One of Them

A good episode. One of the stronger this season. Jen definitely thinks it was a good notch above both “Fire + Water” and “The Long Con.” I think it fits well, and now together the sense of direction this season is more clear.After the brief drought in mythological elements, it was great to have a focus on the “Others,” and the Jack-Locke showdown over the armory combination was incredible. What happens when the counter hits zero? Well, Jen felt pretty cheated to find that, essentially, Jack was right — nothing happened. Something sure as heck was about to happen, and it sure sounded big… but it looks like that’s one promised “answer” that we’re going to have to wait for. I don’t think fans are going to stand for a third fake out, though. I’m just saying.

Speaking of “answers,” though, at least we got one stubborn question solved — Hurley’s weight. In fact, while “One of Them” had great dramatic moments, it still had us laughing out loud thanks to the Sawyer/Hurley “frog hunt” subplot. But in a growing series of surprising twists, we certainly didn’t expect Sawyer’s last act. He seemed on the verge of feeling sympathy for Hurley’s turtle story, and fought it the only way he knew how. Or, maybe he just wanted to ensure he wasn’t about to end up with a friend again.

The flashback was pretty good, too. We see where Sayid made the much-touted promise to himself… a promise he’s now broken twice. A surprising amount of CGI, though. Not bad for primetime TV.

I’m definitely intrigued at how quickly our survivors are fragmenting. Instead of factions, we’re seeing lots of rogues. Charlie was ostracized. Sawyer made everyone his enemy. The rift between Locke and Jack grows. It’s still unclear how well the Tailies are integrating. And now, it seems Sayid is forging his own path as well.

Notes and links:

  • Is the captured “Other” really an “Other”? Jen says no, pointing to Locke’s remark about everything being relative — to Danielle, everyone is an “Other.” I vote yes, based mostly on the look on the man’s face after Jack pulls Sayid back. Oh, and there’s his name, Henry Gale… Dorothy’s uncle in The Wizard of Oz.
  • Another flashback crossover, with Kate’s dad — carrying a photo of Young Kate (courtesy gumpy5) — and Sayid.
  • Sawyer is not an animal lover, obviously. But his pursuit of the frog clearly mirrored his obsession with the boar in Season 1… except that he let the boar live.
  • How about those hieroglyphs (via Sledgeweb)? This post at claims the translation is “cause to die.” Or, the causitive form of the verb, “to die.” Maybe simply, “You’re dead.”
  • Finally, the numbers reappear. The film Sayid watched came from “REEL 23108-42” (gumpy5 again).
  • Jen was thrilled to see Clancy Brown (a.k.a. “Mr. Krabs”).

Next week, another rerun. But the March 1 looks like another good dose of “Lost” mythology.

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  1. Miller says:

    Glad to see you guys continuing to go over the episodes, at least in text form. Your views on the show are always insightful.

    Jen, you’re crazy, he’s totally an other. That look alone is enough. Sayid’s comment about guilt really got to me. Remember that when he first tortured Sawyer, he was so wrought with guilt he had to exile himself. This time around he was guilt free. Regardless of whether Gale is an actual “Other” or not, Sayid will never trust him.

    Also nice to see Charlie’s near death brought up again. It always seemed like such an important event in the show to me.

    Anyways, the next episode looks even better. Later on.

  2. Maurice Tift says:

    Watching Locke enter the numbers in the computer as the counter neared zero reminded me of the last time I made an online credit card payment moments before the deadline.

  3. WillF says:

    How about that soldier that ditched Sayid in the deseret during the flashback? Could that be Mr. Friendly (or whatever the leader bearded man is called) of the Others?

  4. Mike says:

    Thanx alot you guys for continuing a blog on Lost. I miss the podcast but this is the next best thing.

    I definitely think Henry is lying, his clothes were clean and he was clean shaven so he wasn’t living in a cave for four months. He mentioned the sickness again but it struck his wife after three months or so according to him but he could be lying about that too. I’m not sure if he is an “Other” but I’m leaning to yes based on his lies.

    I would hold my comments on being faked out by the countown until later on. I think I heard something happening after the hieroglyphics appeared so we’ll have to wait and see.

    Last thought, anybody see the preview photos of the counter that showed it was not the same counter? What happened to that?


