Something Nice Back Home

If last week’s episode was a taste of action adventure, “Something Nice Back Home” brings us back to the character drama. There was a heap of ‘shipper fodder and a dabble of mystery, and in between a substantial serving of connecting the dots. Jack and Kate play house and bliss out, only to have it all go to hell (starting the descent into “we have to go back” Jack from the end of Season 3). And why? Ominous warnings from a Hurley who’s become accustomed to visits by Charlie but doubts reality, and hauntings by his dad. Claire’s dad, as well, and his comfy T-shirted appearance on the island is perhaps this week’s most confounding moment. Was he there or wasn’t he? Did Miles see him, or just “see” him? And why nab Claire and not Aaron?

I was reminded immediately of Claire’s last abduction in Season 1, and the fact that it never was fully addressed until Season 2. Meaning I’m not exactly holding my breath for all the answers to this mystery. Still, given that Christian Shephard has haunted us since the pilot, and has surfaced (in blurry profile) in Jacob’s cabin, his role in “LOST” is clearly pivotal.

Aaron’s fate, as well, finds us looking back this week, with Charlie’s message from beyond the grave. Jack’s not supposed to raise him, he says, the same message Claire got from the psychic in Australia before boarding the plane. Interesting that Jack’s fitness to be a father, and his insecurities, appear to be the tipping point for his downward spiral.

Of course, Kate’s mysterious mission for Sawyer couldn’t have helped. And what could that promise have been? The last selfless sacrifice we saw Sawyer make was for dear Clementine, his presumed daughter with Cassidy. Her phone conversation (“I can stay for an hour”) sounds more like a babysitting emergency than a playdate. But if she is meeting with Cassidy, surely she’d remember meeting her before?

For those holding out hope for Danielle and (maybe) Karl, Miles discovery of their bodies is about as definitive an end as you can get. It was nice, though, to see Miles’ abilities get a workout. In addition to giving us some hope that the stories of the dead could still be told, there were certainly hints that Miles was picking up something special from Claire and Aaron. His odd request to hold the baby suggests he’d probably get a brainload of information from physical contact. But Sawyer wasn’t having any of that… to hilarious effect.

“Back off, Donger.” Jen’s favorite line of the night. Mine? Daniel asks what’s powering the medical hatch. Charlotte replies, “Add that one to the list.”

As for the whole appendicitis detour, it certainly can’t have been introduced for dramatic effect. After all, we know Jack lives. Still, I thought it was well played for the characters’ sake. Jack the control freak had to surrender fully to Juliet. Juliet came to terms with Jack’s love of Kate, and gave it over to her. Bernard revealed even more hidden talents (Jen’s quickly promoting him up her list of most interesting characters). And finally, the ever wise Rose asks the most important question: “Why now?”

Yes indeed, people get sick, but not on the island. His falling ill is as mysterious, then, as Ben’s spinal tumor.

Notes and Notions:

  • Jack steps on a Millenium Falcon. The “Star Wars” shout-outs are almost getting to be too much.
  • Jack’s reading “Alice in Wonderland,” a book oft invoked in “LOST,” cited in “LOST” analyses, and the source of at least two episode titles: “White Rabbit” and “Through the Looking Glass.” But… not the most conventional choice for a toddler.
  • Am I the only one somewhat surprised to see Keamy and a fair number of soldiers still alive after the epic thrashing by the smoke monster last week? There better have been thirty of them.
  • Lines were drawn several times between “Keamy and Friends” and Miles, Daniel and Charlotte. Miles says he “didn’t sign up for this,” and is generally becoming a more likable character. And Daniel, standing up to Charlotte, says they’re scientists who don’t want to see anyone hurt.
  • The Daniel and Charlotte relationship also got a little more interesting. As was Charlotte’s grasp of Korean, which Jin picked up in a smile. Reminiscent of when Kate discovered Sun’s grasp of English. Was it just me, or did she also smile after Jin told her to save Sun?
  • Mysterious forces are delivering different messages. Charlie tells Hurley to tell Jack that he can’t raise Aaron. But Christian Shephard (or “Christian Shephard”) separates Aaron from the person we’re told should raise Aaron. Which is it?
  • By this point in the future, has Jack already figured out that Claire’s his sister (and that Aaron is his nephew)? When he snaps at Kate he says, “Your son? You’re not even related to him!” And he is? Deliciously ambiguous.
  • The timeline was tough to unscramble. We know the flash-forward sequences tonight take place after the trial, but presumably before the end of Season 3. And the newspaper he reads is a pretty explicit marker, too. Folks at The Fuselage have already pegged the story as an article from the New York Times published on August 31, 2007.

