The Man Behind the Curtain

Because Ryan is a slacker, this week’s blog post is by Jen! — I have to admit; I am now very, very nervous. We’re in the last four hours of season three, and in this episode, we encounter an invisible man and another man who appears not to age. We see Ben’sd ead mother, somewhat confirming that Christian Shepherd’s reappearance on the island was not a figment of his son’s imagination. I’m wondering where all this is going.

The Others are much scarier and more threatening than I could have imagined and the survivors’ distrust of each other and lack of communication skills will certainly be their undoing. Jack, the de facto leader of the survivors, is the world’s biggest rube. The fact that such a spineless nitwit is a doctor, let alone that everyone seems to look up to him, is frightening.

Locke is some sort of Messiah. At least, Ben thinks Locke is some sort of Messiah. This scares and angers him. We see that Ben was a sneaky, sadistic S.O.B. from the very beginning, so what he does to Locke at the end of “The Man Behind the Curtain” is shocking, but not surprising. We found out a lot about Ben in this episode, but there’s certainly way more where that come from. Despite what he and Mikhail say, Ben is the most powerful man on the island, at least for now. He feels his power slipping and is resorting to some pretty drastic measures. I still think, despite what went on in Jacob’s cabin, that Ben is pretending to be under the sway of Jacob, whoever he is, and is using Jacob to intimidate his minions.

Few things on TV scare me. That one episode of The X-Files with the malformed lady under the bed made me sleep with the lights on for a week, and just the mention of Bob on Twin Peaks can still send chills up my spine. Other than that, I considered myself relatively scare-proof. Until the Jacob sequence in this episode. That was the scariest moment in the whole series so far. I don’t know who that figure is in the stills making their way ’round the net, but I’m too chicken to figure it out. I got the impression that nobody besides Ben had ever laid eyes on Jacob. The expressions on Tom and Alpert’s faces upon hearing about Locke’s impending visit make me wonder if they doubt Jacob’s existence, too.

Ben’s own daughter seems suspicious of his motives. Has she caught on? Why would Locke need a gun for a visit to someone who has previously been described as a loving, benevolent leader? I think she’s got his number, but how?

Where has Danielle been, anyway, besides looking for dynamite?

A volcano is coming into play. I don’t think the volcano is as dormant as Olivia tells the children it is. The ring of powder around Jacob’s house looks like ash.

Speaking of Alpert, he’s been on that island for quite a while. He asks Ben, “Do you remember birthdays?” — as if he’d stopped keeping track of them long ago. Why does Ben age, but not Alpert? I find it interesting that it seems as if Ben has become his superior.

Who is this Horace character? Is he Gerald De Groot? Horace Goodspeed sounds like an alias to me. Was De Groot in trouble with the law?

So Ben’s mom dies in childbirth, seven months into her pregnancy, much like the rest of the pregnant women under his watch on the island. I don’t know about you guys, but the whole baby/fertility subplot gives me the willies. I really hope Kate is not, in fact, pregnant.

Notes and Notions:

  • Shut up, Kate. Sayid has more on the ball than you and everybody else in your camp combined, so stop talking to him like a child.
  • Locke has got a bad, bad temper. Terry O’ Quinn plays Locke with such a great combination of hapless pathos, magical wisdom, and rage. We’ve been raving about Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson all season, but Terry can still blow me away, too.
  • I still get a kick out of the fact that everyone on the island has either a dead parent or an evil parent or both. It’s like a big Disney movie, times fifty. I like to think it’s Damon and Carlton’s way of sticking it to the bosses at ABC. But it probably isn’t.
  • How can Uncle Rico be so mean? No, Uncle Rico! Take that back!
  • Like Kate, Ben kills his own father. Locke tells Kate in “Left Behind” that “they” don’t approve of what she’s done. Considering what Ben did to his old man and what ultimately happens to his body, Kate’s murder of her dad doesn’t seem like the kind of thing they should be concerned about. So what is this really all about?
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  1. Ryan says:

    Please don’t post “first post,” “w00t!” or spoilers. Mahalo!

