There’s No Place Like Home – Parts 2 and 3

We’re spent. It may just be the shock of the final reveal (and the exploding and disappearing and everything else), but I’m putting this season’s finale as the best yet. Oh, there was a big giant Pandora’s box or two opened, and the requisite handful of new nagging questions, but in terms of delivering a dramatic punch, a full sprint of plot and action, and major pointers as to the mythological direction of “LOST,” we couldn’t have asked for more. Every strength of the show was serviced tonight, and the only downside to this high is the inevitable crash tomorrow. We’ll have to wait more than seven months to pick up where we left off.

And I do think we will move forward, now, from the near present. Perhaps even the true present. (No issues with Walt’s age, now.) Mr. Bentham’s ominous tale of how things went south on the island after the Oceanic Six escaped perfectly sets up the island as flashback territory… the clever inverse of the first three seasons. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ben turned the wheel and moved the island, a mind-boggling action that also comes with another rule: whoever invokes the measure of last resort “can’t” return. We also know from his arm injury that he goes straight from the deep Earth chamber to the desert of Tunisia. We see how the Oceanic Six come together and get off the island, and also the setup for their return. We see Sawyer sacrifice himself after a smooch that no doubt gave shippers a thrill, but we also see Desmond and Penny reunited — the kiss of the whole show, bar none. And we finally learn who was in the coffin.

Jen is immensely relieved to learn who was in the coffin. She demanded to know, out loud, every ten minutes during the last hour of the finale. Considering that Season 1 left us looking down a mysterious hatch, even I was convinced until the very last moment that they just might go there… the just might leave us hanging. And we both wouldn’t have guessed who Mr. Bentham turned out to be.

Jen’s also convinced that Jin is dead. I have to admit, it looks pretty dire. He does have a couple of things going for him, though. One, Sun is convinced enough of his possible survival that she’s going to engage in some pretty big corporate shenanigans with Charles Widmore. Two, just like the three gunshots that were supposed to have robbed us of Jin, Sayid and Bernard on the beach, I don’t think any “off-screen deaths” have really stuck. Hell, on-screen deaths don’t stick. (At least Keamy’s sudden reappearance got a token explanation.) With Locke apparently going back as carry-on luggage, after all, his story is obviously not done. Look at what happened with the last person Jack transported in a coffin.

For all the big details, though, it’s the little things that made tonight’s episode so satisfying. The way the episode opened at the exact moment Season 3 ended (tires screeching with the quick fade to black). Hurley’s awkward greeting for Jack, and real gratitude to Sawyer for coming back for him. Locke’s confidence with Jack (“Just watch what I’m about to do”) but befuddlement with anthuriums. The way Michael released Jin to be a father, and the way the island finally released him. The way Ben… did everything, from referencing time-traveling bunnies to the utterly cold way he reacted to dooming the freighter. Miles’ scolding from Rose, and cryptic message for Charlotte, who almost instantly becomes the new character whose story we’re desperate to hear.

Too many great moments to mention. With our minds spinning, we’re simply reduced to bullet points.

Notes and Notions:

  • The conversation between Jack and Locke goes to the very heart of the overall “LOST” story arc. If you haven’t recently revisited the conversation mentioned tonight, from the episode “White Rabbit,” you should read it again. And remember, that was Season 1, Episode 5.
  • What is Sun up to? Helping Mr. Widmore, or duping him? The why, at least, seems pretty clear. But she’s right, the Oceanic Six weren’t the only ones that got off the island. And joining Ben in the bonus set are Frank and Desmond.
  • Locke’s pseudonym off island was Jeremy Bentham. Philosopher, yes. Also a guy who willed his body to be put on display. It’s still in a glass case at University College London.
  • Hurley’s mention of Mr. Eko was a nice touch, because I do sometimes get the sense that there are parts of the show’s past that they’d rather we just forget.
  • The moment you heard Sayid’s voice at the car window, you knew that guy was toast. And of course his time of death was 8:15.
  • More Sawyer nicknames, from “Sundance” for Jack to “Kenny Rogers” for Frank. And… shirtless on a beach with a pretty lady and a bottle of rum? It’s fanfic time.
  • What happened to Daniel and his boatload of socks (or redshirts or background)? Are they stranded? Or, since “Alcatraz” apparently went with the main island, could they have gone along for the ride as well?
  • Jack officially has a musical motif (along with Kate’s Patsy Cline). His last drive to the funeral parlor showed us his appreciation for “Nirvana.” Tonight, he rocked his way out to the big reveal with “The Pixies.”
  • Yeah, so that was the “Frozen Donkey Wheel.” Ha ha. How literal and clever! Can we go back to metaphors for the next big twist?