  5. Havasupi says:

    Thought I’d look up the symbolism of frogs, since the Sawyer/Hurley substory seemed to me to have more under its surface.
    Here is what I found:
    In many cultures frogs are linked to the element in which they reside: water. In myths they figure as bringers of rain or thunder, calling the water down with their croaking.

    The person who harmed a toad would be struck by lightning.

    Frogs and toads were considered lunar creatures, and were connected to the underworld.

    Frogs were not symbols of death but, on the contrary, of rebirth and renewal, because of its remarkable metamorphosis of egg into tadpole and from tadpole into frog.
    But the frog was not always a positive symbol: in Christianity it was a symbol of uncleanliness because it lives in mud, and the bible tells of a plague of frogs in Egypt.

    If a man dreams of a toad, it is said to represent their feminine-motherly aspect which protects and warns against dangers.

  6. Fluteman says:

    Bet ALL my money that the frog Sawyer squished in his hand is the extremely poisonous and deadly variety used by natives to tip their darts to kill prey. Therefore, he might be doomed, or get VERY sick at the least. I’m wondering if Hurley will have any side-effects as a result of Sawyer handing it to him.

  7. Mark says:

    I agree with Mike (4th note) about Henry lying. Who or what is Henry? … of course he’s an “Other” since the term “Other” has lost its original meaning. Now, an “Other,” as Locke pointed out, is anyone that you’ve never met before on the Island … not really a new concept since Sayid was considered to be an “Other” and the “Tailees” thought that that our 3 “Raftees” were “Others.”

    Wait, wasn’t there a movie called “The Others” where at the end, Nicole Kidman’s character learns that the “Others” were the “living” people in the house and that she and her family were all dead?

    What about the counter? At zero, the counter really seemed to be doing something. Wasn’t it coming up with those hieroglyphics stating something like “you are dead”? Could it be that they were all silently killed? [No Big bang or visible explosions] After all, aren’t we are talking about the Hanso Foundation? Weren’t they dedicated to experimenting with electromagnetic power and the paranormal? … or, maybe this was just a very close call this time?

    What about Sawyer being the new Sheriff in town from the end of the last episode? Running all around chasing after a tree frog does not quite jive with that image.

  8. SarahAimee says:

    Hey guys!

    Miss your podcast terribly, but glad to see you are still blogging. I listened to it while my baby was napping and I had time to play on my eMac.

    Anywho, I was reading the “notes and links” section of this entry and followed the below link:

    “Finally, the numbers reappear. The film Sayid watched came from “REEL 23108-42” (gumpy5 again).”

    To the right of the numbers it reads “Property of DIA.” Is that a miltary faction or Dhamra Initiative _____? And the fact that it is a “reel”, like the reels found on the island. Hmm…

    I think the man showing Sayid the film IS Mr. Friendly.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    SarahAimee in NC

  9. Troy says:

    With regards to WillF’s response, I didn’t really get a good look at the soldier, but, and forgive me, I’m new here, is it common knowledge/speculation that the beardy leader of the Others is the grad student from the film strip on Darma? After lookking back at the film and the Walt abduction scene, I’m fully convinced that beardy is the male student and the blonde woman in the boat is the female student in the film. But, again, this is likely old news.

  10. Greg C says:

    I love this episode. It really reminds me of my favorite episode of the Twilight Zone: The Howling Man. This episode was a great homage to that episode without just copying it.

    I also loved the Jack/Locke confrontation. I have been so tired of seeing Jack whine, it was nice to see a different emotion from him.

    Thanks for the info on Clancey Brown/Mr. Crabs…I didn’t realize he did the voice. I will forever remember him as the villian in Highlander.

  11. Pat says:

    Thanks for keeping the site going!

    I must be somewhat dense…I miss so many details when watching the show. The soldier in Sayid’s flashback was Kate’s dad?

    Thanks for the translation link for the hieroglyphics.

    I agree with Mark that Sawyer’s actions just did not fit with what happened at the end of “The Long Con”. And, I do not understand Hurley’s willingness to go along on the frog hunt. He tells Sawyer to go ahead and tell everyone about his food stash – he won’t be blackmailed, but then gives in and seems to be all buddy-buddy (until the frog meets its demise). I can’t like Sawyer.

