Kate, it is possible. Hurley sees all the dead people. Ok, now he has seen Charlie, Mr. Echo, Dave and now Anna. Why is it that they appear to Charlie and no one else. I’m sure time travel explains this. Misc. Now we know why Richard wasn’t happy when boy Locke didn’t pick the compass; The Black ship probably just landed up in the middle of the island on a little skip through time because it was caught up in the “radius”. And finally, with all those people traveling through time and space on different time lines, I think I get the whispers.

  23. Kevin says:

    I wonder if Locke being shot in the leg by Ethan could explain why he suddenly collapsed and was unable to walk as he approached Yemi’s plane with Boone all the way back to season one…

  24. Astro1derboy says:

    Thanks, Ryan and Jen, for letting us have a great place to chat about all-things-LOST.

    I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. I get the feeling that all the happenings on the island are similar to what Daniel experienced with his lab-rat, the nose bleeding and eventual death. I forgot about the compass too when Richard met the young Locke. Very cool indeed. My wife says the show is getting too ‘science-fictiony’ for her preferences, but I am loving it! Thinking outloud, so to speak: I get the feeling that not only are the people being effected by the temporal time-shift but part (or all) of the surrounding elements…although I wonder if the time shift is intended to be catching the beings with souls and not the other organic matter? Hmmm…now I just contradicted my first impressions. Interesting. Anyway, I’m thoroughly enjoying the show. I wonder if, since the creators have already told us they have a very clear picture of the series closing scene, all of this is going to come full circle and end with them all before they originally get on the Oceanic flight? Great stuff.

  25. paintergirl1 says:

    Great comments. My husband and I theorize that the flaming arrow shooters who want to cut off Juliet’s hand are actually members of the Arrow Station. I’m guessing they’ve reached about 1980. This would explain how Daniel will be at the right place to enter the Orchid station when we see him at the beginning of “Because You Left.” However, I’m not sure how Daniel’s mother and Desmond figure into this theory.

    Yay. Lost is back!

  26. steve says:

    If what happened, happened and can’t be changed, our heroes have no free will. That really bothers me, especially on a show that centers on people making choices and seeking redemption for bad decisions.

    But I’m glad to see Mrs. Hawkings is a real person and not God or a manifestation of time, or some other fantasy character. And it will be a lot of fun to see the Island’s past, especially with the Losties trying to stay out of the way of history.

    Also, now the whispers might make sense, can’t wait to go back and read the transcripts.

    I think the arrow shooters are the builders of the 4-toed statue, and sometime this season, Sawyer is going to lose a toe and become their god 😉

  27. Tim says:

    I loved the two episodes but was really annoyed at the amount of commercials! It almost seemed that the ratio of show to commercials was even. Does anyone else agree? Not to plug another show, but that’s the cool thing about Fringe over on Fox. You get a lot of show with few commercial interruptions (plus they tell you how long it is going the break is going to last).

  28. Adam E says:

    I’d say the fire arrow shooters aren’t the army guys, but that’s a guess. The 2 guys Sayid killed at the apartment work for Ben, and possibly the “lawyers” who came for Kate. Sun could be working for Widmore or even Ben… who knows. I love that we’re going to see some more of the islands history. All the stuff with Hurley was great, I think Cheech did a great job as the concerned Dad who loves his son but knows he’s nuts… and I agree that the better explanation for the lie would be that no one would believe the truth anyway.

    If they keep the pace up and the answers flowing this will be a fun ride!

  29. Ben says:

    I have to agree Mrs. Hawking is Daniel’s mother and Ben is the one who ratted out Kate (who else would do such a thing?) Loved the flying hotpocket and loved the look on both Hurley & Ben’s faces after Hurley turned himself in.

    Personally I think the time travel is a great direction for the show and a great way to get the island’s backstory while it not really being “back” story, its part of the current story. All of the relationships and history we already know about Lost is so complex that adding a little time travel is really not that much more difficult to comprehend.

