Sharing ‘The Lost Experience’

There are excellent fan sites out there devoted to ‘The Lost Experience,’ the ARG (Alternative Reality Gaming) universe, where clues are collected and analyzed in detail. Wikis are a great way for fans to collaboratively build online resources, such as The Lost Podcast Wiki (from our friends Jay and Jack) and the LostPedia. There are also sections at message boards like and And there are several blogs, official and unofficial.

Visitors to ‘The Transmission’ are a community unto themselves, of course, so we’ll post ‘open threads’ about ‘The Lost Experience’ on occasion to give you a playground in which to share your own discoveries, observations, and theories, separate from the show itself. Have at it!

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  1. Jim says:

    Well, I’m not sure if this is old news, but thought I’d mention this, I came across something on the Has web site, where there was something in place of the clock and it opened a new window to another web site:
    some how by clicking on the outter ring, it said sublymonal message unlocked, the message says: Heir Apparent
    not sure what it means..can anyone fill in the blanks?

  2. Stimpygato says:

    Found that “Heir Apparent” code to… their is a hidden link right below the message text that redirects you back to the HANSO Foundation website Bios page… if you click Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk’s photo, you will get his Bio and there is a LOGIN field there but no SUBMIT button… not sure where to go next… but that login field WAS NOT there yesterday!

  3. dcs says:

    if you click Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk’s photo, you will get his Bio and there is a LOGIN field there but no SUBMIT button… not sure where to go next… but that login field WAS NOT there yesterday

    Type in ‘heir apparent’ in the login field.

  4. Jim says:

    after you type it in, just hit enter then watch the screen 🙂

  5. MB says:

    hey… did anyone catch the name of the website that was advertised in the new hanso foundation commercial?

  6. sir monster says:

    i love eko, i have ever since he bashed micheal in the face with his club.

    did anyone see the hanso ad, it had a .com sublyminol or but neither seem to be working.. did anyone catch the spelling?

  7. David JS says:


  8. Mia says:

    the website spelling is

    once the page is launched the page name is subLYMONal, i don’t know if there is any special meaning behind it, but im still waiting for the page to load so i have no information about whats going on with it.

  9. Jim says:

    Here is what to do on the new web site:
    some how by clicking on the outter ring, it said sublymonal message unlocked, the message says: Heir Apparent
    After that, go back to the Hans website, go to the I think Board tab, then click on Dr. Thomas and there is a place to put in the password, Heir Apparent, there is no place to click next, just hit enter and it will start.

  10. David JS says:

    Is anyone else having problems getting to the Hanso website?

  11. Mia says:

    yea the hanso site isnt working for me either

  12. Xandermor says:

    Yeah. I went to and it said I needed Flash *. I downloaded it, but it’s still saying I need it… any help?

  13. Jim says:

    The box is getting pounded on right now. I was on it earlier just fine and now I’m getting that error..Apache just can’t handle this load…

  14. Joeyjoejoejr says:

    At the sublymonal website…. you click each individual tv set in relation to the numbers… 4, then 5, then 15…ect.. then it gives you the password, but i havent gotten to to try it yet…

  15. Joeyjoejoejr says:

    oops… what a dope i am… lol, dont even know the numbers…

    you click the first tv 4 times, the next 8 times, then 15, etc… anyone get on and enter the new password yet?

  16. Nadia says:

    having trouble too……I was able to get the password for it….but the hansofoundation website is not working……hmm….
    Also, that plane from high above when eko was looking down at it…although upside down reminded me of the cross….

  17. Ryan says:

    Pardon our dust! Just creating a separate post for ‘The Lost Experience’ discussion.

  18. Andy says:

    Great episode!

    But whats with that commercial by the hanso foundation?

    It says that the code is Heir Apparent. I do not have the newest version of flash on my computer so I cannon continue to the next part of the website.
    Does anyone know what happeneds after it says Code: Heir Apparent??

  19. Chris says:

    I got into the hanso site today and entered the Heir Apparent and now it wants a password. It tells me to call the call center number in the television ad section. I have gone to that section and have found no number to call. Is there a phone # that anyone else is aware of?

  20. dokein says:

    Chris: The phone number was in the Hanos ad last week: 877-HANS-ORG.