A year ago, when we were similarly left stunned by the Season 3 finale, I wrote: “Suddenly I’m willing to entertain even the most ridiculous, crack-pot theories. Because I have no idea where ‘LOST’ will take us next.” I am still happily along for the ride.

And Jen wrote: “Season 3 of Lost, to me, is one of the best seasons of television ever.” And Season 4 tops that.

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  1. bear99 says:

    i can’t wait till SEASON 5 and see what happened on the island I do think that the boat people might of been saved because of the whole time difference with the island. We know Locke isn’t totally gone because Christian Shepperd was seen again even if he is dead or alive John Locke will be back. Great to see Walt as well.

  2. Fernando says:

    The best season finale of this show… SIMPLY AWESOME.
    The best part: finding out Desmond’s fate.
    The best line: “yes, John, time-traveling bunnies”.
    More later.

  3. Matt says:


    des and penny’s reunion was one of if not the best scene of all 4 seasons so far.

    great ending to the season.

  4. LockItUp says:

    Unbelievable….I can’t even come up with a post that adds more than that yet. Wow!

  5. Phil R says:

    So I looked up Octagon, and what is happening July 24th-27th in San Diego?

    Mind blowing ending…

    So the tsunami was caused by the island moving? Is that how it happened?

    All sorts of questions now. It is going to be a good week before I can wrap my brain around of all this.

    And if Michael Emmerson doesn’t get an Emmy from this season, something is completely wrong.

  6. John Fischer says:

    Wow! One episode has my favorite scene ever and also kills off my favorite character.

    The Penny/Desmond reunion is what we have all wanted to see. It was wonderful. As much as I like Kate with Jack, this was better.

    Locke dead. Oh my God. How did he get off the island? When did he die in the time sequence? Can he be brought back to life?

    What about Claire. Is she dead? Is she the actress whom we will not see all of next season?

    Unfortunately I read the spoilers and I knew most of what happened. It was still great, but I wish I hadn’t known in advance.

  7. John says:

    We are watching a special show here people. Let’s enjoy, while it lasts.

  8. Bryan says:

    @ Phil R
    Agreed. Michael Emerson is an awesome actor. He really has taken this show to another level.

    Loved seeing the Penny/Desmond reunion. I hope this isn’t the last of Desmond. He has become my favorite character over the last 2 seasons.

  9. Matt says:

    agree about Michael Emerson. his performances just keep getting better and better

  10. Denise says:

    Wow, so many ideas running through my head after that show. One thing I’ve been thinking of, maybe Charlotte is Annie’s daughter…

    Trying to get the Octagon webpage to load now, surely it’s getting hammered!

  11. Jesse Cox says:

    Ok, wow…
    there is so much to take it, but I think that my main “question” from the finale is….what happened to Dan at the 5 people with him on the little motor boat???

  12. Jesse Cox says:

    About the Octagon website dates:

    being a Lost dork, I remember watching stuff from previous lost seasons come from Comic Con which always took place in San Diego..
    so i put two and two together and went to the comic-con site and what do you know, it takes place July 24-27.

