The Brig

This was ostensibly a Locke episode, or at least one that caught us up on his last week on the island, but it was Josh Holloway’s James “Sawyer” Ford that lent it its power. It was absolutely key to learn that some Others think Locke is a saviour of some sort, that Ben may or may not support that idea, and that Richard Alpert is so up to something. But for all the clues and information churned out in “The Brig,” the one-on-one confrontation within is what sticks with me most.

There were obnoxiously unsubtle Biblical references tonight, from Sawyer’s bloodied, bare feet to Locke’s bearing of his father’s cross on his back. And of course Sawyer’s mother’s name was Mary. Locke’s hand wound healed fast (which Jen found reminiscent of “The Lost Boys”), and Ben suggests that his proximity is restoring his health. The fact that Ben brought the camp to the base of a pillar or shrine to sacrifice Anthony Cooper (in front of an audience, no less) was immensely creepy. Alpert implied that Ben’s relatively recent focus on fertility is a mere trifle, that there are bigger things in play. I’m certain he’s right.

There was also a lot of talk about death, of course. Anthony Cooper quite reasonably concluded he was in hell — perhaps the only explanation for coming face to face with your “dead” son mere moments after a major car crash. (It’s a good thing his crash was in Florida and not L.A., otherwise hardcore conspiracy theorists would simply explode.) Naomi fills in a few more blanks on the supposed fate of 815, including a watery grave four miles down and a fuselage full of bodies. I suspect the purgatory theory, the oldest “LOST” theory on the books, will get another round of attention… but I personally feel that the writers are specifically (and for the umpteenth time) debunking the purgatory theory by explicitly addressing it. They’ve done the same for “it’s all Hurley’s imagination” and “time travel,” but I suspect some will never give up on those theories, either.

Once again, Sayid gives us one of the most satisfying conversations of the season by merely sitting down and asking straightforward questions. I loved his reaction to Naomi telling him that Desmond, and not 815, was the target of her search. The details of her arrival — the freighter, the helicopter crash, the fancy phone — are good. Almost too good. I, for one, don’t fault Sayid for being skeptical.

Meanwhile, it’s official, no one trusts Jack, bringing us to the brink of the leadership crisis hinted at early in Season 3.

Still, it’s hard to decide just who to strangle first. Sayid, for spilling the beans to Kate, despite having the most mistrust of anyone. Kate, for running to Jack exactly 0.8 seconds after Sayid told her not to. Or Jack, for being in cahoots with Juliet. It turns out they’ve got a shared secret, one that’s relevant to possible rescue and may redeem Juliet, but given the information anyone has it’s preposterous he’d insist Juliet can be told anything.

And now that Sawyer has Juliet’s recorded message to Ben, things will likely get uncomfortable to her, and perhaps even Sun, next week.

Notes and Notions:

  • What did Ben mean by saying, twice, that it was Locke who brought Anthony Cooper to the island? How so? Anthony Cooper’s story of the crash and drugs and needle have Richard Alpert’s fingerprints all over it, but how could that have been set into motion by John Locke?
  • Jen’s still unclear on why the Others were so interested in Anthony Cooper’s demise. Did it matter whether Locke did it or is a Sawyer strangulation just as good? Both Ben and Alpert (who may or may not be on Ben’s side) imply that Locke needed to be free of him, but Alpert gave Locke the tool to get the job done without getting blood on his hands. Given how the island seems to look upon killers, this little switcheroo may turn out to be significant.
  • Because this wasn’t a Sawyer flashback, it was probably a challenge to demonstrate how conflicted he was over confronting and killing Anthony Cooper. Yet, we felt it, right down to the guilt-ridden puke in the bushes (which Michael also did after offing Ana-Lucia and Libby). The question is, what’s next for Sawyer? We’ve come to expect that once someone’s “issue” is resolved, they’re not long for the island.
  • Like Alpert, Rosseau similarly resurfaces suddenly and is up to no good. There are many, many things a crazy lady can do with dynamite. I loved that Locke warned her, “Be careful, it’s unstable.”
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104 Responses to “The Brig”

  1. sodadood says:

    I know some Lost fans were critical about the slow start to this season, but without a doubt this is officially my favorite season. So many great episodes and edge-of-your-seat moments – and “The Brig” was no exception. I thought the addition of Rousseau was perfectly placed in that scene with Locke & Sawyer… and for me everything in this episode just clicked. (But really, what was Rousseau gonna do with all that dynamite?)