    Sayid is a regular Jekyll and Hyde.

  12. WillF says:

    I know everyone else probably caught this with the “Henry Gale” reference, but in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s initial mode of transport back home was, dunh dunh duhhh, a hot air baloon! So it kind of suggests that the captured guy was using The Wizard of Oz as his source for a cover story. Weird.

  13. Joanne says:

    Ryan and Jen – so glad you are still around; this is a nice compromise. A few observations about some of the guest actors: Clancy Brown – his character on Carnivale as the preacher taken over by the devil…’s hard to imagine him in anything other that kind of role. Also, Michael Emerson as Henry Gale – he played a self confessed serial killer in several episodes of The Practice…so he gets my vote as one of The Others…

  14. Andrew says:

    Ryan and Jen –
    The film Sayid is forced to watch has a footer stating “Property of DIA”. CIA might make sense, but DIA? Dharma Initiative Agency?

  15. Steve says:

    How many 100’s were put in Sayid’s pocket when they dropped him off on the side of the road? Any correlation to the frequent number scheme of the show? Just thinking out loud. Love the comments, and the blog…mist the podcast, though!

  16. Sirhc says:

    K first things first……..1 he is an other the writers wouldnt add another character just like that. 2 the missing hierogliphic was obviously the swan (sation 3 of the dharma initiave, jacks hatch) meaning if u noticed on the door of the “hatch” the tail people had there was one of the hierogliphics on it and on next weeks episode they showed another hatch with another one of the hireo gliphiocs shown on the door so thats 3 out of 5 hatches and thats what they stand for. 3 last the lost is actully in hell is B.S. because if they really die and are in hell or purgatory…….then why did kate say she saw the whole thing go down and never was knocked out the 1st episode?????ahhh i got the smarts! if u agree plz comment back and keep watching folkz….best show ever!

    BTW jack when he was yellin at john last episode remineded me alot of woody the cowboy from our dear Toy Story cause of the way he nods his head every word…hahaha comical! any other questions id be glad to answer


  17. Co-Pilot says:

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of figuring out those symbols on the clock before Locke hit the enter button. I was convinced that nothing would happen if they let it go. Now its the opposite – especially after the previews for the next show. Creepy.

  18. Lost in CA says:

    Is anyone frustrated that Jack is reacting the way he is? I agree with the Sayid comment that some people have forgotten what the Others have done on this island. Don’t you think that Jack should have been more inquisitive/curious as to where this “Henry Gale” came from, especially in light of his desire to build an army and the meeting with Zeke??? Henry Gale is an Other, but we’ll have to wait another 2 weeks to find out the details.

    I would also be more concerned about the machine that started up when the countdown clock hit 000.00.

  19. Shaun says:

    SarahAimee: DIA stands for ‘Defense Intelligence Agency,’ which is a real US Government agency. It is the military counterpart to the Central Intelligence Agency and would be involved in getting military intelligence from prisioners such as Sayid in this episode.

  20. Scott says:

    quick note: “Mr. Friendly” and “Mr. Crabs” are probably not the same person because two different actors play them. Maybe that doesn’t mean as much as i think it means, but I thought I would throw out my theory.

    i also have another theory about the computer and the numbers. It’s been said that the Hanso Foundation specializes in paranormal and electromagnetic energy (you can’t have one without the other), right? So there is a computer, a super MAGNET underneath the hatch, and some SUPERNATURAL black cloud thingy. Has anyone ever thought that the computer and magnet have something to do with the black cloud….. are there even any theories on the black cloud yet?

    Well, there is my two cents. I don’t read these things as often as i should (and I will be in the future) do, so maybe I am repeating stuff that has already been said. hopefully i dont seem too clueless.

  21. Nadia says:

    No one commented it here unless I missed it…..but the women in the photo that the army guy held up looked awfully familiar when syaid was asked if he had a wife and kids….it looked like either kate or danielle…..not sure…..did anyone catch that photo…..?