  30. Kevin says:

    I believe the arrow shooters who attacked Juliet and Sawyer were part of Rousseau’s team. They were clearly French, and seemed to be extra aggressive and enraged. This may be the ‘sickness’ Rousseau was talking about.

    My son wanted the “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe” game for Christmas and the interesting thing about it was that all the characters in the game had been overcome with intense rage as a direct result of two worlds combining. Using that as a comparison, maybe the sickness Rousseau was talking about was an intense amount of rage as one of the symptoms of time traveling.

    Ms. Hawking’s use of the pendulum was also interesting. The swinging of a pendulum is based on the earth’s rotation. If the island keeps jumping in time, it will cause the pendulum to go off-kilter and will pinpoint exactly where the jump is coming from.

  31. I’m sea sick from all the time travel!

    Good god they went back and forth in time. I feel sorry for any new person who has never seen a LOST episode before – they would have no idea what the two episodes last night were all about.

    Question: who is the Dharma Asian guy making all the videos? He seems to be on a mission that is night/day from what the original Dharma Initiative had in mind.

    Why does he want to harness time travel?

    Another question: was that Richard Alpert posing with Claire’s son at Kate’s house?

    Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out more 🙂


  32. will the people on the island experience a total of three years’ worth of time spent jumping around while they wait for the oceanic six to return, or will these jumps cause them to only live a few days’ worth of time? (70 hours?) i can’t imagine that they would have the islanders constantly jumping every hour or so for three years, although that would indeed be “terrible things” that happened to those left behind. maybe when the oceanic six return, it will cause the people on the island to return to a certain point in time (the “right” time, who knows when that is) and they will all have experienced time passing in a different way: the islanders 70 hours or so, the off-islanders 3 years.

  33. Lisa says:

    After watching last night’s episodes all I can say is WOW! Its hard to wrap my head around things after only watching these episodes 1 time, I will definitely have to watch them again to really have a firm grasp on things, well as firm of a grasp as you can have on LOST.

    The only thing I am confused about…is the whole Island skipping or just our Losties? Alpert tells John that “We didn’t go anywhere, YOU did” when he is pulling the bullet out of his leg. Why doesn’t the skipping affect Alpert and the Others?

    I have to say that Jorge Garcia wiggled his way deeper into my heart in these episodes, especially in The Lie. His scene with his Mom, when he pretty much breaks down everything that really has happened…fabulous! Definitely my favorite scene from the whole 2 hours.

  34. Nels says:

    Still trying to wrap my head around it all. Will probably have to watch at least once more to really absorb it all.

    I have to agree with jbro about the hiding identity for an initial reveal being a bit overused. Probably wouldn’t have seemed so overused if these weren’t back-to-back episodes.

    Okay, so I dig the time travel aspect and setting up the rules but certainly they’ll need to address some of the conflicts brought up by episode 2, at the very least. If you can’t change the past then I’m interested in finding out how they’ll explain the Sawyer, Juliet, Locke situation with the military guys and what happens to those military guys.

    Anyway, lots to think about and I’ll write more after a second viewing.

    Glad Lost is back!

  35. Grifter7 says:

    Perhaps the people who have been injected with the vaccine are not affected by the time jumps?

  36. Chili says:

    Two things:

    * When Ben brings Jack back to the motel room to clean up, the audio on the TV is Joe Buck of Fox Sports. It sounds as if the TV was tuned to the 2007 World Series, and that establishes the scene as occuring in October, 2007.

    * Did anyone happen to catch (or preferably, spell) the name of the law firm the mysterious lawyer claimed to Kate he was working for? It was a strange, multisyllabic name at first followed by a shorter, more common name. Time for an anagram analysis on this.

  37. Geoff Gentry (xforce11) says:

    My theory is The Monk from Desmond’s monastery and Mrs. Hawking are Fariday’s parents.