  13. Kerry says:

    Maybe Locke isn’t really dead. Here’s a thought I’ve been working on… What if, when 815 crashed, because of the weird time travel thing, maybe a “double,” was made of everyone who crashed, including Christian, even though he was dead? Perhaps when the plane crashed into whatever kind of “barrier,” was protecting the island, somehow duplicates were made of each person? I don’t know, just a theory! I loved the Kate “dream,” too. Scared me…. 🙂

  14. cuedblu says:

    @Phil R
    Comic-Con is on those dates in SD. Great idea about the island moving and the tsunami, especially the way we saw it simply blip off the face of the planet and leave a ripple of water.

    Sawyer’s selfless act contrasted with Jack’s ‘I’m going to save you all’ – incredible juxtaposition.

    John Locke. Didn’t expect that prior to this episode, but when he told Jack that he had to make up a story, it was pretty clear after Kate said what she did in the first scene at the airport.

    Sun working in concert with Widmore? Or is that a ruse? I doubt the writers would cast her as working with the apparent baddies. Her angst at losing Jin was palpable in the helicopter/boat explosion scene. I’ve never been sympathetic to her character, but I was there.

    Ben stabbing Keamy to death – you felt a little vindication for Ben. Until he said, ‘So what?’ to Locke’s concern for those on the boat.

    Walt back again. And Locke was the only one to go see him. And now Michael is dead.

    Speaking of which, Michael and Jin and then Locke, all dead. Wow. Last season it was the Others body count that was sky high… this season, it was our Losties. How things come full circle.

  15. gillian says:

    WOW… now that was a season ender! I found myself needing to mute the commercials because my brain just couldn’t handle any more stimuli. I think I’m going to anticipate season five even more than the second one!


  16. says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen!

    So much to process….. but my first thoughts are…

    Just like we thought in Season 1 that the final scene of the show would be the survivors getting off the island, as of late I’ve been thinking/hoping that the final scene of the show would be the Desmond/Penny reunion. And whaddya know, the producers gave us that tonight! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Season 5.

    Love the podcast, can’t wait to hear this one. I won’t be on a plane listening this time!

    Take care and thanks for the great blog and podcasts.

    Best Regards,
    Mike in VA

  17. John Fischer says:

    I didn’t rate this episode very high and I admit it was an emotional response on my part. As a whole the episode was excellent, but having Locke be the man in the coffin ruined it all for me. He is my favorite character and even though we’ll surely see him next year in terms of how things went so badly on the island after they left, it still remains that Locke is dead. He may resurrect on the island like Jack’s father and perhaps Claire, but he is still dead in the corporal form.

    I am still very afraid that the whole show will end with all of them on the plane, crashing and dying OR with them all in Australia deciding not to take the flight. Once time travel comes into play, it could be the thing that resolves the whole show and that would be a major disappointment for me.

    If they can take the island to another time and place, maybe they can take it back before the crash.

    I am very worried about the direction of the show for the last two seasons.

  18. Bart says:

    Wow!! That was incredible. One thing that stood out to me was Claire’s warning not to come back to the island. I wondered why that was at the time since all the other “ghosts” have told the others to come back. Now, with Jack saying at the end that Locke told him things have gone bad, it is clear that Claire doesn’t want harm to come to Aaron.

    So much information to process, unfortunately we have until next February to think things over.

  19. Hayley Marie says:

    Season 4 finale was well worth the wait!!! I loved every min of it. My fav scenes are:
    1. Hurley in santa rosa, playing chess with Mr. Echo (?) and not at all suprised to see Syaid.
    2. Sun approaching Widmore in London and calling his bluff about not knowing who she is and that she was on the island and got off of it.
    3. Ben’s moving the island and then showing up at the funeral home to suprise Jack.
    4. Finding out that Lock was in the coffin!!!

  20. Tullster says:

    Octagon, thats a cool tie in to the Dharma logo. Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson will both get nominated and Michael will win. Thats my crackpot theory and I’m sticking to it. Oh wait, wrong podcast.

