A new countdown, a lockdown, a creepy map, and a supply drop. A whole lot of meat for the mythology fanatics to chew on this week. On top of the clues, we had Jack showing some cunning, and Henry Gale continue to climb the charts as a great character. (Even if he’s evil.) Jen’s not entirely satisfied, though, expecting a lot more concrete answers to Locke than we got.

So what triggered the lockdown? Some kind of PA system crackled to life, a woman’s voice saying “please” something (step away from the doorways?), then counting down to the doors slamming shut. It also seemed to “pause” the 108 minute button timer. Our guess is that it’s tied to the supply drop. A pending delivery prompts the lockdown… but exactly why, we’re not sure. Why keep the “test subjects” contained? Unless someone else is supposed to handle distribution.

The glowing map is also a mystery. It’s apparently a map of the different bunkers, with lots of detailed notes. (Sledgeweb’s captured it here. No doubt countless hours will be invested deconstructing every scribble.) The fact that it seemed to have taken some time to sketch implies that those doors actually came down regularly. But why write it “secretly,” where only black light would reveal it? And why did black lights conveniently come on, after it sounded like our button timer timed out? And did it time out? Henry was sure quiet for a while, and reappeared behind Locke. Did he even enter the code, or even enter the dome at all?

And yeah, he’s an Other. Or someone deep in their web.

As to the flashback, I guess we learned how Locke lost Helen. And Anthony Cooper’s mention of the $700,000 being a “retirement con” (i.e. he’s scammed folks out of more than a kidney) pretty much cinches it for the folks who are convinced he’s the real Sawyer. I wonder if there’s a more direct money link, too — our Sawyer’s “long con” of Cassidy netted him $600,000.

On the “shipper” front, it was nice to see Jack get the better of Sawyer, and for some nice foreshadowing to be planted about Jack’s past — the tattoo, and time in Phuket. (Jen envisions some cool “Memento” style backwards flashback, perhaps directed by Daron Aronofsky.) And to much great “squee” among “Jaters,” it seems he hasn’t quite given up on Kate. Hurley’s line about being in the “loop” was odd — yeah, people keep secrets, we get that, but he’s also been pegged as a blabbermouth.

Notes & Notions:

  • So, Nadia was in California, like the CIA said, and I guess she was making good money at that medical testing facility in order to afford a house. But didn’t Sayid say she was dead (while on the island)? Did she want him to think that? He must have had doubts, if so, if he was on Oceanic 815 to Los Angeles. And… medical facility? You know Nadia has got to have a link to Hanso somewhere.
  • Leaving aside who made the supply drop, who were the supplies for? The Others? Or just Kelvin/Desmond? Do the suppliers even know what’s happening on the island?
  • Henry only needed to hear the numbers once, and I suppose that’s suspicious. I’d love for him to have had a Hurley-like moment of recognition. But I’m pretty sure some of our other button pushers also demonstrated remarkable numerical memory.
  • It was neat to see an Oceanic Airlines plane overhead as Locke arrives at his father’s hotel. But I guess the digital artists were so proud of their work, they just had to throw it in again minutes later.
  • Favorite lines: “Should I get a ruler?” Or “Somethin’ was burnin’ and it wasn’t from the sunshine.”
  • Numbers: The safe deposit box was number 1516. Henry Gale’s street address was 815 on his driver’s license.
  • Music: Locke was pedaling to Les McCann’s “Compared to What.”
  • “Lockdown” discussion at The Fuselage and Lost-Forum.com

Now, about that scene for which I was a “background extra.” Yeah, it was cut. I expected as much, as I realized how much they’d have to cover “on the island.” What’s really remarkable to me, though, is just how much work ended up on the cutting room floor. They built out a whole bank exterior (with a fake ATM) and bank lobby, signs, tellers, the works. They had us hapless extras walk up and down the block over and over again, a set of pre-1995 cars drive past over and over again, and Terry O’Quinn park his truck and run across the street over and over again. A day’s work for 100 people. But in the episode, he just opens up the safety deposit box. I sure hope the street and bank scenes make the Season 2 DVD.

By the way, the bar where Locke and Anthony Cooper talk is Murphy’s Bar and Grill in downtown Honolulu, a popular spot and one of our only “Irish pubs.” It’s a block from where I work, and they filmed that scene the same day they filmed the bank scene. The graveyard and hotel looked familiar, but we couldn’t quite place them.

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61 Responses to Lockdown

  1. Brian says:

    Simply put: Best…episode…ever!

  2. Shane says:

    OMG!!!! best EEEVVVVAAAAA!!! Wat is the drawing on the door?????

  3. harrison says:

    HOLY @#$%! OMFG!! this is by far the greatest episode this season!

  4. Fatima says:

    Great Episode. And a sighting of Nadia.