  22. Leo says:

    I really hate The Others. I can’t stand them, and I wish jack would create his army and take them on. I would like to see nothing better than a dozon or so dead Others from a fire fight. Our survivors need to kick some butt for a change. I don’t like Locke. I don’t trust him. He seems to have this holier than thou attitude. Sayid continues to be my favorite character, something tells me that he, not Jack, will be the one to raise an army. Sawyer needs to be taken down. There has to be more to the frog scene. The X-Files didin’t have this many unknowns. Wow!! Peace to all.

  23. Nadia says:

    ok never mind….it was mentioned that it was kate 🙂 thought so…’s just so weird how everyone is linked!

  24. sir monster says:

    After reading what WillF posted I’m convinced of what I already suspected. Henry is most definately an other. But I’m wondering… are there two sets of “others”, both trying to aquire children? The bearded man told Jack that they were alive because they “let” them live. He also established a truce for the time being. When Jack mentions Ethan, if i remember correctly the bearded man says something like Jack doesnt have any idea what is going on. Which might mean that Ethan was not part of their group/ It would mean that maybe Walt IS safe.

  25. sir monster says:

    Also, dont forget that of the children we know, Walt has some sort of strange ability involving animals (the rare red bird crashing into the window and the polar bears are his fault too im guessing) and Clairs baby HAS to be raised by her hinting that it too is very special.

  26. James says:

    I have to say that this was one of the best episodes thus far for Season 2. This season, especially early on (Episodes 1, & 3), showed us the exact same thing from different points of view. The first half of the season simply was to slow. I think after “The Hunting Party” (e211), we are starting to pick up steam. YAY!

    As for these breaks that seem to happen more often than they should, I think many TV shows do this, we just do not pay attention to it as much because this one is so widely talked about.

    Take for instance, Lost, thus far, has taken these dates off: 10/26, 11/2,7,14,21,28, 1/4, 2/1,22, only 9 weeks total. CSI, another popular TV show on CBS, has taken these dates off: 10/27, 12/1,15,22,29, 1/12. As you can see, CSI has take 6 weeks off, only three less than Lost. So I do not see anything to complain about when it comes to the off time, as it really is not all that much more than other popular shows. Just my two cents…

  27. Chris Weber says:

    What has captured my attention in this last episode is Mr. Crab’s last words to Sayid: something like, “Now you have learned a skill that you will need in the future.”

    Why the extra message in Sayid’s own language? And if Mr. Crabs could speak arabic, why put Sayid through the ordeal of tortureing his comrad?

    Is Mr. Crabs a Dharma operative?

  28. Scott says:

    wow!! good point!!!

  29. Erik Schark says:

    Quick question. I taped the show last night and was annoyed to find that it ran over by about 2 minutes, so I missed most of the conversation between Sayid and Charlie. What was said? I saw somebody mention something about referencing Charlie’s near-death experience. Help?

  30. jennifer says:

    first off, this is my first time reading this site. it’s great and i loved everyone’s comments. i’ve been a huge obsessed lost fan since day one and here are my comments from last night: i agree, henry is definitely an other. i was hoping so bad to see what would happen when the timer counted down to 0, but alas, of course locke saves the day. i did see the picture of young kate the soldier had in his hand. that is a very interesting theory about the man questioning sayid of being the bearded other. my favorite characters are sawyer, sayid, locke and mistereko. speaking of mistereko, where is he? lately there hasn’t been much reference to him or any of the other people from the other side of the island. i hope analucia is off the show quick. i can’t stand her, and lately, jack is becoming more and more my LEAST favorite character on the show. he is too interfering and always trying to be the hero, but i know we need him because of him being a doctor, but he is really getting on my nerves. thanks for reading!

  31. Jonathan says:

    did any one notice the escape hatch in the promo for the next episode? i grabbed one of the 2 or 3 frames and posted it on my site.

