The Brig

This was ostensibly a Locke episode, or at least one that caught us up on his last week on the island, but it was Josh Holloway’s James “Sawyer” Ford that lent it its power. It was absolutely key to learn that some Others think Locke is a saviour of some sort, that Ben may or may not support that idea, and that Richard Alpert is so up to something. But for all the clues and information churned out in “The Brig,” the one-on-one confrontation within is what sticks with me most.

There were obnoxiously unsubtle Biblical references tonight, from Sawyer’s bloodied, bare feet to Locke’s bearing of his father’s cross on his back. And of course Sawyer’s mother’s name was Mary. Locke’s hand wound healed fast (which Jen found reminiscent of “The Lost Boys”), and Ben suggests that his proximity is restoring his health. The fact that Ben brought the camp to the base of a pillar or shrine to sacrifice Anthony Cooper (in front of an audience, no less) was immensely creepy. Alpert implied that Ben’s relatively recent focus on fertility is a mere trifle, that there are bigger things in play. I’m certain he’s right.

There was also a lot of talk about death, of course. Anthony Cooper quite reasonably concluded he was in hell — perhaps the only explanation for coming face to face with your “dead” son mere moments after a major car crash. (It’s a good thing his crash was in Florida and not L.A., otherwise hardcore conspiracy theorists would simply explode.) Naomi fills in a few more blanks on the supposed fate of 815, including a watery grave four miles down and a fuselage full of bodies. I suspect the purgatory theory, the oldest “LOST” theory on the books, will get another round of attention… but I personally feel that the writers are specifically (and for the umpteenth time) debunking the purgatory theory by explicitly addressing it. They’ve done the same for “it’s all Hurley’s imagination” and “time travel,” but I suspect some will never give up on those theories, either.

Once again, Sayid gives us one of the most satisfying conversations of the season by merely sitting down and asking straightforward questions. I loved his reaction to Naomi telling him that Desmond, and not 815, was the target of her search. The details of her arrival — the freighter, the helicopter crash, the fancy phone — are good. Almost too good. I, for one, don’t fault Sayid for being skeptical.

Meanwhile, it’s official, no one trusts Jack, bringing us to the brink of the leadership crisis hinted at early in Season 3.

Still, it’s hard to decide just who to strangle first. Sayid, for spilling the beans to Kate, despite having the most mistrust of anyone. Kate, for running to Jack exactly 0.8 seconds after Sayid told her not to. Or Jack, for being in cahoots with Juliet. It turns out they’ve got a shared secret, one that’s relevant to possible rescue and may redeem Juliet, but given the information anyone has it’s preposterous he’d insist Juliet can be told anything.

And now that Sawyer has Juliet’s recorded message to Ben, things will likely get uncomfortable to her, and perhaps even Sun, next week.

Notes and Notions:

  • What did Ben mean by saying, twice, that it was Locke who brought Anthony Cooper to the island? How so? Anthony Cooper’s story of the crash and drugs and needle have Richard Alpert’s fingerprints all over it, but how could that have been set into motion by John Locke?
  • Jen’s still unclear on why the Others were so interested in Anthony Cooper’s demise. Did it matter whether Locke did it or is a Sawyer strangulation just as good? Both Ben and Alpert (who may or may not be on Ben’s side) imply that Locke needed to be free of him, but Alpert gave Locke the tool to get the job done without getting blood on his hands. Given how the island seems to look upon killers, this little switcheroo may turn out to be significant.
  • Because this wasn’t a Sawyer flashback, it was probably a challenge to demonstrate how conflicted he was over confronting and killing Anthony Cooper. Yet, we felt it, right down to the guilt-ridden puke in the bushes (which Michael also did after offing Ana-Lucia and Libby). The question is, what’s next for Sawyer? We’ve come to expect that once someone’s “issue” is resolved, they’re not long for the island.
  • Like Alpert, Rosseau similarly resurfaces suddenly and is up to no good. There are many, many things a crazy lady can do with dynamite. I loved that Locke warned her, “Be careful, it’s unstable.”
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  1. Bill says:

    When Kate was telling Jack and Juliet about Naomi, it was when she mentioned the “fancy” communication device, THAT triggered the response, “we should tell them” remark from Juliet.

    If you remember, the communication device when first discovered, DIED when it was turned on. Charlie’s response – “shocker.” Mikhal took off with it, but gave it up TOO easily when confronted. I believe he gave them back a different unit for some reason. The original was a decoy.