    Does this mean that since now Sawyer’s conflict within himself is resolved, he’ll be the next one to go? I hope not – he’s one of my favorite characters. As for the secret that Jack and Juliet weren’t willing to share with Kate “yet”, no doubt there’s more twists and turns yet to come this season.

  2. ... says:

    Sayid have a good point, we never saw the helicopter… I just rewatch the moment when it fall… and I just saw a big ”PLOUCH” and water… but no helicopter… and the sky is clear… were suppose to see something ?! no ?!

  3. Brian says:

    Did any of the names that Locke’s dad claims to have used when listing all of his aliases sound familiar? I was wondering if he’s been involved in anyone else’s background. Alan Sewell sounded familiar to me (I think?)

  4. debbie says:

    Josh Holloway was FANTASTIC tonight! Cooper was evil personified and got what was coming but what was the deal with this Others Sacrifice Ceremony! Everyone gather ’round and watch Locke kill his dad!!!! Loony!

    and Kate……SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LEX says:

    ugh more like shut up, Jack. could he be a bigger tool?

  6. Jim says:

    What a show…I do think this episode should have been called “Who’s coning whom”.

  7. Bryan says:

    Well if there was ever a time to revive the purgatory theory, the last two weeks are it. I was a theorist of this from the very first episode of the series, but got away from it when the writers said it was definitely not, but how can we look away after the pronouncement about flight 815, and Cooper’s awesome quote “little hot for heaven ain’t it?”

  8. LEX says:

    it’s definitely not purgatory. the producers have said it clearly more than once. i think they are throwing in these little lines that start up that line of thinking again just because they can. because it’s sort of like giving us more clues, when it’s actually just throwing us off the trail.

  9. Nadia says:

    If there wasn’t a “helicopter”….what was the noise of it then….they all recognized the sound of the helicopter. Where would it come from? I am so happy that the writers put in the background to the whole “who is the real sawyer thing”. Honestly I missed that part of Lost….so yay now I get it…!! Sayid was a bit calmer in asking questions…i guess to hide Naomi..though Kate didn’t help with that one. It was nice to see a little bit more of Richard. Will ben know that Locke didn’t kill Cooper and that Sawyer did? When was “Jacob” supposed to appear? It was like Locke was supposed to be “Jacob” or something….maybe sawyer is now…I don’t know. I am just confused…but I am fine with being confused and I love the answers, but still bring on some more mystery. And yeah…Rousseau getting the dynamite? What was that for. It looked like she and Locke had a plan going? Oh my head is spinning. Can’ wait till the next episode.

  10. Jen says:

    I watched last week’s episode again before “The Brig” and I paid closer attention to the combination that Sun’s father used when opening the safe for the cash. Not sure if it means anything, but the numbers were 1, 3, 4, 7 which if you add them sequentially are the first 3 “numbers”: 1+3=4, 4+4= 8, 8+7=15 (4,8,15…)????? Anyhow, also in tonight’s episode, I noticed that in addition to the red theme, there is also a blue theme (Desmond’s shirt, now Jack’s shirt which went from red to blue, Juliet’s shirt) and of significance maybe was especially that Richard’s shirt was blue????????? Just some observations that I’d love some feedback on. Loved tonight’s episode except that it further supports the purgatory theory which would be disappointing given that I thought that was supposed to be ruled out.

  11. vantonni says:

    1. great episode with great acting by josh halloway.

    2. why is it when they need to mess up an episode they through Jack in with his “holier than thou” attitude and Kate acting like a junior high gossip queen??

    3. if cooper isn’t “really dead” like mikael, then I am officially done with the show. they can’t keep breaking faith with the audience like that. I half expected sawyer not to kill cooper, to stop. I’m glad he did not. great Tv, great characters, i loved locke’s “thank you”.

    but if he starts breathing because he’s not buried or some other thing….i can deal with magic, but please let the laws of physics apply.

  12. ari says:

    They said it wasnt Purgatory they didnt say it was not Hell!