  21. John B. says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    Thanks for providing a forum for us to discuss our reactions to the finale. My own wild speculation is that Jin is in fact still alive. I can think of no other reason to have Daniel floating in a raft in the middle of the ocean except to recover Jin. At first I thought it would be too cruel a thing to do to Sun, letting her believe that her husband was dead, and that the writers would not torture her that way. However, if she is now turning to the darkside and working with Widmore, that sets up a very interesting redemption arc. The torture would be justified if it became a significant turn in the narrative.

    cheers, and looking forward to the podcast.

  22. Stacey, NC says:

    OMG – I’m on the east coast, this episode ended more than two hours ago for me, and my head is still spinning…

    Some thoughts…

    I love that we got so many answers and saw so many pieces get tied together in this episode. Very, very satisfying.

    Kate’s dream of Claire really freaked me out. So did the sight of Christian Shepard showing up on the boat. Leads me to believe that Locke’s death might lead him to a very active earthly afterlife.

    I cried when I felt Sun’s horror of leaving Jin behind (well-acted by Yunjin Kim). Whatever she has in mind for Widmore, I hope it’s a great big double-cross.

    What, exactly, did Sawyer whisper in Kate’s ear before he jumped? Did he ask her the thing that we all expect (i.e., find Clementine), or did he throw in something unexpected? (With these writers, after all, you never really know…)

    I LOVED when Keamy and his band of thugs got ambushed by the others. Sayid the Ninja strikes again!!! 🙂

    I thought the Desmond-Penny reunion was too restrained. They’ve waited YEARS for this, and they were so calm about it.

    Now that Desmond’s off the island and he’s sticking to Penny like glue, how is Widmore going to deal with him?

    What was Charlotte and Miles referring to when they made reference to her being there before? She’s too young to be part of the original Dharma Initiative, unless she’s one of those never-aging types like Richard Alpert.
    What else is in her backstory? What exactly is her connection to the island?

    So WHERE did the island go? Is Juliet back to square one in terms of leaving it? Will she reunite with the Others, and if so, what will the consequences of her shifting alliances be?

    Why was Locke so convinced that EVERYONE has to go back? What horrible thing happened back on the island? Will the remaining Losties survive it, whatever it is?

    Did Daniel and the Zodiac crew make it back to the island?

    I loved it when Rose told Miles that she was going to keep an eye on him.

    And finally…

    I sure am glad they found yet another way for Sawyer to take off his shirt!!

  23. Mr. Z says:

    While the closing scene felt like a dud to me, I’m terribly saddened at the idea that Locke lost everything again. I mean, talk about a guy who has had the WORST life. I wont even go into the details of his past misfortunes, but come on!

    If I may add, the following season will be an interesting twist of the shows format: this time the island and what happens on the island AFTER the Oceanic-6 left will be the flashbacks, while the hunt for the island will be in present time. That is, the back story will be the islands history instead of each characters history. Any thoughts? Too soon for Seasons 5 talk?

    Also, ain’t it a sweet “Wife Swap”: Jack gets Kate, and–I’m sure of this–Juliette gets Sawyer… don’t believe this, I have one word for you: RUM.
    -Mr. Z

  24. d a v e says:

    So…”frozen donkey wheel” literally meant frozen donkey wheel…whodathunkit?

  25. Mr. Z says:

    Jeremy Bentham (from Wikipedia): He is best known for his advocacy of utilitarianism, for the concept of animal rights, and his opposition to the idea of natural rights, with his oft-quoted statement that the idea of such rights is “nonsense upon stilts.” As requested in his will, his body was preserved and stored in a WOODEN CABINET, termed his “Auto-icon”.

    Second source: “Utilitarianism as such does nothing to protect Individual Rights. Bentham himself is quite explicit about this, since he rejects the dominant British natural rights tradition that went back at least to John Locke and in Bentham’s own lifetime had been embodied in the United States Constitution. Nevertheless, Bentham calls it all “Nonsense on stilts.”

  26. Luke says:

    Wow! I have to agree with the consensus that this was the best LOST finale ever.