  5. Shane says:

    poor locke. :'( HE LIED!!! HE IS AN OTHER!!!! Sawyer suks at cards he he 🙂

  6. JAMO says:

    AWSOME eppi! OMG! so much happened. you know with directv you can watch all your fav shows in every time zone. 1-2-3 times?

    and the preview for next week?!?

  7. James says:

    Probably one of the best episodes so far this season. What was with the hatch and the food drop? Holy crap this season is finally picking up steam!

  8. Shane says:

    “Probably one of the best episodes so far this season. What was with the hatch and the food drop? Holy crap this season is finally picking up steam! ”

    No Kidding! So thats how the pantry stayed full all the time!!

  9. Christopher says:

    This episode was very, very good. Since “fire + Water” (which was a letdown for me, personally), the episodes have all been very, very, good. Henry and his mind games with Locke: “Why do you let him talk to you like that?” Henry lying about who he is and Locke believing him, only to have him be wrong again. The fluorescent lights that allowed Locke to see whatever it is he saw on those doors. The parachute and drop box full of food. Was the fake Henry lying about him punching in the code and doing nothing else? If so, how and why did the doors come up? Jack trumping Saywer in cards, getting into his head. Sawyer then asking Jack why didn’t he want the guns. To which Jack replied, “When I need the guns, I’ll get the guns.” What happens when Jack finds out that Charlie had a gun and decides to question how and when he got it?
    Too much intrigue. Oh so good!

  10. Max says:

    Where was Nadia?

  11. smapdi says:

    painful in parts

  12. 7007 says:

    Nadia had Locke do a home inspection for her. What about Locke’s father being the real Sawyer?

  13. Bruno says:

    I thought that i already figure out almost everthing about Lost I was wrong!!!! but not so wrong!!!!

  14. Andy says:


    I really really really miss your podcast. I think this episode deserves another podcast from you two!

  15. Hethr says:

    I agree your podcast was waayyyyyy better than ABCs!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad you could not have your podcast 🙁 We miss you, but we know that your family comes first 🙂

  16. Mike says:

    It occurred to me that the security doors coming down must have been a part of the protocol whenever there was to be a supply drop. I assume that the defective speakers were attempting to warn the occupants that they must be inside the living quarter during the drop procedure. Was this to prevent the occupants from observing how the supplies were delivered?

  17. catapult says:

    I was looking for Ryan as an extra even though I don’t know what he looks like! Ryan, were you on?

  18. Papplehead says:

    So many more questions and so much for theories. What about Libby in the “coming up on los”t? Is she an other? Can soneone please post a picture of the writing on the wall, i didnt get a good look at it, but it looked a lot like the Dharma logo. Did henry really push the button, or was he lying and did something else.
    Where was ryan? i didnt see him.
    Anyway, great episode, wish there was the podcast, and keep up the god posts.

  19. Arad says:

    The screen shot of the map was posted at the Fuselage.


    One interesting thing. It seems the X’s stand for areas that are sealed off…by concrete?

    Also, note the CV XII….and a missle? Hmmm. This is definitely a big catch for theorists. Who made this map? Obviously they had detailed knowledge of the island, imo.

  20. Nione says:


    On the right

    “Interference might also ?event location from ?ige? as listening station cryptography research analysis”

    “The Pearl?”

    On the bottom right:

    “Possible location of zoological research facility”

    “Known final resting place of Magnus Hanso, Black Rock”

    (Vertical) “No connection to Islandwide E.E.P network” (Electro E. Pulse?)

    On bottom left:

    “Possible recreational aerea for D.I.H.G team” (Dharma Initiave H. G?)

    “Low Priority … for exploration posible site for ground * of flor* low relevance to valencetti -related *erch activity

    “No safe? location for dharmatel servers/?/cabling or infrastructure”

    On left:

    “Possible catastrhopic malfunction of cereberus system”

    “Autugers? station believed to have been abandoned due to A.H/MDG incident of 1985″ (Alvar Hanso)

    Vertical “Estimated travel time incompatible with IOX/10% ? DO NOT ATTEMPT TO (unreadalbe)”

    Top left

    “Following A.H/MDG incident”

    On right

    “Geological composition likely to cause magnetic interference with weather project”

    ->B = Mo/4(pi)^2 = f (-M*-V(1/V)

    “Unreadable terrain most * used by (triangle) T (or at) for meteorological research to..”

    “Suspected shutdown DA… 10.28.84″

  21. jake says:

    This whole episode was so exciting! It made me laugh, and cry and actually it got me a lot more excited about lost… if thats possible.
    I think the lockdown happened in order for whomever is staying in the hatch to remain inside and not try to escape or have contact with the people dropping the food?
    Also, whats that part of the map that’s cut off in the diagram of the swan?

