Trans 2008-12-30: “Three Minutes”


This episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at “Three Minutes” the 22nd episode of the second season of “LOST.” We recap the story in well under eight minutes, then spend some time discussing it in greater depth. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, featuring our brilliant listeners and readers. Then, in the Forward Cabin, we report on some new spoilers that have surfaced online.

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  • 0:00:26 Introduction
  • 0:01:53 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:07:53 Discussion
  • 0:19:21 You All Everybody: Feedback
  • 0:39:30 The Forward Cabin
  • 0:44:14 Closing

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14 Responses to “Trans 2008-12-30: “Three Minutes””

  1. Nate in Ohio says:

    Ryan & Jen….don’t know if this has been pointed out yet, but in I-Tunes, the podcast for “3 Minutes” is actually a duplicate of last week’s episode, “?”.

    Once again, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to record a podcast this week…..we all appreciate it greatly! Happy New Year!

  2. Ryan says:

    D’oh! I keep doing that to the Enhanced feed. Sorry. Updated!

  3. Tara N from PA says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen!
    I just recently started listening to your podcast and I love it! Keep up the good work!
    Anyway, I just noticed a random little thing that I found interesting, and that is that for both seasons four and five, the title of the premiere episode is a direct quote from Ben from the finale of the previous season. In “Through the Looking Glass” he warned Jack that if he called the freighter it would be “the begining of the end” and in “There’s No Place Like Home” when Jack asked him why everything had happened he said “it happened because you left, Jack.” I don’t know if this holds any significance other than pointing out how awesome/important/right Ben always is, but I thought it was pretty cool. It’s a great way to tie the two seasons together and keep the whole thing flowing smoothely, even after such an excrutiatingly long break.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you guys!

  4. Tara N from PA says:

    Hello again!
    Sorry to comment again so soon, but I’m now catching up on a few of your podcasts that I missed. I just listened to the one on “The Whole Truth” where you mentioned The Others band. I go to Smith College in Northampton, MA, and right around the time this podcast aired I remember seeing flyers around town with a guitar dharma symbol saying “the others are coming.” The problem is that I had no idea what it was at the time, and now that I know I’m really upset that I missed it! You don’t happen to know if or when they’ll be returning to Northampton do you?

  5. Todd in KY says:

    There’s no podcast for “Three Minutes” on the iTunes list.

  6. Steven in MI says:

    It seemed to me that the reason Ekko abandoned finishing the church had more to do with the fact that he was leaving the show than how the story was going to play out. So I don’t really think there is any answer coming to that question in terms of the shows mythology or story. He was leaving and so they had to abruptly write a way for him to die.

    I do find it a shame he had to leave. I think the writers had bigger plans for Ekko than what we got. I think the overall Lost story would have been just a little richer with Ekko as a key player.

  7. Ryan says:

    Tara: The Others LOST Band is great! I’d hit ’em up at their MySpace page. I got the sense they’re in the neighborhood fairly often!

    Todd: If you’re going by the podcasts listed inside the iTunes store, it’s notoriously slow in updating (and I had to correct the Enhanced version upload for “Three Minutes”). Your best bet is to subscribe, so iTunes checks directly with our feed. Or, if you’re the manual type, you can dowload the basic MP3 here, or the Enhanced version here:

  8. Andy Nick says:

    Ryan & Jen –
    I can’t wait to hear you discuss the season 2 finale, and I wanted to point something out that I recently noticed that was really interesting to me. Here’s a little story…

    A few weeks back I was moving out of my apartment and decided to play an episode of Lost on my iPod video.
    I’ve seen season 2’s finale enough times that I know what’s going on by audio alone (although there’s a really long stretch of silence when they sneak aboard Desmond’s boat!)

    Near the very end of the finale, Locke refuses to push the button and the timer ticks all the way down. Since I was only listening to the episode, I found myself paying special attention to the audio. Immediately, you begin hearing “System Failure” over and over, and after this has repeated quite a few times, the voice fades out and we hear the sounds of the hatch tearing itself apart.