    A few comments…

    1) This episode confirms to me that Claire is, in fact, dead. People just don’t show up like that in this show unless they’re dead–Boone, Jack’s dad, Yemi, Charlie. I think the Island can use the image (and possibly body) of anyone who dies on the Island to communicate with others. The one exception to this seems to be Walt, who can be in two places at once without being dead (as in Season 2) but he is, after all, special. 🙂

    2) Sun says to Widmore that they have common interests. We can assume that means finding the Island, but I wonder if it’s something more sinister. Does she blame Jack, along with her father, for losing Jin? If so, would she want some sort of revenge?

    3) Locke moved the island, as expected. The question is: did it move in space, time, or both? The Orchid video showed them planning to send a rabbit a few milliseconds into the future, which would cause it to disappear…could the same have happened to the Island itself, on a larger scale? Could it have been sent into the future too?

    Love the podcast, you guys. Can’t wait to hear this week’s. I’m going to go continue my hopeless quest to wrap my head around that episode after only one viewing. Later.


  27. Connie in Alaska says:

    OK…Great season ender. The only thing worse than being in Alaska and seeing it four hours later than the East Coast is being in Hawaii and seeing it 5? 6? hours later. Just kidding, Ryan and Jen. Patience is a virtue, right? ;O)

    Random thoughts:

    What are they feeding poor Aaron? Without Clair, the kid has got to be starving!

    Yunjin Kim’s performance when the boat exploded was riveting and emotionally wrenching. I was speechless (unusual for me).

    Desmond, Penny and Frank will go into hiding. I don’t know what they will do about Penny’s crew. Perhaps they will keep looking for the Island.

    I don’t believe that Clair actually came to Kate to warn her away from the Island. I think that dream was Kate’s subconscious telling her what she wants to hear. My own theory about Clair is that she suffered internal injuries when her house exploded that grew worse and she died in her sleep. That’s when she saw Christian. Couldn’t tell you what happened to her body or how Aaron got out into the forest

    Charlotte may be Annie (although she seems a bit young). She’s looking for where she was born…hmmm.

    I agree with Stacey from NC…shirtless Sawyer…yummy!

    I think Miles and Charlotte know that the Island is definitely NOT an island. They talked about staying like they weren’t worried about what was going to happen. Rather they seemed anxious to find out more about the Island’s properties/secrets.

    Christian telling Michael that he “can go now”…what was that? The Island releasing it’s grip on Michael and finally letting him die? The Island evidently only needed the O6 plus Frank and Des to get off the boat safely….or maybe it wanted to keep Daniel and his boatload of 815’ers off the freighter. Hmmm.

    Was totally shocked to see Locke in the coffin. All this time I was convinced it was Michael. Right before Jack opened the coffin I was sure it was Ben. Then Ben shows up! To see John in the coffin was a big surprise. He must have learned Ben’s hidey hole secrets on how to get on and off the Island.

    Loved how the writers brought in a lot of characters we have been wondering about…Walt, Clair, Richard, the Others, Penny, Widmore. Looking forward to the discussion.

  28. Connie in Alaska says:

    Luke-Did Locke move the Island or did Ben move the Island? I was a bit confused about the whole Orchid station brouhaha. Ben told Locke how to get down to the lower level, but Locke would have had no clue about how to get to the “frozen donkey wheel” (LOVE IT!) and actually move the Island. So what was Ben’s real plan? Did he know he would have to escape and return to the Orchid with John. Ben could have done it without John because John didn’t actually do anything…Ben could have told him about Richard and the Others while they were traipsing through the woods.

  29. Spalz says:
    Anyone catch that ad on there? the dates happen to be Comic-Con in San Diego.

  30. Mr. Z says:

    BTW, Sayid’s break dancing ninja skills FTW!

  31. Mr. Z says:

    Watching certain scenes at the moment, can anyone get a translation from the phone call that Kate received? The words seem to be backwards.

  32. Connie in Alaska says:

    Kate’s Backward Phonecall: “The Island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late.”

  33. helen says:

    So all of them have to go back? Does that include Aaron? And why the need to bring back a dead guy?