    Because when they showed it to Sayid — it powered up fine!

    Could be, Ben has set-up Juliet to take the hit before they invade the camp to evacuate the pregnant girls — Sun and Kate. Naomi is the true mole. Juliet thinks SHE IS and so will everyone else when Sawyer turns on the tape. Ben is a crafty chess player who is moves ahead of everyone else.

    I don’t believe Flight 815 was ever found and Des has been fed some kind of programable LSD.

  2. Darryl says:

    I can’t help but wonder about Sayid’s comment, to the effect, that the sat phone was a little more advanced than he’d seen before. I have a theory that time runs faster off the island, keeping pace with us viewers, and therefore making it 2007 for Naomi.

    If this is so, then it won’t be long before it’s confirmed.

  3. Nuckinfuts says:

    Tonight’s random thought(s):

    1. I loved when Sawyer brought the letter out.

    2. Does anyone have any thoughts about this…Why was Locke so eager and willing to kill Patchy and Mrs. Clue? I only ask because he then had such a hard time w/ killing his father.

    Either A : He knew ahead of time that the fence would not kill Patchy.

    Or B : He did not mind killing Patchy in front of the 815er’s.

    3. Locke seems to be very keen on letting the island do his dirty work. He only acts in his own interest a lot of the time and it does not shock me that he says he want’s to go alone. If that is the case or not we are sure to see soon ( I hope ). Locke hit Sayid over the head before the flare for the first radio transmission attempt. Locke forsaw Boone dying and let the island do it. Locke allowed the hatch to blow up ( before going mute and having the island heal him after he made amends ). Locke blew up the sub ( we think ). Locke was the last to see Ecko ( if I remember correct ) and sort of gave a look before decending into the 2nd hatch as if he knew something would happen. Locke was in tune with the fact that Walt was special before the Others got to him.

    When Locke was working at the box factory I remeber the fellow employees joking that he was a “general” ( freak-o ). He was playing some sort of role-playing game, or this was more serious? This was right before he went to Austrailia w/ a briefcase full of knives. Full of knives. ( freak-o ) I also remember him talking to a phone sex girl and getting mad that she didn’t want to really meet him ( duh …freek-o ). I remember Locke working and playing in a toy store w/ a kid on a catch the mouse game or whatever it’s called. I also remember him working as a pest control guy. He also spent time in the cult / farmer / hunter.

    I think maybe a few times : John Locke to island : “What do you want from me!!??” (freak-o, or not?)

    So…And just as much as Dave above is dying to know what happened to Des when he went off into the woods a while back, I am still very interested in what Locke saw the first time he met Smokey and lived. The 2nd time Smokey didn’t seem so happy w/ Mr. John Locke.

    4. I can’t wait to see who “Skeletor” was & where he was going w/ the beer!

  4. Bill says:

    That was SO ODD when Rousseau just happened to be in the neighborhood and casually dropped in at the Black Rock. She and Locke have “a thing”.

  5. vinny2cubes says:

    I too thought the crash of 815 off Bali was probably faked by Dharma/Widmore to keep the search away from the island. They could have used generic pieces of the same type of aircraft as well as some actual wreckage salvaged from the island in order to “Fake” the crash. Since it’s 4 miles down it would only need to be video from a robot sub. Who’s going to doubt them? No one would spend $$$ to double check. The actual crash wreckage was swept away supposedly by a storm, but since there were two or more crash sites it wouldn’t be hard to find a few pieces with the Oceanic logo.

    I loved Coopers whole dialog… a man truly convinced he was finally in Hell. Nothing left to loose… he could say whatever he wanted , you can’t do anything further to him. I actually cheered when Sawyer throttled him. The whole scene was awesome !

    What is the secret Juliette and Jack share?

    I think Naomi is telling the truth. She was searching for Desmond. Some rich chick gives her coordinates and they steam around looking but find nothing until she accidentily spots the island through the clouds late at night. I’m curious though about the remark asking whether they actually “saw” the helicopter. Wonder where that was supposed to lead us?

    Why are the Ben/others roaming the jungle? Not back in their cushy condos? All this for Johns sake… take him to the totem pole or whatever that religious looking column was that they had Cooper tied to?