  13. HeyBrah says:

    Great episode! No it’s not purgatory. Now producer Carlton Cruse has stated on the latest official pod cast that the real answers to all of the questions will eventually be explained with fiction (or science fiction). This brings me back to the similarities to Johnnie Darko (that were mentioned earlier in the season by another viewer). Just as the crashing of the plane in “Darko” created two trails of reality, the crash of Oceanic flight 815 created at least two trails of reality—in one, the Losties crashed in the Ocean and are all dead and the other (or alternate) reality is what we’ve been watching for 3 seasons.

  14. Kopytko says:

    Awsome episode, but it made me sad. I’m so disappointed with Locke joining the dark side, i was hoping he will be smart enough to se trought Ben’s manipulations. Killing father as an act of commitment…well i’m sure not for the Island. The look on his face carring his father’s body, oh man…
    I’m pretty much sure that people will be conned the same way as Cooper was, but please save it to yourselfs. They are not in the purgatory!

  15. stacey in CA says:

    Awesome, awesome episode – now I’m more confused than ever!!! 🙂

    Why would the outside world be looking for the plane off the coast of Bali? If you’re going from Sydney to L.A., Bali is in the OPPOSITE direction. For now, I’m going to stick with the “coverup” theory, where the plane that was found was a plant to keep the world from continuing to look for the Losties.

    Just how stupid is Kate? And just how duplicitous is Jack?

    Obviously, Cooper’s car accident was actually a kidnapping, and either he didn’t know it, or he chose to try to con his way out of it.

    When Ben discovers his tape recorder is missing, he’s going to know it was Locke that took it…unless it was planted there for Locke to take.

    Josh Holloway did such an incredible job – we’ve seen Sawyer angry before, but nothing like this, where it was so palpably mixed with raw anguish and release. Getting sick to his stomach afterward was a really nice touch. And Locke’s “Thank you” was truly worth more than the price of admission.

  16. Erevos says:

    Tsunami Baby!!!!!

  17. Erevos says:

    Do u think that it has something to do with the Losties?

  18. MikefromQuebec says:

    I dont see any helicopter when it fall… its probably the montser jumping in the water… and made the helicopter sound…. I dont really trust Naomi.. she have a gaz mask because she jump from a higher altitude … anyway its to hard to explain my point in english… somebody have the same tought and can develop it more ?

  19. John Fischer says:

    Did anyone hear a noise or a voice when Locke hoisted Cooper onto his shoulder at the end and started walking? I’ve rerun by DVD three times and I keep hearing something right when Locke starts walking.

  20. Dave says:

    Ari — good call. I was thinking the same thing. But it’s not hell. 😉

    What a good episode. Just the right mix of plot advancement, mythology, relationship, debunking rumors, and teasing. Holy cow am I excited for the last few episodes. And I agree with the posters above. Awesome season. I think it actually has fewer weak episodes (they characteristically have a musical interlude toward the end) than any other season.

    LOVE the Locke-Sawyer connection that has been hinted at/speculated for so long now. Maybe each character has a “partner” of some kind… we’ve seen (so far) Locke/Sawyer, Hurley/Libby, Jack/Ana Lucia, Michael/Walt, Boone/Shannon, Rose/Bernard, Jin/Sun… you could stretch to say Kate/Sayid (via Kate’s dad and Kelvin)…

    I am getting to the point (and I say this with admiration, not frustration or dislike) that I no longer know whether to trust most of the characters. Jack, Locke, Ben, Kate, and Juliet have all demonstrated an inherently duplicitous side that may be malicious (Ben) or selfish (Juliet, IMHO… I think she’s out for herself only) or benevolent. But I think we can’t ascribe any motive to any of them… they all tend to do or say whatever needs to be done, and all except for Kate are master manipulators.

    I wonder whether Kate — either at the behest of Sayid, et. al., or because she thought it was the right thing to do — decided to “leak” information to Jack and specifically in front of Juliet. She could have done this to see where his allegiance lies or deliberately given misinformation (as we’ve seen Locke, Juliet, Sayid, and Ben all do effectively). (As an aside, I unfortunately have lost my faith in Kate and her previous bad-assedness to have really done this… I suspect she’s ‘just being Kate.’)

  21. paintergirl says:


    Nice call on the numbers! I’m actually disappointed when a number comes up that can’t be attributed to the Dharma sequence. I like that Sawyer/Cooper stole $38,000 from Mary Ford (15+23).

    I actually cheered when Locke’s musical theme came back at the end of the episode. I hope this is a musical cue that our amazing Locke has returned.