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  1. Greg says:

    Snoozefest. Didn’t they advertise this episode as the “best one yet this season” or something like that?
    Never trust the ads for this show.
    Looks like next week may get back on track.
    Just really disappointing overall tonight.

  2. Mike K says:

    Is it possible that Kate’s favor to Sawyer has something to do with Sawyer’s daughter Clementine? We never heard much about her after he had that large sum of money left in her name.

    Love the podcast.
    Mike – Syracuse, NY

  3. John Fischer says:


    I totally disagree. This was a much need filler episode. It went a long way to explain how we get to that last scene of last season where Jack and Kate meet at the airport in the dark. This episode shows how Jack is slowly moving towards where we saw him contemplate suicide. I found it very sad knowing now that Kate and Jack finally get to the point where they are prepared to live together forever and then it all starts to fall apart.

    This episode also begins to explain how Aaron gets off the island and Claire does not. I have no idea whether her father (and Jack’s father) was really there or whether it was all in her mind. What is important is that Claire will not be there to leave with Aaron and Aaron will leave.

    I’d bet big money that by the time we’re seeing in the future, Jack somehow knows that he is Aaron’s uncle especially with his remark that Kate is not blood related to Aaron.

    We know that we have to get to the point where in the future all of the Oceanic 6 know that they have to go back to the island to save the rest of their friends. This episode started to explain why.

  4. Bryan says:

    Sorry Lost producers, but as great as last week’s episode was, this one was a complete snoozer.

    I seriously cannot remember an episode in the entire series that has been more boring than this one.

  5. Bryan says:

    @Mike K
    I was thinking the same thing. Clementine.
    Sawyer probably made Kate promise him she would contact her.

  6. Stacey, NC says:

    For a supposedly dead guy, Christian Shepherd sure does get around.

  7. Blair says:

    For me, this was more a bridge episode than anything else. It caught us up on the plot with Jack and Kate, and filled in at least some of the holes in the timeframe in the future. I can’t believe how big of a difference it is when Ben isn’t in an episode – it somehow feels much less intense.

    Anyone have any thoughts about Hurley and what might have become of his lottery winnings? With him presumed dead and then when he returns safe and sound as an Oceanic 6 member – would his estate money have been returned to him? I think it’s strange how we see him tied back to the mental institution but not back to the numbers and cursed fortune. Just a thought.

  8. Stacey, NC says:

    “I seriously cannot remember an episode in the entire series that has been more boring than this one.”

    I can, Bryan – the one about how Jack got his tattoo was the worst one by far.

  9. John Fischer says:

    Come on folks. We need this bridge episodes every now and then to fill in the story. This episode really filled in the future so much. I admit I’m one who wants Kate and Jack to end up together so this episode was both happy and then sad for me. I’m wondering if they will ever be able to get back together. I suspect not unless they BOTH return to the island.

  10. Broadcloak says:

    This one was jam packed. I had to watch it twice to be sure I caught everything. Creepy. Funny. Inspiring. Excellent episode.

  11. Michelle says:

    Not particularly exciting, no, but we did learn a few things. For one, Jorge Garcia has now rocketed up the (long) list of cast members who require Emmy attention. At least in my book, that scene in Santa Rosa was solid brilliance. It was also probably the most significant scene in the episode in terms of mythology; is it possible that the Oceanic Six are snagged in some kind of half-life? Not in physical terms, but psychologically/spiritually, perhaps? Because it seems that either they can’t let go of the Island, or it won’t let go of them. (Or both, I suppose.)