    In the preview for next week the Sub is clearly visible. I’m thinking there’s another Sub. It would make sense to have a backup. One always on the island.

    Lots of interesting answers and more questions. I hope the questions and mysteries never end… that would mean the show was over. Season 3 started out a little shaky but has developed rapidly into the best ever !!! Maybe the PTB actually read this stuff (and other sites) and take it to heart.

  6. Dave says:

    The sub being in the previews doesn’t mean there’s another sub… every episode has a flashback and some consist almost exclusively of them. That being said, I agree — they’d have to be pretty foolish to not have a backup plan.

    UNLESS… maybe Ben’s M.O. is to keep everyone on the island, and by giving away the “Pala Ferry” boat (to Michael and Walt) and evoking enough manipulation to drive Locke to blow up a sub, he is achieving that objective. The other Others might be opposed to this (at least a few of them seem to believe they can get back home if they play nicely with Ben). Ben was supposedly born on the island, so he clearly has no need to go anywhere else. He could have left the island for treatment for his tumor if he wanted to.

    Does anyone recall whether Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad) showed up on the island before or after the sub explosion?

  7. Dan says:

    Question: If locke is so special for being able to walk after getting on the island, then what about Rose? And, I don’t mean Rose is special for her amazing dissapearing act this season. I mean since we assume her cancer was cured is she also considered special or is this just a big hole in the plot?

  8. Dan says:

    Oh yeah, Didn’t have time to read all the posts so I’m not sure this has been mentioned, but the writer’s actually have confirmed that Desmond did travel through time.

  9. David says:

    I think I have figured all out! Specific details aside, they are all in some kind of mental institution. All of the characters have either committed a crime or have some emotional instability or occurrence which has caused them to be committed. The whole imaginary island and connections to each other is contrived/manipulated by the caretakers of the institution. The struggles that each individual goes through on the island is simply the medical procedure or therapy to rid them of their troubles… am I on to something here or what??? One of you who is smarter than I could take this theory and run with it…

  10. The “Mental Institution Theory” has been probed in past, all the pieces are there. Having been a psych treatment center nurse,
    the most cult like culture can be awfully infectous. with the right meds you can suggest anything and anything will be believed and followed.
    THIS “M.I.T.” would suck ,making this storyline as inane as “St. Elsewhere”
    Hopefully, our writters are more creative and witty to come up with something more plausible than that.
    However, all the little rituals and rules of residency are leaning toward a cult like devotion and action set.
    These Others are compelled to follow doggedly and question little….with small variations(Juliet and Richard).
    Check out “One Flew Over the CooCoo’s Nest” or Captain Newman MD” the Culture in a “NutHatch” can be forced upon you and only the insane and the bold are able to overcome it.
    Please no “SnowGlobeDallasShowerScene”,please writters step up and treat us like intelligent beings,please.

  11. Bill says:

    I don’t believe Locke destroyed the sub. He was all wet when captured – why would he be wet? He took the sub to the bottom of the lagoon, swam out through an escape hatch and ignited the explosive to complete the illusion. I have no other explanation of why he was wet. I have no explanation of why he would want to keep the sub intact, either.

    Dave, Cooper appeared after the sub incident, but how long had he “been on ice?” The use of the sub had been discontinued following the Swan accident because it had destroyed sonar and navigational capabilities. Or so goes Mikhal’s story, but he’s the liar’s liar. There could be a second sub.

    Vinny2Cubes, to me, the column or pillar that Cooper was chained to, symbolized the altar where Abraham was to sacrifice his son per God’s command — as a test of faith. In this case it was Ben playing God, commanding the son to sacrifice the father.

    Wasn’t that great when Locke gave Sawyer that deepdown sincere, modest and grateful, “Thank you.” reminded me of Gary Cooper or Henry Fonda.

    Naomi did seem believable, but I’m betting she and Mikhal have “a thing”. That communication device is central to something.

    Hopefully this new/old place the Others are going to will shed some light on Dharma/Hanso/Mittelos. That’s fascinating to me.

  12. The Sub is NOT destroyed.
    Locke moved it out and blew up something on dock.
    That way he can go back thru airlock and use it as HE wants.
    A back-up plan for him to have a fall back position,when Chaos insues. remember when he 1st went on board he knew where light switch was without a prolonged search?…Locke knows subs, he is a well read military nerd (freak-O). While he says he is not a hunter/killer..he sure does affect alot of deaths directly or indirectly(Cooper,Patchy,Klugh,Boone,Echo).