  34. Crissy says:

    Whew! What an ep! One word: BADASS.

    I’m SO glad they told us who was in the coffin — I was convinced they were going to make us wait ’til S5! And while they gave us cliffhangers to chew on during the off-season, I can live with what we got in the finale . . . meaning, lots of answers and lots of zingers! Here are my faves:

    SAWYER: “What the hell are they talkin’ about over there, anyway?”
    HURLEY: “I dunno. Leader stuff?”

    “Well, Jack, you put a gun to my head, and you pulled the trigger. I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones.”
    – Locke

    BEN: “Couldn’t find the anthurium, could you.”
    LOCKE: “I don’t know what they look like!”

    “Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they’ll believe you.”
    – Locke (OUCH!)

    ROSE: “Uh, who told you you could eat those peanuts?”
    MILES: (pause) “May I — May I eat these peanuts?”
    ROSE: “I’m gonna keep my eye on you, shorty.”

    “You know what, John, why don’t you watch this informative video that will answer some of your questions. I’ll take care of some business.”
    – Ben

    “Dude, I’ve been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia.”
    – Hurley

    “Sometimes, good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses.
    – Ben

    . . . And, of course, a favorite Sawyer nickname: Kenny Rogers. Now why didn’t I see THAT before?! Hilarious.

    Loved. It.

  35. Crissy says:

    I meant anthuriums, not anthurium. Plural. Someone stole my s!

  36. heronstalker says:

    Wow! I can’t believe they film this thing a few miles down the road from where I live (native in Kapolei). Throughout the entire episode, I felt as though I were watching a piece of cinema and couldn’t believe the amount of talent, time, and effort that goes into creating a new episode for us every week. I can’t wait to see what the producers have in store for us in the final two seasons.
    I came to the sobering realization, however, that this show is more than likely going to end with a close-up on Jack’s eyes at the moment of his passing. For 4 seasons now, everyone’s been fearing that the end of the line would be the final rescue of everyone getting off the island, with the cliche of helicopter or boat going off into the sunset. Now we know (thankfully!) this is not to be the case, but sadly, as I was watching the beginning of the lie where Jack and surviors settle on the Indonesian shore, it seems to me the only logical way this show can come to an end is for Jack to finally resolves all of his issues and in traditional Lost fashion the natural conclusion to anyone’s story on this show is death. Of course the writers can go the other way, perhaps find a middle to ground to keep Jack alive, but with Jack proven to be the liar and narcissist that he is, I don’t see Jack’s life on the island bringing him any sense of peace.
    I agree with Stacey in NC — Penny’s reunion with Desmond was good, yet not quite what I expected after 2 years. I mean all of were very lucky to get this extra hour crammed into tonight’s finale, and if there’s one compromise the producers had to make tonight I think it was where Penny and Desmond finally reunite (though I felt like jumping on tables the entire I was watching this long overdue reunion).
    Congrats to everyone at the end of season 3 who ventured to say that it was Locke who was in the coffin. Unlike last year’s finale I kept myself to being spoiler free and I relished just about every moment of it tonight. Indeed, this is one very special show. Peace.

  37. cat says:

    Great episode but so much to digest. Agree that the Charlotte story-line is going to be intriguing. She is too young to be Annie but could she be Ben’s real daughter? Richard Alpert’s? What is her connection to the island. Claire does appear to be dead and why doesn’t she want aaron to go back to the island. That would seemingly contradict the directive to have Claire raise him. And did the boat that Miles and Daniel were floating around in pick up Jin? Did Jin jump from the freightor in time? After all, when we don’t see people actually die in this show, they tend not to! I’m going off to ponder some more.

  38. Lib4 says:

    Good episode not great. It looks like we have reached the end of the second act of the entire series as the story now moves onto the final act – the Post-island adventure.

    Next year I want more Miles and Charlotte their stories are very intriguing; kudos to the creators for adding characters with such depth.