    The suddenly intense significance of ghosts surprised me; I wasn’t expecting Miles to finally exhibit his genuine skills, though I was glad he did. (And Danielle is POSITIVELY dead, which strikes me as a poor choice on the writers’ part… but what do I know. Maybe they didn’t want her to outlive Alex?) Also interesting is that the ghosts seem, in both Hurley and Jack’s cases, to initiate their spiral into darkness; perhaps they are in fact sent by the Island?

    Finally… lucky Charlotte. Daniel has a crush on her.

  12. Tim says:

    Did anyone else notice Charlotte’s smirk after Jin made her promise that she would get Sun off the island? What’s up with her speaking Korean? I guess we know that Rousseau didn’t survive her gunshot; I hope we get to see more of her, or at least find out more of her back story. All in all I thought it was an excellent episode and I agree that it was much needed filler.

  13. Michelle says:

    Ah, and also– where exactly is the “back home” of the title? Something tells me it has a lost more to do with on-Island than off-Island.

  14. Broadcloak says:

    Bernard tells Jack that he should be knocked out for the procedure so he can “dream of something nice back home”.

    And I noticed Charlotte’s smirk…

  15. pooljedi says:

    I can’t believe some of you did not like this episode! Yes it was not “action packed” but it sure did move the story along, which was needed. It was not one of the filler episodes they made in the last few seasons (i.e. Jack’s tattoo, Nicki and Paulo, et al). For a bridge episode it was incredible… and emotional.
    Jack knows he is related to Aaron. “Your not even related to him.”
    My wife was heartbroken to see Aaron crying and alone at the end, our baby is Aaron’s age.
    This episode answered alot of questions without raising alot of questions
    Alot happened! One other thing, when Kate walked out of the shower I said, “D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam”

  16. Blair says:

    Was it just me or was that a Millenium Falcon toy that Jack tripped over in his kitchen. Another nod to Star Wars.

  17. Bart says:

    Wow! I am a bit surprised that some disliked the episode so much. A lot of information was given in this episode. Charlie regularly visits Hurley. Jack’s dad clearly has been trying to talk to him. Jack isn’t supposed to raise Aaron. The Losties made a choice whether to stay or not. Christian came for Claire, but for some reason not for Aaron. And finally, for some reason (likely because he was not supposed to leave) the island didn’t heal Jack.

    Overall for me, it was a good episode.

  18. Broadcloak says:

    I don’t get the ‘feeling’ that the island was trying to keep Jack around by making him sick.
    Could it be the start of ‘course correcting’ that brought Jack and Kate back together for some reason?

  19. Brian says:

    Amazing, absolutely necessary, creepy, thought-provoking stuff in this episode, and I too am surprised that opinion is notably negative here for it. What kind of show can juxtapose these last two episodes?

    For anyone not up on the Yankees/Sox, the Yankees haven’t swept the Sox in any post-season “series” this decade, though they could be referring to a series within the season, but that would be something of a cheat because it’s wildly misleading. Thus, assuming that they’re not in some alternate reality entirely, this episode and all others set after it in the timeline are in OUR future.

  20. I thought this episode was good as a bridge episode. I wonder why they made such a big deal out of Jack getting sick and having an operation. There seems to be more than meets the eye.

    Anyone else thinks this is odd.

    Looks night next week could bridge the gap between the boat people and the island people.

    I still don’t get what the scientist want from the island. What ever it is, they don’t seem to be finding it.

    I don’t trust Charlotte – she seems to have a hidden motive. Daniel could get the short end of the stick in their relationship.

    And Miles doesn’t seem to be doing much besides roaming around the Jungle making wise-ass remarks (I’m counting the minutes until he gets a beat-down by someone).

    Look forward to next week!