  38. paintergirl1 says:

    Agostini & Norton is the firm the lawyers are from. I couldn’t find any good anagrams, but maybe someone else can. Great call on the vaccines!

  39. Kevin says:

    Regarding Agostini, this is something Doc Jensen touched upon in his latest column:

    “he name of Dan Norton’s law firm, Agostini & Norton, links neatly to one Lodovico Agostini, whom Wikipedia describes as ”an Italian composer, singer, priest, and scholar of the late Renaissance.” Agostini was a daring musician who lived during a time where daring music was all the rage. Sounds like Lost, a cutting edge show during a time of cutting edge shows. According to Wikipedia, ”Agostini was fond of musical enigmas, puzzles, surprise and double-entendre … and bizarre chromatic progressions.” That sounds like Lost to me, too.”

  40. Nels says:

    Okay, thinking about this further. IF the rule of not being able to change the past is set in stone (as it has been mentioned many times, including by Daniel Faraday) and we know from Ms. Hawking’s discussion with Desmond previously that you can semi-alter the future but can’t change destiny (ie: if a person was meant to die, you can alter the situation on how that person would die but ultimately that person will die and there is nothing you can do to change that), then perhaps the explanation of the military guys saying “this is our island” (ie: the guy with Jones on his uniform) are really guys from the future rather than the past – hence why Locke could shoot them. So, my guess is the island is in the future time zone rather than a past time zone and those military guys are perhaps Charles Widmore’s guys.

  41. cat says:

    Geoff…really like the Monk idea….think it is a winner. Also, have been out to a few of the blogs and some interesting ideas out there like:

    – Is Miles Straum Marvin Candle’s baby?

    – Is Private Jones Charles Widmore?

    – Which two of the current (and I get that current is relative!) inhabitants become Adam and Eve?

    I’m sure there will be lot’s of specualtion on these!!!

  42. Greg says:

    Regarding the time travel on the island meshing with the three years time off the island for the Oceanic 6: I believe I saw in the re-airing of the Season 4 finale last week, in one of the pop-ups, it said that like 10 or 11 months had passed between Ben turning the donkey wheel, and winding up in the Tunisian desert. It was instantaneous to him, but was that longer amount of time for the oustside world. I think that is what happens during the bright flash time shifts on the island. So, for the islanders, the bright flash seems to take only a few seconds, but in off-the-island time, it is much longer. Thus, the oceanic 6 have been off the island for three years, but because of the time flashes on the island, the ones left behind are quickly catching up, even though it has only seemed like a day or so to them. The white haired lady at the end of the episode (forgot her name) was doing the calculations to determine how much time untilt the world ended because of the island time flashes, and determined that there were only 70 hours left until that happened. That is 70 off the island hours left. I think she calucalted the number of time flashes that would have happened, how much time each of those took up, and added them up to get to an exact date and time, that would be 70 hours from that moment at the end of the episode. Does this make any sense?

  43. Taren says:

    Loved the episode as always… no complaints on confusion, because my utter confusion right now is exactly why i LOVE the show.

    Kevin (previous post) made a BRILLIANT call with Locke’s sudden crippling with Boone, showing once again the genius works of Cuse and Lindeloff that they know what they are doing and have everything planned out.

    Does anyone care to talk about the butcher scene? My guess is those are various Others that may have made it off the island… when Ben asks if the others have checked it, it makes it seem like they might have to go back to the island as well. I can’t imagine only those 6 would have to go back… so maybe a Tom appearance is in the works!?

  44. Maggie in Portland says:

    I’m so fracking confused… Just what I expected.

    Going to go rewatch these two episodes before next week, but here are some of my first impressions: I don’t think Sun is evil. This is probably my prejudice, because she’s consistently my favorite character, but I think she’s acting hastily, and it won’t necessarily end up Sun and Widmore v. The “good” guys because I don’t think she’s completely committed to being in with Widmore – she’s not choosing a side in the grand scheme of things, she’s doing what she has to right now to get some closure.