  2. ¿¿¿ says:

    I think we have some catching up to do !! lollll

  3. ¿¿¿ says:

    wowwwwwwwwwww its look like a season finale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mikey says:

    OH MAN OH MAN – i’m thinking there was a collective *gasp* across the eastern seaboard just a few minutes ago

  5. Carly says:

    PLEASE tell me it did not end like that!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fernando says:

    Just four words: I am very confused!!!

  7. Pete says:

    Wow. An amazing episode but totally confused.

  8. Arad says:


  9. sodadood says:

    I rarely yell at the television when I’m watching, but yeah – I just yelled an enormous “oh my god” moments ago. I didn’t see THAT coming. ;0)

    Finally some answers to this twisted puzzle – and wouldn’t you know, still MORE questions. I can’t believe how consistently great this show has been this season.

  10. tysie says:

    So good!

  11. Peter says:

    Lost is blowing my f-ing mind!

  12. Carly says:

    I was literally screaming at the tv! That crazy bastard Ben must die! I am sick!

  13. Hurmoth says:

    If anyone is interested, here is a picture of Jacob:

    Well, sort of. For anyone who saw the episode, you really don’t get to see Jacob but for a split second. Enjoy 🙂

  14. Andrew says:

    This so could have be the season ender but I would have vomited and crapped my pants if they ended the season with Ben and Lock walking through the door to visit Jacob.
    Really good episode overall, thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope Locke does not die! Only two more new episodes left!!! I cannot wait to see how the “game-change” occurs according to E! Online’s Kristin and why the writing staff will not need more than 48-any significance??- more episodes!!!!!

  15. Cuedblu says:

    Unbelievable! And the scene in Jacob’s house gave me chills from the moment they crossed the line until after they left.

  16. Dean in Chicago says:

    EVERY time they give us something, they take something away?

    My head hurts, and my neighbors called the cops due to all of the yelling!!!

  17. Holly says:

    That was oh my god brilliant. I was at the edge of my seat the entire episode. Ben of course needed that ego drop when no one stopped Locke from beating Ol’ One Eye. He’s losing his followers and knows it they see Locke’s goodness and Ben’s evil. Ben is intimidated hence shooting Locke…Can’t wait to see what happens next…Be afraid Ben Very afraid…

  18. Bill says:

    a basket-full of answers and a boat load of questions… LOST producers/writers, you did it again; you are THE MASTERS.

  19. Jim says:

    Would someone PLEASE warn me about the train before it hits me next time.

  20. Jonathan says:

    Is it just me or am I the only one in thinking that Locke won’t die.
    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I think this is just another one of Ben’s master plans. And Ben knows that John’s gunshot wound won’t kill him.
    Everything that has lead up to that: John “killing” his father, Ben “converting” John, etc…couldn’t all lead up to Ben ultimately killing John. That would mean that everything that Locke has been through, while with the Others, was a complete waste. I think we’ve seen the last of Locke for Season 3, but I don’t think he’s dead.

    Oh, and I think Jacob is real too. Creepy.
    WONDERFUL episode.

  21. jenniejengirl says:

    ok….so i thought i saw jacob for a like a second…and i think it was patchy? I cant find screencaps

  22. Dean in Chicago says:

    Holly, Andrew, EVERYBODY Else…

    Lost has not aired yet on the west coast, esp. Hawaii!!!

    Be careful not to give too much away!!!

    Can someone give me an aspirin?!?

  23. Dean in Chicago says:

    Jacob is someone who has a VERY intimate knowledge of the island, AND also someone we know very well!!! (What a twist!!!)

    If you have HD, and a DVR, you can make out who Jacob really is (with a long hairpiece).

    What about Richard!!!

  24. Blondie says:

    The episode blew my mind. I don’t have DVR so I’m dying to see the screencap. Here are some questions: Was that TNT on the ground by the crack? Could that be what Danielle was doing with all that dynamite last epi? Why are the losties going to start trusting Jack/Juliette now? Will they? Is this just another trap? It appears the “hostiles” don’t age. How long did Ben have to wait for his special day?

