Next: “Two for the Road” (Episode 2×20)

After finding an exhausted Michael in the forest, Jack and Kate bring him back to the main camp. When he finally wakes up, Michael has some new details about “The Others.” Also, a lovestruck Hurley plans a date for Libby. Comment here, via e-mail to, or by calling the LostLine at (808) 356-0127, by Friday, Dec. 12.

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  1. MJ from Midwest says:

    Ryan & Jen, 6″ of snow to shovel today. Oh, I bet you’ve got sunshine. But winter weather does bring it’s rewards. With my feet up, I am taking time to get organized by adding RSS feeds from Dark, Dharma DUmmies, Previously on Lost, Sledgeweb, and, of course, The Transmission. Up popped 2006 podcast feeds which covered the shows at the end of season 2. Ryan, your text analysis, notes and notions are insightful to say the least. Also, a bit nostalgic. I remember the ‘terror’ of the hatch scene. You open up you comment with “Didn’t see that coming.” which I have applied to many LOST moments since.

    Really lousy Sawyer/Ana scene. “Get your hands off my mangos.” How do you just forget that your gun has gone missing. The burning of the last 10 pages of Bad Twin seemed important this time around so I reviewed that ‘story’ again. Or maybe the writers where sending us a message?

    Why the inclusion of Jack flashback at the Oceanic counter begging to have father/coffin clear customs and get on this flight? This seems out of place in this epi.

    Apparently, Libby and Hurley watched the Flintstones together at Santa Rosa.

    Up to the point, I thought that Ana L was going to be an interesting addition to the Fusies after the merge. She killed or cause the death of several people, made mistakes in judgement, extreme pleasure in torturing others physically and verbally, LA connections, etc. So very disappointed, but not unexpected ending for this character.

    The unintended shooting of witness Libby, however, was shocking. THUD THUD THUD. OMG THUD. Another Tailie with great connections to Desmond, and Santa Rosa. Maybe you have a thought as to why they chose that moment to write off her character.

    Only if Hurley can remember to pack blankets and wine and find the most excellent secret beach on the island next TIME.

    Also, the ‘Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt’ missing pieces was from this episode. Neil – a truly creepy character.

    42 days to go. Hmmm . . .

  2. cat says:

    One of the greatest episodes ever. I remember my mouth hanging open as Anna Lucia’s past is revealed, she meets Christian Shepard, has sex with Sawyer and then in one of the most amazing shockers ever is shot by Michael who then takes out Libby. Non-stop stunners! We were just getting “involved” with Anna Lucia and all of a sudden she is gone. Now that we know what we do, I absolutely believe that Michael had been instructed to take her out specifically because she had killed two of Ben’s people.

    We see several of our recurring themes – Ben saying that Anna was’t good but the people she shot were and that Locke is good. Do we think that Ben was really coming to get Locke? I could definately see Jacob telling Ben to go get Locke and Ben being nervous that he had failed in his mission – so I tend to believe him on that count – whereas I probably didn’t at the time.

    We also have the numbers again; rain; Patsey Kline, the “bad twin” and our regular movie and book references. This show was packed including Hurley’s ever so subtle comment to Libby that i he gets drunk, maybe he’ll remember where he knew her from.

    Apparently this episode was nominated for a writing award and I can see why. It was great and to MJ’s point – 42 days to go – I can’t wait!!!

  3. Cerebral Hypoxia says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I know this is a little late, since you just reviewed S.O.S., but when Jen said that the background on Rose and Bernie was kinda lame, it made me watch “The Other 48 Days” again. I too wonder what is in Bernard’s background. When the 9 were taken, Ana-Lucia found the list. According to Ben, they would only take the “good” people. So….what is in Bernard’s background that would disqualify him from being “good?”

    “Two for the Road” was a great episode. I never liked Ana-Lucia and was glad to see her go, but Libby not so much. I wonder if Jack will ever find out that his father and Ana were together in Sydney. Christian calling her “Sarah” was a little too creepy too. Perhaps Christian did have a thing with Sarah.