  22. Sarah says:

    Regarding the UV light in the hatch: Having worked in a biology research lab, I know it is common practice to turn on a UV light briefly to sterilize the areas where you work with live cells. UV light kills stray bacteria that could contaminate your cell stocks.
    Hospitals also do this sometimes in operating rooms and the similar areas where patients are most vulnerable to infection.

    I wonder if this light in the hatch was performing a similar function, perhaps relating to the “Quarantine” warning and the mysterious disease.

  23. Rob From Jersey says:

    OK, haven’t seen this here yet, but here are some translations for the latin text on the hidden map.

    Sursum Corda – Lift Up Your Hearts

    Hic Sunt Dracones – “Here Be Dragons”

    Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse – I think we’re on the same wavelength

    Cogito ergo doleo – I think therefore I am depressed

    Malum consilium quod mutari non potest – It’s a bad plan that can’t be changed

    Aegrescit medendo – The disease worsens with the treatment or The Remedy is worse than the disease

    Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est – The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow

    Some great stuff here.

  24. CanadianMike says:

    Definitely one of my favorite episodes! Lots of good stuff to digest for guys like me who love the mythology of the island.

    Too bad Ryan’s extra scene was cut, I was just wondering if maybe Ryan & Jen will do a podcast at the end of the season to give us there thoughts on everthing since their last podcast. Waddaya think?


  25. WillF says:

    I’m wondering: Will Locke will regain use of his legs a second time? We still don’t know how he lost use of them before coming to the island- I thought that might be part of this flashback, but guess they are saving this for later. Makes you wonder if this show’s accident was forshadowing (forpastshadowing?) of the what hurt him the first time.

  26. CanadianMike says:

    I just found a picture of the blacklight map and it’s supposedly the producer’s original.

    Check it out:


  27. James says:

    My TiVo missed the last three minutes of the show!! What happened when Ana Lucia et al ran into Jack et al? What was in the coming attractions?? Damn you, stupid TiVo!!

  28. Bill says:

    I must have missed something. Why did Locke fixate on prying open the lockdown door when all he had to do was go through the vent like Henry did? Makes no sense to me except to push the storyline. Seems like a mighty big hole to me.

  29. Kira says:

    Who buried the real Henry Gale so nicely? Does that mean that there is a “wife” out there who crashed in the balloon with Henry and joined with one of the groups somewhere along the way?

  30. gretchen says:

    Thanks to Rob for the Latin translations! I was cursing my decision NOT to take Latin in college until I saw your comment.

    Clearly, I’m not very observant — HOW did people know that the woman that Locke did the inspection for was Nadia?????

    EXCELLENT show! Sorry you got cut, Ryan. I’ll look for you on the season 2 DVD extras.

  31. Julie says:

    Ryan, I love your post-show commentary. This (along with the responses from everyone above) is the best commentary I’ve found on the web for the morning after a new Lost episode. Thanks for the great links and eloquent insights, you all everybody!

  32. Briand says:

    I’m betting that someone on the island tries to fix the balloon and get away! Really great show. Locke really has problems with trusting the wrong people. My daughter was upset that his girlfriend just dumped him so quickly without even letting him explain. Did anyone get a picture of the Henry Gale liscence?

  33. Mark says:

    For those who didn’t see the preview of the next episode, it looks like Hurley gets the mysterious Island Fever. He fights with Sawyer and might fall off a very high cliff.

  34. James from Chicago says:

    good stuff. Did anyone mention Helen asking, “Are you him?” Sound familiar ?

  35. James from Chicago says:

    Could Henry be the guy who recruited Desmond ? I forget his name, but he supposedly died – but maybe he just ran away for awhile…

  36. carolyn says:

    I have not seen this on any of the websites yet… When Helen came to the motel following Locke, she said “are you him?” to his father which is the same thing Desmond said to Locke in the hatch. Seems to be intentional???… Great comments by everyone and Great episode!!!

  37. sir monster says:

    im really bothered that this “henry gale” has the numbers. he seemed shocked to hear what they are for. we dont see him type the numbers, but he does describe the timer flipping back, and he didnt know the doors would open so he crawled back in as he described. im not really sure he is an other. he is a liar… and he definately knows something, but he asked locke to protect him no matter what if he helped him get the doors open, and he kept his word and more… i think locke will keep his.

    after looking at that black light drawing and notes for awhile its made by someone who seems to have also arrived after the facts, and is trying to peice together the puzzle… lots of hints nothing worth qouting as it seems to be speculation and not facts written on the ceiling anyway. mention of a possible “MDG Incident” and descriptions of all the other known sites … leading to the center which i imagine is underground… this is all leading to some (i was going to say answers but i know better now) new questions by the season end.

  38. sir monster says:

    its on the blast door not the ceiling… sorry.