  21. Nels says:

    Slower than last week but still informative. I think this might be one of those episodes that lays the groundwork for the next or future episodes. I’m sure they thought that the viewers needed a little shift after last week’s episode. We certainly learned a lot more though so I think it was a decent episode with some answers.

    The Yankee’s sweeping the Red Sox was definitely interesting and certainly not something that has actually happened in our current past, at least not a playoff series. The camera telegraphed that one pretty obviously so it’s got to be a clue of either an alternate reality or a timeline beyond 2008, as Brian mentioned.

  22. Nels says:

    One other thought that I forgot to mention. Why show Jack shirtless in bed in the opening and then walking around half-naked? Was it to point out that he didn’t have any scar from where his supposedly apendectomy occured? That’s not a type of operation where one would be scar free, especially considering Juliet isn’t exactly the most skilled surgeon and the surgery was done under less than ideal circumstances. I think they may have done that on purpose to further either Hurley’s “we’re already dead” theory, alternate reality, or some other weird time anomaly. Of course, they tried to cleverly disguise it as just Jack in the afterglow but I definitely think that shirtless moment was definitely an important one given the operation later in the episode.

  23. Mr. Z says:

    I don’t have much to say except, Why do the producers of the show insist in lowering the tone of the person hidden? We got the same treatment when Ben shows up in Sayid’s episode, and another recent time. It’s as if they want to fool us into believing that the person who is there isn’t really there?

    Well, to be fair, I don’t know how I felt about this episode. It put the season back on track, you can say. We are basically in the position where we were last seasons finally, so this episode at the least brought us close to a clever spin at the end. Overall though, not a terrific episode but a very satisfying one.
    -Mr. Z

  24. helen says:

    I wonder if Jack’s appendix is going to grow back?

  25. lockeitdown says:

    It wasn’t a bad episode at all, I enjoyed it. I’m not big on the shipper stuff, but I don’t even think this episode was just “filler” or “bridge”.

    I always notice there’s a pretty strong Jack-hating contingency in the Lost audience, I REALLY don’t understand it…

    Anyway, on two particular points Ryan:

    – The psychic is the one who insisted that claire get on the plane to LA, which might have been his way of ensuring that the events that separate her from the baby take place. So I;m not sure we were consistently told that she SHOULD raise it…

    – Regarding Jack’s “tipping point for the downward spiral”. It seems to me that it was MUCH more about the haunting of his father (he’s seeing dead people!), and hurley’s comments, and Kate’s hiding of the Sawyer errands. I don’t think their relationship or his life would have taken that turn if it wasn’t for those, more so than “insecurities” and such

  26. Crissy says:

    This ep was fabulous — but maybe I’m biased in that I appreciate it when the writers connect the dots. Seriously, I’m not getting why people are so disillusioned about “Something Nice Back Home.” Sure, it got to be gag-inducing at times — but then they’d switch to Miles I balance it out! We didn’t LOSE any ground here; in fact, we learned a heck of a lot about how seriously messed up Jack was before he even took on his LumberJack guise — and perhaps even WHY he got to be so grizzly (Kate bought him a razor, remember?). Funny, too, how both of his island ladies had him getting a little more hairless at one time or other!

    My favorite line? Miles (to Sawyer): “What are you, her big brother?” Ha! No, but Jack is!

  27. […] Kate and Juliet must learn to … Header graphic created by &quotLost&quot fan Justin Yates. … – LOST 4×10 “Something Nice Back Home” Sneak Peek 4 NEW… lost/WHEN JACK’S HEALTH IS […]

  28. cat says:

    Very interesting filler episode. I really liked it. I’m in agreement that Kate is doing something for Sawyer’s kid. think the appendix episode is just that and ends the Juliet/Jack story and establishes kate as Jack’s only love. There has to be something behind Mile’s seeing and hearing the dead. Did anyone catch what the voices were saying at the graves? This in combination with all of the dead people and themes of this episode seems to suggest that the island is a place where dead people live is as important as the time travel theme. I know that D&C have said that they aren’t all dead but why as Miles been introduced with these particular skills. And…is Claire dead or alive. Why is Miles so interested in her. Why did dad take her and not aaron?