  13. Can someone can answer this puzzling question.

    Why did Locke’s father try so hard to get Locke and Sawyer angry enough to kill him?

    He didn’t ask for help, for mercy, for compassion.. all he did was do his best to create enormous rage inside of Locke and Sawyer.

    Could Locke’s dad (on the island) really be Smokey the Monster, testing the character of Locke and Sawyer? It sure seemed like a test to me.. Locke passed (sort of) and Sawyer failed.

    And didn’t Smokey test Eko too? (btw.. Eko failed)

  14. Carly says:

    It was “Colonel Locke” they called him at the box company and it was a strategy game they played. The game in the toy store was “Mouse Trap”, He also called the Phone lady “Helen”, even though she was not the Helen he had earlier dated.

  15. My second puzzling question.. why should we believe the producers when they say Lost is not about Time Travel or Purgatory? If this was even part of the answer, do you really think they are going to admit it with a couple more seasons to go?

    I suspect the writers and producers are a lot like Ben.. teasing us with half-answers and paths that go in circles just to entertain us.. and it really does work. As much as we love to hate Ben.. he keeps us glued to the story. And again, I say what’s wrong with that. I love Ben.. I love Lost.

  16. Dave says:

    David — the mental illness/”it’s all in someone’s mind” has, I believe, been repeatedly debunked by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on their podcasts, and is presumably part of the reason they did the whole “Dave” episode on Hurley’s imaginary friend. It is a very interesting idea, but as MJII above noted it’s a little too “St Elswhere.”

    The best ammo on its behalf was in season 1, where throughout the year I thought you could make a very compelling case for this all being in Hurley’s (the only one who has been out and out declared mentally unsound, at least enough to be committed)… it’s his comic with the polar bears and an island in a bubble, and the numbers he had heard appearing everywhere.

    Could it all be a communal mental experience? I guess, but that’s a pretty unsatisfying conclusion. “It’s all in someone’s mind” means virtually anything is possible. But if you really want to get all metaphysical (correct me if that’s the wrong term), how do any of us know that everything we perceive isn’t just what we imagine, and the boundaries of our own ability to fabricate parallel realities for infinite other people are limitless? (Holy cow, I need to go back to college and drink more beers and smoke more pot now 😉 )

  17. Carly says:

    I just can’t wait for Man Behind The Curtain! These eps just keep getting better and better!

  18. Dave in melbourne, aus says:

    is anyone uncofortable with the fact there are so many biblical referances and fact that the show is hosted by ABC / Disney… I am always wary of the source of a good story… apart from that I suspect it one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever shown on TV… is it sci fi?

  19. Bryan says:

    “is anyone uncofortable with the fact there are so many biblical referances and fact that the show is hosted by ABC / Disney…”

    I don’t see what one has to do with the other. Disney isn’t religious organization with some sort of agenda. They own other movie studios that release more controversial materials under different names. They are a company and are there to make a buck like all other companies.

    As for biblical references, it’s obvious that Lost is full of biblical references, but also mythological references, scientific references. I wouldn’t read too much into that. The Bible is full of parables that make for interesting drama, which is what this show is. Put plainly, it’s art imitating life.

    Then again, if you feel that strongly about it, there’s always the OFF button.

  20. stacey in CA says:

    “is anyone uncofortable with the fact there are so many biblical referances and fact that the show is hosted by ABC / Disney…”

    The last time I heard rumours that Disney had some sort of agenda, it was a gay agenda. I think both of the alleged biblical and gay agendas are just speculation by overactive imaginations. Disney’s REAL agenda is the bottom line.

    Personally, I like the biblical references. I’m not currently a churchgoer, but I have always believed that stories that have lasted for centuries, do so for a very good reason – they’re very good, compelling stories, and many of the basics have a lot to say about human nature. That’s why we still study Shakespeare, mythology, and yes, the Bible. And for the record, I like the Hindu references, too.

  21. Bill says:

    is anyone uncofortable with the fact there are so many biblical referances and fact that the show is hosted by ABC / Disney…

    Stories and lessons from the Bible are influencial in our culture. There’s lots of enduring wisdom and philosophy found in the Bible that will always be true.

    Is ABC a little left of center in their policies — probably. Is Disney — yeah, and so are lots of international corporations. Both corporations walk a fine line not to insult any one group.