  39. Nadia says:

    This really was a good episode. I love watching “henry” and locke’s eyes when they talk to each other….Both have odd eyes when they talk.
    Also yeah Nadia sighting. I am so happy that Lost has a character named Nadia. 🙂 My name is hard to find. Nadia means “hope”.
    Well…everything was already said that I wanted to say so until next time!

  40. Beltane says:

    To be perfect honest – I think that this entire episode was just basica fluff so we could see that diagram on the back of the door. That was the only thing I cared about the entire time…. all that Locke stuff, filler – stuff we basically already knew.

  41. jocko says:

    awww, Ryan, I was looking for you in the bank scene that was cut! Was there anything in the cut scene that you can share? It seemed odd that Kate had to stage a bank robbery to get into safe deposit box #815, yet Locke apparently had no trouble gaining access to box #1516.

    I think the gravesite scene was filmed at Makiki Cemetery.

    Re: Nadia, I wonder if she’s a lab tech at Widmore Labs; we know she’s not married but did you know that a call sheet for one day’s filming indicated a stroller for a prop? I wonder if she had Sayid’s child and this was another scene that ended up cut. I also hope someday Locke sees Nadia’s damaged picture that Sayid retrieved from Danielle’s bombed-out dwelling – we get to see all these wonderful crossovers but the poor survivors almost never do…

  42. Dave says:

    Fantastic episode. Love the comments so far. Where to begin?

    – Henry Gale. Man, what a cool plot twist. We are really getting toyed with here. I wonder if the “real” Henry Gale was hired by Dharma to do food drops (the mac & cheese is REAL close to his balloon) and when he crashed, Dharma needed to do a big cover-up. Or did his hot-air ballon somehow happen to wind up on the island and the Others killed him?

    – The fluorescent map. We’re learning more and more about the Dharma initiative. I wonder if Desmond drew that in black light?

    – When will we find out how Locke actually loses function in his legs?

    – I’m psyched to see the upcoming “how Hurley wound up in the psych ward” episode. My money is on him being bulemic. I deserve mad props if I’m right.

    – For the poster above (James from Chicago), Desmond didn’t run away… he joined the German secret iteligence agency and has been tracking international superspy Collette Krieger in LA. (I hope somebody gets this.)

    – Very cool that Nadia is in this episode. I am so curious to find out how this all will come together.

    – Was the Kate bank the same as the Locke bank, or did it just look that way?

    – Finally… did the timer hit zero in this episode? Or not?

  43. Christine O says:

    So it seems clear the “blast” doors and the supply drop were linked.
    Since none of the lostaways saw or heard a plane, my idea is that some kind of local portal near the Swan hatch was opened and the doors dropping were to protect the people in the hatch from the negative effects of this. I dont think it would be radiation or chemicals because these would sustain in the environment and the doors wouldn’t go up right after the drop off. Maybe electromagnetic waves? This could be the origin of the mysterious sickness and why Hurley will get “sick” on next week’s episode.
    Regarding the diagrams on the door it seems like the inhabitants of the hatch must have been trapped with the blast doors shut for quite some time to be able to draw that much detail. Maybe because the portal became unstable or was opened by accident for an extended period of time. Given the extensiveness of the Dharma research with all the hatches, I think there must be an ultimate goal linking each hatch and branch of research together (maybe consolidated in the ? in the center of the map). The question is what is the ultimate goal? Probably wont find out for a long time.

  44. Thought I’d mention that I just saw Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) on tonight’s episode of My Name is Earl. I think one of the reasons they had him “kidnapped” on Lost is he’s just growing WAY too fast for the show. If they bring him back, I bet they’ll write it off as some weird experiment that makes him age faster.

  45. Ryan says:

    When it comes to explaining Walt’s growth, and possibly Aaron’s, and maybe even speeding Sun’s pregancy, I liked the theory that accelerated development was a side effect of the island or an experiment there. But having just watched Battlestar Galactica’s “flash forward” season finale, it’d probably by easier for J.J. to fade to black, then fade back in saying, “One Year Later.”

  46. Jen says:

    Dang! We watched the first episode of “Earl” but missed the second because our TiVo had to grab something else. I’m mad we misssed him.

    All the talk on the fuselage about Helen conning Locke makes my head hurt. How can anybody think it’s possible? That is the most “out there” theory I’ve heard yet.

  47. Stephen says:

    Another great episode!
    I like the 24 reference from Dave
    Can’t wait to see what happens next

  48. Kirstie says:

    Oh My God! This is the topper of the second season! I am soooooooooo excited about the next episode!! YAY!! LOST ROCKS! 😀

  49. Will says:

    I thought you guys were going to miss seeing some Lost..I remember that being a reason the podcast was scrapped….I blame Dharma.


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