    Everytime I heard the name Naomi, I remembered the quote from Ruth “Your people shall be my people.” I wonder if this reference is a clue to the motives of this character. Somehow, I doubt it :).

  22. Blondie says:

    This epi left me with so many questions. You have addressed a lot of them here. Personally, I think Naomi is lying lying lying. I don’t think anyone found the plane. It would be really easy “with enough money” to create a false story like that. Who is actually going to go investigate the plane to disprove the theory? Or she could be totally BSing to screw with the Lostie’s brains.

    I was baffled by how Cindy acted like it was totally normal to be there with her little tent and the happy sacrifice. Do you think they brainwashed her?

    That moment with the letter. Cooper is SUCH a good evil villain. I do think he’s actually dead. I can’t replay the episode, but I didn’t hear a noise. But I won’t totally rule out the theory.

    Yeah, Kate blew it by running to Jack. But at least we see now that Jack is up to something. I can’t wait to see the battle for “control” of everyone. I don’t think anyone is going to trust Saint Jack anymore.

    Sooooooooooo good. Love Lost.

  23. frank says:

    I think that I’m in the minority, but I was a little disappointed by last night’s ep. IMO, the resolution of the ‘real’ Sawyer plotline was a letdown … I think that more time should have been spent on Sawyer’s decision whether or not to kill Cooper. Instead, Sawyer’s locked in there, finds out who he really is, Cooper pushes all the right buttons, and Sawyer kills him in a rage. To be honest, I felt like it could have been anybody in there, pushing all of the right buttons. Sure, he felt guilty afterwards; I just hope that this isn’t the end of that plot thread. The episode where Sawyer kills the shrimp guy, I thought, was much better done … I really got a much better feel for how conflicted he was about the decision, and in the end, he did it in cold blood.

    Locke really annoyed me too. I know that everyone is always complaining that they never ask the right questions, but, come one! He was in their camp for 3 or 4 days, I guess, and didn’t learn anything that they don’t want him to know. And then, at the end, he’s dragging back Cooper’s body to Ben, just like a little puppy dog.

    I did love the Sayid scene … it was great to see him again. The look on his face as Naomi put him in his place was preiceless. The Danielle scene was great too, and weird … what the heck is she up to?

  24. dumprunner says:

    a few things.

    -I don’t think Naomi is lying. Cooper basically backed up everything she said about finding the plane.
    -Anyone catch Goodwin in the crowd when Locke was supposed to publicly kill Cooper, maybe it was just me (after Mikal all bets are off)
    -I don’t think Locke is joining the others per se. The fact that he gave away the tape recorder shows that. I think he is using the other to find more about the island.
    -I’m interested to find out what Cooper did to the others that required his killing. I don’t buy the reasons Ben gave.

  25. Fernando says:

    I just can’t stop repeating myself: LOST keeps getting better and better each week. It’s so awesome.

    Ryan and Jen, thanks once again for your wonderful insight in the synopsis. And the Notes and Notions clearly sum up and address what needs to be highlighted this week. So, I have nothing else to add (for now) other than I believe Sayid is on the right track mistrusting Naomi.

    “Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid”. Ouch!

  26. fuber says:

    So what was Jack not ready to tell Kate that Juliette wanted to tell Kate? That killed me. Any guess?

    I think it might be something to do with the island not being seen by the rest of the world.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what occurs when Sawyer plays the tape of Juliette taking about Sun and “Austen”.

  27. fuber says:

    Frank- I think Locke not asking questions fits his personality perfectly. I wonder how long it was before the hippie weed cult let him in on their little secret…

    Locke’s more interested in becoming accepted in a “special” group of people than he is satisfying curiosity. Ben knows this from his time spent with Locke in the hack and he’s playing him.
    His time with the weed growing hippies can be a good parallel to his going the others.

  28. frank says:


    I got a feeling in the last Locke episode that he was kind of moving beyond the ‘I just want to be part of the group’ thing. Even if finding Coop there kind of shocked him back into being the wimpy follower Locke again, it seems like a big stretch to me that he would just go along without pushing for any answers. I mean, they find his father down there, and he’s just hanging around, not trying to find out how he got there and why? They drag him out in the middle of the night to kill Cooper in front of everybody and he doesn’t ask why? Or tell Ben to do his own dirty work? Like I said, it seemed like a stretch to me, even for Locke.