    What makes LOST great is not just any one thing: scripts, direction, chemistry between actors/charaters, adventure, sci-fi, symbolism (religious or otherwise), gorgous photography and audio, classic literary and movie references, mystery, life and death and GOOD vs. EVIL.

  22. Nuckinfuts says:

    Hey all…I’ve had a lot of time today on my hands…this sorta gets long, but I’ve been doing research…just more food for thought mostly…

    1st – Carly – – thanks for the refresher on Locke…it’s so much to keep track of, ya know? Hey — did you ( or anyone else ) have any ideas as to why he was unwilling to kill his dad, but would kill Patchy? ( Obviously it was crazy to think that anyone would kill anyone else Braveheart style like that when they didn’t know why or who or where or what was going on there on the island…but aside from that )

    San Diego Dan – I like the idea that Locke’s dad could have been Smokey playing tricks on Locke / Sawyer for kicks…as I’ve said before…I am still leaning on Smokey being Jacob. Either Jacob’s unconcious or concious ability to manifest himself through his mind. In an earlier post a few weeks ago I went into a whole theory.

    Stupid Question : Does anyone think Locke will hook up w/ the Flight Attendant girl? I can’t remember her name right now…but the one at the sacrificial pole w/ the kids who was in an episode also where she told Jack she was “observing”? I think something will happen w/ them…and when Locke goes coockoo for a woman I’ll bet he goes super coockoo…night of the long knives!

    Backgammon : Here’s a thought

    The objective of backgammon is to move all of one’s own checkers ( people ) past those of one’s opponent ( Other’s ) and then remove them from the board. ( Island ) The pieces are scattered at first and may be blocked or hit by the opponent.

    Backgammon is a game of luck and skill ( fate vs. the con ) . It is played by two people with 15 checkers each on a board consisting of 24 (reversed number ) spaces or points. The checkers are moved according to rolls of the dice. Each player tries to bring his own checkers home and bear them off before his opponent does, hitting and blocking the enemy checkers along the way.
    Backgammon has been around a long time, with origins dating back possibly 5000 years. The ancient Greeks played. So did the Romans. ( Could this be our mysterious 4 toed Statue? ) The game we know today was refined in England in the seventeenth century, which is also when it acquired the name backgammon. One significant innovation of the twentieth century was the addition of the doubling cube in the 1920s

    A doubling cube, with the numerals 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on its faces, is used to keep track of the current stake of the game. ( Not a complete match-up, but was interesting to know in the context of this show…most all numbers in play now…except 42 reversed ).

    Interestingly enough there is an optional rule called “The Jacoby Rule” not that that means anything or that any of this does…but I found it fun to know.

    In looking up Backgammon I came across Tabula ( meaning table ) and this reminded me of Tabula Rasa episode. When looking that up I came across “Senet”. This is apparently the origin of the modern backgammon game and may be the oldest board game in World History, although it is impossible to prove which game is the oldest…it goes as follows:

    The oldest remnants of any ancient board game ever unearthed however are those of Senet, found in Predynastic and First Dynasty burials of Egypt[2], circa 3500 BC and 3100 BC respectively.

    By the time of the New Kingdom in Egypt (1567–1085 BC), it had become a kind of talisman for the journey of the dead. Because of the element of luck in the game and the Egyptian belief in determinism, it was believed that a successful player was under the protection of the major gods of the national pantheon: Ra, Thoth, and sometimes Osiris. Consequently, Senet boards were often placed in the grave alongside other useful objects for the dangerous journey through the afterlife and the game is referred to in Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead.

    Book of the Dead :

    Chapter 125 is probably the best-known segment of the Book of the Dead. It deals with the dead soul’s judgment by Osiris and his 42 ( Finally! I found the number 42! ) judge deities.

    The deceased soul must recite the “declaration of innocence” which is addressed to Osiris and consists of the denial of a series of wrong-doings in order to assure Osiris that he has lived a decent life. ( Remind anyone of Ecko? ) The deceased must then address the 42 judges by name and deny a further 42 transgressions (one per judge). If the deceased is subsequently found worthy he will be taken before Osiris who will lead him to the realm of the blessed. ( This stuff is an Purgatory / Limbo person’s dream find, I know. )

    The content of some of the statements of denial or the ‘negative confession’ (I have done no falsehood, I have not robbed, I have not killed men) has led some scholars to hypothesis that Chapter 125 may be the basis for the Biblical Ten Commandments[1]. ( More biblical references for those still paying attention ).