  21. Dave says:

    Chris: try “breakingstrain”

  22. Jeremy says:

    To use the Heir Apparant code, go to the bios of the executives, click on Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk and enter it in there. (There’s a log in box over his bio).

    You should do this in Internet Exploerer though – I haven’t gotten it to work in Firefox.

  23. Dave says:

    I am not sure if anyone has noticed this but I don’t recall seeing anything about it. The VIK institute section on the Hanso site (under Mental Health Appeal) now has an “inquire today” button that opens up a text box. It does not seem to accept anything when I type it in (the server times out despite a short wait and a T3 connection).

    Anyone know anything about this? Is it new?

  24. vinny says:

    Has anyone been able to ge the Heir Apparent code to work? I did the following:
    – Clicked on the Dr. Thomas bio on the Hanso Foundation website
    – There is a small enter box in the middle of his name
    – Entered Heir Apparent
    – hit enter…. then nothing?

    There is another text box at the botton of the screen with a login button, anyone know that password? Using the passcode breakingstrain does not seem to do anything either. I am using I.E 6+

  25. sir monster says:

    Andy, after the code is unlocked is a link. it takes you to the alvar hanso bio page on the hanso foundation, then you click under the picture, it says “notice the grainy far away picture” continue clicking “it doesnt match anyone else” click again and it shows a globe, to one side it tracks Alvar hanso’s last known public sightings, and to another persephone ( the mysterious contact from the last webmaze) comments that he hasnt been seen since 02, then a crazy flashy screen apperis and in big test it says “who is running this place” and “Alvar Hanso was never there” and a womans voice says “where is alvar hanso, is he hiding” “whos running this place anyway?”, repeating and getting louder, and then it breaks into moris code … .- ..-. . –. which translates to : “s a f e g” this is my first experiance trying to decifer moris code im positive the first 4 are right but the “g” doesnt fit, possibly it continues with further episode codes. after i deciferd it i clicked the green dot (that is flashing along with the beeps) and returned to the bio page.

    what does this mean, is safeg another password? if alvar hanso was never there, where is there? and where is he? possibly on the island… ill continue my search.

  26. Austin says:

    Heir Apparent password can be entered back at the main website. Under executive bios, Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk, there will be a little entry screen that you can enter the name in.

  27. Andre says:

    when u go to the website (from the tv commercial) there are tvs in a circle. u have to hit the tvs in this order:
    1st tv: click 4 times
    2nd tv: click 8 times
    3rd tv: click 15 times
    4th tv: click 16 times
    5th tv: click 23 times
    6th tv: click 42 times
    when u do this the tvs will turn yellow and a new page will load. another tv pops up. this tv will blink “code:” and then “Heir Aparent”. at the bottom of the screen it will say “sublymonal message unlocked”. under this ther is an invisible link to
    i dont know what the code is for though.

  28. Andre says:

    srry i made a mistake in my post the tv blinks “code:” and then “Heir Apparent”. there are two “p”s

  29. Diana says:

    Has anyone called the phone number from the Hanso commercial??? 877-HANSO-ORG. Press 1 for Alvar Hanso, stay on the line and there is woman’s voice, sounds a bit scrambled, but she says to enter the password/code..I can’t quite make it sounded like “breaking stream”???

  30. Diana says:

    Has anyone called the phone number from the Hanso commercial??? 877-HANSO-ORG. Press 1 for Alvar Hanso, stay on the line and there is woman’s voice, sounds a bit scrambled, but she says to enter the password/code..I can’t quite make it sounded like “breaking stream”???

  31. Brian says:

    I typed heir apparent into the login box and hit enter but nothing happened.

    There are 2 login boxes. One in the middle of the screen and one at the bottom. The bottom one reacts but simply says unknown user

  32. sir monster says:

    diana, its “breaking strain”

    also, there was a twitchyness to the text next to joop’s photo on his bio page, and i swear i saw a face when i clicked to send him a message hidden under it as it peels away. so i capped it and enhanced it and sure enough i did here is the link to my enhanced capture:

  33. Lisa says:

    I have tried all of the suggestions and cannot get the heir apparent password to work on safari or internet explorer. Any other ideas?