  29. ragtopday says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Jack’s new tattoos! There was definitely a new one on his left shoulder blade – looked like two initials – R and S maybe? Who are they? It also looked like some new ones on his left fore arm.

    When Jack came home and Kate was on the phone, she didn’t act particularly guilty, but we do know how well she can lie. I can’t wait to learn more about the favor for Sawyer. I for one loved the episode, and I have to admit I loved seeing Jack and Kate together, and was distressed to know that it doesn’t last.

  30. Daryl says:

    We also find out that Sawyer decided to “stay on the island” and won’t be getting killed.

    Speaking of Sawyer – I would have loved to seen more of a transition from jerk to protector over a few episodes. But, I love his new attitude.

    I thought it was a terrific episode -Probably my 3rd favorite of season 4 after last week’s and “the Constant.”

  31. Danie says:

    Didn’t really care for this episode with the exception of the Hurley bit, and some good scenes for Juliet, Jin and Bernard. I’m not saying this a theory I ascribe to, but it’s just a thought that has crossed my mind: could Claire have actually died when her house was blown up? Miles has been looking at her very funny ever since. Plus, his “I wouldn’t be so sure” remark when she said, “I’ll live” and his offer to carry Aaron. Then Christian shows up and she follows him off into the jungle. Just got me thinking since just about everyone on this island and off is seeing dead people these days.

    Oh, and totally trivial, but did future Jack have his chest waxed? He certainly looked different in that first off-island shot.

  32. Dan says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I actually thought this show was great. It seemed like a filler, but I think they’re starting to give us some even more answers. I’m pretty sure that Jack’s dad, Charlie, etc. are all manifestations of the smoke monster. We got evidence from this from Echo’s brother and a huge clue last night when the smoke alarm was going off in the hospital when Jack father appeared to him.
    I’ve also seen some video of Matthew Abaddon leaving Hurly in the institution and appear to turn to smoke.
    So, anyway with this and from what we got from last weeks episode when Ben summoned the smoke monster, is Ben controlling it now and creating all these people or is someone else? And, why? To get them to go back to the island? Or to find out information?
    Let me know what you think,

  33. Dan says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I actually thought this show was great. It seemed like a filler, but I think they’re starting to give us some even more answers. I’m pretty sure that Jack’s dad, Charlie, etc. are all manifestations of the smoke monster. We got evidence from this from Echo’s brother and a huge clue last night when the smoke alarm was going off in the hospital when Jack’s father appeared to him.
    I’ve also seen some video of Matthew Abaddon leaving Hurly in the institution and appear to turn to smoke.
    So, anyway with this and from what we got from last weeks episode when Ben summoned the smoke monster, is Ben controlling it now and creating all these people or is someone else? And, why? To get them to go back to the island? Or to find out information?
    Let me know what you think,

  34. Lori in Wisc says:

    Danie – That was my theory exactly…Claire actually died when the house blew up. Christian came to take Claire to the other sie (or wherever it is that he now resides!). That is the reason he did not take Aaron.

    All in all, I actually liked this episode. Things are beginning to come together!

  35. SueG says:

    I liked the episode filler or not sometime we need a break in the action.

    Nice pick up on the smoke monster and smoke dectector as well as
    Claire was actually dead however being a Mom myself it would be hard
    to leave my child… so that is why she chose to stay on longer and help
    get Aaron away from Ben and Locke.

    I dont care for Charlotte, poor Dan is going to get his heart broken.

    However I do like Miles and the Medium stuff they are doing this year..

    The Scar is there look closely at the 2nd picture of jack and scroll down you will see it.

    Brian Says:

    May 1st, 2008 at 8:43 pm
    I’m not sure he didn’t have a scar:×10-jacks-scar.html

  36. bill says:

    to me it would seem sawyer made the right choice to stay on the island. he has always been good at surviving. Like he said to kate when he chose to go with the john group. “I’m doing what I always do–surviving.”