    According to R.O. Faulkner, The Book of the Dead was used by the ancient Egyptians as a set of instructions for the afterlife. Not all the spells were used for every burial, but a selection depending on wealth and status. Some spells were gifts to the gods, while other were used so the person could walk ( LOCKE ), a spell for not dying again in the afterlife, and even a spell ‘For preventing a man from going upside down and from eating feces'(chapter 189) ( maybe Roger Work-Man…who knows…was weird so I left this in ).

    The book is therefore not, contrary to popular belief, spells to raise the dead, but rather teachings on what the afterlife would contain and how to overcome the obstacles which stood in the way of reaching the field of reeds (or field of peace), the ultimate goal for an Egyptian in the afterlife.

    The text can also be seen as initiation literature into the mystery of the afterlife. The afterlife is mostly a mystery to the average Egyptian, but by obtaining a Book of the Dead, he would be able to read it and would be part of the elite group which knew what the afterlife contained.The text was often individualized for the deceased person, so no two copies contain the same text.

    The stuff I am finding is interesting…a little long I know, but I once heard ( it could have been on this site ) that you could figure out LOST by watching the 1st few episodes ( maybe just the pilot part 1 and 2 ). I don’t think this is true…but I’m giving it a shot. I’m going back now to re-review them and I’ll bring up any new wacky theories. As far as backgammon goes ( I’m pretty sure that’s where Locke and Walt play backgammon ) perhaps it is worth noting that the ties it seems to have to this ancient Egypitan, Roman and Greek stuff is woth looking into. Especially w/ all the names from these texts in play as well as biblical names. I like the idea that in Backgammon checkers move from one side of the board to the other. Along the way they cross each others paths and here and there some get snatched up. When one gets snatched up it starts over on the next come out roll ( Desmond? ) but does not die. It simply waits it’s turn to start again. I like the comment made by Desmond’s professor friend to his colleague stating that “Run the same experiment 10 times and you will get ten different outcomes”. I like the idea that the belief in the afterlife and the mechanics involved for these ancient cultures may yet to prove to be related to LOST. Maybe Ben wanted to read the “Book of the Dead” instead of Carrie. J.K…but if Chopper-Girl Naomi has a book of the dead in her backpack along w/ her copy of “catch 22” the sh@# is about to hit the fan!

    love LOST – – anybody who read all this…I love you too!



  23. ¿¿¿ says:

    You take the show to seriously man… live your life stop always thinking about Lost… you will finish at the same place then Hurley and Libby

  24. David Buckna says:

    Bill writes: “Stories and lessons from the Bible are influencial in our culture. There’s lots of enduring wisdom and philosophy found in the Bible that will always be true.”


    LOST quiz: Can the lost be found?

  25. David Buckna says:

    Bill writes: “Stories and lessons from the Bible are influencial in our culture. There’s lots of enduring wisdom and philosophy found in the Bible that will always be true.”


    LOST quiz: Can the lost be found?

  26. Nuckinfuts says:

    I’ll take it under consideration

  27. Kimo says:

    For various reasons our household did not watch this week’s episode until this afternoon (Sunday) – it was tuff avoiding online discussions.

    I just skimmed thru the comments above really quickly, but don’t you think Juliet and Jack were/are about to tell Kate she’s pregnant (Daddy Sawyer in the cages . . .)

    Someone may have posited this, but I didn’t see it.

  28. becksmex says:

    Agreed, Kimo;

    The reason Juliet wanted to tell her, is that she wants to get to work to see if she can do something to save Kate and the baby (get her samples, etc). The reason Jack doesn’t want to tell her is that he doesn’t want her to have to face the apparent death sentence that being pregnant can be on the island, at least not until she absolutely has to know.

    There is no big mystery here, just a conflict within Jack regarding his feelings toward Kate, IMHO.

  29. Kimo-
    my family ,has beleived that “Freackles’ Kate was Prego and posted same ,but so many don’t want to accept it. it is way too obvious that with all the signs and ‘superSperm swimming around that…..Blap!! it was bound to happen to EVERYONE from off Island who is ..’doing It’. I happen to think that “””Ruth””” will even turn up pregnant…Ala Sarah in the Bible.
    But for now …just Kate and Sun…yeah right?