    I can’t wait until Season 5 begins. I hope that more questions will be answered!

    Hope you guys have a great holiday season and thanks for redoing Season 2!

  4. Tracey says:

    This is the only episode that shook my faith in Lost. I actually stopped watching for a few episodes after this which, for me, was a big deal. I love this show. However, at this point I’d said “Enough!” I was privy to the real life events leading up its airing and was spoiled a bit regarding the ending. It made me question the direction in which the show was going. I thought, if they are able to change a major part of the plot so fast then maybe they were making it up as they went along. This made me wonder what the point was of focusing on the details of the show. It was as though even large parts of the narrative could be tossed aside.

    I am first and foremost a fan of character development. Back then it seemed like all of the time devoted to Ana Lucia and Libby and subsequently their indirect effect on other characters’ storylines was a waste. In hindsight I see that only LOST would cause me to have such expectations of a television program. That quality, and the characters, are what brought me back eventually.

  5. ImAnOther108 says:

    After watching this episode I realized that I had to see more. It made me realize that there will always be surpises at every corner. It was a real shame that the writers killed off Libby and Ana Lucia. And it was at this point that my dislike for Michael turned into hate. But then in the season final it kind of sucks that he gets killed before being able to reconcile with Walt. O well, what comes around goes around.

  6. random rambler says:

    I too knew about the DUI stuff and of the fact that they’d changed the script and were going to be bumped off (if that’s what the other poster meant). I lost interest immediately in the show upon the ending of this episode. Even though I knew it was going to happen I still had hope that they wouldn’t kill them off for some reason. It was hard to continue defending that they didn’t make it up as they went along. It’s so great that they were given an end date because it gave some credibility to the story. When Two For The Road aired, I didn’t feel that way.

  7. Bonita says:

    [Spoiler reference removed.] I had really hoped that Ana Lucia would be a powerful rival of Kate’s. But it’s just another cool potential thread dropped, like Eko’s to streamline the story (and work around real world issues). I wonder if a spin off will ever be attempted. What do you think?

  8. says:

    The scene where Michael shoots Ana Lucia (purposely) and then Libby (seemingly accidentally) was an absolute stunner. When it first aired it was one of those jaw dropping moments that Lost seems to provide over and over again. And at the time I think it was THE MOST jaw dropping moment of the show to that point. Even today, I think it still stands near or at the top of the list of jaw dropping moments for Lost. And Lost is a show with a whole lot of jaw dropping moments!

    Thanks again for the great podcasts!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    All the best,
    Mike R.

  9. Ilias says:

    Hi guys,

    I have not watched the episode as I am watching Band of Brothers on Blue Ray in preparation of this weekend’s activities in and around Bastogne. BoB is for me the greatest mini-series ever produced in TV and as I am WWII junkie I will be in Belgium as there will be marches, mock battles, and such to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Battel of the Bulge. My visits to Bastogne are a culinary highlight as well, they have delicious tarts and other sweets and nice little butcher shops with excellent cured hams and home made sausages and such, OMG I am getting hungry again!

    There are a couple things that I wanted to mention about this episode though. The one thing I remember well is why? Why introduce the taillies only to have them dissapear or killed. It frustrated me as I got a sense that they did not know where they were going with this. The other thing I remember is that Henry kept using the good/bad people theme (Backgammon anyone?). IIRC it was also the first time we had heard “Him” mentioned. The good/bad people has never really been fully explained. In retrospect I do not understand why Henry was talking about two good people while he was chocking her, later we found out that he did not particularly care about Goodwin and was not unhappy to see him go (probably just a glitch but you never know).

    The big questions I have from this episode did Henry/Ben really come to get Locke? Who is good and who is bad, i.e. what makes one good or bad.