    Hurley was funny per usual, but I think it was too much to cram into this two hour block. The rest of the episode(s) had a really serious tone, and they were packed with a million things to wrap one’s head around – that would have been plenty, but on top of that there was Cheech doing his concerned father thing, and Hurley telling his mom about the lie (and no matter what she says, I think she thinks he’s crazy), etc. I could have taken that whole series of events out, or condensed them, and given the extra time to Daniel so he could try to explain the time skips more… understandably.

    Which brings us to the main attraction of the episode. I’m turning over this scenario and I can’t get it to make sense. Daniel says the Island is the one skipping in time, but I would say it’s just some of the stuff on the Island that is – otherwise, when the time skipped backwards, the Island would be transported onto an Island that already happened… if that makes any sense. But if this is true, why would the Island disappear?

    Faraday’s message to Desmond both explains a lot and opens up a plethora of new questions. It’s good to confirm that the “rules” don’t apply to Desmond, and that he’s the one who’s got to save all the leftover Losties. However, why would Daniel tell Desmond to find himself at Oxford? He’s referring to the time they met in the Constant, I think, but Daniel has, relatively speaking, already told (or will tell? Gosh.) Desmond to find him at Oxford and tell him about Eloise, blah blah blah. I agree that his mom is probably Ms. Hawkins but it seems like Desmond doesn’t have a choice when he meets her. Or something.

    Well, I’m leaving this here. I’ve got to go watch those episodes again and figure out what’s going on. Loved Ana-Lucia, “Libby says hey” was a great line, etc. A confusing, explosive, slightly disappointing but still mind-blowing start to a season that will hopefully cool down a little bit.

    P.S. RIP Neil Frogurt.

  45. Lovena says:

    I can somewhat understand all this time travel affecting pregnant women….interesting indeed!

    I really enjoy reading the posts of other Losties! Mahalo!

  46. Carrie says:

    Hello, Ryan and Jen! I just had a quick question, something that kind of confused me last night… Well, among many things!! Ha ha…

    So, when Richard gives Locke the compass, just before the time thing happens again, he tells Locke that he won’t remember him, that he won’t know who he is when he sees him. I was wondering how Richard would know that, and my only theory is that he’s remembering from a past experience, when the time had changed before, where someone else didn’t remember him…maybe Ben… I don’t know?

    So, just wanted your opinions. I love your show. Bye.

  47. Greg says:

    @ Taren. Tom is dead, and not crucial to the island I believe, so he will stay dead, unlike Locke. @ Maggie, I think the island disappears while it is doing the flash thingy. It goes somewhere else I think during that time, which as I posted above is a very short period to those on the island, but much longer time to those off the island. Some sort of space-time continuem I guess. When it stops its time travel flash, it is back where it began, in a different time period. I don’t understand the details of why the Losties travel with the island in time, while the others for example disappeared around Locke, and didn’t travel with the island in a sense, other then the possibility that if they were already on the island in its new time period, there can’t be two copies at the same time. But then again, there were those two rabbits….

  48. Diane D says:

    Loved both of your comments on the beginnings of season 5. I especially liked your locations section at the bottom of your notes & notions. I used to live in Hawaii, so your descriptions of where the filming takes place helps me a lot. I can visualize that much better… Thanks a bunch! Hope you continue that part of the write up along with your thoughts on each episode. Obama and Lost in the same week, life is good. Keep it up!

  49. Greg says:

    Please don’t bring politics into our happy little LOST world. 🙂

  50. Steve Troop says:

    When I saw Ethan again, I had a thought. What if he — like Alpert — is an original inhabitant of the island. If he didn’t age, he may also have some sort of extra strength. This might account for the seemingly limitless strength he had while fighting everyone, how he was able to capture both Charlie and Claire, and why it took 5 bullets to take him down during the first season.