  30. Nuckinfuts asked
    “Does anyone think Locke will hook up w/ the Flight Attendant girl? I can’t remember her name right now…but the one at the sacrificial pole w/ the kids who was in an episode also where she told Jack she was “observing”?”

    I think that whenever the writers have main characters interact with someone of the opposite sex in a friendly way.. something is brewing and bound to happen. Nice observation 🙂

  31. Lori says:

    Check out the final sentence of the article linked by Kimo……..

    But, Lindelof says, “the last five minutes of (this month’s) finale are going to seal our fate.”

    I can’t wait!

  32. Dave says:


    On a total tangent… don’t know how many of you listen to the Official ABC Podcast but there’s an interesting comment from Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse. One of them (forget which) says that they have been getting numerous questions submitted (via about whether Locke’s father was the “original” Sawyer, and have deferred answering them so as not to lie on their podcasts.

    They have repeatedly said that there is no time travel or purgatory or “all in someone’s head” theory at work. I have to assume they take the same approach that they did with the Sawyer questions… I think anything they debunk has officially been debunked, and any theories that revealed too much, they would probably not address.

    If you don’t listen, it’s worth checking out.

  33. ¿¿¿ says:

    haha I read one day somewhere that Damon and Carlton make the Lost story for 4 seasons.. and if ABC decided to make more… they said the will leave the show… but money talk probably they add 2 more seasons..!!

  34. Damien says:

    Did we see the “game-changing” moment on last week’s Lost when Naomi revealed that the outside world had found Flight 815 and that there were no survivors?
    Lindelof: “Nope. Not yet. Trust us…. YOU. WILL. KNOW.”

  35. Damien says:

    and by the way.. Rousseau are probably woking for the Dharma… dunno just a feeling…

  36. Damien says:

    sorry for small post but… I think about that and.. Rousseau, Libby, jeweler, monk guy,Richard and Cindy ( the girl with the kid looking Jack) all of them are working for Dharma… they all brought people to the island… Rousseau and her team, Libby (with the boat), jeweler and monk for Desmond .. Richard bring Juliet and probably more, and Cindy maybe help the plane to crash…

  37. Just a Thought or Three,
    -Plane did NOT crash:
    Everyone was loaded on Plane
    Therefore they were ALL together in one place….Gas them, and one by one put them through Programing,while they are out.

    Those NOT on plane required more extensive programming ie.((DES, because he was random element, who was an early ‘lab subject’)).

    then STAGE Crash/Break-Up scene this would be easy to simulate in /on sound stage.
    Gas Them..put them on island .
    -The Others May also be on the Outside , because “The Crash” was only a “Special Effect” in the Sky ala copter in clouds.
    Certain people were players in the big picture early on
    Hurley,Libby,Dave because they had shared Memory in NutHouse
    Dave was a plant…SO was Libby, by whomever *Hansho* is running whole show.
    -whole thing IS a massive experiment with
    mind control/fertility/Psychwarfare/behavioural modification//all of them were guided to Austrailia ((Known as “”OZ””)) and flown. or just moved.over the rainbow, to a magical island,where anything can happen.
    -Certain people are resisting ,programming better [or worse] than others;;Locke,Hurley ,Des,Jack,Juliet
    -Pauolo and Nickie, Ekho,Ana Lucia were Bad people so experiment rejected them,Libby got in way somehow she went random as well. Sawyer and Kate are next,then Charlie.
    -Strange that Des has seen all of Charlies deaths ahead of time…..He was *cross programmed*,maybe.
    -Finally, Kds resist programming wll or may not be programmed at all just like “Control” subjects.

    Any or all of this may be total horse bleep, but with all the speculation I thought I would throw down .

    Dig ,Simon Dig..
    Leslie Arntz is “Man Behind the Curtain”

  38. -Smokie reminds me of a Giant Hand, moving subjects about and snatching others for disposal or death.
    -this is why Others do not know what it is
    -Eko’s images were from his programing
    -“You’re next” referred to Locke, but he somehow altered experiment and is running his own (or at least he thinks he is)
    -Experimenters control Smokie.
    -Patchy is a Lab attendant,herding the subjects and correcting same
    -Rousseau may also be an attedant that went Randon and somehow, was programmed as a modifier.

    whew,head hurts.