    So good. And I do NOT think Locke is dead. He can’t be. He’ll heal in a day, just like Naomi!

  25. Andrew says:

    OH GOSH I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! I did not take that into consideration. SORRY!!!!!!

  26. paul in nyc says:

    phonomenal episode. great ending.

  27. brianNYC says:

    that was great. i’m shocked, disturbed, but thoroughly entertained. a mass murder! fatricide! what a great hour! the best episodes seem to be locke related. i guess next season, we’ll learn all about Jacob. does anyone out there think that this is shades of psycho? it seemed obvious didn’t it? i’ll have to watch it again on my dvr to catch a bit of jacob. it would be ridiculous to me if they killed Locke. he’s one the strongest character and the perfect foil to (evil) ben.

  28. paul in nyc says:

    screenshot of jacob:

  29. Fernando says:

    It is almost two oclock in the morning. I just can’t sleep after tonight’s episode of LOST. My head is turning, full of questions. I am going to try to organize them (so if you still have not seen it, STOP reading now) and perhaps I will feel better.

    Ben pours two glasses of whiskey: one for himself, the other for Locke. Locke does not drink it, just like he did not drink the one glass his dad offered him right before throwing him out the window. And just like Desmond did not even get a glass of whiskey offered right before he was told he was no good for Penny. Moral: That whiskey seems to bring bad luck to those who do not get to drink it.

    Hurley and Desmond are heard talking, right before Sawyer tells Sayid about Juliet’s recording. Hurley says: “Dude, it can’t be worse than haggis”. Desmond: “Oh, I could go for some haggis right now”. What are they talking about?

    In 3-19, Naomi said to Sayid the freighter ship she’d taken off from was about “80 nautical miles to the west” of the island. In 3-20, Mikhail tells Ben she’d taken off from a freighter about “130 clicks to the west of us.” What “clicks” is Mikhail talking about?

    When Locke beats Mikhail “senseless”, Ben calls Tom and Richard to action, but they do nothing and just look. Why? What repercussions will this indifference have in the future?

    Why did Alex give Locke a gun saying he’ll need it if he was going to meet Jacob? What does she know about Jacob?

    Roger and Horace are heard talking while young Ben pets his rabbit in bed. Horace says: “I heard you run into some trouble”. Roger replies: “We’re driving back from the plane and we hear this huge explosion…” What plane is Roger talking about? Can planes land on the island? Or they just “could” when Dharma was still operating?

    The second time young Ben sees his mother on the island, she tells him “It’s not time yet, Benjamin” What is she talking about?

    What is that powder on the ground that Locke examines near Jacob’s residence? It looks like gun powder; it looks like ashes. And it seems to be spread in a line that goes like a circle.

    What about the man young Ben encounters in the jungle? Is he Richard? Or is he someone identical to Richard? Is that Jacob? If it is Richard, how come he has not aged? Even more, if you listen closely, the cadence, intonation and rhythm of his speech is identical to that of adult Ben, not like the Richard we have come to know so far. Is that just a coincidence?

    That painting in Jacob’s house… what is it of? Why did the camera intentionally focused on it even longer than on Jacob himself? BTW, what we could see of him, he has long hair and a prominent forehead, just like Ben’s, or just like that of Christian Shepherd. Who is Jacob? Is he real? Or is he a figment of Ben’s imagination that can take physical form, yet briefly? Why does he get angry when the flashlight is pointed at him? How can he blow up windows and move objects violently across the room? Why does he say (apparently to Locke) “Help me”? Could Ben suffer Schizophrenia? Could one of his personalities be asking Locke for help? If the oil lamp falls off the table, breaks and the oil makes a fire, why is it intact when Ben puts it back on the porch when leaving?

    “The Dharma Initiative. They came here seeking harmony and they couldn’t even coexist with the island original inhabitants”. I was right all along: the Others and the Hostiles are (should I say were) two different groups. Why did one group have “to be purged”? How was this purge planned and elaborated exactly? Who planned it?