  29. EnviroCaper says:

    about helicopter girl….

    we have already figured out there are “others” on the island besides her from her group of friends…..she is not alone remember….(maybe she just meant Ben and Kool and Gang, but i don;t think so)… if we think we didn’t see the helicopter taking the plunge (if the losties thought they could “Swim” to it, it wasn;t that far offshore…but they still didn;t see it???)….

    its quite possible something else was dropped???…..the people she is talking about…..military divers??…supplies??….a means to escape the island???….i think the supposed helicopter will turn out to be some form of airplane (explaining high altitude suit) that didn;t crash…..perhaps the same one for food drops….

    another helicopter question….is it even possible to parachute from a helicopter???…..I guess….but in ALOT of movies and even real life, if you crash in a helicopter….you crash and burn….not parachute to safety….

    Loved the tie in of Locke’s father and Sawyer….finally they are seeing the connections…..

    I don’t think it will be purgatory either….more mind games for the losties I guess…..Locke’s father would obviously think he was dead….and if helicopter girl is saying the plane went down as well….well, 1+1 usually equals 2…..except for on the island…. 🙂

    what was Ben referring to when they were leaving for a “new” place…but really an “old” place…..what role did that location play in their history I wonder????


  30. I think Jack and Juliet are being played by (CopterCrewe)Sayid,Des,Jin,Naomi,Hurley,Charlie and YES Kate,
    She is not stoopid enough to blurt it out like that..also she is a con-artist herself. They are playing a con to get a measurable reaction from J+J. It is a set-up.
    And what do J+J know about Kate?…Yup,That she is indeed pregnant.
    The island mythology is like a cult thing,those poor twisted Others, have made up so many lies and rituals that they are trapped by them.
    I can see two time lines or a massive Military/Corporate cover-up, with the “robot videos of all the bodies in a submerged plane in 20,000 leagues of deep canyons where ONLY, yet another doctored and fake video is the “proof” of a “fact that so many would accept and stop asking question.
    Cooper is dead, at least this one there may be duplicates from different time lines, and indeed this Cooper was programmed by Others to be just as much an SOB as was needed to get reactions from Locke and James.
    Locke is playing them ALL though.
    .and the Penelope waiting for Des just like the Odessey has more and more import, this story has been following that story-line at least with the “Long suffering Penelope” angle.

  31. havasupi says:

    “The Lord of the Flies” is always in the back of my mind when I watch Lost.

    The hunting of boar, the fear of ‘the monster’, the loss of civilization and order, the rival leaders, etc.

    And the psychological tricks that fear and longing for acceptance play on one’s mind.

    I am not sure what Ben’s thing is. I don’t understand why he is a leader. Why would all these diverse personalities with scientific minds follow Ben?

    That to me is the biggest mystery, and I hope the writers know how to pay this one off.

    I could almost understand it if he was CEO and signed all their paychecks.

    Psychological experimentation and tricks are Ben’s forte. And so with that certainty, I had to believe he was testing Locke. Seeing if peer pressure and righteous feeling of justice and erratication of evil would cause John Locke to go against himself and kill his father.

    Why, Locke didn’t see this I don’t know. Or maybe he did and he is playing a game of his own.

    Right now I am just about over ‘Lost’. There is too much in the stew. It is more work than enjoyment. Character archs are sine waves and beginning to insult my intelligence or make me seasick.

    I keep giving Lost second chances . . . but if there is no pay off at the season finale; I don’t know if I can justify watching it just to see Sawyer sweat.

  32. Bill says:

    Another satisfying episode! Having Rousseau sit-in on the kill was TOTALLY wacked-out. That Richard guy is creepy, Cindy is a gas-head, DON’T trust Naomi… good goin’ Sayid. Rousseau + Dynamite = HAVOC

    Ben planted the mini recorder for Locke to take and stir up more trouble for Juliet. Hopefully the Sawyer story isn’t complete; I’d sure hate to see him go. Thought of the Abraham story (Locke, Cooper, Ben at the ancient pillar) when he was commanded to sacrifice his son at the altar, as a test to God. Not sure if Locke passed or failed his test. When Cooper tore up the letter, I thought, “you shouldn’t have done that, dude”.

    Here’s my comprehensive post on the Desmond/Penny picture. I just don’t know what to think of it. Maybe the producers want the physical picture(s) and the flashback to be slightly different for no reason other than to screw with us. Or maybe there’s a big reason. What do you all think?