  39. Bill says:

    2010? I was hoping they could wrap this up in 2 more seasons. They will have to be very skilled to draw this out 3 more seasons with large “waits” in between. The 10 PM EST time slot is tough on early-rising working folks.

    NOTE to ABC: I guess I could tape the shows and FAST-FORWARD through all the commercials on Thursdays.

  40. Kopytko says:

    MontaukJimbo II, Dude just quit the drugs.

  41. -KopyTKO-
    You’re right, maybe a mug of de-caf.

  42. Lori says:

    I went back this week-end and watched several episodes of season 1. I know a lot of people are speculating that Rousseau is an Other or part of Dharma. If so, then how can we explain the 16 yr old distress signal that she sent? Also, I have one additional question. I can’t seem to remember if they ever killed the “Mama” polar bear (the one that killed the pilot in the Pilot episode). The bear that Sawyer shot was smaller, then I think I remember the larger bear chasing Walt and also chasing Shannon.

    Has the bear been seen since season 1?


  43. Yes this Season when Locke & Charlie rescued Eko. in the cave.

  44. Dave says:

    Lori — Good question. I am not sure I believe that Rousseau is part of the Others and/or Dharma. However, to play devil’s advocate…

    – Rousseau claims she was part of an expedition and that the others all got “sick.” I can’t recall if she explicitly says that they died but this could all be metaphorical; she could be psychotic, of course, or she could have kept her “sanity” while the others on her expedition either mutinied (under Ben?) or were coerced/trapped by him. Maybe she is an exiled Other along the lines of what they wanetd to do with Juliet.
    – Rousseau and Ben both imply that they are Alex’s parent. Maybe Ben impregnated her and brought her to the island to conceive Alex there.
    – Rousseau I think mentions someone on her expedition who lost an arm, and there has long been speculation that this might be Marvin Candle/Mark Wickman.
    – Rousseau has lots of traps set for the Others, but they seem to know how to avoid them pretty well… except for Ben. The way he wound up in the hatch was via Rousseau’s trap. Could he have willingly walked into it? Was she complicit in this plan?

    All good questions. She seems a little to willing to not seek out the Others for someone who has been on the island 16 years… maybe we’ll get a flashback with her this season? (I think I heard something about this… trying to live relatively spoiler free…)

  45. Mel says:

    Why did Locke have to give a “show of faith”?
    Does anyone have an idea what “show of faith” did each Other have to do? Or did Ben just make it all up?

    Cooper asks Locke, “Don’t you know where we are?” but Ben says we don’t have time for that. Do you think that Ben thought that Cooper was going to rant about being in Hell?

  46. Lori.. I’m jealous.. you have Season 1 🙂 Almost all of the episodes are summed up pretty well on Wikipedia.. but there’s nothing that beats watching it the way it was.

  47. Connie from Alaska says:

    What do you all think about Lost going for another three seasons? Personally, I think that it is one season too many, but with only 16 episodes per season (48 until the end, folks!), each episode is bound to be meaningful, relevent and gripping.

    Many critics are choosing to look at the scheduled cancellation as proof that Lost has dropped fans and ratings, which may be true to some extent, but Lost is such an unusual show with an unusual format that I can’t help but think that the normal methods of measuring ratings don’t apply. The fanbase may be shrinking somewhat, but what is there is very loyal and very tuned in to the show each week whether they watch it as it airs, record it for later or purchase DVD’s to watch over and over. More importantly, we all knew the end was coming. The story of Lost demands a deliberate natural ending and not one forced by a low-ratings cancellation event, or worse, a sudden cancellation that leaves us poor Lost fans hanging a la “Invasion”, “Threshold”, “Surface”, “Daybreak” and even the recently cancelled “Drive”. It is annoying to hear that our beloved Lost is being shut down due to low ratings and dissatisfaction in the fanbase…hey, critics!….say that to our faces!

    Just my take…


  48. Bryan says:

    “2010? I was hoping they could wrap this up in 2 more seasons. They will have to be very skilled to draw this out 3 more seasons with large “waits” in between.”

    If you do the math it is just 2 seasons, only stretched to 3.
    Regular season = 24 episodes.
    final 3 seasons will be 16 episodes each
    2×24 = 3×16

  49. Damien says:

    ok 2×24 =3×16 bu the wait between each small season is longer then the 2 long seasons.. and I hate waiting..

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