  32. Sirhc says:

    OMG! guess what i figured out! SUPER IMPORTANT! k member daniel russoue saying she had a daughter named alex? and she was kidnapped by the others 16 years ago? WELL ladies and gentle man member when jack, sawyer, and locke had the meeting with the others 2 episodes ago or so? WELL wen they wouldnt leave Zeke said “bring her out *ALEX*!” then we saw alexs arm and then kate….. this can only mean that alex is alive with the others! YOURWELCOME! haha street smarts. also id get how like the survivors never tell each other everyhting thats going on with each other like alex and roussoue and then the pic of kate, sayid shoulkda said somthing. any other questions or anything PLEASE ask me and keep watchin…. 😉

    ya ur right jack definetly needs some brownie points
    and i can bet lock will die some time during the end of the season

  33. Sirhc says:

    wait wut machine is LOST IN CA talking about??? and isnt Zeke a nickname from sawyer its not his real name right? i mean all of hurlys such as jabba and pilsberry, when di he actually say his real name

  34. Scott says:

    the machine he is talking about is the fact that things were making noise after the countdown hit zero and the hieroglyphics came up. so something may have been turned on, but it hasn’t taken affect yet.

    also I think people also call Zeke, “Mr. Friendly.” That’s his character name according to the official credits. but here is a question, where did the name “Mr. Crabs” come from, isn’t that guys name Joe Inman?

  35. Jen says:

    “Mr. Krabs” is the name of the character Clancy Brown voices on Spongebob.

  36. Chris says:

    I’m LOST….. I really miss “the Transmission” has anyone found a podcast to replace it? I’ve tried a few and they just are not the same.

  37. Erik Schark says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Could someone tell me what Sayid and Charlie talked about in the last minute of the episode? My VCR turned off just before it ended, and I missed it.

  38. Tahou says:

    Regarding the acronym DIA, it stand for Defense Intelligence Agency. It is a real organization and, given the context of this episode, is probably not related to Dharma, etc. Just go to

    More generally, while I agree this episode was good, I’m starting to get ticked off at the fake-outs and lack of progress. The show is beginning to feel contrived to me. No major issues or questions were answered. If they had either confirmed that Henry was really an other, or let the clock just run out and see what happens, I would have been happy. But frankly, it’s becoming too much of a chore to watch this show anymore. Anyone with a sense of drama knows that it’s okay to keep stringing people along, provided you give them some satisfaction along the way. 24 is a perfect example of this — you get some satisfaction in each episode even as more questions are introduced. With LOST, it’s become all mystery and just about zero satisfaction. That wasn’t the case in Season 1. And the Season 2 opener (when Desmond was introduced) was one of the single best hours of television I have ever watched, truly. But since then, well, c’mon guys, give us a little bit more. You don’t have to reveal everything, but give me something I can work with between episodes. I’m getting near the point where I’m feeling I have better things to do on Wednesday nights. Another few episodes like the ones we’ve had so far this season, and I’m switching channels.

    And while you’re at it, give us some more quality time with Mr. Eko — that guy is a very talented actor and a real joy to watch.

  39. Lost in CA says:

    Sayid told Charlie that he’s afraid people have forgotten about what happened before with the Others and how dangerous they are, ie. the fact they strung Charlie up to die. Sayid knows that Henry is an Other b/c he felt no guilt in beating him, unlike the guilt he had torturing Sawyer.

  40. Erik Schark says:

    Thank you so much, Lost in CA. Now my experience of the episode is complete.

  41. Sirhc says:

    wait hahaah isnt the new guy who is DEF an other…..wasnt he in Saw 1? uk the guy who slit the black guys throat and got shot and stuff…i think it is but idk… so ya also i watched next weeks previes like 10 times in slow motion and on inside the hatch in clairs memory, they showed an door with “escape hatch” sign in red written above it…..idk about u guys but i think that 1 of the guys is helping the others OR they r still being infiltrated. also wen r we gonna get into the whole army thing? it was liek 3 episodes ago and they havent done sh*t yet….ugh i love lost, im gonna go find out what the sign on the door of the new hatch means, its a pole with 2 snakes swirling round it and facing at the middle of the pole then at the theres like wings, abc’s hierogliphics here i come

  42. Sirhc says:

    zeke reminds me of santa plus next episode i can almostt guarantee we see walt or mikeal if not this one then the next one fo sho

  43. Tappa says:

    I’m leaning towards Henry Gale being an other as well, but the one thing has me still on the fence was when he said he owned a mining company. Wasn’t a mine one of the jinxed businesses that Hurley invested in, but got rich off of because of the insurance when the mine collapsed? I think all the non-“others” are connected in some way, and that may be a clue that he’s telling the truth.