    Unlike some I wasnt shocked who was in the coffin…I mean it could have been three people – Sawyer, Locke, or a cloned Ben. Frankly I would have been more shocked if it was Ben, but hey overall good episode I am content until January 2009.

  39. Daryl says:

    The one question I have, though stupid it may be, is this: Why is it necessary to lie about the survivors still on the island in order to “protect them?” I just don’t really get that. I would understand it more if the O6 were lying to protect themselves.

    Anyway, great episode!

    Thanks Ryan and Jen for a great forum and great podcast!

  40. John Fischer says:

    We should now be able to figure out where the island was located. We know they flew about 6 hours on a route from Sydney to LA. We also know that the island was 3000 miles from that little island off of Indonesia. Where those two markers intersect, that’s where the island was.

  41. Jiller says:

    Daryl, I think they are lying to protect the others because they’ve learned that someone is determined to find the island and has no qualms about killing everyone on it. It’s somewhat of an uneasy truce – the 6 don’t say anything, and Widmore pretends that their story is true and ignores them.

    I like the theory that Charlotte is Annie and Ben’s child, and that she left the island (back in the Dharma days when it was possible) because Ben was starting to scare her with his crazy behavior (sneaking out to meet Richard Alpert in the woods, talking about Jacob and a hidden cabin, etc.) This could have instigated Ben’s kidnapping of Alex a few years later – might even have caused Ben to do something out of anger that caused the pregnancy issues (which he later regrets, and therefore, is obsessed with having Juliet reverse what he caused.)

    I also like the theory that we’ve already met another person who, like Ben, moved the island in the past and can’t return. Who else but Widmore? Explains his obsession with it but his inability to actually do anything himself – he needs to get people there, and has Abadon (spelling?) as his hired gun to assemble the right people.

    Bentham/Locke could have told Sun that Ben caused the explosion by killing Keamy, which explains her sudden desire to befriend Widmore to go after Ben. Wouldn’t it be great for the 6 to return to the island with Ben’s help, only have Sun as a mole working for Widmore?

    Okay, tired now.

  42. ragtopday says:

    Did Sayid kill Bentham/Locke?

    When Sayid shows up at Santa Rosa to get Hurley he says “They said it was suicide,” referring to Locke’s death. And Hurley gives him a look and says “They said it was suicide?” Why would Sayid kill Locke? Was that on Ben’s orders?

  43. Nadia says:

    Jermey Bentham is another philosopher of law…so was locke supposed to pick the book of laws then? (that whole display thing freaks me out about Bentham)
    Anyway I am more confused than ever of course…
    When Penny’s boat came in it sort of reminded me of when the others took walt…the boat coming in slowly…the light…etc…
    The whole moving of the island thing was cool. And of course the light again.
    But if the others were welcoming john “home” how did john get back on the mainland? And yeah…..was that why jack had to bring christian on t he plane ( i know he died in sydney but…wierd) and why he had one of the gadgets that ben used that was lying next to jack in the very first scene? Was jack the one who had to gather this group of people to go on the plane in the first place? And now he has to regroup them again but this time with locks coffin on the plane????
    Anyway….so confused. have a good one!!!! Thanks for the show ryan and jen…enjoy the break!

  44. Jiller says:

    Nadia, in answer to your questin as to how Locke returned to the mainland, remember that we’ve seen both Richard Alpert and Mr. Friendly (my mind is blanking on his name) go back and forth at will. Now that Alpert and Locke are working together, it’s reasonable to assume that Locke learns all the secrets.

  45. Patrick says:

    I think the final hour may have been the most entertaining hour of LOST to date. Here are my thoughts, the morning after:

    – Who killed Locke and why is he off the island? It’s three years later so we have to assume Locke by this time pretty much knows everything Ben has known all along, about the island, how to get off, his ability, etc. But why get off the island? It’s the one thing he’s never wanted to do. We know “bad things” have happened in those three years (can’t wait to find out what Sawyer has gone through in three years after all that’s happened in three months), and we know “Bentham” has visited some of the O6 (one way or another) in an apparent effort to bring them back.