  37. G-Dawg says:

    Great episode.

    I believe Christian’s appearance last night in Jack’s office explain what Jack was talking about in last season’s finale when he told the chief of surgery to go upstairs and see if Jack was drunker than his father.

  38. Scout says:

    From Dan: “I’m pretty sure that Jack’s dad, Charlie, etc. are all manifestations of the smoke monster. We got evidence from this from Echo’s brother and a huge clue last night when the smoke alarm was going off in the hospital when Jack father appeared to him.”

    What a subtle but huge clue. Never would have even noticed, but we all know the writers don’t do ANYthing lightly purely b/c they know we’ll attempt to analyze every second.

    Good call!

  39. nerico says:

    WOW!! So many dots connected. What a fantastic, satisfying episode!

    Something nice back home, or is it maybe that YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN!!

    I think that this is the contrast between the title and the show. All this time, most of the Losties (some do want to stay) have been focusing on how much they want to get back home. Indeed they all must have “something nice back home” to look forward to. Though what the incentive might be can be more or less obvious depending on the character.

    But once they get home the overwhelming reality is that whatever it was that they were looking for, it is not quite there. They are different people, the island has changed them forever and they each end up finding that “they can´t go home again”. And I find it extremely interesting to see how that process plays out for each of them. I can’t wait to see how all the flash forwards will eventually converge to show how they will return. And I wonder if once they return to the island, they might find that paradoxically, ” you can´t get back to the Island” either.

    Brian wrote… “What kind of show can juxtapose these last two episodes?”

    Brilliantly stated! If this was just a clever action/sci-fi gig, I would probably not be writing this post. I would catch the show occasionally and enjoy it, but maybe not even enough to commit to a TIVO season pass. The genius of this show is how complete it is. The depth of the characters, the intensity of the plot, the complexity of the mythology, the literary references, the layers of meaning, the ability to switch gears from one week to the next while remaining cohesive, the easter eggs. That does not mean that there haven’t been less that stellar episodes in the past. But in general, there is a consistency of quality that is rarely seen on TV. So I almost feel sorry for the people who can’t appreciate the full spectrum of the show. It would be like ordering a supreme pizza and then taking all the toppings off and just eating the cheese. No matter how good the cheese is, why bother?

    And I don’t get the Jack hate either. The interesting thing is that so far I think it is rarely seen in the absence of a proportionate amount of love for Sawyer. It reminds me of the Harry Potter fans who hate James Potter and will go to great length to vilify him simply because they think that Lily should have loved poor misunderstood Snape. Somehow anything negative about Snape is justified away no matter how clearly written in to the books while James is attributed countless defects that can´t be traced to the text. While Jack is not necessarily the most interesting character, I have enjoyed the development of his relationship with Kate. If for no other reason, for the joy of watching excellent actors at work. Still I don’t consider myself a Jater per se, but I do believe that the way the writers have set it up until now, everything points to them being the key couple, not Skate. And while I actually find Sawyer more attractive and entertaining that Jack, I don’t let that cloud my judgement or my enjoyment of the story as presented. To make another Potter analogy. Skaters are like the people who kept insisting until the very end that Hermione loved Harry and not Ron. I wondered if they had read the same books I had? So, are the Jack haters watching the same show?

    One last quick thought. On the purpose of Jack’s appendicitis, other that a possible explanation that the Island is trying to stop/punish him. Could this illness play a role in having things go wrong by incapacitating Jack in such a way that he is not able to properly face the freighties and therefore save everyone?

    Looking forward to the podcast,


  40. Jennifer says:

    Just something I picked up that I didn’t notice in previous posts…The way Kate said a favor for “him” was very reminiscent to the way she said at the end of Season 3 to Jack “He’ll notice I’m gone.” Are we to think the two are the same?