    Now here’s the interesting part. Locke encounters Ecko, and just before he says “I was wrong” (the understatement of the century), the voice barely fades back in, only now, it has changed: the word “System” has been removed, and the computer voice simply chants “Failure” over and over.

    I thought this was such a great example of the strong, yet subtle details in Lost that do such a great job of telling you a bigger story about these characters.

    Thanks for the podcast guys, keep it up!

    – andy nick

  9. Jaci says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen, I LOVE the podcast, you guys have been the fix for my LOST jones since spring. Thanks!

    I just had one quick comment. I was listening to the Three Minutes podcast and the discussion as to why the Others pretended to be island-dependent hostiles rather than just revealing their level of civilization from the get-go, the idea being that coming openly and revealing their technology would be an intimidating power play.

    Here’s the thing, the purpose of such a move would be to intimidate, and the Others probably see no need to intimidate the Losties, precisely because they feel they have that upper hand. So, why not let the Losties be even MORE handicapped and let them believe they are going against an inferior force, only to be trumped? Seemed to work pretty well, actually.

    Also, if they revealed their comfort level and ability to communicate with the outside world, they would be setting themselves up in a position to be attacked, because the Losties would be desperate to take that technology and would have a motivation to attack.

    So, the whole idea of coming camoflauged makes sense to me from those two angles.

    Just throwing my two-cents in there. Can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Andy Nick says:

    I agree with Jaci about the others pretending to be rag-tag instead of civilized. What’s more terrifying: a group of feral, law-less island-native men and women, or a bunch of book-clubbin’ soccer moms and Joe-Six-Packs? 🙂

  11. Roger says:

    Hey guys,
    i have only just started to listen to your podcast and i think all the podcasts on the LPN are fantastic.
    This is the first time i have tried to leave a comment for your show so i hope i’m doing it right.
    I know you did “Three Minutes” last week but when i was listening to your podcast I was thinking about the episode and I started thinking: What was so important about Hurley joining Sawyer, Kate and Jack to be kidnapped. All he was need for was to tell the other survivors to stay away, which could easily have been done by someone else.
    What’s more, if Michael persuaded the camp that he wanted the people on the list to make an army to attack the others, wouldn’t it seem less suspicious to take Sayid, a seasoned fighter, than Hurley?
    Surely Michael’s choice to take Hurley instead of Sayid would have raised a few eyebrows and i would imagine that the Others would have realized this.
    So basically, my question is: Why were the Other’s so insistent on making Hurley come? Couldn’t they just ask Michael to bring one other person come?
    I hope this makes sense.
    Thanks, love your podcast.

  12. jess-o says:

    Hey Guys,
    While you were talking about “The Three Minutes” something was said about how in “Two for the Road” Libby and Ana Lucia had to die, and what a shame it was. And in “Live Together, Die Alone” we find out that Libby gave her husbands boat to Desmond. And Desmond returns to the island right as they are burying Ana Lucia and Libby. I think that Libby had to die so that she and Desmond would not see each other on the island. It is just too much of a coincidence for her death to come just before his return.

    I am more excited than ever for this years return of LOST. More than last year because January 21st is my Birthday!!

    Keep up the GREAT work.

  13. jess-o says:

    And one more thing, did you see the “Ajira Airlines” Commercial right after the ball dropped on New Years.
    Just thought I would ask.

    Thanks Again

  14. jess-o says:

    Sorry, This will be my last post for now
    I went to and I looked at the “Adventures” Tab. All the posts are by a Antonio B. MacCutcheon. I Just thought I’d Point this out because if I’m not mistaken MacCutcheon was the brand of alcohol that Desmond was not worthy to drink according to Charles Widmore.

    Also you can only book flights until January 21st. And strangely all flights are booked.

    Thanks AGAIN