    And finally, is Locke going to die?

    Favorite quote: “I guess there is a first time for everything”

    I still can’t sleep.

  30. jim says:

    OK, it’s four in the morning, and maybe I’m just scaring myself in the dark, but the screenshot submitted by paul in nyc LOOKS LIKE TERRY O’QUINN! In some kind of wig or headdress, yes, but… does anybody else see it? Could Locke be Jacob? Or vice versa? “Help Me?!” The creepiness factor of this show just went off the charts tonight…

  31. Dean in Chicago says:


    I think you are right on the money!

  32. Damien says:

    Roger said “We’re driving back from the FLAME and we hear this huge explosion…”

  33. Damien says:

    and the ash line in circle its a kind of protection for spirits…

  34. John Fischer says:

    Wow. That was a great episode to watch with Ryan and Jen. We were all shocked when Locke was shot. I read tonight on Kristen’s site on E that Terry O’Quinn told here when she was in Hawaii that he has sold his Hawaii house supposedly because he prefers living in hotels. I dunno. The folks I’ve talked to on the North Shore say he loved living there. Somehow, I can’t believe that they’d kill off Locke. He’s probably the fans’ favorite character.

    None of us in the crowd saw Jacob at all, yet I have to admit that the screencaps do make it look like Jacob is Locke with a hood on. I don’t think it’s human hair. Maybe the chaos that we saw happened because of a time paradox – two Locke’s in one room.

    Or…maybe our Locke is dead and now we’ll see the Jacob Locke for the rest of the series. All of the hostiles look like they were dressed in pre-1900 clothes. Mayve they’re the survivors of the Black Rock. They certainly didn’t look like the type of natives we see on Pacific or Indian Ocean islands.

    I found it one of the most confusing episodes ever. It just had my head spinning.

    And what’s with Richard. He hasn’t aged in 30 or 40 years. What bothered me a bit was that the first scenes with Ben’s dad and mom and the couple that picked them up near Portland certainly didn’t look like a car or dress of something 30-40 years ago. I’ll have to look at that car more closely.

    Ben is just one really bad dude. Not only is he creepy but he murdered his dad in cold blood and apparently planned it for 20 or more years.

    Why did Dharma have all this poison gas? much less in cans that can be released to easily?

    Why did all the Others just stand around in awe as Locke pummeled Mikhael? For a group that’s about to engage in a war they look pretty passive.

    How old is Ben supposed to be? He appeared around 20-25 when he killed his father. Sometime later he kidnapped Alex. She’s 17 or so right. That makes Ben at least 40, probably closer to 50.

    How did these hostiles/native inhabitants/Dharma killers make all of these contacts throughout the world. They seems to have a lot of friends/helpers/paid mercenaries in the real world? Why do they stay on the island. Clearly Richard used to bounce back and forth.

    So many questions….

  35. Dave says:

    Wow wow wow. Amazing. I kept saying to myself “I hope they don’t disappoint,” and they never did. Wow.

    For the west coast people who don’t like reading spoilers before you see the episode: WHO IS MAKING YOU READ THIS BLOG? Just *wait* a few hours. I mean, it would be quite courteous for people to not write anything, but it’s just as easy to wait a few hours to read it! That’s like a recovering alcoholic going into a bar and getting pissed off because everyone else is drinking around them!

  36. Dave says:

    The Locke thing is a bizarre twist. I have posted a theory here before that people on the island don’t die of (for lack of a better term) “natural causes” but can die of trauma. This episode further supports that theory: the Dharma folks die of chemical weapons. Mikhail did not die because the level of trauma was not high enough. Naomi is doing fine because she did not have a lethal wound, whereas maybe a deeper or “through and through” injury like the others would have killed her.