  41. Michelle says:

    I think I’m done with all this shipper stuff. The fact that I was almost sick to my stomach seeing all of the Jack & Kate cutesy stuff is probably clue enough.

    Did they show the date on the newspaper that Jack was reading? If it said that the “Boston Massacre” was in 2007, then that’s a definite production error. The Yankees sweep of Boston was in August, 2006. (I have a newspaper from that date.)

    I think the best parts of the episode involved Sawyer and Jin. Maybe that has to do with my being completely over the whole quadrangle thing, but I really enjoyed seeing Sawyer’s protectiveness of Claire and Jin proving that he’d do anything to get Sun and their baby off the island. It was definitely a below-average episode, especially compared to last week’s.

    Looking forward to the podcast. 🙂

  42. ~Michelle says:

    Quick comment on my last comment (just so I’m not confused with the other poster named Michelle *grins*)

    If anyone wants more info on the sweep, ESPN has a full article here:

    And I agree that Kate’s “errand” was probably to take care of Clementine. That whole thing was just another example of Kate not really being able to make up her mind between Sawyer and Jack and won’t really tell either the truth about the other.

  43. Julie says:

    Boring episode!!!!!

  44. Ally says:

    I haven’t read all the posts, yet, so I apologize if this has been mentioned already. But – in Jack’s “flash forward,” he did not appear to have any kind of scar from his appendix surgery on the island. Anyone have a good screen cap of Jack in the towel? (That would be helpful for many reasons ;o) Also, from last weeks’ episode, my husband pointed out how oddly similar it was they way Ben “woke up” in the desert, to the way Jack “woke up” on the island in the very first episode. I don’t know where to go with that. Could all this be Jack’s return to the island? And his flash forwards are really flash backs? Or time travel? My head is spinning!

  45. Ally says:

    Oh dang! Just saw the screen caps and there does appear to be a scar. Sorry for wasting folks time before doing all the research. :o)

  46. Judi From Onatiro says:

    Hey! I too enjoyed the show last night. It must be hard to write a show that can stand up after the energy of last weeks action blockbuster! Thought they made a wise decision to change it up.
    This is just driving me crazy though: Did anyone else notice the distortion in the background while Sawyer and Miles were talking about Claire Disapearing? A figure seems to walk behind Sawyer in the background from right to left. Reminded me of The Predator (with Arnold S.) It looked like “someone” walking away from where Baby Arron is eventually found. Can anyone help my sanity?
    I too was intrigued when Jack said to Kate that Sawyer choice was to stay Island bound, leading me to wonder, who was it that gave our Losties the choice? Ben, Widmore? Some other factor? Which made me catch Bens line in the promo for next week, something about “it’s hard bening the chossen one”. Thoughts?

  47. Judi from Ontario says:

    Not sure what happened with my typing too, excited I guess?

  48. patrik says:

    In the “Next week on Lost” section last night, was that Jacob, telling Locke that he has “been dead for 12 years”?

  49. Bill says:

    Not a real gripping episode, but lots of characters got screen time – great direction and acting. Last week’s “The Shape of Things to Come” was one of my favorites, so it had big competition.

    Although Jack’s operation was successful, complications will arise (Juliet forgot step #48 of the procedure). Claire will be needed as a blood donor. The good Christian Shepherd is herding her to Jack. She had to travel light; leaving the baby with two unlikely dads. Boy, all kinds of wacky cuckoo things can happen with Sawyer, Miles and the baby making their way back to the beach.

    My theory about Jin sacrificing his ticket off the island for Sun and the baby looks stronger. Doesn’t mean he’s dead, just stranded.

    We can figure out the progression of “future Jack” (pre-beard, beard) but what about Hurley? When was his visit to Korea to see Sun? Did I miss something?

    Was there a reason to be shaving Jack’s hairless abdomen for the pre-op?

    Creepy way to reveal Roseau and Carl’s bodies.

    I remember the merciless beatings smokey gave the 815 pilot and Mr. Eko. How did any of the mercenaries make it out alive? … alas, more questions.

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