  34. Joeyjoejoejr says:

    enter Heir Apparent in the dialog box that comes up when you go to mittelwerk’s bio…

  35. Star Fire... says:

    Here’s one… don’t know if anyone did this yet…
    1. Go to the HANSO website, 2. Click on the Newsletter (Sign up) to the left of the screen, 3. Enter the screen name “Heir Apparent” w/o quotes, 4. Hit enter or click on next…

  36. Jen says:

    when I hit enter the computer thinks and then says “unknown user” is anyone else having problems getting this to work? Or can anyone help with how to get it to work, there are two boxes on my screen where I can type, I’ve tried both and also tried both all lower case letters and “Heir Apparent” but neither works.

  37. mic says:

    I typed in the code but nothing happened.

  38. Dennis says:

    okay, I think I just went as far as you can go with this. After you enter the screenname Heir Apparent in the newsletter sign up box, the screen goes all weird and then asks you to enter the password, which indeed is breaking strain, the screen goes all weir again and then like on the show, the monitor starts typing out PERSEPHONE: HELLO, and several other uninformative messages. If you then go back and enter the screenname Persephone, you get a typed in “NO NEW MESSAGES” that’s as far as I’ve gotten

  39. bill says:

    Dennis is correct… after doing all that he suggested I went to the “Joop’s corner” section of the Hanso website and typed in The numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42” in the “Send Joop a personal message” and pressed send–a bunch of documents pop up and you can click on certain parts of the documents… of course it all happens quickly so after you’ve figured out what the heck they all say and mean let me know!!

  40. bill says:

    Actually before the documents pop up you of course have to click on all the circles multiple times just like the sublymonal website…

  41. Patrick says:

    one letter is regarding an out break of some disease seemingly sourced from the Hanso Foundation. The other is appologizing for the heated tone of the letter and explains Hanso’s winngness to cooperate. If you click on the persons name below their signature on the letter, circled in red, it is that same woman’s voice and says “the hanso foundation, setting records for undermining authority” or something

  42. David JS says:

    Has anyone else played around in the Oceanic web site? If you click on the “Find: button in the Travellers section, you will jump to a passenger seating plan. Click on the flashing “F” abovee the plane and seat 42F will highlight. Click on 42F and you will be led through several clues about the passengers. For example, seat 9F is Shannon’s seat. When I clicked it I got the French Woman’s map. Unfortubately, there was no way to copy/print. I also clicked on the “Pre-Board Check-in” button in the lower right hand side. You will see Ethan Mor’s name. Drag the letters into the boxes below, but rearrange to read “OTHER MAN”. You dont learn anything new, but it’s still kind of cool the way they’re playing with us.

  43. manniac says:

    try the following:
    type in “Heir Apparent” in the Newsletter Section.
    When you’re asked if you’re there, type in “yes” and press return.
    if you’re asked for the password, type in “breaking strain” and press return again

  44. Lisa says:

    OK, this was entertaining. On the hanso website, go to the bios click on Alvar Hanso; whenyou get to the grainy photo click on the date below him and watch what happens.

  45. jocics says:

    so what is the furthest any1 has been on this? i’ve got to the morse code bit. any1 else got further?

  46. manniac says:

    i went to the page you described, but there is no link on the date below the grainy photo…
    we’re talking of ?

  47. Steven says:

    After you go through the login phase with the newsletter and check out the Dr.’s bio, go back to Joop’s page. Go to send a message to Joop and enter Heir Apparent. You will then have to connect circles which look like synapes. Once you connect them all, you get a red circle. Click the red circle and you get 1document from GWC about the Hanso Foundation and a new disease they were hiding. Then, once you read that document, click the bottom and you get a second document apologizing for the first letter. Then a woman speaks.

    That’s what I have found on this site…anymore news, I would love to know!

  48. Kim says:

    I’ve just discovered all of this and two main problems: the UK phone number is down, replaying the message apolagising and now, it seems impossible to get onto the hanso page, even though I was on it not half an hour ago. is anyone else having problems accessing the page? I can’t get past the hanso logo…

  49. sarah says:

    any1 know the login and password for board of directors

  50. Pharaoh says:

    I have caps of all of the information above. email if you want them.

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