    I think Ben shot Locke because he is clearly threatened (Locke has powers that Ben can only dream of… he heals faster, sees Jacob, and much like Ben killed his own father [or had him killed] to gain the acceptance of the Others) and hopes that this will do him in. I wonder if Locke’s healing ability on island is greater than that of anyone else. The Others clearly recognize the “gift” that Locke has and are in awe of it. This seems similar to the tale of Ben as a kid and Walt as well… though Walt maybe wouldn’t kill his own father and that’s why they let him go?

    Fernando — I think that neither Richard nor any of the other Others ages. The paradox of the island presumably is that you never get sick and never get older but also can never reproduce, and if you do, you die. So how the Others appear to be their age (e.g. why does Tom look older than Richard), I dunno. But this explains the fascination with children and need to steal them to repopulate themselves, much like they wanted Ben. Ben probably also feels lonely and looks for more children to bestow upon them a better childhood (in his cult-like mindstate) than he had. And the Others were either in awe of Ben’s gifts, or wanted to use him as a mole (shades of Juliet and Ethan and Goodwin) to get their island back. Maybe over time he just insinuated himself as the most dominant/ruthless one… he’s clearly a psycho and they are clearly scared of his capabilities.

    Love the Portland shoutout and the fact that Ben, too, has mommy and daddy issues.

    Could Ben see Jacob and his mother because he can see he the dead? My wife wonders… I don’t think they’ll go all Sixth Sense on us.

    I agree that the circle on the ground is gunpowder. Though ash is interesting. How flippin’ creeepy was the Jacob scene? Man, just when you think Ben is the biggest liar/fraud there is, he’s telling the truth!

    GREAT to see Uncle Rico… I betcha if Roger Workman had a time machine, he could go back and win States.

    I also finally have some vindication that the Others are more or less a rogue element of Dharma… but also a separate group. Maybe you can have your theories both ways. Interesting though that Dharma referred to the Others as hostiles as well… very Lacanian.

    How did Kelvin wind up on the island as part of Dharma?
    What happened to Annie? Any chance Ben spared her? Could she be the mother of Alex? Could Annie have been programmed to have a Croatian/French accent and deprived of conditioner for 16 years and turned into Rousseau?

    Just mind-blowing. A lot of big reveals, but I guess you need them if you’re going to make fans wait 8 months for a new episode.

  37. jim says:

    Could it be that the Others stood back and watched Locke pummel Mikhail because he truly was the last of the Dharma Initiative? In that case, they would have no love lost for him; they would either be descendants of (or actual) Hostiles, or people that Ben “brought” to the island. (And it’s still pretty mysterious what he meant by “bringing” them there.)
    And Dave’s right, West Coast folks. In fact it’s just common sense.

  38. Dave says:

    Jim — interesting thought. I forgot that Mikhail said he was part of Dharma. I assumed it was because Locke actually killed his father, which is what the Others has asked Ben to do. Maybe by not being able to reproduce you alos have to disavow yourself of family ties. It’s like the Lost Boys, an analogy that has come up over and over again.

    Also wondering WHY Dharma would keep sending people to the island after this massacre. And how the Hostiles can go back and forth. UNLESS, sticking with Lacanian notions and the psych experiment angle (like the famous Zimbardo experiment), Dharma actually assigned people to one of two groups: Dharma and the Hostiles. The Hostiles end of the experiment went awry and killed all the Dharma people, and now they keep sending new Dharma recuits (Mikhail, Kelvin… more military grade than civilian now, ironically) to salvage what they had. I can’t think of another reason why an organization that was systematically murdered would send new recruits out. It also might explain the dual appearance (grungy vs well kempt) of the Hostiles. Keep in mind that all the Dharma videos explicitly say that they should move from station to station and not discuss tasks with the others because they are part of an experiment.

    – Were Dharma and the Hostiles originally the same organization that split, and then had one group kill the other?
    – Were the Hostiles on the island forever and Dharma “invaded” it like the Losties did?
    – Are these just two “rival” organizations?

    Gosh, just when they seem to answer questions, we actually get even more questions.