    My guess is Locke assumes the separate identity to help him elude Widmore and Ben, but Ben finds him and kills him. Why? It’s his only way back to the island. I think he knows once Locke gets back to the island he’ll come back to life somehow. And the only way to get Jack “over this hump”, to make him see how wrong he was about Locke and the island, was for him to see Locke dead…in a way manipulating Jack into returning. I think Ben is manipulating all of the 6 to get them to return. I think he had Nadia killed to get Sayid to work for him, etc.

    -Sun’s common interests with Widmore. The only interest Widmore has is to find the island. He wanted Ben alive so he sent Keamy in to get him; Ben could then lead him to it. But that didn’t happen. The only reason Widmore would want Ben now would be if (at the time Sun and he met) Ben had already found and killed Penny. Then they’d both want revenge on Ben (assuming Sun thinks Ben is the other man responsible for Jin’s death). BUT there’s no way Sun goes willingly back to the island with Ben if this is the case.

    -I also think Widmore knows the real story of the O6 AND Desmond. He knows Penny is in hiding, hence his comment to Ben (in Shape of things to come) that he’ll never find her. And in return Ben’s reply that Widmore will never find the island (because he moved it).

    -I think Claire is dead….and the apparitions are sent by Jacob at his will to warn, instruct, and “release”. I also think somehow Ben has had some kind of control over them as well. If you want to go the spiritual route, Jacob is “god” or the holy spirit figure, Ben is the satan figure, Locke maybe the “Elijah” or John the Baptist, and ultimately Jack becomes the Christ-like figure.

    I’m rambling now, my brain is fried. I know everything and I know absolutely nothing. That’s what I love this show!

  46. says:

    In the official podcast Carlton said the code for the final scene was “Frozen Donkey Wheel.” I can’t believe there really was a frozen donkey wheel!

  47. My wife got the pleasure of watching me running around the living room last night, hands in the air, happily saying “Penny’s boat!” over and over. That made me very happy… and now we know that Penny and Desmond get at least a little time together again. Oh and the actor that plays Frank should always have a beard in whatever roles he plays… just as an aside.

    For the record let me just say that I doubt Jin is dead… totally agree with the on screen death thing not sticking. I imagine Faraday with pick him up and we don’t know for certain that the “Alcatraz” island disappeared too. All we know is that the helicopter was too far away to see it. Also I think Ben is behind the deaths of Nadia and possibly Locke… but we’ll have to wait and see.

    If Locke did come and talk to everyone, then he probably told Sun that the freighter blowing up was Ben’s fault. She’s probably certain that Jin is dead, and wants revenge on Ben. I don’t think she took over her father’s corporation initially for that purpose. She took it over to resolve her own daddy issues, but the company will certainly come in handy in the future… oh and she probably got the money to buy it through Hurley.

    That is all for now.


  48. raquel says:

    Wonderful End of Season

    Now I get the picture!

    for me, my own personal conclusion about the Island:

    The Island can be Paradise, the cradle of civilization, the lost city of Atlantis, Bermuda’s Triangle? I don’t know, only the writers and producers know!

    It all makes sense why the Island is so special and desirable and must be kept very top secret… Will at the end of the series, the Island and Island mysteries still be a secret for the World ?

    thank you for the podcast, looking forward for this one !!!

  49. Don in Tulsa says:

    I’m guessing that Faraday’s boat was in the circumference of the space/time warp so he will probably be back on the island. Although, he could have been stranded on the boat in the ocean and will be picked up and become one of Ben’s “ideas” for getting the 06 back to the island.

    I wonder where Desmond and Penny are during the time that Ben and Widmore have their hotel confrontation. If Ben carries through on his vendetta then Desmond will probably have to be her protector for the rest of the show.

  50. Jenn in Portland says:

    I don’t think Sun went to Widmore because she thinks Jin is still alive and she wants to find him…. but because she wants revenge on Ben. Locke/Jeremy Betham probably came to her like he came to the rest and told her that Ben was responsible for blowing up the freighter.

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