    I do know this — the poses are radically different and the backgrounds have subtle differences, too. A major Hollywood producer could get it right on the money — if they wanted to. The fact is, these two images are in our faces and have been several times — when they don’t need to be at all.

    I choose not to think about the pictures again unless more info is served up by the producers or one of you has a Divine Revelation.

    BUT in close examination of the photos, I DID see a previously unseen shooter on the grassy knoll and someone was dressed as a walrus — oh no, Paul is dead again!

  33. Connie from Alaska says:

    Locke stated that he is on his own quest now. From the beginning he has felt a special connection to the Island. Then he finds out that he is “special” in some way, that he is being tested (by Ben in sacrificing Cooper), that the Others are looking to him as some kind of savior or messiah, and that Ben may not have the solid following that he appears to have. For a man who has been beaten down, cheated, conned, disappointed and lied to his whole life by his father and everyone else he connects with (remember the “commune”?) this is some pretty heady stuff.

    My feeling is that Locke finally sees a chance to fulfill a his destiny and it lies on the Island. I think he is out to overthrow Ben and take over as leader of whatever they are doing. Ben is understandably uneasy about Locke’s as yet unrevealed power and is trying hard to control him and keep him in his place. After all, the Island and his power is all Ben seems to have going for him.

  34. Reg in WA says:

    What about all the images flashing by in the preview? Ghostly lady, gas mask, the Namaste sign, the Dharma VW’s and workers, the training film-looking shots, and “Roger work man”, there were more….

  35. Bill says:

    You’re right, the preview flashes look compelling. I’ve always wanted to know more about Dharma, Hanso, Mittelos. All that 60s-looking training film stuff looks cool.

  36. Fernando says:

    Connie from alaska,

    I have a question for you. You wrote: “Ben may not have the solid following that he appears to have.” My interpretation would be that you are refering to what Richard told Locke right before giving him the folder with Saywer’s info (and also to Juliet’s “I hate you, Ben” from last week).

    If that is correct, are we to assume that Richard is being honest with Locke? Could Richard have acted under Ben’s command as part of the manipulation scheme they are running on Locke? I’m just curious as to what your take on this is (or anyone else’s in this site), since I cannot come up with a clear understanding of Richard (and maybe you can). However, from what we saw in the preview for next week, we will learn more about Richard (he is seen looking younger and with longer hair) in one week.


  37. debbie says:

    The more I think about it, the more I think Sayid knew very well that Kate would go to Jack and so intentionally let her in on the “secret” in order to force Jack’s hand. Sayid is just too smart and calculating to make such a bonehead move.

  38. As I said earlier the “Copter Crewe” is playing J+J, Kate is in on it. To Force them (J+J)to do something reactionary.
    Richard is a mole for Ben’s boss(Jacob) and reminds me of a Gestopo agent
    manipulating the manipulators, Ben may think he is in control …but his strings are being pulled as well.
    Expect a ,”Heluva Battle when the Others try to Kidnap Kate and Sun, and any remaining Prego 815ers.
    Didn’t Cooper seem a bit “over-the-top”, forcing everyone’s hand and playing his part/role in the big-long-con to a tee?

  39. Connie from Alaska says:


    The possibility that Richard could have been acting on Ben’s orders and feeding Locke false information did cross my mind and could very well be fact. But I think what is important is Locke’s perception of Ben’s position within the group. Locke may be more driven to stage a coup if he thinks the Others are divided which we certainly have been led to believe given the actions of Alex, Carl, Juliet, the mysterious “other” Others (if they exist), and now Richard. Who knows but if it all isn’t just manipulation on SOMEONE’S part, be it Ben or the yet-to-be-revealed Jacob.

    On a totally different note, Ben’s adamant stance against Alex and Carl’s relationship probably stems from his fear that she may get pregnant and die should they become sexually active.

  40. I just wonder if killing Cooper will negate or speed up the changes we have been seeing in James “Sawyer’s” character?

  41. jel-chgo says:

    can’t say it enough.. season 3 is by far the best season.. Regarding last night’s episode…Sawyer, what a performance… he’s obviously is winning the respect from everyone and I think now that he got everything out of his system (killing cooper) he is going to protect and lead everyone;
    Still trying to understand how patchy didnt die.. what he is up to now that he knows about Noami and not being alone;
    I believe her for some reason, she’s there to help; Jack has been getting on my nerves and no one should trust him… Why is he teaming up w/Juliet; is he that naive.. or what the heck are they keeping from everyone..
    can’t wait to know about ben’s past….