    I also think the notion that the “peacable” Dharma folks need guns and an ultrasonic fence to keep other people (who they have named Hostiles, not necessarily because of anything that they have explicitly done but rather a perceived threat) out… and the irony of these peaceable open-minded people turning their “adversaries” murderous by not being peacable and open-minded. It does seem that the Hostiles needed a true sociopath like Ben to put their plan into action…

  39. fuber says:

    Some things we do know and new questions….

    Ben and Locke both killed their fathers on the island. Where’s Jack and Claire’s dead dad?

    The “others” aren’t dharma but are pre-dharma. Why is dharma still dropping off supplies in the middle of the jungle?

    Somehow the “others/hostiles” have an organization off island named Mittelos Bioscience. How did that happen?

    Richard Alper doesn’t age.

    Jacob exists and he’s a ghost or something.

    Something on the island has the ability to appear as something or someone else: Ben’s Mom, Ecko’s brother, Kate’s horse. I think it’s that chick from Heroes.

    Locke owns Mikhail

    The hostiles like open graves. They spent all that time digging, you’d think they’d cover it.

    The code to the gate is 54439!

    I know there’s a lot more, but I guess I should work now.

    If you’re bored, read this wiki, it’s cool

  40. says:

    Perhaps Jacob isn’t really there after all. It could be Ben has telekinesis, and he has a split personality. Killing your father could mess you up like that.

    Jacob is trying to gain control of the dominate personality, Ben. Ben could see his dead mother because he is crazy. Although we do see, for a split second, another person, it could be just how Ben sees the other him. Locke didn’t see him, so we could have seen Jacob through Ben’s eyes.

    Although I think the Others know there is no Jacob, they are are still afraid of Ben’s powers. Whenever Ben talks about Jacob, the others act like Ben is about to Wish Them Into the Cornfield, ala Bill Mumy in that Twlight Zone episode.

  41. MotherFury says:

    I think the Others (including Jacob) are all pirates, trapped by a curse that won’t allow them to die unless the curse is broken. Which is why Jacob was asking for help. Of course this sounds suspiciously like Pirates of The Caribbean, but then maybe they’re helping promote the new release next week? (heh)

    I don’t think Locke is dead-dead. I do see the resemblance between him and the screen capture.

    I have to go back and watch what I dvr’d but I swear that painting was of a dog. Like, a little yorkie or something. But then, I was pretty creeped out at that moment, so maybe it was a long-haired woman with a small face and dark eyes.

    I’m curious why The Others would throw all the bodies in an open pit and not cover them? Were they offerings to something that Jacob is protected from in his hut surrounded by ash/gunpowder/whatever?

    The original Dharma people are gone – why is Dharma food still showing up? Does Dharma know the originals are gone?

    Last item – The Others have the resources to run and fetch just about anything and bring it to the island (new washer/dryers, ultrasound machines, a fertility doctor) is it so far fetched to think that they couldn’t plant a fake Flight 815 with bodies at the bottom of the ocean?

  42. DR Belden says:

    I too was wondering if Anne and Danielle are one and the same. Ben seems to have had a special relationship with Anne and if Alex is Both Ben’s and Danielle’s daughter, then it is conceivable.

    I don’t see Locke being done, just as I suspect that we will see Walt again before it’s all over. I think there was too much put into these two being “special” to have them leave the show in death / going home.

  43. Leeann says:

    My mind was reeling after this episode. I always have an early day on Thursdays and struggle each week with the decision to stay up or watch it Thursday. LOST is the only show on TV that I ever watch live instead of Tivo.
    The problem with it airing at 10 is I stay awake until well after midnight processing it all and going over different theories in my head.

    Was Ben really born in Portland? Or, would it tie back into Juliet’s show title “Not In Portland”….?

    I don’t think Ben is really Jacob because if he was – why would he have been threatened that Locke heard Jacob say “Help Me”. It truly seemed to freak Ben out when Locke stated what he heard Jacob say.

    As far as the aging thing… how did Richard not age but Alex has clearly aged – if she is in fact Rousseu’s daughter.

    This all still lends credence to the ongoing purgatory theory. It was all very “edge of your seat”, creepy – I can’t stop watching fun!!!