    PS.: Anna taking the gun away from Sawyer is a perfect example of how foolish and naive man really are 🙂

  10. anna_in_indiana says:

    Something in response to Ilias’ comment about “two good people”: I don’t think Goodwin was one of the ones he meant. Didn’t Eko kill two men when they tried to kidnap more tailies? I assumed he meant those two. We do of course find out later that Ben pretty much left Goodwin out on field assignment, so to speak, on purpose, knowing that he would eventually be discovered and killed. I also feel like they have dropped the good person/bad person theme. Maybe they didn’t know yet how many people Ben was going to help kill? Or maybe being “good” is something more inherent in a person, in their soul, rather than based on their actions (Sawyer was on the list at one point and he had killed, lied, stolen, etc).

    Everything that Christian Shepherd says and does in this episode is interesting. He talks a lot about fate, and tells Ana Lucia that the reason fate does things is “so that we can help each other out”. He seems pretty serious about it, although later he treats fate more flippantly, saying, “Look what fate has served up this time” when they squeal to a halt in front of a cocktail bar. Since he later seems to become someone who has some role in determining the fate of other people, this interest in fate caught my attention. Are all the losties on the island for what Christian calls “the same reason fate does anything…to help each other out”? Are they there to help the island? are they there to help the Others? There seems to be some larger purpose at work, especially since it seems that they have to go back.

    Also, shouldn’t they have seen through Michael’s story about the Others only having two guns? Didn’t they take at least that many guns from Jack and Sawyer when they first ran into Tom and company (when Kate followed them, and they had to lay down their arms to get Kate back)?

  11. brermike says:

    This is just a comment to the posters above who seem to think Ana Lucia was killed off because of her DUI. This is not true and has been confirmed by not only the producers (not that they would admit it anyway) but also Michelle Rodriguez. She only signed on for one season and her arc was planned well before the DUI incidents. She also stated that she regretted deciding only to do one season and had asked to stay on, but the storyline had already been written at that point. Libby was killed, again not because of her DUI, but because they wanted there to be a bigger impact. Ana Lucia was not well-liked among the fans and her death wouldn’t have been as shocking.

    Lastly, I don’t believe killing off the tailies meant that their storyline was a waste of time. They still had a great impact on all the Losties (e.g. main characters) and drove the story forward. This is really the main purpose of any character that joins a show, either as a new regular or a guest star.

    Anyway, great episode and while I do hope we get Libby’s story (seems like that might not happen), if not, her death is even more tragic and honestly, in some ways, quite realistic. There is often no closure.

  12. Carrie says:

    Yay! This is one of my favorites! Can’t wait for the podcast!

  13. random rambler says:

    I’ve heard that excuse many times, and even though I didn’t think their DUI’s were the sole reason, I believe it was just fuel to the fire. I think it’s one of several reasons why they went in that direction. That isn’t what they had originally set the story up as and that is what bothered me. In today’s day and age, so much information about things off-set are readily available. From there it’s easy to deduce outcomes.

  14. Robin says:

    A pattern emerged here with those who die on the show. Boone had finally begun to let go of his obsession with Shannon when he died. Then she found someone who would love her and believe in her when Ana shot her. Now Ana not only regrets the revenge she took but has learnt not to do it again by refusing to kill Henry.

    The pattern of deaths points to the island being a source of redemption for the characters and once redeemed they can be set free from this life. Just as Charlie and Michael would be later. The jury is out on Locke and Jin at present.

  15. Bonita says:

    IF the pattern is redemption where does Libby’s death fit in?
    You could say she’d kept Hurley from giving in to his demons but I hope there is more to it than that. Maybe future episodes will clarify Libby’s role.

  16. anna_in_indiana says:

    maybe libby was already redeemed before she got to the island? maybe her redemption had to do with how she got out of the mental institute.

    do we know what libby was doing in australia, anyway? that is something i keep wondering about. was she enough of a hurley-stalker to follow him there? or is it just a coincidence? there are enough other “coincidences” (jack and claire being there together and not even knowing that they were half-siblings) that i suppose it could just be random, or “fate”.

  17. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Audio isn’t available in March 2011 for rewatch.