  44. Mike says:

    Ryan & Jen,

    At least it’s nice to read your recap. I really miss your podcasts, they were the best. It is so obvious that Henry is an other, that perhaps you are right Jen………maybe he is not. Hope all is well for the two of you,from Chicago…aloha for now!

  45. Troy says:

    Seriously. Does everyone already know that Zeke/Mr. Freindly/Beardy is the male graduate student from the Darma film strip and the woman driving the boat when Walt is kidnapped is the other grad student? Am I barking up an old, old tree? I want to hear other people’s opinion on this and what it might mean that these two grad students created this experimental island that has seemingly run amuck.

  46. Renate says:

    FYI to Sirhc, there are 6 stations, not 5. And the symbols on the ones we have seen so far and not the hieroglyphs.

    The symbol on the hatch in the previews is called a caduceus. It the symbol of the medical profession. Hence, the screen capture showing a test being performed on Claire during her abduction. All of which fits into a theory that the “Lost Lunch” group I’m in at work has been forming.

    My friends and I have a theory that aside from the 815 survivors (if they really are survivors), there are TWO groups of people on the island. The mysterious whispering “others” and the boat riding, child stealing “them”. We came up with this a few weeks ago and found it interesting that the title for this eppy was “One of them”. Which would make Henry NOT an “other”. Our theory goes something like this: “Them” are the scientists from the Dharma Iniative that were working in the various stations on the island. The “Others” were test subjects. Something went terribly wrong with one of the experiments, i.e. “the incident” from the orientation film. Thus the quarantine was instituted to protect “them” and they were living underground in the hatches. The “them” group kidnapped the members of the “tailies” to protect them from the “others”, especially the children. “Zeke” had commented that “Walt is fine”. And the guy that Anna Lucia killed (can’t remember his name) stated that “the children were in a better place”. They are being protected by “them”. Now, poor Danielle and her group landed on the island when the disease still viable and everyone else in her group became infected – any of them that survived are now members of the “others”. Alex as taken by “them” to protect her, though I think she probably inherited a natural immunity to the disease from Danielle.

    No theories yet on the countdown hieroglyphs.

    Love the literary references, though the Owl Creek reference takes us back to the “they’re not really alive” theory. Another red herring? Only time (perhaps “another time”) will tell. Oh, the possibilities.

  47. Will says:

    Wouldn’t Sayid have heard Henry Gale’s transmitter signal in at least one of the instances where he had a radio working?

  48. Roy says:

    Aloha e Ryan & Jen,

    Thanks for keeping up the blog and I hope its a better fit for your lives.

    Re “One of Them”, this phrase could apply to Sayid being accused of being one of the Americans by his commanding officer, as well as to Sayid accusing Henry Gale of being an other.” The relativity of who is another: great theme.

    Also, the reference to the use of Sarin gas in Iraq by Sayid’s commanding officer resonates a bit with the threat of the disease that threatened (threatens?) the island and killed Henry Gale’s wife… And hey, could the hieroglyphic message of “you’re dead now” mean that because the counter reached zero, the pathogen was realeased and we’re now going to be ticking down to the disease taking effect… If so, it would be ironic that Jack (the Doctor) would figure so prominently in its release, while Sayid the Terrorist was opposing him…

    Finally, with respect to Henry Gale being Dorothy’s Uncle, remember Dorothy et al, being gassed/drugged/etc. in the poppy filed in Oz by the wicked witch?

    Fun to think about all this, eh?



  49. Rusty says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen, just wanted to give you the heads up that my podcast, In The Hatch, is up.

    Check it out on iTunes by searching for in the hatch, iPodder, Podcast Pickle, or just go to

    Alright, later,


  50. Jeff Ashton says:

    Common everyone. Is it just me or is it painfully obviously that the black “cloud” is really iron (or some other metallic) particles. It is not smoke. The iron particles are controlled by a person, using electromagnetism. Just contolled magnetism.

    Also: It is pretty clear to me that there are multiple things “filmed”. And what they choose to “air” on ABC is based a lot on what we are posting on the forums. This is not really “Clear” to me, but I like to pretend that I am 100% confident in my theories. Is this a possibility though? This might explain the hatch “ending” last week. They kind of film two possibilities: underwater hatch, and “the numbers actually reaching zero but B.S. happening”. Let me know what you think.

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