    I have a feeling that it’s going to be excrutiating to wait until January 2008 for season 4 once we have the season finale.

  44. SueG says:

    Could Jacob be smokey – that is why all the ash is around his domain?

    I hope Locke comes back and kicks Bens A$$..

    Annie could be Rousseau, maybe after the gassing she stayed with Patchy,
    that is the reason for her on and off accent.

    Great episode!

  45. Dave says:

    I think Ben really was born outside of Portland, which might explain why Mittelos uses it as a cover story for their organization.

    One of the big questions I think this episode asks is, have the Hostiles always been able to get on and off the island, or is this made possible by Ben? Maybe they have always been part of Dharma or even some competing project sponsored by Widmore…

    I guess it’s also pretty clear that Naomi is not in cahoots with the Others. 😉

    Regarding the Purgatory theory, Leeann… it’s not that this doesn’t support the possibility of Purgatory. But if one of the theories is that once the people on the island make peace with their demons, they “die” on the island, well… Libby? Ana Lucia? Paolo and Nikki? It’s not exactly a universal theory. But maybe I’m missing a part of the purgatory explanation.

  46. frank says:

    Ryan, I hope that you write a delayed recap … you’re insights are always great, and I think that they’re needed for this episode!

  47. EnviroCaper says:

    Wow….what an episode!!!

    I must say, I like the “pirate theory” to some degree…..explains the black rock, richards outfit when he finds young ben in the jungle (slave anyone???), perhaps the “gun powder” around jacobs place, could even explain someones question about the cultural differences of this islands “natives”…..and the fact the black rock was a slave ship…were the pirates bringing more people for experiments/repopulation back than????…a bit of a stretch…but not for Lost….did the slaves revolt much like the hostiles???…..perhaps Jacob is the pirate captain “locked” in that cabin???….probably not….

    perhaps the island/jacob have been around and trying to find “the one” all this time….bringing in new “subjects” throughout time…..throw in ole 4 foot the statue and perhaps this herding of people has been going on for hundreds of years…and DHARMA innocently set-up shop on the wrong island….OR…found out about the islands potential and went there to “steal” this power…..

    I like the fact of ann being rouseau….do we know rouseau’s first name???? I will check myself….but when rouseau was first introduced and Sayid was her prisoner….I wonder if the producers might have included the “ben” carving in her posession????…at that point in time, we would never have noticed???

    Also interested in finding out if the “hostiles” were able to leave the island prior to DHARMA and why is DHARMA still dropping supplies….unless Ben/Mikhail are together and still “representing” DHARMA to the outside world…..and DHARMA has no idea what happened….makes sense if Mikhail was the only one in constant contact with them….to keep him alive like others here have stated (him being a true DHARMA employee)….to report back as the comms. officer…..

    Also, any ideas on how the hostiles released the gas???? Did they throw a bunch of canisters over the fence???….is it possible, that Ben has power (well, we know he does to some point) that in his mind, once he released it to his father, he was also simultaneously releasing it to the others???

    Last comment/idea….perhaps the island has an age cap….so its inhabitants only grow to the age of 40 something…????….or sexual maturity….might explain why alex, ben, etc. have continued to age while the original hostiles (i.e. richard) did not…..same holds true for the “nice guy” that Ben pays attention to after the release of the gas when he enters the compound (Ben’s fathers contact about a new job)….Ben has aged by say 10 years….while he looked the same from first contact to his gassed death….?????

    I agree with Frank….Ryan/Jenn…..comments???


  48. George says:

    If Ben’s birthday is in late December, wouldn’t it have been a whole lot colder in the Portland area when he was born?

  49. EnviroCaper says:

    sorry… 🙁 ..correction….i stated 4 foot statue….i meant 4 toed statue in my previous post…just so not to confuse anyone….

  50. bill says:

    i got the impression the little girl was going away, which was why she gave ben the wooden toy of herself—didn’t she say when giving it to ben that this way the can always be close or something to that effect–kinda sounded like she was going someplace.

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