  42. Teresa says:

    I definitely thought Cooper’s personality was over the top compared to other episodes. Why wasn’t he trying to “con” his way out of the situation? Either he truly believed he was in hell and just spewed all the evil in his heart, or he was playing a part to goad Locke and Sawyer into killing him.

    I still wonder if the “magic” on the island is that your dreams come true, nightmare or not. Your deepest desires materialize, and sometimes our deepest desires are frightening.

  43. John Fischer says:

    My guess is Jack and Juliet hooked up with Rousseau at the Others camp and told her about the upcoming attack on the beach folks. They may have asked her to bring dynamite to defend themselves. They probably also promised to help her rescue her daughter during the attack.

  44. Nice,J+J Rosseau, teamed up. however ,Juliet is a back stabbing snake that can not be trusted , I see a double betrayal on her part, during the attack taking all the pregos off “to be “safe”
    and jacking them …
    She will gain 815ers trust and “yoik”!!
    Just like she will try with Bug-Eyed Benie, “Double Turn!!” and get caught and snuffed.
    There will be alliances Carl, Alex,Rousseau, 815ers ,Naomi and zombie Mikail…
    Against Bennie and the others.
    While Locke watches and smiles………

  45. ¿¿¿ says:

    NOOOOO just 3 episodes left!!!! :(((((((((

  46. Monica says:

    About the plane being buried in the ocean off Bali, I think it’s possible that when Desmond went back in time he kind of ‘created’ another reality. When he was marooned on the island the ‘second’ time around, the losties were already there from before, but in that 2nd timeline the plane crashed and they all died.

  47. John Fischer says:

    “About the plane being buried in the ocean off Bali, I think it’s possible that when Desmond went back in time he kind of ‘created’ another reality. When he was marooned on the island the ’second’ time around, the losties were already there from before, but in that 2nd timeline the plane crashed and they all died.”

    Last week I wondered how the Dharma folks or whoever is running the show could fake a plane crash. They’d have to get another Oceanic plane and find bodies etc.

    Naomi’s statement that the plane was found 4 miles down with bodies in it makes it soooo easy. Clearly a search team that was really a Dharma team said they found the wreckage and sent a robot vehicle down to film the wreckage. What actually happened is that the Dharma folks FAKED a video of the 4 mile deep wreck. That would be easy to do with CGI technology. In reality there is no wreck and no plane found at 4 miles deep. It’s a Dharma or whoever illusion for the world.

  48. Dave says:

    John Fischer et al… any of you who played (?) the Lost Experience over the summer (the interactive web game spun off from saw imagery from a mysetrious woman named Peresphone (quite similar to Penelope, no?) pulling off a big reveal on the powers that be in the Hanso Foundation. All sorts of incrimintaing information about animal experimentation and other strange stuff, including Hanso fabricating information.

    It’s a brilliant tie-in to the show in such that it enhances the experience of anyone who participated AND watches the show, but doesn’t preclude those who only watch the show from enjoying it.

    Both Persephone and Penelope were characters from Greek mythology as well.

    And Fernando, one of the things I love about the Others is that we have NO idea who is being honest and who is being deceptive. Richard could be acting on orders from Ben, or not. I have to imagine that some of them (maybe the Book Club group?) don’t agree with Ben’s ideology, while others (Tom? Danny Pickett for sure…) do.

  49. Dave says:

    Sorry, for those who didn’t draw the connection that seemed obvious at first and is not as I re-read…

    Hanso and Dharma clearly have some connection. There is certainly the rather ominous suggestion that both are complicit in some BIG TIME coverups, and I hardly think a fraudulent plane crash is out of the realm of possibility.

    I am *dying* to know whether we’ll find out where Des went mid-last season.

  50. kellster says:

    Tonight’s episode explains in season 2 why Ben tried to con Locke into thinking nothing would happened if he didn’t push the button – he views him as a threat to his leadership and wanted him gone, but with no blood on his hands. Also explains why he took the risk of going himself and gettting captured in the first place. If someone else went, they might have been successful in bringing him back to the Others.